 Psychology conditions This factor has strong relation with the first factor . they can learn English well . Instrinsic If young learners will to learn English is strong . . it can be easy to teach them and the learning process will going well . If young learners psychology condition is good .

 . Enviroment If they were born and raised in good enviroment . they will learn English well . It is also good if the people of the enviroment use English in communication . Family If there is a family member who can understand English and teach English . they will helped in learning process .

Freedom of choosing the topic that they are interested in .    . Learners ( Instrinsic motivation ) Curiosity . Exploration that bring success .

 Teacher/Parents ( Extrinsic motivation ) Reward / Appreciation .  Allow children ample time when working to allow for persistence .  Respond to children’s need in a consistent predictable manner but allow them to be as independent as possible (support/encouragment) .  .

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