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Published by: Aashish Khajuria on Apr 18, 2013
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• A company makes two kinds of leather belts. Belt A is high quality belt and belt B is of lower quality.

Each belt of type A requires twice as much time as a belt of type B and if all the belts are of type B, the company could make 10,000 belts per day. The supply of leather is sufficient for only 8,000 belts per day(both A and B combined). Belt A requires a fancy buckle and only 4000 per day are available. There are only 7000 buckles a day available for belt B. What should be the daily production of each type of belt if the respective profits of belt A and B are Rs. 40 and Rs. 30.

000 (Availability of buckles for belt B) x.Decision variables: Let x and y be the quantity of belt A and belt B be produced respectively. Objective function: Maximize Z = 40x + 30y Subject to constraints: 2x+y ≤ 10000 (Total availability of time) x + y ≤ 8000 (Total availability of leather) x ≤ 4000 (Availability of buckles for belt A) y ≤ 7. y ≥ 0 (Non-negativity constraint) to .

• The optimum solution to this problem is x = 2000 y = 6000 which means that 2000 units of belt A 6000 units of belt B should be produced. . 2. This will give a profit of Rs.60.000.

• A dealer wishes to purchase a number of boxes of center fresh and mentos.25 times of space than center fruit and he has space utmost for 24 units. Assuming that he can sell all the items that he can buy. His expectation is that he can sell a box of center fresh at a profit of ₹ 5 per box and center fruit at a profit of ₹ 7 per box. He has only ₹ 3000 to invest. how should he invest his money in order to maximize his profit? . Market demand for center fresh and center fruit is 10 units and 20 per week respectively. Center fresh requires 1. A box of center fresh costs ₹ 150 and a box of center fruit costs ₹ 100.

y ≥ 0 (Non-negativity constraint) . Objective function: Maximize Z = 5x + 7y Subject to constraints: 150x + 100y ≤ 3000 (Total availability of amount) 1.Decision variables: Let x and y be the quantity of center fresh and center fruit to be purchased respectively.25x + y ≤ 24 (Total availability of space) x ≤ 10 (Market demand for center fresh) y ≤ 20 (Market demand for center fruit) x.

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