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Sanchez, Maria Leona TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

March 26, 2013 Reflection Paper #10: Saint Luke 22:14-71.23:1-56

The Gospel today is about the miracles and the sacrifices of God. God's love for us can be clearly shown in the gospel. In the first part, the story of the announcement of Angel Gabriel to Elizabeth and Zachariah that Elizabeth will bear a child and be named as John. This is a miracle since the couple is already at a very old age. Because Zachariah did not believe what Angel Gabriel proclaimed, he couldn't speak until he can witness the miracle.

At the second part, Angel Gabriel proclaimed that Mary would conceived the son of God. At first, Mary was shocked since she is a virgin. She also couldn't believe that she's the chosen one. But because of her strong faith in God, she did not doubt God's decision for her.

I learned two values from the Gospel. First is faith. God could only work His blessings and shower His grace to the person who believes in him. At first, Elizabeth, Zachariah, and Mary couldn't believe what Angel Gabriel proclaimed since it seems impossible for a woman with an old age and for a virgin woman to bear a child. But through God, it became possible.

Faith is one of the few things that are difficult to keep. Some people give up easily when they are faced with problems. Zachariah represents those who do not have enough faith in God. There are really instances that God would challenge our faith. We should just keep in mind that it's a challenge for us to be more confident about His love for us.

Second is love - unconditional love. God showed his unconditional love for us by giving His only Son to save us from our sins. He let His son suffered because He loves us. Despite the sins we continue to commit, He is always there, just waiting for us to make ourselves closer to him.

These two values are important in sustaining my relationship with God and others. These are all portrayed by God and as His daughter; it is encouraged for me to have show these values in my everyday life.