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There have been some criticisms of the UID project. These can be summarized unde r four heads: 1.

the project would necessarily entail the violation of privacy and civil liber ties of the people. 2. it is unclear whether biometric technology - the cornerstone of the project - is capable of de-duplication. Retaining the biometric efficiency of a database of more than 1 billion people has not been adequately recognized. 3. there has been no cost-benefit analysis or feasibility study for the project till now (oct 21, 2010) 4. the purported benefits of the project for the social sector is largely illusi ve. Jean Dreze 1. Privacy issues 2. Quasi-mandatory: since many services are linked to having a UID number, it is almost mandatory 3. The reliability of UID data, due to errors of exclusion and in data collectio n cannot be total 4.

There is also an idea to develop National Intelligence Grid (NAT-GRID): Government of India is setting up a national intelligence grid called NATGRID.It is a brainchild of Home Minister P Chidambaram. This NATGRID will be fully set up by May 2011 where each individual's data ranging from land records, Internet logs, phone records, gun records, driving license, property records, insurance, and income tax records would be available in real time and with no oversight.