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Good Friday
This day is part of something bigger than itself. It is the first day of the Paschal Triduum. The Good Friday services have no formal beginning or ending, no greeting or dismissal. The service is part of the single, three-day liturgy of the Triduum. The Good Friday services will be held at 12:00 noon. This is the time when the lambs were slaughtered in the Temple in Jerusalem to prepare for the Passover feast. This is the time when Jesus died. The service begins in silence. For a few moments everyone kneels. Then everyone rises. A prayer is read. The traditional prayer for this day is very old. It reminds us that this is the day God created the very first humans from clay. John’s account of the passion is heard today. This account is in many ways different from those in the other three gospels. John shows us how God’s glory is seen in the suffering and death of Jesus. We hear that Jesus was buried like a monarch, with a hundred pounds of sweet-smelling myrrh. The tomb was in a garden. Perhaps John is telling us that, because of the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord, we are welcome back to paradise. On Good Friday the gathered church prays for the world and all its peoples. A large wooden cross is present in the church. This is the wood “on which hung the Savior of the world.” In mystery, we say that this wood is the cross on which Jesus died. We also say that this is the tree of life in Eden. This is the ark that saved Noah and his family and the creatures huddled inside. This is the staff that Moses held up to split the waters of the Red Sea. Is it any wonder that people call this Friday “good”?

EASTER PRAYER Time for joy and time for giving Time for remembering Love while living. Take this message Easter Day Show kindness, care At home, school, and play. It’s in our very acts of giving Easter’s joy Makes life worth living. Children round the globe now hear Keep Easter In your heart all year. May joy and love spread land to land Linked heart to heart And hand to hand! Amen. God bless you all during this Holy Season


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Holy Thursday, March 28th, OMMS Student Stations of the Cross Friday, March 29th, REMEMBER: 2013-2014 registration paperwork and monies are due Good Friday, March 29th, 12:00 noon Prayer Service, “The Passion” in Serra Center, reenacted by the 8th graders, 1:00 pm dismissal (approximate time)

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March 30th – April 7th Easter Vacation SCHOOL OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Monday, April 8th, Students return to school Monday, April 8th, OPEN ENROLLMENT begins for the 2013-2014 school year

Principal Notes:
As we prepare to celebrate Easter we look around and realize how truly blessed we are as a community and as a school! Everyone is committed to the preparations and the joy to be found, engaged in

these preparations leading us to our celebration on Easter Sunday. On behalf of our OMMS Faculty and Staff we wish you and your family a BLESSED EASTER and a peaceful week enjoying family time until we begin school once again on Monday, April 8th.

tour other OMMS classrooms; this is a wonderful opportunity to visit the next level of academics within our educational program. We encourage all families to take advantage of this opportunity to see what OMMS has to offer and have your questions answered by the teachers within the various levels.

A note to Primary Parents regarding GOOD FRIDAY
Our Good Friday service begins and ends quietly; it is not a mass, but a liturgy with Holy Communion. As in previous years, our eighth grade students will re-enact the Passion of Our Lord and all are welcome to join us for this service. The Lord’s Passion is a powerful experience, seeing the reenactment of Jesus carrying the Cross, falling, being “nailed” to the Cross and giving up his life has brought tears to the eyes of many within the congregation, even our young students. We hope all will join us for this service, but if you feel that your child is too young and may not be ready to experience this re-enactment please make arrangements to pick them up from their Primary classroom no later than 11:30. Please also be aware that the service begins at noon and continues until 1:00 or 1:15 pm. Some younger children also find it difficult to have a delayed lunch and rest time. If you feel that your child will have difficulty with the above, please keep in mind that you need to pick them up at 11:30 from their classroom prior to entering the Serra Center. We ask that you do not pick them up from the Serra Center as this would disrupt the service. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this request.

2012-2013 OMMS Yearbooks

Calling all sponsors, business sponsors, and “Love Notes”
The last day to submit orders for sponsors, business sponsors, and “Love Notes” will be Wednesday, March 27th. We are also approaching the deadline to order your annual yearbook. Unfortunately, the school will be unable to order “extra” copies, so if you would like to have one, please place your order as soon as possible.

Many Thanks go to…
~ Zion and Zen’s dad for helping us to make our future P.E. field a closer reality. ~ Lydianne’s dad and Simon and Samuel’s mom for all of their work making our front play area a much nicer place to play! ~ Ethan’s dad for making all of the improvements on our Primary play yard!

Parental Notes Required Used Uniform Sales
Just a reminder that if your child is unable to participate in P.E. for medical reasons we ask you the parent to send a written note to the office or a note from the physician’s office to indicate the time frame for non-participation in this aspect of the curriculum. This limitation would also then apply to recess activities. Thank you for your attention and assistance with this requirement. We are in need of a parent or two who would be willing to take on the responsibility of “Lost and Found” and the used uniform sales. The office has the used uniform bins in the office and they are “for sale” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in helping, please contact Ms. Cyndi in the office.

Mark Your Calendars to save the Date….. For MARIA MONTESSORI SHADOW DAY
on Friday, April 19th

What is Maria Montessori Shadow Day?
Do you feel as if you have been invited to an event, but uncertain of the reason? Hopefully this will help clarify what this annual event is all about! Instead of “take your child to work day”, this event is the reverse it is “take your parent to school day”! Basically it is an opportunity for the parents, guardians or that special someone in your child’s life to follow them through their “work” morning to actually see first-hand what takes place within a Montessori classroom (if that is possible), plus it provides an opportunity for your child to reveal a sample of their daily work routine to their honored guest! The day begins at 8:30 a.m., in the classroom then at 11:00 we celebrate Mass in the Serra Center and afterwards everyone is invited to OMMS SCHOOL FUNDRAISER Sharkey’s will donate 10% of any service, purchase, or birthday events to OMMS. Friends and Family are welcome. You must bring in this flyer for OMMS to receive the donation. Military still receives a 10% discount on haircuts. This fundraiser will run from April 1st – July 31st! They are located at 4635 Frazee Road (In-N-Out parking lot, next to Cold Stone). Please call ahead to book your appointment.

If you have ordered tickets but need additional tickets for the game, you can use the link below.

“Night at the Mission” Mission” Wine Tasting
DO YOU STILL NEED 2ND SEMESTER PARENT PARTICIPATION HOURS? LAST CHANCE!! The Night at the Mission Wine Tasting event, Friday, May 10th, is the last big fundraiser for OMMS and a great opportunity to get in those parent participation hours to fulfill your commitment to the school. We need help serving and cleaning up. Please call Cheryl McKean, 760721-4628, for more information.

Prayer Corner
Please keep the following members our school family in your prayers: ~ POPE FRANCIS I, prayers of grace, and blessings ~ Ms. Melodee ~ Ms. Janie’s dad, Sal ~ Mrs. Sharp’s husband, Rick ~ The Cunningham Family ~ Linden and Oliver’s grandmother, Novella ~ John Haggerty ~ Madge Brown ~ Linden and Oliver’s new cousin, Madeleine ~ Kelly Family ~ Paredes Family ~ Cheryl and Khana Fleming Family ~ Matt Good and family ~ Lauren and Jenna’s aunt, Pat Wheeler ~ Kainoa and Athena’s aunt, Kristin ~ Silva-Santisteban/Takamori Family ~ Steve and Kris Golina ~ Donna Dreier ~ Our deployed men and women of the Armed Forces

Bring in Your Box Tops!!
We are still on track to reach our goal for the year. Please bring in an envelope or baggie of the box tops you have collected so far this year. Bring them in anytime to the little blue box in the office on the East wall. Thank You for your support! Keep clipping!!

For those of you who may not have had the chance to order tickets for Catholic Schools’ Night with the San Diego Padres for your school, it is not too late. The Padres have set up a link for purchasing tickets for April 12 2013 directly from their front office and at the same $11 and $9 price points offered to our schools earlier. http://tinyurl.com/PadresCatholicSchools

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