Destined to carry on with a bow in my hand. Arrows stored in my quiver, I'm the weapon. I'm the destroyer.

I'm the protector of humanity. I make the opposer surrender, Before they render me useless, hinder My abilities. I don't live up to the law, I don't follow their guidelines. I go by my own set of rules. I'm above the regime. I'm not a hero. Nor am I a foe. I'm a vigilante. I'm here when I'm needed. Here when I'm not. My unrelenting focus is what guides me. My faith is what keeps me alive. My decisions clouded by fervent emotion, Oftentimes leads me to almost dying. I'm the guardian of millions. I can't let them down. My passion drives me like a thousand suns: Burning, overpowering, exhilarating, and fearful all at once. It's what keeps me going. I won't stop for nothing.

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