3 haptic device
force feedback interface

The delta.3 is a high performance force feedback interface based on the delta manipulator. It offers 3 active degrees-of-freedom in translation and features a larger workspace than omega.x devices. Thanks to its unique parallel mechanical design, the delta.3 can convey large continuous forces anywhere in its workspace. applications The delta.3 provides 3D active force feedback for a wide range of applications: > > > > > > medical and space robotics micro and nano manipulators teleoperation consoles virtual simulations training systems research

forcedimension.6 OS X 10.0 N < 0.4 haptic software library robotic software library standard universal USB 2.01 mm 14.3 / 6.3 workspace forces resolution stiffness dimensions translation continuous linear closed loop height width depth ∅ 400 x L 260 mm 20.4 / 2.1260 Nyon Switzerland t +41 22 362 6570 f +41 22 362 6571 info@forcedimension.5 N/mm 550 mm 550 mm 440 .5 Neutrino 6.630 mm electronics interface power software platforms Microsoft Linux Apple QNX DHD-API DRD-API Windows XP / Vista / 7 kernel 2.4 / 10.0 110V . driftless enhanced sensitivity for reduced user fatigue 1 programmable button velocity monitoring electromagnetic damping Force Dimension Route de Saint-Cergue 295 CH .240V SDK features structure controller calibration comfort user input safety delta-based parallel kinematics gravity compensated orientable device base external unit automatic.

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