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It is the responsibility of we the human being to take care of this planet.The conservation of the environment begins with us. We all need to take the initiative from the grass root level to prevent it. According to the reports. the planet earth on which we resides is moving towards destruction. .

The initiative to prevent our environment has to come from us because we are the one who is solely responsible for its damage. We have used the environments natural resources in the most negative way possible for our own benefits. . Its time for us to wake up and smell the coffee and do something about it.

Avoid using plastic bags Say no to crackers .

Fuel Emission Water pollution .

Stop Making Noise Promote plantation .

It is important to understand that our environment is in danger and it is our responsibility to save our planet. Start early before all of us are doomed . We need to save our planet not only for us but for our future generation.

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