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Indah Sari Romadhoniati & Siti Shaliha Lesson Plan: Introduction to Teaching English for Young Learners Lesson

Plan Grade Topic Number of students Duration Place Activity Opening : Playgroup, TK A, & TK B (2-5 years old) : Alphabet : 39 : 60 Minutes : Playgroup & TK Pusaka 35, Tebet Objective Students fells comfort with the new teachers Procedures Greetings Teachers greets the students Introduction Teachers introduce their names to students Lead-in Recall their prior knowledge about Indonesian alphabet They are taught how to pronounce alphabet in English (teachers model, students imitate) Students with the guidance from teachers, sing a simple English alphabet song Students are shown animal pictures and let them guess what the name of them in Indonesian Students are introduced by the name of those animals in English and ask them what their sounds are like Time to study is up. Students are taking a break Time Allocation 5 minutes Materials -

Pre Activity

Students are able to know how to pronounce English alphabet Student are able to read English alphabet fun by song Students are familiar with word about animals that have beginner alphabetic letters -

30 minutes

Blackboard, chalk

Core Activity

10 minutes

Blackboard, chalk

Post Activity

15 minutes

Animals pictures