biodiesel makes it more susceptible to oxidation or auto-oxidation during long-term storage than conventional petrodiesel.

Due to their chemical composition, fatty acid methyl esters are more sensitive to oxidative degradation than fossil diesel fuel especially those esters containing a high content of twice and morefold unsaturated esters, as the methylene groups adjacent to double bonds have turned out to be particularly susceptible to radical attack as the first step of fuel oxidation (Knothe, 2006).
Lauric acid 61.1 Myristic acid 69.9 Palmitic acid 74.4 Stearic acid 76.3 Oleic acid 57.2 Linoleic acid 36.8 Linolenic acid 21.6 Table 5: Cetane number (CN) of pure fatty acid methyl esters
Source: Bangboye and Hansen (2008).

The formed hydroperoxides may polymerise with other free radicals to form insoluble sediments and gums, which are associated with fuel filter

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