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Watch and assess ONE of your teammates on the follow skills. For each execution of a skill, check the box next to the sequence of that skill IF they executed that point. Each team player has a maximum of 6 attempts to be assessed for each skill. Create a time limit of 2-3 minutes for each player You do NOT need to execute 6 attempts of each skill. PLAYER NAME_________________________ Serve Holds ball in non-dominant hand Ball clear of hand, non-dominant hand at contact Contact hand follows through in the direction of target Ball lands in back of court 1 2 3 4 5 6

Set Knees bent, movement begins with a press Arms out to meet the ball Fingers form a diamond above forehead with elbows bent Use wrists to push up and away Ball is playable

Dig Knees bent movement begins with a press Arms out to meet the ball Minimal arm movement into contact meeting the ball Extend legs though the contact phase Ball is playable

Spike Arms swing up in the approach Press then jump up Target arm and backswing Contact the ball with full arm extension Completes follow through towards the target

Communication throughout the game. P positive feedback/encouragement for teammates N negative feedback for teammates T Tactical awareness/communication