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TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

February 24, 2013 Reflection Paper #6: Saint Luke 9:28b-36

Today's gospel shows another incident where God declared Jesus Christ as His Chosen Son. While Jesus was praying, his disciples saw him talking to Moses and Elijah. When Peter mentioned that to Jesus, Jesus was clueless. Then a cloud came and cast a shadow over them. The disciples were frightened. Then they heard a voice saying, "This is my chosen Son; listen to him." As I have understood, the concepts prayer and frights were presented in the gospel. I believe that they have a correlation. Armored with prayers, we can have a greater confidence to face our fears and to conquer them. Our fears can be erased by surrendering ourselves to God. When we pray, we connect ourselves to God. We become one with Him. Like Jesus Christ, we should pray with our full attention, not minding our surroundings. We should submit ourselves entirely to God. By doing so, we achieve internal peace and we feel God's presence. When I pray, I just close my eyes and talk to God. After a while, I can feel that God is beside me talking to me. Even though He knows what I've been through the day, I still tell Him and ask for guidance. There are a lot of circumstances that frighten us. But we should always keep in mind that God is there to guide us. We should trust Him and keep in mind that things, good or bad, happen for a reason. We may not know the reasons behind it, but we'll be in a better place at the end. Death is one of the things that I really fear. But I believe that dearth is not the end, it marks the beginning of our eternal life with God,

What God said in the gospel is similar to the John 3:16 verse. As stated in the said verse, God sent His only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not die and have eternal life. In the gospel today, God told the apostles to listen to Jesus. As a disciple of Christ, I believe in him and his teachings. God sent him to sacrifice his own life for the forgiveness of our sins. Even though God doesn't ask for anything in return, let us be thankful and in our own little way, be an instrument of God.