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TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

February 11, 2013 Reflection Paper #4: Saint Luke 5:1-11

This gospel is all about faith in God. There are two relations to faith I have seen from this gospel: faith in its relation to temporal blessings and faith in its relation to eternal blessings. To summarize the two points: temporal blessings are the food we eat every day, the allowance we get every week, the aces we get every exam results and many more while eternal blessing are the natures of earth which we should take care of, the family and friends that we should truly love, the body and soul which we should make more prosperous and many more. The boat represents the church, our second home. Jesus, our brother, is the spreader of the word of God. The listeners represent us. The fishes caught are the temporal blessings. Jesus statement to Simon Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men. is the eternal blessing. The lessons I learned from the gospel: we must surrender ourselves fully to Gods divine providence and never lose faith in God because he will never let you down and nothing is impossible with Him. Now, lets talk about my recent experience. I was too hopeless whenever Im going to enroll in MLS (My.LaSalle) and this hopelessness happened during enrollment for LEAP (Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program). I always dreamt of getting Showtime (ABS-CBNs noon time show) as my LEAP but in able to achieve that, you must first have a great internet speed and determination. I wasnt able to have that because during the enrollment I was outside waiting for a seminar which Im obliged to attend to. So, I just used schools wifi which is very weak that time. But despite 1% chance of logging in, I was able to log-in first among my friends and I was able to get Showtime for my LEAP (As far as I know, Showtime has the highest demand among other LEAP classes). I was very happy that time even if its just a noon time show which I watched live. What I had there are just temporal blessings but when I already got in the studio, the memories Im having are the eternal blessings. I always think of this quote whenever Im really down Kung may isang barko ka na problema, huwag magalala dahil laging tatandaan na may dagat na biyaya kang matatanggap galing sa Diyos.