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Gothic Architecturee

Gothic Architecturee

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Published by: Nandita Sharma on Apr 20, 2013
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Gothic Architecture in Medieval europe

• architects in europe figured that the pointed arches were able to support more weight allowing thinner walls. • The most prominent distinguishing feature of Gothic architecture is the use of pointed arches instead of the rounded Romanesque version.• Gothic architecture developed in France and spread throughout Europe and became the most predominant architectural style until the end of the middle ages. • The widespread popularity of gothic architecture was due to esthetic and technical advantages as well as by the political influence of france. . and the addition of elegant elements such as columns and moldings. more windows. • The first gothic architects did not introduce any new forms but the architectural style and building technique completely changed from romanesque to gothic.


were used in order to prevent the outward collapse of the arches by gothic architects to connect free standing supports to the walls enhancing the stability of the structure. Gothic builders introduced the dramatic technique of Ribbed vaults :added elements of beauty to Gothic structures and were supported by columns. The ribs also delineated the vaults and gave a sense of unity to the structure.• Other architectural innovations included the flying buttresses and ribbed vaults. • Flying buttresses :. • Earlier Romanesque churches relied on barrel vaulting (carried weight on continuous solid walls). .

This allowed Gothic architecture to create openness by including grand windows which let in natural light. Eg:-the stained glass windows of the cathedrals of this era. the sculptures were waterspouts to protect the foundation from rain. Originally.• Gargoyles :-were not merely decorative. They were basically guards of the building serving as homes • Since the architects of this era had introduced new building techniques. . the bulky thick walls seen in the Romanesque style were not needed.

• Examples:. In fact. as we’ve seen it is a style that is actually known for its elegance.• Gothic architecture is not eerie or grotesques.italy – Chartres cathedral .basalica of saint denis – Notre dame de paris – Milan cathedral .

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