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TREDTRI C32 11:20-12:50

March 3, 2013 Reflection Paper #7: Saint Luke 13:1-9

The gospel was all about repent. Jesus said this in the gospel twice: I tell you, if you do not repent, you will all perish as they did! The parable in the gospel was about the fruitless tree and the persons who take care of that tree. The first one is too impatient because after how many years, he or she has not seen any fruit but the patient one said that he or she will cultivate the tree and rejuvenate the soil around it so that it can possibly bear fruit. And the patient person added that if its not bearing fruit aft er what he or she have done, then the first person can now freely cut it. The fruitless tree can be compared to a fruitless marriage of some people nowadays or even fruitless relationship. Even I had a fruitless relationship before. My story goes like this. My boyfriend has a mistress and I pleaded him to reform and change his ways. I was patient enough to wait but he never listened to my pleadings. He instead continued his philandering. After three long months I had enough and permanently left my unrepentant boyfriend. But now, Im happy and contented with my new boyfriend. Jesus through our gospel calls us to change my ways and repent from my sinfulness. Jesus has been very patient with me even if I have been offending Him for so many times. He patiently calls me every day to permanently walk away from my sinfulness while there is still time. So together with me, lets listen to His call of repentance.