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abandon v. go away from (a person or thing or place) not intending to return; forsake; desert abstract adj. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or practical existence academy access accommodate accompany escort n. n. v. v. school for special training ~ means of approaching or entering (a place); way in provide lodging or room for walk or travel with (sb) as a companion or helper;


accumulate v. gradually get or gather together an increasing number or quantity of get (sth) in this way accurate achieve etc acknowledge acquire adj. v. free from error gain or reach (sth), usu by effort, skill, courage,

v. v.

accept the truth of admit (sth) gain (sth) by one's own ability, efforts or behaviour

adapt v. ~ sth (for sth) make sth suitable for a new use, situation, etc; modify sth adequate adj. ~ satisfactory in quantity or quality; sufficient also immediately

adjacent having a common endpoint or border preceding or following adjust administrate adult advocate affect aggregate group or amount aid albeit allocate purpose v.

put (sth) into the correct order or position; arrange

v. to administer adj. grown to full size or strength

v. speak publicly in favour of (sth); recommend; support v. v. have an influence on (sb/sth); produce an effect on ~ sb (fml ) be formed or bring sb into an assembled



conj although v. ~ sth allot or assign sth (to sb/sth) for a special

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Vocabulary ListV3.4 (IELTS/B2-C2,ESOL) : English Department . Knowledge Universe, Jaffna. www.kugroup.info | Hotline : 0777302882
alter size, shape, etc alternative ambiguous v. become different; change in character, position,

adj. adj.

available in place of sth else; other having more than one possible meaning correct an error in (sth); make minor improvements


amend v. in; change slightly analogy compared analyse or structure annual anticipate apparent append appreciate approach appropriate approximate arbitrary area aspect assemble assess n.

~ partial similarity between two things that are


separate into its parts in order to study its nature

adj. v. adj.

happening every year expect clearly seen or understood; obvious

v. ~ sth (fml ) attach or add sth (esp in writing) v. v. understand and enjoy (sth); value highly come near or nearer to in space or time

adj. ~ suitable; right and proper adj. almost correct or exact but not completely so adj. n. n. v. v. based on personal opinion or impulse, not on reason extent or measurement of a surface particular part or feature of sth being considered come together; collect ~ sth decide or fix the amount of sth

assign v. ~ sth to sb give sth to sb as a share of work to be done or of things to be used assist assume assure attach attain v. v. v. v. v. ~ in/with sth; ~ (sb) in doing sth (fml ) help accept as true before there is proof tell (sb) positively or confidently ~ sth fasten or join sth (to sth) succeed in getting (sth); achieve

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esp when great having ability. realization of sb/sth behalf n. prejudice bond covenant brief bulk capable capacity category grouping cease n.kugroup. stream or canal (usu numbered) division of a book chart n. gain. sunken bed of a river. adj. able. etc power to give orders and make others obey A B C v. stop challenge n. opinion or feeling that strongly favours one side in an argument or one item in a group or series. detailed map used to help navigation at sea. quantity or volume. on behalf of sb/on sb's behalf. ~ way of thinking or behaving attribute v.info Mobile : 0777302882 3|IELTS Voc . fight etc to prove who is better. US in behalf of sb/in sb's behalf as the representative of or spokesman for sb. future good (used esp with the vs and bias n. come or bring (sth) to an end. writer of a book. stronger. n. contest. www. www.kugroup. predisposition. showing coasts. n. profit. adj.Jaffna.Vocabulary ListV3. play.info | Hotline : 0777302882 attitude n.ESOL) : English Department . etc chemical adj.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. caused by or produced by sb/sth author authority automate available n. short size. competent ability to hold or contain sth n. written agreement or promise that has legal force. Jaffna. ~ that.Temple Road . class or group of things in a complete system of v..Sri Lanka. having knowledge or aware adj.No 75. the depth of the sea. that can be used or obtained ~ of sb/sth.. ~ (to do sth) invitation or call (to sb) to take part in a game. n. ~ sth to sb/sth regard sth as belonging to. Knowledge Universe. n. lasting only a short time. of or relating to chemistry © Knowledge Universe. more able. cause to operate by automation adj. etc channel chapter n. rocks. in the interest of sb benefit preps shown) n.

Jaffna. etc.Vocabulary ListV3. loss. ~ action. fall down or in suddenly n. esp in the v. condition or fact connected with an event or action quote. www. of or relating to the citizens of a country (cause sth to) become clear or easier to understand C classic adj. ideas. etc © Knowledge Universe. v. clear coincide v. letters. considered as a whole compatible adj. person with whom one works. the community the people living in one place.Jaffna. having a high quality that is recognized and unquestioned. principles. report. (system of) words. group of words that includes a subject1(4a) and a verb. www. ~ sth (for/from sth) collect (information) and arrange it in a book.No 75. wrong or foolish) thing bought in a shop and put to use. begin (sth). ~ sth make sth known.Sri Lanka. ~ written or spoken remark giving an opinion on. ~ (of people. easy to understand. convey sth community n.info | Hotline : 0777302882 circumstance cite civil clarify n.info Mobile : 0777302882 4|IELTS Voc . connected logically or consistent. a situation. esp in a profession or v. Knowledge Universe. that can exist together compensate v.kugroup. used for secret messages or for presenting or recording information briefly coherent adj.Temple Road . a person. ~ (of events) occur at the same time or occupy the same period of time as sth else collapse colleague business commence v. start comment n. task or piece of work given to sb to do do (sth illegal. list. v. etc that represent others. forming a sentence or part of a sentence code n. etc) commission commit commodity home communicate n.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. injury. commend adj.kugroup. district or country. n. compile v.ESOL) : English Department . etc) suited. arguments. explaining or criticizing (an event. symbols. of lasting value and importance clause n. ~ for sth give (sb) sth good to balance or lessen the bad effect of damage.

fight ~ keep to or comply with (generally accepted rules. effort.kugroup. general notion v. have as parts or members. ~ give agreement or permission adj. not thinking about other less important things concept conclude concurrent conduct n. happening or done at the same time n. ~ sb/sth keep (a person or an animal) in a restricted confirm v. v.Temple Road .Sri Lanka. great in amount or size v.kugroup. ~ existing. an opinion. etc) consent consequent considerable consist constant n.ESOL) : English Department . www. be made up of v.info | Hotline : 0777302882 complement n. www.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. happening again and again © Knowledge Universe. ~ (with sth) (usu fml ) come or bring (sth) to an end adj. ~ (fml ) following sth as a result or an effect adj. struggle. become pregnant concentrate v. ~ idea underlying sth.Vocabulary ListV3. ~ sth calculate sth with a computer v. v. Jaffna. that includes everything v. any of the parts of which sth is made n. etc). made up of (usu several) closely connected parts n. or adj. ~ (with sb) (on/about sth) have discussions (esp in order to exchange opinions or get advice) confine space v.info Mobile : 0777302882 5|IELTS Voc . person's behaviour confer v.No 75. Knowledge Universe. thing made up of two or more separate things combined C adj. establish the truth of conflict conform standards. etc) exclusively and intensely on sth. (phr v) consist of sth be composed or made up of sth adj. going on all the time. ~ (sth) (on sth/doing sth) focus (one's attention.Jaffna. makes it complete complex component compound together comprehensive comprise compute conceive ~ thing that goes well or suitably with sth else. provide evidence for the truth or correctness of (a report.

~ (about sth). ~ A and/with B compare so that differences are made contribute v. (fml ) make up or form (a whole). form ~ sb/sth go to (a person. put or fit together. www. say sth that conflicts with by (sb). etc) to help a joint cause controversy n. v.No 75. Jaffna. often rather angry. to organize or integrate (diverse elements) in a harmonious operation core n. help. n. ~ public discussion or argument. Knowledge Universe. etc) for information. etc consume contact v. ~ of the time or period being referred to. ~ (together) (fml ) talk convert v. opposite in nature.Sri Lanka. make (sb) do sth by strong (moral) persuasion or by C v. ~ sb make sb feel certain. cause sb to realize to work or act together coordinate vt.kugroup.ESOL) : English Department . usu contradict v.Temple Road .kugroup. use (sth) up ~ state of touching (used esp with the vs shown) contemporary adj. containing the seeds centre of such fruits as the apple and pear. book.info Mobile : 0777302882 6|IELTS Voc . tendency or direction v. © Knowledge Universe. v. etc) v. advice. arrange (a meeting.info | Hotline : 0777302882 constitute of constrain force construct consult advice.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. belonging to the same time context contract in writing writings preceding and following passage quoted n. summon to come together. ~ (for sth/to do sth) legally binding agreement. ~ (to/towards sth) give one's share of (money. build (sth). about sth which many people disagree with convene converse v. suggesting that the person is mistaken or not telling the truth contrary contrast clear adj. be the components v.Vocabulary ListV3.Jaffna. www. ~ (sth) (from sth) (into/to sth) change (sth) from one form or use to another convince cooperate v.

v. be the name.No 75.kugroup. v.kugroup.Vocabulary ListV3. get sth from sth © Knowledge Universe. decisive n. ~ sth (to sb) show sth clearly by giving proof or v. a theory. (pl of criterion) standard by which sth is judged adj. and often ending in a vote decade decline deduce infer sth define definite demonstrate evidence denote deny depress derive n.Temple Road .Jaffna. system of paying in this way criteria crucial culture literature. etc) by reasoning. v. two people or things that are seen together or associated. make (sth new or original) credit n. say that (sth) is not true make sad and without enthusiasm ~ sth from sth obtain sth from sth. www. www. of or shared by all the members of a group. ~ very important. eg at a public meeting or in Parliament. n. etc currency cycle same order data sth n.Sri Lanka. permission to delay payment for goods and services until after they have been received. refined understanding and appreciation of art.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. cause to exist. not doubtful v. not contradict sth or each other C D couple n. v. refuse (sth offered). money system in use in a country series of events that are regularly repeated in the n. usu politely v. with two or more opposing speakers.info Mobile : 0777302882 7|IELTS Voc . formal argument or discussion of a question. n. clear. say `no' to (sth). Jaffna. ~ sth state precisely the meaning of (eg words) adj.ESOL) : English Department . sign or symbol of (sth). esp a man and woman together create v. ~ be in agreement.info | Hotline : 0777302882 corporate collective correspond adj. refer to v. facts or information used in deciding or discussing debate n. Knowledge Universe. ~ sth arrive at (facts. period of ten years v.

rough preliminary written version of sth play for the theatre. of different kinds. ~ oneself/sth to sb/sth give to sb/sth.ESOL) : English Department . book.kugroup. www. adj. Jaffna. n. www. ~ A (from B) see or show (two things) to be different.info Mobile : 0777302882 8|IELTS Voc . ~ ~ A from B see or make a difference (between two v.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. each person or thing diverse adj.No 75. have control of or a very strong influence on (people. events. ~ between A and B. varied document n.kugroup.Sri Lanka. etc giving information about sth.Temple Road . place(sb/sth) in a suitable way. discover or recognize that (sth) is present v. arrange adj. evidence or proof of sth domain domestic n. seen. government. show sth to be different (from sth else) dimension diminish discrete discriminate things) displace display dispose distinct distort n. thing made or adapted for a special purpose . D v. ~ (for sth) drawing or outline from which sth may be prep without being affected by v. v. Knowledge Universe. separate. form. v. radio or TV © Knowledge Universe. measurement of any sort become smaller or less.Jaffna. definite pull or twist out of its usual shape ~ sth separate sth into parts and give a share to distribute v. easily heard. ~ from sth stop following n. etc of the home. felt or understood. distinct v. lands owned or ruled by a nobleman. decrease adj. household or family dominate v. paper. dedicate differentiate v.Vocabulary ListV3. move from the usual or correct place put sth on show v.info | Hotline : 0777302882 design made despite detect deviate device devote n. etc) draft drama n. ~ sth v.

authority or means encounter v. ability to act or work with strength and eagerness ~ sth force people to obey (a law. make sure. n. www. circumstances.Sri Lanka.info Mobile : 0777302882 9|IELTS Voc .kugroup. meet or find oneself faced by (sth/sb unpleasant. destroy or wear (sth) away gradually © Knowledge Universe. v.ESOL) : English Department . etc v. make sth v. v.No 75. not on theory make able to do sth by giving him the necessary enable v.kugroup. etc) energy enforce effective enhance enormous ensure entity environment lives equate else) n. ~ sb/sth (with sth) supply sb/sth (with what is needed. meaning. n. eg in a book. for a particular purpose) equivalent erode adj.info | Hotline : 0777302882 duration dynamic economy resources. etc affecting people's v. etc) edit magazine element eliminate needed) emerge n. D E v. increase make (sb/sth) look better adj. difficult. newspaper. www.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. ~ come out or up (from water. adj. based on observation or experiment. or n. importance.Temple Road . dangerous. time. Jaffna. ~ equal in value. guarantee thing with distinct and real existence conditions. n. ~ sth consider sth as equal or equivalent (to sth equip v. to make the meaning clear or to show importance empirical adj. etc). amount. very large. strength. prepare for publication. immense v. etc) emphasis n. ~ necessary or characteristic part of sth ~ sb/sth remove (esp sb/sth that is not wanted or v. time during which sth lasts or continues of power or forces that produce movement avoidance of waste (of money.Vocabulary ListV3.Jaffna. Knowledge Universe. force or stress given to a word or words when spoken.

etc of sth ethic n. thing done wrongly. etc. brave or adventurous deed or action n. (of a statement. keep sb out exhibit n. skill or training in a particular field explicit exploit export expose external body) extract force adj.) obvious (to the eye or mind). exporting uncover or make (sth) visible. a process. ~ (that. (cause to) develop naturally and (usu) gradually v. cost. be greater or more numerous than (esp a quantity) exclude v. ~ sb/sth prevent sb from entering somewhere. esp in the country. rules of conduct E F ethnic adj. value. racial or tribal group that has a common cultural tradition evaluate (sb/sth).. n. mistake set up on a firm or permanent basis area of land. eg in a museum expand v. expert n. situated on the outside of sth (esp the v.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. www.Sri Lanka.kugroup.Vocabulary ListV3. usu with effort or by facilitate v. find out or form an idea of the amount or value of adj. judgement or calculation of the approximate size.kugroup. with one owner estimate n. object or collection of objects displayed for the public.. taking part in sth. adj. Jaffna. of a national. display outside. system of moral principles. etc) clearly and fully expressed n. ultimate adj.No 75. www. ~ person with special knowledge.info | Hotline : 0777302882 error establish estate n. etc but not of a person) make (sth) easy or less difficult © Knowledge Universe. (of an object. v. ~ sth take or get sth out. v. happening at last as a result.Temple Road . clear v. number or importance ~ (into sth) (cause sth to) become greater in size.ESOL) : English Department .info Mobile : 0777302882 10 | I E L T S V o c . Knowledge Universe. assess eventual evident evolve exceed v.Jaffna.

n. adj. F G fluctuate v. shape. not infinite that can bend easily without breaking (of a price. eg to private teachers. Knowledge Universe. www. etc) meet or from which they appear to come format n.kugroup. in addition. etc that helps to produce a feature n. about to happen or appear in the near future act of founding [ find: ] to meet with or discover by chance n. moreover . etc of a book formula n. rate.info Mobile : 0777302882 11 | I E L T S V o c . coming last management of money having bounds. adj. limited. of or forming the basis or foundation of sth. Jaffna.Vocabulary ListV3. eyes) which together form its appearance federal of or relating to a form of government or a country in which power is divided between one central and several regional government fee n. metal tool with a rough surface for cutting.kugroup. (in certain languages) classification of a noun or pronoun as masculine or feminine © Knowledge Universe. circumstance.No 75. =>Usage at data data. number. of the end. etc) rise and fall.Temple Road . n. structure giving shape and support special activity or purpose of a person or thing sum of money saved or made available for a particular adj.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. ~ change irregularly focus n. point at which rays (of light. www. size. fact. gender n. doctors. binding. etc file n. (chemistry ) set of symbols showing the elements that a substance is made of forthcoming foundation founded framework function fund purpose fundamental essential furthermore adj. (usu pl ) amount paid for professional advice or service.Jaffna. one of the named parts of the face (eg nose. sound. mouth.Sri Lanka. smoothing or shaping hard substances final finance finite flexible adj.info | Hotline : 0777302882 factor result n. adv. n.ESOL) : English Department . n.

produce n. cause to exist or occur. tool or instrument © Knowledge Universe. etc goal n. etc) pair of posts with a crossbar. rivers. (in football. esp one made in stone or wood. cities. ideas that form the basis of an economic or political theory or that are held by a particular group or person ignorant adj. statue immigrate permanently impact implement v. agree to give or allow (what is asked for) guarantee n. hockey. etc. hit. stage or degree of rank.Temple Road .info | Hotline : 0777302882 generate generation v.info Mobile : 0777302882 12 | I E L T S V o c .kugroup.No 75. unaware illustrate v. step. www. hitting of one object against another n. idea or suggestion that is based on known facts and is used as a basis for reasoning or further investigation identical adj. www.Sri Lanka. production globe n. the ~ the same identify v.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. system with grades of authority or status from the lowest to the highest highlight something n. copy of the shape of a person or thing. etc image n. ~ (against sth) promise (usu in writing) that certain conditions agreed to in a transaction will be fulfilled guideline course of actio hence a principle put forward to set standards or determine a adv. ~ sb/sth as sb/sth show. ~ enter a foreign country in order to live there n. small spherical model of the earth showing the continents and usu also countries.Vocabulary ListV3. etc in order to score grade classification grant n.Jaffna. from this time hierarchy n. diagrams. Jaffna.ESOL) : English Department . supply with pictures. ~ (of sth)knowing little or nothing. quality. Knowledge Universe.kugroup. most interesting or most exciting part of hypothesis n. recognize sb/sth (as being the specified person or thing) ideology n. level of G H I v. between which the ball has to be kicked. lacking education or information. etc who or what sb/sth is. best. prove.

usu arranged at the end in alphabetical order indicate individual induce inevitable v.Sri Lanka. esp a crime adj. Jaffna. include index n. but not expressed directly. ~ existing as a natural or permanent feature or quality of sb/sth inhibit or easy to do initial initiate begin injure innovate input v. ~ thing that encourages sb to do sth. separate persuade or influence (sb) to do sth that cannot be avoided. inherent adj. stimulus n.Vocabulary ListV3. esp as payment for work or as interest on investments incorporate v.Jaffna. ~ sb show that sb is involved in sth. www. harm v. v. that is sure to happen infer v.info Mobile : 0777302882 13 | I E L T S V o c .No 75. etc) into operation. etc. etc) officially on n. ~ action of putting sth in © Knowledge Universe. money received over a certain period. v. first v. v. make changes. ~ sth place (a penalty. put (a scheme.info | Hotline : 0777302882 implicate implicit imply directly. ~ sth (in/into sth) make sth part of a whole. installations. hurt (sb). etc that form the basis of a system. introduce new things n.ESOL) : English Department . ~ of sth extent to which sth happens or has an effect ~ towards sth lean or slope in the direction of sth income n. hint impose sb/sth incentive incidence incline v.kugroup. tax. ~ sb prevent sb from doing sth that should be natural adj. not explicit suggest (sth) indirectly rather than state it I v. ~ implied.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. an organization or an enterprise (eg of an army) . Knowledge Universe. esp by pointing single. ~ sth (from sth) reach (an opinion) from facts or reasoning. cause (sth) to v. adj. conclude sth infrastructure n. www.kugroup.Temple Road . list of names or topics referred to in a book. ~ sth (to sb) show sth. adj. of or at the beginning. subordinate parts.

www. ~ (approv ) ability to see into the true nature (of sth). things.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. society or organization for a special (usu social. understanding and reasoning. space.kugroup. ~ situated or coming between two people. (of sensations) very great or severe. n. ~ (in sth/with sb) use (money) to buy shares. property. professional or educational) purpose instruct integral to direct to do something. ~ sth (into sth). v.info | Hotline : 0777302882 insert things v. www.ESOL) : English Department . order adj. Jaffna.Temple Road . adj. v. deep understanding inspect v. find out and examine in order to obtain the truth use (sth) as a reason for one's action make necessary as a condition or result.Jaffna. existing within. v. etc in time. case institute n. example. ~ particular occurrence of sth that happens generally or several times. quality of being honest and morally upright power of learning.Sri Lanka. degree. fit. Knowledge Universe.No 75. in order to earn interest or bring profit investigate invoke involve v. belonging naturally. n. ~ necessary for completeness integrate v. ~ sth put. extreme ~ act or have an effect on each other intermediate adj. place sth into sth or between two insight n. not coming invest v.kugroup.info Mobile : 0777302882 14 | I E L T S V o c . etc internal interpret interval intervene intrinsic from outside adj. v. of or on the inside explain (sth which is not easily understandable) ~ time between two events (of time) come or be between adj. entail © Knowledge Universe. ~ A and B/~ A with B combine sth in such a way that it becomes fully a part of sth else integrity intelligence mental ability intense interact n.Vocabulary ListV3. v. examine (sth) closely I instance n. etc.

n. metal. v. owner. ~ sth cause sth to continue. physicalor mental work layer n. reasonable or just label n. important. v.ESOL) : English Department .4 (IELTS/B2-C2. n. often as part of a teaching programme legal legislate adj. issue item job n. cloth. tolerant and open-minded. separate sb/sth . thickness of material laid over a surface or forming a horizontal division lecture n.Sri Lanka. keep sth in existence at the same level. ~ make laws ~ sth (on sb) collect (a payment.info | Hotline : 0777302882 isolate v. show that (sb/sth) is right. free from prejudice licence n.Jaffna.info Mobile : 0777302882 15 | I E L T S V o c . piece of paper. n.kugroup. etc I J L M n. done with or controlled by the hands © Knowledge Universe. outflow single article or unit in a list. impose sth liberal adj. great(er) control or handle with skill adj. Knowledge Universe. the patience of job journal n. esp one that is serious and deals with a specialized subject justify v. of or based on the law v. etc labour n. destination. of.Vocabulary ListV3. etc on or beside an object and describing its nature. www. or force. Jaffna.kugroup. use or do sth likewise link locate logic adv. newspaper or periodical. ~ (on sth) talk giving information about a subject to an audience or a class.No 75.Temple Road . etc) by authority levy v. official document showing that permission has been given to own. etc major manipulate manual adj. outgoing. standard. similarly one ring or loop of a chain discover the exact position or place of science of reasoning maintain v. www. ~sb/sth put or keep sb/sth entirely apart from other people or things. name.

www. the media means of mass communication. of. adj. ~ that which causes sb to act in a particular way. device used to observe. to make as high or great as possible. Knowledge Universe.) adj. blank space round the written or printed matter on a mature adj.Jaffna.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. of or for armed adj. etc M n. n.ESOL) : English Department . fully grown or developed mentally or physically. Jaffna. radio. felt or done by each towards the other © Knowledge Universe. mediate v. esp to make it less extreme or n. v. groups. etc ~ (fml ) way or manner in which sth is done change (sth) slightly. record or test sth n. etc who disagree medical medium communicated mental method migrate in another military forces minimal adj.info Mobile : 0777302882 16 | I E L T S V o c . (pl usu media) means by which sth is expressed or adj. of the art of medicine.info | Hotline : 0777302882 margin page n. degree. adj.Sri Lanka. ~ (to.kugroup. smallest in amount or degree minimise [ minimize: ] to reduce to or estimate at the least possible degree or amount minimum ministry minor mode modify to improve it monitor motive reason mutual n.No 75.kugroup. in or to the mind way move from one place to go to live or work v.Vocabulary ListV3.. least or smallest amount. less important. n. eg TV. n. of or for soldiers or an army. less serious.Temple Road . ~ act as a peacemaker or go-between for two or more people. having achieved one's full potential maximise [ maximize: ] vt. working parts of a machine.. www. increase to a maximum mechanism media newspapers n. of curing disease n. etc possible (buildings containing a) government department smaller.

Vocabulary ListV3. land. ~ idea or belief. nevertheless. clear v. quantity of goods.Sri Lanka.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. not supporting or helping either side in a dispute. the Orient countries of the (Far) East (eg Japan. adj. unusual. Jaffna. of a nucleus. power or freedom of choosing. etc) n. live in or have possession of (a house. ~ sth et sth.kugroup.war.Temple Road . happen strange. etc crossingeach other neutral adj. taking. come to own or possess sth (by buying. choice n. usual or N O n. standard or pattern that is typical (of a group. in spite of nuclear objective unbiased. circumstances. n.Jaffna. concept notwithstanding prep (can also follow the n to which it refers ) without being affected by (sth). etc) in accordance with what is typical.No 75. conj in spite of this. borrowing. contest. partly cover (sth) by extending over its edge © Knowledge Universe. total v. however. v. continuing to exist or progress n. Knowledge Universe. www. fair adj. www. balance adj.info | Hotline : 0777302882 negate network v.ESOL) : English Department . n. adj.info Mobile : 0777302882 17 | I E L T S V o c . esp of an atom not influenced by personal feelings or opinions. deny or disprove the existence of (sb/sth) complex system of roads. ~ sth (by sth/doing sth) compensate for sth. etc. etc produced adj. impartial nevertheless nonetheless norm normal regular notion adv. still adv. etc) come into being as an event or a process. however n. adj. recognized or understood. easily seen. obtain v. etc) obvious occupy occur odd offset sth ongoing option orient China) outcome output overall overlap adj. including everything. peculiar v.kugroup. effect or result (of an event.

(of two or more lines) having the same distance between each other at every point parameter n. wall. statement of ideals. part or share into which sth is divided © Knowledge Universe.info Mobile : 0777302882 18 | I E L T S V o c . art of drawing solid objects on a flat surface so as to give the right impression of their height. etc proposed or adopted by a government. usu raised above or sunk below the surrounding area paradigm n. observe persist v. distinct section of a written or printed text. quantity that does not vary in a particular case but does vary in other cases participate v. length or portion of time adj.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. become aware of (sb/sth).Sri Lanka. www. notice. etc portion n. usu consisting of several sentences dealing with a single theme and starting on a new line parallel adj. search for knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life physical plus adj. esp in an obstinate and determined way and in spite of opposition. Jaffna. set of all the different forms of a word O P paragraph n. www. stage in a process of change or development phenomenon n. foreign panel n. width.kugroup. argument or failure perspective n. person who takes part in an activity with another or others.Temple Road . business. political party.ESOL) : English Department . depth and position in relation to each other phase n.No 75. fact or occurrence. Knowledge Universe. ceiling. esp one of several owners of a business passive perceive percent period n. of or concerning material things prep with the addition of policy n. across the sea. ~ plan of action. esp in nature or society. ~ continue to do sth. ~ take part or become involved (in an activity) partner n. submissive v. not active. etc.Vocabulary ListV3.Jaffna. separate. usu rectangular.kugroup. that can be perceived by the senses philosophy n. part of the surface of a door.info | Hotline : 0777302882 overseas adj.

make or achieve sth professional adj. www. chief. take (sth) for granted coming before in time or order earliest in time or order of development most important. with no possibility of doubt. drawn or photographed positive potential practitioner precede precise predict predominant preliminary preparatory presume previous primary prime principal principle prior priority proceed adj. v. v. v.ESOL) : English Department . ~ (for sb) sit or stand in a particular position in order to be painted. ~ sth/sb (from doing sth) forbid sth or sb from doing sth esp by laws.info Mobile : 0777302882 19 | I E L T S V o c .Vocabulary ListV3. fraction (dated ) wide view of a landscape.Jaffna. fundamental adj. www. suppose to be true. ~ (state of) being more important (in rank) ~ (to sth) go to a further or the next stage. order. Jaffna.kugroup. etc © Knowledge Universe. rules or regulations project promote proportion prospect n.No 75. rank. ~ coming before a more important action or event. n. Knowledge Universe. chief. coming before in time.kugroup. adj. comparative part or share of a whole. forecast adj. clear and definite P adj. adj. basic general truth that underlies sth adj. main n. order or importance n.Sri Lanka.info | Hotline : 0777302882 pose v. scheme or undertaking to contribute to the growth or prosperity of:FURTHER n. say in advance that will happen. person who practises a skill or an art come or go before in time. of or belonging to a profession prohibit v. first in rank or importance. that can or may come into existence. possible n. series of actions or operations performed in order to do. go on process n. having more power or influence than others adj.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. etc stated clearly andaccurately v.Temple Road . adj. adj.

kugroup. n. of or from the root or base. etc refuse to accept © Knowledge Universe. (action of) buying sth follow (sb/sth). prepare. system of rules governing formal occasions. items. relation between two amounts determined by the number of times one contains the other rational react respond adj. esp in order to catch or kill. lost. etc. control or direct by means of rules and restrictions make stronger by adding material. qualitative n.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. ~ (from sb/sth) repeat in speech or writing (words previously said or written by another person) radical adj. part of a surface or bodyor space with or without definite boundaries or characteristicfeatures register etc regulate reinforce reject n. ~ sth find again (sth stolen. www. n. available to publish v. v. official list or record of names. hills. chase P Q R adj. chosen. done. www. etc) purchase pursue . official etiquette psychology publication the public n.kugroup. periodical.info Mobile : 0777302882 20 | I E L T S V o c . have printed and distribute to the public (a book. possession of sth refine regime v. etc ratio n.No 75. v. purify method or system of government region n. eg meetings between governments. fundamental random adj. attendances.Vocabulary ListV3. Knowledge Universe. connected line or row of mountains.Jaffna.Sri Lanka. science or study of the mind and how it functions action of making a book or periodical. recover v. v. etc).info | Hotline : 0777302882 protocol n. etc without method or conscious choice. v. of or concerned with quality quote v. regain remove impurities from (sth). able to reason ~ behave differently or change as a result of sth. diplomats.Temple Road . v.ESOL) : English Department . haphazard range n. Jaffna.

resource n. Knowledge Universe.what is being done..info Mobile : 0777302882 21 | I E L T S V o c . fulfilment. supply of raw materials. ~ (on sb) careful study or investigation. ~ (in/at. etc) known income. esp in order to discover new facts or information reside live resolve determine v. ~ (with sth) give a verbal or written answer ~ sth (fml ) give back (sth lost. set free or liberate sb/sth . keep sb/sth under control or in check restrict retain reveal revenue taxes. relevant adj. not bending or yielding © Knowledge Universe. ~ on/upon/against sth/doing sth decide firmly.Temple Road . ~ sb/sth (from sth) allow (a person or an animal) to go. ~ contrary or opposite to what is expected re-examine (sth). etc.Sri Lanka. overthrow of a system of government. stiff. v.Vocabulary ListV3. etc which bring a country. ~ sb/sthhold back sb/sth from movementor action. etc) to its owner restrain v.No 75. ~ sth/sb (from sth) take sth/sb away from one place v. v.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. etc wealth respond restore v.kugroup. esp by force stiff. person. v.kugroup. etc reluctance rely depend on sb/sth remove to another require Unwillingness. v. esp in order to correct or improve n. etc reverse revise it revolution rigid v. v.info | Hotline : 0777302882 relax v. ~ (to sth/sb)connected with what is being discussed. what is happening.ESOL) : English Department . adj. (make sth) become less tight. etc release v. (pt. v. esp the total annual income of the State from adj. www. pp relied) ~ on/upon sb/sth (to do sth) count or R v..) have one's home (in a certain place). depend on (sb/sth) for success. www. n.Jaffna. Jaffna. need research n. ~ sb/sth (to sth) put a limit on sb/sth keep (sth) in one's possession or use ~ sth make (facts.

Jaffna. pretend to have or feel place where a building. way taken or planned to get from one place to another written outline of a film.kugroup.Sri Lanka.No 75. etc v. n. etc with details of R S scenario n. the scenes and plot schedule scheme scope section divided n. condition of being male or female. gender shift v. n.info | Hotline : 0777302882 role route n. esp.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. secure seek obtain (sth) select suitable adj.ESOL) : English Department . Knowledge Universe./to. town. placed or occurring one after another sex n.info Mobile : 0777302882 22 | I E L T S V o c .Temple Road . (used to suggest that the words used to describe sb/sth are not appropriate ) sole somewhat n. number of things. actor's part in a play n. or will be so-called adj. esp one that is immediately adj. actions. www. flat sea-fish that is eaten as food indef adv to some degree. having a meaning. doubt. www.kugroup. Jaffna. ~ (after/for sth) look (for sth). numbers. ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (from. try to find or v. n.). n. events. ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (about/around) (cause sth/sb/oneself to) change or move from one position or direction to another [/] significant obvious similar simulate site situated adj. ~ resembling sb/sth but not the same. etc of a similar kind.Vocabulary ListV3.. ~ not feeling worry. is. ~ sb/sth choose sb/sth. alike v. programme of work to be done or of planned events ~ plan for doing or organizing sth ~ opportunity to do or achieve sth any of the parts into which sth may be or has been sector n. etc with each following the one before continuously or in a particular order series n.. set of events. part of a circle lying between two straight lines drawn from the centre to the circumference .. rather © Knowledge Universe. etc was. esp as being the best or most sequence n. play..

difficult circumstances. n. firmly established or fixed. subordinate subsequent adj. way in which sth is put together. ~ (to sb) lower in rank or position adj. etc (of sb/sth). n.info | Hotline : 0777302882 source specific n. etc) sphere n. esp contrasted with what is actually written or said submit v. without evasion planning and directing an operation in a war or n. esp by a government. precise and exact specify v. n.kugroup. ~ person or thing that comes after and takes the place adj. honest and frank. organized. arithmetical calculation brief statement of themain points of sth ~ thing added to sth else to improve or complete it © Knowledge Universe. materials.Sri Lanka. later. ~ (to sb/sth) accept the control. item of information expressed in numbers status n. .ESOL) : English Department . style n. to keep prices down. built. manner of writing or speaking.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. mental or physical distress. yield (to sb/sth) . www. solid figure that is entirely round (ie with every point on the surface at an equal distance from the centre) stable change statistic adj. (esp fml ) state or name clearly and definitely (details.Temple Road . superior strength. ~ enough n. legal or professional position or rank in relation to others straightforward strategy campaign stress etc structure etc adj. person's social. acts for or serves as n. ~ person or thing that replaces. etc substitute sb or sth else successor of (sb/sth) sufficient sum summary supplement n. to support the arts.info Mobile : 0777302882 23 | I E L T S V o c . not likely to move or S n. to help an industry. starting-point of a river detailed.Vocabulary ListV3.No 75. adj. n. Jaffna.kugroup. www.Jaffna. money paid. following subsidy n. Knowledge Universe.

etc adj. etc. v.No 75. task team and sports technical sciences technique sciences n. n. disc marked with concentric circles for this purpose in archery . a piece of writing or a person's n. topic theory events thereby thesis arguments topic work. object.info Mobile : 0777302882 24 | I E L T S V o c .info | Hotline : 0777302882 survey distance survive suspend sustain symbol else. method of doing or performing sth. adj. eg engineering temporary not permanent tense terminate text theme thoughts. subject of a discussion. look carefully at all of (sth/sb). esp in the arts or technology n. fastening or target n. esp from a v.kugroup. etc that suggests or refers to sth S T n. talk.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. statement or theory put forward and supported by n. lasting or meant to last for a limited time only. object or mark that a person tries to hit in shooting.Vocabulary ListV3. n. v. ~ ~ (on sth) continue to live or exist ~ sth (fml ) hang sth up bear (weight) without breaking or falling ~ image. main written or printed part of a book or page subject of a talk. www. emblem tape labelling things v. n. v. piece of work that has to be done group of players forming one side in certain games adj. Knowledge Universe. of or involving the mechanical arts and applied n. come to an end or bring (sth) to an end n. written © Knowledge Universe. programme.ESOL) : English Department .Jaffna.kugroup. www. by that means n. taut . narrow strip of material used for tying.Sri Lanka. stretched tightly. set of reasoned ideas intended to explain facts or adv.Temple Road . . Jaffna. scientific study and use of mechanical arts and applied sciences.

info | Hotline : 0777302882 trace happened n. beyond which no other exists or is possible. experience or endure (sth unpleasant or painful) v..kugroup. sign. unvarying v. volume. etc showing what has existed or tradition n. especially to find a profitable or practical use for valid adj. (=utilize) to put to use.. being the only one of its type utilise vt. ~ sth/sb (from. track.Jaffna. www.) move sth/sb from one place T U V transform v.4 (IELTS/B2-C2. form (sth) into a single unit or make uniform adj. passing of beliefs or customs from one generation to the next. Knowledge Universe. mark. conveyance such as a car. account of an event.) (to. ~ sth/sb (to. lie or exist beneath (sth) (start to) make oneself responsible for (sth) v.. lever that releases a spring. lorry or cart used for transporting goods or passengers on land version one person via n. Jaffna. esp without writing transfer to another v. legally effective because made or done with the ~ (in sth) be different in size.Vocabulary ListV3. correct formalities vary etc v. general tendency or direction n.info Mobile : 0777302882 25 | I E L T S V o c . not changing in form or character.Temple Road .No 75..ESOL) : English Department .Sri Lanka.) another in a vehicle trend trigger ultimate or final undergo underlie undertake uniform unify unique n. vehicle n. last v.. ~ sth/sb (into sth) completely change the appearance or character of sth/sb transit n. esp so as to fire a gun adj.kugroup. one place to another transmit process of going or being taken or transported from To send trough or across. (fml ) adj.. www. strength. through © Knowledge Universe. etc from the point of view of prep by way of (sth). take sth/sb from one place to transport v.

Jaffna. prosperity. but not accepted as such in name or officially visible vision visual volume voluntary welfare or group whereas whereby widespread adj. happiness.ESOL) : English Department . being or acting as what is described. sight adj.Vocabulary ListV3. concerned with or used in seeing n.kugroup. book. ~ n. by which rel adv extending over a wide area © Knowledge Universe. Jaffna.Sri Lanka. etc of a person conj taking into consideration the fact that .kugroup. break or be contrary to virtual adj. www. adj.No 75. that can be seen.Temple Road . in sight V W power of seeing. Knowledge Universe.info | Hotline : 0777302882 violate v.info Mobile : 0777302882 26 | I E L T S V o c . n...done or given willingly good health. esp one of a matching set or a series acting. www.4 (IELTS/B2-C2.

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