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Sanchez, Maria Leona M.

TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

January 21, 2013 Reflection Paper #1: Saint John 2:1-11

There are three main points I noticed in the gospel. First is Jesus as the son of Mary. Second is being an obedient and faithful servant. And last is first miracle of Christ. Jesus as the son of Mary: He saw his mothers worry about the shortage of wine so what he did is turned water into wine to relief his mother from her worries. I, as a daughter of my parents, dont let them worry so much and I obey them because I know that there are no parents who will let their child into trouble. Obedient and faithful servants: The servants obeyed Jesus command even if they have no idea if it will work or not. What they have is faith not just belief. Were always in good hands when it comes to Jesus and his commands. I, as a servant of Jesus, obey as much as possible the Ten Commandments and avoid breaking it. We all have to believe on what he has planned for us even if we dont see Him. During my ups and downs in life, I always pray to God and say to myself He will not give challenges I cannot handle. First miracle of Christ: Jesus Christ did his first miracle as the start of his signs in Cana and revealed his glorious powers, and his disciples began to believe in him. Jesus showed a part of what he can do for God and for the people around him. He did that not intentionally for the servants to believe on him but to have faith on him. Just like us, when we do something that seems impossible and we surpass it, people around us tend to believe on what we can do. But in our point of view, what we really want is for the greater good of everyone. In my case, thats what I believe.