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AMA Challenge The following exercises are examples for practice of proper AMA citations.

You do not need to locate any resources unless specifically instructed to do so. For each of the following sources, note any style/format error(s) and then, below each one, re-write the item in red so that it properly complies with AMA. NOTE: some sources are incomplete and may require you to go to a database to determine the required citation information. When you are done, save this document with a new file name (AMA + group color) and submit via the Dropbox in D2L for your small group (group leader should submit). Section 1: In-text citations Correct the in-text citations: 1. Diffey and Morgan conducted a research study that analyzed the affect of the gantry angle on attenuation caused by the carbon fiber treatment couch. 2 [2 errors] Re-write here 2. The study defined surface dose as a ratio of absorbed dose at 0.5 millimeters to the maximum absorbed dose along the reference axis.3 [1 error] Re-write here 3. Tan et al. 4 have studied the anterior myocardial territory (AMT) in comparison to the heart as an organ at risk (OR) for breast radiotherapy. [2 errors] Re-write here

Correct the in-text citation and then follow with the correct reference citation. 4. The following is from the Radiobiology book by Travis published in 1989. It is clear to those professionals in radiation oncology that ionizing radiation is a potentially dangerous tool and therefore imperative that all persons involved with any of the medical applications of ionizing radiation have a basic understanding of its hazardous biological potential (Travis, 1989, p. 9). [3rd reference in paper] Re-write here

Correct the in-text citation only: 5. The following is from an academic journal article with authors Stall, Zach, Ning, Ondos, Arora, Shankavaram, Miller, Citrin, and Camphausen. In a study by Stall, Zach, Ning, Ondos, Arora, Shankavaram, Miller, Citrin, and Camphausen (2006), it was determined that flair and T2 weighted MRIs are used to delineate high grade gliomas and surrounding edema for radiation treatment planning (Stall, Zach, Ning, Ondos, Arora, Shankavaram, Miller, Citrin, and Camphausen, 2006, p. 1). [9th reference in paper] Re-write here 6. The study includes 8 patients chosen at random who were treated for left-sided breast cancer with radiotherapy. Re-write here

Section 2: Writing AMA References With the information provided below, write the correct AMA citation for the document in question. Some entries have incomplete data. For these you will need to get complete citation details from the UW-L Library database. Look in EBSCOhost (or periodical databases) to locate these articles & provide the appropriate citation: 7. Lee, Wu, Jeng et al. published an article in 2009 about the skin dose impact from immobilization devices and carbon fiber couch during IMRT treatment of the prostate. Re-write here 8. Sharpe and Brock completed a study in 2008 about QA of serial 3D image registration and fusion. Re-write here Use the Journals/Periodicals search to locate this article & provide the appropriate citation: 9. A fellow doctoral student tells you they found an article on doctoral students producing a

portfolio instead of a dissertation. They think they saw it in Innovations in Education & Teaching International. Re-write here Use a book database like to locate these books & provide the appropriate citation: 10. You want to cite the book Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy by Kavanagh & Timmerman, which is published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins in Philadelphia, PA. Page 34. Re-write here 11. You need to cite a chapter written Annette M. Coleman and Cara Zeidman in a book edited by Charles M. Washington and Dennis Leaver. It was published in 2010 by Mosby in St. Louis, Missouri. The title of the book is Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy. The chapter is titled Electronic Charting and Image Management. The chapter spans pages 564-578. Re-write here 12. You want to cite the AMA Manual of Style (i.e. your AMA book!) Re-write here Use Google to locate these articles and provide the appropriate citation: 13. A reference used in your research is Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care: For Health Care Professionals. It was printed in 2009 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is identified by the # 09-4343. The URL for the document is Re-write here 14. A reference used in your research is an AAPM task group report (69) about radiographic film for MV beam dosimetry. Re-write here 15. Re-write here

Section 4: Correcting AMA Mistakes For the following, identify citation mistakes and correct them.

16. SPSS Advantage for Excel 2007. Chicago: SPSS, Inc. Re-write here 17. Stanford. (2009). Nanotubes + ink + paper = instant battery. Retrieved from Re-write here