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4589 Sunset Drive Hilton Head, SC 29925 (433) 654-9870

February 26, 2013 Dr. Jim Robinson President Greene Community College 4000 College Blvd. Hilton Head, SC 29925 Dear Dr. Robinson: InfoTech has enjoyed hosting the Greene Community College graduation for the past several years. Graduation is such a special day and we are glad that we have to opportunity to be a part of it every year. We want to congratulate each individual of Greene Community College Class of 2013. As you know, many of our current employees and executives are graduates of GCC, so we are excited for the new interns that will be joining our team. We are also looking forward to our spring company-wide sales conference. Many of our sales representatives, who are alum from GCC, will be coming to town with their families for the convention we are hosting. Our company sales meeting happens to fall on the same weekend as Greene Community College Spring graduation, therefore due to parking and building constraints, our facilities will not be available for your use. We took the liberty of calling other facilities that would be great options for graduation. The Municipal Botanical Gardens and Hilton Head Community Center are great alternatives for you to consider and both have a lot to offer GCC. We have included the contact information for both facilities below. Municipal Botanical Gardens: Larry Brown (433) 654-7832 Hilton Head Community Center: Shelia Moore (433) 654-3241 InfoTech is looking forward to hosting next years graduation. We enjoy having the opportunity to be a part of Green Community College graduation each year. As a business composed of GCC alum, we are looking forward to the prospective interns that derive from this years graduating class. Sincerely yours,

Rebecca Van Cura Public Relations Manager InfoTech