Woolgar peered through the wire mesh at the girl’s playground can see that girl you like down there he said you walked to the wire mesh and stared through see her? he said no can’t see her there over by that fat girl with the blue ribboned hair you stared harder they keep moving about you said she’s there he said poking his finger through mesh her with the dark hair you peered at where his finger poked Jane was by the fence playing jump rope with two other girls

yes I see her now you said what’s she like? Woolgar said like? you said what do you mean like? Woolgar sniggered and gazed stupidly through the mesh you know does she kiss and such and what’s it like? that’s for me to know and you to guess you said some say girl’s lips are like peaches Woolgar said or that they kiss all wet and warm you watched Jane move the rope around and around with some other girl while one other jump high and laughed does she have breasts? Woolgar asked

peering like some peeping Tom or is she flat as board? Or don’t you know? he asked looking round at you his eyes brown and round and aping dung what’s it to you Woolgar? you still suck your mother’s dugs or so I’ve heard you said seeing Jane play skip rope once again you leave my mother out of this he said rubbing his fingers going red walking off muttering and moaning turning round and fingering you turned to gaze at Jane once more

but the skipping girls had gone away to some other place to skip and play.

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