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ONIOSOME HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED F-352, Industrial Area, Focal point, Phase VIII-B, Mohali – 160071 (Punjab), INDIA Tel : +91-172-2237226 Web :www.oniosome.com

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Letter of Introduction

Dear Sir I am pleased to introduce our organization, Oniosome Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., to you. We are a contract research organization (CRO) engaged in the development of innovative pharmaceutical products based on Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) research for pharmaceutical companies interested to commercialize such products. It is a well known fact that much of the remarkable research carried out in the laboratory of an academic pharmaceutical institute is not able to attain the status of a commercial product or technology. Recognizing the potential and in an attempt to improve the feasibility of such an output, Government of India initiated various Public-Private-Partnership programs promoting collaborative research between academia and industry. Our organization, Oniosome Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated by a group of motivated scientists with similar objectives in mind. The industry-Institutepartnership model followed by our organization elevates the scope of creativity and potential in NDDS research and presents a wider area for exploration. We work in close association with premier academic institutions for Pharmaceutical Sciences in India such as Panjab University, Chandigarh and NIPER, Mohali. We have various reputed academicians as well as professionals from industry on our advisory panel with expertise in the field of NDDS, Formulation Development, Intellectual Property Rights, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Management. Our team members include highly qualified and experienced scientists. We serve as an outsourced pharmaceutical CRO for the transformation of potential drugs and phytopharmaceuticals into effective and safe products by employing advanced drug delivery technologies. We are currently working on lipid based vesicular drug delivery systems such as liposomes, microemulsions, nanoemulsions, micelles, transferosomes and ethosomes for dermatological applications. Our product development services include method development and

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com validation.com. product optimization. Phase VIII-B.oniosome. I request you to contact us and discuss with us the feasibility of the project. biopharmaceutical and clinical studies. www. We also provide support for regulatory filing (compilation of dossiers. patent filing. and product approval applications). scale up and technology transfer. Sector-38 (west) Chandigarh-160059 INDIA Page 2 of 2 .com or deepak.kapoor@oniosome. As our growth continues. product development reports.malviya@oniosome. preformulation and formulation development.oniosome. INDIA Tel : +91-172-2237226 Web :www. you can count on Oniosome commitment toward the acceleration of your drug delivery development pipeline. For further details please visit our website. If you intend to include innovative and advanced pharmaceutical products into your product basket and simultaneously play an active role in the promotion of collaborative research in the country. drug delivery system evaluation.Oniosome Research Center ONIOSOME HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED F-352. Mohali – 160071 (Punjab). Industrial Area. stability storage and testing. Focal point.com or contact us at sarvesh. With warm regards Yours sincerely [Sarvesh Malviya] Managing Director Registered Office: #5538.

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