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High School Scope and Sequence

Week 1 Sept Oct Nov Dec

Unit: Flag football Pass for points/proper grip Longest pass competition 3 position pass pattern Football bingo Flag tag TEKS: 1AB, 2 BDE, 3AD, 4BF, 6B Badminton: History/PP /forehand Rules/backhand Drop Smash Serves


Flag Football Offensive strategies Power point(PP) 5on5 Defensive strategies 5on5 Zone coverage 7on7 Man to man 7 on 7 TEKS: 2ABD,3A, 6BD, 7BCE Badminton: Rules/singles I got your back 2vs2 2vs2 2vs2 tournament

Unit Flag Football Regulation game Mile run Pacing FFB tournament FFB tournament Written exam FFB TEKS: 4BCDE, 5C, 6C,7E Golf: PP/history/Putting Grips/putting swing swing Full swing TEKS: Volleyball: Passing Passing/setting Bumb/set/spike Pac-man 4 on 4

Unit: Team Sports FB Bingo 5 on 5 FB 5 on 5 BB Ultimate Frisbee 4 on 4 VB TEKS: 2ABD,3A, 6BD, 7BCE Team Work weak Outdoor games boh-yah Med alert The great migration Nuclear reaction

Basketball Passing drills/game Dribbling drills/game Shooting/knockout HORSE PP/History/rules TEKS: 1AB, 2 BDE, 3AD, 4BF, 6B Frisbee/Flying Disc Backhand throws Forehand throws Clap catch Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee

Basketball Layup drills/game Shooting game This is how we roll Offensive strategy 5 on 5 TEKS: 2ABD,3A, 6BD, 7BCE

Cardiovascular Endurance Goal Setting/ stretching techniques Heart Rate Assessment Relays (THR) Expectations/Jump rope Review Goal Setting Purpose/Pedometers Jump Rope Long ropes Short ropes Tug a war Speed and agility drills Balance/flexibility Pilates

Basketball King/Queen of courts 5 on 5 Defensive strategy (man to man) Defensive Strategy (zone) 5 on 5 TEKS: 2ABD,3A, 6BD, 7BCE

Volleyball Rules 4 on 4 4/2 5/1 6 on 6






Soccer: Short passes Long passes Dribbling Attacking Trapping TEKS: 4C, 6BCD, 2B Floor Hockey: History/Grips/passing Dribbling/passing Striking 7 on 7 7 on 7

Soccer: Simple passing/combo exercise One touch passing Passing/receiving techniques Passing/receiving games Ball control Tennis: History/grips/forehand Rules/forehand Footwork/reaction drills Backhand Serves


Defending Midfielders High Pressure Defending 4 0n 4 4 on 4

Soccer: Penalty box Exercise Finishing activities Finishing in and around the box World Cup Tournament World Cup Tournament Track and Field Intro to triple jump/ setting marks Triple jump 40 yard dash Bench pressing /free weights 100m dash Fitness: Aerobic Basketball Speed/agility course Pilates/yoga Pull-ups/push- ups test/ Sit/ups /mile test

Track and Field Long Jump Discus/shot put Hurdles Relays Javelin

Fitness: Aerobic Basketball Speed/agility course Pilates/yoga Pull-ups/push- ups test/ Sit/ups /mile test

Softball: Throwing/Catching drills Infielders Outfielders Run the bases game Hitting/Pitching

Track and Field Intro to archery Distance running THR worksheet Relays Machines/free weights

Stations Croquet Croquet VB, BB, putt-putt Machines Accuracy(hitting, throwing, striking worksheet)

Softball: Hitting/Pitching Target toss Throw it and run Throw it for distance/accuracy In a pickle game situations

Team Sports: Hockey 7on7 BB 5on 5 VB 6 on 6 rotation Kick Ball Throw it and run

Fitness: Cardio wk out Aerobic Boards/Bosue Weight lifting Aerobic dance/step Aerobic dance/step