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corporate social responsibility

corporate social responsibility

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corporate social responsibility
corporate social responsibility

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Published by: Pratiksha Jagdish on Apr 19, 2013
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VSRD-IJBMR, Vol. 1 (5), 2011, 290-298


Social Responsibility towards Labour Welfare in Singareni Collieries Company Limited

P. Swapna*

This attempts at addressing the aspects of social responsibility of the business in light of labour welfare with special reference to Singareni Collieries Company limited. The linkages and the ethical considerations involved in employee welfare have been addressed with implications for labour welfare. The concept of social responsibility in its narrow contours has been equated with economic welfare. Conceptually as well as operationally, labour welfare can achieve through social responsibility, which in turn is closely linked to the concept of social welfare and the role of the state. Hence in this way, we can understand the importance of social responsibility towards lab our welfare. Keywords: SR: Social Responsibility, ISO: International Standard Organization, WG: Working Group.

In modern Societies business occupies a dominating place affecting the life of the citizen more widely and intensively than any other institution or activity. The traditional way of looking at business was to make profits by hook or crook. A new approach to business is slowly growing and it is being increasingly felt that business has certain social responsibilities. Business is not an end in itself. It is only a means to achieve an end; the end is man and the Society in which he lives. Therefore, business must contribute to man's happiness, freedom and his material, mental, moral and spiritual growth.

Labour Welfare means working out things for the well-being of the lab ours. Knowing there wants and enabling them to fulfill there wants.

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Research Scholar, Ambedkar Chair, Acharya *Correspondence : swapnaram77@gmail.com







REVIEW LITERATURE 3. The traditional economic concept of organizational functioning does not give workers their proper share in the distribution of income. Labour welfare is the voluntary efforts of employer to establish within the existing industrial system.R.P. 1 (5). It is the task of management to reconcile these separate and sometimes conflicting responsibilities. This can be done by the management in the following ways: a) Management should treat workers as another wheel of the cart. a business must first do well". it must also do well". Towards workers: "Workers have direct interest in an organization because by working there they satisfy their needs. But in order to "do well". the concept of social responsibility assumes that the business has not only economic and legal obligations but also certain other social responsibilities too i. viz. Social skill is the ability to comprehend this concept and to act in a manner balancing him conflicting interests of the diverse groups constituting the organization and the community at a large. R. Since then there have been number of factors which have contributed to great extent towards the development of this concept. for women and children in England. It may be noted that social responsibility simply means fulfilling the obligations towards the society and the components of business and improving its economic and social conditions by all possible means.e. 3. The owners and managers have too much power under the economic state of affairs. ecology and consumerism influencing the managers. Thus it is the management's responsibility to protect the interest of workers in the organization. he suggested certain measures for improvement in working hours. The challenge is to make an economic enterprise truly human with an integrated social purpose in which issues like work enrichment. Oxford dictionary . Robert Owen. In 1819. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. Social Responsibility A popular pun these days says "It is not enough for business to do well. Hopkins . was amongst the first to make some contribution to the development of the concept of social responsibility. labour welfare and participation. Page 291 of 298 . an industrialist. 3. employment conditions etc. Definitions 1.1. working and sometimes living and cultural conditions of the employee beyond what is required by law. In other words. 2. The encyclopedia of social sciences- Hence. Since business as a social institution owes certain responsibilities to Society. 2011 2. management decisions can't be indifferent to the wider social implications.defines Labour welfare as efforts to make life worth living for workmen.1.welfare is fundamentally an attitude of mind on the part of the management influencing the methods by which management activities are undertaken. Swapna et. the community members. a businessman must besides taking care of his own interest must also take care of other's interest too.

in more perfect organization. Business operates the mutual support and co-operation of all these interested groups. As a result. A business unit comes into existence through the combination of material and human resource for producing and exchanging values in the form of goods and services. employees and the community. d) Management should pay fair and reasonable wages and other financial benefits to workers.. developing their faculties and promoting their happiness and in the establishment of right relations with customers and with the community ". global civilization. 1 (5). eliminating friction as well as waste. Success must be sought in business also in excellence of performance. creating a sense of belongingness. profit motive must always be tempered with social obligations of business.. the fulfillment of the primary objective depends upon the wise and efficient use of resources. They are concerned with the impact of the Corporation on the individual and the possibilities of reconciling big business. We will demand this as well-the university. the earning of profit is something more than an incidence of success. we are moving in the direction of demanding that our institutions take responsibility beyond their performance and their own contribution. excellence of performance manifests itself. among other things. business creates obligations to those who provide the resources owners. c) The management should adopt a progressive labour policy based on recognition of genuine trade union rights. as Drucker has observed." Page 292 of 298 . the School and even charitable organizations and places of worship3. The Social responsibilities of modern business have been summed up in these words " In business. Swapna et. Consequently.. "Social responsibilities refer to the businessman's decisions and actions taken to reasons at least partially beyond the firm's direct economic or technical interest2". it becomes crystal clear that business has an inescapable responsibility towards community as a whole. "Social obligations are common to all business enterprises in the public. And to discharge this responsibility. the Hospital. big labour and big government with the values deeply rooted in out form of governmenti". and in business. the brain and brawn to any business’’. In the absence of employee and workers co-operation business would become lifeless. From the primary objective of business. in bettering the conditions of workingmen. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. the Government agency. participation of workers in management. It is necessary in an independent word. 2011 b) Management should develop administrative process in such a way that promotes co-operative endeavor between employers and employees. in the advancing of methods and process. For supplying quality goods and services at acceptable prices. who supply the breath of life.. and of ethical principles that ought to govern the relationship between the Corporation and Society. improving their working and living conditions.P. "Eels and Walton have described social responsibility as "When people talk about corporate social responsibility they think in terms of the problems that arise when corporate enterprise casts its shadow on the social scene. in the improvement of products. "Society wants business as well as all other major institutions to assume significant social responsibility. It has become the hallmark of a mature. "Under any circumstance. private or co-operative sector of economy.

Only then do we deserve to win". There is a range of many different opinions as to the right approach ranging from strict legislation at one end to complete freedom at the other. Swedish Standards Institute and ABNT Brazilian Association of Technical Standards to provide the joint leadership of the ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility (WG SR). The establishment of a welfare state is the goal of all efforts of the government in our country. Ford India Ltd. The happy and contended labour force is one of the main pillars of the society in which the structure of industrial Page 293 of 298 . In "enlightened self interest" that sees poverty equal greater markets equals greater profits. no industry can flourish unless there is industrial peace with cooperation by all the concerned in particular the labour force in this context. "National Aluminum Company Ltd. It is shared by the stakeholder groups that are participating in the WG SR to develop ISO 26000: industry. The Civil awareness movement has never been as strong as it is in India now and has caused companies to buy into the business of being socially responsible The more professional manager is more conscious of his social duties. definitions and methods of evaluation. Sound words backed by a sound conscience3. (NALCO) the public sector aluminum major. government.. Swapna et. 1 (5). labour welfare has tremendous potentialities for posturing good industrial relations. Rose said that "We want not only to make a difference to our bottom line but also to the lives of the people we serve. the International Organization for Standardization. defines its social responsibilities as those activities which will improve the quality of life of its employees and of the people living in the vicinity of its operations. consumers. 2011 "We have to give some thing back to the community". LABOUR WELFARE Prosperity of a country depends upon the development and growth of industry. has decided to launch the development of an International Standard providing guidelines for social responsibility (SR). We are looking for a golden middle way that promotes respect and responsibility based on known reference documents without stifling creativity and development. 4. in addition to geographical and gender-based balance. labour.2. 3. It will not include requirements and will thus not be a certification standard. The WG SR has been given the task of drafting an International Standard for social responsibility that will be published in 2010 as ISO 26000..P. The need for organizations in both public and private sectors to behave in a socially responsible way is becoming a generalized requirement of society. asserts an enthusiastic Phil Spender. ISO & Social Responsibility ISO. The ultimate goal of welfare state is the well-being of the society as a whole. ISO has chosen SIS. The guidance standard will be published in 2010 as ISO 26000 and be voluntary to use. Our work will aim to encourage voluntary commitment to social responsibility and will lead to common guidance on concepts. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. nongovernmental organizations and others. Managing Director. The significance of such activities in a country like India is very great.

The term welfare is derived from the French phrase "welfare" which means to Fare well. mines. Absenteeism and turn-over in Indian industries can be reduced by the provision of adequate welfare facilities. Editing Page 294 of 298 . well being or prosperity3".2. From the company. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. Subsequently laws were framed to promote welfare facilities in several industries such as coal.1. 5. 5. For the first time the establishment of canteens of factories was statutorily laid down by the Factory Act of 1947. they are explained as follows: 1).P. They develop the feeling of friendly relationship. They improve the health of worker and their families. Sample design and sample size: Random sample procedure was followed to select sample respondents. Andhra Pradesh state was chosen for the study purpose. Definition of Methodology:   "The analysis of the principles of methods. The chambers dictionary defines the term welfare "as a state characterized by happiness. "The systematic study of methods that are. 2011 relations should rest. looking into the convenience. Swapna et. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study area: The Singareni Collieries Company Limited. reduce the incidence of vices (able mish) and increases their mental efficiency and economic productivity. General standard of living and wages of workers have risen. 1 (5).kothagudem -Head quarter of khammam district. rules. Welfare measures influence the sentiments of the workers. or have been applied within a discipline". Processing of data: Processing of data can be done in different ways. plantation and sugar. With the passage of time a progressive labour code has been enacted. the total numbers of respondents are 400 selected from 5 different wings. Definition of Research Research is an ORGANIZED and SYSTEMATIC way of FINDING ANSWERS to QUESTIONS. and postulates employed by a discipline". RESEARCH & METHODOLOGY 5. carrying the coal mining activities in the Godavari valley of Andhra Pradesh and catering to the needs of consumers in southern India by providing the statutory and non statutory benefits to their employees. For building up a stable and efficient labour force it is essential to bring about a marked improvement in the conditions of worker's life and work. The Singareni Collieries Company Limited is the oldest public sector company in India. can be. Data collection procedure: Data were collected from the above respondents by using questionnaire specifically designed for the purpose. mica. 6.

5 99. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1) To what extent you are satisfied with the Singareni Seva Samithi Programmes? SCCL S No. of Respondents Hospital 54 (57.55) 0 (2.SATISFIED 3) H. the computed chi square value will be zero.4) 60 4 (11. Classification 4). ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE: CHI-SQUARE TEST Tabulated data were analyzed with the help of arithmetic mean and converting into simple percentages to know the extent of welfare provided by the company. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol.0001 Opinion No. the chi-square (X2) TEST was employed.94) 66 8 (5.84) 6 (9.M % Chi-Square & P Value 55 4) DISSATISFIED 36 400 0.5) 10 (8. Tabulation 7.6) 140 10 (2.2) Education Opencast 14 (36. The value obtained from the above procedure was compared with the table value at (r-1)*(c-1) degrees of freedom.55 A. 8.36) 104 8 (5.5 40 (28. 1 (5). If the calculated value is greater than the table value. The data which I collected is significant you can observe this in the data analysis and interpretation mentioned below.275 27.15) 12 (16. variables which are supposed to influence the welfare were selected.1) 4 (5. In order to evaluate the degree of association between different WINGS in the company.19) 12 (12.61) 14 (5.6) 30 (18. Coding 3). 2011 2).SATISFIED 4 (8. Based on the literature survey and experts opinion.09 1 9 100 Total Percentage drawn from different wings Page 295 of 298 .5) 220 0. it would be inferred that it is significant.3651 & 0.5) 18 (38. 1) SATISFIED 2) M. Here r and c refer to the number of rows and columns respectively.P.25) 110 0.7) 30 34 0. Swapna et. There fore the possible value of chi-square ranges upward from zero.3) 36 (33) Undermine 106 (77) Personnel 10 (16. 2 = (f0-fe) 2/fe Where f0 fe = = observed frequency expected frequency If the observed frequencies and the expected frequencies are identical.085 8.

8.4) 0 (0) Undermin e 50 (44.SATISFIED DISSATISFIED Opinion Hospital 26 (32.5 58 0.45) 0 (4.1.1446 & 0.0001 54 0 Page 296 of 298 .35) 20 (16.08) 68 (56.2) 0 (0) No. From the above table it is observed that 55% of respondents are satisfied.P. 8.6) 0 (0) Personnel 10 (9.M % Chi-Square & P Value 0. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol.75% of respondents are moderately satisfied.1) 16 (20.5 3 4 Number of Respondents Drawn From Different Wings 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Hospital Education Opencast Undermine Personnel 8.54 0 46. this difference is considered to be extremely statistically signified.7) 14 (32.0001 by conventional criteria.76) 10 (5. 1 (5).79) 16 (9.3) 74 (75. Swapna et.145 14.16) 0 (0) Education 10 (20. INTERPRETATION The two tailed p value is less than 0.5 1 2 55 27. 1) SATISFIED 2) M.SATISFIED 3) 4) H. of Respo ndents 126 A. To what extent you are satisfied with the present pattern of working hours? SCCL S No.5 216 0 0.64) 0 (0) Openc ast 30 (18. 2011 9 8. 2.315 31.5% of respondents are highly satisfied and 9% of respondents are dissatisfied.2.9) 16 (8.57) 40 (35.

Page 297 of 298 . Thus. ' The twentieth century will be chiefly remembered not as an age of political conflicts or technical innovations. 54 % of respondents are highly satisfied and 0% of respondents are dissatisfied. Hence we conclude that 31.5 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Hospital Education Opencast Undermine Personnel 8. 2011 Total 104 66 60 140 30 400 1 100 Percentage Drawn From Different Wings 0 31.P. this difference is considered to be extremely statistically signified. The concept of social responsibility in its narrow contours has been equated with economic welfare. economic and social. According to Arnold Toynbe. but as an age in which human society dared to think of the welfare of the whole human race as a practical objective'. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol. 1 (5).0001 by conventional criteria.5% of respondents are satisfied. INTERPRETATION The two tailed p value is less than 0. This is true of labour welfare as well. 9.ecological. 14.5% of respondents are moderately satisfied. CONCLUSION Thus. in the modern era of "Planning for prosperity" every nation appears to be concentrating all its efforts to evolve an affluent society. Swapna et.3. historical. in its broader connotation the term 'welfare' refers to a state of living of an individual or a group in a desirable relationship with total environment .5 1 2 54 3 4 14.

Citizenship and social class. L. 30th Nov.S.26 [10] Keith Devis. “Modern business”. “Industrialisation and social work” Proceedings of he international conference of social work.H. “Trade Union Movement in India”. PP3-5 [2] Bhagoliwala. Bombay. conceptual foundations of business. Commentaries on the Indian constitution.Prasad..11 [16] Venkata Subba Rao.. 1972. Antumn.59 [3] Charubala Annunico. “Modern business” 1961 [15] T. 171 to 172 “Article 39 and Vaid K. P. Inc. New Deligi. REFERENCES [1] Brandeis.Irwin. to 3rd Dec. [13] Sharma G. Part IV PP.. “Labour Welfare in India” 1970 P. 1961 PP 457-458 [6] Indian Conference of social work. 2011 Conceptually as well as operationally. Heinemenn Educational Books. T. labour welfare can achieve through social responsibility. P. P-70 [11] L. Hence in this way. Richard and Clarance Walton. Swapna et. Agra 1981) P. 1 (5). P-16. 1933. Home Wood. al / VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research Vol.N.6 [9] Joshi N. 1966 P. [5] Eells. “The Business of caring “outlook.22     Page 298 of 298 .N.C. “Principles and practice of Management” P-105 [12] Recommendations of Asian trade unions seminar. Economics Justice and the Indian Constitution some implications of the bonus case. 1977. PP 46& 47 [4] Drucker Peter F. 457 [14] “Satya Saran Chatterjee. June 21. Illinois.M. 10. `1999. 1927. London. we can understand the importance of social responsibility towards lab our welfare. “The concept of the Corporation” “Business and Society review. Business – A profession. Richard D.P.5 [8] Indian law institute. Bombay. “can business afford to ignore social responsibilities?” “California Management review” spring 1960. Labour law and labour relations P.. which in turn is closely linked to the concept of social welfare and the role of the state. Economics of Labour and Industrial Relations (Sahitya Bhavan. 1961 “Satya Saran Chatterjee.D. Marshall.. [7] Ibid P. G. 1963.M.

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