of Transportation
Pipeline and
Hazardous Materials Safety
April18, 2013
Mr. Randall Curry
Chevron Pipe Line Company
4800 Fournace Place
Bellaire, TX 77401
RE: Corrective Action Order - CPF 5-2013-5006H
Item 2c - Approval of Hydrostatic Test Plan
Dear Mr. Curry:
12300 W. Dakota Ave., Suite 110
Lakewood, CO 80228
I received your revised Hydrostatic Test Plan, dated April16, 2013, that was submitted
in accordance with Item 2c of the Corrective Action Order (CAO), CPF No. 5-2013-
5006H. My staff has completed a review of that plan. In that review, they utilized
preliminary data from your metallurgical testing consultant, Stress Engineering. The
data indicated the failure did not result from either pressure cycle-induced fatigue,
selective seam corrosion, or stress corrosion cracking. While this metallurgical
information is preliminary, we have considered it in our evaluation of your Hydrostatic
Test Plan.
We also reviewed a number of technical reports by Kiefner and Associates dealing
with hydrostatic testing of pipelines including spike pressure tests for low-frequency
electric-resistance welded (LF-ERW) pipe. Those reports provided insight to spike
test pressure levels for LF-ERW pipe. Based on our engineering judgment, PHMSA
has concluded that the spike pressure level Chevron proposes of 1.39 times the
Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) for a duration of 30 minutes after stabilization
followed by an 8-hour hydrostatic test of 1.25 times the MOP is adequate.
I approve the plan as submitted. You can start the process of hydrostatic testing the
pipe in the area around Willard Bay Park North immediately. Please keep my office
appraised of the planned dates for the actual testing as I will be sending a
representative to observe. I will use the results of the testing to determine if the CAO
terms need to be modified. If you have any questions, please call Terry Larson or
Peter Katchmar at 720-963-3160.
)/ / '"'

/,·' ( // --- ,,
r z-c:t
Chris Hoidal
Director, Western Region
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
cc: PHP-60 Compliance Registry
PHP-500 P. Katchmar (#143086)
Chevron Pipe Line Co. - Gary Saenz

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