This poem is as much about a word as that word is about the poem.

For better or worse it represents a choice that will be made by us all, in the end all grey shifts to black and white.

By: Caleb Kestner Torn in two my sides compete Each the other to defeat Light and darkness, black and white Good and evil, wrong and right Ever hungry wanting more Ever yearning for their war Different parts of all that’s me Two reflections I could see Past and future, lost and found Happy heartache, silent sound True deception, honest lie Deep within I live to die Hope eternal yet may spring Everlasting light to bring Battles wait still to be waged Souls in flesh remain still caged Passions follow passions lead Hearts are chained and hearts are freed Chaos of the human soul Ever straining to be whole Light to light and sin to sin What is fed is sure to win Time unmeasured time to few What we are is what we do In the end one side must lose Beware the torn piece you choose

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