War of the Hours

By: Caleb Kestner Against my monster I wage war Ever certain, never sure A blackness deep inside of me Locked within, yet running free Sin’s seduction, bitter sweet Crippled wings, still fight to beat I yearn to live, yet choose to die I try to laugh, but only cry The hours pass in dark of night My soul cries out in search of light My spirit mourns for what I’ve lost My fight is weakened by it’s cost Loss of love, I fall and weep Love they gave, I failed to keep War of the Hours never done Never finished never won

This poem is about the inner struggle in all of us. The battle against that which we know is wrong but still has an inhuman hold on our lives, the sins, the desires, the weakness that pull us back down when we fail to give it all. When we fail to sacrifice it all and in doing so fail completely.

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