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with the encouragement and helping hand my it Dear Comrades I of the let it Hermetic go forth. and sometimes in his more confidence. It is not necessary for an author in these able to say. almost ready of for the printer. treating of a subject of interest to the whole world. Now. M. For six years I have had the MSS. This has be come a recognized fact. wherever they may W. P. he has as with . in whose honesty and reliability.FOREWORD. always to be writes of his own knowledge. Brotherhood. D. am bid to May be a help to the ONCE ATLANbe. 120215 .this little book. than sense. own personal This is the . s He may write from another experience. PHELON. to-day. he later days. TIAN BORN.


con Memories. cerning the facts in evidence of the existence of Atlantis Island and City. History of Atlantis. Beginning of a voyage. student and master of the Cabala. personal experiences.Atlantian II. &quot. The attractive stranger. The little black-lettered manuscript in a strange language.Such a face as child hate. PAGE 25- CHAPTER ren love structive III. cities.&quot. caves. The solving of the problem. CHAPTER The Boston second-hand book IV. Poem. Why is this book written? Authorities pointing to the existence of a former Continent and City. human and divine.&quot. Testimony of the whirling straws. The wonderful cities of the Past that have disappeared. the flotsam and jetsam of the day. and deductions of the Past.Lost Atlantis.CONTENTS CHAPTER I. The Fourth Con- .Your desire for information on these lines will be gratified.&quot. Acquaintance ripens rapidly. Description of mountains. examination of witnesses. &quot. PAGE I CHAPTER &quot. &quot. PAGE 41. Definite assertions of destruc tion by deluge. Continued crossPoem.&quot. and scoundrels talker. Speculations. and other evidences of occupation by civilized and enlightened people. The odd volume from the store. An eloquent and in Atlantian memories seem to the new friend. of an island Continent. Present and Future. Concurrent evidence of the existence and influence of these people on our civilization. positively declared.

The instrument cannot be superior to the Maker and User. PAGE 210. PAGE 174. of the Temple. Supremely dominant now. and CHAPTER XVI. Date of the opening of these Treasuries to the PAGE. of Instruction. 186. CHAPTER uses. as Atlantians. did not break the law but we made a mistake. India. evidence from the news of the conies to the ears of the &quot.Watchers Atlantis. under the Temple. CHAPTER XX. We. as on the Walls. Concerning Convocations. For our ignorance. The kinds and meth ods of calling and their uses and influence even upon the world of to-day. its The Treasury PAGE 194. The wonderful play of visible form never equaled elsewhere in the whole world. uses and the influences upon the State and world. then and now. For this work and wait. Their occupants. . in the affairs of the world. it XXI. . The Messiah that must come is a nation and not an individual. before or since. -XVII. It was the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. PAGE 203. CHAPTER XIX. PAGE 197. we suffered. contents and CHAPTER XVIII. The Cellars of the Great Elemental Mint and Treasury. CHAPTER Corroborating present day.&quot. inspection of the Temple Inspector.viii CONl^ENTS color. Egypt. PAGE 214.

. Lying beautiful and shining Far beneath the storm s alarms. AIR Atlantis.OUR STORY OF ATLANTIS. Never has a plague come near thee In thy halls were love and ease . THE LOST ATLANTIS. We shall find the name and story . CHAPTER I. Now. half tradition. peerless country s ! F Lulled within the Ocean arms. With their mythical thread of gold. above thee lost Atlantis ! Roll the ever restless seas. In those histories.

Every heart has such a country .OUR STORY Of thy cities. Find the present home sublime Glad that over his Atlantis Rolls the restless sea of Time. Or by light of love and gladness. in Dreaming bard has told fancy Wandering minstrel sung of thee. Rolls the ever restless sea. who looking backward From Deems His a life of larger scope a youthful idle fancy lost continent of Hope . Why is this book written ? is the most pertinent . Now. fair and old. above that lost Atlantis Rolls the restless sea of Time. Happy he. Mighty cities rose in splendor of that clime Love was monarch Now. and lost Where upon Once the gleaming sand bars life s fitful ocean tost. above thee. lost Atlantis. Some Atlantis loved.

if not directly over the great West In dian Archipelago. over Niagara Falls. the subjects seem so much out of the route of ordinary in formation. The scattered records of the Past. Lawrence left river. question asked an author at the outset of position. to make a short magazine article say nothing of swelling in the dignity of a book. by our wisest scientists. would apparently to to yield scarcely enough material of any interest. as the present volume. It is now conceded. It certainly ap pears to be a fair question whenever. size. within the historical period. however. .OF ATLANTIS. It is 3 com critic echoed and re-echoed by its and reader upon publication. just as the whole configuration of the North American Continent tells the story barriers of the inland sea that broke through at its the Thousand and hurling Islands in itself the St. that every configuration and corres possibility of ponding circumstance points to the the existence of an island continent in the neigh borhood.

396 sea. standing 5.A headed: says : Monument to Atlantis.A notable discovery of more than ordinary interest for historians.4 the OUR STORY habitable valley of the Mississippi. by distin including the learned Hum- . all. since enables them to lay claim to one of the most important edifice in monuments tion feet is of ancient times. some most generally including In a late issue of Mind.&quot. has lately been by the well-known archaeologist. For more than a century the visited pyramid has been occasionally guished travelers. Augustus Le Plongeon. especially those who have made a leaning toward antiquities. as a legacy to man for future settlement. 60 miles from the City of Mexico. appears an article &quot. above the level of the and situated to the south-southwest of Cuernavaca. The ques the Pyramid of Xochicalo. all The sacred writings of nations concur in the disaster to same declaration and statement of portion of the earth. This discovery should particularly it at tract the attention of Americans. which &quot.

nor in deciphering the mysterious inscriptions on its sides. in Dr. This.Queen his remarkable work. comparing alphabet. but none succeeded in discovering the pur monument had been erected. Sphinx.000 of hu man beings. &quot.&quot. Le Plongeon pub lished his alphabetic key to the Maya hieroglyphs. this with the ancient Egyptian hieratic has He now found that the signs on the Pyramid of Xochicalo are both . the and.000. Moo and the Egyptian gives four then. the most important of the known records in Maya . about 11.OF ATLANTIS. to gether with population of 64. in his all own opinion. Le Plongeon. Maya is accounts of the same cataclysm. fifth. pose for which the 5 boldt. Maya and Egyptian and a careful study of these decorative inscriptions has made it plain to him that the to pyramid was a monumental structure erected commemorate the submergence and the great destruction of Land its of Mu (Plato s Atlantis). As far back as 1886. Dr.500 years ago.

on stone.6 OUR STORY rise language of the appalling event that gave to the story of a universal in Deluge that is found the sacred books of the Jews. and correspondencies the hieroglyphs of the Valley of the Nile and the East Indian entablatures. and moreover. with their advanced civilization traditions of the Past? and What mighty people built now forest- the great cities and temples of the covered cities of Yucatain and Central America. to with their carved glyphs. all the same story. These records. the Christians and the Mohammedans. Instead of a mummy-case. on tell papyrus. is The little we know same of the Aztecs fact. also confirmatory of the Whence came the people of South America. on sun-dried bricks. we use a coffin . on al most precisely similar those of styles of architecture it to Egypt and India. Is reasonable to sup pose there was no common bond of fellowship these? between all The Ancient Egyptian ideas have dominated the world down to the present day.

The trinity in unity of God. historical data. received. that automatic books of record are kept of all deeds and manifestation. 7 the de The idea is the same parted ghost was to be saved the trouble of ing a mak new body. at the great day of the resurrection. was an Egyptian and the same is wrought into the stone tablets which La Plonin the geon and his amiable wife have unearthed forests of the Maias and Quiches. is As the mind of the present generation sirous of more largely than ever.OF ATLANTIS. had not disappeared by some cataclysmal climax we must certainly have had some later. de Truth. which these are but the feeble remnants. why. perhaps at short notice. may be asked. now universally idea. the idea of Astral presentation its and perception may not be without especially as the books of weight. for our dead. those who have entered into the rest of the Unseen should be at all con- . Wisdom of the Past declare. It upon the earth. of If the nation.

8 OUR STORY who are ever toiling over the rocky paths of If the doctrine of re-incarnation it is cerned in the unfoldment and development of the race. interest something that would be of and I to all who are seeking to KNOW. Those who if are coming back into the present civilization. do not . my attention. so that the re-in carnated from time to time. the planet? true. through our leisure and experience. for all the race of men to be ad vanced just as far as possible. from their touch with the earth. find would more advantages of acquirement. they were of the advanced and cultured classes of Atlantis and the most ancient Egypt. might receive the highest advantage attainable. than when hurled into life amid the horrors and darkness of the Stone Age. has been pressed upon use. the material and data ob tained as hereinafter described. at any particular time. from which this book as is made. From time to time. then would not be to the interest of the coming Egos.

nor the statements given as facts. a conceded fact. doubt the authenticity of g my information. by those so kind who were and courteous in as to make the writer their of mouthpiece memories. and occultism Ignatius in all its branches. I this re-collection the ancient do not doubt. Theosophy. ness of the public This also explains the readi mind to receive knowledge of Spiritualism. who declares after a great deal of search. that to many readers. that the lost Atlantis was . president of the University of Toronto. since the fall of Atlantis. so many re-incarnated Atlantians upon the earth as at the same time. there have never been.OF ATLANTIS. which they there recorded. now. the doctrines of Mental Healing. Donnelly finds a supporter of his . if will come fleeting glimpses of these scenes. This accounts for the almost universal demand out of the Astral records for the forgotten knowledge of the occult. as It is they had been part of them.Atlantis theory in Sir Daniel Wilson.

but that is merely OUR STORY it not a myth. but that continent of America. it became lost to view and existed at the time our knowledge of Egypt begins merely as a shadowy It is tradition. the He believes that the ancient Egyp most progressive and adventurous people discovered the continent. and that from those who escaped to the continents of tradition of the deluge. tians. but of ancient times. Donnelly s theory was that the land was sub merged by some great volcanic upheaval. Europe and Asia came the Sir Daniel rejects this explanation as being dis proved by the fact that there are no traces of such volcanic action either on the continent or in the ocean bed. that in the decline both of their learning and power. whose origin has never been . his opinion that traces of the Egyptians of those days are to be sought in the ruined cities of Central America. was really a part of the He accounts for its dis appearance from view in a different way.

and that at west ern extremity were islands which afforded easy passage to a large continent lying this last still beyond supposed be- mentioned continent being America. Louis Republic said: &quot. &quot.Atlantis Plato account was a continent larger its than Asia and Africa put together. Such a discovery furnish a substantial basis for the legend of tHe lost Atlantis and the theory invests those won derful ruins with a new interest for the an tiquarians. Plato is is the first who gives an his account of and he said to have obtained priests s information from some Egyptian with whom says: he had come in contact. it.OF ATLANTIS. but which was subse quently sunk in a cataclysm of which history gives no record.&quot.Atlantis was a continent supposed to have existed at a very early period in the Atlantic Ocean.&quot. over against the Pillars of Hercules. The St. n would determined nor even been made the basis of any reasonable theory. now to be South Nine thousand years .

12 OUR STORY was a powerful.even to as far Tyrrhenian Further progress of the invasion of the Atl an tides was checked by Athenians the combined Greeks. day. the earthquake shocks greatly increased violence. the outlying islands sank. Europe. ran then great areas of the mainland. &quot. efforts of the and other Shortly after the invaders were driven a great to cir from the continents of Europe and Africa earthquake shook Atlantis from center cumference. according to the tradition. ending only after the entire continent had been engulfed. and the to populace climbed upon the ruins escape the encroaching waters. Great temples were racked and affrighted riven. There is no . Waves mountain high across hundreds of square miles of what had the day before been fertile fields. its . First. fore the time of Plato. Atlantis thickly settled-county which extended portion of as the way over Africa and the major what is now Sea.&quot. after a night of terrors On the second which no pen could were of possibly describe.

whose story I have endeavored to give mit in the following pages. per floating me to give a few straws on our sea of current literature. and of this State. Living the in the mountains of Jallisco. Guadala jara is the capital. \vhich show that the his tory of past ages may yet be read in the Central part of our continent: &quot.OF ATLANTIS.The recent report that a citizen of the United States has discovered among the mountains of the Mexican tallies State of Sinaloa a long-forgotten city with a curious local tradition of the region. To of the the objector who urges that the explorers world have never discovered any traces of the great city and continent. page in history or tradition that records a 13 more frightful catastrophe. part of great Sierra Madre or . and nothing would be of more absorbing interest than a work is entirely de voted to giving an account of what known con cerning it. is Adjoining the State of Sinaloa on the south the State of Jallisco.

Mother OUR STORY Range&quot. but as well the No one has hitherto pierced because the the mountain wilderness.&quot. are the unconquered Yaquis.14 &quot. mur derous wretches. The only human beings other than the Yaquis themselves admitted to the tains of Jallisco are a moun few renegade Apaches. silver. and has long been believed there that the Yaquis fastnesses of the Sierra Madre range conceal not lost city only rich mines of of the Aztec race. naked Yaquis have an effective system of passive resist ance that has hitherto successfully closed the sole line of approach. a brown-haired people with light eyes and almost fair complexions. There is no question in the minds of those who the have given attention to the subject. vastly more dangerous to wouldbe explorers than the peaceful but persistent Yaquis. Guadalajara is the only civilized town that these Yaquis it visit. that extends through Sinaloa and thence northward. that Aztecs are the lineal descendants of the mighty .

The who are human sacrifices to their race is said to be in a high state of city is civilization. &quot. described as peopled by a race similar to the ancient Aztecs.&quot. Of the unknown we add another description from a different source: &quot. far surpassing those of the City of Mexico. said a mining engineer of Philadelphia &quot. have come in con tact with many of the Indians resident there and singular stories.During the frequent visits I have made to Mexico. is have heard some very One which all the Indians unite in telling. above mentioned. never yet visited by white men. and are situated on broad paved streets.OF ATLANTIS. nation 15 the who sought to know beyond law city governing the created.I to an Inquirer reporter. sun worshipers and offer deity. that far in the interior exists an enormous It is city. full and the Indians say that the of huge structures which are miracles of quaint but beautiful architecture. .

not a strange that the accounts of the Mexican Indians. all fled. little the same.&quot. city its prime. relative to the mysterious and magnificent. assured me that he had seen the city and its inhabitants with his own eyes. I recollect.. These are but of many of the allusions and tra in ditions pointing to the fact. w holly disappeared from this Conti The following from San Diego. interior city agree perfectly.One OUR STORY Indian. could r not have nent. it is I did not believe him.16 &quot. Cal. but had been afraid of being captured and had but. we . that somewhere the Southwest. down to the While and there is perhaps but a single inhabited secluded from the outside Ancient world of to-day dom. Of course. we yet as keepers of the Wis as to find ruins of such magnitude impress us more strongly with the idea that the people who builded the original structures. there is a people who undoubtedly hold a complete historical record of the chain of events from Atlantis in present day.

to One of his associates to came to San Diego and the others returned Yuma. Gigantic pillars. were brought by one of the party. calling attention to the fact that the dragon is a favorite design in the East Indian sculptures &quot. Fragments of pottery were found underneath the debris. The wind had laid bare the walls and the remains of the stone buildings of a distance in 420 feet in length by 260 feet width. supporting on their tops huge frieze slabs of granite weighing many tons.OF ATLANTIS. quaintly carved to still represent dragons heads and rattlesnakes. The ornamentation resembled Egyptian sculp tures and exhibited a greater degree of skill than is possessed by the Indian artisans of the present day. 17 offer in proof. and together with the crumbled piece of frieze this city. stood in the sands of the desert. nearly .The : ruins of a prehistoric city have just been discovered by a party of prospectors from Yurna when on the Colorado desert in search of the Pegleg mine.

&quot. there no doubt the keys for the unlocking of the mysteries of the Past. reaching this city to-day. desiring is edge and not treasure. .i8 OUR STORY ago. two weeks But the story of their discovery was carefully guarded. When knowl men shall be ready to seek them. sand storm. always been A storm or off all ef some sudden natural event has warded forts to reach these wonderful remains of the or even the existing cities. afterwards went to the desert to explore the ruins. in it. there liarity is a pecu to be noticed It has in the occurrence of the so. it is From the relics exhibited evident that an important made. prehistoric. &quot. They were driven back by a sand storm. in the hope that in some way they might profit by discoverers. but will make a careful exam ination of the ruins in the season ditions are favorable when the con for extensive explorations.The company with four others. archeaeological discovery has been In connection with the above.

who has lived long in this republic. He says much larger than the famous cavern of Caca- huamilpa. has just arrived form the wilds of the Southwest and reported that he has discovered in the State of Guerrero a huge natural cave. if which he believes to be the greatest in Mexico.OF ATLANTIS. Leroyal. will be given into 19 worthy hands and what we have herein written will receive ample corroboration. it is not in the world. situated some distance south of Guernavaca. This time. ful We add still another account of wonder discovery in proof of the immense popula tion of the old Atlantian kingdom in its prime. the civiliza center of the tion: &quot. which has hitherto been supposed to be . L. P.What modern Atlantian or Aztec appears to be the verification of an old Aztec fable of a buried race of cave-dwellers and a hidden city in southwestern in Mexico are is a matter at which the local scientists interested present. a French engineer. it is from the City of Mexico.

20 OUR STORY Leroyal. provided himself with lanterns. At the first. after penetrating a considerable dis the largest natural cave in existence in Mexico. how ever. the bottom of the cave was a gradual slope downward. . the finest Mr. all alone.. and accordingly a few days ago furnished himself with food sufficient for a day. determined to make a thor ough investigation of it. tance into the cave. were met with. etc. then changed upward and afterward alternated for the most part between descents and ascents. For some distance from the entrance no trace of human beings was found. but did not anticipate as it that his task would be so arduous proved. Occasionally magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. r a level bottom of great width the in was met. some places was several hundred feet high. and set out upon his task As he went along he made a thorough plan of the cave. Here and there. Leroyal had ever seen. as it might naturally be expected. Mr. The height of cave varied.

as well two or three skulls. Leroyal brought away with him. with the chances for the cave opening out. The charnel house thus lighted up for the first time for hundreds of years was grewto some in the extreme and well calculated shake the nerves of the explorer. his It explorations while hour after hour was not at until after he had traveled a distance of least twenty-one it and one-half leagues that he thought time to call a halt and proceed on his return journey. Fie retraced his steps as speedily . see So far as he could the distance still to be traversed might be very considerable. as Some of the tools. Mr. &quot.After 21 proceeding for some hours he came upon as what had evidently been an ancient cemetery. There was also a foun tain of beautiful clear spring water which was found to be excellent. petrified bodies.OF ATLANTIS. as the floor seemed by to be well trodden human feet. and they are appearance of this now in this city. together with ancient idols. Mr. Leroyal con tinued passed. there were at least 400 etc.

believe that at some place near the southwestern coast there exists of Mexico a great white city with countless treasure which has never been seen by white men. as. to and the approach which is so intricate and cleverly concealed that a stranger has never en tered its solitary all precincts. in Mexico. in fact. To make a beginning . The natives of the locality. and the outcome of the investigations will be awaited with interest. found himself once at the entrance of the cave.22 as possible. will soon be fitted out under the guid ance of the discoverer. Leroyal before promised to make further long. the Indian population in general. With the increasing mass of information on it the subject. It is explorations expected that a party fully equipped for the exploration of this wonderful cavern of the dead. of what known about Atlantis the Mighty. ward more Mr. OUR STORY and after being underground for up of twenty-four hours.&quot. at collection seems there should be some effort is under guidance.

So deep and mellow in that old Atlantian time. From where As the light in all glory seemed to be. Golden sending forth rich. ATLANTIAN MEMORIES. old memories come its to me.Why book written.&quot. . the world High above all.OF ATLANTIS. Mingling with the ripples on the wave-washed shores. From the Temple floats the bell s melodious chimes. and thus call 23 is attention in this direction this my is answer to the question: &quot. lyres. s the people worshiped near the Sun resplendent rays And lotus-crowned hailed with joy the festal days. harmonious er strains still Sounding the key-note. Out of the dim Past. which o reigned. the Vestal s song enchanting soars.

Those slumbering waves which. became our Again. the melody there. While on our altar shines again the mystic light. .24 OUR STORY still Throughout the Ages. Humble The tho the Temple. Neither listened to the whispering wind so Telling of the doom. silent air. bell s sweet chiming breaks upon the Amid the incense rising from our sacred Shrine. Old Atlantian glories round our . all its is Glimmers once again. I am thankful that the gates of memory ope. linger these old memories And hover round me Still in with no effort of my will. I hear the glad hozannas to the Sun arise. Which read no warning in the skies celestial hue it Nor heard murmured in the Ocean calm and blue free. is veiled from human eyes. with a message own. fair Atlantis was to see. The radiant star. Isis in the sanctuary. spirits twine. . my heart is throbbing with the rythm of the waves. alas. graves. That great Angels weave the scattered threads of hope And clothe us freshly with its robes of snowy white . which once o er Egypt shone.

we give an account of an Mexican city that has never been entered by to : the foot of a white man and which was known be in existence long before the Spanish Conquest &quot. going back before the time of the conquest of the country It is by the Spaniards. who has just returned from an exploring expedition in the southwestern part of the republic. is yet a little more of the flotsam and THERE jetsam upon the stormy waves of is human unfoldment which mental tailed to supple our opening chapter. and must be de or put entirely to one side. it an old Aztec city.CHAPTER II. and which has evidently been for existence hundreds of years. now From two old distinct sources.Mr. reports that he has found a city which has never been entered by a white in man. Juan Alvarez. and the approaches to .

saw what he took to be houses in a far distant valley. He had been traveling over the mountains in search of an outlet to the Pacific Ocean when he came to the top of an elevated plateau and crossed to the further edge. tc was anywhere it. inspection with a glass convinced A close him that what he saw was really a collection of houses. in the and after he found it all of his endeavors reach were unavailing on account of the persistent opposition of the natives.26 OUR STORY it is are so guarded by nature that to reach it if an impossibility the inhabitants do not want a trav eler to get in. and while looking over the country. The tains city lies in the almost inaccessible moun in the extreme southwestern is part of the country and so far away from civilization that in the few white men have ever been hood. It neighbor was by the purest accident that Alvarez city became aware that a vicinity. and he at once set about reaching the place to see who . He had a magnificent view.

lived in that part of the country.


After days of hard work climbing over


and mountains, he reached a point from which
he obtained a good view of the city and saw that

was regularly



in streets

and was peo


with a race

w ho knew

something about



houses were of stone and were

surrounded by yards,
flowers and shrubs.
of taste

which were growing
all sides


were evidences

shown by

the inhabitants, and



dent that he had found a city which was not


to the outside

w orld.

careful examination of the country


him that the


located within a natural

amphitheater and was accessible from one side

He saw

that the only


of access


through a long and narrow

which led

the mountains from the Pacific coast side, and he
started to reach the place,
this entrance.

where he could


He made

an outline drawing of

the city as


appeared to him from the distant



for he



is all

he has to show that

a city within the heart of the mountains,
to reach the spot.

was never allowed



it is

plain that the city has



than four thousand inhibitants.


houses are

of stone and are supplied with doors

and windows.

In the center was a large building,
of worship,

which was undoubtedly the temple



walls could be seen sculptured designs

representing the Deity.


in the

shape of

the ancient teocalli, which are to be found in


parts of this country, and the people could

be seen passing in and out of
the day.



hours of

ten days

arduous work Alvarez found






mountains on





about searching for the

canyon leading to the


had so well had no

marked the

lay of the land that he

culty in finding the entrance, but he

was met by him proceed.

a band of Indians


refused to let



him no

violence, but insisted that he

should return.



them that he had come

over the mountains and did not
find his

know how





a consultation, he


told he


have to remain awhile as a prisoner, and two
runners were sent into the mountains,



turned in a day with orders from some one in






placed on the back of a mule.


traveled in





only having the

bandage removed from

his eyes at night.


the fourth day, he


told to



bandage, and


he did

he found himself on

the borders of the Pacific Ocean.



had gone, leaving him with nothing to guide him
back to the place where he had seen the




described in full in




and has been


by persons

the body,

who have

been permitted so to do.


conclude our extracts with the description


of the powerful

of another mighty city, the

nation whose capital, located on the great island
of Atlantis, exercised

power both East and
to tell:

West, of which we are trying

American archaeologists who went

the recently discovered city in the Sierra


Mountains have returned, and
hidden city




Spanish leagues north of the


leader of the party, C.



of Philadelphia, says that these cities



dently twin capitals of a wealthy district long
before the Aztecs appeared.

The two



connected by underground passages

hewn out




was while exploring one

these passages

that the second


It lies in a deep basin of the mountains,

with no

except the underground




none has been found.



which we have thus drawn from


accessible sources in the visible,


desire to

add supplementary testimony from the Astral

nature and civilization west of the great which could not possibly have had commerce with the mother-country for centuries. a common origin for religious teachings. Does not in this collated evidence of the similarity city. languages. Who. confirm this con clusion.OF ATLANTIS. customs. We are indebted to those who are im pelled by an irresistible desire to learn and know. in this cause are willing to expatriate them endure danger and overcome obstructing they difficulties. both oral and written? All the dis coveries relative to this subject. prove conclu sively. if may but by some chance guid ance. selves. 31 reliable which I believe to be and worthy of credence. bring again to the light of day. even to the realistic and scientific mind. there much that can be given concerning . who listen with a willing heart. Records. which were left the manifested spiritual world w hen r went down the shuddering earth? To the Aryan is people. some of the the sun of into various records.

upon the at earth. or to form one by . It has ever been their rule. exertion of seeking new or admitting for others. are so con servative and have withheld so much more than they should. or from the unseen as Science and Religion have true and of value. a sufficient one time to control a nation.32 OUR STORY It this ancient city. even on their conservative line of thought. to distinguish the savage from civilization was known to the wise men of Atlantis. All that has ever been learned. until new upon untried lines they have been forced to the exception. the possibility of broadening truth. never received anything of thought. Whenever number there has been of Atlantians. That is why the priests. matters little how is Science offered. to hold fast upon that of which they had become possessed. content and satisfied without the trouble and fields for themselves. of all ages. and Religion whether shall accept that which in a scientific way.

of the last Egyptian splendor. to admit of a national control. As soon were as the Anglo-Saxon speaking races sufficiently developed out of savagery. they slowly paved the for the settlement way by conquest and discovery. and all the mighty ruins of the Nile and the Euphrates in evidence. and re-occupation of that which all belonged to them. Romans resorted was the last time noted in history of such a re-appearance in sufficient numbers they did. What we have the pyramids. and for the utilization of their old resources. way can we account for the wilting and extermination of . under new conditions of added In no other strength and experience. In the days it when was the school to which the Greeks and for instruction. with strides toward wisdom and knowledge. that nation or epoch has always ex perienced a most wonderful growth. the Temple of Karnac.OF ATLAN9S$&^* 33 themselves. startling their great as Atlantians. the re-appearing. the commenced whole world ever and anon.

but especially centering along the belt in which Atlantis itself was located. Between the fading away civilization. How unfolddiffer much would our agricultural vast storehouses of mineral and wealth have helped man s ment. He has but obeyed the law: Who cannot dominate the resources of the en title to vironment must yield him who can. her population off into colonies was drawn which had deep and abiding influence on the whole of the Western continent. is plain to the dullest intel As the city of Atlantis grew. if they had never been used? The ence between the American Indian and the Anglo-Saxon-Atlantian. neither claim nor strength to maintain that into which they had strayed by accident during the temporary absence of the real owners.34 OUR STORY who had title to the red-skinned usurpers. of the last Egyptian s and the concealment of the world . Much sympathy has been wasted on the red son of the forest. lect.

As can they disappeared from the mortal vision. associates. which can be accounted for only in one way. there s were other units in the world category of nations which If Atlantis all were not so on in the far advanced. When Atlantis was in its prime.OF ATLANTIS. of the world would have received the its and been uplifted to something near point. and the most pertinent fact that undone duty made all this trouble for the Atlantians of the Far Past. they this groped comparative darkness. and the eruption of the times without number. their comrades and Have we is learned the lesson that no human being separate from . had held even tenor of her way. When Rome of class of people incarnated again in force of numbers. we but recognize their sameness of purpose. records at that time. but own stand when this chance of development was in cut off. the overrunning Europe by the Huns. such scenes as the conquest of by the Goths and Vandals . occurred. Tartars. other nations light. there is 35 a mysterious gap.

or Antioch and other cities.&quot. or people of the earth tants.36 ourselves? It is OUR STORY A wrong once done must be righted. Thus it is easy to understand all why the extinguish is ing power of that holds the soul in chains projected toward us.fellows of ignorance. Little felt intellectually. tion when the lamp of civiliza later. The American nation has done a vast deal for the enlightenment of the whole world. In the ancient times. and every generation increases the widening wave of educated and spiritualized people.sons the uplifting of influence of the of light&quot. as at burned at Rome. &quot. these misbegotten impedimenta to progress into As pass out the unseen. Atlantian influence revives. having overborne or put off all heads that towered above their own. which finally include within it must every nation. the eternal law of exact justice. single centers of learn ing blazed out and lessened the darkness as do . by little have these &quot. s full complement of inhabi . tongue. and Athens.

modified fected by the assimilation of and per in hundreds of years devachanic rest. spected. but the its founder of the force with that. its Although the is English name be detested. since the fall of that city. is coming upon the nation in a . and the has aptitude of the minds engendered thereby.OF ATLANTIS. unified which resembles the old Atlantis. felt Yet it has been able to make power throughout the whole world. once more drawn to the American continent more Atlantians than were ever incarnated at one time. But with com pare the events of to-day. beacon lights set 37 these on a hill. The freedom of the thought-body. felt power always re itself Not only has this nation it is made everywhere. cut from easy ap its proach. had off beginning on an island. its A compact. American nation and to unites push the common civilization and thought cur rents into every part of the globe. their inventions It thus happens that and knowledge and wisdom and the results of thought-force. nationality.

38 flood. and linked one upon another. as has is been repeatedly foretold* the end of a cycle at . The reason why this age is is so celebrated above to the facts thus others of the near past. We way ciples often wonder at events transpiring in the of discoveries. stated. due We perceive in the near future. soul and mind so purified. they will not need the reprimand of obstruction. OUR STORY as with outstretched hands they demand from the Silence that which they themselves de posited in the Astral records long ages since. and begun We have surely reached a point to guess about the uses and methods of application of that vehicle of force about which the Atlantians knew much. or at the applications of prin which are perfectly logical. and desiring to know more. another. found there was a limit which barred their further progress. that came to the original investigators of our nation on that line. may do with body. and We already have hold upon we desire only that they who may so essay to advance in this direction.

But this we have gathered: That within a hundred years. temple can then . If this inharmony continues strong itself to enough to communicate the ground upon which the city stands. serious consequences may Just what the outcome of the present period will be none but the Council of the Seven Great Builders know.OF ATLANTIS. of Liquidity. in 39 Cataclysmic results. Atlantis will be above the Whatever her monuments in her ruined contain. shorter time. hand. and possibly a much waves. or whatever may be be investigated. the sinking of land rising in others. and the im are minent. When cities peculiarly situated lost all crowded with inhabitants. is some places. to a set of vibrations upon the natural plane occur. who have ception of everything but their con own desires cen tering in selfish purpose. this foundation being sub ject also. their thought vibrations become inharmonious with the universal thought vibrations.

silver and coal will be short-sighted ! mined. and the old continent will once of Lamuria more sustain its millions of is inhabitants. fixed Scientists all tell us that the time when the gold. that which will now sea. become dry land.40 OUR STORY Within 500 years the bulk of population will is be south of the equator. . How man s Under the sea is a thousand-fold more than has ever been brought to light by busy hands.

He me the position of super sail for cargo in one of his vessels about to Francisco. and the full moon rose in the heavens. 1872.CHAPTER III. having by constant and IN severe point ative.around San ac the it Horn. for gave me both motive and occupation for the trip. of mentioned this fact to a friend mine in New York offered City. . I gladly cepted the chance. &quot. I attention to business reached a when rest and change were imper to take a was advised by my physician I sea voyage. My preparations were made rapidly. We sailed out of New York Harbor on the I5th of June. the early seventies. As the last lighthouse sank slowly beneath the waves. who was a vessel owner.&quot. I little stood watching the receding land marks.

but be the business I much preconcerned about at that had hand moment. but how shall we know? ly Who will tell. nor of the marvelous revealings to come to my my knowledge. before I should again touch foot upon land. who by pecial favor of the owner had been permitted to occupy the one spare cabjn. we meet and the in part. with burden of weal or woe? As our vessel was devoted to freight. But it is always so go. of the swift oncoming future. I had simply responded .42 OUR STORY to dreaming of the momentous events happen as a part of the voyage. had been introduced first man. Of all these the following pages are but a feeble por trayal. or warn its us. come and The consequence of meeting and the pain of the parting may be expressible in spoken language . carried but a single passenger. space The rest of the was occupied by I the officers of the ship. in life. we. as I es knew. when he had ing in come on board. in to this cluding myself.

But of I remembered of afterwards an impression dignity bear on his part. as he went on to say: &quot. as the lines of our lives cross with those who are es sential to our highest and best unfolding.Don t meeting. the Standing thus. a low. with just the slightest I Looking around. ing. not a large part.but I was the thinking about the certainty of parting and uncertainty of &quot.&quot. leaning meditatively over tafrrail.I see you are leaving part of yourself behind you. distinctly. &quot. indescribable thrill as we shook hands. which once or twice in a lifetime. of sweetness of real courtesy and that peculiar. acknowledged the address. with the usual meaningless phrase of: to 45 &quot. I replied. I came back to myself by hearing in my name pronounced voice. foreign musical accent. it may be our good fortune to experience. &quot.&quot.OF ATLANTIS.Happy make your acquaintance.Oh.&quot.&quot. you think that we part forever from .

I saw a picture. narily Eyes black. &quot. and almost perfectly in proportioned. in all if said. to whom. we meet again?&quot. and worn a little longer than cus in tom prescribed. one might easily imag ine their possibilities. shall all our friends. Tall. when honest indignation or righteous anger stirred their depths. about any subject concerning . Looking man. from that time indelibly stamped upon my memory. but it is the human uncertainty that full at this saddens. attractive beyond compare others. His bearing was majestic strength.that may be so.44 OUR STORY we have accomplished other. only when or finished that we can do for each So long as our work remains undone certainly &quot. in its unselfish all this. I was most indescribably attracted. desire for the good of With he there tell was an impres very sion.Yes. with his every word.&quot. serene in harmony. I said. he could much more he only would. while their ordi kind expression. Hair and beard white.&quot.

duties during the voyage were almost nom making up for this leisure. although finally no word was and we descended to our respective cabins for the night. we lapsed into silence. As is usual with the position which I held. who honor me with stood their Although we some little time longer gazing upon the ocean. for am slow to receive or offer friendship. my inal. for each other. as the night and waters met in closer and still closer embrace. face as children love itself and scoun the pitying s drels containing within s tenderness of a mother taining watchfulness. but to come slowly be. love and a father sus I In our interview. during . I marveled. however. which he might be conversing. It 45 was such a hate. with that strange feeling of being company said. too.OF ATLANTIS. passed from the outermost border of casual ac quaintance to the confident championship of sworn I friendship. At this. in those the perception of what might good will.

first it I knew why. unremitting student. either in reading or conversation which related to Atlantis. ing. As a child I had always been fascinated with I whatever had chanced upon. and a peculiarity of his descriptions was that they were given Later it as if personal experi at the life ences of his own. and that while we were terest. and readily and gladly answered my ques Especially was this true of things in the past. in I which he was well versed. familiar with many lines of common in there of were others. did not take long to find out that my friend was a zealous. but to give seemed that was done more and movement to the story. But . which knew comparatively noth He was a very eloquent and instructive talker tions.46 OUR STORY had time to im It the receiving or discharging of the cargo or any part. which the present generation has moved on and forgotten. Consequently I sufficient prove the acquaintance so curiously begun.

as I 47 grew older. Who knows who .Do you believe there ever was such a coun Atlantis?&quot.OF ATLANTIS.&quot. was his quiet. I ideas of the modern that had come to re gard the little was known of that ancient mistress of the seas as largely fabulous. why does this seem impossible to you? Does stood history know anything of the city that under ancient Troy. try as &quot.But you do not think it possible that a whole continent could disappear so utterly beneath the waves as that is said to have done.And that?&quot. as we had we sat been out from port four or chatting on five the quarter deck. enveloped in the materialistic schools.Most certainly. decisive an swer. After days. if not wholly unworthy of credence. leaving no more trace of its former existence than has been the case with &quot. &quot. something was said which induced me to ask him the question squarely: &quot.

&quot. of Babylon. &quot. here his face softened with an infin ite pity. &quot.&quot. he continued. for denying the existence of the &quot. they would by time have been as thoroughly forgotten as lantis At now is. or of the great cities in the Valley of the Euphrates? But for this the accessibility of their ruins.48 OUR STORY of were the builders or what the design the Pyramids of Egypt? Who can tell of the cities lying strata upon strata in the valley of the Nile? In your of the own country. of an event that concerns so intimately planet.&quot.But maybe.& would like to hear some of the actual records brought down even to your day.And.&quot. every living person now upon our Upon my eager assent he went into his cabin vol- and soon returned with a small black-letter .perhaps within forty years from now we may have another lesson in the opportunity past.&quot. who can tell anything Mound Builders? What does the world know of Palmyra.

ther aggression. written after the style of the left. so that was easy from one to another as far as the further continent. Far however. was stopped by the heroic action of the then inhabitants of Attica. and Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. who subdued the larger and many of the smaller islands further continent. &quot.OF ATLANTIS. Be there it main island were many to cross other smaller ones. the real ocean in comparison to which of the Greeks &quot. upon parchment. the following extract: Facing the Pillars of Hercules was an island larger than Africa and side this Europe put together. This land was indeed a continent. translating as he read.In the Atlantic island a powerful federation of Kings island was formed. from right to Opening it he read in his sweetly modulated tones. . ume. and the sea was Sea&quot.The w as r but a bay with a narrow mouth. 49 Far East. itself and also parts of the They also reduced Africa within the Straits as far as Egypt.

&quot. which brought destruction night. a single day and The entirely natural features of the Attic land were changed and the Atlantic island sank bodily beneath the waves.50 OUR STORY States. from whom the whole island and sea were named Atlantic ever to or Atlantis.In the center of the Atlantic Island plain. the the succession power their younger sons going into the hood. They were possessed of such wealth as easily pro no dynasty ever yet obtained or will cure hereafter. Subsequently. all who. Here dwelt for many gen erations the renowned race of Atlan. taking the lead of the oppressed finally secured liberty to who dwelt within the Pillars of Hercules. The ruling Kings of handed eldest priest down sons. This wealth was drawn both from all foreign nations with whom the Atlan- . was a this fair and beautiful In the center of plain and nearly six miles from its confines was a low range of hills. both laces were destroyed by mighty in cataclysms.

infi beneficent climate. flowers. there were vast numbers of elephants. For. ing to its ow forth. fruit trees and vege of all kinds. tians traded 51 and from Atlantis in itself. gums and odorous plants of every description tables . in the center of the island they built a royal palace. curious and number. a mineral with most wonderful and inexhaustible properties a metal which was then second only to gold in its value. beautiful. and many other luxurious products which this wonderful Continent. Nor were the inhabitants con tent with simply the natural advantages of their glorious country.OF ATLANTIS. but also displayed a marvelous industry and skill in engineering and the con structive arts. brought These were nite in sacred.The country was rich also in timber and pasturage. every succeeding trying to surpass his predecessor in King adorning and . &quot. spices. which was the especially rich minerals. Moreover. and possessed only known mines of orichalcum in the world.

black and red. &quot. left In fashioning their interior streams they docks cut out of the solid rock where their triremes could land their cargoes. except the pediments and pin nacles.The stone used in their building was of three colors.52 OUR STORY it adding to the building.They cut about the Royal Palace a series of canals. stood the great Temple.Northeast of the center of the Continent. and making it more con venient for the transportation of freight to and from the interior. waterways or at These were bridged over intervals. &quot. so that many of the buildings presented a gay appearance. . Within. white. Their walls were covered witii brass (which they used like plaster). so that struck all be holders with the greatest admiration. giving at once protection as a harbor. which were lined with gold. The interior was cov ered with silver. while an immense canal admitted the largest vessels from the sea. which had a glittering appearance. tin and orichalcum. &quot.

and orichalcum. The din and tumult of commerce continued all day long. or making ready to parts their sail for. &quot. the roof 53 of gold. &quot. and the is night through as well. Such a general sketch as regards the rest of the country. The whole city teemed with a dense population. and the plain surrounding the city was itself environed by a mountain chain broken .By a system of aqueducts leading from na tural springs of hot and cold water.Now. The main canal and largest harbor were crowded with merchant shipping re turned from. it was very mountainous with exceedingly precipi tous coasts. &quot. all of the world. they had supplies for baths.The docks were filled with shipping and naval stores of every description at known to men that time.OF ATLANTIS. ivory was a magnificent mosaic all walls. of their wonderful city. and pillars and pave ments were covered with orichalcum. and for the irrigation of their beautiful plantations and gardens.

size and beauty. for all kinds of cattle this They surrounded plain with an enormous canal or dike. 101 feet deep. the rest able.250 miles in length. The whole country was a constant suc cession of prosperous and wealthy rivers villages. for there was an abundance of and lakes.In the polity of the Atlantians the Kings maintained an autocracy and the priesthood were their council State. sea. was smooth and level and of an oblong shape. of consultation in at last all matters into of until the power passed the hands of the priesthood. 606 feet broad and 1.54 OUR STORY The plain only at the sea entrance. and while a part flowed out to the for irrigation. to double their productive capacity. By it the water from the mountains was con ducted around the whole plain. lying North and South. was husbanded by raising two They were crops a year. The mountains were said to be the grandest in the world for their number. meadows and pasturage and quantities of timber. &quot. .

King and priest remained obedient to their ancestral tra ditions. the rulers. their mortal natures when. began seeking to dominate and override the Di vine within to display and about them. &quot. ered things present of small importance.But we have described. whereas. and contentedly bore their weight of riches as a bur den. and . For they possessed true and altogether and exercised mildness and practical in the lofty ideas wisdom. life and in their mutual They They looked consid above everything except virtue. by a too anxious pursuit of riches the possessions themselves are corrupted and friendship also perishes therewith. they commenced to degener- unbecoming conduct. both ordinary vicissitudes of relations. Thus it was they reached the great height of prosperity &quot.For 5$ many generations. Nor were they intoxicated with luxury. at the last. but clearly perceived that wealth and possessions are increased by mutual friendship and the prac tice of true virtue .OF ATLANTIS.

will . the time close at hand when lines your desire for information on these be more fully gratified. most valuable as authentic an account as that of any nation of whom we have any history.If mistake not. which was perfected about 25. OUR STORY thus blighting and finally destroying the fairest of their &quot. Just then some duty claimed my immediate attention and as he rose up to return to his cabin he looked I me fully in the face is and remarked: &quot.&quot.&quot. said my friend.56 ate. for it was handed down from father to son in the ancient Atlantian writing. &quot.000 years before the Christian era commenced.This.

or puzzled. for I which recog had some experience with researches line. the oper upon which he was engaged were very complex and far reaching and concerned some of the mightiest secrets of planetary creation. the His absorption length of being the result rather of process. to a certain extent. some of the simpler rules of deductions But. nized. ations could see.CHAPTER IV. along that verify and could. he did not seem at a loss in any sense. was a day or two before we had a chance for IT any more conversation. the . I also noticed while the problems seemed very abstruse and complicated. as I from the Caballa. very busy like for he seemed to be in his own cabin with what looked an ancient map and a number I of diagrams fully of cabalistic calculations.

was formed by the coal escence of many in the islands and peninsulas that were upheaved ordinary course of evolution and became ultimately the true home of the great race known as the Atlantians. While he had been thus busy to it had occurred locker I me I had an odd volume in my had picked up in a second-hand stall in Boston. lending an added charm to the ever-restful dig nity of the perfect face. the following pertinent paragraphs: &quot. were put away.58 OUR STORY At last he appeared to have reached a favor able conclusion and his data and memoranda deck. Although for a Once more he came upon few days he apparently put aside a continuation of his former talk about Atlantis. hav it my interest aroused brought out and found among much that was quite discursive.The fourth Continent. Now. a race developed . which it has been agreed to call Atlantis. yet there was an uplifted expression of content. in tending to examine ing it at my I leisure.

whereas. from a nucleus of Northern Lemurians. and others to the Posidonis. tered. is the personification in a single symbol of the . towards a point land in what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean. Plato. &quot. cov ering several millions of years into an event. The Atlantes and the Atlantides of mythology are based upon the Atlantes and Atlantides of history. he located upon the island of Poseidonis (about as large as Ireland) . some of them referring to the great Continent as a last. condensed the whole history of the Continent of Atlantis. of the Atlantes Homer speaks and their island. The Atlas story of Atlas gives clearly to us the clue. the priests spoke always of Atlantis as a continent as large as Europe and Africa put together. whole. small island of for instance.OF ATLANTIS. 59 cen of generally speaking.In connection with the Continent of Atlan tis we should bear in mind that the account which to has come down us through the old Greek writers contains a confusion of statements.

as both Lemuria. These .60 OUR STORY poets attribute to Atlas. &quot. that said to support heaven and earth at once. The perior wisdom and a a universal knowledge. a su combined continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. were each transferred to the bottom of the the where they now slumber until appointed time shall come to reappear above the waters. an allusion to the gigantic peaks of the ancient continents. giants tread is. the feet of the the earth while his shoulders support the sky. seas. because both continents hav ing borne races instructed by divine masters. destroyed by submarine and Atlantis submerger by the waves. and especially thorough acquaintance with the depths of the ocean. Mount Atlas and the Teneriffe Peak. And fires. as to Proteus.Atlas his father lapetus in the depths of Tar then personifies a continent in the West. per is ished in the ocean depths. Atlas said to have been compelled to leave the surface of the earth and join tarus.

000 yean in mind should not your geologists bear that under the continents explored and fathomed by them.Why of about 700. two dwarfed were relics 61 lost of the two continents thrice as lofty during the day of as Lemuria Atlas ol and twice high in that of Atlantis.&quot. continents whose strata have never been geologi cally explored. Europe with Amer their Both sank and were drowned with between the two high civilizations and gods.Lemuria should no more be confounded with the Atlantis Continent than ica. there may be hidden deep in the other and far older unfathomable ocean beds. &quot. was an inaccessible island peak in the days had not Lemuria. present Amazed at this singular corroboration of what . &quot. set their and that they may some day up theories.OF ATLANTIS. when the African Continent yet been raised. yet two catastrophes a period elapsed. in the found bowels of which they have the Eocene age.

and were ready to give him the little attentions I which make a stranger tion this feel at home anywhere. South. and men all had been attracted toward our passenger. but the third Our ship drifted a little to the made no day. they fell West away into a dead calm. but we approached the Spanish Main they grew fitful. and when we had traversed a part of that Indian Archipelago. like to when my me if I go with him . men as explanatory of some events which little later. not dreaming that the op portunity of lives was time close at hand. would ask him something more about at the first opportunity. particular headway. happened a The winds had as been brisk and favorable. I my I concluded it.62 OUR STORY friend had previously read me. During all this we had Both been making good officers time toward the South. at On the moon fulled noon and we were lying in about 30 degrees North lati tude and 42 degrees friend asked West would longitude.

OF ATLANTIS. to be the summit some huge obelisk or a little raised above the waves. which on of closer inspection seemed pillar. although not In the still high. had be A very short time sufficed to bring us to this island. waters they extended below the surface. were sheer and precipitous. The sides. We rowed slowly . I to the water. Upon my rather eager assent. How much farther. His face was I set with a peculiar expression. of which fore had experience in other directions. saying he had been much accustomed off. our friend declined. We pushed I taking a pair of oars and he steering. I had no means of ascertaining. 63 about a couple of miles to the westward. when pulsion of the boat felt that the rapid to im I was not due my strength. as far as vision could penetrate. to visit a peculiar looking island. glanced at my companion. and though he proffered us the help of some of the crew. had hardly taken a couple of strokes I with the oars. the captain granted us the use of his yawl.

64 around ence. evidently with water during storms. instead of the solid mass. was now dry Looking closely at the sides I saw that it instead of being a mass of natural rock. was a structure built of masonry by cunning hands. The projections gave opportunity for fastening the yawl. flat. best we scrambled as we might to the top. so perfectly fierce action and solidly as to defy. If there this sum had been any swell of the ocean impossible. but with it even would have been a sea of glass all about us ficult task. the of the most erosive forces of na- . OUR STORY It was about 150 feet in circumfer On the side farthest from the vessel the face of the rock was broken jaggedly by the weather. which I expected was cup-shaped in the center. filling it utter surprise. and for climbing to the mit. roughened by the weather. bottom. was not a very dif Having securely knotted the boat s painter to a stout protuberance. To my to find. thus far. it. It and drying at the out under the hot sun.

upon which characters were inscribed. with his face the North. The floor was laid in regular I Almost stunned by the discovery. and slowly we descended the stairs into an ante-room below. little guiding himself by a small compass and a square of parchment. disc of stone had revolved at his exposing a flight of stone steps leading into a room below. the East and stepped forward one pace. opening into a larger room. his form seemed set in its grew fixed I and whole outline. There standing and his face erct. 15 Then turning another degrees more he stepped forward pace. to dilate. Standing to erect. He repeated this operation until he faced due East. All at once perceived a large feet. As we stepped upon this floor a light which came in particular. but my exclamation of surprise was checked by his actions. in the very center. Coming back to himself he motioned me to fol low him. turned to my companion. 65 flagging.OF ATLANTIS. he turned 15 degrees to. ture. lighted from nowhere up the whole .

On each rested those curious friend repeated the sign like of dust. signs of made one I Power.66 interior. through which we passed into a chamber below. Here we found seven little piles seats. he touched some mechanism. In the center of the room were five stone seats. Then going to the exact opposite side of the wall. and facing the seats. silent. on each was a still little pile of dust. stepped to of the the East. OUR STORY Limitless age had laid his desecrating hand upon everything. which. But as this had been her dust in the metically sealed by the waves. which was par titioned into a series of curious entablatures. obeyed the will of this derful man. and then a sound the tremor of an Folian harp rose in volume un- . preserved through the ages. My companion. the that would otherwise have accumulated air upper was not present. won A door slid back. but was not distinct enough to be unmistakable. My made in the room above. As he did so I thought it heard a suppressed sob of joy.

as before.OF ATLANTIS. Turn ing to the Eastern face of the wall. more for future unfold whatever there might be of knowledge or mystery here concealed. closely followed by myself. shook the walls of the tower in which we were standing. we managed it difficulty to seat ourselves in and he steering. and left a blood-red mark behind it. lay waiting for us. thus sealing once ing. he retraced his steps towards the upper air. With he traced upon the tightly joined edges a it character which burst into a silvery flame as appeared upon the stone. it Singular as certed may or seem. a roll of pigment was placed this in his hand by unseen helpers. from a niche therein he drew out a little stone box. With the greatest care he closed behind him every av enue. top had rolled into its When the disc at the place. Holding this carefully. Then proceeding to the side where the boat without any push off. not a . without any precon instruction word of warning. til 67 the vibration filling the room.

I seemed to stand vortex of recurring memory. The five seats of the upper chamber and the seven seats of the lower. a part of I my I knew had been perfectly familiar with the purposes of their erection. shadowy. I could the feeling that these rock-ribbed cham bers were. some peculiar way. appalling and benumbing in its More than that. Oh. coming down over whelmingly upon me. were filled with an occu pant. but so distinct I could recognize the features. final issue. I was too busy within past. to leave any time for the not resist frivolity of speech. . I Then came the names as if had parted with them only yesterday. to my inner vision. their use.68 OUR STORY moment of our landing until word had been interchanged between us from the in we were again motion upon the water. as one recalls the lineaments of a long absent friend. On my part the in a silence was involuntary. myself in attempting to readjust the the present and the promises of the future. and of some effect. in self.

as friend made the sign I mentioned. what he evident came to do.OF ATLANTIS. Memory the Eternal! 69 was it yesterday. of The some tie strong er than friendship overwhelmed me. taking me as an involuntary ac complice. Sitting in the stern of the boat. a terrible mistake rectified whose consequence all my life. had cramped and restrained its my unfolding and energies. All this and fail much more held ly that words will utterly to portray. but in knowl edge. a burden of untold weight was lifted from if my an expiation were finished. When my shoulders. with the stone casket resting on looked at &quot. or thou sands of years ago since faces I looked upon these and forms of comrades loving and true? feeling of present reality.My his knees. me silent as my friend did. up all to that hour. Thou hast learned well the lesson whose . and said brother: I see my confidence in thee was not founded in simple assumption. : he me with a grave smile. facing me.

greet Ancient Wise While saying if this his fire. whose first charter I was thee. by the Atlantian Kings. continued my comrade.I I could only reply: feel that we must have been brothers. One. and without a particle of arrogance in the possession. was as if one had sud infinite denly come to a perception of almost power. to revisit the tower of the Great Temple of Atlantis.&quot. &quot. &quot.&quot.70 closing clause is OUR STORY to keep silent.Before naming me thus.&quot. Thereby thou Great Broth issued hast proved also thy position in the erhood. but in you do me great honor &quot. whole face lighted up as from an inner The action of the sympa thetic exaltation on myself was beyond the power It of words to describe. we reach the ship I must tell you.that it has been per mitted you for purpose. in which were gathered for concentration during the last awful cataclysm which sent the continent beneath the waters all the living members of the most po- .

more. and for that rea- . We do not know whether be able to the masonry of the upper stories will resist the erosion of fierce tropical storms or not. the five and the seven. &quot. as little &quot. The whole The top continent of is slow ly rising once the tower. It contains the fullest continuous record of the last years of our once glorious country. 210 feet high. &quot.OF ATLANTIS. Brotherhood to little rescue here he touched the casket.You 71 entered the chambers of the three. which was 100 feet in diameter at the base. and air.The at present chambers which we entered were built perfectly air and water-tight. which covered the cham ber of the three has been destroyed by the ac tion of the waves. &quot. accessible.&quot. best by the was thought this. tent Brotherhood that has ever existed.before it might be overwhelmed and forever hid den by the insatiable maw of the waters.It by little it reaches the surface. has again reached the upper The transparent dome.

the five and the seven.You are well known to me as to the rest of . or one clothed with authority entering their resting place should their signal of release. &quot. rested heavily &quot. we entered was that of the fifteen. give them the which I did. and they were set free in a very short time after the cataclysm. was warned that I might thereby afford opportunity for the waters pressing up from be low. below that. and forty-five. which to later generations may be ocular demonstration of our existence. as the upper chamber. the chamber of the for I I did not enter them.Obligation on the three. Below seven. to wipe out all vestiges of this ancient home of the Brotherhood. the failure of conditions above absolved of the members the remaining chambers. They could not be set free until entirely from its responsibility such time in as either the bounds were destroyed.72 OUR STORY Below the last chamber still son have preserved their contents to the pres ent time.

so the calm has lasted until this time. in its newest appeal mankind.OF ATLANTIS.We was visible. which no person liv actual ing or dead could obtain without your presence in the flesh is accomplished. But we are approaching the ship. and will result as planned. Our vessel has been lying over the entrance to the great port. But to-night as the sun goes down a breeze will spring up. at the tinent. and have been chosen again as in the long ago past. could not accomplish our object until near the full moon. The most important object of our voyage. to be the spokes man to of our beloved Order. a mag nificent panorama of the fairest land the sun ever shone on. and by to-morrow our voy- . mouth draining the Atlantian Con from which. The voy for this pur age was planned and undertaken pose. and we are sure that mistakes of the intellect in the past will not be repeated in the present. before the overthrow. the possession of these records. 73 the Ancient Brotherhood. &quot.

know that this is not at all the thing likely to happen. to complete. lines. according to nature. deduction from what we know one of of human But as this story is facts on new we cannot be guided by precedents. during all this recital. felt a certain enthusiasm.&quot.74 OUR STORY its age will be moving rapidly forward to pletion. mortal I time heard. as an integral factor of I the whole. for the first now. a quiet joy in being it thus permitted to do the task. It seemed quite a matter of course that the sole object of my making what I this voyage was the accomplishment of ears. or the work ing of known laws . more. as we seek rather in the fields of the unexplained laws of nature. quiet assumption of myself as one of the willing accessories of the plan he had thus hastily sketched. whatever be that might was set for me. . to object either to the facts stated or to the cer tain. for a solution of the phenomena presented. com It did not occur to me. with Nay.

. But we were now close to the ship 75 and the men were making As we reached casket. the deck my friend showed his a curious souvenir of the stone pile we had visited. until the re finer s furnace of the ages shall have prepared fully for the perception of that them more which may at any time be offered them.OF ATLANTIS. as ready to hoist the yawl aboard. knowledge of incalculable value passed beyond their reach.It it casually they assented to the fact: looks a trifle was a nice bit of rock. water-worn though. or at the least. forever.&quot. After looking at &quot. And so.

and the good more moved merrily over the waters.&quot. certainly. chatting Suddenly. the stone casket which I had into seen in his cabin just before sunset. was put coming about as fast as a man would that time walk. &quot. he said once. therefore no remarks were made. as if various matters. seemed . the sun sank on the Western horizon a AS The northeastern wind began to strain out our ship once &quot. and I my friend and of sat on the quarter-deck. out of the companion way. In my peculiar state of mind this. At no one else was near us on the deck. too. him in reminder of some event.CHAPTER V. at A moment after.&quot. his hands. full moon of the tropics climbed out of the great wastes of waters.idly flapping sails.Yes. to some one had spoken .

and say as thou mayest re ceive out of the silence. only a little His eye shining with a piercing mine. contents of the casket in trust for the password. palm to palm. &quot.Lay holds the him wEo hath open it. then it is still only patience for further waiting. left I placed my own did so. I If it is thou art he well. perfectly natural. As I little shock passed over my whole body more intense.&quot. brilliancy. and a form shadowed out of the .OF ATLANTIS.. tion to a &quot. Ancient Brother. the fingers straight. palm up.That my he atten said: form of the winged globe. caught Then I felt another hand lying on the back of mine. as well as 77 what followed. whom have expected to meet. Let us see if we may left the open palm of your hand on mine. a like hand upon it. the signet seal of is him who was our It most learned. He held out his left hand. hands he pointed Taking out to the casket in his me several characters and symbols en Calling graved deeply in the stone. If not. an electric thrill.

7$ thin air by OUR STORY my side. We dif three remained together I same relative position. I could distinctly the brightness of another pair of eyes similar to those of my friend in the body. and simultaneously I could see the full. and then. as when one feel sun s rays. regal proportions of a most majestic figure standing beside us. I exactly the same cadence uttered a syllable. who seemed equal in every respect. Prominently out of feels the the shadow. like the soft. At s this instant. had lost all consciousness of in any ference of condition the three present. . a single syllable from able in its my friend lips. in intonation. clear ringing of a silver bell. in beauty and glory for still many in the leagues. indescrib attention. my ears a low. arrested my Without volition of my lower consciousness. musical to Instantly I appeared be up-borne where beneath me all its a vast city lay spread out. At the same moment of time there came ring ing through the air to chant.

Holding record of the past in his hands he said: &quot. When we it was last inclosed in this casket and sealed. still in the body. .For over 29. clearly written in plain but minute char transi acters of what we have supposed was a Egyptian civilization. As the last note rang out into space the casket fully into came once more saw it my consciousness.OF ATLANTIS. and revealed a large roll of the finest papy rus. the third syllable of a all word whose awful powers mystics concede. tion period of My friend reverently raised the scroll from its resting place. thrilled 79 from the lips of our bodyless brother. my brother. this papy rus has not seen the light. am glad to greet thee. three. As he did so a fragrance inimitable and of bewildering effect this upon the senses poured precious from it.000 years. . I open slowly. looked forward to the accomplish of ment ited much that was beyond I the power of lim mortal potency. until the cover turned fully back.

I was not mistaken no power but the presence of the its three would the casket have yielded I shall contents. for to and brother. To-morrow we will begin our work. When in have read it to you it will be left your hands for safe keeping.8o OUR STORY - my companion in thee.&quot. . giving six of the early hours of the day to it.

But I will not anticipate. a full and complete record of The MSS. was all that concerned that wonderful country. owing to the fact of my be I ing a rusty in skill. but as recalled my our speed increased. because they lacked omnipotence to carry out their designs. but submit to my readers the history of Atlantis and . whose daring leaders.CHAPTER VI. the first was slowly little given. like many another seeking in to manifest unusual power. my stenography. on the next morning we commenced rescription. have come con tact witfi impassible limitations and pulled down in their country and involved all irretrievable disaster. our SO it tale of transfer and He translated while I wrote down At in short hand that which he thus gave me.

as have copied it from the notes It begins of that never-to-be-forgotten voyage. (About 29.82 OUR STORY I the story of the secret causes that led to the final overthrow. as follows: &quot. herein write the history of try.I. so soon to become of the Invisible. help I to recurring memory. demand for this under taking. the necessary assistance and guidance from the Brotherhood of both the Invisible and the Visible. Tlana. with an invocation by the Scribe. to it whom has been given strictly in charge so to do.Our now. Scribe of the Mighty Three. in the far come shall need more than bread. my beloved coun This is to be for the instruction and en lightenment of off ages to my people. when they. C. from the gods of Wisdom and Power. and from the Supreme Ruler of is All.) Continent follows the general outline of all the others now in manifestation upon the .000 B. that I may say that which actions best and most instructive concerning the its and conditions of our nation from to beginning &quot.

sufficient when their the Fifth Race men needed a home for unfolding. which extends from this canal. quite up to the foothills of the elevated portion of the country.OF ATLANTIS. From with these mountains. who records is the ONE. diverted through an artificial canal and locks. Among these mountains has been built the Great Temple ded icated to &quot. North and East the country becomes mountain ous. and 3. It is 83 its about 1. the All.. Earth. men It that is we gain any idea of that begin to say. northeast of the central portion of the continent.000 miles broad at at its wid est point. The surface is mostly level. forms the great port of the City of Atlantis. fail to give us any information s of the beginning of is man occupancy here. waters.Our OM. and it only through the power of perception of our wise ning. as a water shed. But to the West.000 miles long longest di consist mension. ing of vast fertile plains. a its river branches drains nearly the whole Its length of the Continent. .

We have one. fertility of our soil is unparalleled any difference of ele where upon the earth.84 they found it OUR STORY here. Our vation above the sea level gives variety to our climate. We have named it Orichalcum.The known world. in the greatest luxuriance and perfection. will grow here also. to We have no need import anything grown out of the ground from other nations. . Their unfolding has been along the lines of the strongest development. We now may therefore simply describe the conditions existing as the outcome of the thought-forces of the most powerful nation of the &quot. and whatever grows otherwhithers on the globe. &quot.Our supplies of minerals from the bosom of the earth are incomparable in their amount and found abundance. We have all metals any also where upon the surface of the earth. of which none has ever been discov ered in any other country. tility It possesses the duc and color of copper and the strength of iron.

that is. Temple like ours.The 85 of to fauna holds every species animal. In short. Never has any Nation or Potentate ever before concen trated so much of wealth .No we hold to-day. public works. tribution. far beyond our needs.OF ATLANTIS. they have it line freely passed on to those who stood in need in of it. &quot. State. No nation has even dreamed of a less built one. Do not consider that I am seeking to belittle . we also possess in vast abundance. all which from here has been carried of the earth. surplus of sup plies of all kinds. as &quot. this This was the center of Whatever knowledge or wisdom on experience has given them. much The the private residences sort. there to parts find a new habitat and either for dis become of use to the children of men labor or pleasure. will truly describe our word but immense. whatever mankind possesses any degree anywhere. of our citizens. even of poorer outshine in beauty of design and suitable ness of material the kings of many other nations.

This protected from attack and the Temple itself is . mountains have springs of hot and cold reservoirs. that which really the fact.The long to connect with the port. nals are connected with the These ca Great Sea by an other canal 300 feet wide and 100 feet deep and six miles &quot. as I &quot. which are built entirely around them.86 OUR STORY I others or to extol ourselves. but as fully am stating is and as candidly as I can. tower bearing upon top. the center of the city are the royal pal &quot. occupies the northeast quarter of the Temple grounds. Great Temple Its lofty is in the northeast part its of the city. with two intervening zones of land. water which act as natural From them the water is conveyed by stone pipes to the public baths and to the private residences of such citizens as choose to avail themselves of the priv ilege under certain conditions.The now write. and these are protected by three immense canals.In aces. the finest observatory ever yet built.

Never there be so many .It is hardly necessary to mention of this that the is population plain and the mountains will many millions. comprising miles.2OO miles.From the mountains the city of cities extends in a circular form southward. &quot.000 square which has been cultivated from time im is memorial. only are these waters used for irrigation.OF ATLANTIS. ex tending through the country i. where receive they both and distribute cargoes of all kinds of products in the interests of commerce. East and West by the mountains. This liberally irrigated from the river and from a canal 600 feet in width and 100 feet deep. &quot. which serve both as a defense and a foundation to hold up the massive structures built upon them. and is in fact one vast garden. galleys are raised and lowered into the grand canal. 87 on the North. Not but through a system of locks at the port. city proper still upwards of 75. Beyond the im is mense area occupied by the another.

strong and vigorous. hurling itself against the embattled rocks. . people gathered in the same place at the same time. nature in no sense retards the increase of population. &quot. &quot.88 OUR STORY and Magi. so say our prophets &quot. As the necessary sup its plies for the maintenance of the body at best. to which has not been weakened yet any great extent there are three or four gen erations of all men upon the earth at the same time.The Atlantian galleys have reached every port and nation under the whole broad heaven.During the day the myriad sounds of voice arise over the and action that docks and the quar is ters of the city devoted to labor like the roar of a tornado on the sea. are in the greatest profusion.Nor must I forget to say that the is volume of our population increased by the fact that life-giving owing to the dominance of the power of the spirit. but would support to the utmost limit the most prolific in crease possible.

The only article of which to the de offers a we fail is in making the supply equal mand a bright yellow metal. barbarians of the Eastern world have never been able to make these things for them selves. we market for all we can possibly offer. axes. But they seek from us the fruits of our soil and our incomparable bronze manufactures. especially in clubs. and when found offer our own products in ex- . for We have no need to ask another nation anything we have not.The and swords. It is eagerly sought for purposes of decoration. knives &quot. and our it traders have discovered that exists it in other parts of the world. and as the material and tempering of our find artizans are very fine. which powerful resistance to the action of the elements. of our The total product own mines is thus appropriated. both of building and persons.OF ATLANTIS. in whose production our artizans have become very expert. They have laid the entire surface of earth 89 under tribute to our commerce. So they seek everywhere.

strained intensity for acquisition has not acquired force enough to injure us line. with It is it has become a measure of value. Thus. not only us. As. in a way. is The desire upon which its gathering by us founded will in the become irrepressible and destructive more physical nations in the years to come. they can hardly be evil. and have considered responsible for any such also true that if It is evil does come upon the race it we to shall be forced to meet in the long ages yet come. will grow into a calamity for the whole race. Thus far. how our nation has done no intentional wrong tried to deal justly. as we are again called to face in new bodies the lives allotted to us. that this peculiar con predicted by our Magi dition.90 change for it. ever. in our development on any . but with all the nations of the earth. through the foul greed of man. OUR STORY When they bring it home they are offered certain immunities and privileges in addition to the market value for it.

&quot. for the of our climate does not compel the con warmth centration of food sought in the use of flesh. which have become landmarks men. These are covered with tropical vege tation bearing all kinds of edible fruits known the to man throughout the whole circle of year.At the North are three high mountain peaks. &quot.OF ATLANTIS. and the to methods by which they could be made useful themselves. is It because to we are not bound circle to the soil in our efforts overcome the of necessity that we real can give so forces much facts time to the study of the of and the universe. permit me to take my future readers to the highest summit of the great peak Alyhlo. interspersed with broad plateaux. In the for all seafaring I way of review of what have written. hill and plain.We 91 are not a nation of flesheasters. and from thence point out the paradise of mountain and valley. Limped streams from the mountain sides water district. a large portion of this vast .

is hamlets and towns. and an exchange of thought. so far-reaching. dwellings.92 &quot. Beyond these can be seen the canal leading to the land-locked sea and the great port with its fleets of arriving and departing galleys from every quarter of the globe. for the whole picture is dotted thick with substantial all. oar. nor any impulsion of elemental all Sur mounting these our Magi have imparted the of secret of etheric impulse born thought. the fairest land that man in all his generations thus far has ever seen. and It is against this.Nor is OUR STORY this all. &quot. so clear its tion fect. and the blue of the and so per as yet undisturbed in vibrations by the shock of either offense or defense. wind nor tide have no power. These galleys move neither by sail nor force. But above the capital as a center of interest. so wide. . that all the other centers in the whole country seem but suburbs.Notice also the varied greens of the vegeta sky.

CHAPTER VII. configuration. we now know Continent Carribean it. In there must have been a striking resemblance to our upper lake country. for the teeming population. The range of mountains to the West and . where now the old Gulf of Across these and the in continent the would blow constant succession fertility trade their winds. the let us do a little comparing with present situation. going forward with the descrip BEFORE as tions of the MSS. there must seas have resulted two im is mense inland Mexico. The location of the in Ancient part the must have covered If Archipelago. the land were so raised as to make the highest peak six miles high. bringing moisture and upon broad wings.

The fertility must have been the re sult not so much of a torrid temperature. Everything possible grew. its because there were no drawbacks to It growth. With explana tion let us return to our manuscript: . that the matter of planting seed and gathering harvest became a matter of this sequence and not of season. as of the absence of cold winds. harvest. tables life-developing_climate. which gave a peculiar. was always seedtime.94 OUR STORY constituted North must have the Continent. it was always Bud. blossom and fruit in all their different stages of maturity could be seen growing partially at once on the same tree. equable. the backbone of whose peaks and islands. table lands now form a chain of On the line of drainage from the inland sea the Amazon must now be located. both for vege and animals. and so wisdom who directed. lemon was then true of So fertile was the great the original condition of the of those soil. What is true to-day all of the orange and fruit-bearing trees.

Great from another. separating the different countries one &quot. is one accepted and welcomed by our people not in any sense feared.The 95 life change of condition from to death . with which we are well its acquainted and fully educated as to possibilities.OF ATLANTIS.The sailors of other nations dare not move out into the vast wastes of waters. the myriad swarms of shipping. because during their long life continued existence the monotony of physical is fully satisfied and the only inducement for ac is cepting prolongation it s the increasing of the spir force and potency. has for many and in years been acknowledged. warehouses lie . in flying the Atlantian flag a It winged globe therefore blue on a yellow ground. &quot. &quot.Our limitless place as carriers for the world. &quot. On all seas every port are the galleys that supply the s world marts. although loaded with the products of the whole earth are ours. along the water s edge. in happens our ample harbor.

forth. But the obedient force as moves back and it is drawing and pushing. whose supplies are used not only for build ing at home. moved by a motive whose secret only our Magi know. taken from quarrries in the Northern Hills. but also for export.The which it is harnessed. all &quot. So fine is the grain and so elegant the polish that the blocks . the result of changes in the for the melting of amount snow on from the mountains or in precipitated crease of amount suddenly vapor. was a thing capital is of but slight importance. But floods were rather of drainage. upon which enormous force.The connected with parts of the kingdom by loads are iron tramways. the heavily ladden wagons. solidly-built walls.96 which is OUR STORY bordered from the sea. built whole city is of a pure white marble. by immense. &quot. for many miles into the interior. bidden by to its controller. These are raised high enough to be above any high-water mark of either flood from the interior or tide from the ocean.

save in the King It is name resentative of the nation. does not constitute a component part. which is the King s palace. center of crossed at regular intervals by forming the radii of the circle. other the is These are avenues. held by our Magi.OF ATLANTIS. the city laid out like a disc. but man has not. man can own anything which his own or some representative thereof. perhaps it will be plain. This stone cannot en dure the extremes of temperature of the North ern climate. but is amply strong for all that may be demanded under an Atlantian sky. in that no labor. and can never . &quot.Broad is fitted against the Northern mountain ranges. it with a segment wanting. 97 are used over and over in rebuilding in the cities of the Mediterranean. There s no owner as the rep ship of land. where foothills of the &quot.From what I have already is said. All articles of handiwork therefore can be claimed by the con tributors thereto. begin at avenues in semi-circle in the the mountains and end mountains.

and when a young man takes to himself a wife.98 attain. OUR STORY ownership in the four great elements of manifestation shall fire. not even in the thickest part of the The buildings are of permanent material. but the land has no more value than the air about it. all that can come from &quot. he has a portion of land assigned him. under conditions which make equable all inequalities of place. air. man builds a house or plants a tree. it. fash- . &quot. water. If he ever attempt disaster If a and degradation will at tend the attempt. earth. lands are parceled out by price.All his labor.The houses are built for convenience and comfort. and he should be protected in his right to enjoy fully. have a like his He who would neighbor s location must. and the improvements only. buy the improvements. or cultives a crop. then the house or tree or harvest belong to him. lot. No crowding al city. is quality or surroundings. Every family owns its own home. with his neigh bor s consent. lowed.

principle is 99 underlying The a central open court.When to free movement of the air. But there are records in the archives of the Temple concerning the planning of the huge its undertaking and the manner of ment. gen pillars.The court is entered by a broad gate. with the living rooms all about it. &quot. ioned to let in the air and light. swing ing easily on its ample fittings.OF ATLANTIS. cools the air and helps modify the vi brations. erally accomplish About two this pool the building stands. This plan is modified in many ways to suit the individualities and needs of the owners. it is the young couple decide to locate the custom to receive from the chief astrologer of the Temple a horoscope definitely naming the . This was so old that its no Atlantian of the present people can give age. In the center a pool with an overflowing fountain to prevent stagnation. The water was supplied by an acque- duct from the mountains. so supported on form no obstruction &quot. as to stories.

At either end of the or rebellion against the herding. but the outcropping of the work which the Ego takes upon itself during the earth lives. &quot.ioo OUR STORY of the number new family to come. selfishness. acceptation of. as regards either his spiritual or his physical nature. &quot. indicates where he stands at any given time. in his own way.The rooms on the first story are larger and . in the For each special one a room was built home. of progress lines. This is allotment prevents crowding. dip into the same bowl of porridge. spiritually unfolded he would prefer to ap propriate and use. to be brutish it If he is inclined matters not if fifty hands eating If with he is his. as is might at the outset appear. that which comes belonging himself. man individualizes in his tend scale. and to the utmost. the soul-building out of the in carnations. ency. to and prepared it especially for This is not.Animals productive all and growth on herd.

where there are always agreeable shadows. we have traded everywhere.OF ATLANTIS. None are blood traffic. family relations are concerned and spent Most of their leisure time is about the fountain in the court. the first. with the blue sky above. products of man s thought from every part of the earth. the richest and the best. mostly used for the offices of living. These goods are made sides principally for export. there are side by side.From earth. for our in dustrious and honorable has made us beyond per- adventure the richest nation that ever existed upon the &quot. Be these furnishings. and carpeted with rugs and mats woven textiles from vegetable and fancifully dyed. No galley of ours has ever been seized by the seas god of the and left lying upon the ocean bottom whether bearing our goods forth or bringing back to us the merchandize of other . The courts are paved in colored patterns with a kind of glass. in 101 which the perfected. stained as the spoils of war.

each an independent as community. should of us itself have been other sufficient to have enriched without means &quot. This the rule of the spiritual and not of the physical. in Although they have been many years and extension. &quot.Thus it is perceived the families are by them is selves.102 lands. the king Their houses and gardens are much dom of that community is as can possibly be con ceived. is The substance used for the road beds our secret. eral plan.But I must not forget city to speak of the streets and roads of the country. every foot has construction been added under the direction of a master mind in conformity to a uniform plan adopted thou sands of years ago. trade. proper and the outlying These are laid out on a certain gen which once established has never been changed. of the whole . they are finished So far as they are extended and lasting. OUR STORY This natural increase by labor and by without loss.

say. public buildings are always large.The more important of these buildings are it is profusely decorated with gold.OF ATLANTIS. and for this . that in Our Magi Medi days to come. styles. world. There is no darkening effluvium in the air nor the climate to obscure the white walls set in the great billows of surrounding green. is pinnacles and minnarets statutes of artistic design The material of which these are built white marble. our beloved city as a beau sea. roomy and of varied surmounted with domes. and ornamented with and workmanship. a nation on the terranean Sea called the Greeks. 103 Our ways are dustless and noiseless. Atlantis can well claim not only the honor of being so created. woman rising from the &quot. will personify in their tiful works of art.The earth. The peculiar composition readily yields traction to bodies moving over them. Never has there been so perfect a system of easy transportation upon the &quot. but of remaining a white city.

of the foci are a At one like number of seats. also are seats. these public buildings are rooms for so cial meetings. of the Great Temple. A description of one will be a description of the general plan of all.In at length by and by. They are elliptical in form. upon which the speaker stands public addresses are made. The Atlantians are extrava gantly fond of the presence of water. a poetical the sun. built of stone and rising one above another.104 OUR STORY is purpose that metal so eagerly bought by the the tears of Atlantian traders. . arranged an amphitheater. this it is name has been adopted by our people. and by most widely called here. when About the fountain sit where the auditors easily and converse one with another. Of the palace of the King. At the other of the foci stands a Tribune. with a foun tain in the center. I will speak more &quot. to discuss public topics and for the convenience of classes studying things that do not belong to the physical plane.

&quot. and one thousand years to learning of the visible in and real. being open to the sunlight and the the Here young Atlantians are educated in the things that belong to the nation. the family and to themselves. It proportions are very near ly correct. the central part of the structure air. eight years to boyhood and training physical things. . to Our fathers had a saying we seek make a rule of living: Eight years to infancy in and play.In 105 like manner are built the training schools of the young.OF ATLANTIS. eight years to young manhood and learning of the world outside of Atlantis.

They are nearly all equally trained by It the master of wisdom. may be asked why they are not all on the same plane of development. as the returning egos claim place in the lives. is This difference lectual increased also by the force of intel to power which comes a nation and of the nation. first. no matter how small. THE The and reply times. is the conclusive answer of all ages Man never has and never will ex ercise his individual potency in exactly the same way. The is little variation. necessity to the individuals of who will seek to occupy the best bodies and positions. Atlantians of either sex are almost perfect in their physical organizations. . of each of the succeeding lives. hardly perceptible at increased by every increment.CHAPTER VIII.

have con stantly held to the equality of the sexes. The action of the climate . both sexes are which painter or sculptor are proud and eager to copy.Because 107 of the absolute equality of the sexes the bodies of the women are just as strong and vigorous as those of the men.OF ATLANTIS. not only in body. but has also bound her aspirations and her mental capacity with steel. physically. This continued thought has belittled and dwarfed her. the barbarian races. This happens because the people of those nations have allowed themselves from generation to genera tion. result The models now is. the Atlantian nation. Each one is is a specimen of beauty. the women are inferior in size and strength. to believe in and as sert the inferiority of women. with in But we know which we have come of contact. bonds stronger than to While loss. that in other nations. on the other hand. &quot. their sor row and have made this sad mistake. in other parts the world. for perfection beauty. and from age to age.

im pediments to spiritual growth and advancement. are far advanced beyond the literary class of the bar barian nations in their perception of the truth and will this their knowledge of nature in the future s laws. when the fatigue and will be almost over monotony of burden bearing whelming &quot.io8 OUR STORY intel and transmitted principles have brought lectual vigor and daring with a marvelous grasp of of perception upon the laws of nature and Their bodies. have schools for the development of the physical and for the directing of the mental habits of thought. The day mourn come when men will knowledge forgotten. instead of being themselves. Those who might be called the common class. doing the necessary labor of the nation. if The design to so train the faculties that desired or needed . are helps indeed to the spirits who seek through them experience.We in its crushing awfulness. In these schools very is little mem is orized knowledge imparted. knowledge and understanding.

These are willing and anxious devote themselves and their powers constantly to obtaining and attaining.It has come to pass in a natural fashion that gravitated these thinkers have toward one an other . of the nations This of which I speak is true who are busy in the affairs of com merce. to misform embryos. nor We have no lame. . halt. blind. deaf dumb. nor beggars as models for maternal pre-natal mind. and those who to IT. of the have sought more and more of the truths which belong to the rest in ONE. the teaching of is The only class distinction we have founded upon knowledge. 109 the cipher of the Astral books could easily be read. or who are builders and decorators of houses and public buildings. &quot.Sickness is unknown. But there are some who from natural impulsion invisible. and thus build monstrosities for the public charge. &quot. that they have kept records of observation.OF ATLANTIS. of agriculture. and youth.

is referred tion. in material. in finishing and furnish ing to make the Great Its Temple worship a perfected in all its sym bol of the ONE. under dis- . that the symbolism of the in is ONE who ALL might be &quot. At first apart for these students and their teachers.In perfect. Later. all were order gathered into the one great Temple.i io OUR STORY mathematics as applied in to the experiment and experience. now known as temples. that they are wiser in speech. on back to the ONE. all manifesta all planes. imagery and suggestion combines every element for the impressiveness of mode and subject. this the mind dwelling on thought has striven in design. astrology. and they are specially wise in the physics which embrace the buildings were set laws of the unseen. in alchemy. the teachings of our Magi. Thus as the single central source of strength and power for everything obtained and obtainable. in un seen. city As the grew each body of students had its build ing.

but because obedient to the will and behest of those singly or unitedly for their services. &quot. any wonder that there has come to us as a na tion a deep-seated veneration for the Omnipotent name and &quot. cussion in Is it upon the minds of the student. less This is doubt due to the fact that our incarnating egos. who It is call also known that this power never will be held except by Atlantian born people. in the control of elemental forces their tasks.It laws. not who obey their will.It is also true that a far greater proportion of our people have attained to the superior light and knowledge than any other nation upon the earth either in the past or present. coming to under confinement. have again and again sought their own people as the most privileged spot in which to make advancement during the . is also a fact that our Magi are in posses sion of most wonderful powers.OF ATLANTIS. regardless of the chang ing conditions of the globe. having the right of choice.

&quot. and the newness of the body does not ways act as a defense or shield It is from is its imperi ous blaze. is for the brightness of the last life heavy on al them. not in each. but a matter of ordinary. .ii2 lives. detailed development.When OUR STORY these advanced egoes have found their bodies we have the spectacle of children born old.

WE dition tution. no man s children. sometime during the position or period of they earth-life. or preference It is the whole country and city.CHAPTER IX. no man s wife. suffer from deprivation of the necessities of physical is life. Even who are the least advanced understand from our teaching the true idea of Brotherhood. He who has more than enough trust for held to be always the steward in him who temporarily But this does has less than enough. is have but one basic law throughout called the golden rule. under the law. of another before self. not relieve from the ne- . We have no evils aris ing out of the action of selfishness. for this con the primary result of the fear of desti either for ourselves or others. that no man. can.

it is most likely they will be able to retain only the form. his duty to educate them and to see that they are duly provided for. at whatever employment they are best &quot. fitted. the quarrying of the stones. The whole nation is linked together by the in master of the families. groups and under instruction and direction from those who are most competent to teach. spiritual and will lose the power which is the foundation and po tent principle.OUR STORY cessity for labor.In the building of our houses. These . under the direc tion of a master. out of the Astral store house. It is who is in charge of a section. the transportation and the fitting is all done by elemental force. by the power given into his hands. of every individual in the direct ratio of their ability. these are classes. but because of their situation on the physical plane. The form of government has already been copied from us by a powerful nation in the Northern part of Asia.

must be apparent. the Five and the Three. as they were en gendered by the currents of potency issuing from themselves and returning upon their cycle bore with thenij whatever had been impressed upon. whom this MSS. Moreover. may come. ing to Everything pertain organized effort originates with. and their application to greatest tians. upon them of as directors and arbiters. and is . So. the responsibility Karmic conditions rested. mightiest of tellects. man s earth-life are matters of the to interest and importance the Atlan- There is no temporal power. These Magi of the Temple Ancient. that the power of the Unseen. save as a symbol of the Manifested. or mingled with them during their revolvment among &quot. are under the instruction of the Most the Seven. in the hands of the Three.It those to whom the currents to were sent.OF ATLANTIS. teachers are grouped under the masters or 115 Magi of the Temple. rests all human in the destinies. the prosperity and the happiness of the whole nation.

strength and energy of purpose. We that polygamist races always decrease power. the one husband This. in which is such a member. spiritual race. but whole in the highest and best sense. over matter of the spirit at They have specially in charge the study and de velopment of all occult knowledge. The Atlantians are Monogamists of one wife.n6 OUR STORY Great represents the its carried forward by the Priesthood of the Temple. through occult and spiritual not only to make the nation whole. is deemed a crime against the all people.Every house is independent of itself. which dominant power highest and best. to be diseased or crippled in body. experience has demonstrated to be the best condition for the development of have seen in a strong. &quot.In Atlantis. &quot. &quot. Therefore thought. or to be at the head of a family. brought to bear upon physical con forces. all desire and interest are ditions.Those who are particularly gifted with .

and lay aside their bodies at their own volition. We know Atlantis the fairest city on this planet. They All after have no poor.OF ATLANTIS. The nation is happy. offices of Masters or families. thousands of years have the their Magi of the Temple. They have no is inferior class. and tent. Generation we have the gods been growing stronger and more like come down to earth. We is have perfect communication with the outside world and each other. psychic qualities. or 117 have attained whose spirits familiarity with the instrument intrusted to their hands are trained for the Guides. These may or may not have case. necessary labor generation. but in either certain they are persons to whom a number of persons or families look for council.For and guidance. who give whole time to the study of the Unseen. really placed the welfare and best good of the people beyond any other consider ation whatever. advice &quot. we are con . honorable.

To the Northeast of this island Continent is located the Great Temple. a belt of country reaching to the seacoast.CHAPTER X. permit me to quote from words of one who saw what he : so fluently and graphically describes for you &quot. built both for use and symbolism. had also been . This hardened under the action of the sun and atmosphere. To the East. tent. but not on a level with it. of which the Atlantians alone knew the secret. until it was like adamant. the whole surface had been leveled and paved with some soft material. thus far advanced in the descrip HAVING tion of the most wonderful to city ever known the man. On a plateau of many acres in ex where the gradually rising ground began to break into the foothills.

OF ATLANTIS. and thus secured for the Temple Masters Dwellers the privacy needed for the and student Brotherhoods of the Temple. held up immense slabs of stone. but it within the walls of the second story is all ranged for privacy and quiet thought. &quot.Upon this broad expanse of level space. white-walled Tem and areas for facing the South. and the ample assemblage. On ar the first floor there is little or no inclosure. who were seeking &quot. He who . on the n9 smoothed and paved. so that there was no ob struction to the eye. consists of Temple proper two stories. The closed courts and offices. the first one consisting of pillars springing from the rocky foundations of the mountain and sup porting arches.The to know out of the Silence. which in turn. great. stood the ple. until it rested far-off horizon. close enough to the mountains to be buttressed by their mighty arms. the floors of the second story. the cloisters of the Temple faced the mountains of the North.

120 OUR STORY down about feet. and its vast recesses. landmark and light extending hundreds of miles and ever a joy-inspirer for the sea-tossed marin ers of the State. are gardens. looks ninety paved court below. running streams of water.Looking from the plaza in front. These are sacred to the Temple. which are for the teachers. except certain reserved spots close to the Temple. fountains. Nor was this feeling lessened by the cleanliness. groves of trees. into the beautifully looks over the battlements of the upper story. toward the its interior of the ests of Temple. special use of the students and In the northeast section of the Tem a ple building was the great tower and observa rising tory. the con- . the On the East and West of Temple itself. &quot. domesticated animals. 210 feet. fifty feet in diameter. but open to the people under the surveillance of the caretakers. for white fills pillars its high-lifted over-arch ing roof the spectator with awe. and flowers of every hue and fragrance.

The original trap rock was supplemented by a square block of concrete rock. Festivals. on a level with the upper was the chamber of the Forty-five. the its Tower was smooth and unpenetrated on surface from bot tom to top. the Seven. Upon the floor of the Temple resting on a raised dais was the secret chamber of the Holy this. Across and through at High Isis.The great tower was commenced fifteen feet below the surface. In the outer. Above. and still above that the chambers of the Fifteen. &quot. It resembled a solid block. teen. ever into tesquerie.of Holies. and upon this was carried up the superstructure the square of fif to a total height of 225 feet. . chiseled . the Five and the Three. indescribable the grosol During services awful emnity evoked was of a character that modified the whole Atlantian thought and national pur pose.OF ATLANTIC new and the 121 tinuous shifting of huge masses of sunlight and shadow. blazed and flashed the Veil of floor.



out of quarries and set on end, so deft was the

workmanship and

perfect the jointings and

the cloisters anJ







Temple were

apartments for

private study and class instruction.

There were

supplemental apartments, hollowed out of

the neighboring mountains and reached by secret

passages so arranged that whatever should be de
posited in
held, even


as treasuries

would be


buried beneath the surface of the

sea for ages.

the great plaza,





and fountains shaded and beautified clear
naked edge of the vast


to the



a faint portrayal of that which was

really the culmination

and concentration of the



thousands of years of existence and un


our Temples, and more especially

in the

Great Temple, the outer courts were but the sim-

pie separation


from those who have no inspira
and higher.
In the outermost

tion for the inner

court, or court of the people,

were always gath

ered those

who had

thoughts of their own, and

who were

undecided as to what direction they

should take in pursuit of the light slowly
ing upon them.









who have

far perceived,

that they are

willing to obligate themselves to carry out cer
tain purposes, of


full intent they





except that the farther end

lost in

the light of

and the halo of obligation.


this court they


must be


by train

ing and preparation for that which


them, so



natural that they


linger there,

striving to advance,

must do whatever they can

through their

own power





the lesson





their individual concentration.

If the lesson






individual passivity.


exactly as

when one

learning to sing, as a

beginning, the voice

trained to use



culiar function alone.


this solitary


when some

aptitude has been attained and

a facility of use, then they are




massing of singles for a united


follow then, that the outer court of the Broth

erhood cannot but lap over into the inner court
of the



done singly and alone,



solutely necessary for the next step in advance,



to be



unison with another or
as musical students are

others, in the

same way

trained by twos and fours for united efforts of
action and harmony.

question considered in






growth and attainment







the basic principle?


say the sounds are set to a cer

tain key,

and however prolonged the action of the

vibrations, the key


and time will be the same, and

the vibrations are aligned. the students

exactly thus,



to act together

on the

occult planes, the vibrations

which they produce

will not, of course, be alike, but they

must chord


the parts of one vibration fitting and filling in

with the vibrations of another, so there shall be no jangle.

get the best results



always best that



are in the outer court of the Brother

hood should be watchful and careful
brations sent

the vi

from themselves should be

hastened or intensified or even drag through the
thoughtlessness of their



once unity of action
it is

attempted in

this matter,

absolutely necessary to success,

that the key on

which they

start should


the same.


easy to see


intense passions, such

as anger, or

any of




interfere with the vibrations.

would be

126 like a OUR STORY chord out of tune in a stringed instru ment. occult line. in order that during a united effort for concentration the harmony and strength is shall not be marred. &quot. and al lowed those to make he disturbance. points. &quot. where. like the sharping and flatting at the wrong changed.It is the source of all music. whereby the vibrations are the harmony broken and discord be comes perceptible. though the strings do not give out the same sounds. This alignment &quot.It This true of all work on any is not to be supposed when two or more the of the Brothers are concentrating. both for himself and is whom contracting. when one desires to concentrate. on a small scale. is not needful that the most intense feel s ings of one nature should be given rein. still they must be in alignment. exactly . It is also.It is also absolutely necessary that all condi tions in the outer which can cause a disturbance should be held in abeyance.

If vibrations. It does not follow because A does not perform his task exactly as B^does.The law of the Temple then. at plish. alone. all times. that B should set up a dis turbance in the vibration as reflected from A. in company with those who are seeking as the Masters of by united force to accomplish. That would The end each working in sought for can be attained by his own way. same process of each. and one ened. their normal is conditions lay along side by side. then the hast harmony is is destroyed and the ac tion of the impulse in to increase the vibrations the length of their wave force. there fore we must guard against anything that can dis in turb this unity. We must. Destiny. is first. with the same thought. &quot. when meeting for united effort. thus in a measure destroying the co-operation and effect to be produced. second. insist that each . is 127 gone through within the mind be impossible.OF ATLANTIS. have been able to is accom Unity of action most important.

and. consummated commemorated the . as we will take the Great Feast of the New Year. than feast of the any other. them Having done we shall be stronger to continue. &quot. our priesthood have in charge. all All the teaching and training. &quot. as more fully including the whole. of the Temple service. to put this once. Having given this brief summary of the truths. soul s Thus the music from our action will not only affect ourselves. the ceremonies and symbolism of the Temple are founded upon this law as the corner-stone of the religion of our people. shall ans. be ever prepared. let us pass on to a description of some of the ceremonies an illustration.The New and Year. own guardi Knowing that disagreeable things will oc cur. at once. on the 2ist of March. but those about us.128 OUR STORY become their for themselves.Upon this statement of principles has been built the great law of the Temple: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. we must aside.

Sun s 129 days re-birth.Let me attempt to describe at length.OF ATLANTIS. The feast lasts seven days. one of the which took place.About three days before the set date of the feast there could be noticed a little stir of prep aration all over the country.At this celebration it is expected that every either family in the kingdom should be present. &quot. when. for no all pen can truly portray the wonders of that last feasts marvelous assemblage. &quot. ten years before the destruction of the city. The government and people were at that time in their most perfect unity. &quot. out of equal and nights a new Spring and Summer began for the northern hemisphere. It was a quiet . personally or represented by family. some member of the is All the going and coming of the year this planned with privilege in view. and the promise of seed time and harvest was renewed. It is considered a for all the outlying population to be made welcome in the capital at this time.

no tents were al- . movement toward If one had been lifted above. tents were spread the gardens. When in the houses were and filled. there would have been perceived during these three days. moving upon the converging lines. so he could have looked upon the continent as upon a map. and never imparted any Only on the great plateau of the Temple and the areas of the outer courts. As the time grew shorter the extent of these lines close to the city grew shorter and the ways in the city itself and were filled to overflowing. which were some all of linen and some of cotton. in all the parks and places of assembly. long lines of travelers.130 OUR STORY participation. There were but few people in the outlying country who had not some friend or relative in the city proper. and others by every city in method of conveyance. some on foot. but bleached very white by a process known to only to the Atlantians other nationality. Thus there was a new appearance given reflection to the light by its from the tents.

that there might be bly. between whose far horizon and the eyes of the numberless watchers no obstruction intervened.OF ATLANTIS. muffled sound like the pour ing of a swift torrent through a smooth bed. &quot.When the moment approaches for the appear ance of the Ruler of the Day. and as soon as it was light enough to see all the outer courts and the great plateau of the Temple could be perceived. welled out . as the at the first moment of the feast. Their faces were turned toward the East. room 131 lowed. out of the early twilight. the hours of assembly were morning and evening. sweet har mony. On the day of the dawn brightened in the East. crowded with those who had ar rived to take part in the inauguration ceremo nies. sounding in rythmic change. &quot. and meridian height. there could be heard throughout the whole city a low. a low.As for the greater assem the ceremonies were in commemoration of the new-born sun. for that space was necessarily kept clear.

the vast mul titude seemed sway. so raised as to be seen by all the vast multitude. the invo trumpets accompany cation finished. in silent adoration. The hours are spent in social con- . tude. As his first beams fall upon the countless multi their knees. under the psychic spell of this invocation to the Sun . the orb of day. all power. with tropical suddenness springs from his bed beneath the sea. a blast of ing the final note. to one who returns to his work and pur The is minutes move quickly on. As the sounds of the chant gradually swelled by the voices of the worshippers. they drop upon With bowed heads. restful time upon the and far-reach ing tones. all praise to that which stands to life. Then they separate. this symbol of wel come pose. the ever sleepless eye of the One. from the great Temple choir. in became more intense all power and heavier to in volume. them as the manifested source of of health.132 OUR STORY air in slow. who were gathered in one of the porches of the Temple. of strength. they ascribe all glory.

all the streets and byways. and for a few moments receives the concentrated thought of all the faithful throughout the city. evening there is a convocation at the Tem one in The ceremonies of the morning are re is peated. &quot. behold turned towards the Temple. the multiude facing the West stead of the East. is now perceived.As Sun approaches all the meridian. verse. face At the moment of meridian altitude. above the highest its pinnacle. shoots up. the &quot. the housetops. a crystal ball. as the re minder of the good messenger of the One. in all places his where there may be a worshipper. . and the hushing sounds of stringed instruments attend his exit from the Western horizon.OF ATLANTIS. with the exception that the song of farewell .These ceremonies are continued for six days. the heighth of whose glory in the ple. Again. almost as dazzling in brilliancy as the sun itself. or the it is 133 and quiet until abandonment of rest high noon.

eager to be fed.134 OUR STORY There are various other ceremonies which take up the time of portions of the Convocation. between these assemblies of the whole. Each of the sciences having its appropriate place and each being developed by those who are allied in the great Brotherhood of the Temple. continually something taking place in the always having its moving force at the Temple. once the courts of the Temple were thronged. There are also lines of Temple services. all after the waning of the sixth day. work and study. a convening of the tures Temple guides or guards. lec so and talks from those who were well qualified to give forth from full fountains to the inner souls. The moving of a procession through the streets. away as the The hum ness of conversation dies dark grows more and more intense. This em It braced the whole people in is its ramifications. But as the evening draws on more. But during these six days there was city. . all not necessary to describe these in their minutiae.

&quot. for the Atlanespecially celebrated for being sweet tians were singers. the was perfectly indescribable. As the sound vibrates falling fect swelling cadence. Then his peroration was after this fashion: &quot. rising and ef amongst the echoing mountains. and there discoursed of the things which concerned them most intimately physical life. of whatever they stood in the in most life need. rythm and time. upon them. When the singing was finished the chief instructor of the people stood upon a Tribune high raised. It song from all the music of the Convocation. the sign and repre sentative of all good. and . In this in all the people join.The darkness is death and desolation. in key. of health. how the Sun was to them and and plenty and peace. hitherto.OF ATLANTIS. 13$ when it shall have become quite dark. Then he which and directed their at sat so uneasily tention to the darkness. enforcing rest inability to work.Now. the exercises with the differs the Temple Choir opens of invocation.

It stood forth one blaze of white marble elec is glory. outside. he said this : be. for there tricity was only one thing about the Atlantians do not know. in the burning or destroying of any living thing. but this the most important. the Existent saw. in its inmost and supreme integ rity of existence. and we ought all to teach him the oppo So our ceremonies lacked the hideous horror. inside. There are no sacrifices. that will be sure to shadow of agony and . light. &quot.There are other ceremonies of minor impor is tance. even on the highest points. that the point where knowledge lays hold with potency upon the One. in the beginning. for they say man is naturally de structive site. At word millions of lights gleamed out all over the Temple. and there was. no vic shedding of the blood of animal or tims. pertaining to the night. human it is The Atlantians do not believe neces sary to teach destruction or destructive action by such sacrifice.136 OUR STORY when Let there thus.

and cementing them into a common Brotherhood. come if 137 man forgets our teachings. . In the next chapter I will describe as well as I may. the last great day of the Feast. But the great object lessons served well their purpose in ele vating the whole people to the same level.OF ATLANTIS.

In the olden days. That was our Whatever there intellectual status. I glory. was in the earth itself worth having or knowing . when step by step we had painfully and laboriously climbed the mountain heights into the broad blaze of the everlasting truth. but lest there with circumspection. concerns the Atlantian nation there when was in for it seemingly prosperity nothing or knowl beyond. to the unob ligated.CHAPTER XL of which I am now to speak THAT more edge. am warned of the Unseen not to write unguardedly. come power for mischief. the world lay at our and physical feet. &quot.

as the generations to physical conditions come will be. the Cause of &quot.Furthermore. It will be because.OF ATLANTIS. There is but one God. None who can hope exist by the thought of the Infinite One to explain that which is of itself the Existent. by which will grow thicker and heavier all along the pathway of the unrolling centuries.In all results manifested or unmanifested. were not as intense as at the But in the latter days they who are instructed are taught by thought transference. existence. we coming into life are not clouded. having dominated whatsoever there may be of physical workings. haps the vibrations present.The education of the young is not along the . the first part of the development of the all Atlantian nation communication was carried Per- on by outer sense vibration. was in 139 our possession as the birthright of ages and ages of previous &quot. that we shall be cut off. even as now. we shall have sought also to master that which belongs only to the spiritual realm. None created can sit in the seat of the uncreated. &quot.

In the days to come the professor of mathe matics will state an axiom or a proposition. In manifestation we simply see an exemplification of that which occurred on the spiritual plane. Nor is it only the It does unfolding of partially physical senses.140 line of simple OUR STORY memorizing. If . ditions We do not hope that out of bodily con we can bring any help to the spiritual. will demonstrate in manifestation the impression he seeks to make. and upon it. rising to highest source within point. &quot. of the secret workings of the force beyond. ap pealing to the sense of sight. to For we know whatever belongs and the lies along the line of the physical. and then going to the blackboard.This is one of our axiomatic doctrines. not appeal to material sense for the building of the soul. the physical in most perfect form begets weakness and death. this How can there be anything beyond but weakness and death? &quot. itself can rise no higher than that its More than that.

The unmanifested the cause of everything manifested. there will tain.Do not confound that which is unmanifested. out of the separation of the conditions. &quot. So we do not in these days linger over demonstra tions. he is 141 a chemist he will bring before his hearers certain elements. and out of the unions of these elements. truth. is But is that try which then takes place ing to prove. is with the manifested. cer perhaps. or in any way try to prove by simple mani festation the existence of the invisible and un manifested. exists because the The is manifested its unmanifested primal cause. reaching down through all the ages. startling conditions. grow up or manifest themselves.OF ATLANTIS. He will simply be trying to prove that to be true which he has learned from the physical side. &quot.But the first course of training our students . it is not the truth he simply a demonstration of the Nor is the professor of mathematics try ing to show you the truth.

what you will. has and who. by standing before the . on the is physical plane. intrusted the It is only to these old souls are will stir every It is. the power by which they could is receive of the force outside of themselves. to bring it is them up into a healthful condition. to us has come in these latter this who have the pleasure of perusing manuscript. is OUR STORY a line of strengthening for their men If there are those who are so physically constituted that the machinery of their thought. is really a glimpse gotten hold of. works that of them. in any way unfit or incompetent. by one who was clear-sighted idea. The knowledge which days.the science of spir science of truth mental science call it science of knowing&quot. they are of those first treated by the thought who are about them. in the development of the manifested the bravery of the old soul.&quot. variously itual conditions named &quot. Really the condition simply one of harmony. man s heart that hears however.142 receive tality. as termed.

the unfolding along spiritual lines and can be accomplished. . Old Those who united the race best for the purpose of increasing first. they have done for it them the selves a service matters darkness not whether inclose clouds and thick may them afterwards. which is the germ-cell of a most wonderful invisible knowledge. But I must not forget to state that the privilege of giving out these truths. until that truth is recognized. If these stand in their places to-day and de clare their personal knowledge to be truth. so that they can be understood belongs to the Atlantian-born. world and demonstrating for years and that 143 years. Thus mated. mated themselves according to the knowledge belonging to it the astrologers of rarely happened as those days.OF ATLANTIS. as So what we know an occasional matter of healing after a miraculous fashion of every-day occurrence with the was a thing Atlantians. That r portion of the truth which they have put forth w ill stand forever and forever.

scarce half-made was the any one born of woman.144 OUR STORY &quot. was treated on the mental plane. .Deformed. sent before unfin my time into up. this breathing fate of world. this When it any unripeness of successfully kind appeared. one of our poets hath sung: ished.&quot.

as has been said to you. The Wise Ones did not undertake to talk to the outer physical senses am talking to you to-day. and this whole nation. students came together in classes. so largely Atlantian. Suppose. but with more intensity and a broader wave action on the plane of intellect. to be come into the full pos Not only could the subject intended taught be fully and completely received.CHAPTER XII. but through thought-transference. which some day. or THE as I small assemblies to hear and the learn of Wise Ones. will session of. that more vigorous and per meating condition. some of you will perceive and know. than you now receive. . in this day.

sound or other sensed vibra tion. and must. a demonstration of the vibrations of color. &quot. desirous to Whoever was know of all truth. attend the in ner vision how much time it would save. particularly bright.146 while OUR STORY we listened delightedly. when you have brains the formulate within your own words symbolyzing the vibrations which I poorly convey to you.Sit and I say you : still for a moment. and which no two exactly alike. as a professor. it were possible to give to a class of students. force of thought directed by my own mentality make visible to you the quiet. that lies just beyond. and you to as a class. whose eyes turning to the . the peace. If I.&quot. turn inward your then I could by the consciousness and perceive. the har mony that always does. how it. sit still by asking them to a few moments. sit listening eagerly. much better you would remember to than now. of you can conceive or perceive This was our liant intellectually exceptional and bril mental training.

14? above our white tower. great. the thought taught and the most intense dictum of those in who the Temple.&quot. Oh. that you of ten. would only recall and practice the Eleventh. perfect harmony. there came the obligation for fulfilling even as the obliga tions come to-day. tice all the commandments &quot. this latter day had never forgot in you who have remembered and put of the prac ten.A new commandment one another. Seek ye the knowledge and potency of the .dreadful concerning the physical. that ye love was the inspiration. There must be perfect unity. That which a master of the later day said : &quot.&quot. were always sure this have the op portunity. wished within themselves day within its that some of shadow they might learn more to these things.OF ATLANTIS. perfect love for one another. give I unto you. Then all that could be needed in the visible life first would come. When eventful time came and also the gateway was opened wide. lifting itself aloft Temple.

hold embodied tal principles as established truths. contained in the great treasury of the waters. to expend the time necessary. foundamental not so difficult to is make gold difficult as might be considered. Our records in stone.148 OUR STORY in Unseen the realm of Truth and all else. sooner or later. Those willing to ad the vance. will come into knowledge. grew easier with the added knowl edge. It not so to do various other things which have come to our knowledge. which seemed so cult at its first contemplation. Every step you have diffi climbed along the way. would give years of their own know. lies along the contemplation of a principles.&quot. It is few simple. fundamen which many earnest souls groping in search along the higher lines to lives to discover. to sacrifices make and take upon themselves the obliga- . there will come to you knowledge of The knowl It edge of the physical cannot be so very much. after it has been accomplished. Some of these.

are world-wide didates for can knowing and understanding. the They will certainly advance beyond gates into the great mysteries. you of this Oh. tion 149 all which must rest upon the consciences of who are admitted to participation in the truths in the scope of their action. Some days. the is perception that looks out of the eyes the same perception that looked out of the body or dress you wore then. thousands of years ago. cal is how the enwrapping into the physi only a manifestation for the processes of ac- . is But the spirit that lies behind each one of you the same. three-fold That which belonged to the Atlantians as a nation intellectually and morally of all knowledge. This concerns the One alone. I of you whom I knew as men in the olden now perceive as women. if day and generation could only un derstand and perceive the treachery of the physi cal embrace. except that was the control to which belonged the origin and power of life.OF ATLANTIS.

object of the takes that. and ter all accepts that. is nothing! The soul of the Ego is . OUR STORY If the experiences can it come only If the through the body of a man. coming back into the lives can only be accomplished through the body of a it woman. The body everything.150 complishment. with its modicum of joy rible burdens of pain and mad agony on planes.

first in This was the primary knowledge. amid the rocks and mountains. save through it some particular experience. within From age to age.CHAPTER XIII. as a manifestation of the processes of accomplish If the ego its coming back into the lives can not accomplish own unfolding. from generation to generation. indivisible and always the same. of the physical which enwraps us. is all is a part of the Di one with the One a part of the Divine Existence. taught the forests. That which overshadows vine Existence. is adapted to the need of the Ego holding it. ticular experience. all. in the and afterwards Great Temple builded into these mountains. is that which stands behind ever the same. It must be remembered that . if it is compasses that par its possibilities. was a doctrine of the Atlantians that the IT body ment.

When cause of retard. for the lightening of the toil of the physical. is and there nothing to In no sense there anything for regret are no tears. because they are made up toil in of the groans and moans of those who the physical body to accomplish. you in this day and generation have some what recovered.OUR STORY very much of the work done in the Temple was accomplished by the control of the elements or elemental forces. This. which the Brotherhood under stood and exercised even in those far off days. And so. you chain some portion limitation of it. But instead of saying to the force universal. its it builds is be forcefulness. elemental force builds. tirelessly day and night. There . and bring it under of form. there are no or reparation. toiling These limitations act for you. there does not come out of the surrounding conditions and vibrations the reacting powers and forces which generally tend to the physical retarding of any great building or other work of importance. do this.

and a huge plaza was thus cleared from east to the rising west. first might appear. It is set in motion and in the rected by the force which originates po tency of man the created. each low in the heavens could . the rocks were cut down to a level. blood marks anywhere throughout the 153 whole di work. It is clean. but that it was in not so. down beneath the ordinary level of to They seem have been buttressed up. it earth apparently from the very center of the self. But any event they were strong piled enough to hold tons it upon tons of up rock in whatever shape So. Also.OF ATLANTIS. in such a fashion that both and the setting sun could be seen from any part there of. These rocks reached far the soil. appeared by the future events. who thus becomes a connecting link with the potency of the manifested as the Universe. the North Star and the Southern be seen Cross. One who In the northeastern part of the Continent was a group of rocky mountains.

This Convocation was always at the time of the Ver nal Equinox when renewed impetus comes both and the animal. and the yearly ceremonies when to the all the people went up Temple to receive guid ance and instruction for the coming year. view was unobstructed from horizon so far as the power of the eye could penetrate. to the vegetable Thus the mountains partly cut down.154 OUR STORY The human to horizon. they are only harmonious. by anyone standing upon the Plaza. This great plaza was necessary for the Con vocations. to meet the is. in its This plaza was ample enough to hold fines every single con member of the Atlantian nation acres in extent. at It one is time. necessities Temple Colony. left space also for the facade which was tunneled from the into for the interior of the building front. and to this excavation additional structures were added from time of the to time. It was many wonderful if how many people can stand on one acre. That wings were .

There. kept constant ward and watch. after having passed triumphantly through the intrica cies. proceeded Out of this tower. Light. they who were wise. and who were considered best. streamed forth . Strength and Force. at times of Convocation. as I already rock. which ple Staff. upon this top was been located the tallest observatory that has ever known in the world. on the foundations of reaching far down into the earth. with re gard to the symmetry of the whole. have solid At the northeast corner. mentioned. the education and unfolding of the lower de grees. and from the Holy of Holies at the bottom of the tower. built. was builded tower s story after story a tower. the wall of the closing the Temple Great Hall of Convocation. and the Temple proper. forth in over the great area.OF ATLANTIS. The rooms and colonnades all yielded to the unification of the whole. 155 all and additional stories added. was the education of the Tem and through them of the whole people. at its lower part.

nicely cut in The stones. as I have said. But let us turn to a fuller description of the tower. growing a up.156 OUR STORY power of the Three. Fifteen and Forty-five. its large at base. as transparent as water itself.This way and then widening again. it It was of glass. that.The tower was 22^ feet in diameter at the highest point of the coping. model from nature. &quot. was considered the strongest form. It was built of hewn stone in the shape of the trunk of a tree. were found and laid in a peculiar cement. half &quot. the southern part of the Continent. which So once hardened was as firm as the rock the tower bore itself aloft. Seven. were one solid Over the top. if it itself. little smaller in di ameter. at the distance of ten feet from the floor at the coping was a spherical dome. and more than was made of a single piece. as stone. Through ies this all the motions of the heavenly bod could be seen and minuted from convenient . as the result of the united Five.

Superior Wisdom. At one edge lar disc that there was set in the wall a circu was movable at the time of the en trance or departure. on the of of this Temple. in is chamber The floor of the hall was of mosaic. in the 157 below. wrought he figures. a carpet of heavy it woven so closely that was almost im it. but that was the symbol of the highest person of the &quot.&quot. one of whom was &quot.&quot. this floor so tasselated was spread to protect linen.OF ATLANTIS.holy of holies&quot. who wise may read in this a history of the founding its of the temple. points of observation. pervious to impressions from without upon The usual wear and tear of things earthly. date. One was the Superior Wisdom and Over it the other the In ferior Wisdom. in the great of Convocation. in attendance holies. from injury. There Hall was another &quot. and when it shall reappear.holy constantly on duty. for him spring. who knew to the the secret This was known only Three. did . its object and the pur poses to which it was dedicated.

In their invocations. whose centers were each equally center of the great circle. distant from the Through these were drawn the intersecting equilateral triangles and the six-pointed star. while sential should be must guard his own it par es from the center was wafted into space. Upon the upper surface of this was drawn a circle of the whole per circumference of the chamber. in which burned Eternal Fire. was placed a one for each circle of the Three. the potency of each ticular circle. when they were reaching out to conquer in the invisible. effort.OUR STORY not affect tightly it in the least. scribed circles In the center of these in seat. This was stretched upon the whole floor. the potency . it new territory was absolutely necessary that in the potency of the Three should be embodied Co-ordinate with this the outer circle. iphery were joined Within this drawn other three other circles. In the center of the great was a the tripod holding a censor. at which and each their circumferences.

for in the perception of the Divine Birth right. but to all the remainder of this planet. for they had risen step by step from the knowledge of earthly things and to a point their en vironments all where they could perceive to that could or would happen. which conjoined to their was the cause of their overthrow. This perception finally engendered pride knowledge. They had furnishings also attained the point where other were not necessary for their assist ance.OF ATLANTIS. not only At lantis. which could call 159 all and conquer. so demanded and so per ceived. . These were These vigils used upon especial occasions. and so acted. of station. they declared themselves one with the All Potency. These three were wise men. were nightly and daily and the record of their observa tions were carefully kept.

Between each of . each stone fitted of which into all the others. The arch of the lower chamber five rested upon or sprang from pillars in the walls of the circular chamber. considering the remaining secret Chambers IN lence let us remember that all knowledge comes the si from the home of the Great Gods where everything is. From the highest con the cavity of the lower ceiling to the floor of upper chamber was three and eight-tenths feet of solid masonry. that is. The arch of the lower chamber was like the arch of the upper chamber. Between the Five. even as one is piece of solid rock rock. station of the Three and the was a heavy floor of masonry.CHAPTER XIV. fitted into its surrounding it Had it all been one piece could not have been more lasting nor more compact.

who under training did not mani fest this power of perception. one was black and one was white.OF ATLANTIS. Between the two white ones was a band of burnished gold. at a seen. them could be all the pages of an open book. When the love of . these a single piece of marble to the highest possible point. whose wondrous mas terpieces are the marvel and glory of the present time. things that were happening. 161 set. but to know the cipher they must be able eligible to perceive. as in were turned towards the and in slight angle. s as only that metal can respond to the artizan ble mirrors hand. one was black. had happened or were about to hap pen. these had become reflectors of the Astral Books. was covered again in Etruria. the art of pre re paring which. These mar earth. after being lost for ages. It glittered and shone. and no person could be in to membership the Five. was polished One was white. Whoever knew the cipher could read. by the art of the Wise Ones. That is to say. one was white.

1 62


learning and the desire for understanding had

given him the

rudiments of the cipher, he

was transferred





in a vision,

he was allowed to give proof whether he could



If he failed he



whence he came
peared the gift

for further training,



If not, then only that

which had happened


him was

his as if

he had

not necessary for


to say that the Five

were rapid and accurate readers
their wills sought to




That which was That

good was perceived

in the

white mirrors.

which was


or obstructive


seen in the

black mirrors.

So long as Atlantis was
glory, so long

power and




ber maintained as

have described

But dur

ing the last twenty-five years of the existence
of the


in the city, the

odd mirror

in the

white had clouded over in a singular


growing darker and darker, until the final de-



and to-day, under the waters there are

three black and

two white mirrors; but when

the hour of redemption shall have struck,
stain will be

wiped away from the white.


more there

will be three white

and two black mir

In the records of the past, written on the

floor of the

upper chamber, there was





the three are all black, swift de




Temple and



This had been well known by those whose
bition should


have led to




and although they wondered

at the


tinuous change for the worse,

clouded had

minds become by

their selfish ambitions that

no notice was taken of the dreadful warning.

Although the chamber was




were neither windows nor doors,


means of ventilation by which fresh
veyed into and out of

was con

apparent tomb.


means of entrance were the same

as those of the



Although no aperture communi

upper chamber.

cated with the sunlight, yet apparently the light

from the great dome overhead, passed through
the solid masonry, as though




ever could be seen by the light


chamber, with




of crystal,

could just as easily be seen in the chamber of the


the floor of this



was an



mosaic record of the nation, and of

the occult happenings to the same.



was a carpet
and a

of the

same material

as that above,
feet in

twenty-two and eight-tenths



was drawn a pentagon,

and eight-tenths

on a



the center of each side of the pentagon


point of contact with the circle, a semi-circle



In the center of the circle was a smaller


the semi-circles,



eight-tenths feet in diameter.


these semi


each other were four figures



the point


to the focus


the point farthest from the center,


the station of

him who




when you draw
the sustaining

these lines
of each





bounded by the
All were lim

great circle of the environment.

supported and sustained.

In the inner, the

smaller circle representing with the center,


of the

One was

reached and held by the

semi-circle of each,

and each was supported

turn by that of his brother, next to him, on the

and by



power, until the whole



was completed.
triangle has


become the pentagon
relations of those

and the symbol of the intimate


are brothers


carried out fully and



All the civilization the world boasts to
the result of the vibrations set in motion



within this noted tower of the Atlantians.

Between the

divisions of the

Three and


Five were three feet of solid masonry.



was arched


the heavens seem to be arched,

and of . it sometimes sonorous and turbulent. because the quicksilver could not be retained in place nor form. It would give much to be able to was polished say. tin. On the its base. : One one of gold. one of one of copper and one of platinum. was engraved the proportions of the alloy used in this great con cavity. to the highest degree of finish. and gold and copper. one of one of lead. for reflect did not anything within the chamber.1 66 this OUR STORY arch was lined with an alloy of silver. by seven pilasters silver. It all was a those reflector of the nation s sounds. and the platinum plate of platinum at was its opposite. and harmonious. it but strange to did not reflect a single thing It taking place in the chamber. in its place was supported of orichalcum. There were always sounds emanating from Sometimes they were sweet it. an alloy which the citizens of the world to-day imitate. This was used instead of quicksilver.

that in one chamber attention was in the called to the working of the One Heavens. with with 167 whom all they had dealings. was per light which knows and recognizes light no obstruction. and it had the same peculiarity . and above everything else their supreme concern. it It was in touch fact the planets. The was of equal volume. because the same vibrations So you see that make sound produce color also.OF ATLANTIS. and of the Seven. and first whom who should have been their care always. which lighted the up quality and quantity as that permost chamber. Thus in each grade. ap proaching nearer and nearer to those to they ministered. in the chamber we are now about to de scribe. and in the next chamber could be perceived the operations of man s thought on the Astral plane. and was a curious it that in reflecting the sounds also reflected the colors of the sounds. the study in its was of the manifesting of thought first potency. This chamber meated by the also. like the others.

too. or to each alternately. was center were drawn thus making each side of the heptagon the base of a triangle of which the two radii were the other two sides. was spread. as in the other chambers. Upon this floor also was written in mosaic. circle of circle Upon this carpet was a this twenty-one feet in diameter. without having any visible source. as in the other chambers. the carpet. to the radii.168 of penetrating OUR STORY and giving distinct view. and progress of the nation and the Over this. In operat ing they might look to the center or the circum ference. Within described a heptagon. the utmost There is still one more chamber of potent ef- . But whatever harmony was done was always with and unity of potency. The center of these circles was the station of one of the Seven. a continuance of the history city. Within each of these triangles was inscribed a circle. touching each of the sides. It per vaded the whole chamber.

sides. one each. Within it was a square room with the sides facing each of the points of the compass. of occult The thickness of the separating masonry was seven feet. Circular windows. This may seem impossible. The wisest might read standing. was still a . The Chamber of the was more that of a school of training than a laboratory force. the north. the south was yellow. And upon these was a lesson which all contained absolutely. In the center it presented a square rising above the roof of the Temple. from beginning to end. 169 that is the Chamber forty-five of the fifteen.OF ATLANTIS. pierced the walls of the four The one on the east was red. tiles The floor was and the were of a material which generations of wear could not destroy. fort. white.mystery and foolishness. but it is true never- . the knowledge that man would ever need or could expect to attain upon the earth. the one on the west was blue. if it partially. and laid in tiles. To those lacking under it they could decipher.

In the hours of rest was necessary. floor ceiling without visible sup swaying gently with the movements of the it. find the will not be such a difficult task to to the source way and origin of all that It is mystifies and perplexes him on the earth. In the hours of day. OUR STORY when man it learns that all rays come from the One. baffles his own inquiries. foci The roof was also square. because he believes there are many. this Chamber. from which it emanated. thought currents about In the other focus serpents. in a semi-elipse were fifteen seven on each side of the keystone of the arch. light from the outer per meated the room. The to crystal globe hung mid way from port. In one of the light always was a crystal globe. held in mouths a censer which burned . that he diffuses his power and In seats.170 theless. of this semi-elipse three brazen sup ported on their aloft in their tails and rearing upwards. and that the shadows and changing illusions are of the es sence and quality of the real.

were selected for admisssion under obliga If they tion for further training and practice. There this w as r always more or of trial. and They came and went amongst were considered the as persons of authority amongst little Temple Dwellers. less change these going on in chamber From Fifteen. to Nor were they allowed know of the powers beyond them. incense and per invisible hands. 171 During the time of sessions. those ance. after training in the school of the forty-five and wait ing. kept their obligation they then might sometime hope for promotion. who was their appointed leader and guide. culled from the whole nation. the perpetual fire.OF ATLANTIS. They were but re- . except they occupied the chair of the Elder Brother. Five and Three. the people. It was who were fitted. came the Seven. fumes fed by fects to those brought peculiar ef waiting for instruction and guid here. If they did not keep their obligation then they fell back.

Beneath the five floor of the chamber of of the Fortyof the was hewn out the &quot.2 OUR STORY the forces lying below them. whose met the solid rock. could be made manifest to the people at the stated times and seasons.Holy Holies&quot. The chamber by twenty-five feet thick. seemingly uplifted for the very purpose of this support. of the Forty-five feet. was twenty-five and the walls were twelve this wall. the buttressed foundation of the world. Great Hall of Convocation. This was the ultimate out come of all this interlinking of organization. which moved from they utterly and entirely controlled for the pur pose of massing and using them for concentrated power. the students of this degree met. so that the mysteries intended and desired to be communicated. with .i. The chamber was so arranged. This chamber rested upon the massive walls of the Forty-five by a ponderous spherical edges arch. Within impervious to sound or impression from without.

was pro pounded There was no lack of under standing from crudeness or from any disarrange ment peace. . highest point of perception. enchantedly to that which to them. They who were sitting. its 173 of finest lofty.OF ATLANTIS. sometimes for a shorter time. arched roof and solid floor all woods brought from quarters of the earth. that the conditions of pure air were fully met. sometimes for days that listened seemed but hours. of the physical conditions of harmony and to be at the which all men must have.

com thus ing in touch more readily with the invisible .CHAPTER XV. The rows of seats were raised one behind the other. eleven in each row. another seat. empty always to personal sense. on which sat the Elder Brother. to those filled who could see on the psychic plane was by an Elder Brother from the Invisible. and this. to receive either whatever might be given or by his . from his own knowledge. as an influencer of the Elder Brother of the visible. arranged eliptically. facing a raised dais. during the hours of instruction. who sat upon them in the order of There was always close to the seat of the Elder Brother. sitting. as a mentor and guide. the Forty-five were arranged THUS in four rows of seats. and thus gave perfect and unobstructed liberty of sight and perception to the Brothers their ages.



receiving out of the realms of the Invisible that

which was needed

for instruction

on any and


of the mortal-touched planes.




was arranged

in the thick

led to the

chamber of the


and a sliding door, opening
of those

to the lightest


who knew,

admitted into the chamber.

This chamber was


and floored



and bottom, with wood they obtained from the
country, to be


in the later days as It

of a

America, but then a large island.


peculiar hardness, dark red in color, and suscep
tible of the



and lasting




so well


together that


They who were

the builders con

trolled the elemental force,

which was able




in the finest

manner, whatever


set to do.

So when the door was closed,


appeared as

they were in a shell from which

was no

possible escape.

There was no dan

ger from any outer accident, except possibly an



many hundred


to as

earthquake had occurred.

For many years

come none was predicted by even the wisest
trologers of the


The doorway by which

they entered was in the open end of the oval upon

which the


were placed.

Within the whole

chamber, at distances far enough to protect the
sight of those

who were



from any bewilderment by the


points of

emanating brilliancy were placed.
points of light


were composed


hundreds of


in the days to

come, will give several years
to find

of their lives to

know, and never be able

Before these facts shall have again come into
the possession of men, there will have been those



have come to the place where their

hands have

almost upon the thing they crave

and so covet.



held as


were by


could be perfectly

tionary for any length of time, or they could be

as there



necessity for concentrating or

diffusing that

which they gave


times, in full

view of the whole number,
as a reflector of

would come up something acting

thought action and picturing either the Past or
the Future.

This great transparent blackboard,
you may understand just what
itself in place,

so to speak, so


trying to say, held

or seemed

to dissolve

under the will of those

who were


and while one could

see to

was an impermeable



no thick bar of brass could





was nothing

that appealed to the sense of sight, there



such force that


served as an obstruction,





this clear sheet, of size

large enough to


whole twenty-five




might be necessary, for the accom

modation of whatever was thrown upon
of the mental conditions of those



taught un

der the law set up by those


in the highest


of the


Temple, watched and waited

through the Centuries.

the times of in

struction, the Elder Brother detailed whatsoever

should come to him out of his


mentality, or

should be given him out of the records of the
Past, or out of that

which should be the


of sequence, in the Future.


the same time he

demonstrated upon


invisible screen,

as he described, both as to

what had already oc

curred, or might take place.

Did he

desire to

unfold a line of sequence, then as he talked of
the sequence in a particular way, the

whole com

pany would

see that all the sequences



that everything

moved forward on

the line of the


Creative Thought, in perfect harmony for

accomplishment of

events in



things that seemed to happen

were due


the perception of the investigator, and to the non-

manifestation at the same time of the peculiari

appearing in the individual through which

cognizance was made.

S* But let 179 us describe one session: Minute by minute. They have passed on. there have been persons coming through the door into the chamber. Such a thing absenteeism or tardiness in the workings of the Great Temple was unknown. they have all advanced from the door of entrance of defonstra- across the space tion where the square showing as they was held. The hour strikes from a sonor ously-toned bell. not at enough for perception. there was nothing between them and their seats. except close range. . They have quietly and without speaking. is held in the clear pleasant twilight. power of Too well they knew the wonderful CONTINUOUS. sitting. thus came in. where they have evi dently been assigned. then. which softness of a dim. come forward each to the seats. UN BROKEN ACTION. To the personal sense. no bell is visible. semingly in the center of the room. There was not a as single absentee. In coming in. and all are now seated. have restfully waited in silence and peace.

forty-four and the Elder Brother looking up. which their in the later times the Egyptians copied in us on record. but membered there is nothing not known. will ever receive. so they who were in the Forty-five . perceived a form dim and misty in outline. has filled the chair of the presiding in structor. eager for knowledge. they concentrate on thought of unity. for these three constitute Unmaniwere fested. manner I As the hour strikes in the the have de scribed. We received all human knowledge. Sitting in the position of meditation. that was not received by who. There were three points upon which they con centrated in succession: Unity. nothing . were not only eager had perceived and to understand. Harmony the and Love. but to use. and left their books of stone.i8o It OUR STORY must be re might seem strange that we Atlantians had it any idea of measuring time. on the Temple work. that will ever be known nothing that the world those.

out of the Invisible by which they received answer. that which might come under cer- . 181 When the quickening of the Invisible within themselves had become exalted. the Elder Brother commenced describing the possibilities of unfolding in all who s were present. force words having of them vi and intense harmonious bration. and thus unified in its became into the sense and condition of desire. of the unfolding of the Earth condition. obstruction and opposition. These words were reinforced by other v vibrations resembling the rolling sound of a great organ. It was a reverberation partly reflected and partly responsive. taught. I On this night of which am speaking. of the things that in the would bear down way of clouds and darkness. at a sign from the Elder Brother. and as he described. and making a sign that is recognized by both the visible and the invisible. step by step. repeated selves potency. they stood. of limitation. most perfect form for whatever might and could be given them.OF ATLANTIS.

but the varying colors and forms which lay be hind the colors. the screen of almost invisible material quivered and lights with those the and shades passing over To who was perceived with only the physical eye. looking forward. not only the play of the light. tain circumstances. not only upon the pictures of the scenes. under the ob which make the members of the Broth erhood acting.1 82 OUR STORY shimmmered it. unrepresented upon the earth ligations but. The Fu ture presented itself as the Eternal Now. there only a dancing of lurid fires. in was about to come the close Future. sible to perceive. To each it who had was pos come into more perfect condition. for the Ages. but upon the scenes themselves. mate saw then. One of the Forty-five. desired and brought about the remanifestation . not dreaming that all that seemed to occur. living members. how might the Brotherhood of find itself for a time . hardly attempting to esti time. so the membership in the invisible sought. whether living or dead. Wisdom.

not only did and feel it. both the conditions of the visible and in the po tencies of the invisible. we perceived certain gatherings of the far Future were also being pic tured upon the scren. and rehabilitation. but known then ancient days. as the time went on. I cannot tell you fully of all the drapings and that decorations and precious metals this adorned chamber. but that others would then come help as into it at that time. for it I remember it all well. in that which was to be the dawn of a new recreation. were upon our And thus. drawn from all over the . as the memory comes to me out of the Past. there was some responding condition I see it within myself. screen. seemed.OF ATLANTIS. so to speak. and they would testify to the truth of the then pictured. All the signs 183 and points illus made and trated desired to be emphasized. but you may imagine it for yourselves fit nothing was spared to make in a place. whose presence and to be would recall the now. as regarding myself.

the truth of that verified. When the instructions were being received from of forms Three the play and colors were . thus per ceive the apparently futile in many respects has for its governing. during a sessison of the Forty- But five. sight. the strength it. know not only of the lower. impelling force. playing over this wonderful spectrum. but also of the higher. and power of the ages behind to fulfill in the set All move on completed outline. whatever was to be accomplished. through the sense of or by thought transference. Their vividness depended upon the intensity with which the thought was projected.1 84 OUR STORY in its world for the inculcating fullest and its strongest. the vibrations Whichever method was made themselves which they were plainly visible to the sense to addressed. which will be fully They who now in life. used. and designed Thus the lessons given to the Forty-five were either in voiced vibration. at all times. there were shadows more or less distinct in outline.

The 18$ something that has never been seen elsewhere in the whole world.OF ATLANTIS. . of The record what these denizens of the secret chambers of the Great to Temple thought and did. He who is wise and able. is one day become supremely dominant in the affairs of it the world. become more and more potent. will As the cycle rises to completion. has thus given some outline. reflections then obtained have really so impinged upon the Great Astral Record that the works accomplished have become mighty influences upon the Globe.

Ko~ . The organs of growth and trans mutation are hidden from the curious eyes of the idle. on earth mortals both visible invisible. is bearing fruit kind above the earth. in sight was not by any means after its even as the tree. So we have in the mid-heavens the angels and and spirits of light. Water Spirits. beneath the earth s surface are the beings belonging to the lower races.CHAPTER XVI. These elemental beings later will be classed in the day as Salamanders. by no means the largest nor most important part of the organic development. That which was all. tried thus far to give you a descrip of the Great Temple of Atlantis and 1HAVE tion of the Tower that was one of the wonders of the world. who have never been subjugated by the spiritual powers of such as held sway in the upper chambers.

which the Tem under Treasury were manufactured PRIMAL CONDITIONS. indicated the constant search the extent of his ability. holds. the 187 are workers and Dwarfs. tency. man is making to for truth. They Water and the Earth or Rocks.In foreign the lesson was: the heavens above . It was in the internal fires of unregisterable heat. light and po The part of the Tower that sank lower and lower into the bowels of the Earth. itself It also held within Matter&quot. Goblins in the Fire. the im mense ple stores of gold held.Descent into man environments. Brains. that during the latter days of Atlantis. pointing everlastingly upwards.OF ATLANTIS. both Atlantian and &quot. and jewels. pypied the material and physical uses of that which was capable of transmutation. the great In this also was illustrated law of Transmutation. As the Great Tower flung itself toward the it mid-heavens. the lesson of the s &quot. held also the doctrine of the all Three To the world. it So far as man himself was concerned.

Atlantis was arrayed equaled.1 88 OUR STORY and the earth beneath. were used by all the people. whose glory was never Its buildings have never been their archi surpassed. It has already been said that the whole city of in a splendor. the relations of poverty and riches long since had ceased It to press on the at in the lat tention of the nation. either in the symmetry of tecture. in the material used. life. if even those in the humble walks of Atlantis could be said to have had any such. These means also for personal adornment. and the waters under the earth. its The Tower which down into lifted proudly head on high. or in the tasteful- ness of its preparation and artistic designs.&quot. ter days that was evident some source of almost limitless sup ply must be easily accessible. and the cellars . went the mountains the same distance. There was also a marvelous exhibition of gold and jew els. in a profusness carried up to the verge of the barbaric.

the Temple Underneath the Sanctuary. and still another. entered by a door opening into the solid rock. None that of the uninitiated knew for a certainty of which was going on within the mountain.OF ATLANTIS. and yet another staircase and chamber. had ceased to be of consequence. and another. 189 who be who had been sub jugated by the spiritual powers of those who held sway in the upper chambers. this knowledge fully con all by the To them. only so far as they might adorn or make beautiful. and sub-cellars were occupied by beings longed to the lower races. either or the City. long ago material things which are deemed of any value by mortals. at the flight of stairs leading rear. was a down into a chamber hewn out of the rock. fashioned for use in the operations . Within these chambers were curious imple of the ments. or of any use or importance what ever. Out of this another staircase led into a similar chamber. to the Only fided Three was Builders.

OUR STORY These operations required the use of to certain materials. finishing of their make the manifesting and easy. the watery deep. all. work more Their pro results pro jected spirit power brought back the duced by the various combinations. these implements Many of and operations will come into the hands of the re-incarnated Atlantians. . Elementals whose forms but thinly clothed the fierce. In the First Cellar. on carrying out that to which they were In the Third Cellar. intent set.190 workers. solved the varying problems of metallurgy. the Spirits of the Earth moved to and fro. doing the will of the Masters. In the Fourth Cellar. blazing fires within. the lowest of Spirits of the great. fashioned what ever man needs and lays hold upon from their realm. and more of them will not be given out except into the hands of the most trusted few. from time to time. either for use or adornment. Spirits of the Air labored and toiled. In the Second Cellar.

ascended to the highest points of the mountains. which was the Treasury of the Temple. and by a secret entrance. Vast tunnels led into the interior of the tains lars. which was constantly veil of fog. It was not only the Treasury of . in the The its tunnel from the Cellar of the Earth Spir opened into an inaccissible part of the moun tain. receiving supplies. from each of these The spirits of the air by a spiral course.ATLANTIS. In the center of the mountain was a cave-like room. guarded by an impenetrable The tunnel of the Fire Spirits led under the Continent. with the Temple itself. diagonally of the Earth. 191 moun cel and the Continent. down to the volcanic fires The tunnel of the Water Spirits communi cated directly with the seas by the shortest feasi ble route. and here communicated with their fellows outer world. This storehouse communicated with all four of the tunnels. on a little plateau.

and then but for a period of three this. and then turning one-quarter to the to left. and watch until by a peculiar arrange ment light of the polished marbles. and move seven a straight line. minutes. but so balanced that it moved and without noise. three steps brought him an apparently blank wall. but of the nation as well. a single ray of sun thrown from the chambers above would be upon the wall at the back. opened a huge door of rock. a slight pressure on a jewel of immense value. weighing easily tons. highly ornamented. on a certain day of the year. in the rear of the Moly Holy hour of high noon. he took five steps more. reflected This could in only be seen when the observer was a par ticular position. He who knew would stand at the the Treasury Place. apparently placed there for ornamentation. to But him who had the key. Having perceived to he would turn steps one quarter in the right. then turning to his original position.IQ2 OUR STORY the secret of the Temple. and was screened .

recover the for gotten combination of the locks thereof. lighted by the never-dying lights produced by the action of positive and neg ative earths combined with the rock. might open and pass within. he who knew the secret spring.OF ATLANTIS. which gave out an electrical phosphorescent light. may as those who are expert in safes. arched passage. to the The Treasure Chamber opened Temple Inspector on the day of the Vernal Equinox. the great stone back into its first position. Once more. It could be opened on the inside by pressing upon a slight projection at the back. . but which be recovered at a later day by the chemists. Entering boldly. from view by the shrine which stood in 193 front. Thirteen to times thirteen steps brought him again a blank wall. through a high. as soon as he stepped upon the settled flagging inside the door. when the sun went down in the West. the secret of which perished with the nation.

were heaps upon heaps of price- .CHAPTER XVII. for a time. Beside these. silver to contemplate. which an be al IT avarice-tainted soul would never Great lowed gold. nor had their continuous production ceased. was the result of con densed electrical power. was a sight that met his gaze. acting through sur charged magnets of the to finest steel. In the times come the forces of induction will. aluminum from the These stacked original clay as their up heaps of the noble metals were in quantity sufficient to last for cen turies. the method used by us for obtaining which. little be very understood. but every day added to the increasing store. But the day will come when they will have the very best method of ex tracting secret. heaps of and aluminum.

less jewels. in that strong. From here the civil rulers received whatever they needed. fires 195 the some of them still warm from of earth and water. upon sudden pressure. Both the polished and the uncut tered and shone here in the light full which was as and strong as in the passage-way. in their traffic with all out side nations of the earth.OF ATLANTIS. in the city their But there were also own storehouses and treasuries of wealth. eye hath seen. Here the workers in the various cellars de posited the results of their labors. mountain treasury beneath enough gold lying in it the waves. There is to destroy the value of the gold now in use upon . In case of neces the the civil rulers could draw upon Temple for reserves in any amount. to the This was only that which belonged result of the labors Temple. nor any tongue de No human scribed the immensity of the wealth lying to this day. Temple. in which they were crys glit tallized. and was the of the servants of the sity.

Upon ury the inner door that opens into this treas rests a seal.&quot. itself who shall have so purified shall be from avarice that there this no karmic weight transferred from its treasure to the shoulders of finders. It seems hardly necessary to say that the els jew and gold were all manufactured by the oc cupants of the cellars. The Angel of the waters has charge of it. that on the vision of the made so many earnest believ ers in the transmutation of base metals into gold and jewels. and that it was the reflec tion out of the Astral light. .196 the earth.The Upon this seal is the following inscription: potent Will of the Most time Mighty holds this treasure safely. clear-sighted. until the of the restoration shall come. shall OUR STORY But when it the day of its discovery come will belong to a nation. &quot.

as even at the present day. wherever found. and again in the same manner higher for the Fifteen. separation of the wheat from the Those. who in their training.CHAPTER XVIII. But those who were especially gifted with understanding. and this was the first step in the chaff. the priesthood had charge of the education of the people. as part of the still Temple family. manner of adjustment and Convoca : THE tion was after the following fashion As has already been stated. exhibited a higher degree of set aside intelligence and perception were again for the Forty-five. The selection for the . There were some better fitted for one thing than an other. who the combined reverence with intense desire for knowledge of that which was unseen and hid den. were transferred to the temple service.

next step was concentration. It concentrates. be cause they were asked. as the as Di vine Ideation. their power for broad. the thought Notice the meditation. from to hose best developed and adapted to the work was be done. they took pains to think out along any line that ought or might be de sired. As the absolute Unity. So nearly may follow this line of procedure. had be come second The steps. submission to unseen guidance. When they had reached the point where. intense contempla their meditations tion had increased until nature. the Creative as the Earth- Thought. dweller It projects. The training of the Forty-five first. the vi When was well massed and brations were uniform and persistent. concentration. then they were taught to project the concentered thought which had been the essence of their meditations.1 98 OUR STORY in Chambers followed the same order. in a more intense degree than as ordinary scholars of the Temple. IT meditates. so . submission.

of the Seven ready and expert fection The the per was carried still farther in Five. where they practiced the attracting of the vibra tions of unseen force. and then launch it But to the Three. 199 Unseen pur and make it available for all good Years of discipline later in the Fifteen. if was as workmen taking a ball of soft metal from the crucible or furnace. not even a clash ing thought in the minds of the Three. in the Forty-five and still made each member in these labors. thus con alignment with their trolling the It own powers of the great names. nearly will he be able to lay hold of the force poses. Nor was there allowed to be any chance for mistake. should whirl it rapidly in the air.OF ATLANTIS. until it had assumed a cer forth to fulfill their tain form. of any kind whatever into projection. belonged the directing of all the force thus gathered. who . will. It was always determined by the casting of lots.

200 OUR STORY any Convocation. the word given at the last Convocation WAS whispered to each. If there was a special Convocation. two added The regular Convocations were under of each month.Myld. as the closing password of the session. and thereby not only Word was the day named. a word &quot. in such a manner. the Full Moon But the special Convocations were under the will of the Three. then. out of the Invisible. that all could recognize and understand the call. like this: This the Elder Brother communicated to the inner sense of the instructed (it never being spoken aloud). came out of the Silence. When special Convocation was desired. the Elder Brother of each Section received from the Elder Brother of the highest Section. and to the should control the outward moving of the vibra tions at power of their the one of the Three. the the inner ear. At the close of the Convocation. being always at a . the other potency. to to each one. but the hour was fixed.&quot.

each one present at the opening. There was no hesitation in compliance. in the Fifteen. In the chamber of the Seven. pronounced the given word. . and no delay in action. The work was Chamber by vocation. was again recalled. the flashed. &quot. the notes of the bell v like the tones of some sweet har mony. formally opened in the upper the Three. then at the nxt regu lar meeting. In the chamber of the Five. came that which was necessary to be done. as by inspiration.OF ATLANTIS. the polished marble slabs reflected the orders.Center At of the first word of in Fire&quot. no timidity in obedience. so that which had been given out. in succession. But to the trained inner ear of the Elder Brother. told the story. in low breath. ranged needing potency was apportioned amongst the lower chambers. certain distance 201 If there from the Sun s setting. was no special Convocation. glowed and and whatever had been planned or ar for.

. was placed in the hands of the Three. The matter of training cannot be understood from mere description. Thus it changed. who uniting their force in the One. in charge The of the Forty-five teen. in the awfulness of power. Only when students at tempt of themselves to bring their mental condi tions under subjugation. were sent forward to the Fif to and there. can be understood. this projection of the concentrated po tency of a nation. the projected potency was again handed the activity of on to the Five. by which they could really ex pect to hold and keep everything they had seized upon. from the Special to the Universal. how it long takes to accomplish the wonderful things done by our Ancient Brothers. bound together. as intensified was passed on the Seven. stood all ready to hurl into space. solidified and shaped. who harmonized the potent vibrations with the vibrations of the Universe. where.202 OUR STORY gathered force of the whole nation.

. As long as they put aside the sense of separateness. who ruled in Atlantis. to see who could best work with the highest potency in the position satisfied that the where he was placed. so long as they considered the interests of the whole nation as one. were successful guiding the ship of State wisely and fortunately. that the benfit growing out of utilized in it might be looked well. who for light and guidance from them. Five and Seven.CHAPTER XIX. perfect well and doing and the acquiring of knowledge from experience. with the Fifteen and Forty-five were separate and yet one. would bring the reward that comes always to attainment. as the priest in THEY hood. common by all the nation. while they only sought for wis dom. the only distinction being. as the all was As long Three.

which made them the one nation of the earth exceeding all others in the unravelling of the hidden myster ies. but sometimes of desperate warfare in the do mains of the Invisible. As one point after an other unfolded to their perceptions. on spiritual lines. there could be no defection nor . and not to They the result. And it was many aye centuries.204 OUR STORY looked to the perfect doing. But it was not a fierce. or those who who wrought ignorantly or malevolently to confuse mortal understanding. single point. task of idle floating. to cut off the keys of the Universal principles. and out of this desire grew the con centration of potency in their hands. and if it were possible. used every effort to up set. those held guard over the hidden truths. were just as powerful as the combinations on the physical plane. spiritual conditions w ith T the difference that if were once perfectly trained and harmonized. years. before they had compassed the fact that numbers harmoniously united and agreed upon a certain.

inspiring reflection. in all the work. for weakness spiritual attribute. and earth. Therefore. is 205 in no sense a While an army. its reach. so soon as the occult ideas it Another and thoughts were strongly developed. thus leaving the Spirit a clear field in which to operate. from other points upon where lamps lighted from the Atlantian by its torch. or other mass of physical conditions might at any time be stam peded. to a higher more vigorous they gravitated Knowing and here of Atlantis. thither. point. a served as magnet for those who w ere r in or on the same incarnating the lines of thought. had stimulated and those who came within search. sudden weakness. none were ad mitted to the separate and secret assemblies until the overcoming of the body and its desires was far advanced.OF ATLANTIS. blotting out for a time from . both also from the spheres. they would have remained and shared with Atlantis the fate that overtook her.

torturing and destroying the instruments or leaders. with the knife. its watched and foreseen the cataclysm (but not cause). thus crush ing. The knowledge has been in great danger from the machinations of secret enemies. under inspiration. . the segregation and massing unavoidably led to the pressing forward to the front. salt of salvation enough become the seed and for the generations that have followed. who in the Silence of the Unseen. worked to to scatter abroad upon the earth. of some one who This could become. upon the develop ment. had not those. In all the movements of the earlier day. all OUR STORY the knowledge that went before. the fagot. thus ignominious death. a leader. excpt as the world always resents resists the aggressiveness of new ideas.206 the earth. along the new lines. the scaffold. and in later days with the subtiler force of mind. They who were the depositaries of suffered itself knowledge for the time being. was and all well.

They who* seek to study . again and again. His place should be supplied by a sodality of many welded into one. have resolved instead of teaching men through the tongue and brain of a Brahma.OF ATLANTIS. with the intense individuality who are confused and overcome by the sense of separateness. that if the truth be preserved. indi its viduality reality. Upon this knowl edge they acted. But even her they stand It has face to face with another obstacle. those having this matter in charge. its This was likely to happen before complished. been an essential. seeking to have the leaders in occult struction movements either bring de upon themselves or have others off. or a Jesus. entirely cut them Therefore. of total eradication 20? from the earth and the per ceptions of its inhabitants. must increase in perception and and in the latter days they will be con of the fronted people. firm establishment could be ac fact This was well known and un derstood by the malign forces.

made up members. These will represent the and then leaders of the previous dispensations. were iron and aluminum. which represents a nation itself. fashioning until it shall have obtained it MESSIAHSHIP. must as of it were. . follows the vision. or a nation who stand as the representatives of the new unfold- ment of Truth. there described as seen by one of the of an image a vision . be a shall union of many individuals. or a new Truth. and an Empire directly relatinfg to some manifesta tion of that truth. into a oneness or individuality of the whole and thus shall be born a new MESSIAH. a stone cut out of the tain moun without hands. body and limbs were and the feet made up of of different metals.208 on these lines. a new Truth. OUR STORY and to gain wisdom. is In the Record of the Adepts. will The Christos of that Great Cycle. train the units. Mighty Ones whose head. Each of these metals represented a Messianic age. and thus more powerful.

when this they touch. as constituent parts of that nation. drops of mercury as one. pensation that has come light. must. and drawing closer and closer together. shall 209 dis overshadow all in its manifestation and before. ALL who are seek are looking toward the ALL who ing unselfishly for wisdom. become For we work and .OF ATLANTIS. they shall wait. such wis dom like . attain such light.

because the physical yields not to the rule of the Spirit. wisdom. which will bring disturb ance and sore distress. will bring those who shall come upon the earth. shall be seized upon by the few. in which the highest knowledge that has ever been given to the world. blessing and growth. the archives of that time and AMONG our country has present come to the knowledge of the generation. without ance. and if rightfully to and truthfully held for the all many. also But there must be an overcoming of the natural and physical. before it . following prophecy &quot. much is resist All progress in the soul s career stim ulated by the instinct of the Spirit to return to the condition of its first powers and estate.And : it shall come to pass in those days.CHAPTER XX.

may be taken away. nor crime to seek to know. enter into perfect attainment. simply by their own force of potency. all knowledge. grasping of the very if highest in their pursuit.OF ATLANTIS. they On the contrary. shall sooner or later. shall There can be no in the sin for those who have knowledge. but they shall seek. ONE. fitted to handle it. all no sin. That to pass. to grasp before they have that made themselves ready which is withheld. disregarding the consenting. IT intends that who have become individualized. Nor ONE resent as sin. ever fits the self for knowledge. so then there will come dire re shall or if it happen that the nation have so far advanced that their knowledge would be . by the the means within power of the does the Spirit to grasp or undertake. shall receive but whoever attempts to grasp potency without being ensue. or the law of the sults. such attempts. is the It shall come who it. should have individualized It is 211 itself from the ONE. serious consequences will and the thing already attained.

that the physical as man is of no value. then will it be withdrawn. but simply the outcome of the desire. there was no sin. and something that the law. there can be but one So now under stand. by filled itself. That was some ful thing distinct. the and the result of causes implanted by Creative Thought itself. only an agent in the computation of the happenings it upon the earth. The thing for which the leaders of the law. any knowledge. issue. But this true. suffered was disobedience which denied to the created the forceful taking from the is ONE. They were not . When limited t power meets Universal potency. Even was the intense in one sense lawful.212 OUR STORY in is dangerous to the other nations of the world. law of the Universe. there was nothing in that issue that could be charged against the leaders. its use. While might seem to man an awful thing that millions of bodies should cease to exist. which might seem a sin. for which the taker not pre pared.

developed necessary.OF ATLANTIS. they seek to bridge over and to hold as much as possible of that which has already been gained. for accomplishment. these instruments standing suffer for that in But must the front. Until further training can develope proper concentration. As to the outlook The instruments of the mighty forces of the Unseen evidently have not desire. responsible. the for strength the we nor that is perfect culmination. must come to pass. has always been a saying of the Wise Ones. that those things which seem to be great disasters to the earth-dwellers. was necessary that the law should be proved. which they have provoked. and in struments must be used for that purpose. but they 213 It It were the instruments. .

of the The following the Maya account of the destruction of Atlantis.CHAPTER XXI. quakes. from Dr. these . there occurred terrible earth in the month Zac. during the night. on the eleventh Muluc. By way of addenda. is and jetsam. clippings and we give our readers a couple of from the mass of newspaper flotsam last years.The s rendering of the Troano manu year six Kan. Being twice upheaved. the suddenly disappeared being continually basin shaken by volcanic forces. which continued without intermission Chuen. Augustus Le Plongeon script : &quot. the land of it Muj was sacrificed. until the thirteenth hills of The country of the mud. Being confined. and to show its that this book assertions has authoritative substance for information.

and three others were so shaken as to compel removal. centuries after the destruction of their &quot. The other extract is of one of the buildings which reincarnated Atlantians put up. the surface gave way. they sank with sixty-four millions of inhabitants.&quot. were being made. eight thousand years before the writing of this book. last. and the ten countries were torn asunder and scattered into fragments . while workmen were en an attempt to restore the partly fallen gaged in Hypnostyle Hall of the great Temple of Karnac. This was some months ago.OF ATLANTIS. &quot. At 215 caused the land to sink and rise several times and in various places. in Egypt. unable to withstand the force of the seismic convulsions.Our archaeological readers will be delighted .Some own beloved country: months ago. had fallen in ancient times. eleven columns gave way and fell. when they held sway in the land of the Nile. Thirteen columns it and was while prep arations for their restoration that the others fell.

&quot. Other portions to light. after the itects. tons each. requiring ioo. which 1904. of the statue have subsequently come and . The uppermost member of each column weighs 1242 tons. manner of the ancient arch removed when the will be constructed and is work finished. the largest best preserved of any in Egypt which reached these times.Modern The architraves weigh 25 engineering processes are not equal to the task of reconstructing this work. came upon a wonderfully beautiful bust s of one of Egypt olden gods. under the direction of able engineers. &quot.216 to learn that OUR STORY hundreds of Arab laborers. so a huge inclined plane. Legran. in charge of the work. last it is expected will be com pleted by &quot.In May of December M.OOO cubic meters of earth. are now engaged and have in restoring those ancient ruins.All of these twenty-seven columns will be reconstructed and placed in their original posi tion.

legs. save. possibly. FINIS .OF ATLANTIS.&quot. to its a small piece to statue. God the Day. will be the reconstructed Temple. and it is expected other treasures of ancient art will be unearthed in the farther removal of the debris of ages which has accumulated in these ruins. complete one of the This of labeled Khonsu pieced in of Thebes. it is 217 hoped the residue may be found and restored entirety.






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