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Trip times are automatically determined from the protective device settings and arcing fault current values. View and create customized Arc Flash Labels and Work Permits. & Short Circuit Analysis. Annual Outage. IEE WIRING REGULATION SIZING Integrates the rules and data tables from the IEE Wiring Regulation to size cables based on the design loads of the power system. Feeder and Transformer Sizing Study. short-circuit modules. ECOST. a simplified stand-alone Arc Flash calculator. NFPA 70E. Separate solutions for low. and IEEE 1584 requirements. 399. User Defined Graphical Models for Exciter. Complies with IEEE std. Harmonic Current. HI_WAVE Harmonic Investigation and Filter Design Frequency Scan. demand load analysis. Generator Sizing and Stability. CABLE-3D Solves complex three-dimensional cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations. Demand Load Study. Clothing requirements are specified from a user-defined clothing library. Applies de-rating adjustments and user defined pass/ marginal/failed criteria. and Arc Flash. Failure/Year. Load Flow Study. Turbine Governor. and exporting all study results. graphical motor and load models. Reports single-phase loads and unbalanced operating conditions including phase and sequence currents and voltages. Create or expand one-lines and apply datablocks. Includes reduced voltage and capacitor starting. Includes Load Point MTTF. momentary and interrupting calculations. 946. and IEC std.SKM Power*Tools® For Windows Electrical Engineering Software DAPPER® Integrated Electrical Analysis Software Comprehensive Three Phase Short-Circuit Studies. Incident energy and arc flash boundaries are calculated based on accumulated fault values. MTTR. Equipment Evaluation. 1115. I*SIM Dynamic Simulation and Transient Stability Dynamic Response to Power System Electro-Mechanical Disturbances. short-circuit. Impact Motor Starting Study. Load Flow. (Unbalanced Studies also available) IEC_FAULT IEC Short-Circuit Study 909 or 363 Three Phase Short-Circuit Study based on the IEC 60909 or IEC 61363 Standards. PTW VIEWER Read-only version of PTW for displaying. PSS. Generates custom labels and work permits. medium and high voltage systems and for symmetrical. Voltage Distortion. and other IEEE indices. EENS. Also available as ArcCalc. View Time-Current Curves. GROUND MAT Substation Ground Grid Design and Analysis Optimizes grid design using general purpose finite element algorithm for potential analysis and graphical facilities to validate grounding systems efficiency. DISTRIBUTION RELIABILITY Reliability Analysis Calculates the reliability indices of individual load points and the overall distribution systems with either radial or loop configuration. (Unbalanced Studies also available) EQUIPMENT EVALUATION Equipment Evaluation Report Automatically compares short-circuit ratings. Integrates with one-lines.16. Cost-related factors and aging factors are included in the analysis to compare alternative designs. and load schedules. withstand ratings. Complies with OSHA. and other controllers. Harmonic Load Flow and Interactive Filter Design. UNBALANCED/SINGLE PHASE STUDIES Load flow. sizing. Clearing times can be reduced based on current-limiting capabilities. Flux Level Machine Representation. ARC FLASH EVALUATION Calculates the incident energy and arc flash boundary for each bus in the system. (Unbalanced Studies also available) CAPTOR® Time-Overcurrent Coordination Graphical Time-Overcurrent Coordination. TMS Transient Motor Starting Simulation Time-based motor starting simulation with graphical output. and Load Schedules. 485. Includes error checking for input data and topology. 61660. Automatically select the correct table from the IEE Wiring Regulation and pick the proper cable size. DC SYSTEMS ANALYSIS Battery Sizing. . printing. Evaluate all loading conditions for DC duty cycle loads and AC emergency loads. A_FAULT ANSI Short-Circuit Study Three Phase Short-Circuit based on the ANSI/IEEE C37 Standards. Comprehensive protective device library. NEC 110.

000 Bus Modules are also available.495 unlimited $11.495 unlimited $6.ANSI C37 Fault Analysis $1000 $1000 $1000 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 IEC_FAULT 909 or IEC_FAULT 363 $1000 each $1000 each $1000 each $1500 each $1500 each $1500 each $1500 each $1500 each Equipment Evaluation $1000 $1000 $1000 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 IEE Wiring Regulation Sizing $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 TMS .SKM Power*Tools® For Windows Combination & Upgrade Pricing Matrix PTW Program Modules with Add-On Options PTW-LT 50 Buses DAPPER 50 Buses DAPPER 100 Buses DAPPER 300 Buses DAPPER 1000 Buses DAPPER 2000 Buses DAPPER CAPTOR 5000 Buses 1000 Buses BASE PRICE Maximum Components per Project $2.995 unlimited Baseline (One-line Interface) included Demand Load and Fault Analysis Only included included included included included included included included See DAPPER included DAPPER Study Modules* included included included included included included CAPTOR .Transient Motor Starting $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 HI_WAVE Harmonic Analysis $2500 $2500 $2500 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 I*SIM Transient Stability $5000 $2000 Requires DAPPER $3995 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $3000 Requires DAPPER $3995 Unbalanced Three-Phase/Single-Phase $2000 $2500 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 Distribution Reliability $3995 $3995 $3995 $3995 $3995 $3995 DC Systems Analysis $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000 Transmission Line Impedance Calcs included included included included included included included included Motor Parameter Estimation included included included included included included included included Data Import / Export included included included included included included included included Scenario Manager included included included included included included included included ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS PTW Viewer (2000 Buses) PTW Viewer (5000 Buses) Ground Mat CABLE .995 150 $2.495 unlimited $8.3D ArcCalc $995 $1995 $3995 $1000 sales@skm. Inc. Phone (310) 698-4700 Fax (310) 698-4708 Systems Analysis.All Prices Subject to Change www. .495 unlimited $4. $995 * DAPPER Study Modules Include: Demand / Design Load Analysis Feeder / Transformer Sizing Panel. Please contact SKM for pricing.Protective Coordination $2000 $2000 $2500 $2500 $2500 $2500 Arc Flash Evaluation $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 Requires Fault Study $1500 A_FAULT .skm.995 unlimited $3. SWBD Schedules Comprehensive Fault Analysis Load Flow / Voltage Drop Impact Motor Starting Published January 2013 .000 unlimited $3.

495 100 $6.995 Annual Support and Maintenance after 1 year $1300 $1200 PTW Combo-Pack II DAPPER CAPTOR TMS Unbalanced Single Phase Equipment Evaluation Arc Flash Arc Flash Evaluation Buses 50 100 300 1000 2000 5000 Price* $4. Existing software packages cannot be upgraded to the Combo-Packs. Inc. is pleased to offer two PTW Software combination packages.995 $8.995 300 $8.495 2000 $12.495 $15.495 $8. The Combo-Packs offer the most requested PTW study modules used by over 50.995 $16.495 $8.495 $6.495 $6.495 $10.495 $12.495 $6.995 1000 $10.495 $15.495 5000 $15.495 $6.995 $16.995 $10.995 Annual Support and Maintenance after 1 year $950 *Prices includes one year of updates.000 engineers.495 $12.495 $8.995 $5.995 $13. PTW Combo-Pack I DAPPER CAPTOR A_FAULT IEC_909 IEC_363 Equipment Evaluation Arc Flash Arc Flash Evaluation Buses Price* 50 $4.SKM Power*Tools® For Windows Special Combination Packages PTW Combo-Packs SKM Systems Analysis. Combo-Packs are not available with any other discounts.995 Annual Support and Maintenance after 1 year $1300 $1200 PTW Power*Pack DAPPER CAPTOR Arc Flash Evaluation Buses 50 100 300 1000 2000 5000 Price* $4. No substitutions allowed on Combo-Packs.995 $13. software maintenance and support.995 $11.995 $5. .995 $11.

SKM Power*Tools® For Windows Electrical Engineering Software New from SKM Systems Analysis. . print. Inc. transformers. NFPA and CSA-Z462 requirements. Adjust component positions in existing one-lines and add annotations. standard labels. calculates the incident energy. and apply to any one-line. $995 each. With the Viewer there is no chance of inadvertent changes to the power system model. print arc flash labels. and produces warning labels and work permits in compliance with NEC. and many other activities. your customers can display results on the interactive one-line. view time-current curves. ArcCalc evaluates a single fault location in a simplified network. Modify or make a new datablocks. Automatically applies tolerances to determine min/max arcing fault currents to provide more conservative results with estimated data. motors. Comprehensive protective device library with thousands of validated trip curves. PTW Viewer Features: View. cables. TCC. 2000 Buses $1995 each. ArcCalc Features: Intelligent default data for fault sources. PTW Viewer PTW Viewer is a perfect tool to provide an interactive electrical model to your customers. flash boundary and PPE requirements. Print Arc Flash work permits. Make new one-lines by picking from existing components and expanding the one-lines. 5000 Buses Not available with any other discounts. and export all study results. and working distance. determines the fault clearing time from the protective device settings. bus gap. IEEE. Custom label designer supports plain paper and vinyl label printers. Rather than paging through long reports. and create customized labels. ArcCalc ArcCalc is a stand-alone calculator that calculates the arcing fault current. etc. $995 each Please contact SKM for multiple copy discounts.

Multiple Copy Discounts A 15% discount applies to the purchase of additional licenses of the same software combination package. Price: Cost of program or combination package. and 8 (32 & 64 bit) 1. Specifications Minimum System Requirements Windows 98. NT. Upgrades and Multiple Copy Discounts Upgrades When upgrading from any product or combination to another product or combination. regardless of the number of program modules. Price: Cost of program or combination package plus $1500 Multiple User License: Two or more Baselines with One Network License Enables multiple. This includes one baseline for each program or combination package purchased. plus each additional program/combination package at a 20% discount off of full price. Simultaneous User License: Two or more Baselines with Multi-user Study Modules Enables a single program or multiple program modules to be accessed at the same time by multiple users.SKM Power*Tools® For Windows Software Support and Services PTW Service and Support Annual maintenance and support services for individual licenses are included for the first year. Price: Contact SKM for pricing. including technical support as needed.0 GB for 1000+ bus projects) 10 GB of free hard disk space CD-ROM Drive USB Port Receive a 20% discount on your maintenance for 2 or more study modules when renewed in a timely manner. Acceptable Forms of Payment Purchase Order (net 30 days) with approval MasterCard Check Bank wire transfer Credit Cards: MasterCard or VISA (call for details) R ISA R Systems Analysis. PTW Study Modules PTW-LT DAPPER CAPTOR Arc Flash Evaluation A_FAULT IEC_FAULT 909 IEC_FAULT 363 Equipment Evaluation IEE Wiring Regulation Sizing TMS HI_WAVE I*SIM Unbalanced/Single Phase Distribution Reliability DC Systems Analysis Additional Baselines Users Additional Simultaneous LAN Users Additional Programs PTW Viewer Ground Mat CABLE-3D ArcCalc Annual Renewal $395 per year $445 per year $445 per year $350 per year $200 per year $200 per year $200 per year $200 per year $150 per year $300 per year $250 per year $500 per year $350 per year $350 per year $500 per year $225 per year 30 to 50% discount (based on quantity) $350 $350 $150 $150 per per per per year year year year Network Options Local Area Network (LAN) Options Single User License: One Baseline with One Network License Allows one user at a time. XP. Inc. 7. 2008. separate program modules to be accessed at the same time by different users. Expedited shipping available. (20% discount not applicable to Combo*Packs & Power*Packs) Corporate Licenses Multi-Site PTW Licenses Please contact SKM for pricing. 2003. 2000.0 GHz for 1000+ bus projects) 2. Additional baselines can be added. 1 Pearl Street Redondo Beach. Hardware key protection for each license.5 GHz Processor or faster (2. Major updates as released for one year. User’s Guides with step-by-step tutorials. Added Bonus: Free DVD Tutorial Video! UPS Ground Shipping. CA 90277 USA 1 (800) 500-4SKM . Maintenance is annually renewable in following years. you will receive credit as long as the previously purchased software is current in Software Maintenance and Support Service. Software Maintenance and Support Service. (Excluding Combo*Packs & Power*Packs) Competitive Upgrades Call about our competitive upgrade pricing. Vista.0 GB of RAM (4. What’s Included in Your Order? Software program and applicable libraries.