Arabic speakers

i (ship) (man) ɒ (clock) ə (a camera) ei (tail) əυ (phone) u (boot) iə (beer) eə (chair) confused with e (pen) confused with (cup) or ɑ (heart) confused with ɔ (ball) pronounced as spelling common error e (pen) or ai (fine) confused with ɒ (clock) or ɔ (ball) confused with υ (book) pronounced as spelling as spelling or confused with i (sheep)

Difficulty with groups of consonants, especially at the beginning of a word. p r w θ (thin) ð (feather) v common error b strongly trilled; pronounced where normally silent common error v (but sound exists in classical Arabic) (but sound exists in classical Arabic) pronounced f confused with k or d (jam) (television) pronounced ʃ (shoe) ŋ (ring) pronounced n or nk tʃ (cherry) may be pronounced ʃ (shoe) d may be pronounced t in final position h may sound harsh

Arabic speakers may sound abrupt, commanding. Rising tune exercises and joining word exercises will be useful.

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