ANTISYMMETRlC CROSS-PLY laminate subjected to uniform load


GOVERNING EQUATIONS: stress-resultants: .

Displacement equations of equilibrium: where q is the applied transverse load .

For such a laminate it can be shown that .ANTISYMMETRIC CROSS-PLY LAMINATES  Consider an antisymmetric cross-ply laminate consisting of an even number of orthotropic layers. with principal directions of orthotropy alternating at 0° and 90° to the x axis in successive layers.

The governing equation reduces to a simpler form: .


 Assuming displacement solution which satisfies all boundary conditions .

programme: Programme code1 Programme code 2 .

Results: deflection plot for b/a=1 .

Variation of Wmax : With respect to b/a and transvers load(qo) .

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