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January 16, 1989

Wesley Frederickson 2287 Marcola Road S p r i n g f i e l d , OR 97477 Dear Mr. Frederickson: I represent Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. H u g i . It is my understanding that you have attempted to contact them in order to see their c h i l d r e n , Christie and Daniel Hugi. These children fortunate enough to now have two stable, nurturing and c a r i n g parents who, along w i t h the community in w h i c h they l i v e , protect and support them. As should be the case with all parents, Mr. and Mrs. H u g i ' s first concern is the emotional and physical well-being of their children. The law gives them certain powers for meeting those concerns, one of the most important of which is the right to decide who may contact the chiIdren. Mr. Hugi has shown me a letter you wrote him in w h i c h you refer to Christie and Daniel as your grandchildren and indicate you wanted a v i s i t in order to "help the h e a l i n g process." The c h i l d ren are not your grandchildren. You are legally, as well as factu a l l y , a stranger to them. These c h i l d r e n have been through too much already. Your daughter k i l l e d their sister and shot each of them. They have since been exposed to the harsh l i g h t of p u b l i c i t y . C h r i s t i e went through the p a i n f u l experience of testifying as a witness in the murder trial. Contact with you or others from their past would reopen, not h e a l , old wounds. The c h i l d r e n are h e a l i n g now and their parents do not want them hurt any more. The Hugis do not want you to contact them or either of the c h i l d ren by any means and do not want you anywhere near them. If you violate the parents' wishes in this respect, your actions w i l l be met by whatever means, i n c l u d i n g recourse to the courts, may be appropriate.

Wesley Frederickson January 16, 1989 Page 2 If you must pursue this matter any further, please have your attorney contact me. Do not, in any event, bother Mr. or Mrs Hugi or their c h i l d r e n any further. Ver/y truly yours,

G. - C A M P B L L , JR. cc: Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Hugi

ATTORNEY AT IAW 44 West Broadway. Suite 403 Eugene. Oregon 97401

WESLEY FREDERICKSON 2287 Marcola Road S p r i n g f i e l d , OR 97477

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