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Social Media Campaign Fall 2011 Timothy Emery Kristopher Nolt Jennifer Simpson Casey Vecchio Emily Watson

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Introduction Current Trends in Town Social Media Strategies Campaign Branding Prior Research and Planning Overview of Social Media Outlets Target Audiences Goals Maintaining a Social Media Presence Implementation of Social Media into Web Presence 24 Campaign Timeline Metrics ROI Conclusion About References Appendix A: Website Appendix B: Facebook Appendix C: Twitter

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Introduction Located in northern Butler County, Slippery Rock is a attractive rural and suburban area that is just 50 miles from the city of Pittsburgh. Residents of Slippery Rock can enjoy the adventures of hiking, boating, and rock climbing. For the less adventurous who can have a taste for history, places such as the Old Stone House and McConnells Mill are just a few minutes away. (The Town, 2011). While the village has a very laid-back, rural feel, it is also a college town, the home of Slippery Rock University, with a plethora of local businesses and many opportunities for business growth. Located right on Main Street and all within a five minute drive for most residents, there is a bar, multiple restaurants, numerous pizza shops, a tattoo parlor, tanning salons, and upscale apartment complexes which many students live in. Not only does the town offer various entertainment options geared toward college students, but students come to the university from all over the world, which brings a great mix of culture to the village. According to the towns website, the village at Slippery Rock is hoping to increase tourism in the future with the restoration of Rock Falls Park, which was once an amusement park, and they are hoping to put in a swimming pool, carousel, and canoe dock for great family fun (Amy loves Mike, 2011). While Slippery Rock can be a great place to visit, the surrounding areas, which are all within an hour of the town, are excellent places to take a trip to. The Grove City Premium Outlet mall is a popular destination that is just fifteen minutes from the town because of their inexpensive prices and wide selection of stores. The cities of Butler, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh are also among the top places that residents of Slippery Rock travel to when theyre looking for a fun night out.

About six years ago, the borough of Slippery Rock, Slippery Rock Development Corp., and the university, made the decision to bring in a contractor to restore the run-down image of the village. The deterioration of the beauty of the town was directly harming the enrollment numbers at the university and the development efforts of the borough. They spent $6.75 million on installing new street lights and paving new sidewalks on Main Street and Franklin Road, built a gazebo, added benches on the sidewalks, planted trees and flowers, and added a variety of artwork to walkways, and made more room for additional parking (Slippery Rock Revitalization, 2011). For those interested in starting a business, the village of Slippery Rock has its own business association. Slippery Rock Business Associations (SRBA) mission statement suggests that the main focus of the organization is community. They wish to improve the quality of life in the village by contributing to events in the community, marketing the town, and encouraging communication between the association and those who reside in Slippery Rock (Mission Statement, 2010). The village at Slippery Rock does have a website (, that has a significant amount of information about the town and current events, but it is geared more toward knowledge rather than advertising. Also, there are no links to any social media outlets on the website. The website does not seem to be updated often, considering the most recent post is from September of 2011, almost four months ago. SRBAs website ( does not seem to be maintained that often and has a few broken links, and just like the Slippery Rock website, is lacking links to social media. In fact, neither the village nor the SRBA have any forms of social media.

Current Trends in Town Social Media Strategies With all of the advances in social media, many towns and cities are utilizing all of the opportunities for free advertising. While Facebook and Twitter are the dominant social media outlets, some towns are using microsites, websites used to promote something about the home page of the main site, to advertise about their city (Sherman, 2010). According to an article on Social Media Examiner, small towns have to have a budget for their advertising and marketing expenses, so the use of social media drastically reduces those costs (Hibbard, 2010). Many towns are also using social media as a way of fast and efficient emergency communication (Town of Markham). According to the article on, cities are turning to social media in order to attract business, encourage employees to find work at those businesses, and to promote events and activities for the residents of the communities (Sherman, 2010). Towns implement a variety of social media outlets for specific purposes. Facebook is used for giving the town a face by the display of photos and information on the page. It is also a great tool for marketing because of the cheap advertising which is set to target specific demographics (Taiji). As stated before, Facebook and Twitter provide a great channels for emergency communication about inclement weather, hazardous breaking news, etc. (Davis, 2011). Cities and towns can use hash tags on Twitter to promote upcoming and current events. YouTube is best utilized as a source to upload local election videos (Town of Markham) and community public service announcements (Sherman, 2010). Lastly, to attract professionals and businesses, many towns are beginning to use LinkedIn as a way of connecting with these people in order to change or improve the towns economy (Sherman, 2010).

Campaign Branding We decided to create a new and refreshing brand for the Village at Slippery Rock. The Visit the Village Brand speaks to the two target audiences. The brand is a mixture of traditional and modern language that appeals to both target audiences. A unique logo was created for this campaign which will attract interest to the village at Slippery Rock. The idea for the logo came from the waterfall which is located at the entrance of the town. Since the university, which is located in the heart of the village, uses green as its primary color, green seemed to be the obvious font color of choice. Using this green color contributed to a sense of community between the university, the main reason individuals move into the area, and the village. The name Visit the Village was chosen because it sounds young, fresh, and hip, which will appeal to our target audiences. While young adults and businesses are the main target, people middle aged and up will also find this name appealing. Prior Research and Planning Before a plan is designed, there must be research of similar campaigns to see what worked and what did not work for that campaign. For this social media campaign, it was important to develop the object and goals and ask the questions, Why do you need this information, and, what do you plan to do with it? Next, it is crucial to anticipate the time frame and recognize what internal and external deadlines exist. Finding professionals that are willing to work and deciding what to pay them and what their job duties will help develop more efficient strategies earlier in the campaign by collaborative work. Then it is vital to prioritize the needs of the campaign as well as build relationships with residents and business and optimize the use of social media sources and those who want to collaborate with the campaign.

Determining what the target audience is is essential because different demographics are attracted to different things, therefore, only a few groups should be focused on. Goals and the impact of those goals must be considered before launching this campaign, not only to say that the campaign met them, but to ensure that this campaign maintains a social media presence in the village. A few important questions to consider would be: What do people want to see in Slippery Rock? What is the most efficient way to reach this audience? How much money do people in the area make? (What can they afford and are they willing to spend money?) How much money will be required for this to work? Where will the funds come from for this campaign?

Something else to look into would be seeing what other small towns succeeding with a social campaign and also find the strengths and weaknesses of that campaign. Lastly, a way to track progress and completion of goals must be established. Overview of Social Media Outlets Since the Village at Slippery Rock has no social media outlets already in place, every account and strategy must be created from scratch. It is important to note that every social media outlet will cross promote with each other. For example if a short term strategy is running on the Facebook page, the Twitter and YouTube accounts will be utilized to promote the strategy.

Listed below are the various social media outlets this campaign will use along with the uses and strategies for each. FACEBOOK (See appendix B) 1. Long Term Uses a. Event Announcements: Will utilize Facebook events section to highlight upcoming community events and local sporting events. b. MyWix Page: This application located on the sidebar is a microsite that is located within the facebook page. It is made entirely of flash animation and will be used to supply a fun interactive interface that will appeal to the younger, tech savvy audience. c. Town Map: This content will have an interactive town map that will show anything from parks, restaurants, and shopping, to bars, sporting events and gas stations. This will also be made from flash animation and will provide an exciting interactive component. d. Photo Sharing: Photos from all around town will be posted. All events will be covered. Users will be able to submit their own pictures to the page. e. Video Sharing: Any content that is shared on the Twitter Account will also be uploaded as a Youtube Video. f. Emergency Alerts: Utilize Facebook status updates to inform public in case of an emergency situation such as flood, blizzard, terrorist activity etc.

g. Achievement Announcements: Utilize facebook to highlight achievements awarded to the community. h. Sports Announcements: To appeal to the young audience there will be sport announcements and links for sporting franchises in and around Slippery Rock i. Page Likes: It is important to create conversation and interaction through the social media strategies. By liking community, university, business and other relative pages, the Visit the Village page will be actively involved in the discussion in the area. j. Advertising: We will take advantage of Facebooks cheap advertising rates and effective demographic locator. We will tailor advertisements for the town based on the demographic information recognized in the market research. 2. Short Term Strategies a. Facebook Scavenger Hunt i. Description 1. Take pictures of places around Slippery Rock 2. Have people try to find those places and take pictures of themselves standing in those very same places 3. Whoever finds the spot first and posts their picture to the facebook wall first wins a prize. ii.

Strategy Objectives


1. To have 50 individuals participate through posts 2. To have a 25% engagement rate on each post b. Facebook Business Month i. Description 1. Every day will highlight a business in Slippery Rock 2. There will be 3-4 posts per day highlighting information about the business 3. Posts will include information like links to websites, the businesses social media outlets, pictures, and a daily deal. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To have 31 Slippery Rock Businesses participate in strategy 2. To have a 40% engagement on each post TWITTER (See appendix C) 1. Long Term Uses a. Event Announcements: Will utilize Twitter posts to highlight upcoming community events and local sporting events b. Hashtag Creation: A new hashtag will be created for the town. #srv will be used to establish conversation about Slippery Rock. Conversation will be monitored by using this hashtag. Use of the hashtag will be encouraged across all platforms.


There will also be other hashtags created for special events i.e. village fest = #srvfest c. Achievement Announcements: (See description above in Facebook Section) d. Sporting Announcements: (See description above in Facebook Section) e. Emergency Alerts: (See description above in Facebook Section) f. Account Follows: It is important to create conversation and interaction through the social media strategies. By following community, university, business and other relative twitter accounts, the Visit the Village twitter account will be actively involved in the discussion in the area. 2. Short Term Strategies a. Retweet Contest i. Strategy Description 1. Special tweets during this period will be designated as a special retweet hashtag that appears after the #srv 2. This hashtag will be #srvrtweet 3. The tweets that have the hashtag will contain information about local attractions that appeal to the younger audience (movie theaters, bars, restaurants malls etc.)


4. A list of people will be made who retweeted the tweet in a 24 hours period. 5. For every tweet there will be a prize to a local bar/restaurant 6. This contest is aimed at the 18-25 year old target audience ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To have 25 retweets of each tweet hashtaged with #srvrtweet 2. To have b. Friday Follower Frenzy i. Strategy Description 1. The first Friday of every month is follower frenzy 2. Every new follower on Friday gets access to a special located in town. 3. Appeals to the young audience who are looking for entertainment on the weekend. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To receive 25 new followers every Friday of the campaign. YOUTUBE 1. Long Term Uses


a. Commercials: Commericals highlighting the towns interesting points. b. Whats Happening at the Rock: A news report about the happenings of the town. c. Slippery Rock Area Sports Recap: To entice the young audience a weekly sports recap will be posted on youtube. Everything from professional to high school sports will be included. d. Monthly To-Dos: These videos highlight the upcoming events and what there is to do month by month. e. Subscriptions/Favorites: It is important to create conversation and interaction through the social media strategies. By subscribing to community, university, business and other relative YouTube accounts, the Visit the Village YouTube account will be actively involved in the discussion in the area. 2. Short Term Strategies a. Village at Slippery Rock Commercial Contest i. Strategy Description 1. This is an open commercial contest. 2. Anyone can submit their commercial about the town and the benefits of living there. 3. Good strategy because it gives a face to the community and shows transparency.


4. All submissions will be posted on the YouTube account and followers of any of our social media outlets can vote for their favorite. 5. The winner wins a prize. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To receive 25 submissions. b. Village at Slippery Rock Business Month i. Strategy Description 1. This will be a cross promotional strategy with the facebook business month. 2. Spotlight videos will be put together for each business selected. 3. Good strategy because it provides a face to the businesses in the community and shows prospective business owners that Slippery Rock provides a free form of advertising through their YouTube account. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To get 31 companies to partipate 2. To get 200 views on each video with 10 comments per video. FOURSQUARE


1. Long Term Uses a. Village at Slippery Rock Check Ins: Provide a check in for people who go through town. Place page will have a link to our website. 2. Short Term Strategies a. Mayorship Contest i. Strategy Description 1. We will have a month long mayorship contest 2. Pick 5 locations around town and provide checkins for that location 3. Whoever is mayor at end of that time wins a prize associated with that location 4. Good way to engage individuals and forces people to explore the town ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To have the mayor of each location have at least 20 checkins to that location 2. To drive a 10% increase in businesses near the check-in location b. Local Business Discount i. Strategy Description


1. This is a check in special 2. Every day during business month if individuals check in at a location they can check the page for the special. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To have 500 checkins by month end LINKEDIN 1. Long Term Uses a. Group: The LinkedIn page will be set up as a LinkedIn Group, not a company profile. b. Discussions: We will utilize the discussion board to post information that will spark conversation. Will be a soundboard for business owners to discuss the economic activity of the town c. Job Posting: Business owners who are a part of the group can post jobs so that individuals in the area can apply. This not only attracts business owners to area saturated with college educated individuals but provides recent graduates with opportunities to get an entry level position. In other words it appeals to both our target markets d. Promotion Postings: The promotion tabs located within the group will be a place for businesses to post information about services/products, share articles etc. MOBILE TECHNOLOGY


1. Long Term Uses a. Emergency Alerts: Short sms text alerts in emergency sitautions b. QR Codes: QR codes will be placed around town and people can copy the QR codes to find links to specials, historical information etc. c. Business Specials Texts: A text messaging service called EZ Texting will be used to send text blasts about specials. We will get phone numbers through an opt in system located on all our other social media outlets. 2. Short Term Strategy a. Local Charity Text Opt-In i. Strategy Description 1. We will have a text opt-in campaign to benefit a local charity 2. Anyone who wants to donate to the charity can send a text to our number with the keyword DONATE 3. This shows that individuals in the community care about one another and is an opportunity for individuals. 4. This is also an opportunity for the group to build the cell number database. ii. Strategy Objectives 1. To raise $1,000 through 100 donation text messages.


Target Audiences For this campaign, the two main target audiences are adults, ages 18-25, and businesses. Since the university is in the village of Slippery Rock, college-age students are the most obvious people to market too, but some people in that age group do live in Slippery Rock, but do not go to school, so they have to be marketed to as well. Along with Slippery Rock undergraduate students, it is important to also target graduate students who are trying to start their own business and Slippery Rock needs to be promoted as a place where they can use their degrees and have the opportunity to pursue graduate school if they so desire.

(Macale, 2011)


It has been reported that 98% of young adults (those ages 18-25) use social media at least once a month (Macale, 2011).Estimates put Facebook use at 700 billion minutes a month (Facebook Statistics, 2011). With this being said it is necessary to address them in the form that they are most comfortable. Given that most young adults are using social media, business need to adapt to their customers behaviors in order to sell their products. It is also estimated that 82% of users accessing social media in atypical month are aged 55-64. according to Sherilynn Macale Most small business owners are part of the baby boomer generation. This campaign will bridge the gap between the baby boomers and the millennial generation in an attempt to generate more revenue for the Village of Slippery Rock. With the baby boomer generation getting ready to retire within the next several years the transition of power will then be with our target audience, making the use of social media even more important to any towns economic survival. By utilizing social media, we will attract both businesses and young adults to Slippery Rock. Businesses are the second main target audience for this campaign. All partnered businesses will prominently display the Village of Slippery Rock logo, as well as QR code geared for that business and in that area of town. The QR code destination will change with the targets needs and wants and these businesses will also have the opportunity to sell Village of Slippery Rock logo t-shirts. All money from these sales will be put into the social media campaign, and could be donated to a partnered, non-profit organization. Monitoring the activities and behavior patterns of the target audience will allow the campaign to tailor the promos and advertisements to their specific needs. The social media outlets that are utilized will be driving traffic into these businesses and, in turn, will generate more sales and profit for partnered businesses and organizations.


For both target audiences, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn and the new village at Slippery Rock website will be the social media outlets geared toward this age group. The use of social media will benefit 18-25 year old people because with this campaign, deals will be offered, with the participation of businesses, for special promotions and discounts in conjunction with the websites. Not only is this a great way to measure participation metrics, but this will drive traffic to the businesses and bring the surreal life of the online world to the real world. Goals The best way to focus on goals in this campaign was to separate them into three short term and three long term goals. In the short term, this campaign wants to reach current residents of Slippery Rock though social media. Specifically, the campaign will be goaled to gain at least a total of 500 connections through the social media platforms. The second short term goal of this campaign is to receive support of local businesses and to get that support from at least 15 local businesses through donations and sponsorships. Lastly, in the short term, the campaign wants to let 18-25 year olds realize the benefits of living in Slippery Rock. By doing this, the campaign hopes to increase the late night business traffic at local businesses by 25% and have a 50% interaction rate on posts or tweets about the benefits of the community. The first long term goal is to increase web and social media traffic from those who live outside of the Slippery Rock area. In particular, the campaign wants to see an increase of at least 50% in outside social media and website traffic. Next, since one of the goals is to make the benefits of living in Slippery Rock clear to 18-25 year olds, the campaign wants to increase the residency of this age group by 10%. Finally, in the long term, the campaign has a goal to


increase business traffic in the village and have at least 5 companies apply for building permits by the end of the campaign. Maintaining a Social Media Presence The social media strategies will be implemented by a two to three person team. Due to limited economic resources in a time of economic recession, the town has a restricted budget. For this reason, the Social Media Director for the Village at Slippery Rock will be a part-time position that will be limited to 20 hours per week and will receive $10,000 in compensation per year. The Social Media Director will be responsible in the hiring of 1-2 social media interns that will assist him/her in the implementation of the social media strategies. The Social Media Director will also be in charge of the creation and implementation of a training manual for intern and new employee use. Below are job descriptions, statement of responsibilities and requirements for each of the positions: 1. a. Social Media Director Job Description i. The Social Media Director is responsible for overseeing the Village at Slippery

Rocks Social Media Strategy and Social Media interns across all social media platforms. This role coordinates with the other members of the Slippery Rock Development board to support the boards and towns mission. The position involves ensuring that all social media efforts are fully integrated with all other efforts of the Slippery Rock Development Board, as well as managing the social media budget. b. Responsibilities i.

To create and implement the social media strategy, coordinating with members of the


board to ensure that relevant social media techniques are being used and that social media techniques reflect the culture of the Village at Slippery Rock ii. To create and maintain a social media budget of $500, coordinating with members of

the board to ensure assets applied to social media meet the desired outcomes of the social media strategies iii. Recruit an unpaid Social Media Intern from Slippery Rock Universitys

Communication Department to assist in all the efforts of the Social Media Director and to ensure that the voice in the social media outlets doesnt become stale. iv. To coordinate the planning of social media campaigns that spark conversation on

our social media outlets and that drive business to the town. v. Maintain a scholarly attitude within social media by continually research and

investigating new social media techniques that may benefit the Village at Slippery Rock. vi. vii. Provide goals and objectives that can be analyzed by the members of the board. Monitor the surrounding towns social media efforts and make changes to ensure

Slippery Rock is maintaining a dominant social media presence over its competitors. c. Job Requirements i. ii. iii. iv. A bachelors degree in communications or another related field. Strong interpersonal and project management skills. A strong knowledge of social media and their platforms. A strong knowledge of the town of Slippery Rock and utilization of Social Media in

small town settings. v. vi. 2-3 Years of real world experience in the social media/communications industry. Have a good knowledge of search engine optimization.



Strong public speaking and presenting skills with the ability to create and maintain

business relationships. viii. 2. a. Strong knowledge of the English language.

Social Media Intern Job Description i. The Social Media Intern is responsible for assisting the Social Media Director in the

implementation of the Village at Slippery Rocks Social Media Strategy across all social media platforms. This role is an unpaid internship opportunity that provides the intern with valuable real world experience in the areas of communication, social media, marketing, and advertising. The position involves ensuring that all social media efforts are implemented in the manner described in the Social Media Strategy and assisting the Social Media Director in any manner. b. Responsibilities i. ii. iii. To assist in the implementation of the social media strategy. To track all web and social media analytics To continually research and investigate new social media techniques that may benefit

the Village at Slippery Rock. iv. platforms. v. vi. c. To communicate new and trends in social media to the Social Media Director. To perform any other task that will assist the Social Media Director. Assist in the creation of multimedia content to be used through social media

Job Requirements i. Familiar with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare,

YouTube and LinkedIn.


ii. iii. iv. v. vi.

A strong passionate for communications and social media. Must possess strong interpersonal, presentation and communication skills. Must maintain a college GPA of at least 3.0 Must be detail oriented, technologically savvy and a fast learner Must be comfortable with Microsoft and Adobe Products Implementation of Social Media into Web Presence

The use of social media will mark the beginning of a new style of marketing, community relations, and communications for the Village at Slippery Rock. From the onset of the campaign, all existing marketing strategies will be tailored to focus on the social media outlets we have chosen. Any traditional advertising such as print, radio, and television, will be focused on driving individuals to the social media outlets and the new website. Any community relations activity undertaken by those on the Slippery Rock Development Board will now have access to the promotional abilities of the social media outlets. Any communication efforts by the board will now be aided through the use of the social media outlets. Since Slippery Rock has such a limited web presence currently, all the social media outlets will link to the newly created webpage (see appendix A). It is important to make sure there is a two way connection between the website and the social media outlets. The website will have a social media sidebar located on every page to promote connection through the social media outlets. In addition each social media page there will be links back to the main website and on Twitter short URLs will be used to link to the site. QR codes will also be set up at some businesses that will direct users back to the website.


Campaign Timeline The campaign will run for a total of four months from December 1st, 2011 until March 31st, 2012. In our plan we have decided to incorporate three new social media campaigns a year to keep material fresh and engaging for our consumers. This timeline covers the first set of social media strategies employed in the first ever social media campaign. It is the duty of the Director of Social Media to develop new campaigns every four months. Pre-Campaign Date 7/1/2011 Social Media Outlets Website Projects Market Research, Web Development and Video/Photo Production Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Design Foursquare, LinkedIn Design Mobile Alerts Development Details Market research on the two target audiences. The best social media outlets to reach the audiences will be established. Design and development of the new Visit The Village website begins. Video and photography production begins for use in upcoming campaigns. Market research on the target audiences has been completed. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles begin in design stages.


Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Foursquare, LinkedIn Mobile Alerts Website Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, LinkedIn

10/15/201 1 11/1/2011 11/15/201 1 12/1/2011

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Designs have been completed and are ready for launch date. Design on Foursquare and LinkedIn begin. Foursquare and LinkedIn designs have been completed and are ready for launch. Development of EZ-texts text messages services program begins. Website The new website enter testing phase and will plan its Testing launch on 12/1/2011. Social media Today is the launch date for the new website, outlets launch. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and LinkedIn. All these will be live on the internet and connection with the audience may begin.

Campaign Launch


*For strategy descriptions and strategy objectives the section titled Overview of Social Media Outlets. During the campaign process it is important to keep track of the various metrics associated with the campaign and the research should be concluded in a report that should be available a week after the campaign has ended. It is also important to note that researching and planning of the next social media campaign starts 60 days into this campaign. Date 12/2/2011 12/16/201 1 1/2/2012 Social Media Outlets Facebook, Twitter Facebook Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter Strategies Facebook Scavenger Hunt and Twitter Friday Follower Frenzy begin Facebook Scavenger Hunt ends This marks the start of business month. The facebook business month, YouTube business month, Twitter re-tweet contest and Foursquare discount strategies all begin today. Since the first Friday of the month is located in this week it also marks this months Twitter Friday Follower Frenzy. Business month ends. All business month strategies reach conclusion. The start of the new month bring the Twitter Follower Frenzy. Also the Text Opt-in Charity Donation will run during this month. Today marks the beginning of the Mayorship Contest. Today marks the end of the Mayorship contest and the Text-Optin Charity Donation Today marks the beginning of the last month of this campaign. Twitter Follower Frenzy will be in place today and the YouTube commercial contest also begins. Today marks the end of this cycles social media campaign. The YouTube commercial contest ends. Today marks the beginning of the next social media campaign.

1/31/2012 2/1/2012 2/15/2012 2/28/2012 3/1/2012 3/31/2012 4/1/2012

Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare Twitter, Mobile Technology Foursquare, Twitter Foursquare YouTube, Twitter YouTube N/A

Post Campaign After the campaign ends on 3/31 the Social Media Director and their interns will create a report that outlines all the metrics from this campaign. Information from this report should be used in future campaign planning.


Metrics Eyeball and Engagement metrics will be used to measure the amount of feedback from the campaign on all social media platforms. Specifically, Facebook feedback will be measured by number of likes, growth rate, number of posts, number of comments, post vitality, number of click throughs, video and photo uploads, user demographics, impressions, and page visits. Measuring Twitter feedback will involved looking at the number of followers, number of tweets, number of retweets, number of mentions, user demographics, link click throughs, buzz by category, and number of tweets that were selected as favorites. YouTube metrics will be measured by subscriptions, video submissions and views, viewer demographics, traffic sources, audience retention, playback location, likes and dislikes, favorites, comments, and video sharing. The metrics used to measure FourSquare will consist of how many people check in, the number of businesses involved, total people, number of lists, impression check in and bounce rates, the redemption rate of how many people redeem unlocked specials, and how long it takes after someone goes views that venue to visit it. To measure feedback from LinkedIn, the campaign will look at the number of followers, number of people in the network, and group member demographics. Lastly, mobile technology metric measurements will consist of the number of texts which are received back, incoming and outgoing messages, spot opt-out spikes, and seeing where, when and how contacts joined the text message sign up list.


ROI The results the campaign would like to see from ROI, return on investment, financially are increased revenue, decreased advertising costs, and increased business permits. Socially, the main goal is to see an increase in customer satisfaction. There are several free or low-cost tools that accurately measure ROI that would be implemented in this campaign. These include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics for the website, Facebook Analytics for the Facebook page, YouTube Analytics for the YouTube channel, Schmap and Twitter Map to measure ROI on Twitter, LinkedIn Demographics Tools, which are already built into the site, and EZ Texting for mobile technology, which allows organizations to send out text blasts and is $149 per month. Conclusion In conclusion, the main goal of the Visit the Village campaign is to establish and utilize multiple social media platforms for the village at Slippery Rock to increase awareness of the town. The phases of this campaign will be launched close enough together to keep interest in the campaign, but far enough apart so it will be easy to gauge which social media outlets are more effective than others. Lastly, the town has no social media influence at all at this time, so these social media platforms will be used in a variety of effective ways to establish a social media presence, not just in Slippery Rock, but across the globe. About Timothy Emery is a Senior PR major at Slippery Rock University and an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. He works as the Assistant Marketing Manager for


the Butler Eagle and oversees day to day promotions and coordinates charitable programs. He also works an optician with Pearle Vision. After receiving his degree, he hopes to purse a job in broadcasting and advertising with a network. For this project he contributed with the basic ideas of the marketing campaigns, as well as the integration of QR code technology for mobile devices, as well as different promotional ideas. Kristopher Nolt is a Junior Sport Management Major at Slippery Rock University. He is a Business Administration and Communications Minor. He currently works as a Marketing and Communications Associate with GameDay Consulting, is the Student Webmaster for the Sport Management Department and International Services and is a the Student Technology Coordinator for the Undergraduate Admissions Office. He will be graduating in August 2013 after completion of a communications internship with a hockey organization. He plans on pursuing a career in sport communications. For this project Kris acted as the project leader, focusing his time and effort on overseeing the efforts of others in the group. His main contribution was on the metrics and roi, current trends in town social media, and the campaign timeline sections of the paper. Kris also created the powerpoint presentation. Jennifer Simpson is a Junior Journalism major and Business Administration minor at Slippery Rock University. She writes for The Rocket, works for Residence Life on campus, and works as a Sales Associate at American Eagle Outfitters at the Grove City Outlets. She plans to graduate in May 2013 and wishes to either find a job writing for a music-based publication or attend law school at Duquesne University. For this project, Jennifer worked on the goals section of the campaign as well as wrote the report in its entirety.


Casey Vecchio is a Junior Public Relations major at Slippery Rock University with a minor in Film and Media Studies. She is currently a member of the National Communication Honors Fraternity, Lambda Pi Eta and the PR/Historian for the National Community Service Sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma. She will be graduating in May 2013 and hopes to pursue her Masters degree at Duquesne University in Creative Media Practices. She then hopes to pursue a career in publication design. For this project Casey was the creative director and designed the Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the website. Emily Watson is a junior Public Relations student at Slippery Rock University, with a minor in Business Administration. She is currently a member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). She works in the Communication Department assisting Dr. Mark Zeltner with his Mass Media and Society class. She will be graduating in May 2013 with hopes to pursue her Masters Degree in Communications. For this campaign project she worked on the pre-launch research section and designed the logo.


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