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SWOT Analysis of BIG BAZAAR 8. Study of CRM 7. Bibliography • 3 . Introduction 3. Recommendation 11.Contents 1. Finding 10. Objective of Study 5. Conclusion 12. Executive Summary 2. Research Methodology 6. Analysis of Data: • Customer survey Retailer survey 9. Preface 4.

4 . The liberalization of the consumer goods industry initiated in the mid-80 and accelerated through the 90’s has begun to impact the structure and conduct of the retail industry. especially stores or departmental stores. from the traditional retail outlet and street local market shops to upscale multi brand outlets. as they seem to derive immense pleasure of convenience and exposure to variety under one roof. the stores make constant efforts to induce them to at least visit the store at once during the sale period. The objective being to assess the various parameters that influences a buyer to visit or shop at departmental store thereby contributing to its turnover (in terms of sales and profits) hence leading to its overall success. or discount offers. amongst the shopping spree in Delhi and NCR.Executive Summary The Indian retail industry is now beginning to evolve in the line with the transformation that has swept other large economies. Though some of the customers perceive departmental stores to be expensive and only high income category’s cup of tea. The extensive research brought me to conclude that departmental stores are soon emerging on the top priority lists. in their extremely busy lives. has taken many forms and dimensions. The concept retail which includes the shopkeeper to customer interaction. when they don’t have time for things.

Bigjo’s.An Introduction “Any business that directs its marketing efforts towards satisfying the final consumer based upon the organization of selling goods and services as a means of distribution” By 2010. the list of India's top 10 retailers will have at least 5 Indian corporate. and its households. Ebony. been few efforts to present the product in the right kind of environment in India.The Retail Marketing Revolution . Nanz. Indeed. Vijay Store and Janaki Das & Sons. Saboos. strange that there have. Spencer’s. Retail Marketing will go through a tremendous change in India this millennium. Westside etc. It is. This is evident from the experiences of retail-outlets like Music World. It will change India's cities. The Home Store. so far. the right shopping experience does induce Indian consumers to spend more. Standard. The Indian consumer is reportedly the largest spender in Singapore and London. Big Bazaar. therefore. 5 . its people. Crosswords.

A glimpse of the last 2 decades of the previous century proves illuminating. Large-format retailing started with outlets like Vivek's and Nalli's in Chennai and Kidskemp in Bangalore. the shopper's convenience is not taken into consideration while the property is constructed. In a country as big as India and with as many states as ours. Nuclear Families: Given the hours most urban consumers keep at work. and. with manufacturer-retail brands like Bata. comprises developers. indeed. this will also decongest the city center and facilitate the development of suburbs. Bombay Dyeing. whose participation is essential in making retail a boom-sector in this millennium. we sometimes find highCeilinged offices and low-ceilinged retail stores. The laws governing retail real estate should also be looked into. The relevant rules should also be amended to allow retail-stores to operate 7 days a week. it is imperative that the Central government and all state governments bring in Value Added Taxation or a unified taxation system to ensure that the tax-regimes are the same across the country. 12 hours a day. this may. thus. This will also help people enjoy their evenings. make sense. Developers: The second group. and Titan. out at malls. Apart from providing entertainment and retail opportunities. Government: The first among these is the government.Factors affecting Retail marketing The development of organized retail is dependent on the efforts of several agencies and institutions. Often. 6 . and keeping in mind the increase in the number of nuclear families. Most properties are developed without considering the end user. at another level. so that it is possible to develop retail-estate beyond the city-limits.

Gas stations include food stores that make more profit than the gas operation.Trends In Retail Marketing At this point. computers. I can summarize the main development retailers and manufacturers need to take into account as they plan their competitive strategies. catalog showrooms. Bank branches and ATM counters have opened in supermarkets. to which they can immediately respond by calling a toll-free number or via computer. or between different types of store outlets. In India the trends are mainly in three sectors. These sectors are: Trends in retail marketing Urban Suburban Rural New retail forms and combinations continually emerge. Competition today is increasingly intertype. The electronic age has significantly increased the growth of non store retailing consumers receive sales offers in the mail and over television. Discount stores. Bookstores feature coffee shops. and department stores all compete for the same consumers. and telephones. The competition between chain superstores and 7 .

Low per capita income. Poor infrastructure facilities like roads etc. High import duties on imported goods. There are a number of reasons behind this fragmented retail market. Savings focused and less indulgence mindset. No exposure to media. But in India the three layered system of distributor. 8 . Restrictions on intra-state good movement. High taxes. forms the backbone of the front-end logistics of most of the consumergood companies. wholesaler and retailer.Retail Marketing In India There are various ways of making goods available to consumers like: • • • Company to distributor to wholesaler to retailer to consumer Company to salesperson to consumer Company to consumers (online/ phone/ catalog ordering) These three are among the most common ways of making the goods available to consumers. Some of the major reasons being: • • • • • • • • • Poverty and lower literacy levels. FDI in retailing is not allowed.

The expectation of personalized. anticipate. Here is the one I have chosen for this Project: • "CRM is the business strategy that aims to understand. relevant offers and service is becoming a primary driver of customer satisfaction and retention in financial services. What Exactly Is CRM? The first thing you find when looking into the world of Customer Relationship Management is the number of different definitions in use today.PWC Consulting 9 . manage and personalize the needs of an organization's current and potential customers" -. Every customer service encounter has the potential to gain repeat business or have the opposite effect.CRM In Retail Marketing( Big Bazaar) Customer relationship activities have the most impact on customer retention.

10 . From sales force automation software (SFA) that focused on customer contact management to integrated knowledge management solutions. The last couple of years have seen the term broaden to encompass a more strategic approach and the investment of billions of dollars worldwide into CRM solutions and services has followed. Sound’s great doesn’t it!!! The History of CRM Following on from Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP (the business strategy that promised to automate the “back-office”). Sales and Marketing people (and anyone else in your organization) to have a holistic view of each and everyone of your customers. CRM in those days referred to the software used to help businesses manage their customer relationships. the term CRM was first coined in the mid-1990s. In theory this will enable them to make quick. these were the early foundations of CRM. measure marketing effectiveness and deliver personalized Customer Care. informed decisions.Isse Sasta Aur Achha Kahin Nahin”) It is said that a successful CRM implementation will allow your Customer Service.Slogan of big bazaar: (“Come To Big Bazaar. create cross selling and up selling opportunities.

harnessing the potential of people to create a greater customer experience. The Future CRM has already made a big impact in the world of Customer Service and will continue to do so. That’s where the real value of CRM lies. using the technology of CRM as the enabler. 11 . That means a lot of choice when selecting your technology from web-based solutions aimed at small businesses with less than 10 employees to solutions suitable for multi-national enterprises with millions of customers.The Right Technology It is estimated that the global market for CRM services and solutions is currently worth $148 billion. As technology increases to develop at a startling rate the key emphasis will be how we can fully utilize it within our business. As more and more companies become customer-centric those that fail to do so will lose competitive advantage. However let's not lose sight of the fact that Customer Relationship Management is about people first and technology second.

or combination.  Difficulty and Delay in Updating Pricing and Product Information 12 . the management of Big Bazaar can:  Provide better customer service  Increase customer revenues  Discover new customers  Cross sell/Up Sell products more effectively  Help sales staff close deals faster  Make call centers more efficient  Simplify marketing and sales processes Challenges For Big Bazaar in CRM implementation:  .Advantages Of CRM for Big Bazaar Using CRM. bad profit margins and upset prospects.  .Difficulty in acquiring new customers can be a result of any one.  Lack of Product Knowledge Within their Sales Force  Problems can arise when products were sold that didn’t fit company's profitability strategy such as selling a customer one product when another would be better for the customer and more profitable for you. often leading to missed opportunities.Inaccurate and Slow Quoting Organizations may be unable to accurately estimate and quickly deliver successful proposals. of the following problems.

They automatically refer more business to you from their friends and business contacts.Customer Satisfaction Is Big Bazaar “The degree of customer satisfaction you deliver determines the level of long-term success you will achieve in business.satisfied customers. PROCESS OF CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of bringing the customer and the company closer together. Create customers .Training Mantra for Sales Force Customer Satisfaction their Top Priority Don't just make sales. For some businesses that means repeat buyers for more of the same product or service.” . This is highly profitable business for you because it doesn't cost you any time or money to get it. In addition to the immediate profit they provide on the first sale. 2.--. They become a reservoir of repeat buyers. For every business. it means buyers for additional products and services. There are many different areas in which Customer Relationship Management can be implemented. 13 . satisfied customers help you build your business in 2 other important ways: 1.

Given a choice between two alternatives. As was predicted. the than the Cross pen. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR • Options: Consumers are more likely to choose an alternative after a relatively inferior option is added as a choice. will increase the market share of the more expensive of the original two. Simonson says. For example. Alternatives: Consumers prefer alternatives that are compromise choices. 14 . the addition of a third choice. and a second pen that was clearly less attractive among $6. participants in one study were given a choice • • Between $6 and an elegant Cross pen.The goal of CRM is to help a company maintain current customers. one priced lower than the other. This finding suggests that companies can increase their overall sales and shift purchases to higher-margin items by carefully designing the sets of alternatives that their customers consider. as well as gain new customers. the addition of the unattractive pen increased the share of the Cross pen at the expense of the $6. priced higher than both. A second group chose Same Cross pen.

this fact sometimes results in delayed decisions in adapting to changing market trends 15 .SWOT Analysis of Big Bazaar Strength  Prime location  Large floor space allowing for better visual merchandising  Large area also allows to stock a large variety of products under one roof  Experienced and competent management  Highly trained and motivated sales force  Brand equity  Large scale operations in various cities throughout the country allows them to reap the benefits of “economies of scale” Weakness  Large scale of operations sometimes acts as a barrier to personalized customer relations  Large scale operations lead to reduced flexibility by increasing the amount of overheads and a huge commitment in terms of fixed costs  A large organization structure leads to delayed decisions. This can prove fatal for a business in the dynamic fashion industry. Mumbai.

department stores and specialty chains. Thus Food Bazaar has the opportunity to explore new markets  According to the Consumer Outlook study. More importantly.Opportunities  Apart from the metros. Food Bazaar is now facing increased competition in the form of international retail chains that are making a beeline towards the highly potential Indian markets. These findings indicate that large retailers will capture most of the higher consumer spending Threats:  The time when retailers had to worry about competition only from their peers down the street has come to an end. Lucknow. cities like Ahmedabad. Most sport modern retail formats like supermarkets. These markets are expected to show exponential growth in the next few years. Pune. Indore and Coimbatore have shown substantial retail presence. Moreover many big Indian business houses are also vying a space in the Indian retail scene 16 . they are increasingly regarding these organized retailers as providing `value-for-money’. consumers are generally satisfied with the service that organized retailers extend to them.

17 .RESULT OF SURVEY ON CRM IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT (BIG BAZAAR) CUSTOMER SURVEY 1. Are you satisfied with the services provided by Big-Bazaar? YES 20 NO 5 CAN’T SAY 5 25 20 15 Series1 10 5 0 YES NO CAN'T SAY Result: From the above table it is clear that customers are satisfied with the services of Big Bazaar because out of 30 customers 20 has given the positive answer in favor of Big Bazaar.

Out of 30 customer all 18 customer are satisfied. How do you find the Shopper Assistant’s behavior? HELPING 18 NOT HELPING 7 RUDE 5 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 EL PI N G G H EL PI R U D E N Series1 Result: From the above table it is clear that customer are satisfied with the attitude of the shopper’s .2. 18 N O T H .

11 customers have given the 5 marks to shopper. 19 . How would you rate the Shopper Assistant’s behavior on the scale of five? 5 10 4 14 3 05 3 2 1 2 1 00 1 5 4 3 2 1 0 5 10 15 20 Series1 Series2 Result: Out of 30 customers.3. Assistant behavior while 14 has given 4 marks & 5 have given 3 marks.

4. 18 have told that they like the layout of Big Bazaar while 8 told that they do not like very much. 20 . Do you find the Layout of Food-Bazaar helpful in Shopping Experience? YES 20 NO 8 CAN’T SAY 2 can't say 2 8 20 0 5 10 15 20 25 Series1 no yes Result: Out of 30 customers.

So it is clear that customer wants delivery services most. 21 . 18 customers like delivery services of Big Bazaar while 7 customers like the credit facility&5 customers like transportation facilities.5.Facility Tr.facility 7 18 5 Series1 Result: Out of 30 Customer. What do you like most about Big-Bazaar? CREDIT FACILITY 7 TRANSPORTATION FACILITY 5 18 DELIVERY SERVICES 20 15 10 5 0 Cr.Facility Dl.

18 customers said that Big Bazaar always provides better services &it exceeds their expectation.6. SO M 22 . How often do Big-Bazaar services exceed your expectations? (Customer Delightness) ALWAYS 18 SOMETIMES NEVER 3 9 20 15 10 5 0 AY S ES AL W ET I NE VE R M 18 9 3 Series1 Result: Out of 30 Customers.

7. 23 . Do you think that Big-Bazaar follow the Ethical Marketing Practices like right pricing. right quality and right quantity? YES 25 NO 5 CAN’T SAY 0 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes 25 5 No Series1 0 Can'tsay Result: Since 25 customers surveyed feel that big bazaar follows ethical marketing practices so we can fairly conclude that they are following so.

Every Big Bazaar outlet have motivated and trained sales force. 3. 6. These stores maintain Word of Mouth. 4. Large variety of products is available ranging from clothes. Staff is provided constant training for various peculiarities of customer behavior. 9. Not much difference in the Layout of the floor designs in the various branches. Some of them offer discount sales and also send greetings to its loyal customers. All the stores are in Prime Location. 8.Findings In this survey the findings are given below: 1. They try to maintain a similarity to maintain comfort levels of customers. 10. 24 . 7. International shopping experiences can be achieved from these stores. Customers are satisfied with the provided services. 5. food items. Most of the stores are targeting almost all the segments of the society with their USP being “Price benefit” 2. electronic goods etc.

So it is necessary to delight the shoppers with the shopping experience. include an "unadvertised bonus" with every order.RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS 1) Convert your customers into publicity agents. 3) Reward them each time they refer someone who becomes a customer. If you sell services. 6) Schemes: In store Promotions: The people visiting the store should be encouraged to visit the store again and again. get into the habit of doing something extra for every customer or client without charging for it. If you sell products. It has been observed in 25 .and it is much cheaper. 2) Surprise your customers with unexpected value. 5) Visual Merchandising: It is often seen that the people come to the store to browse rather than buy. Develop an incentive for them to tell associates and friends about the value of your products or services. This understanding should in turn results in a more effective and more efficient advertising campaign. Your reward can be as simple as a credit toward their next order from you. 4) The management of Big Bazaar can improve their understanding of the role and capabilities of advertising to improve customer relation and enhance loyalty. An endorsement from them is more effective than any amount of advertising .

2: Customer service is all about the customer’s perception. You have to do more than just get the job done. 1: Growing your business will be a difficult task at best if you don’t perform. 3: Setting/Reviewing Expectations: Do you work with your client to set clear. and provide service that creates customers for life. meet and exceed your client’s expectations. from the sales process through to completion of the project? Being clear about where you’re 26 .CONCLUSION “Customer Service is a critical factor for keeping your clients coming back and ensuring they’ll refer you to others”. Consider opportunities for improvement in the following areas. timelines. You must deliver on all the things (big and small) that affect the relationship with your client. appropriate. realistic expectations that you can always meet or exceed? Are you clear about the responsibilities (both yours’ and the client’s). and expectations of results? Are you then willing to go back and review these expectations with the client at key points along the way? 4: Communication: Do you have mechanisms in place to ensure you’re communicating with clients at every stage of the engagement.

Bibliography • Marketing Management .C. R.Philip Kotlar • Research Methodology . Kothari 27 .Big Bazaar-Marketing Mix Product Branding Packaging Product Design Assortment Services Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations Visual Merchandising Price Cost of goods Business Expenses Gross Margin Profit Distribution Logistics Store Location Site Evaluation Transportation Storage of goods They seem to follow this to the core for effective Customer reach and encourage customer loyalty.

Jagdish and Seth • • • • 28 www.Lamba • Customer Relationship Management www.• Retail Marketing .wikipedia.J.indiainfoline.

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