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TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

February 4, 2013 Reflection Paper #3: Saint Luke 4:21-30

There are two main points I got from the gospel: Do not lose faith on God when He did not make your wish come true and do an act of true kindness for someone in need without any rewards. I, as human, sometimes get upset when I didnt get what I want or wished for. Like for an instance, that I wished to Him that I should pass all my entrance exams especially UPCAT. On the UPCAT results day, I was so depressed because I didnt pass the campus I like in UP which is Diliman. I felt so lonely and stupid that time. I felt that God has forgotten me. But actually, He granted me a better wish. After thinking of Gods plans for me that time, I saw myself as an immature daughter of God because I didnt realize that what He had planned for me was all for my best. I might not be in UP Diliman right now, but De La Salle University is way better than UP than I thought. Theres a recent experience I would like to share to you. Its related to the second point. I went last Friday in SM North EDSA. After shopping, I went down using stairs because there are no escalators available. I saw a lola having hard time going down the long stairs of the mall. I immediately asked her without any hesitation if she wants me to help her going down the stairs. She smiled to me and said Ay, salamat anak ha? Salamat sa Diyos. As we go down the staircase, I feel like an angel went down to earth to help those who are in need. I was so happy that time. We arrived at the ground floor and lola was so thankful as if I am her true apo. She keeps on saying Salamat sa Diyos. Salamat sayo. And I keep on replying, Walang ano man po. I asked her second time around to assist her going to the vehicle which she will take going home, but she insisted. Shes with someone (Her daughter and apo waiting for her to go down from the 2nd floor.) It felt sad that they let lola go down in a long stairs without any assistance. God really send me that time to assist that lola. After reading the gospel, my soul was cherished because I recall something I did in the past and I remind myself to never forget to be a daughter of God.