Unshakable Spirit

What is the spirit of the Japanese people that enabled them to overcome the 2011 tsunami with patience and dignity? More short stories that inspire and guide. $14.95 Paperback: 216 pages ISBN: 978-0979047183

You Were Born For a Reason:
What is the meaning of life? Where can we find true happiness that never fades away? These questions are answered in this profound book. $16.95 Hardcover: 236 pages ISBN: 978-0979047107

SomethingYouForgot Along the Way:
65 short stories that teach about human nature and the way to leading an appreciative life. Suitable for children and adults alike. $11.95 Paperback: 192 pages ISBN: 978-0979047114

The Story of Buddha:
A graphic novel depicting the life of the Buddha. $16.95 Paperback: 248 pages ISBN: 978-0979047169

Unlocking Tannisho:
A clarification and explanation on the classic text on the words of Shinran, the founder of Pure Land Buddhism. $30.00 Hardcover: 144 pages ISBN: 978-0979047152

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