Similar results were reported by Bouaid et al. (2007).

The possibility of influence of the oxidation kinetics by the containing material has been demonstrated by Bondioli et al. (1995). The presence of free organic acidity is one of the factors that promote the corrosion of materials, and it is therefore important to keep this parameter under control. Biodiesel produced with the appropriate technology will minimize the presence of those molecules that could facilitate emulsification with water that may be present. Those substances include monoglycerides, diglycerides, free glycerol, phospholipids, and in the case of production processes that include alkaline catalysis, soaps (Bondioli et al., 1995; Canakci et al., 1999). The nature of the radicals also influences the products observed and double bond geometry can also play a role. Esters composed of linoleic and linolenic acids, whose bis-allylic methylene positions are especially susceptible to oxidation. The primary oxidation products of double bonds are allylic hydroperoxides. In these species, the original double bond(s) may have shifted or undergon