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The Language of Fishes

The Language of Fishes

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Published by Inma Garcia

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Published by: Inma Garcia on Apr 20, 2013
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Fish communicate among themselves through grunts, roars, squeaks.

Their talks seek to solve things very concrete and practical, such as linking, warn of dangers, give instructions, etc

Their sounds are emitted due to different vibrations carried out with its swim bladder, a muscle that can contract.

All the fish they can hear, but not everyone may make these sounds through the vibration of their swim bladder.

The main reasons to communicate seem to be attracting mates of the opposite sex, scaring away predators or orienting around reefs.

http://www.100pies.net/Gifs/Animales/Peces.asp http://www.ecologiablog.com/post/4155/descubre n-el-lenguaje-secreto-de-los-peces

-Daniela Mª Burgueño Velarde. -Paula Manceras Fernández. -Patricia Molina Morales. 2ºA

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