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do you know the importance of iron to the intelligence of children?

do you know about iron deficiency anemia? iron deficiency anemia is a condition where a person has no substance sufficient iron to meet the needs of his body or blood cell reduction due to lack of iron. do you know due to iron deficiency in infants and toddlers? aged under 2 years: 1. disruption of the development of mental and motor coordination (movement) 2. emotions affect the baby so the more timid, hesitant and can hinder the learning process and interaction with the environment 3. affect the intellectual development of social funds in the future . preschool age (2-5 years) 1. difficulty learning to

distinguish visual stimulation or attention school age (over 6 years) 1. problematic in the focus of a lesson as well as short term memory 2. decreased psychomotor development and intelligence 3. concentration decreased learning iron deficiency anemia can be caused by low iron insert, impaired absorption, and iron loss due to chronic bleeding. symptoms of iron deficiency in adults: 1. 5L: tired, weak, lethargic, tired an d limp 2. Pale face 3 Often painful and difficult to concentrate 4.Pusing and eye dizzy 5. Decreased appetite Dangers of iron deficiency in adults:

because the golden period of brain development determine the child's future .

In adult 1. Decreased work productivity 2. decreased concentration in pregnant women and fetuses 1. bleeding, miscarriage, and f etal death 2. premature birth 3. defects in the fetuses 4. long labor prevention of iron deficiency in general for the prevention of iron deficiency: 1. increase kosumsi fe 2. food fortification