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Antenna Hopping

Antenna Hopping

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Published by Amit Singh Tomar
use of antenna hopping
use of antenna hopping

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Published by: Amit Singh Tomar on Apr 18, 2013
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Why do we need Antenna Hopping?

During a call connection, a burst can easily be lost when the mobile station happens to be located in a fading dip for that particular frequency, or if it is subjected to interference. The coding and interleaving scheme in GSM is constructed so that loss of a single burst has minimal influence on the speech quality. The probability that several bursts within a speech frame have poor signal quality is reduced if the bursts are transmitted on different paths. This can be done using antenna hopping. With antenna hopping, transmit diversity is introduced by altering transmit antenna between bursts. Antenna.jpg

In Figure, S is the transmitted signal. Transmit diversity scheme in Figure mimics frequency hopping in the sense that the fading changes rapidly between bursts due to transmission through different paths S1 and S2. Benefits of Antenna Hopping:From a subscriber point of view, antenna hopping gives an improved speech quality. From an operator point of view, antenna hopping is a very attractive scheme in particular for channels without frequency hopping. It has also advantages for traffic channels with frequency hopping over a relatively low number of frequencies (less than 8). What makes antenna hopping interesting as a transmit diversity scheme is the fact that it can be used without increasing the number of TRXs in a base station. Thus giving the operator the following benefits: • • • • More robust radio environment Improved signaling performance Possibility to give subscribers a more uniform speech quality The advantage of this feature is more evident with low codec rates in GRPS/EGPRS. To see more info like Antenna Hopping algorithm, Gain, impact on Freq planning or Cell planning, Configuration Presumptions and Possibilities etc. click on below link..... Antenna Hopping Document
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net/showthread. Some solutions are: • • • • • Improve BCCH and TCH plan Count interference % on both BCCH and TCH so as to know any freq addition/deletion need to do in BCCH or TCH Plan Diversity.dpuf .See more at: http://www.DL RX QUALITY:DL rx quality is the one Important KPI which is generally difficult to achieve specially in narrow band spectrum.php?185-How-to-improve-DL-RXQuality&highlight=quality#sthash.telecomsource.msFASgL1.Antenna Hopping also improve DL Rx Qual DL DTX also help to improve DL Qual Neighbour plan must be checked for any discripancies or addition/deletion required .

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