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THANK YOU Dear PHBeings, Nine years ago, we began a journey with dreams in our eyes, hopes in our

heart, and belief in our capabilities to build an institution that would add value, even with the then crowded market. Together, with your collective support we created and nurtured what today has become a recognisable icon in the nations financial services sector. Some of you will recall with nostalgia the historical trajectory of our Bank that has risen from nothing to emerge as Nigerias most innovative bank. I sincerely thank you all for the support, co-operation and team spirit that has enabled us to come this far. As in all things however, there is a time to say GOOD BYE. As I bow out today from the Bank, I earnestly urge each and everyone of you to keep the PHB passion aflame so that the height, the mount everest which we envisioned shall not only be accomplished, but shall be surpassed and we would have created an institution that would outlive all of us. In the course of my stewardship we took decisions which affected all of us in different ways but they were in the best and overall interest of the Bank. As I conclude my Bank PHB tour of duty today, I not only wish to sincerely thank all you great PHBeings for supporting me and rising up to the demands of our franchise, but also to ask for forgiveness from those who felt offended by my actions or inactions. I urge you to extend cooperation and support to the change in leadership that will result from my exit. Quite honestly, I believe that the emotional issues are far outweighed by the future outlook which I consider bright. I owe thanks and appreciation to the Board, which provided wisdom and counsel I couldnt have done without. To members of my executive team for their advice, encouragement and all that I learned from them. But most of all, I want to thank you, the employees, the heart and soul of this great institution. You are the number one reason for the successes we have achieved. Accept my appreciation for your commitment and focus to our vision, including your dedication to customers which is the objective of our business. If the mark of a truly high-performing organization is to grow, evolve, and improve, I dare say weve done that to a remarkable degree. Yet the next challenge will still require you to redouble your effort especially in the face of competition.

Even as I bow out at this moment, I wish you and members of your family the best and enjoin you to remain steadfast on the path of integrity and professionalism, business focus, Innovativeness and indeed possibility thinking which we have espoused over these years. May God Almighty bless us all and Bank PHB FA