Using ABAP/4 Native SQL

EXEC SQL. <any SQL statement> ENDEXEC.
In this example, the program creates a table in the Oracle database, which is not known to the ABAP/4 Dictionary.

The newly created database table is populated using an SQL INSERT statement.

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SELECT Using ABAP/4 Native SQL Data retrieved using the SELECT statement is transported to the ABAP/4 program using Host Variables. Used These are Host Variables A Host Variable is any data item that is defined by the ABAP/4 program and used inside an ABAP/4 Native SQL Statement.Confidential . They must be preceded by a colon. L&T Information Technology Limited .

L&T Information Technology Limited .ABAP/4 Native SQL and the PERFORMING Option The PERFORMING <form> option creates a looping structure that for every row retrieved. the subroutine is called.Confidential .

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