I felt like writing something and the beauty of sound was on my mind.

By: Caleb Kestner Sifting sound in semblance seem a million things or more The songs of long lost ages crash like fists a upon a door Music floats through vaulting hauls and spins through shining air Tendrils flowing gently down like strands of golden hair Orchestras a thousand strong or wandering minstrels few From might oaks of silence symphonies of songs do hew Stirring fast emotions that before would barely turn Teaching lessons never taught to those who could not learn The chorus of the rustling leaves the music of the snow The gurgles of a bubbling brook that sing as well as flow Music’s simple majesty, the beauty of a tune Moments if to late begun may also end too soon Hearing’s not the greatest sense but still the most enjoyed Providing that the sounds they sense are properly employed Music makes complete the heart and sound fulfills the soul Sight may paint the picture but its sound that makes it whole

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