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Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation. An absence refers to time an employee is not on the job during scheduled working hours, except for a granted leave of absence, holiday, or vacation time. However, employee absenteeism is not just an employee issue it is an organizational problem and therefore becomes everyone's responsibility.

It refers to workers absence from their regular task when he is normally schedule to work. According to Webster’s dictionary “Absenteeism is the practice or habit of being an absentee and an absentee is one who habitually stays away from work.”

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To identify the reasons for the Employee Absenteeism in IT industry. To measure the employees absenteeism level. To come up with recommendations and to ensure focusing on the issue of eliminating, or at least reducing, unnecessary levels of absence.

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Study and evaluate the employee absenteeism in IT Industry. Study the existing ratio of employee absenteeism in IT Industry. Discussion of the existing systems with the HR Department. Drawing up the questionnaire to be filled by staff members and administering the same. Secondary Data to be gathered from Records. Analysis and interpretations of the findings. Recommendations to be given.

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