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Using the Key-Hypnosis hypnotherapy scripts See the Table of Contents for a list of all the scripts. Click on any title to jump to that Script. The hypnotherapy scripts are arranged into groups according to their main function, but all the scripts broken into sections so that you can mix and match sections from different scripts and cut and paste them to create new scripts for yourself. This means that you should examine scripts from all areas to find parts that you can adapt when creating a treatment for any particular client. A few scripts are based on one basic pattern with slightly different versions for different target problems. Some of the scripts are ready to use exactly as they are. Some are edited transcripts of hypnotherapy sessions. Every client who comes to your office is unique and therefore you should study these transcripts to understand how the problem was tackled, and then take sections and adapt these for your own use. Some scripts are not traditional hypnotherapy scripts but are given in the form of metaphor stories. These can be used on their own but are more usually woven into a regular hypnotherapy session to give the therapy a broader application. The underlying logic of the script is shown for each section and the hypnotic concept embedded in the wording is shown in the comments column. Using these guides you should be able to follow the logic of the scripts and use these as the basis for your own original wording and ideas for your clients.

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He was a professional drummer who intended to make that his career... = D shows where a direct suggestion is being made.. let go of all the tension in your body .. What the symbols mean: shows Cause and Effect linking statements of the type 'doing A leads to B' > shows Reframing of the type 'A is really the same as B'. you 03:33 don’t have to listen... Normally not every section would be used since they would not necessarily apply to every client.. you don't have to do anything particularly. the voice in your mind... let it all go. That's good.... Just allow yourself to enjoy that lovely gentle feeling. This time when you let it go... that's good..... The client was a man in his early twenties who would pick or bite his nails till they bled... Another deep breath hold it and really let go. This is helpful in demonstrating how slowly hypnotic suggestions are delivered.. 01:55 02:10 02:20 02:30 And in moment I am going to ask you to take another deep breath and hold it. Relax the body 02:43 Self induction induction pacing pacing Rapport 02:53 Deeper and deeper relaxed. 03:02 That's right... 03:50 Allow that relaxation to go through your body 4:00 And now [clientname] I would like you to relax your eyes. And now another one and this time let go all the tension in your body....Ending Bad Habits Nail Biting Script This script is a transcript of the actual hypnotherapy session conducted by David Mason... and now just resume breathing normally.. just let it go. The [mm:ss] column shows the time elapsed in minutes and seconds.. you don't have to think. let go of all the tension in your shoulders and your arms. This script has sections to address many aspects of the problem as a demonstration of how to use them.. 01:45 And... that's good..... and how gaps are left between statements to allow time for the client's mind to process the statements.... 03:10 Just allow yourself to relax totally. "you are getting more relaxed" with each breath.. Really Modified David Mason 8 www.. it says...... I M an intentional metaphor being introduced V indicates where the client is invited to visualise something K Indicates the wording is aimed at kinesthetic responses Target mm:ss INDUCTION SECTION 01:40 And now I would like you take one deep breath and hold it. And with each breath out ...key-hypnosis..... then be able to stop for six months or so and start again. You don't have to do anything.. The script is given with comments to explain what each statement is doing. shows where an indirect suggestion is being made. 03:20 You are doing very well..

and maybe there are trees.......... of total relaxation 05:06 DEEPENER SECTION 05:40 And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere?.inside that house. down through your cheeks. Feel it going through your shoulders and your arms and down through your body and all the way down into your legs..key-hypnosis.. deeper relaxed... Elman induction D D D D Depth test [no response] Short relaxation induction 04:52 That's right.... relaxed... and you can begin to go down those steps now ..and SEVEN...... deeper relaxed. and deeper into trance deepener and so TEN going down..and you can imagine yourself beginning to go down those steps. all doesn't matter. . 05:22 And allow yourself to enjoy that feeling. And those eyes are so relaxed you couldn't open them if you tried... anticipation .... . for you.. tiny muscles. and with every staircase step you get more relaxed.. down your neck. safety ........ ...... 04:56 And now allow that relaxation to spread .. 05:56 V dissociation 06:07 06:20 06:30 06:35 06:43 06:48 06:58 07:04 07:15 07:28 07:33 07:39 07:44 engage personal experience engage There's been weddings and christenings and funerals.. and you could be surprised at the result. wonderfully supported as dissociation . it’s the sort of house that families grew up in... and EIGHT.... and NINE deeper still....4:20 04:27 04:31 04:35 04:44 relax those little muscles around your eyes.. alternatives .. and behind that door is a wonderful ..and there can be a handrail.. 05:15 So that you are totally relaxed........... from your eyes. focus on those tiny... tion .... And you can find yourself at the top of that staircase.. David Mason 9 www..... your eyes are completely relaxed. totally... 05:47 . Shut down hard ....... And feel yourself sinking into that chair.......and I don't know if that staircase is wood or marble. with a fence........ the ones that control your eyelids. as if they are glued together... and birthday V visualisaparties and happy times... because at the bottom there is a door. and a big garden....... living and laughing.. And you could try opening them...... or carpet.............. .. generations of people... And just feel those eyes..... down and down. and SIX.... ... there's a staircase.. safety standard .

.... and your family is there.....and there is one step left.. and people you met socially ...and you go through the centre of that zero.. and looking at you. It's white...08:00 08:03 08:07 08:10 08:14 08:21 08:42 if you are lying on a fleecy cloud... your mind is completely relaxed.. and as you walk in the room they all begin to applaud politely.and TWO.. Visualisatio n dissociation David Mason 10 www... just allowing yourself to drift.... and they start talking to each other .com .. And you can open that door. now I would like you to open that door.. . through a black void of nothingness....... and everyone who loves you is there..... There are all the people you know in that room.. down and down... 08:49 09:00 09:02 09:04 09:08 09:12 09:15 09:20 09:22 09:27 09:31 09:32 09:35 09:36 DEPTH TEST SECTION And in front of you there is a door... and THREE... . .... and there are people in that room. .. .and FOUR . 10:55 And underneath it all there is a deep and abiding feeling of calm . What colour is that door...... can't you? Uhuh. .. and when you go off that one step there is just zero........ and all the people who know you .. Depth test safety test SELF ESTEEM SECTION So... and 10:00 people from school ...key-hypnosis... and as you go in you meet one group and another group. Uhuh [indistinct] Uhuh And does that door open inwards or outwards? Out It opens outwards..... And 09:42 inside you find yourself inside a large room.................... deeper and deeper...and everyone that you love is there..and FIVE.. and go through it..and acceptance. And what else about that door? It's got a lock on the front.and the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice. and they are all smiling..... and there are people who moved away and people you haven't seen for years..... [clientname]? White.. And that room is filled with love and affection.

... and all their good wishes. who knows where he is going..... and that was so important to that little boy. you are so lucky to have someone like that... but it is true. It might not have seemed like that at the time . there was a time you know when you couldn't tie your shoelaces. someone else is saying "I think [clientname] has a great future ahead of him.. they are smiling... people talking in the distance.. a good..and he is watch that young man. people talking to each other. you didn't know how to tell the difference between a D and a B.. and maybe they don't say so . I think that young man can go so far.............. in a few years you will see his name everywhere"... and there was a time when making friends was a problem..and you begin to flow and float into that feeling of calm.. do anything he wants.. decent boy.. in fact it has been one success after another......... And further along you hear someone else talking.. and that became a success. Self esteem confirmatio n of love and acceptance from important figures Identity Identity Memory And you continue on.. each of these people.. RECONNECTION SECTION: PAST SUCCESSES But you have had success after success. he is going to Identity 11:45 [placename]... And that became a success. and he has such a focus... His performance is outstanding". and what you 14:15 remember about them is the success you had......and that was a success. feeling that acceptance of all those people................... that there are things you can leave behind.. he has become everything I have longed for...... And you begin to feel..and be anything he wants to be. "that [clientname] is so adventurous.. and they are all looking at you with such warmth and acceptance ... that he knows where he is going now..... but now he has just excelled.. and there was time when you Capability 14:40 couldn't write .... young people and old people.. And someone replies "Yes! And he is going to be a star musician..key-hypnosis. And when you think about it.. Did you know that?"..."I am so proud of [clientname] .. He is really good". who has picked a career for himself. And as you walk around that room you hear .com ... " yes.. and you hear someone saying.... I couldn't have asked for a better son........ and 12:58 maybe I didn't say it enough. but they really do...... I have always been proud of him. and I reconnect to past successes Reframing David Mason 11 www...... " and the other person says....and as you do you begin to remember. that there is no need for any tension or anxiety.....and your life has D been a series of successes....... Capability 12:20 because he is capable. and they are saying. "He doesn't give himself credit. And further over. and they are all standing distortion there.... and you stand in the doorway and look back..... because so many people love you and respect you . ". things you Capability 11:15 > don't need any more... that was important to you.. [clientname] your life has been full of Identity 15:13 successes. and you reach the door in the Sensory 13:48 far end of the room and you look back .... indirect suggestion Validate the client's self belief Indirect validation of client's life and choices..

your own Capability ability. you have the ability to see things through. Nothing stops you. a new test passed.... and I'd like you to see yourself a month from now.... those are the David Mason 12 www... to decide to do something D and when you decide to do something...... it's a wonderful gift..... > Complex D equivalence > D D VISUALISATIONS SECTION I would like you now to think of a time about a week from now .. because you have a problem... how smart and grown up they distortion... a new success.. when Visualyour nails are full size... and you have the ability to learn.. That is within your control.. standing with friends. D And you will be able to look back on this day . a new ability.... then it is not Identity 17:40 going to happen. And every year... memory 17:50 V look. pacing Time distortion CONTROL SECTION . That you are never going to have a problem with your nails again..another time when you demonstrated your own power.Capability. And you can have beautiful nails.. every month... Capability 17:02 and you can choose to control what your body does.. and how good they look... your own competence.. And you have come here today and you are sitting in that seat breathing quietly... complete. and you stand there and you talk Sensory Capability 18:25 > with your hands and you gesticulate and you point ..... strangers.... Identity 17:30 You have success. you have choice in everything you do.... but you have been successful at so many things..... and ability and competence. but you have come here today because you have D decided that that problem is . because you have control. You can choose what to wear... can't you? You can choose what you eat. You can choose to have perfect nails..... it might be in a bar. you have the ability. you do it... might be at a gig....... .. If you decide that something is not going to happen.. long.. you are a determined person... Repetition of "ability" Validate problem... and they are Distortion looking at your fingers. when you look at your hands and you see your nails have been Time growing. can't you? You can choose where you go and who you see. strong.... and that problem comes back. 15:35 Identity Behaviour 16:10 16:33 memory 16:38 know there have been are never going to chew your nails again And this will become another one of your successes.. Because you are in control [clientname].you are in total control... and you have control. and they are thinking "Wow. and remember this D as one of your most unexpected successes. the way you isation want them And see yourself.

..... a good hand of ... and see yourself picking up pins and coins. the whole country.. just the way you want them. and you know you've got perfect nails.. and you just peel the duct tape off.. as you hold the glass you can see your thumb and you can see your fingers.. and you have got perfect fingernails... and there.. at the same speed that Anchor memories of the time in NZ with capability of David Mason 13 www. and you are seeing your hand wrapped around the glass as well.... I D wonder if you can feel them growing? Visualisation Visualisation amnesia repeating "good hands" Visualisatio n.. your competence. And then another time. Demonstrates that you have made a decision today... peeling an orange. having long strong finger nails makes you feel so good.. and you run your finger V around it.... that mountain is being pushed up.. you will just act naturally and normally........ and as that geological movement occurs.. it will last so long that there will come a time when you = have forgotten all about it... after a gig... a left D hand a right hand and a hand of cards. "Look how well he looks after his fingers.. and V you look at the palm and the fingers and you turn them over.Identity 19:05 Capability 19:50 memory 20:35 identity 20:58 Identity 21:45 fingers of a drummer"..... your ability........ that will last forever....... right now. and your nail catches on that hard to get bit...... and you are holding a glass.. strong. a man's fingernails... and they all match up and they are all perfect. Now imagine you stretching both hands out in front of you.. you just peel it right off.. see yourself picking up a roll of Sellotape....... Nothing can stop you doing what you want. a roll of duct tape maybe..." And inside you feel a feeling of pride... and a good hand.. and the thumb too........... smoothly. And I wonder if you know that New Zealand.. on the V table there... and I wonder how good that makes you feel? Because other people's nails are sometimes not so good.. and that makes you feel so good... and people are looking at you and they are looking at the glass and they are seeing your hand wrapped around the glass.. You have come to New Zealand. catch it in your fingernail..... I wonder if you have ever played cards? ...key-hypnosis. you've got those nails now...... Mount Cook is being pushed up in the South Island .... is moving towards Australia in Capability 22:20 a great geological movement ....... long nails... accomplishment.... easily .... Trimmed V and neat...... Sensory distortion METAPHOR SECTION Because you know [clientname] nothing can stop your nails 22:05 D growing.. and your nails will be of no interest .... but yours are perfect now.. that's three good hands!.. and how good does that > make you feel? to know that this demonstrates your control... And see yourself at a party.. and you look at the nails on your left hand and your right hand .. exactly the way you want them. exactly the way they should be . and you can see everyone holding their cards up and you look at their nails... something like that.

..... but only D at the right time and when they are long.. makes you feel better. that really set you off. enjoy that feeling you get of pride and ability and confidence. and they take no notice. that seems out > of your control.. with your hands and those nails. a symbol. see yourself with that watch on your emery board. you can trim them if you want to . And you can choose any appearance you want.and nothing can prevent D you having that... [clientname].... and people look D at your ..... anything.... making sure they are polished. maybe there is a Environ26:00 bit of stress. solid.. nails... and that is how your nails are......... that drumstick. and see yourself in the future..... with a nail file.... trimming those nails to just the right size.. see how your hands looked. because you have control. enduring...... on the arm.... standing out proud. And every time you hold a drumstick. Visualisation 23:25 Identity 23:50 Capability 24:20 memory 24:30 Behaviour 25:00 Capability 25:17 Identity 25:40 PRIDE IN PERSONAL APPEARANCE And imagine those new hands.. and knowing you've got solid D nails.your nails are growing . and confidence... a symbol of what you want... the ideal way... that is so good... because your hand looks the same as everyone else's..key-hypnosis.. just the right length.and over weeks and months that mountain gets higher and higher...... You have chosen to take control of how your hands look. And see yourself among friends....... so in charge.. hear the assistant saying ...... perfect. And that hand begins to move up towards your ment mouth.".. just being casual. inside your hand.. David Mason 14 www.. Post hypnotic suggestion. and you know that you will never again bite your nails or chew them or."Wow .. makes you feel so good... and ability........... and over a lifetime that mountain gets enormously long and strong and big.. Visualisation.. that's how you want your nails to be......... looking after them........ like Mount Cook.. going to a jeweller's shop and having a watch fitted... maybe you've got your hand lying on an armchair......... And knowing that you can do that gives you such a feeling of pride ....... your nails are perfect.... and really see those nails now. maybe even scissors. And I would like you now to remember all those occasions when you had your nails exactly the way you wanted them. POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS SECTION And any time.. those nails wrap around .. oh..... strong. Peer esteem Reconnection Visualisation Anchoring....... those new nails.... maybe you feel a little anxious. that looks really good on you.....

you will see it as gigantic and the feeling will break in and you will instantly push the hand down again.. stupid.......... and then it will be gone.... of pride and relaxation mixed... something inside you.and you will be back in control.... and competent again. that will just bubble up....... but it will never again be out of your control .... and you will take a deep breath and let it out slowly. and fill yourself with that feeling.. and then letting it go...... like bubbles at the bottom of a . that you don't have it any more... of dirt. your hand will just be pushed down.. will fill your chest.. > and that will remind you that this is a situation where you used to D chew your nails and now you don't .. if your hand is ent there........ that force is so overwhelming.. straightening your arm out. And by pushing that hand down.... you are totally in charge.. and that will reinforce that feeling so that the next time that hand even begins to move towards your mouth. pushing it D down.. pushing it away from your mouth... perfect total nails........ until it D becomes automatic and it becomes so automatic that it never occurs to you to raise your hand towards your mouth. and there will never come a time D when you chew your nails........ and that old situation was so silly. because chewing your nails never achieved anything...... and will fill > your body. for the rest of your life....and as you become aware of the hand you will feel an irresistible force ... the instant that hand goes towards your mouth that feeling will force it down.. that same feeling of pride in your ability. and will feel confident.......... some little thing happens .... you will not be able to stand that force.... it will you feel so good... and you can still put your hand in your mouth if you are cleaning your teeth or to eat or anything else.. unnecessary. and that will last only as long as the habit..key-hypnosis... and capable... and you will feel no stress.. And any time you go into a situation where you might have chewed your nails in the past . that tells you you are in control totally.and instead you get this little chuckle to yourself... you'll Environm 29:48 begin to feel a feeling of revulsion.. D Sensory distortion D safety limit David Mason 15 www.. Aversion Suggestion...and you will have... unless you are going to eat or do something useful. post hypnotic suggestion Remove old belief And if your hand were to go anywhere near your mouth. Post hypnotic suggestion Reward behaviour Sensory distortion....... both arms are primed and ready. this little laugh will come up and you will laugh at yourself . and as you let it go all that tension will > disappear. and you will feel so good that you have succeeded yet again... and that you'll never start again..... Post hypnotic suggestion Provide alternative behaviour Reward alternative behaviour Sensory Distortion... of pride in your control will come back ... that irresistible force will come down and will force your hand away. Sensory Distortion... And when that happens you will find yourself taking a deep breath .... it will look like a bunch of bananas. and able. that hand will grow in size and you will become aware of that hand....Behaviour 26:20 Capability Behaviour 26:56 27:20 Behaviour 27:45 Capability 28:15 Environm 28:50 ent Behaviour the hand will suddenly seem gigantic...... And that power is in both hands now.

and just feel your hands tingle... Behaviour 30:48 as if they were precious brothers and sisters....... And a very strange thing will happen. and that taste will be in your mouth .... and as it forces it D Behaviour down... Because that is just a habit and that's gone now. and as soon as your hand goes down the taste disappears. and that feeling... .... and that's pretty good. and focus them now in your hands.... take pride in them....... and all those good feelings Capability 33:35 from those people. once again you take a deep breath and fill yourself with relaxation and feeling good. And now he knows how to get them....... and all those people who have applauded you .. the hand will appear gigantic. the little remnants of desire to chew your nails. And bring that feeling of success . Sensory distortion Post hypnotic suggestion ........ and they will just become a normal standard part of your body.. that after you have had that feeling a few times. and the feeling comes in. down again because that arm will force it down.. and remind yourself that you are in control.......... You will lose all desire to do anything except to look after your nails.... those new things will happen ... [clientname] has the ability to take clean them and polish them... And [clientname] wants solid strong regular nails.. ..key-hypnosis...... Behaviour... totally. [clientname] knows what he wants.... isn't it? affirm new behaviour D and delete old belief D D D Tag Question SELF CONVINCER So now I would like you think back over all those successes you have had in your life. and your hand goes back to normal size. And weeks and months and years will go by and you will never memory 31:18 even think about them. Because you are a proud strong able young man. metaphor Post hypnotic suggestion ... and you will be unable to chew your nails because it will be forced down and you will become aware of it because it will look huge..... over time will grow more and more. like a boxing glove. [clientname] is in control. It doesn't help. the feeling of feeling great.......... or a banana... and the feeling in Capability your mouth will be disgust. and your hand will just move straight . It's not who you are.. and just feel your hands. and will wash out.but any time that hand goes up there to chew.. Repeat of Aversion Suggestion.. You look after your nails. you'll lose all desire to chew your ..... Capability. and all those people with good wishes memory 33:18 towards you.. and will applaud more in the future. because you know it's not any kind of solution....... 31:33 Identity Identity 32:35 Capability 32:36 Capability 32:55 SUMMARY AND RESTATEMENT SECTION From this moment onwards. I don't know visualisation D Sensory distortion David Mason 16 www.. And you will forget totally .. and totally change that behaviour. so that it just doesn't occur to him.. that you used to chew them.

.. maybe one hand will move or a finger will move. You now D have the mechanism to overcome this.. begin to feel a little looser. but you will know that that has happened. And you will feel a difference And when you are ready to move on [clientname] I would like you to signal by allowing your subconscious to move a finger..34:15 34:30 34:31 Capability 34:40 whether you'll feel one hand tingling or heavier than the other or...... taking deep breaths.... ONE: EYES OPEN... and that will remind you .... I am going to count up from five to one.... Sensory discrimination Bind of implication David Mason www. So I am going to begin to start counting now.... [thumb moves] That's fine. coming back to the present....... That was great... BACK AGAIN.. Welcome back. not now..... little things that remind you. to change.. That tells you that your mind has > Bind taken an irrevocable decision That that habit is now in the past .... eyelids fluttering.. and I don't know what they are.key-hypnosis. and knowing that today and tomorrow and in the weeks to come..... becoming aware of where you are.... . but they will be little things that remind you. and those abilities we've talked > about...... and how D easy it is. but in a moment....key-hypnosis........ and knowing that something fundamental has changed... eyelids fluttering.. > Capability 34:55 Identity Rule 35:45 36:00 36:10 36:15 36:20 36:23 36:32 36:39 36:43 36:45 REORIENTATION So in a moment. or just a note that you didn't expect. and of your determination and how you've changed.. of everything we've said today..... TWO getting ready for a big stretch...... that's your guarantee... And when I get to one you will come back to the present.. feeling really good about yourself..... THREE you can move your shoulders... Great! . that things are different. FIVE FOUR. That's very good.... or a Depth test thumb and we will just go are beginning to get a little feeling back into your hands and feet.. and your visualisation. you will see or feel or hear. Even long standing habits can't stand up to the power of your mind... and a smile. it could be just a feeling that you © 2007 « Table of Contents David Mason 17 www...... and every one of those little things... a sudden flash of colour maybe.

It is direct way of doing what is usually done with Regression to Cause hypnotherapy. and just allow the whole of your body to relax.... Make sure the emotion is brought out and they are in touch with the feeling that goes with the unwanted behaviour..... triggers old feelings of powerlessness... and down...key-hypnosis...... and think about the events leading up to when you started to feel bad that way... how everything seems to be wrong......... and as you lie there. You get the client to feel the bad feelings and then to visualize those bad feelings as a thing... and as that speck of light moves you feel yourself drawn down and down. and just for a moment allow V your eyes to close. which has been caused by external events reminding you of old feelings and attitudes old pains old worries. become aware of the feelings that you have been having. or something somebody does to you. some place safe and warm and comfortable. [describe the issue or behaviour that brought them here.. I wonder if you can imagine some dark dim V place somewhere.. an object. relaxing.. This script is especially useful for hypnotherapy where client has started drinking . I want to think about the things that have been happening in your life that have been causing you distress. Then by encouraging them to change the object... The script is an updated version of the Affect Bridge. that in I fact that you are projecting on to the world some inner turmoil. helplessness. That sort of behavior happens when some event......... negative. or whatever. Indirect suggestion Pre-supposition start the induction pacing guide into trance David Mason 18 www. and imagine that speck of light guiding you safely down. and consider to what extent it actually what is happening in your own mind that is the problem... ahhhh.Emotional Release hypnotherapy script This hypnosis script is for people who feel bad and don't really know why they are feeling grumpy or out of sorts or why they are hurting themself and other people.... and now take a deep breath.. you can use the inner power that is in all of us. bring to mind now. in particular think about .... and one more deep breath.. an unhelpful way of thinking. and another deep breath..... but they know that something set it off.. and I want you to imagine that inner power...... you can allow your mind to change things for Resources you. HYPNOSIS FOR RELEASING OLD FEELINGS Preparation and seeding of feeling before trance Now before you settle down.. and imagine that speck of light moving.... that's right. that's good Now that you are relaxing.] Hypnosis induction Good.... injustice.. some other habit or behavior they thought they had left behind but comes back and they don't really know why...] Can you feel that feeling now? [keep describing and evoking the feeling that underlies the unwanted behaviour until the person confirms that they are feeling it.. and that sets of cluster of familiar destructive behavior.... some bad feeling that is present in you when you are in that state. that's good. they are actually changing the feelings. and imagine there is a speck of light..

...... to become aware of those feelings. you can feel your body slowing down.. just imagine the tiny muscles of your eyes.. as you relax more and more deeply. and going down a long dark corridor. and just thinking about that speck of light.. other things begin to become D kinaesthetic induction kinaesthetic induction visualization induction sound induction metaphor induction relaxing Depth test Beginning the Affect Bridge Permission to examine the feeling Suggest David Mason 19 www.......... feel yourself wrapped in that light..... easing. and every sound becomes soothing and gentle and every sound is A leading you down and down as you relax those sounds right out of your mind.... letting go. imagine the whole of your body getting heavy and tired.. and all around you.. And as you go deeper into that corridor.. gliding further down. you feel yourself somehow spreading..... gently... it's as if you just can't open those eyes.... things are becoming quiet and peaceful.... and as you go deeper.......... letting go........ soft and indistinct. you feel that you don't really care any more.. and the weight of your arms and legs.. everything is disappearing......... imagine going deeper into that dark place.... as if those eyes are glued tight shut. so relaxed. that feeling gets clearer. I want you to allow your mind to drift around..... drifting away. you begin to get an appreciation of exactly what it is... held gently safely. the feeling comes over you that nothing really matters now.. imagine your body sinking.. and now imagine that glow begins to spread around. feel yourself going deeper and with each passing moment... more defined. deeper and deeper now.. and just feel those eyes relaxing completely.. And as you go deeper and deeper down that corridor. that's right. a feeling that things were not right and you couldn't address them.. taking the feeling with you......... as that speck leads you on.... every sound you hear makes you even more relaxed. more and more relaxed... ] Allow yourself to get in touch with that feeling........and thinking about that speck of light..key-hypnosis... become aware of that feeling of [name the feeling] and as your drift in that place now. .. K feel your arms and legs getting tired and heavy.. to drift around to the feeling you got... being in that place really allows you to get in touch with those feelings... as it softly M spreads out ...... deeper and deeper................... to allow the feeling to come up. deeper and deeper.. a feeling that you were [name whatever it was.... just K letting everything go.... and as you go down that corridor.. repeat and expand the feeling until you are sure that the client is experiencing it. a tiny speck of light.. like a quiet glow. becoming so relaxed. and imagine that speck of light is leading you V through a long dim corridor.. allows you to drift even deeper. feel yourself slowly... following that speck.. sinking. and you just cannot open your eyes. easing.. imagine it now spreading soft gentle light everywhere. [do a depth test] Hypnotic transformation and relaxing even deeper.... and as it does . supported by that light. think about the feeling.. your eyes getting heavy........ drifting. and now imagine taking that feeling... deeper and K deeper..... to make itself known.. and relaxing. like going down into the deep dark blue waters of the ocean... and feel yourself relaxing.

where you can set that feeling aside....... become more aware of it... and you find M yourself in another place. just imagine that you could take that Capability feeling... its size... things that when you look at them one way mean one thing.... become of aware of that feeling as an object. how you could change it... things you never really thought about before. what might happen to it......... what it is for..... you begin to think of how it might change. one particular time that you felt [that problem feeling] and you weren't able to deal with [problem feeling new environment = new abilities Metaphor object transformation Change the object = change the feeling David Mason 20 www.. something separate from yourself... examine it. think of what thing it most resembles... the texture... things that never seemed important. you can open up an insight into it.... that you can contact and use in that place. things that were done to you..... things begin to get lighter. all the parts that make you make sense of it. the feeling begins to be animated. all the parts that make it up. other things begin to emerge. and take a moment now to experience that place and that feeling and those Capability other things..... also become aware that you can become very curious about its origins............ and perhaps there is one particular incident...... everything that had to do with it... and that thing your are carrying in your arms....... how it got there... and still carrying with you that feeling... and as those things emerge.. that feeling.....key-hypnosis.. become aware of how it connects to all those other things.... any kind of object. and as you go deeper still. that have to do with that feeling. things you ... its color.. now give yourself plenty of space as you go... old ideas.. resources Re-examine old beliefs and rules Turn the feeling into an object force attention to all aspects of the object Dissociation you are not the feeling begin the transformation Suggest unused resources lift it out and as you go down that corridor....... you can actually take that feeling in your arms....... and start looking for all those other parts.... you can find a place. and notice its shape..Rules clear. and then in a different way mean a different thing.. and as you do. and the secret power of transformation that lies within all of us. you begin to become aware of old feelings.......... and consider it objectively. how you could explore new forms.. to transform it...... and when is the right time to change the rules. and hold it..... you become aware of it as a separate life.... and become aware of that feeling in a new way. and in that place there are many things...... that inner power you have... and as you do.... things that happened.... imagine it has M turned into an object..... things that you could find uses for. and look at that feeling.. things you said. and as you drift deeper and deeper.. all the parts that fit with it. the corridor begins to open up.. things that were done to you that have to do with that feeling.. change it. how those other things in that place can be used... all those things are beginning to crowd in on you now.. and as are thinking about that... and remembering deeply now. that feeling of [describe the feeling that is the problem] and you can become curious about it.. notice that as you go deeper and deeper... that power to lift something out of yourself and allow it to transform into I something else... what it's like.

. whatever you need is in there.. there are no limits. doing all those . things that you never felt comfortable with.... it will be interesting to find out. and choose how you want to come out....... as long as you want. ahhh. like a workshop.. knowing that in that place......... and you do that thing... there are no boundaries.. you can transform it. and see what comes out of it. things that make it possible.. perhaps = you will just find yourself. doing what has to be done. whatever is necessary. you can take that feeling... you have the right to do all these things. 'Now I understand' and then it will be I like you just sweep it away.... and just let it happen... And so now. as you relax totally. in a happier place... in the knowledge that in that place nothing can harm you.. or when you are done....key-hypnosis. allow your mind to roam. all those things are possible. and in that place you can keep trying new things. making the changes you want... turning and molding and shaping. other people's opinions don't count down there. safe and secure.. and you'll know when it is done. only you and that feeling... you build trust..... something you'd enjoy.. and you can work on that feeling... and your mind has already started on that..... to go about it in a way that feels best to you.. so now allow yourself to continue working on that thing.... but it is there...... or maybe you will break it into pieces and do something with them..... and you can work on that now. to continue in that place. begin to think of how you can shape it.. and slowly counting to yourself quietly from ten up to one... Reorientation and when you are done you can either continue sinking into a deep blissful Capability sleep and wake up when you decide to.... in that place all those things are open................... and your mind knows how to do this... and staying deeply in that relaxed state. and transform it. use the resources assumption = it will change Give them time to make the changes Permission Seeding ideas for transformation Reorientation David Mason 21 www.... and so allow that process to continue. you can stay in that place. so take as long as need. what the result is.. make it easy..... mold it....... and when you get to one you will be back in the present.and you have the ability to step aside and look at things from a different perspective now. maybe disguised... And you become aware of everything that has happened in that place. nothing can harm you.description] and while you think of that incident. and you can stay there for as long as you need... to make those changes in your mind.. your body is completely relaxed.... trying different things .......... and begin to change it....... to choose what you want to have happen.... you can keep working with that feeling until at some point it will change......... and you can do whatever you want in there .. maybe it will just start to vanish in its own way.. at some point you will go. break it... and all those other things round about can become resources... and you can take that thing and transform it in many ways........ and you might be surprised at what you leave that place with.. trying old things. you can think Capability about things that might have been forbidden........ begin to work with it. and everything will be different.. maybe transform it into something useful to you..

David Mason www... as if you are wrapped up in a cocoon of healing light.key-hypnosis. and go deeper on that . and nothing outside will disturb you at take a deep breath now.. until the time comes that you decide to come back to the © 2010 « Table of Contents David Mason 22 www.. .. all you have to do is stop doing some things and Rule start doing other things..... imagine that representation as if it was on a Capability whiteboard.. D and this means you can change your habits... with a bit of help. or washing away the chalk. This is the type of procrastination where the person gets to work but then cruises the Internet.. but would rather do something else....Procrastination Direct Suggestion Script This script is aimed at the type of procrastination where the client says 'I get distracted easily' . 'I can't focus on anything'..... INDUCTION SECTION Lead the client into trance.Capability. easily and quickly.. And because of that you are more determined.. the things that really matter.... The design of the script targets each of the main belief areas ... or reads emails instead of getting on with what they really need to do. you can imagine just wiping out that behaviour problem... it's that simple. how little is done Memory that actually order to defeat the psychological factors that are maintaining the procrastination behaviour. is there any real reason why I can't change that........ you have changed in many ways before.. Rules.... Memory You know you can change.... more convinced now. They are constantly seeking stimulation.. because you can do that thing. checks the news.. Use your normal induction and confirm level of trance. hours frittered away. or chalked on a wall. time wasted on unnecessary things . And now ask yourself........ And imagine yourself wiping the whiteboard clean. Behaviour..... METAPHOR: SWISH AWAY OLD HABITS Think about how you might represent your problem. goes for coffee every thirty minutes... They can do the important stuff eventually. imagine it as a picture or a movie.... Behaviour D more certain that you can change your work patterns David Mason 23 www.key-hypnosis.. so start to change now. it's not difficult... 'I can't do boring stuff'.. you Capability know you can do this...... anything else. You can get control.. and this is exactly the help > you need. DIRECT SUGGESTION SCRIPT Target Dialogue L Vector CAPABILITY You can change IT IS TIME TO CHANGE And allow your mind to roam over a typical day. Identity... Others and Worldview . then start the therapy section.... 'I'm busy all day and get nothing done'...

You know WHY you NEED to change.... Capability You know HOW to change. rewarded. but the earning hours are special.. you Reframing have other hours. you just have to use your time right... NOW.. You get to choose what you pay attention to. You know you WANT to change You know you NEED to change. You can choose what interests you.. the most successful man in the world has exactly the same number of hours as you.. every hour..What if? Identity What if I decided I am in control from now on? Take a moment now to think about it... . You get to choose what you focus on.... you can dare to ask yourself the question.and that means. And the most productive of that eight are the first three.. to actively take charge .. That it doesn't matter if they spent time now reading the news or surfing the Internet. Waste those and you waste the rest of the day.. You are free to choose what you want to do with your RULE time.. time is precious. And here is a thought..... You actually always have enough time to do > Truism everything. Some people think that because they are their own boss they can do things whenever they want to.. when you deliberately challenge yourself. there is reason why it is called Reframing 'spending' time. You can make a PLAN And you can ACT on that plan and that means You can SUCCEED.CAPABILITY You choose to succeed YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW YOU SPEND YOUR TIME and that can remind you . The power to choose. Each morning you get eight precious hours... David Mason 24 www. But the truth is that there are only eight productive hours in the day.. each moment you waste of your earning hours is gone forever......that every day..... You see. And the power to choose means that you have control.. You are free to choose to be interested. these are for earning... you are free to choose.key-hypnosis.... PHS Reframe D Reframe > Reframe Reframe D A>B>C > Worldview Rule Rule Rule Worldview Rule You value your time YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE You know. And that is a wonderful . by the things that will make you a success. TODAY..... and that means you get to choose how much you earn.. D YOU MEASURE THE OPPORTUNITY COST Time is not free..... excited.... challenged.

.angry? cheated? determined? Feel that feeling now......... work out how much you earn per hour.. like a thief silently stealing from your business. D BEHAVIOUR You do your worst task first People put off doing things for many reasons.... multiply it and tell yourself. you will just Behaviour stop it instantly.... that they might be . going towards your goals..... and I choose to do that first. about somebody wasting time.. earning hours spent not earning is time wasted ... and choosing an earning task and starting on that task ... and ask yourself. Everything else that day just has to be better. And If you ever find yourself wasting time you will connect to that feeling. because they think Memory they are dull... repeat this to yourself now.. Behaviour Getting the most out of every hour makes you feel good.. every hour. Behaviour Every morning I do the worst task first...... what you are achieving. can you afford to watch that money drain away?..There is an opportunity cost. It's over... The only thing to eat in the swamp was frogs. He had to stay in the swamp for weeks and keep very quiet and make no smoke so that they would not know he was there.... Make this your rule.. to an irresistible compulsion to get up and leave whatever you are doing... And he had to do this every day..key-hypnosis... most Rule boring. what does that make you feel now. that if you've got to eat a Rule frog.. He put it off as long as possible but eventually hunger overcame him... every minute it will build and buile.. He had no choice but to eat raw frogs to survive.. The key to reaching high levels of performance and productivity is for Rule you to develop the lifelong habit of doing something on your major task first thing each morning. imagine if you could stand in your office and watch yourself wasting that time. now. Behaviour D and you get that sense of satisfaction. Well after a lot of scares and near-disasters he did get out of it.... It's over. Not me. Rule Reframing Visualisation PHS Truism Metaphor Metaphor David Mason 25 www...... Behaviour Every morning I do the worst task first... And every day... EAT THE FROG And I am reminded of how during the war there was a soldier trapped in a swamp and surrounded on all sides........ walk away.. He had to catch and eat a live frog.. or there is D something else about that job is unattractive to them.. seeing money rolling away.. and you will be filled with determination... D Behaviour You look forward to each useful hour because you feel good about it.... And the thing he learned from this was...... more undesirable thing I can that needs to be done. the first thing I do at work.. or uninteresting.. then do it first thing in the morning... you count up. and gratitude that you are back on schedule again. is to find the most unpleasant... Imagine if you were at in a shop and the assistant was wasting time like that. What would you Identity M feel ? feel how that makes you feel. M would you pay someone else to do that activity? Just imagine now.... and you will find yourself reviewing D your to-do list.... every morning..

how will you know when you have arrived? What you want in each area of your life will determine your priorities.. The number one reason why some people get more done in their lives.... to success. until it is automatic Because completing a task gives you a positive feeling. You feel compelled to complete things... is because they are absolutely clear about their goals and objectives and everything they do is done to achieve those goals and objectives. The bigger the task the happier you feel. Completing a task makes you feel strong.. People with written goals accomplish five and ten times more. enthusiasm.IDENTITY Define your goals WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS Before you can determine what your particular task is..... If you don't know what you want. You are a guy who finishes things. finish it. Then you focus single mindedly on each high value task. you feel a surge of energy. you feel good. and get on with achieving it.key-hypnosis. CHANGE THE PART THAT PREVARICATES D Reframing D D D D D D D D D D D D D D David Mason 26 www. You think about your goals and review them daily.. you have to determine exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Whenever you complete a task. Every time you complete a task you know you are a winner. YOU ARE A FINISHER Ninety percent of success in life and work is determined by this cycle. You identify the high value items You identify your frog. why they have abundance and leisure. enjoy your reward. You decide your breaks and rewards You eat the frog. and then go at the next task. how will you know when you get it? If you don't know where you are going. no matter how small. This cycle becomes your habit. the easier it is to get started on your tasks and the faster you will enjoy the pleasures of completion. You love starting and completing important . empowered. you are fired up with energy and are able to achieve even more. You can become addicted to completion. Each morning after you have completed your most important task.. IDENTITY Identity Rule Rule Rule Rule Behaviour Rule Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity You are a planner YOU PLAN EACH DAY Every day you do the same cycle First thing you write down your tasks for the day. The more you know what you want..

and how you are different now.... every part of you is valuable.... because each task takes you nearer your goal.. and it is ready to change.... and delighted... the most disgusting pictures come to mind... And you remember the Ugly . at the waste.. but it is time to change now. to delay starting. the people who will be surprised... And that part of you will be glad........ how it changed and grew into a swan...... When you think of you or other people wasting the day. thank that part for what it was trying to do. and impressed... to see how fast you can complete your tasks each day. Tell that part that it is now time to change.... a familiar part............ over and over........ you can have the rest of the day to do what you want.... this task is another step on the way Sensory PHS David Mason 27 www..... you feel repelled by wasted opportunity. so you can convert that part to do something else.. and it is changing now because you asked it to. at a deep level you know it is time to change.. by untidiness.... And take a quiet confident pride in your own achievement. when you want.... to let go.key-hypnosis..... now... By focusing you will have more time... You may not know that part but it is there.... Every time you think of deviating from your current task you get a horrible taste in your mouth until you repeat to yourself. now that you finish on time... by unfinished tasks. that part had a good reason to put things off.... that part of you that used to want to avoid starting things is now being converted to a useful purpose. to do what you want....... I deserve to get to my goal. Metaphor Visualisation IDENTITY Behaviour Memory Memory You get emotional about time TIME WASTING DISGUSTS YOU Every time the idea of a distraction crosses your mind you feel a sensation of disgust. and you can be proud.... ambiguity OTHERS Identity Capability Other people's expectations You can have a competition with yourself. think of what you will be able to do... finish early . laziness. because you are achieving so much ..Identity Capability Identity There is a part of you that wanted to put off things.. and you can be surprised at how effective it can be..... but things have changed now.... bring to mind all the people who will be proud of you.... the cost The idea of wasting time at work repels you.......

. see yourself now. that you have changed... see how completing a stage makes you feel good. efficient........ break the task into little steps...... you are working towards becoming what you always wanted.. can you learn from it to do it better next time. with every breath. easy steps.. and all the time you CHANGE what is not working. for your family..... I get satisfaction from seeing each step completed I enjoy finishing things...... notice how happy you are.....Identity Identity RULE Memory to my goal... David Mason 28 ....key-hypnosis............ NOTICE what is working. Think about the rewards that come to you when you are able to complete important tasks easy and quickly through your habit of starting important things first thing in the day. and deep inside you know it's what you want .. for yourself. how you plan your day... Every day I think about how close I am getting to my goal You enjoy your rewards FUTURE REHEARSAL Visualisation And see yourself. effective person you want to be. I can feel the reward of my goal. .. I focus on what I want Every hour I measure what I have done that hour. next month..... see that man.. you focus on outcomes.... next week.. And you take a deep breath and feel that calm that comes from knowing you are doing the right thing. And every moment that passes you feel that satisfaction growing.. a competition. see yourself. large and small. and what success looks like........ selecting the most unpleasant task to do first. I'm a do it now kind of guy. and with each completed stage.. your mind is fully engaged in the task. And when you open your eyes you realise you are seeing things differently. Think about the highly productive.. that things have changed.... can you beat your own time. CELEBRATING every success... Allow yourself to feel the pleasure you get from a job well done. for your business... when you are working efficiently and effectively.. REORIENTATION SECTION Back to the present. And you can say to yourself now....... and setting yourself a goal.. ending an important task. over and over. and that confidence and pride.. D I know what I want... I know how to get it.. you are organised and focused and deeply confident.. Take a moment now and think back to how you felt when you completed some important task in Visualisation the past.... how quickly can you get it done..... each outcome... Multiply that pleasure now and enjoy that feeling as you think about how you tackle your important tasks as the first thing you do every day.

com .key-hypnosis.key-hypnosis.I wonder what part you will enjoy the most? [use your STANDARD REORIENTATION ] « Table of Contents David Mason © 2008 David Mason 29 www.

you and me? OK then. Let's pretend that you are in your room. Substitute behaviour And I wonder if you heard about a boy who lives not far from here. they have been trained into being afraid to eat some things. Tell the child that eating the soup will gradually let them eat more things until he becomes famous as the 'boy who could eat anything' and gets magical powers. and while you are thinking about how it would feel... Child Induction I wonder if we can play a game of let's pretend? Would that be OK . We are dealing with a child after all. the kid is afraid of some foods so don't let them see those particular foods. it is what they are supposed to do naturally... and your eyes are stuck closed.. just pretend.. to not be able Memory to open your eyes. It is not hard to get a child to eat properly. he was never able to go out and play when he wanted and other boys said things to make him feel bad.. that boy has special powers... and it's very quiet. and you let your legs lie flat real heavy.... So the first step is to treat the mother for whatever is causing her anxiety around the child.... Your job is to tell the kid it is a super special soup with magic ingredients.... With older children treat the phobia in your normal way and the problem will go away.... The fussy eater's basic problem is usually their mother.... The child will believe anything in hypnosis.... and you are lying on your bed and you let your arms fall down so they feel really heavy... Get the mother to liquidize whatever vegetables the family are eating and make them into a . pretend now that your arms and legs are like they would be if you are lying on your bed feeling really tired. and start to pretend that you have to close your eyes.. For younger children.. pretend that those eyes are really tired and heavy.. at home.key-hypnosis.. and one day he was sitting outside wondering why he was not doing so well and he went for a walk ...... and pretend it feels like something is pressing you down into a lovely soft mattress. but it is just a simple phobia by association. The child tells everyone that they don't like the flavour or the texture or something else about it. and he came to this place Set up expectation set up a bad image Introduce a new resource David Mason 30 www. and that makes you feel so tired you just can't move on that bed.Fussy Eater script The fussy eating child is created when a youngster has been indulged so much at the table... and everybody likes play a game of let's pretend.. The mother's behaviour is what is maintaining the child's behaviour. he is really strong and smart. Make it into an adventure story.. Well it seems that that boy used to be little and was always crying and got sick a lot..

. not those things..... to be able any kind of food. You will feel yourself getting a special power...... and the boy said 'No thank you.. because I made this soup specially for you... And the boy went and sat down by the Lady and the cat and the fire.key-hypnosis... And the Lady said. I can feel it. and the Lady said 'Leave him alone... with some magic herbs.. and the cat was purring. and he liked the feeling.... I can only eat a few things. and the next thing was he fell asleep by the fire... the power to eat anything... you can't come here.... And the boy was sitting by the fire and he felt warm and the cat came and rubbed against his leg. like frog's legs...... and maybe he imagined it or maybe it was real... and he began to feel really really tired.... the funniest thing will happen... or smelly cheese.... 'You look like you need something to eat.. and she gave the cup to the boy and she said 'Here drink this' and he just reached out and drank it right down. to enjoy anything... right inside you.. I call it [childsname] soup... or a cockroach.. this is our place'. and he thought about eating a bus. there's a lot of things I can't eat. 'Hey you boy.... and the boy was thinking about what it would be like to eat anything............. '. and she had a cat sitting there looking at him..... or a cup... and he could feel it warming his insides.. or anything really.where there a lady sitting on rug on the grass.. to swallow down stuff that other people can't... and the Lady said .. Balthaszar' because that was the name of the cat.. And when you take this soup.. and she was cooking right there on a fire of sticks.... boys are hungry all time...... I knew someone like you would be coming by today. and he heard the Lady say........ and the Lady was kind. 'Hush Balthaszar. you will feel the soup going down... and the cat said.. let the boy come to the fire'. and it tasted OK... aren't they' and she began to stir something in the pot. with an old black pot all coved with soot. 'Yes. 'you can feel that can't you?' And the boy said.......' Adversity Set up the problem Problem defined Negative feeings Magic ingredient Visualization Safety David Mason 31 www. and the pot was bubbling away. and she filled it with soup from the pot...... 'No...... but the Lady got a cup with special designs on it. so I made this special soup. How do you know?' And the Lady said.. it is named after . and you will feel something else too.' and Balthaszar the cat looked at him and said 'I thought so. But the Lady said..... so better not.

and everyday he drank that special © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 32 www.. ' the boy Behaviour would eat that food..key-hypnosis. D And any time some other boy said 'Oh I can't eat that..... and everyone said it was so cool that he could do that. and no Lady.. 'this lady came round and she gave some herbs.... and how cool it would be for everyone to see how he could eat anything.. And I wonder if your mom could make you special soup like that? Maybe you might get some if you asked. but he could.... and when he got there. And when you wake up you can ask you mom if she can make special soup.key-hypnosis....... he could amaze people by eating all the stuff that they couldn't eat. and you know what? He became known as the Boy Who Could Eat Anything. just to show how it was done.. And his mom made him the [childsname] soup...And the boy thought about what it would be like to eat frog's legs or snails. so ask her when you see her next. and he could dare them to eat it and they couldn't do ..... and while was thinking about that he realised that he was lying on the grass and there was no fire.. Magical story Special resource Post Hypnotic suggestion David Mason www..... and said I should make some soup for you... she said....... and no cat... And he ran home to tell his mom about it.. just for you. and maybe she has a name for it..

.. every day your body changes. And I'd like you to take a few moments now to experience yourself a little replace every cell in your body every three Capability months.. specifying that what the client will see are signals that confirm the other person's warm regard towards the client. The script also addresses the client's core belief issues which are usually about feelings of inadequacy. Tag Dissociation Open ended suggestion Truism > D D You know. because the client is busy assessing what aspects of the other person to comment on.. and other scenarios can be added to address specific problems. [ClientName]. The task is to put other people at their ease... then start the therapy section. By giving the client a task to do the client's focus changes from internal focus to external focus. that the client can stop striving because the right level of performance has been achieved.. to think about possibilities. one or several of these depending on the client. Rule Lead the client into trance. think about change. Capability and that shows that change is easy and natural for you. These are replaced indirectly by overhearing remarks that the client has actually arrived at where they are supposed to be..... can't you? Capability And therefore you can change the way you feel about yourself. The final sections relate to common situations where confidence is needed: only one is given here. You can change the way you dress...... to having a task to perform in every social interaction....key-hypnosis. Because the client is forced to actually look at the other person the act of looking is a trigger for a post hypnotic suggestion to kick in.. Then the client is given an action metaphor for leaving behind all the things that were holding them are already changing in many ways. they realise that change happens all the time.. a feeling of never being good enough. Tag Lack of RI Truism set > > Sensory distortion Visualisation David Mason 33 .... Use your normal induction and confirm level of trance.. you can change the way you work. to make small talk and get them talking. doesn't it?. Truism. The therapist can use none. Each of these metaphors can be used on their own for other types of yourself changed from a child to a teenager to an adult. Behaviour you can change the words you use to talk to people. The client doesn't have time to worry about what the other person will think. isn't it? Behaviour .. Motivation and Self Esteem Self Confidence Hypnosis Script This Self Confidence hypnosis script reframes the client's perception: it changes the perception from fear of being judged and criticized. CAPABILITY: YOU CAN CHANGE When people like yourself think about change. automatically and without knowing how. people are changing all the time . Identity And this means you can easily see yourself become a different more confident person.

........ and you can think back over your life... He started life as a farm mechanic but became a > success because he had a clear idea of how the world worked. I think you remember how you used to believe in yourself and you know you can again..key-hypnosis. aren't you?.... isn't that an interesting thing to think about? And I wonder how easily you could imagine what it would be like to 'Fake it till you make it.. 'it doesn't matter whether a man believes he can. and confidently... go back into your memory.. MEMORY: YOU CAN REMEMBER SUCCESSES And I would like you to take a moment now. And you might have to fake D faking it till you can confidently fake faking confidence confidently until you are confident that you can have real confidence faking fake confidence confidently...... you are confident about how many toes you've got.... D Dissociation Tag Question Adverbial modifier Visualisation Rehearsal Confusion Deepener Metaphor Paradoxical suggestion... every time that you acted boldly....... or believes he can't.. because.... and you can do that.. can't you? Henry Ford became the richest man in the world by creating and running the Ford Motor Works..... Now.. and you knew you were doing the right thing. next week or next month maybe. right now. allow your mind to drift.. There are some things you are already confident about.... allow your mind to range over things you have done in the days and months past. there was a time when you were naturally confident. 'In every situation'. and now go into your memory and identify every instance . just pretending to be confident. when you did exactly the right thing. D And I wouldn't tell you to believe in yourself .com . you know.. when you choose to.... you are confident about your name. every one of them to mind .. confidence is a matter of believing in yourself. that feeling of confidence that you remember. he's right'.. he said. and get that feeling again. If you believe you can...Rule Capability Capability Capability Capability Rule Capability Memory Capability Identity CAPABILITY: YOU CAN THINK DIFFERENTLY I once met a man in Bombay [use anywhere exotic] who told me the way to get confidence is 'Fake it till you make it'. bring that feeling up now.. and in years long ago.'? Take a moment now and imagine yourself doing that. every day. and when you think about it.. isn't it? And that means [Client-Name]. I want you to go back to a time when you were very confident. there are many things you already feel D confident about. He said something that I think you might want to ponder.. and really feel the confidence you had then.. you can... bring all those memories. you can feel totally = self-confident about things you choose. and find times when you a acted confidently... Misdirection Missing RI Truism Reconnection Grammatical inconsistency Missing RI Lack of RI David Mason 34 www.... even when you weren't confident there were times when you were confident... confidently acting confident And for you to be confident of being confident you need to be confident in your ability to be confident so you can be confident you can fake it confidently till you make it confidently. So you see.. in every thing...

And always in situations like that.and double it again. Feel how you stand. You are filled with confidence.. Imagine yourself dressed exactly right. Your handshake is firm and friendly. Rules You always use the right words and gestures to match the expectations of the other person.and your act is so good you convince yourself.. move confidently. Capability what others expect. D And I'd like you now to think about some situation you might find yourself in where you need confidence. convincing.. YOU CAN LEARN CONFIDENCE Before you go into a new situation you take a moment to stop and imagine I how good you will feel. getting respect. showing you are in command of yourself. Think about all the ways you can take control of that situation and how good that makes you feel... saying the right thing. Ambiguity Bind Open ended suggestion Visualisation Rehearsal Covering every possibility. In the days and weeks coming up. See yourself looking good. some little thing you see or feel... how you move... You may already have begun to realize that you are becoming aware of the changes and I'm wondering how eagerly you're looking forward to using them? The old structure of your life is changing. you will be I free to explore new opportunities and new relationships. and you begin that Behaviour process of building more confidence on your confidence. fitting in with what others say.. Hear your own voice. and that imagining makes you feel confident because you know as you > begin to feel good about yourself your confidence begins to grow. Identity You are secure and confident in every situation. Experience that feeling that comes with total confidence How good does that make you feel? What part of that do you enjoy the most? Now I'd like you to double that feeling. Capability > Rehearsal Sensory Fractionation Bind Expectation Anchoring D D D > D David Mason 35 www. reminds you instantly that you have changed now.. or a social situation. how you smile. dress . You evaluate the situation before you choose the best way to react. or something else. And get used to that feeling because you have the confidence to get that feeling more and more from now on. sure. confident.. and making way for a more solid and happier existence..Capability Behaviour Behaviour Capability Identity YOU CAN BECOME AWARE OF CHANGE And you are sitting in that chair getting more and more comfortable with D yourself knowing you can start to feel self confident now.. using the right gestures.. Every change you perceive means your confidence is rising and giving > you a positive outlook. Identity Your voice is strong and steady.key-hypnosis. Behaviour You always act confident . Capability . YOU ARE IN CONTROL NOW You feel in control and sure of yourself in every situation. It could be at work. growing ever more confident. You stand confidently.

. poised. it's time for her/him to build on those achievements in her/his own way..key-hypnosis....and their reaction confirms you are confident now. every one you know in fact... people you haven't seen for years.. from Identity some.." And as you leave that party you take with you those words you heard.. people you hardly know at all." ... confident...You look people in the eye and you smile easily. a party of some sort. You know who you are..... ask you to come over.. (S)he has nothing left to prove to me.... that you look forward to meeting them.. burned into your memory." .." .. Memory D and they become a part of you...there are many people there....." . And I am even more proud now. "Now..... looking great . you hear snatches of conversation..... as if you own the place.. you communicate with your whole body. and you enter the room .... people you know socially." "[ClientName] can now go her/his own way... your control.. and you just have a quick word and move on.... you impress them with the way you walk in .. YOU ARE A WINNER I wonder if you can imagine yourself at a gathering... people from work.. to celebrate how you have changed. Identity Everything about you broadcasts confidence... you are dressed superbly.. respect........ The way you hold yourself.... the friendship... Identity I "[clientname] has become everything I ever wanted her/him to be.. (S)he has exceeded everything I ever dreamed of.. you are the star of the party...... you signal that you share their views and values. You always know exactly what to say.... "I hear there's talk of a new job... you belong .. friends. > Identity .. you mingle and greet people... people look round and smile.. D .. "Doesn't [clientname] look so assured? I wonder how (s)he does it?" Capability "(S)he's so good at what (s)he does... there are drinks and nibbles and everyone is relaxed and having a good time... "Everyone admires the way (s)he's changed and now takes charge.. ..." And from further back you hear "[clientname]'s the best son/daughter I could have hoped for.... you look well... you let people know you are pleased to see them. colleagues.. lots of people are talking. you believe in yourself...... from others. Identity D You know you are as good as anybody..... and as you talk to this one and that one. it is in your honour.. how you make everyone feel good.... that you are a worthwhile person.. all there because you are there... everyone admires your poise.... some people D are unsure of themselves when you are around.. mingling.. feeling great.. how you are showing automatic confidence in every thing Behaviour you do now. family..... in your dealings with them.. you can see it in their eyes.and this makes others react to your inner confidence. "I have always been proud of her/him even though I maybe never said it. a bit of nervousness as well. something Visualisation Sensory Post Hypnotic Suggestion David Mason 36 www... your self confidence ..... > You believe in yourself. You like who you are.." .

this means you can Memory > forget about yourself...... . Capability Being comfortable when meeting people is something you can learn.... Expectatio .. always aims to say something to Rules D put the other person at ease. to think about all your good qualities... to really consider if you are being truthful.. and you can be proud of what you have achieved. D Some people feel that if they don't have something important or clever to Rules say then other people will think they are stupid. or if you can now allow yourself to believe the best about yourself.. YOU CAN LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND and the feeling that you are taking something away with you is balanced > by another feeling. feelings.... like the weather or parking. Environme When you believe in yourself.... And maybe some part of you thinks you don't deserve those words... ideas. now. Tag Amnesia David Mason 37 www... at odd moments those words come back to you . like pulling a broken down car. Metaphor Sensory Open ended suggestion Sensory Amnesia Reframe Truism Tag Question Indirection Truism..people are always curious about other people n . because you can always find a moment to remind yourself that they are Perception > really looking forward to meeting you. you cut through the ties. you breath easier. you feel something stir within you. that they can Rules I relax when you are around..... dump things and move on. . as you leave that room you can become aware of those old things dragging behind you. The truth is that really I confident people always say really simple things. Everyone loves talking about themselves. free to be D everything you want........ and now..... many people are proud of you.. YOU CAN BE DIFFERENT WHEN MEETING PEOPLE Everything you have learned today will help you to understand yourself Capability D and others better. you can leave some things behind as well...... the more you meet new people the more > nt you enjoy the sensation you always get Memory and you forget about how you used to doubt yourself.that you will never forget.. The really confident person. ... You can forget to be nervous... maybe some part of you doesn't want to believe... and each time they make you feel good about yourself... you know. signals to the other person that you are not a falls away from you ... it is time for you to reassess what D you think about yourself.aren't they?. because you have accepted those words... things that have been holding you back......... you know.. you feel a weight lifting off your shoulders.. unimportant things. you turn suddenly and slash out behind you.... now. don't they? And when you get people talking about themselves. and as you do.... like the train on a queen's/king's .. free to change. Identity after everything that has happened...key-hypnosis. and Confident people will tell you 'The simplest way to put someone at Rules I ease is to get them to talk about themselves".. can't you.. Starting with really simple. And that's the most important step in starting a conversation: helping the other person to feel confident... you can leave it all behind. all you have to be proud of.

.com ..key-hypnosis.. more powerful ..that tells you you are connecting with your own inner self confidence Identity > and so you are reminded every time that you are a confident person............. . like you own it. Conversational Postulate 2... you know what to do in situations. YOU HAVE CHANGED FOR EVER As this session comes an end.. feeling good about the day ahead ... tasks and challenges..Capability Perception That shift in your awareness allows you to enjoy relationships.. not now. and inside there is always that little feeling... you have learned to use old skills and new skills..... you have rediscovered your natural Capability confidence... different........ a smile on your face. The result is you act so relaxed and comfortable around people that you Behaviour could find yourself noticing and enjoying that little bit more flair and style > that comes from your increased confidence.... in a few minutes. and you feel good about your > performance. Capability Because you know you have a choice... > Non sequitur Open ended suggestion Discrimination And you can begin to notice those little gestures they use that show their interest and kindliness Stimulus and you could be surprised at how much you enjoy anticipating that little feeling that comes just before you introduce yourself. you look smart.. you will find yourself feeling stronger. you go over in your mind everything you did that made it go so well and so enjoyable. that confident person smiles back knowingly. act smart.... you greet everyone and see the respect in their eyes. see yourself getting up in the morning. don't you? > Reframing Sensory Distortion Visualisation Visualisation Rehearsal 'Yes' set 1. Identity Meeting people makes you feel good.. you remember how to be confident.... don't you? D D David Mason 38 www. you walk with poise and respect.... haven't you? And as you come back to present.. you get to work or somewhere like that. You know to them you look like a different person. you carry yourself with new self respect.. confident and self Identity D assured.. you can allow yourself to imagine what your days will be like from now on... and afterwards. you see how you walk into the room... the tingle you get that tells you that you have changed.. before you go out you check yourself in the mirror. Identity D Meeting people is something you look forward to. as I count.. Conversational Capability You can choose how you feel.. You are relaxed and comfortable in every situation.... that that confidence is bubbling up inside you like a secret laugh you can't suppress. and with a deep feeling that something has changed.. can't you? Capability You always feel confident now. Conversational Postulate 3.. © 2007 David Mason 39 www..Postulate So now I am going to start counting from five up to one... Five. feeling great and filled with the new feeling.. two..four.key-hypnosis. « Table of Contents David Mason www.. .. And when I get to one you will be

. you can dismiss them and spend time thinking Capability about what you really want to do.... you are becoming aware of choices.Ego Strengthening Script Any hypnosis script aimed at increasing the client's capabilities is broadly described as 'Ego Strengthening'.. the important Capability Reframing things... bother you...... can only do so if you allow them to. The original ego script was published by Dr John Hartland (1901-1977) in 1966... Target Reframing problem thinking When you think about how you are now. and every day become more aware... changes how you feel D about yourself... And because you can decide what to think about. what you feel..key-hypnosis... the lasting things. Every day..... any problem Memory I that you can choose to ignore.. Most therapy sessions should contain some elements of ego-strengthening.. you can choose what to think about.... or what you say.. or make you worry about how you look.. what keeps it there. You have a choice D Changing how you choose to think about things. the things that are important in your All options life. Behaviour and as you do that ............. Ego Strengthening Scripts are basically direct suggestion scripts aimed at building up the client's confidence and self belief. you might want to think about how those feelings get sustained. Changing how you feel about them... and choosing what you think about means that your mind can learn to enjoy > that inner peace that comes from focussing on the good things of life.. the things that are permanent.. Because when you think about it.... isn't it? Technique Dissociation Truism & Tag Truism & Tag Reframing Imprecision Imprecision Tag Self confidence in relationships From now on you can go beyond the surface of your problems.... You can choose to focus on what is important to you.. Rule D upset you.. is no longer a problem.... Identity in many different . What was different was its novel approach: aiming to strengthen the client instead of attacking the symptoms... This script follows the format but uses modern wordings and techniques. changes how you feel Capability about things. your feelings. but this new type of script was effective in 'brief' therapy. is it? can think about your problems in a different way. The script was considered revolutionary because psychotherapy at that time typically took five to ten years..... you know that nobody else can really influence how you feel.... You and only you can choose what influences you… David Mason 40 www.. . how you choose to adopt a problem.. creating a change in 'as little as ten sessions'.for it is your own mind that directs your thoughts.. the things that annoy you. every moment. And that's an interesting thing to think about. about what matters to you. from now on. about what Memory bothers you.. that determines the outcome of the problem....... D Capability You can choose. recognising them for what they are. limit you..... that it is how you choose to think about your > problems that is the problem.. isn't that so? So in a way a problem only exists if you allow it to exist.. unless you let them.. how it survives... and think about yourself differently..

each day.. and welcome changes. natural. and much more at ease with the decisions that you are ... from now on it is something you think about every D day. you will be able to think.. or do.You no longer worry about what other people think. or say... haven't you? You have changed addresses....... Your Behaviour health is important .. D And you can make other changes. haven't you? Most of them have just been natural. Capability You can choose to change any part of your life. From now on.. And seeing things more clearly now gives you confidence. you become more aware of your health. just as you are now choosing to take D control of how you feel. You can change... lasting.. you have made other changes already.... They cannot influence Rule and appearance From this moment on... for your own good. easy... you find you are more confident in everything that you do.... and in the future. all those things. And as these changes are happening now. you will be able to do. And you have complete control over that.. Self esteem ..... and Capability what you can safely ignore.... Things are getting better now.... D Other people will see these changes you are thinking about. the people you spend time with. is you. More and more.. your outlook.. probably will never happen Even if some things turn out to be wrong... it does not matter..... like the way you changed from Memory a baby to a child. Confidence in the future And because you are taking control. than you did before.... automatic.. Because throughout your lifetime. and you are comfortable with change.. or the type of work .......... much more easily now. all these things.. from now on . lots of them. you have made many changes... They Capability have choosen how they want to feel. How you feel has nothing to do with other people... automatic. D So the changes you will be making from now. You can look forward to other people noticing. you can cause things to change. Capability You can see a bright future for yourself. for you know that you can make these.. The only person who matters is you...... you will begin to see your personal life is improving.... and time will bring more change and you know you can use that change. more assured.... Memory you recognise that other people's ideas and needs are not your problem any more.. much more clearly.. The only person whose opinion D counts. then from a teenager to an adult. Capability Change can be natural..key-hypnosis... each week is bringing something to look forward to.. your thinking. because you have the confidence now. both now. you know what's important.. from now on you Visualisation Positive Visualisation Reinforce experience Reinforce experience Health David Mason 41 www... and you will notice changes in yourself. that you used to worry about. Because you have that capability now.... you will be Behaviour able to concentrate much more easily.. easy... you will pay much more attention to your body. will come easily to you. positive. You can forget about those things that used to bother you.. something new and better. And you know...

... And as you are relaxing there... for your own good.. Change is happening now So take a few moments now.. are going to go on happening.. exactly as they should be. and relaxing can be so enjoyable.. and you have always been able to make the changes you need..... more aware of your feelings... You can choose the level of health you want. you have that ability and as you relax there your mind can remember those times when you used those abilities well.... and those changes just feel right. and how soon you want to enjoy those changes..... and what you want to have happen.. your hair...... developing more confidence in yourself . and your appearance reflects that.. and yet many changes can be happening at the same time. and doing that will make your attitude to others change. from now on you care about yourself.. a healthy mind in a healthy Capability D . you are becoming a stronger person... your nails .... . in your own mind. awake and alert and ready to move on... you can be thinking about what you want to have happen sensibly..... David Mason www. You deserve to be strong and healthy. becoming more and more comfortable with your own opinions. for your mind has managed changes before.... and how best to make it happen. about how you appear to © 2009 « Table of Contents David Mason 42 www. and you know somehow... to become aware of your many strengths.. you care about how your are dressed. you are a winner And as you become aware of these things happening.. relax even deeper. you can come back to the present.key-hypnosis. you increase your self respect by noticing Capability that other people respect you... allowing your mind to examine your memories.... your self respect is increasing every day... So take as long as you like to consider these things.. exercise every day. and how good it is to be open to those feelings.... you care D Appearance about looking your best at all times… about your clothes... in your resolve.... that these things.. You can choose to look good.... rise at a set time every day.... Every day. get to bed regularly.. D By dressing like a winner... and as you do so you are allowing your mind to accept a new way of seeing things. you are becoming more positive towards yourself.. And when you are ready ..

When asked why she did not have a steady relationship she replied 'How can anyone love me if I don't love myself?'. She could not say exactly what she wanted to change.key-hypnosis. Most of the time. And 'a failure'.. She had come through a bad childhood. The hypnotherapy works because the listener automatically seeks parallels with her own life. The following hypnosis transcript shows how her definitions of success were woven into an elaborate set of metaphors and combined with indirect and direct hypnotic suggestion. Several more rounds of questions produced the same circular answers.Self Esteem Script This client was a woman in her late thirties. The whole script is therefore based on dissociation . She wanted to try hypnosis to make her feel better. which meant that any suggestions would be rejected if they were put to her directly. almost self loathing. she just felt worthless. And what does 'failure' mean? Not being good enough for anything. The client came from a fishing town and knew a lot about the sea. and bringing to mind those similarities means she automatically puts the ideas into her own mind. had suffered several traumatic events in adulthood and had attempted suicide several times. Why do you hate yourself? Because I am a failure.. There was obvious lack of self esteem. What does 'don't love myself ' mean? I hate myself.things are happening to someone else who happens to be just like you. And what is 'emptiness' like? Failure. The script is broken into sections but was delivered in one continuous session over about forty five minutes. but focused on what the client valued. its moods and things that live in the sea. but trance is induced. Note that the word 'hypnosis' is never mentioned. what is being 'a failure' like? . The therapy therefore needed to be more directed. Not being good enough? Being a failure makes me unattractive to myself. and what she thought would make her worthwhile. Personal values section David Mason 43 www. so that was chosen as the main metaphor. These values were therefore targeted in a multi-part hypnotic metaphor.

That you are feeling more and more relaxed.key-hypnosis. more circular responses Induction section You can relax into your mind OK.. and remembering what it is like to lie on a grassy slope somewhere.... That's right. Now just take a breath and let it out. I just want you to relax a bit.. smells.... Now I wonder if you have ever lain down on a hot sunny day... strong......... and that unattractiveness is like a feeling of emptiness? Yes. or it could have been on a roof or somewhere...... And success is like what? If you were not a failure.that's good..... And do you feel that emptiness now? Yep..... Seeding 'comfortable' Using the parasympathet ic response Self induction Recall childhood memories invoking sights.. that's good. and just tell yourself with each breath out.. when you look at the sun with your eyes closed. So you feel like a failure. are you alright now? Mmmm. THE TARGET VALUES Confirming the self image Affect Testing for an affect bridge.. and now take another breath and let it out.... and just focus on.. and as you lie there remembering that light. and now just focus on your breathing... So just make yourself comfortable... That's good.. each gentle breath in and out.. more at ease. And how do you know that emptiness is there? From the way I feel... touch David Mason 44 www. better OK....... and feel the grass under your back and under your legs.. and maybe it was in a park or a garden ... confident. on a bright day..... and failure makes you unattractive to yourself. admired.. just become aware of what it's like to relax......What does success mean for you? What would the opposite of 'a failure' be? A success..... sounds. what would you be like? Identity Intelligent. I want to talk about what emptiness means to you. not really... and just shrug your shoulders down..... just become aware of the breath going in and out of your body. mmm. more comfortable.. that's good. and breathing gently... So are you quite comfortable sitting there? No. somehow you can still see that bright light through your I eyelids. successful... wealthy...... So put both feet I on the floor.. and make yourself comfortable..... make yourself comfortable D [moves around in the chair] That's .

It's so good to just totally relax.. drifting.. and the way that their voices can just fade away... or remember..... and just think how good it is.... and a warm sun caressing your face. nothing to worry about.. and your own weight pressing down. and there's just one cloud left.. people talking...... Count down deepener Cloud metaphor section You can feel your troubles drift away Capability And in that cloud you can dream many things. and those clouds are drifting gently down... you watch them.. David Mason 45 www....... and the smell of suncream lotion. strong.... and still the clouds go down and there's eight. one particular cloud comes across............ peacefully relaxed... to enjoy .... just a nice sandy beach somewhere.... lying on a beach.. and maybe there is a gentle breeze.... Deepening the trance section Relax deeper and deeper And those clouds go down towards the horizon.... and there can be gentle splashing waves.... and maybe you can imagine.. And in the sky. and as she looks she becomes aware of a connection with that cloud.key-hypnosis.. more at ease......... vision... and as they go off there are ten left. and you count the clouds going by....... a simpler time....... and I wonder what you would hear. smell......... and then one disappears.......... safe and secure.. and maybe you can imagine lying in a park somewhere. looking at clouds...... as you lie there. and four...and on a warm day you can feel so drowsy. just going down and down and down . or a garden... so ready to drift away. gently floating.. limp and loose.... gently supported. and there are nine. just let everything go.... and as you lie there every muscle can become... and you can feel yourself... that's right.. and you might remember back to a time.... and she is just lying relaxed....... and now there's seven.. And as she watches the clouds....and five.. reminder of relaxation Invoking memories with sound. and it comes across the sky until it appears to be stationary above her. and you can imagine yourself in that cloud. You can dream of a girl on a beach.. nothing to do.... and your arms.... floating... maybe you could hear children playing...... being completely surrounded by a lovely warm fleecy cloud.. and she can see it coming from one side.. there are clouds.. and the clouds are drifting slowly from one side to the other.. and three. and in the distance there is the sound of traffic..... I you feel more and more relaxed. when you could just relax and enjoy that peace and calm.... and as they go....... like a radio being turned right down. and two... inside that cloud... and then there's six.. and with each cloud disappearing. that just riffles your hair. and as you watch the clouds drift across... and no one to bother you..... just feeling yourself supported..

and it's changed for Capability ever. just removing themselves.... and at last ..... she becomes aware that there is a connection between her and the cloud. and what things she is rejecting and forgetting .... and still the cloud takes more and more of these things........ is beginning to fill up ....key-hypnosis........ begins to fade.... that feeling of emptiness.. she can control what she eats.. she's choosing now what she is going to allow to affect her.... and they can just drift up and up ........ breaks up into smaller images.. and as the cloud transfers more and more of these changed things.... have been changed somehow.... she feels lighter and younger and happier.... and she becomes aware that there is energy coming out of her and going up into the cloud. up her legs......... and drifting out and away. she is ready to take control of her .... up her arms..... lifting. She can control what she wears. that she is feeling lighter and lighter. and detaching.. and as she lies there. and she can feel them drifting from her toes... and that control is a matter of choice.. because she knows it's time to let go.. and going up past the shoulders....... And as she is lying on that beach. that cloud gets darker still..... and as she watches. that image breaks up........ ready to change.... because. have been transformed... being fulfilled. she becomes aware.. and bigger.... and things start coming down from the cloud that are different... that has been there so long .. and as she watches.... that are useful........... and that girl feels.. and as she looks at the cloud.... and she realises that she has control. things she has been worrying about for a long time are just loosening .. of things that have been there for such a long time... and those things begin to come down and that girl begins to feel herself being filled.......... and as she watches more and more things are sucked up.......... and as more and more of those things come back changed from the cloud. as a bag or a bucket or something else........ that if you choose to believe you have control you have control. and all those tiny pieces disappear... and she is choosing now to take control Rule D of herself.. that all her worries are just drifting away.... begins to shrink. so much lighter perhaps. that are attractive... from her fingers. connecting the cloud to that girl... all those things that made her feel out of control are disappearing.....looking at the cloud..... all her concerns are being sucked up into that cloud.. that image of emptiness....... and the cloud is getting D darker. You can destroy the old feeling and that girl can imagine that feeling of emptiness.. of what she developing the metaphor changing the symbol changes her feelings Metaphor modelling: destroy the mental picture of the problem David Mason 46 www..... and in its place she notices a different feeling growing.. that are valuable... away. she can control what she does second by second and minute by minute.. and the cloud is getting darker and darker and at last the cloud begins to billow and change shape. and smaller pieces still. are just loosening and lifting.. the cloud begins to get darker. begins to shrink... things from the past that she doesn't need any more. and she can imagine lines or threads. that feeling of emptiness ............ and that feeling of emptiness is lifted off her.. drifting. as a picture of some sort . and she realises that she is ready... that feeling of not being good enough.. and all those things that went into the cloud .

just like a lobster in the sea shrugs out of its old shell. and attractive to D women.. Because she can see beneath the skin.... a loving attractive little girl peeping out.. constantly she is shedding the old battered shell and replacing it with a new smooth shiny one....... who has now grown up. and completely filling that emptiness............. a woman whose inner beauty shines out..... all those things that happened that aren't important any more. is now growing stronger and firmer.... and she can see herself and she is attractive and she realises that she is attractive to herself.. realises that things have changed......... that little girl is still there. and she sees a woman who is beautiful inside..... who gave love.......... that little girl is also growing and changing..does.. and felt . an empty restriction that she has outgrown.. Reverse her self assessment Metaphor of lobster shedding scales = old feelings Actions Metaphor: old ways shattered.. and that little girl begins to fill out.... that she doesn't have to feel empty any more.. that capability little girl who is full of hope and joy.. And as she watches... that little girl who loved everyone > without reservation. laughing. growing up..key-hypnosis.... that image of her cracks and splits and she steps out of the old picture. the broken pieces...... about herself Parts therapy section You can remember success And she can see herself reflected in that cloud.. that beautiful loving little girl. and brought with her all that fun and curiosity and ambition and strength and that boundless sense of the possible that children have in them. association David Mason 47 www..... can not be put back Identity Reframing.... in that reflection... she is.. And that girl on the beach can see how that little girl grows and changes... And as that emptiness is filled that girl on the beach.. and she is changing and Identity growing inside that girl on the beach..... who felt love.. where she belongs. and determined.. is swept away.. and has taken her rightful place.. that that picture broke up..... and as she grows... she can see that beautiful little girl.. and that little girl grows.. right inside... and she is filling the last little bits emptiness that was there. those images have been shattered...... growing strong..... what she wears. like a mirror that can no longer hold an old idea.. and what she thinks about... a Identity woman who is attractive.. just gets taken up into the cloud... beneath the bones. inside an attractive woman..... and she sees herself reflected in the cloud....... and as she sees herself she sees that little girl.. what she eats.. attractive to men. and become strong and smart.. who deserved love...... who wanted love........ as she capability grows she sheds the old shell and replaces it with a shiny strong new shell.... and the old shell with all its dents and blemishes..... and as she changes and grows.... And all that old stuff..

. the feeling of taking back control... her bright sparkling intelligence. people arguing = family problems amnesia.. and it gets smaller......... and that feeling .... all that debris has been sucked up. and still the cloud moves on.. and her sense of wonder... and it drifts on and on... the next day.. as it Capability drifts away......... that dark angry cloud...... filled. and is forced to change.. and that girl on the beach can remember all that.... away.. and changing. she gets in touch with that bright memory as it fills her completely.. and successful. and the cloud continues to drift far out to sea. you can't see it. and that grumbling and the noise and the flashing and boiling......... and far away. dumps all its contents into the sea. and it passes over the horizon and out of sight... Get rid of old metaphoric symbols for ever introduce new symbol = light Suggest physical change = emotional change D Values > D Metaphor Modelling Developing the Light symbol to replace the dark. of limitless possibilities. and is on the way to being wealthy... like a light shining into dark corners.... and maybe it is coming from the Capability forehead and down the cheeks... gets smaller until you can't hear it any more. that cloud took it away.. and suddenly the cloud opens..... and she is admired because she is confident. lying there.. her stomach. because she has been filled by the spirit of that little girl... and it makes a difference.her chest... all the anger and bitterness and sarcasm..... carried away by the currents.. further and further... Identity that old feeling has gone for ever..... and a rumbling.... getting smaller and smaller.. warming and relaxing.. it fades into the distance........ and is remembering it Capability now.. and as she looks around her body.. dilutes. and as she lies there she can feel that change.. comfortable...... and she is all these things..... is intelligent... and down the neck and spreading and spreading.... and she can begin to enjoy that happiness that she is due. and then the connection gets thinner and thinner...... as if a bright memory has swallowed up the dark one. and that cloud begins to drift over the sea .. can't hear it. that girl on the beach sees it going into the cloud.... all that old stuff... her brain.. become aware of certain things in her body. and the winds blow it ..... there's no room left for darkness.. looking forward to life... and as it breaks the cloud begins to drift away.... and breaks....... for emptiness.. flashes of lightening in it. gone completely.... > David Mason 48 www. showing that there is nothing there now. the feeling of choices And that girl on the beach.. a bright new sun shines on an ocean where it once rained......... happiness that is owed to her.. with the vast oceans and is no more...... she can feel it spreading. like people arguing....... and strong. You can be different And that girl on the beach....... she can really begin to change.. and replaced it with something like a bright sun.. all the hurts and .....Regression section You can forget all the bad stuff And that cloud just continues to suck up all that old feeling... and it gets as far as the horizon.... the feeling of certainty... and that cloud begins to get mixed with the air currents far away...... but the ocean has no memory.... can't see. always changing... and as she watches.. just like the lobster sheds its skin.key-hypnosis.... and that rain mixes..

. well she gathers them beside her.... the polished ones.. and she examines them..... and there are ripples on the bottom... she knows that no matter what happens in life she can use it to take control..... and because of that she is admired. they break down into tiny tiny bits and those little bits get rounded and smoothed... and she spends some time.. content.... all of those she throws down the beach. she accepts that . and as they roll they get broken...... and the little round pebbles... and the waves begin to pick up those ugly broken shells ... and the tide begins to pile the sand and swish it this way and that...... they are just thrown to one side.. and the tide begins to come in ............. And when you think of it.. and she watches.. take control... the angry and pointless..... rolling down the beach away from her... turns them over. so what makes a beach attractive is all the old stuff that has been rolled around and worn away.. more and more of those old shells get broken up.. and it rolls them this way and that.. she can become wealthy and confident and strong. and as the day wears on the tide comes in.... and they begin to mix with the sand on the shore. or not.... the damaged shells... begins to think back to what was good .. And that girl on the beach knows that she is good enough for anything. and she keeps the good ones beside her. the well formed shells....... and succeed on her terms. and all those ugly broken shells get broken down and recycled... by time and tide. Capability happy... and gradually she works her way through all the shells. and she takes each of these things from her past .... she is ready to go Metaphor: shells = life events Discarding bad memories destroying bad memories symbolically A beautiful life emerges from processing bad memories memories can pass good memories David Mason 49 www. and the day wears on .... and decide whether you want to keep it ... but the good shells. and what was not so good.... the the memory of waves passing and fading. so now she feels that she can do anything... like shells on the beach. you look at it.. and it rolls them around. Beautiful smooth polished sand...... back and forward in the surf. the diseased. and she can see them tumbling..she knows that. and she knows that because she feels lighted... and as the sun get lower. as much time as she needs... and all that stuff's shrunk and evaporated.... And the tide begins to come up the shore and still the girl lies there... but you know what? As they get broken up they turn into beautiful sand.. will just grind away some more. because she has lots of time. and she throws the broken... and the tide is lapping at the edge of the beach. having sorted through so much......and those pebbles........ she works through all those shells....... And the ugly shells.Identity banishing the dark forever... the happy ones. you pick them up....key-hypnosis. lighted: confusion Sea shell metaphor section You can discard the past and that girl on the beach begins to think back over her life. the broken shells. those shells..........

. And in the road there are cars. feels the smooth shiny surface in her fingers...... and a Lexus.... addressed to her. and she holds them up to the light and the sunlight glances off them.... and there is a chef there. She gets to the edge of the beach and there is a road there.. and starts up away from the beach. and there are hundreds and hundreds of racks. and takes the bag with her. and some of them are white and some of them are brown. and she stands up..key-hypnosis.. thanks the staff.. a long expanse of grass and plants and flowers......... and a maid.... and there are offers. and there is a mirror there with make up and she looks at herself.. clothes and shoes. and she looks out the front window at that huge expanse of lawn. and her belongings.. And she walks across the road. and behind her there are those hundreds of outfits.... and she steps into the kitchen.. a miracle of nature... and knowing all that makes her feel good..... there's a Mercedes... and she just dismisses them because she has control over her life... and so she gathers all the beautiful perfect shells . And finally she goes up stairs and she throws off her clothes....and she looks out the window at the beautiful garden.......................and there are orders...... all for that girl's business.. counts them....and walks into the living > room... from admirers.and dismisses them. a beautiful meal waiting ... and she finishes her meal. and many of them glow with wonderful shimmering colours.... each one a masterpiece...and there are contracts to sign.. and they serve her this beautiful meal........ and the gardener stops his work and waves and carries .. and gathers it up.... and beautiful paintings on the wall. money orders.....and there's messages winking.. there's the driveway. and there are cheques. and she just smiles to the mirror.. and maybe they reflect yesterday's rainbows... she looks through them.. washing gently on other beaches far away... and other stuff to do.. WEALTH Identity ADMIRED MATERIAL SUCCESS playground = children? CONFIDENT David Mason 50 www...... there's a gigantic screen...... she puts them in a bag.. and brushes the sand off her. like those discarded old shells.. and she sits there. and there are hundreds.. and in the driveway she stops and looks in the mail box.... reinforce destruction of bad memories Rehearsing the future section You can have everything you want And so she puts all her shells in the bag .and they all have her name on them.. and there are messages from people all over the world.... she has control of her finances.... and some she can hold up to her ear and hear the far off sea and waves falling on distant shores...on. who need to speak to her....... and it is as if those waves are washing away her problems. and the playground. that little secret smile she Visualise all the things she equates with success.. and four wheel drive.. And she walks up the drive and into her beautiful house. and it's full of letters..... and she looks at the number plate.. and opens the walk in wardrobe....... and there's the telephone..and it's her house. washed away and broken up...... and wine. leading up to a house... exactly the way she wants it..........

..... and intelligence which is above education. And you can weave those together. completeness. remembering D when she felt right with the world...... into a plan. and that boundless enthusiasm. I And that woman dreams of success. and you can take those lessons. snuggles down.. every night she Capability reminds herself of all those good times.. D And she got everything she wanted........ and she remembers all the times in her life when she was in control. you will be supported. INTELLIGEN Identity she's intelligent.. And I wonder what that woman dreams of? Rule Dreams have a way of becoming true.. she was in STRONG control.. and you can connect back to all the parts of Identity your life.. and you D recall the times when you felt wealthy and strong.... people see.. where you have control. she closes the sliding doors and steps into her bedroom. and she sees the world as a bright place. you will be admired for planting that seed..... and decide to be in control. and she Capability slips off her stuff and slides into that bed. and she knows her own value.... D Dream success section You are a success So with a last look in the mirror that beautifully groomed elegant woman ... and the wealth that Identity they don't keep in banks. From that day .... that feeling of wholeness.... what ever happens ......... always Capability growing up toward the light. successful. now...... and bring them into your ...has..and that inner beauty follows her everywhere. it gives her strength and confidence......... and how it all happened one day when she realised that all she had to do was to let go of some things. wealthy and admired. Rule How it all just follows on from that...... fulfilment.. of herself.key-hypnosis. over and over. now.. And being in control of herself made her in control of everything.. and you have success.. and every night that little girl comes to visit her.. and she thinks back to how she got all this.... plant + light = growth David Mason 51 www...... when she felt good.... she just drifts a plant. And she is all those a little girls is peeping through..... there's a beautiful bed.. and the success that is not measured in money.......... and as she lies there she drifts away to sleep. and fills her with strength and determination...... T and strong.. Everywhere she goes.. warm and welcoming and comforting..... And so [clientname] you can join that woman as she dreams her dreams of success and control... Post hypnotic suggestion Dissociation 'light' symbol Reframe her current deficits Associate the client into the idealized version of herself seed = change. and confident... isn't she? Capability And she realised all she had to do was take them. that little smile that lets her know that deep down inside is the source of that attractiveness.... And knowing that..... with roots and leaves and stems that can grow in this direction or that..

you can waken up when she wakens up . I feeling again that inner can imagine that woman waking up. and when you have thrown away what needs to be .. as long as you need to start to change for ever. when you have done all that. bind: you are starting to change waking up = you are beautiful ambiguity: waking up anytime or feeling good anytime? I David Mason www..key-hypnosis.. take as long as you like..... and enjoy that feeling you get when you decide what things to keep and what to throw © 2007 « Table of Contents David Mason 52 www...... feeling .Reorientation section You can make these changes now So you and that woman can dream successfully. remember all the good things...key-hypnosis... So start that now.... whenever you want..... and you can waken up and come back to the present. Capability and you can enjoy that for as long as you want......... feeling really good ...

Fractionation and allow your body to relax even more.... so far from where you wanted to be... A wind blows dust up the street..... become aware of the weight of your body. some kind of official building. social anxiety.... Empower the listener And then you notice something. ahead is a large solid building like a town hall.. watching.... quiet......key-hypnosis. like being trapped with no way out. The therapist can embellish it with detail to suit the particular client. .. just relax.. Fear of rejection. and let it go. relaxation Take another breath.... you can't go .you can't go left. you can't go ahead.. there is no way out. Now breathe normally for a few moments. you look around. fear of success.... the place smells old....... stores..... lift your arms and drop them... your mouth feels dry.. abandoned.. Comment Take a deep breath.blocking your way.Fear of Failure Break out of your restrictions This metaphor can be used for a wide variety of issues to do with breaking out of restrictions or breaking down barriers... neglected.... You find yourself in a long silent street somewhere.. then to the right.. raise your legs Muscle slightly and relax them... You walk along and dust rises from the ground under your feet.. you feel V hot and feel the fierce sun beating down....... But that fear exists only in your mind. and let it go... behind you the road stretches back to a featureless empty land. everywhere you are hemmed in by buildings......... Fear of Failure metaphor visualization I wonder if you can imagine being in a remote small town far away from here.... on each side are buildings. Slowly close your eyes.... just get all the tension out of your muscles.... there is no one around. banks... the buildings seem to be pressing in. Target Induction.... and really relax. shops....... procrastination are all fears that can be treated by this hypnosis metaphor. run down... some have no identity. Loosen your shoulders.. offices... think about how your arms Give them and legs feel. you turn to the left....lost.. you stop and wonder how you got here.... and so can be removed with hypnosis. so different from what you hoped for.closed and silent. this time as you breath out. maybe.. time to settle Now slowly open your eyes and then close them as you breathe out.. blank windows....... an empty street... Everyone has seen a mock Western movie set so everyone should be able to relate to the core of the metaphor. some have names M above the doors. it's late afternoon. everything seems empty and barren. David Mason 53 www. One more breath...the whole place feels deserted.. Fear of failure can feel like being up against a wall..

.. there is a ripping sound.. whooping and yelling and laughing out loud... you go along the whole of one side of the street and kick out all of the struts... The movement is a little flap of something... you grab hold of it and you pull........... there is nothing holding you back...... attached to the building.. you look closely and you can see that it is paper on one side and paint on the other. you kick out the second one and the whole rotten framework creaks and shudders... . a few kicks and it is gone.... You can see right though the illusion now. smashed. you pull again and a big piece comes away in your hand.. you push at the window frame and it topples out of position and smashes down onto the ground with a great crash. you see that little movement.. none of those things can keep Behaviour you in now. now that you see it close up you realise that it is fake.... and look closely.. false fronts held up by nothing. you kick at the nearest strut and the corner of the building sags. so solid seeming.. you go across the street.a little movement. you feel a surge of power... and you realise that you are not stuck... you look along the back of those solid seeming buildings and you realise that they are nothing but someone's imagination.... you feel a surge of joy as you rip and tear at it. and then you get to the biggest one of all. you step through the hole and there is nothing but a few struts holding the building in place.. everything you thought was real is really an illusion.... nothing but a false front... something disturbed by the wind perhaps. you watch it David Mason 54 www...... like cloth.... step up to the front of building.. destroyed for ever.... you look closely at the building again...... paint the same colour as the building.. and suddenly there is a big tear right in the front of the building and light is pouring through the rip. on the front of one of those anonymous buildings.there is nothing behind it. you grab the edge of the rip in both hands and you pull again.... it is not real... another big chunk of paper comes off... and the more you rip away the easier it comes off.. you laugh with delight... and yet it is paper feel like a child again......... you kick away the last support and with a mighty whoosh the whole edifice collapses flat on the ground. the one that was stopping you going forward... ..... Capacity and that fills you with a relentless determination.. you rip off more and more. one after the other.. you can see right through the building.... so ..... and one after the other all those false fronts come tumbling’s like a movie set....

. any way you want now. refreshing . until all that is left is a scatter of flattened sticks and paper.... you can smell the clean fresh countryside « Table of Contents David Mason 55 www.... nothing in the way.. and you know. blowing away that dirt and dust. and with those illusions gone. falling like dominoes.key-hypnosis.stagger and crumple. and you don't even have to do the other side.. you can feel a fresh breeze blowing. you lift up your face and feel the soft wet drops on your skin. uplifted. you are renewed. Reframing success And you can see your way ahead now.. there are no limits............. and out of a clear blue sky. that you can go all the way.. Reorientation [Continue with the next part of the therapy] Copyright David Mason 2007 © key-hypnosis..... and what seemed like a dead end street is now an open field stretching all the way to the horizon.... being blown away. washing away the dust of the past.. you drink in the new water......... now...... the force of the blast causes all the rest to crumble and fall... you can feel the crash through your feet... scraps and remnants fluttering out of sight.

... It was very important to me. but it wasn't the beginning either... and so I reluctantly set out to walk to the Post Office ten blocks away.... I was still on my way to the Post Office.key-hypnosis. I saw myself sitting there in the snow and slush looking ridiculous. Whenever you fail on the way to your goal.....I had no idea if it would be good enough.maybe I wasn't going to pass anyway...I didn't know if it had been worth all that effort... and suddenly I found myself flat on my back. that slipping does not mean that you have failed.. And they didn't know it.there was slush on the roads and icy patches on the pavement. The distance I had covered was still there. I had actually made a lot of progress along the road.I was exhausted. I went out one winter's afternoon and I found that my old car wouldn't start....Maybe I wasn't meant to pass.. It was a slip. it was grey and miserable..... My fall was only an interruption.Addiction Recovery Recovering from a setback This metaphor reframes a slip back into bad behaviour as being something that you accept on the way to your outcome.but I realised that when you slip.. sore and bruised... the ..well I didn't know what would happen. I saw myself reflected in a shop window. I lay there winded. I felt like giving up there and then.. But as I sat there feeling stupid and sore and disappointed and wondering what the point was... David Mason 56 www. don't you?. helped me up. the sleep.. I began to laugh.. You get to keep what you have achieved so far.. and two of them.I could have spent more time on it. Just get to the Post Office and it was all over.I had been laughed at. you never slip all the way back to the beginning.. I had spent so long on it.. and all the progress I had made still counted. total strangers... I started to walk very very carefully at first.... I had caught a glimpse of how far I had come... you get to keep what you have achieved so far and there are always others ready to help you.... You can always laugh at yourself.. and then as I got going I got more confident. and imagined everyone laughing at me. And the people passing by began to laugh with me..... but inside I was still laughing. If I didn't get it right this time. The weather was terrible.the final part of my degree.... the snow. I had been up all night getting my thesis finished... being very careful where I put my feet..... maybe I was trying too hard. can't you? Looking back at it........ I had really only a tiny way to go. I had hurt myself. I was in a hurry to get there.. I realised that compared to how far I had come.. it wasn't the end of the journey. that you always have the option of calling on inner resources and picking up where you left off. When I was a student..but I could laugh at myself..... Because I had seen something else reflected in that shop window. Maybe I was unrealistic....I began to pay less attention.maybe I was kidding myself.. at that moment I don't know if I even wanted the degree.. I had slipped and fallen quite badly.. In fact I had been working on it without sleep for days. I had to get it into the mail before my deadline.... I could see where I was going. I looked so silly. I had finished 365 pages and it was all tied up. you know? Maybe my effort wasn't all that good anyway....

but proud of what I had « Table of Contents David Mason 57 www. bruised and . decided to pay more attention to bad patches in future and I went on. and knowing that I had learned something....key-hypnosis. Copyright David Mason 2007 © key-hypnosis..So I rubbed my sore back...

... as you are sitting there.and that's good. that's right.... astrology and out of body experiences This astral projection hypnosis script takes you on an out of body experience to a place up in space.... Good. to just make yourself comfortable.key-hypnosis.. more and more relaxed' .. And you feel yourself sinking...... Stars coming out Deepener Section Now that you are in trance... you're doing very well .... The out of body experience allows the mind to open up to all possibilities. Just allow that feeling of relaxation to go all the way through your body. to be D really so relaxed and so comfortable... breathing gently.. let your whole body go soft and relaxed.. that heaviness is just telling you that you are going into trance now . Now take a deep breath. down and down into that chair.... hands on top of your thighs. that's right. just breath it out... because that's the right thing to do. and this time before you let it go... exactly as it should be.... And you can become aware of the chair under you. and now just allow your breathing to go back to normal. Induction section OK. really let go of all the tension in your shoulders and in your face and your eyes. Now take another deep breath... that's right..... Take another deep breath and hold it. sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground....... that's right. supported by the chair.. 'deeper and deeper.. you can say to yourself. you can allow your mind to drift off.. In each star sign you meet the heavenly being who controls your destiny and are offered the chance to collect the wisdom of the star signs before returning to earth with everything you need to know... deeper and deeper.. Hypnosis and horoscopes are combined with astral projection in this hypnotic out of body experience...... The astral projection astrology visualization allows the unconscious mind to access inner wisdom. and every gentle breath out just leaves you more and more relaxed. you can move if you want to.. take a deep breath and hold it..... as you are relaxing into trance..... and you begin to wonder what it would be like to just sink into that chair.... and just close your eyes.....Astral projection Hypnosis Script Hypnosis. that's great... in your own time and this time really let yourself relax..... and with each breath out..... Relaxation Induction Pacing breathing Dissociation Sensory Distortion breathing induction David Mason 58 www. There you travel to the stars and though all the houses of astrology........ What I would like you to do is...... and you are probably wondering whether you are going into trance quickly or slowly or what it will feel like as you are going into trance.. you can just think to yourself about being in that chair there.. quietly. That's excellent... and then let it go. and you don't have to think about anything.

. all laid out in the dim darkness... now float outside. feeling more and more relaxed as the darkness deepens. and higher still.. your mind. somehow supported. and as the darkness settles over you..... floating K Dissociation easily. you can feel the vastness of space... and as you are lying there in the dark. rolling V around you like warm soft air wafting you upwards............. David Mason 59 www...... your personality.. and as more and more stars appear you feel yourself .... pure and clear.......... looking down on them. become aware of a darkness settling over you like a soft gentle blanket........ relaxing there... and in the sky the first stars are coming out. warm and comfortable.. and in your chair. and the more stars there are the more you feel detached from your Dissociation body. the majesty of the heavens.. and soon the whole country is spread out before you. so you can be relaxed about the process.. and you can enjoy the sensation.. outside.... V slowly drifting upwards now.. here and there lights are being lit... up and out.. soft white fleecy clouds...... above the trees... and outside the sun is setting.... feel its weight taking you down.. that body feels different.. you can look back at yourself... and you A look up at the stars high above....... and the whole V world is settling down for the night... breathing slowly.. and they are getting further and further away as you go ever upwards.......... Get ready for accepting new abilities And you find yourself drifting. your body relaxes deeper into the chair............. a figure V gently breathing. more and more comfortable now. and now you can begin to see the whole area.. glittering in the dark night.. and you V can see the glint of moonlight reflected from a river far below.... as you drift upwards past the V Safety! rooftops.... drifting.key-hypnosis. far below. and then you are past the clouds. and feel yourself floating amongst the buildings. and curious to know where it > might lead... looking out.. all round V you.. your mind is beginning to drift away. by a window.. as you are relaxing in that chair... is now gently I detaching..... and you can forget all about that body now........ Out of body experience and now you feel yourself drifting away from your body..... feeling detached.... safe and secure... and soon you are among the clouds. of being weightless. and you become aware of a gentle sound.. floating among the stars... and still you are slowly moving upwards.. like angel's breath.. streets and houses and roads.... everything around you is getting quiet and dark..........and imagine now that you are sitting in comfortable chair.... safe and secure... and as the sun sets and slips below the horizon.. rising on V and on.

... and you can take what you want and it is yours now.... and there you are offered the strengths of the ram. and as Capability those barriers fall you become open to all the powers of psychic and sensitive.. . affectionate and enjoy stable relationships from now on. Capability and you see yourself ambitious. as you begin to sense the crystal spheres of eternity. as it has . your values Capability sorted. Drifting now towards the Sun you come to the planet Mercury... what you want to take back with Capability you.. and a place of love and beauty. the sign of Leo outlined in fire. the Twins give you their gifts.. and you are shown all of the vast black sky and the constellations like diamonds scattered across a field of dreams.. funny....... to visit each of the planets.. And then the Messenger carries you away to the planet Mercury.. and you are shown your life. energetic. And Capability there.. independent. and there is a fiery lion.... and there. In Virgo you feel your mind being explored... and in that cold light you see the crab in the sky. what gifts of wisdom and insight the astral traveler can find..... and you find yourself in the house of Aires the ram.. you are shown your life.... be proud of your mind.. and you find yourself moving. from now on you can choose to be sociable. flexible and you can learn to learn.. covering great distances in an instant. And now you are drifting out to the planet Venus..... you are to be given an opportunity only offered to astral voyagers...... what has been learned in depths of time.... and the music carries you away.. and take whatever you need... You move on into the brilliant light of the Sun. now you are seeing the moon.. and you hear Capability beautiful music. Metaphor: travel = change Aires Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo David Mason 60 www. and you are taken on a tour of the heavens..... In the House of Leo you can Capability collect the ability to be self assured....... Journey through the Houses And you come to a space ruled by the planet Mars... and you learn that you. to choose what you want to take... now.. because you are in this state... and in that music you are offered all the gifts of Venus.. spinning. sensuous. so get ready to visit each House in the Star signs.. the Twins... and you are left with the gift of analysis.. as it can be.. to learn what each keeper has. and there is the House of Taurus the Bull.... and journey through the entire solar system... in the sign of Virgo.. intuition and caring..key-hypnosis. learn to teach. a place of logic and reason.... the Crab offers you the gift of Imagination... and the House of Gemini... to be assertive.. energetic and the ambition to succeed..and there you come into the presence of the Great Architect of the Universe. and you can gather up all these.... to enjoy your intellect.... you can be generous.......... that keep you from the truth. independent. and the crab uses its claws to pull apart those defences that have been holding you back..... of seeing patterns and mysteries.. like stars in a bag......

.com . a new life. the planet of adventure and travel.... to plan and prosper and rise through the ranks.... and your mind. and then off to Pluto.. a container of some sort.. you are coming back to the present.... back to the present... Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Reinforcement Metaphor David Mason 61 www...... and purpose is slowly uncoiling. you learn to be organized.. and you find it clinging to you.. and in that place you can be reborn.. changed by the touch Identity I of those stars. filling your body with K a sensation... THREE. with its rings... ONE.... and curiosity. Out past Saturn is lonely Uranus.. outside the sun is coming up.. Saturn... learning how to be sociable and diplomatic. and there you are offered the gift of balance from Libra the Scales.. of some strange substance penetrating. and what you learned on that journey.... And on to icy Neptune. god of the eternal sea. in you. clearer I Reorientation and as you think of those things. wide awake. in the realm of Pisces Capability the Fish. Then you feel everything slowing down..... and you become aware of a feeling of light... and an ancient still wisdom is spreading. and there you touch Aquarius..... you beginning to become aware as those talents are being lodged deep in your mind. and rare and wonderful talents so rare that you can only marvel at ..... Behaviour and things just seem different now.. strong.... those stars begin to fade.. TWO.....Next you find yourself visiting the planet Venus... and as you become aware of the light.... eyes opening. the place of marriage Capability and love.. and drinking that Capability water gives you the gift of languages. and lead to great things for you....... changed for ever.. of determination..... wrapping around you..and a power. yet it weighs next to nothing.. and you have changed now.. patient and to Capability have then endurance to make your life better... I is starting for you. K There is a bag. easier....... happy... filled.. where the Sign of Scorpio rules.. Then mighty Jupiter appears. to be there whenever you need them. and the power of the imagination........... by being close to those planets...... a Capability chance to get all the optimism and enthusiasm that Sagittarius has.. and learn the mysteries of life and beyond life. and you are beginning to feel different. far out in the cold reaches of space.... the water carrier.. and as the earth turns on its mighty axis. the planet of freedom and change......... whenever you want Identity K and in those rings you find the constellation of Capricorn. and the power of a million suns. Where you learn sensitivity to others.. a new dawn.key-hypnosis....... appears before you............. crossing the barrier of your skin.. a new day.. and a love of change.... a place of Capability death and rebirth.. in your body . and even though it is filled with age old wisdom.... and all those ancient powers are coming alive now.. changing everything it touches. .com « Table of Contents David Mason 62 www.Copyright David Mason 2011 © key-hypnosis.

Then you clear out the old stuff that was stopping you learning and lets you create a new learning process. Then the learning function is trained and tested to make sure it is working OK. It uses a combination of visualization and direct suggestion to help with learning difficulties. This enables you to connect to your own inner resources for learning and gives you back the confidence you have lost.. Capability Capability Capability Capability Capability Induction Now why not let yourself get very comfortable… and while you are hearing these words… you might like to think about how comfortable you could become.. The next part is a visualization of being back in a school room and getting praised for learning. and shows you how it works.key-hypnosis. The first part takes you into your own mind. The final part of the learning to learn script is a direct suggestion for confidence and the ability to retain what has been . I wonder if you can remember when you felt most comfortable… I often think of a time like drifting in a boat… or lying on some grass somewhere… peaceful and content… breathing gently… and how good it is to close your eyes and feel the weight of your arms and legs… pressing down… heavy and limp and loose… and how simple it is to relax… close your eyes… and feel yourself going deeper with each breath… And people don't really have to learn… how to relax… and how you learned to relax… maybe it's just something you do… relaxing… learning to relax… learning seems so natural… and you have relaxed so deeply before… you know how to do it… and without even thinking about it… you are relaxing now…you know… using what you learned… and there are things you know… and you don't know how you know them… there are things you learned and you don't remember learning them… and that means that you can learn things naturally… easily… almost without paying attention… and just by relaxing and breathing softly now… you are learning to relax even more… and the more you do that… you more are learning… to drift away… to forget about where you are… imagine your surroundings fading away… and every sound you hear now… is taking you… guiding you… gently into a trance-like relaxation… and it's a way of learning… nothing matters… and everything can fade away… and learning to use that feeling… of drifting off… floating away….Learning to Learn A hypnosis script to help with learning. and isn't it curious how feeling heavier can let you drift away?… supposition V K I General to specific > D > Truism Truism Hypnotic > logic > > audio induction Tag question Lack of RI A I Capability and noticing that means you are learning… many curious things… about David Mason 63 www.

. quickly and easily... a place for facts.. moving at lightning speed. to how easily you learn........ You can create places to store pictures. nothing to think about… comfortable… and that means you are open to new things… new ideas…. Using the learning place That's good.... the place where you learn. thinking while not thinking… thinking about learning and not learning… and knowing > what you know… And one thing you have learned is that you already know how to learn.... exactly the way it should be...... a place for numbers.. activity and keep clearing away old things until you have it the way you want it. and you realize you are seeing into your own mind..... sensing your brain at work. to how you learn. a place Create new for sounds. You can decide how big to make . how to connect them.. there is a soft slow rushing noise in the background....... and to take out and discard anything there that shouldn't be there. remove anything that is Metaphoric M stopping you learning... Metaphor Section Finding the learning place and you find yourself in a place with many spaces.... to another place.... and the things that help you learn.... and the place that runs the process of M collecting. for anything you want.. David Mason 64 www... and you can examine how you learn. and you find that place.... see the things that are there that self stop you learning........ and on the walls and floors there are lines of pulsing lights....... Preparing the learning place and you can become aware of a special place in that network. think about the kind of things you have to learn. like rooms... storing and connecting all the things you have to learn. learn and while thinking and not thinking about these things you can allow your mind to drift away.. and when you have done that you can begin to prepare a new place for learning. as a vast number of different activities are managed and guided into place..... exactly the way you need it to M to change be to learn effectively.. inspection and take a moment now to examine what is there.. and when you have done that.. to get good at things.. You can Identity = to do new things. sorting.. a place M Resources for ideas. and V high above there are lights winking on and off as distant parts communicate with each other.. you can signal by nodding or say the word 'Yes' and we will continue. a place for physical learning.yourself… about relaxing deeper and deeper… how every word is letting you relax more inside… peaceful and calm…....... and you realize you are inside a giant network of connections.... and a feeling of controlled V activity. so take as long as you need to make that learning place exactly the way Permission you want it.. checks and balances.. you can do that easily and quickly in that place.. and that means that you are in the place where you can make Capability > Reframing changes to the way you think.. with gray walls.. and there you can see where you store the things you learn.. and now..key-hypnosis..

you are ready to .. sorting and classifying.... storing. and in that school room... see yourself starting the process. You have always been able to learn. and since then you have grown and matured... and as you breathe out.. and now notice how it is different... You have now learned how to learn............. choose something you want to learn. feel your body relaxing... carefully labeling each part so that it can be easily found again. and let it go. notice how.... you Identity D can learn anything. allow your mind to clear. or listening to the instructor........ with other children.. and then watch as the learning central control room puts each part of your learning in the appropriate place. whatever it is you have to learn. and that means that nothing can hold you back now. and order it out of there. back in time. the teacher is staring at a child there. knowing that everything has changed.. you can identify it. and notice if there is anything there that wants to interfere with the process. the facts in the facts room.. a child David Mason 65 www...... you are different now... Focus on your breathing. see yourself opening the book... you learned how get by. from now on Reassurance of ability to learn And that means you know how to learn.... deeper and deeper.. Visualization metaphor therapy Section Now take a deep breath..... Think about something you want to learn... take a moment now and think of all the things you have already Metaphor learned.... when you were young..... Capability and you can trust your mind to continue like that.... now that your mind is trained and all that old stuff has been thrown out... and a teacher. back in your own life.... let it all go.. see how you mind goes about the process of selecting.... and you are sure that the whole process is now lean and efficient. Allow your mind to go back. be aware of each gentle breath out...... you learned how to do your job........ and everything is clear and straight forward for you. that the way you learn has changed.... and if there is. and bring to mind a school room... you learned how to make friends......... linking and retrieving and displaying the items. getting ready to learn..... and watch as your learning process M stores away each thing in the right place... V Take control until everything is working like a well oiled machine. Feel how confident you now feel. easily. going deeper now.... and test that process over and over so that you are sure that everything is working the way you want it... You learned to read and write ..key-hypnosis. a long time ago.Capability You are now free to train your mind in the way you prefer to learn.. deeper and deeper.. more and more relaxed..... the connections in the connections room.... or trying out the new actions. feel yourself Deepener drifting away.... D Assurance Rehearsal of learning And now put yourself in the situation of learning.. that you have changed.. automatically....

. And that means you have the ability to get that confidence anytime anywhere. It is not that child's fault. every adult can learn too. that child hates being there.. And now imagine that same school room. It is never true.. The confidence to learn. teachers are supposed to support and encourage people at school. I 'm not a very good teacher....... You know how to learn.. and all kids are cheering.... You can remember when you need to.. every child can learn.. to study.. You are intelligent and your mind is as good Identity D as anybody's. What actually happened there was that a bad teacher was allowed to make that child feel inadequate. an adult with power and intelligence and experience.. I will always be around if you need me'. learning was something the other kids could do.... being in that position... a adult.. and that child has been made to feel stupid.... And everything is different now. they were put there by other people... and you know. and how to show that learning when you need to..key-hypnosis... that they are no good it it. that wasn't true at all. how to learn quickly and easily.... an adult who is actually the grown up version of the child.. And the teacher looks down........ and the thing that little child learned was that learning was hard..... that child can learn. Anchoring Suggestion Section And knowing this gives you confidence.... can't you? Reframing Inner Child work Suggestions inside quotes Suggestions inside quotes amnesia David Mason 66 www.. to succeed. it's just that I don't know to teach you the way you should be taught... that child is there.... well.. but someone else comes into the room. and that child stands up in front of all the class and says 'Yes... you are smart and you can learn. I am smart. of having to learn....... anything you want.. And with that confidence you can succeed at anything. And you can feel that confidence now. and the whole class is watching... Capability You are able to forget you ever had learning difficulties.... to feel that they can' t learn. and everyone else is laughing and happy and that adult leaves and says 'Everything will be OK now. I can be as good as anybody.. and the teacher looks small and weak... of not being ready. you recall ideas and procedures and lists . it is only because of bad teachers and other people that a child learns to avoid learning.. and says 'I'm sorry for picking on you. and that child is embarrassed.... and Belief D now you are free. free to learn and study and enjoy learning... I can be better than anybody'. to hide. but they don't. but not that child. that child just wants to get out of that place. and that adult challenges the teacher.... or not feeling right. and so are other grownups. humiliated..... Direct Suggestion Section You have the power to learn... I can learn.. D They were never a part of you... and demands that that teacher changes how the class is taught. learning was connected to being singled out..just like you.. I am so sorry'.

And that is all you need to succeed. or some other thing that makes sense to you and you use to bring back that .. So start counting... some trigger... and you can pass any exam.. press your fingers together.... full strength.. Copyright David Mason 2011 © key-hypnosis.. now.......So think about that confidence.... All you have to do is to choose some « Table of Contents David Mason 67 www... and when you get to one you will be back in present. just like it is now.... So now. learn anything.. of your belief in your own mind... You can make sure of that.. and in future whenever you do that. think about how you know you have the ability..... think about how great it is to have that confidence. when you want it.key-hypnosis.. of your change... So in a moment I am going to ask you to count slowly from five up to one .. that same confidence will be back.. and know that you know. Reorientation Section So now you know you know how to learn to learn... or touch your thumb to some part of your body. and the determination that you will have it when you need it. feel it growing in you now. and you will instantly feel that confidence return when you need it to.. And you can do that... to remind you of your own ability... fully alert and ready for the rest of your day.

... and made him miserable because his family were poor. blessed are the poor... because he hated being poor.. he was unhappy..Hypnosis for Wealth Creation Many people feel that there is something blocking them from creating wealth. and the boy should accept things as they are. They feel held back from taking opportunities to make money.. That becoming rich meant that he would lose his way in life. because he wanted them to be rich and happy.. and really wanted to make something of himself. everything would be all right'.. why other kids had the latest games at school... money is not the answer... Every time they reach a comfortable level they begin sabotaging themselves.. almost as if something is making you sabotage .. and he was going to buy them a car and a big house and servants and clothes and everything they ever wanted... Poor boy growing up. In fact.. and he thought 'if only I could have money.. if you make money it will just get taken off you. Poor boy is told that having money is evil] And he went and told his mother that when he grew up he was going to make lots of money... Some people are told 'money is the root of all evil'.. money won't make you happy...... and sad for his mother and father. Developed fear of not having money] There once was a boy who lived not far from here. everywhere the boy went he was told. and his father told him. His family were poor even though many people around them were quite well off... 'blessed are the poor'.key-hypnosis. money causes more metaphor setting David Mason 68 www... He went to his father and told him how he wanted to have lots of money so they wouldn't be poor any more... But his mother told him that money is the root of all evil... and that would make his mother sad... Second Embedded metaphor [2. Many people unconsciously act on this belief and no matter how successful they are they always lose it... why they were always better dressed. it is Love of money. and that it is impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. and even though he hated being poor.. There is a cycle of making money and then losing it. and he hated seeing his parents shamed in public by having no money.. and the other kids called the boy names.. Three problems are described that cause false beliefs about wealth and making money and these are then resolved. A rich man can never enter the kingdom of heaven. The boy saw this and wondered why his family had to be poor. Hypnotic Induction [Use your usual induction] First Embedded metaphor [1. not money itself that is the problem. This metaphor helps to eliminate these unhelpful beliefs and install the freedom to have all the money you deserve. The Making Money hypnosis script is in the form of a multiple embedded metaphor.

but he also knew that something always forced him to come back to how it was. and soon he was somehow back where he started. and every time he found he was making money the cycle started again......... and I have come to help you... It is time to go back and reverse those ideas.... Gestalt Reversal Section It is time now to go back and tell that person that they were wrong. and saw no reason for staying poor. and he knew that he could make money..... be successful.. You deserve to D have money... I want you now to relax even deeper... So he learned to buy and sell... And he wondered if he was condemned to repeat this forever.. he saw people in new cars. he learned to find ideas other people had missed. and he learned how to get more money... struggling for money.... to do things that people wanted...problems. New Resource Deepener David Mason 69 www...... That you are taking control of your life.key-hypnosis.. something in him was not right. and as he did he learned. better to stay as you are. It is as if there was a block to making and keeping money... Third Embedded metaphor [3. They wanted to help . if he would never escape. the boy saw wealth all around him. Poor boy makes money but always loses it] And then one day a guru appeared in the town. of your capacity to prosper. to buy pointless things he didn't even like.. he could see opportunities everywhere. Relax and let your mind go back to the earliest time you can remember about money. and he learned what it was like to be able to go into any shop... and he began to make some money. and he could see no way out.. and yet.. and most of all he hated being poor. going in to fancy shops..... About what someone said to you about having money. and he saw those people looking down on his family.. They did this with the best of intentions... somehow every time he got money. You have a right to be rich. and he knew it was wrong. to trust people he knew would disappoint him... he knew that money was everywhere. But those ideas have stopped the growth of your natural talent. You are entitled to be wealthy. to put in bad decisions...... Poor boy makes money but always loses it] But as he was growing up.. Reverse Third Embedded metaphor [-3.. he just couldn't hold on to it. back to being poor. it was almost as if there was something inside him that caused the wealth to drain away..... The guru said... move among rich friends.... Someone a long time ago put these ideas into your head.... to have a good car. live like your parents. You did not get this way on your own... A wise and holy man who had come from far away.... to go through every door and seek out what was there. I have heard about your story.

and you are entitled to have money and to keep it.. D The widow who clears a bit of land and plants the seeds is entitled to enjoy I the crop.. There is joy in being wealthy. Hear those words again. Challenge those ideas. Poor boy is told that having money is not evil] And then another great teacher appeared. and told them to use the money to make money for him. that has to do with being told that money is bad. Direct suggestion section Because those ideas are wrong.. is free to take I it. Find the right words to tell them that you respect their views on money... It is the right thing to . Get them to tell you that you are free now. People are not all born the same.So allow your mind to drift back in time.. and get them to remove that instruction. The woman who works harder and smarter than her sisters deserves to I enjoy the benefits... and when he got back he would reward or punish them. that a rich man cannot enter the gates of heaven. and in your mind's eye. You have a duty and an obligation to make money in your community so that you can contribute to it.. tell them that you know how to make money. that being rich is the same as being bad. The man who can tell a story that keeps lots of people amused is entitled to a reward for his effort. but that those are not your views.. called a talent. And the Teacher said 'Let me remind you of the Parable of the Talents.. free to become what you want to be... The world is not equal. The boy said that I have been told that money is the root of all evil. only this time. see that person. Being paid for what you can do and others can't is I fair and right... The master was astonished. Some need to be I protected and some need to be given the room to thrive and prosper... The boy who sees an opportunity that other people pass by. When the master asked why. One had invested in the market and made lots of money. On his return he demanded from each servant an account of what they had done with their talent. The second servant had tried to work with the money but had lost it in bad business decisions.. A rich merchant had to leave to go on long journey and would be gone for many years. to enjoy wealth. Tell that person that you are entitled to have money. to be rich. and find a memory. an image. challenge them... He gave each of his three servants a gold coin. Reverse Second Embedded metaphor [-2.key-hypnosis... to have what you want to have.. a situation. that having wealth is sinful. become aware of them telling you these things. There is nothing bad about taking what you have earned. The merchant told him he could keep the money he had earned and even gave him more. The merchant blessed him and gave him another talent so that he could try again. so I buried it in the Reframe David Mason 70 www. The third servant handed back the very same coin. the servant replied 'I was afraid of losing it.. Unless you are wealthy you cannot support the poor.

to keep it safe so that I would still have it when you returned'.garden. On your way to wealth and riches. What it actually says is 'love of money is the root of all evil'. The poor of D this world are entitled to money. blessing that would never have happened without those people first becoming rich. love for your family.. V Visualize yourself surrounded by . The merchant was very angry and beat the servant... Working and getting what you want. If you have a talent for earning money then you must use that talent. You are put on this earth with a certain number of talents and you are expected to use them.. I gave you these talents so you would use them. from a desire to help them. Without rich people there would be no charity. everything you want is right there. See yourself a few months from now. There is nothing wrong with having money. and = to make it grow so that you can use it to show love. money will D be showered upon you.. People who have the talent to make money must use that talent. The people who are unable to play a musical instrument are entitled to music just the same as those who can. Change fear of not having money into abundance] Your desire to get money came from love. and so people who can make music must make music so that they can share it. that is why you can now make money and keep it. It is why you have it that counts.. and you must become rich if you have the talent and opportunity. Reorientation [reorient the client with suggestions of permanent change] Copyright David Mason 2011 © key-hypnosis. The master said to them all.key-hypnosis. And the guru said 'If you have the right reasons for having it. Reverse First Embedded metaphor [-1 Poor boy growing up. and you are entitled to keep it and use it'. Any money that comes from a desire to help others is blessed. See yourself as you want to be.. Others don't have that talent and they expect you to use yours. for your parents. and took his coin and gave it to the first servant. Only if you make money are you able to share it with those who can't. People who say money is the root of all evil are not reading the quotation indirect quote Reframe Reframe Visualization of wealth « Table of Contents David Mason 71 www.. Rich people have brought many blessing to the world. D You are free to enjoy everything that comes from having such money. Money is simply a tool that lets you get things done.

.. and with each breath that sun is going down over the horizon.. and stars are coming out now. and eight. just imagine your arms and legs are so relaxed and heavy that you just can't move them. another star going out. friends. and think of the feeling you get in that place.. come to terms with redundancy. until it is just too much trouble to find the next number and it is time to totally let go.. a place where you can be on your own. a place outdoors perhaps. things get a little darker. and as you let go.. nothing to do. as each number is making you more at ease.. and focus your attention on your breathing. and now think of some place where you can be that is always calm and peaceful for you.. and then imagine it's late afternoon. nothing to think about. they need to think about what they still have... and as that sky gets darker you feel yourself going inwards.. things that last.... letting your mind relax.. about what is still good in their life. down and darkness is gathering. I wonder if you can imagine what it would feel like if your arms and legs were really heavy.... or a favorite chair.. This script lets redundancy be seen in a different light.. really let your body relax. and visualize a life after redundancy... This hypnotherapy script helps energize a client who says 'I was made redundant'.. Now take a deep breathe.... but people who have lost much also need to think about something else.... and when there are a ten stars you can imagine turning out each star. just relaxing.... more relaxed....... Focus on what you still have When you think of what has happened to you.. things are getting ready to settle down for the night. nowhere to go........ Kinesthetic Induction relaxation induction breathing induction Pace and lead Depth test Reframing Ambiguity David Mason 72 www.. You can reframe the experience. but it doesn't have to be a disaster......key-hypnosis.. more comfortable... down and down.. it is OK to think of what you have lost.Redundancy Hypnosis Script Being made redundant is always traumatic.. become aware of each breath out... and more relaxed............ attitude... and as you turn off each star think of the number ten. although redundancy often feels that way........ and being made redundant is not an individual failure.. Now take another deep breath. memories..... and the sun is going down.. just letting it all go. hold it... one after the other. and just drift away.... and then slipping ... that sun goes down a little more.. knowledge.. Redundancy happens to thousands of people... and then turn off the next one...... Getting redundancy Induction Just relax now and let your body go limp and heavy. and continue counting. nine.. family.. early evening.. about the things that are worthwhile............. and with each soft breath out. to be able to gain strength from it and use the redundancy experience as an opportunity for a different future... skills.. and relax even more...

..identity Identity Memory Memory Behaviour Capability Capability Capability Capability Identity Behaviour and while it might seem that these cannot measure up. when you think about it.. what you will do...... You have a natural ability to do things you need to do. Future pacing section so take a moment now.. hear people talking to you. they are so valuable that they are irreplaceable... of your perfect life..key-hypnosis. and think now.. and you have always been able to do that.... and when you think back...... to create a new D way forward. now that you are mature and more experienced in life's ways..' And thinking of that perfect life. Learning from this means that you can learn to see things differently. 'what if?.. > to feel differently about yourself...... really.. and think of what you life might have been if you had never had that job. to speculate. to get past the problem.. take as long as want to enjoy that feeling that you will have when you get to where you want to be. if you had made a different choice on one critical day.... and learned to do well... if you had taken some other route earlier in life.don't you? You have lifetime of experience in so many things......... things you I had to learn to do...... think about how you can take what you have now... you are the type of person who can pick themselves up and get going D again. talking about you.. feel what it is like to get what you want. and then see yourself achieving that. you learned how play on a team. stronger. [add in whatever the client has told you has been a success] Your whole life has been a series of tests and successes... if you had never met some particular person.... and you have those things... what you can still achieve. what you really want. some things in life can be relied on.......... take a moment to allow your mind to roam... imagine what the right thing for you would be. that nothing can take away.... Take a moment now and think back to all the things you have succeeded in. you learned how to.... having what you want.............. you have had setbacks before. and you have learned to master them.. [pause] Reframing Resource Tag Reconnect to successes Examples Reframe life experience Every possibility David Mason 73 www.... see .. D You can get back everything you have lost and more. to last forever........ And this thing is no different. you learnt to drive.... and there are many.. exactly how you want it.. And you can now. what should have been....... more determined... think about what parts are still there to go for.. and you can see that starting now. Imagine that life in full. to think........ see what you will own. and start to build a future for yourself in your mind.... others.... that you want D to do. what could have been... even faster......

uproots trees and puts everything into chaos. taking what they need. let that something build Behavioiur into a determination to get going. all modalities sensory change Truism Metaphor parallel with getting redundancy reframing way to survive and thrive Truism Reassurance Truism Reframe as inevitable. the livestock.. I Getting redundancy Metaphor There is an island in the South Pacific where the people are said to be the most friendly in the world.. Your storm will pass... pressure.. in the middle of all that turmoil.. to climb out D of this place and create a new life. Every few years a great typhoon comes along and damages their houses.. No one is to blame. a better life. D focus on every bit of it... blindly thrashing about. started almost unseen. humidity.. Change does happen... you can have it. All the people work together to fix what was broken and they replant the trees... these all combined in strange and complex ways to create a system that grew and grew until it was beyond anyone's ability to control... a few chickens will emerge from hiding...... to will you to succeed... Rule every change brings opportunity. heat.. an exceptional storm comes over the horizon and giant waves sweep right over the island.. And yet they know. All you can do is to keep your head down while it rages over you...... But once every century or so.. there is so much energy swirling about... the good times will return. They can only survive by reaching out..... and then let something deep inside change. Metaphor blind forces cause the lay offs energy = resource David Mason 74 www. and if they hang on and help each other. uprooting the strongest trees.... Rule The result is that out of adversity comes good. Those who are left face starvation and ruin. the system keeps gaining energy until all that energy just has to go somewhere. like the storm that batters at the windows. Change must happen..... the bamboo houses. and then.. tearing down things that have stood for generations.. Everything comes to an end eventually.. how you can help others.. that storm started in some distant place. but when it finally .. and there is no stopping it until it has spent most of the energy that was driving it. see and hear and taste that success. giving what they can.. They mourn those who were lost to the great storm and then start rebuilding their lives.. green shoots will appear in the fields. Capability because if you can imagine it.and you can wonder what bit you will enjoy the most. the waves will settle.. And they do it willingly. look for what the storm has uncovered. It doesn't just bring down the trees... in a few days the sun will shine. it strikes at random. unpredictable in its savage fury. with good heart. their fishing boats and everything else.. What has happened to you is the result of things that started far away..key-hypnosis.... as a combination of circumstances....... feel how D good it is to have what you want. and you are not alone... it washes away the crops.. I Positive Change Nothing in this world is absolutely secure..

. a place in society. where things can grow. to take the easy route... you can create a new life for yourself.. Or maybe it is telling you that you can do more than you think you are Behavior capable of... Looking forward in your life you know that you are the sort of person Identity who does do that.. and when all that is torn away people feel lost.... Opportunities empathy Reframing something was taken from you take it back begin to plan energize I I I I David Mason 75 www.. all those people are still interested in you... 'Who would I talk to?'. you can choose to search for those vacant opportunities.... ready for anyone to use... to stop finding friends outside.. This may be your destiny A lot of people believe that what happens is meant to happen. you can contribute in many ways to your community life .com .. who knows what to do. a different way of living. who is willing to take the chance. some people get stressed.. The job gives you a social life. to be harnessed... to let the job be the centre of their life. Everything happens for a reason... all those friends are still around........ Letting go of negativity Everyone reacts differently to situations.. Loss of friends People don't just work for money. And you can see that now. Think about the interests you have that you never really pursued..'what is stopping me having that?'.... all that energy destroys... but it was a choice.....key-hypnosis. a definition of who you are. you can go out and meet new Capability people. maybe it is time to really get out of the rut and test yourself? This may be the greatest thing that ever happened to you.. things that were obscured are now exposed. interesting things. Then imagine yourself doing that. The real issue is whether you are Behavior going to take the time to think about what that real reason is...... Maybe it is time for you to consider Behavior a totally different career.... and what this thing is trying to tell you... that is understandable. and one step leading to the next...... but it also creates.. in the spaces where the old trees stood is now clear patches.... Capability Because you can have that. a different direction... some people get angry. Some people give up... things you like to do...... but all that has happened is that they have allowed the job to take over their life. Life never unrolls in straight lines. with friends and family.. think about how you would like to spend your time. 'What would I have to do to make the first step?'...... not something that had to happen... it gives you status. and getting advice and guidance. and each step leading to the life you want... you can re-create your social life. and then ask yourself . ready to be harvested..some of that energy leaks out......... the thing that Behavior finally unlocks your full potential. places that were previously guarded and unavailable are now open. and is transferred.

..key-hypnosis.. D You did not fail... You can count from five up to one.. .. Copyright David Mason 2011 © key-hypnosis.. You are a winner. and be a winner again... that determination and drive that carries you through. Stronger. The company failed. A feeling of anger is telling you to get going and get « Table of Contents David Mason 76 www. to feel D disillusioned. You should have been protected.. You can start again. A sense of frustration is a sign that whatever you are doing isn't working and it is time to try something new. You are entitled to feel angry. and when you reach one you will be back in the present . D Better. so when you are ready.. fully alert. The only way to change the future is from the present... and ready to make changes.Behavior Identity Frustration is natural. Feel that power coming back. so start to count silently from five up to one. And now it is time to fight back.. D Now it is time show them what sort of person you are... A feeling of depression is a sign that you need to make a clean break with the past and put some distance between yourself and your old ways. Bigger.. Direct Suggestion Motivation What you do determines your success. to feel frustrated. eyes open .. start counting now... the type of person who can pick themselves up and get right back into the fight.. that power to fight back and take what you want.. and how you are going to start over...... Your future is up to you. to live life . and with each number you will feel your confidence growing.. [Pause] Reorientation Section And thinking about who you are.. and what you want to be.. You can succeed. Redundancy did not happen because you were not good enough.. The management failed you.... D You can overcome this. You need to take action and make things happen....

....Regression Hypnosis Script How to release emotional problems with regression This script was originally developed for a woman who kept crying at inappropriate times.. some bad feeling that is present in you when you are in that state.] Hypnosis Induction Now just pay attention to your breathing.. Preparation and Seeding of feeling before trance Now before you settle down. and in that house there is a corridor going down.. Indirect suggestion Affect Bridge Check Breathing induction David Mason 77 www.. This version has been rewritten so as to be adaptable to any problem that is not clearly defined. and think about the events leading up to when you started to feel bad that way..] Can you feel that feeling now? [keep describing and evoking the feeling that underlies the unwanted behavior until the person confirms that they are feeling it... focus on the in and out of your breath. then induces trance.. the kind of house that generations have grown up in... that says 'with each breath out.. And just allow each gentle breath to take you deeper and deeper. become aware of the feelings that you have been having. especially when she was praised in public for something she had done. so I developed a this script to build on her strengths and to convince her that she had the ability to end the behaviour.. how everything seems to be wrong...... deepens and tests it... safe and secure.key-hypnosis... an unhelpful way of thinking. I also wanted to fix whatever it was that she was not wanting to bring out that was the real problem.... This is followed by a classic REGRESSION technique and INNER CHILD work. I want to think about the things that have been happening in your life that have been causing you distress... that in fact that you are projecting on I to the world some inner turmoil... Then the self esteem section uses the STRONG MIND technique to convince the client that she can do it... and you can go into that house. feeling more and more relaxed'....... more and more relaxed. which has been caused by external events reminding you of old feelings and attitudes old pains old worries.. in particular think about ... And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere.... The script starts by priming the client to think about the problem. and then just imagine that there is a voice at the back of your ... I could not find any reason for her behaviour.. negative.. 'more and more relaxed'. Make sure the emotion is brought out and they are in touch with the feeling that goes with the unwanted behavior.. warm and comfortable...... ' more and more at ease'. bring to mind now. ' more and more at ease'... The script ends with reinforcement and a targeted reorientation. [describe the issue or behavior that brought them here. and consider to what extent it actually what is happening in your own mind that is the problem. That's right.....

... and you just cannot open those eyes.. deeper and deeper... drifting down and down..... imagine floating... D I would like you now to focus your attention on your eyes.... drifting. nothing to do.... Ten. deeper into that corridor.. Hypnotic Depth Test and when you are in this level......... To the point where those eyes are glued tight shut..... and three.. you can try to open them and you will find that those eyes D are glued tight shut....... and you just cannot open those eyes... It is as if those eyes are glued tight shut.and you can imagine drifting down that corridor. more relaxed.... And part of your mind is probably wondering if you are going into trance. D to the point where they just don't work.. And when you are sure that you have relaxed them all the way down.... and at the bottom of those steps there is something wonderful for you. it is as if they have forgotten how to work. you're doing very well . and six. and five.. while another part has already gone into the level that is exactly right for you. that's right.. and eight. all Behaviour you have to do is to enjoy that wonderful feeling of deep deep relaxation.. just allow your mind to drift away. a dark velvety blackness.. and there are ten steps........ deeper and deeper. so tired.... those muscles can become so relaxed. you begin to realize that you are looking for one particular room. more relaxed.. more at ease.... and you can stop trying now. and going down those steps now.. and the part of your mind that is going deeper and deeper can relax those eyes even more. smooth and soft and peaceful. and seven .. and each breath still relaxing you more. and one.. and two down and down. as you go down and down.. the centre of that zero..... Become aware of the tiny muscles that control your eyelids....... can relax those eyes all the way down now..... and going deeper and deeper into that house.... and imagine now.. and that is all you need to do....... you don't have to do anything..... and the harder you try the harder they are stuck shut.. and in that room there are steps going down... and going now deeper and deeper. you don't have to listen.key-hypnosis. and that is the way it should be. you can do the most amazing things. down and down inside that dark safe warm place. allow that relaxation to spread from those eyes to your forehead and you cheeks and your tongue and countdown induction pace with every second breath Deepener Reassurance Allow time Mind reading anticipation Eye catalepsy David Mason 78 www. and after one there is just zero. You just cannot open those eyes. and you can go down those steps and each step will make you more relaxed.... sinking... and nine .......... and four.. you don't have to think.... more comfortable....down and down. and as you go further in.. There is nothing to think about....... as you go further down....... all the way down to the point where they just don't work any ....

and that's D because there are parts of your mind that you can control that you didn't know you could control... you can access your own resources... your own power. you can forget about your hands.Capability Capability Capability Capability Behavior Capability Behavior Capability Behavior your jaw.. And it has been doing it in one way...... of how you want D to feel. and you > may have suspected for a long time that you have a strong mind.... pure energy... it is D ready to let you have that .key-hypnosis. and you can instruct it to keep you safe in a different way... once that strong mind of yours knows what you want and how you want it will deliver.. how and when to behave.. a way that doesn't cause you [problem].. you can forget about your legs........ your are just pure mind... And once that strong mind knows what you want. and you can take that energy. and an hour of internal time is like a second of clock time. you can change it...... nothing can stop it. because you have that ability. but only in an appropriate way... And once D your mind knows exactly what you want. because the whole > purpose of that mind is to keep you safe. it is paying attention to you. and that strong mind is what has been causing your problem. ways of doing amnesia Paradox Resource Hypnotic logic Use specific wording here Keep secondary gain David Mason 79 www... and when you are in in this state you can control it. Hypnotic Change Suggestion And you can start that process now.. all the way down to those feet far away... it is > something you have never really used before.. those eyes are telling you that you can control parts of your body that you didn't know you could control. and you can forget about your feet.. and you can allow as much time as you want to make the change that you need.... That strong mind of yours will deliver anything you want. But now that you have wakened that strong mind of yours. and just imagine a wave of relaxation going down your body. and the reason that you can control it is because you have a strong mind. of how you want to respond... what to do and what D not to do... of how you want to be. and that mind of yours is listening now.... Hypnotic Capability Suggestion Because you see [Client Name] those eyes are telling you something important.. Once your mind is lined up. and your D mind can begin to think of strategies and processes...... you can begin to instruct it...... you have that capacity. it will deliver that D to you... But that strong mind is also what is going to be the solution to your D problem.. and you D have that power and when you are in this state now... You can start that process of instructing your mind of exactly how you want it.. none of that is important any more...... a way that doesn't make you [problem] and you won't lose the ability to have the good feelings of [problem] you can keep what you get from [problem] you will still be able to D have what you want..

and you can focus on how you are going to do that... and it is Capability D starting right now.... and will give you exactly the outcome you want.. and it will continue until your behavior has completely changed.. and there will be many..... and it really doesn't matter. and your mind has known for some time now that it is time to change... maybe you can feel them..... K you will find that a finger or a thumb just moves on its own.....and that will be your mind signaling that it is time to move on.. Reassurance All possibilities Ideomotor convincer One thing means another thing.... only this time V see yourself the way you want to be. And just feel yourself relaxing even more.. there was a time when it was necessary to learn skills to get a job and you learned that. there was a time when you couldn't write.. but really... you don't need to know how you do it.... completely relaxed... and see yourself in those same situations .. maybe you can't .... changes are happening. in ways that are very pleasing to you. You can change your behavior without really knowing how you do Capability ........ when you have the change.. [await response] That's right..... it will seem one of your most surprising successes. you have had so many successes. that will take over from those old ways. you can continue that way... and those changes have started. and think of how you are going to make those changes.... from that thing that has past change = success Examples future pacing Deepener........ and K when you feel the first of the changes . and what it is you want to change..... until you are so different and when you look back on this day... because when you l0ok over your life. allow them to happen.. and changing Capability = your behavior is the same... that it is time to change. breathing gently.... you learned that... all you life you have managed things..... and these are all successes.... hearing these words........ that tiny movement is your mind telling you that you are ready to change.... and the reason = you have come here is because... there was a time when it was important to make friends and you learned that. and you learned that.. Oh.... you can allow a finger or a thumb to move. but you will know that you have done it.. knowing that...things.. you Identity D have the kind of mind that does these changes easily... and you don't really know how you learned them.. the way that would be best for you. knowing that you can do it.. a long time ago there was a time when you couldn't read.. and what you life will be like afterwards.....key-hypnosis... with that strong mind of yours.. quickly and permanently. that change has started already. and you will find that change just happens. although you may not have noticed. So think about that behavior. I know some things might not = seem like success now. even though you don't know exactly how they are going to happen... David Mason 80 www... you don't have to assist... and take some time and allow those changes to start...

. someone who is ready for a new life... knowing who you are. into bright sunlight.. it is time to go forward with your life now.. and you are a better person now. starting afresh. regression laughing like a little girl.... Identity D reaching out and taking what you want....... that has always been there. you have always had it......... a beautiful day. that's D who you are... ready to step out of there and grow. Who can step across the boundaries.. Rule truism and as one door closes. because they have all D self esteem led you to where you are... and Priming for D you can imagine now........ that has been making you feel this way... and that's OK. and it is time to walk away from it.. so much that might have been better but didn't work out... closing that door on it.been holding you back.. And that's a good thing. you have that strength.... stepping through that door. that's what that mind of yours is delivering to .. and you know the guarantee is that this is caused by your own mind... and things that have happened over the last year or so have begun to lead you to this position......... and when you think back D to all the changes you have made.. Capability that determination... you have the ability to do that...... You are a stronger person. to open the door on something new and step through it.. and part of you now realizes that it is time to turn over a new leaf... M because you know that you are leaving behind that old stuff. proud of your achievements .. and a path. life is like a series of rooms that we all go through... and you can imagine now..... a path that leaves you..... Someone who can decide what she wants. so different.. and is stronger for them...... it has always been there for you. exactly what D she wants. and there are many paths in front of you. ready for fun and play.. D Hypnotic Regression David Mason 81 www.key-hypnosis. proud of your mistakes..... strong mature experienced... a completely new way of being. Someone who looks for opportunities and openings.. all the things you did.... you can just step forward and decide where you want to go and what you want to be... proud of who you are... and when you think about the future it can be so exciting. becoming who you want to be. someone who has new ambitions........ whatever happened in the past is the past.. better. Capability You are someone with the ability to change... and leave so much behind...... Someone who has had all the knocks and bumps... and laughing...another door opens. and so this change will be simple. and just imagine reaching out. a path that takes you forward. and it is working in you now.. D You are someone on the threshold of a completely new existence. Identity proud of everything you have done and said... there are many ways to get what you want.. proud of your triumphs. to decide that it is time to walk away from a D Inevitability situation.. and M nothing has a hold on you now. and see ahead of you....... waiting.

.. your mum and dad... I want you to go back to that little girl. you don't know what is happening to you.. see yourself as you were then.. Deepener Regression Gradually going back Find the ISE accept anything Instructions Inner Child work Arouse all the memory traces: visual...... see yourself much smaller... see her face.. What are you experiencing now.. don't try to judge or worry about it . that overwhelming need.. and I want you [clientname]... allow yourself to really open up to that... Think about what it was like for that little girl.. she how she is dressed..... you can go back though the .. in that situation..... Remember nothing in your own mind can ever harm you. playing. I'd like you now to take a deep breath.. what she was like? That little girl V is not very happy.. when you don't know why..... see yourself as a teenager... go back into that place. The only thing I can remember is watching TV and feeling sad. the grownups are doing things and she doesn't know about it.... allow your mind to wander about .. back in time..... find the words that will comfort her.. always. She is just little... David Mason 82 www. and think about times when you have had that feeling. and you might get a memory or an image or a feeling.. Take the little girl in your arms....... to a time when you were much younger. this way and that.and think about a time long ago when you were a girl. and she can feel better.. just say the word 'Yes'.. take a deep breath and just Haaaa. and it all works out... She doesn't really know what is going on... Can you picture that little girl? Yeah Can you see how she was dressed. when you first had that feeling... V feel what she feels... find the right words. and let your mind go all the way back to the first time you felt that.... what was happening when you felt that way? What was going on? Describe what was happening for you....... that feeling that you have. just remember that feeling. that will explain what is going on....... and think back to the very first time you felt that way. and when you have something.. The very first time you felt that way. why she had to cry what she felt that made her feel that way. Allow your self to feel the very first time you felt that way.. I want to see that little girl. back through the years.... and let your mind drift back.... is she? I think she needs some help.. she hasn't done anything wrong.. tell her that you will be there with her.key-hypnosis.... allow your mind to think back to then..There's just one thing more... see yourself at school. see yourself at home...... it's a feeling you have had many times. that terrible feeling.... smell. a long time ago... and all the people around you.. Why does that little girl feel sad? Someone died or someone was sick and that little girl felt sad.. allow your mind to drift back and back. explain to her that it is not her fault.. and you can just think about how things used to be...... And one more breath and allow your mind to clear. don't you? It's not to late to help her. the adult woman.

.. going through all those changes....... you know the way that little girls do..... get her to look at you and smile..... you can be her strength.. Add resources Remind her of changes she remembers More change Suggestions of strength and maturity reassurance Growing out of core problem Merge the old and the new David Mason 83 www. and feel that little body melting into yours............ and she will go through lots of problems.. and watch as she grows. and wanted.... she will never be alone. and then take her by the hand and lead her out of that place. can you get that little girl to smile? Do whatever you have to do to get her to smile. to grow with.... and let grow until she is the same age that you are now.. because she wants to enjoy being who she is.. that you love her.......... who is ready to make you feel good and sometime when you are not paying attention you will feel that little laugh bubbling up like bubbles in a pond. and you will know that life can be so good... you can guide her. feel the soft skin she has.. let her feel your warmth and your love... to make that little girl understand..hold her against your breasts.. you can show her what to do... small and delicate and weak........... Now do whatever you have to do to get that little girl to laugh.. and you know.. and watch as she gets smart and strong.. 13.... to play with...... understand that you will always be there... let her feel that she is special and deserves to be needed and wanted and loved... somewhere nice. Let the client choose how Make a change to the memory Let the client choose how Change the place for her Let the metaphor memory evolve..... hold that little girl tight. somewhere ......... Do whatever you need to do.. feel your arms around her.. strong and fit and happy..... and you can be there every step of the way...... smell her hair.. there is a happy laughing little girl who is ready to play.. and growing older still. 16 and 17.....key-hypnosis. Get her to be a just a little girl. and you can watch over her there.. and 14 and 15.. sounds.. deep inside... where she can play and be a little girl. watch her as she runs around. that you always will. Feel the two of you becoming one.. see her surrounded by friends. you can look after her.. see her going through all the changes that girls go through. and she just wants to be loved. Can you see that little girl smiling? Nods That's right.... you can always be there for her. and 19 and 20 and 21. that she is not alone. see her growing older. and just be herself.... and you will reconnect to that old feeling.. see her growing into to a young woman..... lead her out of there.. watch as she throws her head back and laughs. you know how to do that... and independent see her becoming a teenager.. and imagine that little girl now. good people. and she is someone. watch as she grows in her mind in her body.. texture use however she experiences it. and look at her face. and you can give her companions... but you can be with her....... passing through school. just because she is a little girl. that little girl is still there.. feel that little body..

and you have stepped through another one of those doors. and that's the way it should be....... And then one more breath and just allow your mind to clear. David Mason www... until an avalanche is started and nothing can resist it. that process is continuing. and when you get to one you will back in the present... Reorientation So now in a moment I am going to ask you to count from five up to one... ready for the rest of your day.. and another.. you will feel that certainty...... and M all that old stuff is just cleared away. you will remember the feeling D of that little girl..... It is like throwing a pebble on a hillside.. and as you count from five to four.. So when you are ready begin counting quietly to yourself from Five up to One. from four to three you will feel that happiness welling inside you.and that is another sign that your mind is changing that you are on = your way to be being different now... D and so now.... and you are left sitting there....and changes you can begin to look forward to that new life. seeing all the way to the © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 84 www.. and old chapter.. nothing can stop D it... deciding what you want to do. in the bright .... as you get to two.. something deep inside is different. it hits another pebble. off into a lovely place.... and knowing that you have changed.... that's right. D and then one you will be awake. and you are Leave the old closing the door on an old room... and knowing that something has changed. take a deep breath. and together you can walk hand in hand.. and just Haaaa. and you are memory behind bringing that little girl with you.... just suggest allow your mind to dwell on these things and become aware that D kinesthetic something has changed... it will start quite gently. NOW. but once it has started.. you have passed through into a room full of light and happiness.....key-hypnosis..... D and three to two.. it all tumbles down and is gone. fully Reorientation alert........

.. you can close those eyes and imagine it if you want to imagine..... a smooth sandy bottom....... warm..key-hypnosis. and the bird metaphor suggests taking a new perspective. comfortable.............. tied near the shore........ a heaviness in your arms and legs..... you notice that at first they are like thoughts.. to gradually begin to move in the same direction Technique V Dissociation V I Pacing Sensory muscle relaxation > V Smells Memory of rocking FISH V Metaphor Safety! M Deepener David Mason 85 www............. relaxed. nothing to think about.. shooting off suddenly in any direction.. anytime. multitudes of bright coloured fish darting this way and that. maybe on vacation somewhere.... The final section sets up an anchor to call up the feeling of relaxation anywhere.... and you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of drifting down . gently breeze.. eyes relaxing. totally relaxed.. and maybe a smell of spices and strange ingredients. breathing gently in and out.. muscles easing and softening.. or even in a warm bath in a hot steamy room. a feeling. eyes closed.. warm and clear.. summer..... as if they are sinking down into the cushion... just enjoying that relaxation. but as you snuggle deeper and get more comfortable. nothing to do....... Stopping racing thoughts And maybe you can imagine an island... and there is the smell of the sea. as if you were sinking down and down into a wonderful soft luxurious bed. The fish metaphor is aimed at calming intrusive thoughts. or a feeling of being rocked gently.... held safely and securely. on a warm day... floppy....... as if you are on a boat. and down below.. the fish start to pair up.. or in a favourite place....... just letting go.. nothing to . It can also be used as a hypnotic induction and meditation. Target Memory Memory Induction I wonder if you can imagine lying on a soft cushion.... allowing your thoughts to drift away. soft light. It takes you on a mental journey to a tropical island where you visualise relaxing images and then become part of nature and leave your stress behind.... the water is waist high.. at first..... and then a feeling of floating......... face smoothing... your head supported. with nothing to do... arms and legs.. and as you relax every breath relaxes you more..... just letting go.Relaxation and Stress Reduction Guided Relaxation script This script is a creative visualization designed to teach an over anxious person stress relaxation techniques. the sand metaphor is aimed at emptying the mind. and watching those fish. as your mind drifts deeper..... darting here and there.. and as you lie there........ nothing to think about.. far away.

... just drifting on and out..... like a mind totally at ease. stretching unbroken around the island.. and soon they are forming schools. free to move or float or drift or just remain surrounded by warm gentleness. the sound is relaxing and calming.. just content to let the water carry you .. or gliding effortlessly through the clear warm shallows without a care.. and the rhythm of the waves matches your breathing. going on and on.. > and as each wave rolls down the beach it swirls the sand grains around..... Memory of lounging Tactile Repetitive sounds Deepener SAND Metaphor smooth = calm mind David Mason 86 www.. all those fish swim together naturally.... D like swaying at ease in a hammock between two trees. and lets them settle...... the fish move closer together...... getting grace and direction from each other...... a flat expanse of perfect white sand.. as each shoal gets bigger. like colours fading and merging. M and a feeling of deep rest.. relaxation.... or in a swing seat V looking out to sea... endlessly smoothing and rounding and polishing.. or vague shapes and silent harmonies.... letting go........ soundless wordless.. and maybe you can imagine that sand sloping all the way down to the blue depths of the ocean... perfectly smooth. beads of condensation run down the V side... pattering smoothly down.......... enjoying each other's company.. silently... and anytime a fish becomes aware of another fish a natural instinct takes over...... and the soft lapping of nearby waves... like a gentle slow motion rain.. without a thought...... with nothing to think about...... and swirls the sand grains again.. a current can carry the imagination across that smooth sandy surface. allowing your mind to soar free...... the waves roll up the beach and then pull away. every footstep.. and the fish form a gentle swaying moving mass of colour and beauty. flashes of dark and silver.key-hypnosis....Memory at the same time... totally at ease. Getting Perspective letting go. M smoothing out every bump... settling into a pattern that calms and steadies............ responding to some unseen current .... like partners dancing M underwater ... and swirls the sand grains around... and the whole group slows down....... gently gliding this way and that... until the sand is smooth and ......... sliding and gliding... and lays them M down softly....... there's a cool drink by your hand............. and as you watch they slow down and move and merge in formations of light and colour.... shoals of similar fish....... Emptying the mind and that peaceful feeling stays with you . stretching from M the sunlit warm shallows to the cool deep blue depths.... like a mind at peace. peaceful and serene.... V and each wave rolls gently out again..

and when you bring that to mind............ give your mind a wide horizon. and you can see far into the distance.. for as > long as you want...... as a part of a bigger thing. as that bird soars onwards into the sky... houses. or a sound. putting some distance between yourself and a situation might give you the chance for a different a tropical bird in an empty blue sky.... leaving the dull earth > behind. you can find a moment or two.............. everything is really quite small. high in the sky. and really... > and your situation.. and the actions of those others as part of a bigger thing... and come back to the present feeling wonderfully refreshed. and the people around you. a steady blissful relaxation. to stretch......... isn't it? And from a distance. room to move....... trees..... and you could choose an image from this session. but still somehow connected.. and through that bird's sharp eyes you can see yourself.. patterns form and break and merge and you can see how things change. the comfort.. and just enjoy the moment........ whatever is best for you. and you can see the ground far below.. if you want to. the relaxation....... your body will relax. if it is safe to.... Anchoring relaxation And.. when you are ready... in your mind's eye. and from that distance everything looks very small.. a bird's eye view. roads....... and how everything depends on how you look at it............ lying there totally relaxed. peace and silence..... but from the bird's point of view. as if you've left so much behind. it's as if you were leaving everything behind.. and give yourself all the space you need. and can you can make them change... further and further away..... from a different view point....... every time... and wake up at your normal time. it lets you think about yourself........ patterns become clear..... ride the wind with the bird as it begins to circle... a natural restful sleep.. to enjoy a feeling of lightness and ease........ and down below..... in a busy day maybe.. the bird gives you a new perspective on things. away from everything. you can drift off to sleep...... and from up in the sky you can look M through the bird's eyes. you can choose to slip into BIRD metaphor height = perspective Dissociation Reframe Reframe Select the best anchor Link the feeling David Mason 87 www...... a moment or a hour. one thing blends into another thing..... you will recall this wonderful relaxed feeling............... or a particular feeling you enjoy.. .... almost insignificant........ or you can continue to enjoy this dreamy relaxed state for as long as you want. anytime you want... nothing but clean air and the feel of the wind rippling... streams. And maybe you can see yourself. to grow.. and you can choose to remember this state of relaxation.. you can choose.... as if you had a long sleep....... you can think about possibilities......... what's going on.for as long as you want.... or you might call up something different to remind you.. in the future.... doesn't it.... > and as the bird soars.... your mind will relax.

..... you can choose to relax.. to drift away or gradually come back... all you need to do now is to choose. mind and © 2009 Options Post Hypnotic suggestion « Table of Contents David Mason 88 www.. anytime ... and that thought will stay with you whatever you do. David Mason www. whenever you need to . now..

settle down and let go… that's good… and on the next breath out allow your arms to relax… and on the next breath allow your legs to relax… and maybe you could imagine what it would be like to have your arms and legs feel so heavy… as if you could not move them… loose and limp and heavy…. quiet and that bird is going slowly round and round down and down…. Induction Section Physical Relaxation Take a deep breath now and as you breath out… just allow the whole of your body to relax….Spirit of Time This script is for people who feel a sense of loss in their . a feeling of heaviness in your arms and legs… and your shoulders perhaps… allow that feeling to grow… and maybe could imagine that each breath out can make you more and more relaxed.. but has elements of other metaphors throughout. and you are walking along the beach… and the waves are coming in … and as you walk along… the waves are washing away your footsteps … and you find yourself gradually getting more and more relaxed and you look up in the sky and there is a bird … floating … drifting… flying…. and just allow that breathing to allow you to relax….they died when she was very young. that's right… Visualisation induction And I wonder if you can imagine a beach somewhere…. that's right… Countdown Induction [use a countdown if the client shows signs of needing deepening] Allow your mind to clear… to be open to possibilities… Therapy Section Dissociation I wonder if you can imagine a land far away from here… a place of mountains and valleys and trees and streams… a place of magic and mists and memories… Setup the entry point David Mason 89 www. It was developed for a client who had a bad upbringing and felt she had not really spent the time she should have with her grandparents . It is a basically a Revelation metaphor. and that bird begins to circle round and round … and you can follow it in your minds eye… as that bird begins to sink … and spirals down and down… round and round and down and down… and as you watch that bird… the sun begins to set and everything begins to be dark and calm….can allow you to become more at ease… more comfortable… more relaxed…. more and more… and each breath out…. who feel disconnected and out of touch. The end section is about getting refocused on your goals and overcoming obstacles to reach those goals. and you can watch that bird as if you were above…looking down as it circles… disappearing… down and down….

happy to see you… and the feeling you get is… acceptance… welcome… completion… as if you have come home…. David Mason 90 www. and up ahead there is a mist…. everything that has made you who you are… and you might think that you were alone … nobody knew the troubles you had… nobody heard you cry… nobody saw your sadness… but we did.key-hypnosis. are waiting for you… and as you get closer you can see that there are other people there as well… smiling… looking at you.. even though you have never been here you know this place … everything feels just right… it is as if something has finally been settled… Meet the ancestors And you look at the man and the woman… old and wise faces … and there is a stillness about them… a wisdom… an inner calm… and their faces seem familiar…maybe a family resemblance… you realize you might have seen these people before. Perspective we here have watched you grow up …. the Meeting and on the other side of the bridge you find yourself following a path…. to this place….Leaving behind and you start on to that crossing… and as you do…. a feeling as if something is about to happen… and all around everything suddenly goes quiet…. maybe you were aware of our presence sometimes… maybe not… but we have seen everything that happened in your life.. now… specially for you… Indirect Suggestion . two figures… it looks like a man and a woman…. and that mist comes towards you… and you feel yourself enveloped in that mist… and everything is grey and formless and quiet… and suddenly ahead of you… you notice a crossing… like a bridge to the other side… and you somehow know that you should cross over here… that crossing is there for a reason….and you find yourself walking along a road… and there is a strange dream like quality to the experience… you feel warm and safe… calm… and all round you everything is peaceful… and yet …. after a long journey…. that it's there. we have been watching your progress… and especially now… now that you are ready… to change…. something that has been affecting you for a long time now just isn't there any more… as if you have been dragging something along with you and now it's gone… as if you have stepped cleanly out of an old set of clothes… and you have this feeling that you have always been wanting to cross that… to the other side… and you feel strangely free… for the first time in a long time…. old photographs… vague stirrings of memories… from when you were very young… and you look around and you somehow know who all these people are… Purpose And you hear a voice saying 'Welcome… we who went before you welcome you to this place… we have been waiting to meet you for a long time now… since before you were born. it is as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders….. leading you on… and up ahead….com ..there is a feeling in the air….

and you spend some time with that couple… learn something they want to tell you… something they never got the chance to… and you can open your mind now…open your heart…. putting things into perspective….Change And we also saw your strength… that inner spark … striving. about yourself… about your life…. who you are… how you can be…now…. to accept those ideas…. and you might be aware of…. words… feeling…sounds… sensations… things that let you feel as if something in your mind is talking to you … giving you the advice you need… the learning …. talking and sharing. knowledge…. let go of something you have been holding back for so long… hiding perhaps… and be ready to receive…. to become aware of what they have been trying to tell you…. yearning for better things… what we have learned… what you are here for… is about change… life is about Change… you may not have realized this yet… but your life is about to change… your unconscious mind knows it is time to change…. maturing. . quiet contentment and family ties…. how you think and feel and behave will be different … Self esteem So come and share with us for a while… we are all proud of you… pleased with what you have achieved so far… of who you are… what you are doing… we are all proud of you… admire you… and what you are about to do… and there is one couple who particularly want to meet you… who want to tell you something they never got the chance to… Getting the wisdom. enjoying the company of these wise and gentle men and women… and you hear stories about distant times and far off places… stories about your parents and their parents… of generations past… stories of struggle and defeat. learning…. after today. and that unconscious mind will protect you… keep you safe … everything you learn today will stay with you always… and let you enjoy… changing. to know that you are loved and accepted for who you are….key-hypnosis. affirming that you are loved and wanted… that you are worthy… you are special…. evolving…. showing you what really is… what really was…. and you can see yourself in many ways… and understand what was before unclear… and maybe know different lives… as if you are watching David Mason 91 www. And as you become aware of that your mind drifts away to a far off place… a place of possibilities… a place without… time… without form… a place where you can sense many different things…. what really will be…. and they never really got the chance… to tell you what they are telling you now… Self resources And you can take a few moments now to be open to those voices… to those feelings…. that you are equal to anyone … equal to everyone…. to experience yourself as they see you…. that in their eyes you are better than all of them… special… wanted… awaited… that they wish they has been able to spend more time with you … but they had to go…. growing. strength and success. And you walk with these people.

and on one side you can see the road you came on…. that used to be closed… that you have permission …. to get to your goal… ' and you find yourself setting off… and at first the path is easy and you are going quickly and then you find yourself up against an David Mason 92 www. and the time has come to do that…. 'But before you return … there is one more thing we want to give you … we want to give you a vision… we want to give you the ability to achieve. Goal Metaphor and you find yourself in a high place…. and from each you get something special…. because there is something you need to achieve something important to you ….them… like images projected on clouds…. to what you are striving for…. with a path going down… that gets gradually wider and in the distance becomes a broad road… and the voice tells you 'look at where that path leads… it leads to your goal… to what you want. a word of wisdom… a gift of knowledge… a reminder of how much you mean to them… and that awakens in you a realization… you are a part of something much greater… that one day you too will have something to pass on… that you are worthy of being in that place with those people….. and knowing that all clouds fade eventually and now your mind can be open to everything…. and part of you already knows what that is… and with our help you can find it and achieve it…. and put that in place at the end of that road. letting in light… looking into dark places….' and you look. And maybe it's sharp and clear and maybe it's a shifting misty form…. it might be a door… or a cloud or something else… but that's your goal Obstacle And while you think about that symbol the voice says 'It is now time to start down that path. and in the distance you can see something there… something that symbolizes what it is that you want to have happen… something that symbolizes success… and you can think about what it is that you want to achieve… if you were hearing the sound of rainbows… music in the thunder…. as if from a distance Attaining the goal And as you are thinking about these things… time passes…and with every moment you are gathering more and more things to yourself… opening doors…. and finding treasures waiting there… until one of them draws you aside and tells you that your time with them is coming to an end… that soon you will have to go back…. and you can allow your mind to recognise something that represents that.…. far below… and you know you are finished with that way… and on the other side… is a broad slope…. and you too can see life in perspective…. and there are so many ways… and you can imagine reaching your arms out… gathering them all to you… picking up that strength… storing away determination… courage… and above all… finding the love for you that is there… and absorbing it… deeply….com . [1 minute break] And you find more and more people in that place….

you can go straight on…. So now take a deep breath and release it… aahh….key-hypnosis. and take another deep breath and just allow your mind to clear… that's right… Direct Suggestion Section David Mason 93 www.obstacle…. you are on the broad road… the easy path… and you are almost at the goal… and you can see it clearly now… you can feel it's what you want… you know it's what you want… there is a barrier right in front of it. and it's old and peeling… it looks like it was written by a child… and your goal is almost in reach… you could just reach out and touch it… and the voice whispers… 'dare to. And far away… on a hill looking down…there are hundreds of figures… watching… approving… applauding your successes…. and that barrier moves and breaks and crashes down… and tumbles out of the way… and you can run forward into that feeling… rush forward into it now… feel yourself surrounded by it… bathed in it… supported by it. of completion … to grow in you now… to fill your mind… to fill your body… like a warmth spreading through you… as if the clouds have parted and flooded the scene with bright happy light… in your mind you can throw your arms out… throw your head back and laugh out loud… like a child running free in some grassy place… because it is yours… you have done it… achieved it… And you find you self… like a floating in a warm bath… totally at ease… knowing you have succeeded totally… and it's yours now…. and you know you can do it… you have done it… achieved it… you have what you want… and you can allow that feeling of success. and you do… Barrier and finally. keep out'.com .. of a hundred invisible hands pushing with you….. that you recognize… and you begin to ask yourself if it is all worth it… if it is worth going on… and in your mind the voice whispers 'Keep your eye on the goal… go straight for it'… and you surprise yourself by walking straight ahead… right across the paths…. So you rip the sign off. And a sign that reads 'Danger. take it '… . and you realize that you have been here before… this obstacle has always stopped you in the past… and you have that familiar feeling… and then you hear a wise old voice whispering deep in your mind 'you can go round it… you don't have to stick to the same route… 'and you find that as soon as you step off that familiar path… the obstacle vanishes… and you can go on…. and you realize that those twists were put there by other people… you don't have to follow them….… success. of arrival. and as they fade away you know that they are there for you always. Twists and you continue onwards and the way gets easier but ahead the path starts to twist and turn and fold back on itself and it all looks so far and takes so long… and you get a feeling of weariness….. do it.. of achievement. And you look at the sign. and you push on the barrier… and at first it's too strong… and you push again and it moves a little… and then you become aware a hidden strength.

com . And from now on….. You are a stronger person now… you realize that you have a place in the world… you have a destiny… you can dare to choose….. that feeling of knowing that you are supported… that there are generations of people supporting you… and allow that feeling to grow and fill you… and think about that feeling… think about what colour it might be… allow your mind to focus on that colour… think about what shape it might be… and focus on that shape… and become aware of how you are experiencing that feeling… whereabouts in your body it is… And allow that feeling now to grow to spread . because you know you are worthy….. confident… you know that behind you… is a long line of people… pushing you onwards…... think about that problem now… and think how that problem is transformed by having that feeling… and the knowledge that you have that feeling… that you have that support that it is surrounding you … How does that transform that problem? Allow that feeling to transform the way you think about that problem. And knowing that can make you more confident… you know you have support… always and everywhere…. in your quiet moments… you can get in touch with that feeling again… and feel all that support… and think about all you have learned… and ask yourself… when you have a problem. feel it spreading through out your mind… feel yourself awash in it….From now on… you will become aware…that you can deal with problems… that there are always solutions… that you determine the outcome… that you have the resources and the abilities to get what you want… what you deserve…from now on you know that you approach each problem calmly… decide what you want … and keep going until you achieve it. and take another deep breath and just allow your mind to clear… that's right… Now allow yourself to get that feeling… that feeling of success…. that you are strong…. how you experience it…. and the time is now… and you can accept that now…. determined… capable…. confidence and ability… because of that support….key-hypnosis. an issue… how does that feeling transform that thing that you are thinking about…and allow the transformation to take place… and it will transform. And there is a problem that you have been having for a while…. Core Transformation Section So now take a deep breath and release it… aahh….. you know you are the equal of anyone… you know that you are a worthwhile person… that every part of you is valuable….. feel it surging through you … that strength and certainty and knowledge… really enjoy that … allow it to multiply … feel yourself surrounded by it… filled with it…. and really enjoy that. and you know that you represent a long long line … and you have much to be proud of… and knowing that can make you strong… and give you the ability to make that change…. feel it spreading to every part of your body…. and it just feels right… David Mason 94 www. and you will find that you have freedom…. and you know that you are worthy…. you can decide what you want… and what you will not accept… and what you will do… change and challenge comes easy to you now. supporting you… following your every move with approval….

FIVE…. FOUR…. and take another deep breath and allow your mind to clear… that's right… You are doing very well…. and when I get to one you will be back in the present feeling good and ready to continue with your normal activities….com . and THREE beginning to stir…head moving… shoulders moving… and TWO coming back to the present eyes flickering…. and ONE eyes open… back to the present awake and alert…. beginning to get feeling back in your arms and legs…. you have made a profound change… And in a moment I am going to count from five to one…. and knowing that something deep inside has been completed… fixed… released… So counting now….key-hypnosis. David Mason © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 95 www.Reorientation So take a deep breath and release it… aahh….

I loved it. Before I had cruise control my method of dealing with bends in the road was to brake going into the bend and then accelerate out of it. I used to sit there. ready to stamp on it if things got out of control. I always arrived tired and grumpy. I found that not only was I getting to my destination quicker than before. I came to realise that road engineers do a wonderful job. It's good to get out on the road from time to time. no matter how low. and I was driving a good car. It points out the lesson that we all tend to rush at things that we shouldn't and waste time worrying when we should be powering ahead. No stress.Cruise Control Focus on what really counts This metaphor can be told to clients who are over anxious or feel 'driven' all the time. but got frustrated by slower vehicles and bends in the road. The journey took about eight hours. Also I enjoy driving. I would set the cruise control to just under the speed limit and take my feet off the accelerator and just enjoy the scenery going by. And I also learned to respect that recommended speed. every bend is so designed that on a dry day you can go into every bend safely at maximum speed. I was using the roads the way they were designed to be used. But what you can do is not necessarily what you should do. no panics. You actually don't have to slow down at bends. It maintains that speed for you and all you have to do is point the car in the right direction. with my foot poised above the brake pedal. I was arriving fresh and relaxed. With cruise control you just set the speed and the car takes over. unless it specifically has a sign telling you to use a lower speed. Then I bought a new car. By trusting that the car I was driving was built to handle the twists and turns in the road. By going into the bend at the recommended speed the car went round as if it was on rails. I ignored them: it was only a recommendation after all. but overall going as fast as I could. In this country. David Mason 96 www. but time after time the car took me around the curves smoothly and safely. At first it was terrifying. It turned driving into steering. Cruise Control I used to have to drive to another city at the other end of the country several times a month. I tried various routes but it always took about the same time. still well under the speed limit. This one had cruise control. On my long journey I would set the cruise control and just let the car run on by . Some bends have signs showing recommended speeds. I could have gone by plane or train but I had a lot of gear to take with me. letting the car hurtle round bends at maximum speed. I used to go as fast as I could.key-hypnosis. and then again setting the cruise control to maximum. Because I discovered one important thing. It is about knowing what your goals are and how to to get to them. Just gliding through smoothly and safely.

com . Speed is about effective speed. not maximum speed. remember that the road has been designed for you to go to the limit.So what I discovered is: it is not about driving as fast as you can.key-hypnosis. When things look difficult.key-hypnosis. By accepting that invisible partnership. David Mason www. is actually about not wasting time on worrying. and that the rules are there to protect © 2007 « Table of Contents David Mason 97 www. you can go further and faster than you ever thought possible. The secret to going fast.

and think about how you feel about them... and just look at them. and giving you a visualization of changing them. just rich soil. and the .. imagine all your worries being converted into objects.. and take the next worry ... and sometimes it seems like they never go away.. and imagine going back to that place now and again.... and see the first worry going in the hole.. and imagine that you find a bit of land in that place outdoors .. and the next. and then imagine how it would be to line up all your worries.....what is the opposite of worry? and allow those things Memory under that soil to begin to change. V a place with trees and fields and water gently flowing. to think of a summer day. your own healing ability starts and the process will continue until the underlying reason for the stress is eliminated. The metaphor then continues by encouraging the transformation into something new and fresh... your Memory mind begins to wander .. like things...Worry Garden Stress Relief This is an extended metaphor script for stress relief.... tending the soil.. a place outdoors...... ready for new growth...... put them down on the ground... until every worry is buried........ there are times when you would just like to forget about then. good rich soil. see the size and shape of the hole.... warm air. not the thing you are worrying about... Once your mind accepts that they can be changed.... and when you think about it...key-hypnosis. It encourages you to plant your worries in the garden and leave them there to grow into something else.. Induction Section [use your normal induction] and as you are lying in that chair. but the worry itself.. dissociation induction Empathize seeding Metaphor Transformation Externalize the problems Resource begin the transformation transformation continue small David Mason 98 www... soft and easy. why not do that?...... Now ask yourself. and then rake all the earth back and forth.. look at them as they lie there... there always seems to be something that stops you relaxing.. relaxed... relaxing even more... I wonder if you can imagine what your worries would look like? I mean if you were to take each worry... as it it had never existed.... and you know.. and bury that one.. imagine what size and shape and colour each worry would be.. and think about it... even a little. a tranquil place where you have nothing to do.... similar to the Worry Tree. The metaphor works to relieve stress by getting you to transform your worries into metaphoric objects. nothing to think about.. and then smooth the earth over it....... and see it being covered up.. until there is no trace of them. isn't there? Worries and concerns... and notice how each one is different...... and yet. buried.. about how long you have had them. and then dig a hole for each one..

and you realize that each D worry has a good part.... and plant new seeds. that good can come out of anything....... lots of flowers on ... and let those old worries recycle.. plant seeds of hope and strength and forgetting. and Nature is constantly reminding us of how things change ..when you are walking past one day.. and then each plant gives flowers.. one flower on some..... and those plants begin to bud. and you decide to harvest those flowers...... changes more change Reward Reframe New Resources Truism David Mason www. and things that seemed permanent can just fade away. and smooth it out. and then leaves appear.....and after a © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 99 www. and then the time comes. rake over the soil..key-hypnosis... and you can enjoy the good part while letting the other part go.. and then when you have gathered them all up...key-hypnosis....... and all sorts of different plants come up where those worries used to be... and soon the whole area is covered with little green shoots. and enjoy all the colors and forms and scents... and imagine what kind of flowers will be coming up from them... to be replaced by something fresh and bright and new..... and those shoots grow...... you notice little green shoots appear. and you can weave them into a quilt of happiness... of how as one thing decays it nourishes another.

. so relaxed they just don’t work. And in that place there is a stream of water. and feel the clean mountain water on your head and face. a place where you choose to change things and those things change you.........key-hypnosis.. And now test that relaxation... and that stream becomes a waterfall... relaxing your legs... and calm and protected. everything you need around you. running down some rocks.. that’s right... Eye closure Progressive relaxation Depth Test Reassurance Memory Metaphor David Mason 100 www.... feel your body floating.. loose and limp now...... a place where you can forget V everything..... And mentally go round your body ..... smoothing out all the cares and worries of the day......... allow all the tension to release. a V secret place just for you..... and under the waterfall.. your chest relaxes..... Feel your muscles relaxing.. feel it running over your body. And in that place. imagine a pool of water..... letting go. a shower of clean clear water splashing down into a ... imagine your eyes are utterly relaxed..The Crystal Waterfall A hypnosis script to show you how to let go of the past and choose your future. washing away the tension... relaxing your hips now. The second part develops the theme and the water metaphor flows into a special place where bad memories take on a form that can be molded and changed... water as a deepener....... and feel that water taking away all the strains... the tiredness of the day.... warm and comfortable. and everything arranged just the way you like it. The script uses a water theme throughout.. and when you know they are so relaxed they just can’t open. K weightless.. It uses water as an induction.. nothing to think about... and lying in that soft warm water. so relaxed it’s as if your eyes are too tired to open.. and you will find that you just can’t open them..... calm. and you are reminded of feelings...... Hypnosis Waterfall Induction Take a deep breath. nothing to do. and your neck... And then think about relaxing in that pool like lying in a warm bath.. and uses a magic waterfall as a metaphor for washing away your troubles... And you can go into that pool.. feel your shoulders relaxing. safe... supported in the water. Allow your arms and legs to relax.. making your skin tingle...... your face and jaw and lips relaxing.... think about relaxing your feet. a place that is warm and comfortable..... just relaxing in the warmth. Water Relaxation Induction And now let your mind drift to a place where you can relax.. and your stomach... trees all around.. feel the heaviness in your body and let that feeling relax away all the tension.. Take another deep breath and let your eyes close... Imagine the feel of soft hands caressing your K forehead. you can try to open them... a place of tranquility.

.... now is the time to redesign your life D and everything in it. making you strong. I what you have created.. a soft dark place... Waterfall of Change and you find your spirit drifting. the events of the past and the things of the present. being born again... You can think about what you are now.. a place of healing power.. You have the power to change.... where you can let go......... as everything changes around you....... washing all the cares out of your body. can come out.... feel your spirit detaching. being carried gently round and round with the water.and in your mind you can sense the water turning into light. light of different colors.. you can become everything that should Capability > have been... You can learn and grow. let the healing light work. And in that pool.......... But in that place thoughts have power...key-hypnosis.. letting the water and the light wash out all the things that have been held there for so long. the essence of what makes you.. can manifest........ all the things you have been holding in for so long.... Visiting the sculpture park Metaphor Seeding change presupposition David Mason 101 www...... everything that you are capable of.. feel yourself floating. you can think about a fresh I start.. of what you are capable of . You can Capability transform your natural energy into anything you want to... a place where your being...... in that place of spirit and energy and light.. you realize that the time is now.. and think about the influences on life. and in that magic place that light enters your skin. working to release what needs to be released.. you... the bounty of freedom.. making things right... draining .. imagine you are being drawn into the center........ soothing and releasing.. can be let go now. Your life can D be what you want it to be... in a place without walls... imagine that water swirling round. as the water swirls around. whole.. going free. and knowing these things... Feel yourself connecting to the power of the place.. the effect of your thoughts... And in this place you can become aware of yourself... In that place you can become aware of what you are and who you are....... as you change... you can take all the time you need now to examine your thoughts.. in a way. a V healing light... feel that energy moving inside your body.. and as that light penetrates..... watch as that water carries away your worries.... And in this place you can become aware of your thoughts...... the natural energy. clean again...... safe and warm and comfortable... beginning again. what you have made of your life. thoughts and feelings have the Capability = power to change what was and what will be... a place where you can get in touch with your higher spirit. changing. your body releases all the old hurts and bad feelings. you can notice the power of your thoughts.. feel the whole of your body loosening. And in that place you can think about the purpose of your life.... without time or space..... a place that just is what it is... of energy and light and space...

and as soon as you think of it. back in time.key-hypnosis.... the power of thought makes that memory materialize in that > place. come back to full awareness in your own time. and walk around among these memories.. and anything you want to change. a power that carries you onward..... and in that park of sculptures you can become an art ... an object. nothing is © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 102 www.. a source of power and energy. all the things that happened to you... all choices are D yours now.Memory Capability Capability Capability Capability Identity And now allow your mind to drift back.. back into your own memories.. and you can become a sculptor. you are free to choose to come back to the present or to take some time and decide what you want your future to be...... each memory becomes a thing... you can do anything.... in your own way.... see them from Developing all sides.. you can change it.. you can merge all those things and make them into a new you. decide what you like and what you don’t like. any memory... to realize that for you. fill it with your memories made solid.. touch and feel and smell these memories............... and you can examine all the things that have influenced your life.. until everything there is pleasing to you. and you can create your own sculpture park.... And when you are satisfied. Reorientation And coming back from that experience.... to become something that lets you be who you want to be.key-hypnosis.. David Mason www.... for you the future is have changed that place and that place has changed you...... and when you are ready .. a shape. what has to be removed and melted down or recycled.. be anything........ So think about what you want. what you will keep and what you will put away forever. to decide what goes where......... And when you are satisfied. you can begin to rearrange those things.. any way you want........ a power to open D up all choices.. is manifested as Metaphor if it was a piece of sculpture... the moment you think of any event.

. And being concerned shows that you are giving it the right amount of . Target INDUCTION SECTION YOU ARE READY NOW You are lying there comfortably. with pauses where indicated and with changes in emphasis.. What the symbols mean: shows Cause and Effect linking statements of the type 'doing A leads to B' > shows Reframing of the type 'A is really the same as B'.. Analysing the Script The script is shown laid out in sections in order to explain how it works. overcome exam anxiety and worrying about tests. metaphor and visualisation.. or helps to structure the script. but can be easily adapted for multiple choice question tests. Embedded commands are bold: use analogical marking with these phrases. to work under pressure. with pauses at the ellipses (. breathing gently..key-hypnosis. but it would actually be spoken continuously. The script assumes a pick-some-questions essay type test. It is Assumption natural to be concerned.. how the client deals with an emotional reaction to a trigger.. end exam nerves. volume and tone of voice at various parts. David Mason 103 www. = D shows where a direct suggestion is being made. Coloured text does not imply emphasis: it indicates to the reader what work the words are doing. Each piece of hypnotic language is aimed at creating change: changing how the client perceives their environment.. At each step the student gets a suggestion that the triggers or anchors will cause a different feeling or action. on something that will affect your future. I M an intentional metaphor being introduced V indicates where the client is invited to visualise something The script would be delivered slowly. changing their actions in response to a trigger. shows where an indirect suggestion is being made.Fears and Phobias Exam Anxiety Script This script is designed to help someone pass an exam... This hypnotherapy script uses direct and indirect suggestion. and therefore replaces any previous beliefs or learned fears that might be operating. Comment Pacing Permissive bind ''many ways' ambiguity Validate the client's concerns = Reframe You are concerned about something that you have to do soon.. or changing their beliefs about their own capabilities.. and as you drift even deeper. The main part of the script goes through the series of events that lead up to an exam..... You are going to have to perform well. you can allow yourself enough time to think of many ways to succeed.) or where explicitly indicated. listening to my voice.

You can always learn more... when you think about all the tests you have passed..You are getting ready for an exam.. you have passed test after test. continue down the steps counting to yourself as you descend.. going deeper into a warm safe gentle place..... and you have passed them all.. You know the subject. You are ready to show the world that you know what you know you know. Two. You are good at passing exams. revised... and with every step down you say to yourself.. didn't you? There was time when you couldn't read.... to show everyone what you know. D you know how to pass tests You are good at taking tests. So you are worried about an exam. but your life has been a series of exams and = tests. Truism Tag question Presupposition :Inevitability I D RECONNECTION SECTION YOU CAN RECALL SUCCESS You know. . allowing yourself to go deeper P:time Bind David Mason 104 www. and > you passed. Oh.. and then the next step. ten steps going down... life is full of examinations.... full of tests.... One.. You have passed many tests in your life. When you think about this exam you realise that it is the opportunity you have been waiting for. you have been doing it all your life. [ClientName]... Rule But everybody who is ready passes their exams... How confident you can be. You are Capability ready... To show yourself how good you are. You are ready D now. Behaviour Reframe Paradox Capability Resource Association Capability Behaviour Capability Reframing Reframing Repetition Memory Capability DEEPENER SECTION YOU CAN RELAX DEEPER You are standing at the top of stairs. You are ready for success..... but you are ready now.... don't they? And you might be wondering just how you will know how you will succeed.. and you passed. and at the bottom of those stairs you can see a door.. that was a test. You are prepared for this. when you are ready begin to go down the first step. There was a time when you couldn't tie your shoelaces.. practiced. a welcoming door. door that you know holds something wonderful for you.. You have studied. The exam is about showing > people how good you are. Everybody worries about exams.. there was a time when making friends was the biggest test.. deeper and deeper. D So you can look forward to this exam. and you passed... I know there have been some setbacks. but really.key-hypnosis. count the step to yourself in your mind. You might not think so...

you go to bed in good time and sink into a > good night's rest... and the more you become > aware of the growing relaxation in your mind the less notice you pay to D sounds and distractions around you. passing through the doorway.... there in your mind. your body feels a surge of confidence. Depth Test Pacing REFRAME THE CYCLE SECTION YOU CAN ENJOY EVERY STEP .... D time. the desks. . seeing the room. on the night before the exam...... your brain is sharp.. time... You leave for the exam early.. Ready for a great day... D break them into parts.. reminds you of all the hopes and wishes that have been said that morning to you and so many others... you arrive at the exam room twenty minutes early... you feel great . You feel all the resources of your mind awakening. alert. and the topics for each > question just jump out at you. and inside the building ..... and we can go on. As you settle comfortably into your seat... you are doing really well. On the morning of the exam you open your eyes refreshed. > there's no rush... You D know they are all there.. Relaxed and ..and deeper..... your eyes sparkle.. and something you experience on the way in reminds you of how good you feel. ready when they are needed. key words trigger memories.key-hypnosis.. to take a stroll to enjoy the air and enjoy the anticipation... Your hands D feel alive.. ready... easily and instantly. confident of D success the next day. secure in your mind. In your mind somehow you know you know the books and lessons and notes are confidently laid out for you. You D Rule Stimulus Reframing Stimulus Reaction Reframing Stimulus Stimulus Negative Hallucination Activity Opposites Reaction Stimulus Response David Mason 105 www. they are unimportant to you.... You ignore the words and actions of other students: they are irrelevant. and when you have reached the tenth step and are in front of that door.. All your preparation falls into place. into a comfortable dreamy trance. excited.. Successful people know that success starts before the exam..... little easy parts. you take three deep breaths.. and you can feel some of that spirit lift you as you can open your mind to accept complete confidence now. you don't even notice them.. You analyse the questions in the exam paper. confident of a deep refreshing sleep.... You take a moment to picture yourself working steadily and confidently through the questions. to settle down to easily review the main headings.. [Await ideomotor signal] That's good..... the signals you get from your body that is your body's way of letting you know you are ready for it ... you are D focused.... at breakfast you to take a moment to go through the topics of the day's exam in your mind. or maybe a thumb. you can signal by lifting a finger........... it all seems so simple.. that feeling.. and with each breathe your concentration increases as every noise and thought from outside dwindles away..

like a party. crisp and clear and effortless. you can go through the door into that room..... They are waiting to congratulate you. review your answer plan........ ready to write. You can see the delight on their faces. Your rewards are waiting for you. cases.. looking forward to the results.. You quickly produce an answer plan and > Behaviour still have the time to enjoy another brief relaxation break. you are in front of a door that leads to a special room.. And you enjoy that growing sense of ease. And when the last answer has flowed out. You only have to be good enough.. explanations.. so as not to offend god. flowing.. they applaud as you by trying to be perfect. the Persian rug makers Rule used to put a little error... sentence after D sentence. your preparation fills your mind. Identity [Activate all the modalities] P: out standing David Mason 106 www.. everything completed.. you Evaluation have done well... every line of your answers > Response increasing your confidence. Pause They are all there. aren't they. your practice.. theories. models. . effortless. D Ready to what you know about each topic and the details just appear in your mind. they crowd round you... the outside world fades Response away..... relax your mind. relax your hands. Your answers only have to be good enough. Feeling great. one knot wrong . Negative Hallucination Metaphor Visualisation SELF ESTEEM SECTION YOU ARE A VALUABLE PERSON And now allow your mind to clear. In that room are all the people who love you... Your reading. stretching... examples. As you start the first question your confidence and recall increases and Stimulus the right words flow from your hand. knowing they had made one mistake somewhere meant they could stop worrying about knot being perfect. Your actions are almost automatic. They look up. now. powerful. See yourself standing up.. and the answers D flowing effortlessly from brain to paper. expecting you... I they know about your outstanding result... As the exam progresses your focus increases.. a small mistake into their rugs... you still have time to review Behaviour everything. As each question flows out you check your time.. that every question is answered. confident.. move on to the next question.....key-hypnosis. the only thing in mind is the questions. idea after idea.... walking out of the examination room.. It's just amazing how the right thing appears in your mind at the right moment. can't you.. And isn't it good to know. handing in a complete answer . whatever the question calls for arrives. and all the people who you love and respect. Long ago. they are all in . elated. bringing ever more resources out as you D need them. each stronger than the first. that your answers don't have to be perfect? You don't have to be to let your mind drift to a time after the exam is past.. crisp and bright.. their smiles.. There are people from the present and people from the past.Hear the voices of friends Past = passed Future rehearsal.

. aren't D you?.. people want you to succeed ..... Pause FUTURE REHEARSAL SECTION YOU CAN REMEMBER YOUR SUCCESS Enjoy what success means to you.... others.. This is only the beginning... students. "I couldn't ask for a better [son/daughter].. family..... as you walk from group to group... and whenever you think about the exam you Anchoring will enjoy these feelings again.. let's catch up Suggestion soon". Identity lifting their glasses to salute you.... how you prepared yourself. Enjoy their warm hugs.."It's been too long... "You're better than any of them". taste the tingle of success on your lips as you tell them the results...."Maybe we could do something together?"...."I'm so jealous of your luck".. how you relaxed and enjoyed the challenge..key-hypnosis.... I've always admired [clientname]"... "I've always thought you were the smart one in the family. arms around you. And as you look around the room everyone is smiling and waving."I knew you could do it".....Identity and family talking to you. I've always been proud of [him/her] but this makes me I even more proud". . and take a few moments to enjoy that wonderful feeling from all Memory those you Memory Connecting with resources David Mason 107 www... [clientname]"..... let your mind roam over the successes you can have in the future. hear the warmth in Indirect Capability their voices... "Wonderful". Feel their hands in your hand.. . you're right. how do you look in their eyes? And as you move around you overhear people talking to each other.... you turn in the doorway and wave back...... and let your mind recall all those I things that you did that led to success in that ... result Dissociation Identity Extended quotation Identity Sensory. a hand on your back.. you are someone who lives up to expectations...... Bind: Time "so far" PEER ESTEEM SECTION YOU ARE RESPECTED BY OTHERS And someone leads you to a phone. you are a success."You know.. Feel the excitement in your fingers as you telephone and text friends. students .. the friendly touch that means 'well done!'. and that new respect makes you reflect on yourself. Everywhere you look people show in many ways that they love you and respect you and admire what you have done so far.. ."Yes. [clientname] will go far"."Great result". and you are determined to make them Identity proud of you... People want to be near you.." I'm so pleased about [clientname]". you notice respect in the eyes of teachers..[pause] ..

..... it's a great result......... an easy pass. You WILL pass that exam. You know how to pass that exam.. you pass easily. I WILL pass every exam.... . You ARE READY to pass that exam NOW. DIRECT SUGGESTION SECTION YOU WILL PASS THIS EXAM . and learned to pass the exam.. you can hear in your mind somehow. You know how to learn. Identity I know how to pass that exam.. feel how it reacts to success.... You WILL pass that exam... REORIENTATION SECTION YOU CAN BRING BACK FEELINGS OF CONFIDENCE .. lighting up everything you do... how you shut out all distractions..... You are looking forward to that exam . Imagine yourself at that time. opening like a sunflower. You WILL pass that exam... think about how you learn the results.. Enjoy the burst of pleasure Visualisation that comes with learning your exam results: a pass.. I know how to succeed.. I want you to focus on your breathing. D I CAN pass that exam. confident in your abilities. sure of yourself....focused on the task..... and you will hear these words suggestions being repeated in your mind... I know how to study.... and now.. these words. I WILL pass that exam. Move into your own body.. and passed the exam by learning how to pass the exam... going through your mind. more than you ever got before...key-hypnosis. Capability D You CAN pass that exam. over and over.... as Post hypnotic D if someone is whispering them to you.. how the answers just flowed onto the paper for allow your mind to move forward in time. become aware of that breathing. To the time when the Stimulus exam is past.... I know how to learn. picture the result right there in front of you .. Experience that sense of achievement. and now. Let yourself experience now that glow of pleasure. all night. as you learn you pass the exam.. allow pride in achievement to grow inside you. pride..... You know how to succeed. allow David Mason 108 www. all day . repeat them over and over now.. and with each breath out. You know how to ... Success.. delight .. confidence........

.... David Mason © 2007 « Table of Contents David Mason 109 .. ONE TWO THREE [snap] EYES OPEN.yourself to come back to the present .key-hypnosis.. bringing with you all those good feelings.

..... Now take another deep breath. really let go of all the tension in your shoulders and in your face and your eyes.key-hypnosis.. and with each breath out.... sit as you are now. supported by the chair... Her first experience of flight was wonderful.... in your own time and this time really let yourself relax.... INDUCTION SECTION You can allow yourself to Relax OK. And you feel yourself going down and down into that chair. and then let it go. Take another deep breath and hold .. and this time before you let it go..and that's good. just breath it out. and just close your eyes... For some clients one or more sections could be omitted.... as you are sitting there...... Now take a deep breath. a vitally important part of preventing pests from affecting NZ agriculture... and you begin to wonder what it would be like to just sink into that chair. D Relaxation Induction Pacing breathing Dissociation Sensory Distortion Self talk induction pacing movement David Mason 110 www. Other people start out as OK travellers but who become more and more afraid of flying as they continue to have to fly... that's right... There is a lot imagery about animals and fields because the client grew up on a farm. flying to Victoria Island as part of university studies.. 'deeper and deeper.. That's excellent.. And you can become aware of the chair under you..... and typically flew several times a month.. take a really deep breath and hold it.. Her particular worry trigger was looking at the sky and imagining bad weather on the day of flying and the noise of takeoff and landing. The script is annotated with multiple sections so that you can see the work that each section is doing...Fear of Flying Script Fear of Flying responds well to hypnosis.. This script is for that type of fear of flying. She was required to travel for work purposes.... and every gentle breath out just leaves you more and more relaxed.... that's great... deeper and deeper.. you can say to yourself. that's right.. and now just allow your breathing to go back to normal.... and you are probably wondering whether you are going into trance quickly or slowly or what it will feel like.. you're doing very well. more and more relaxed'... to be really so relaxed and so comfortable..... because that's the right thing to do... What I would like you to do is.. This is therefore a very full script and there is a degree of redundancy in it. Some people are terrified of flying even though they have never flown.. The client was a woman in her thirties who had been flying on commercial flights for many years. to just make yourself comfortable. you can move if you want to... let your self go. quietly... you can just think to yourself in that chair there... breathing gently. and you don't have to think about anything. She loved the New Zealand landscape and was passionate about her job.. Each addresses one thing that the client said had been a problem at one time or another.....

and those stairs could be carpeted or wooden... and you could look down those stairs. Dissociation Connect to childhood memories Staircase Deepener Depth Check Safety check Safe Place David Mason 111 www. and right at the bottom is a Zero. and it's got fences round it...... and you can go through that door in your mind..... anything you want. there's a new day..... and through that you are standing in front of that door.. or in town.. a house where there have been lots of things happening.. that little tremble in your eye is just telling you that you are going into trance now ...... it's just a perfect place... at the bottom of those stairs there is a door......... and there could be a swing on the tree.. maybe it's out in the country... knowing that there is something D absolutely wonderful for you. exactly as it should be. and people studying. And can you go through that door? Yes CONNECT TO SUCCESSES SECTION You are a success So I'd like you to open that door now....Just allow that feeling of relaxation to go all the way through your body.. feeling safe and secure.that's right And behind that door..... and a house with a big garden and trees.. you can down them gently and each step.. will take you deeper and deeper .. and there's a big meadow.. and there is a handrail...key-hypnosis... and as you open it you find bright sunshine. and people going off on journeys. and there's a horse further over....and the sun on your face. and you can go down those stairs. and the little flowers......... and maybe you can feel the wind blowing across you... that's right.......... and Nine. and adventure for you......... and Six and Four and Three and Two deeply relaxed... deeper and deeper ...... and maybe you can hear the horses whinnying further over. more comfortable...... and you can feel the earth against your back...... more relaxed. and there are flowers in the meadow. And inside that house you can find yourself at the top of some stairs....... DEEPENER SECTION You can relax more deeply still And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere?........ It's a great big paddock.. and you feel very comfortable. and there's a couple of horses there...... and you get a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation........ you want to go through and have a perfect day through that door....... smell the fresh cut grass.. and water troughs.. and so going down those stairs now.... and over to one side there's a . and it's got windows and door and its an old house . and you go over there and you lie down in the grass.. What colour is that door? White It's a white door... and a track going through it. and other animals. where there have been weddings and funerals and happy people sitting around a table having a meal.... and a veranda... and . kinda hill thing.. into a warm velvety darkness. Ten deeper and deeper.. the kind of house that generations of people have grown up in...... And in your mind you can go through that zero. and looking down... and One... on a perfect day.. Trance achieved in 3m 15s.

. a stack of reports there from the Ministers. ma'am" ..... you love going to new places. when you worked in [Company Name] and you were doing a lot of flying. Memory but that is all in the past now [clientname].... just like now. doing new things..... and how easy it was to get there. and you tell them.... and you know you have the whole future ahead of you .... and it reminds you maybe of days from your childhood.... and you can imagine yourself... Behaviour D seeing new people. asking your advice on this and that. with a view over the water... then you dismiss them all and sit behind your desk... and you can dream anything you want to dream...And it makes you feel to so good to be there...... getting in a lift and going to your office... the doorman greeting you.. and how many friends you have. destinations and you love travelling. And there will be houses... D Future Capability because you learned how to do this > Rehearsal BEHAVIOUR CYCLE SECTION You can enjoy every stage of flying Cycle REFRAME: Remember what flying means And you can think back to the time . about travelling. and taking off and doing these things. and how life can be so good.. and an issue came up ... and Do that" .. going into a huge office building.... and you were the only person who knew how Memory Memory David Mason 112 www. you had to go there . there was a time when you had a problem with Dissociation travelling.... "Do this.. and Personnel people Capability coming in and asking you what to do..... and a lot of laughter.... FUTURE REHEARSAL SECTION You already have the resources Take time and just enjoy that feeling now Capability And when you think of the key things you do to make that happen... and how everything just seemed to fall into place.. and you travel to Paris and Behaviour exotic Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro and other exotic places.. long ago. huge office in the corner. " ... perfect days..key-hypnosis.... could have been North Island or South Island. D Link to In your future you travel all round the world........ maybe children.... really good times.. and you can imagine yourself going to work in a really flash car... And you love getting on a plane.. respectfully........ and think about how good it is to be in charge of this whole corporation.. someplace.... And how much you own. and you remember how it was .... and it's really nice to Memory know you have that place in your mind always.. where you can be anything you want to be.... You once had a problem Behaviour long ago..... a future of success and prosperity and happiness...... remind of happy past Establish happy future Seed 'success' Connect happy future to job future Looking back from the future That reminds you of how you solve problems. And you had the perfect flying day.. having a celebration. sitting round a table with happy people..

And you think of the time. you wake up with a smile on your face. a chance to get out D of the .. on the morning of the flight you waken up and the first thing that happens is .... Using your intelligence and your ability and your training. I love travelling... because you know that that flight > means that you are getting out there to make a difference. there are really good people there". great!.key-hypnosis....... Stage 3: Morning of the flight day And so. reminding you of all the things you love D about that part of your job........ and D you can feel a little tingle in you now.. Stage 2: See the ticket And you get your ticket and you look at it and you go "Yes!!!".. and to indulge your love of travelling And so when the secretary says "Yes. until you are ready to go on that D flight. this is really good.... for the whole of that day and the next day... I've made a booking for you" inside you. to go out there and meet people..... and it's anticipation. And you began to look forward to seeing the people... Stage 1: Notified to fly And every time an issue comes up the first thing that comes into your mind is that this is another wonderful opportunity for you to get out of the office I and go and do what you really get paid to do ... you love the whole business...... I am D going out of the office.. make a difference for NZ's biosecurity. And you are looking forward to the flight. " and you get that familiar tingle....... just before you wake up. the anticipation gives you a tingle. just thinking about it.. of packing. And the flight is just. even before you open your eyes.and walking around and seeing the animals and the plants.... how excited you were. of that first flight you ever took .. that's what it is.Stimulus Capability Behaviour Stimulus to fix it................ And you said "Oh... Every morning... and that issue came up and your secretary came in and said. "Another one.. and a chance to get out of the office.. And so you open your eyes .. "This is so good!" I Reframing Sensory anchor Sensory anchor Supposition TDS Stimulus And I wonder what part of that feeling you enjoy most? Memory Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Memory Behaviour Behaviour It just makes you feel so good.... is you look forward to meeting those people. and having your meetings and your field trips.. from ear to ear........... on every flight D now... That's the feeling you get whenever an issue comes up. and however long it takes... getting out there in the paddocks..... and you get up.... and you do whatever you normally do... something in the way. you love going to the airport..... And you carry that feeling around with you... and putting your stuff together and running around Sensory Sensory Distortion / Reframe David Mason 113 www.. change things..."You've got to go to. there's a little feeling you get of "Yes!!!" "This is D it"... and you are walking around thinking "How soon can I get to the airport?... Just seeing the ticket makes you feel so good..." the place... right D down in your stomach....... something changes. I love travelling"..... and something of that same feeling comes in ... make a difference for the agricultural sector. thinking "Yeah! I get a plane today. it's this feeling of excitement....

that's excitement.that anticipation. because it gives them something to fly against...... and you know. there is a sky. you can forget to check.. is to look around and find someone that you can go and talk to .... the wind gives them power and strength ... you just look at them and say "that's nice watch you have on" or 'where did you get that brooch' or D D Amnesia > D Truism Reframe D > Amnesia Reframe D D Visualisation David Mason 114 www..... you don't have to be a genius to make conversation.. Stage 5: Arriving at the airport Then you get to the airport...... that you don't know.. one thing you always do..key-hypnosis...... and so you put your faith in the pilot.... and so you watch them. seeing if you have got the right files and all this sort of stuff. you don't even bother looking.. because you know there are so many things about that plane... how it works. imagine what you would say......... "Yeah! Getting ready to go!".. And maybe you can take a moment now and just imagine yourself going up to another person...... and just reassure them.. you get there and there's shopping.... I'm not flying the plane.. you just forget about the weather.. and you like airports. . so I'm flying today. and there's things to do. you feel really great about that Stage 4: Leaving for the airport And as you go out.. is you look at the other passengers. That tingly little thing that you get. but you don't have to.. and just looking at a plane makes you feel good......... it doesn't matter what it's like. if you are not with someone.... there's a lot of wind.. you just glance at the sky and you think...... And when you get to the airport. you feel like almost bouncing on your toes. that pilot is getting paid twice what you are getting paid.. and you make conversation.... Stage 6: Sitting in the aircraft And your main function is to make sure the person you sit beside feels really comfortable.. unless the pilot knew it was actually safe...Capability Behaviour Memory Rule RULE Behaviour Rule Behaviour Behaviour Identity Behaviour Behaviour Capability trying to locate your keys and whatever. Every time you see a plane you know that it has been tested and tested and tested.. "Hell..... you look at the sky and you think "Yes.." And you can forget everything about weather because you know that no plane would ever take off..... and you look for the little signs that they might be uncomfortable........... and the planes we have are the best in the world.. you get out your house.. And we live in Wellington.. hear the words you would repeat to them. and that little tingle comes back..... All you do is. that's what you love know. pilots actually like the wind. there's no way he is going to give up a good job by flying into a mountain. And so... you can feel it going right down to your ... and you try to spot the passenger who looks nervous ..... That's what carries you through the whole morning... what would really work for them. because that's your main function in the airport... what you do know is that that plane will take any kind of weather that this country has... And he's not allowed to take off unless the weather is absolutely spot on..

.... and just getting D Memory into that seat makes you feel good... you just exude Stimulus confidence.. in an aircraft seat.. They all make you feel safe and secure.. ....key-hypnosis.... it's almost a feeling of power. power you can feel a rising excitement as that plane begins to rev up its engines it begins to shake and its held by the brakes like a wild animal on a leash. because you know that you are talking > to these people and you are making them feel comfortable and everyone is looking at you are the experienced traveller.... you get a feeling. D Metaphor and the brakes are let off it begins to roar along the tarmac...... [clientname] Stage 7: Preparing for takeoff When that aircraft shuts the doors.. and that's your .. And every time you get in the plane that same power of getting up there makes you feel so good so strong so big you are just filled with the same Identity D shaking power that is in there." And so sitting there....."Did you have trouble getting to the airport?"..... engines = Capability the captain pouring power into those engines and you can feel that power in D personal yourself.of this thing or that thing. And everything about that aircraft is familiar..... and you think "Yes! this is where I go" and you feel that power in you .... Stage 8: During the flight And in fact you are a bit sad when it finally you feel the wheels bump up and D Reframing you think "Yes! now we are on our way. and other people pick up that confidence.. and you smile back at them and the more you do the better you feel...... before that plane takes off. and the captain says 'we are about to Identity take off" you get another feeling....... You are sitting there.." And it takes a little while for that whole feeling of power to begin to settle down again. you say "Don't worry about it . And you just engage them in conversation and you make sure they can stay calm and collected..and all your experience gives you the ability... and it's such a buzz to get in a plane and take off...................and you can imagine them now. these are really strong planes....... because all the Behaviour flying you've assure them. And as it does you cast your mind over what you are going to David Mason 115 www... They don't know that. the small aeroplanes and big Behaviour ones and the middling ones.and you don't have to tell them.. Visualisation Anchoring / Sensory Distortion Metaphor: because as that plane lines up and you can begin to hear the engines rev up. but it gives you something that makes you feel really comfortable. they D also make you feel something else.. and you are just radiating confidence.. And they smile and you smile. that "I've been in things like this" And when they look nervous at the noise.. you are going to look after these people.... and all these other people are looking at you and you see them thinking "My.... you feel as if you could flap your wings and make it take off just by force of will and that feeling mixes in the feeling of what you are going to do in that Capability D meeting.. she looks happy". what you are going to do when you get there you are filled with power you can deal with anything...... and they are all really pleased to have you on that plane..

and that feeling of pleasure and bliss and comfort.. And every time that plane levels off from its climb your mind goes back to Victoria Island..... flying is what lets me get these good things" And everything else is irrelevant... sure sometimes there's bumps and stuff but you are an D experienced traveller.. that feeling swells up in you.. days and days and days looking after those birds.... the feeling that you are doing something really important..... that they are awake and alert. As far as you are concerned the wings are flapping. And as it goes down again you feel that rush of power those engines begin to back up and you can feel the ground coming up and you can feel the power. Every time you think about a plane you think about the people you meet. and this technology is just whizzing you along to allow you to get your job David Mason 116 www..and that's a good thing to know. power that is there.. all you Behaviour know is that you are gliding smoothly and safely down ... and the pilot's Reframing skill ...... to those people. and who you are going to see and remembering if you have met the people before what their names is and what their families are and what you talked about last time and how they get on with each other and why you are there and all the details of the case and the problem just go through your mind. and Dunedin. its just coming down like a great big albatross. and flying is part of you... of why you are travelling ....... and in fact as the plane begins to glide down.... you know that these bumps are just an indication the flight crew are doing their job.. because flying is what takes you to places D like Victoria Island.. leave it to someone else... you can just let it go.. and flying is part of that .. swooping gently under complete control... isn't it? As you fly along......... Distortion Stage 9: Preparing for landing And all the other things that happen are really irrelevant to you...... and you are so busy going through in your mind of how exactly you are Behaviour going to deal with this . and Queenstown and all these other > great places you go to. and how you are getting closer and closer to that meeting.. Time and time passes in an instant... of pleasure.... and how you get on with them.. it when you get there...key-hypnosis....... of why you do this job...from your toes from your fingers right up into the centre of your body. of power....... When you had a wonderful time.. And even they make you feel good because that reminds you too...... And you can take that Identity feeling.... and every time you see Reframing an aircraft or think of an aircraft .. I don't know.. once again you begin to think of all things you are going to do.... and how wonderful this technology is that you can be part of ... and you don't have D to fly the plane.....This is what I do ... and you begin to breath stronger and you feel it in your face and you feel your heart pounding and you think 'Great! I love this... how you get out there and you do the field trips and you get in those little jeeps and you roar through the forest and you Reframe are talking to people about their problems and you are helping them and it's such a buzz to do that. of ........ that encapsulated power of the plane. and those bumps are just an RULE D Reframe indication that you are getting to your destination.. in fact the more bumps there are the faster you get there..

bump bump bump and suddenly you're down and then the nose wheel goes down..... and you are trundling along there is a lot of noise and engine goes backwards and there's all this feeling that you are part of this entire technological Reframe miracle that this power is there just for you... exuding confidence .. and 'who gives a shit!' ..... and how much you love flying. Those little creaks and stuff that people think about.key-hypnosis. And you get on the plane and you put that seat belt on and you snap it together and you get ready for that surge of power... you don't even notice... And you get in there and you are Behaviour looking around for people to help and if there isn't any that's OK and if you are with company then you just deal with them...... As it goes down you can picture the ground rushing up and know that you have all this power under control."I'm getting on that plane!". Stage 10: Landing And then the wheels gently touch down and maybe a bounce and that gives Behaviour you a laugh.... of that tingle.. and the wheels are down and engines begin to roar and rumble and the whole plane shakes and you are waiting for the brakes to come off and there's that rush. > Sensory distortion > reframe: engine D power = personal power David Mason 117 www... the anticipation... so that you can really enjoy that feeling again. getting ready to go out and Capability then just before you waken up. the Victoria Island moments... And you get outside and there's that quick glance at the weather. and that little Behaviour > bump is good.... > Discriminati on Discriminati on Reframing: flying = fun Every time you think of an aircraft you think of the fun you have.done..... you always like that bit... now Behaviour the whole business is easy from end to end you sit there and feel great and talk to people..... is when the plane gets to the end of the runway. that this controlled power is what you are Reframe after.. because you know how this works..and it bounces up and you think. And how it is that things that bother other people......... a little jump.. they're gone.. And you know. REINFORCE THE WHOLE CYCLE AGAIN You enjoy every part of flying And it reminds you of your power.... and all the good things that are happening to you...... the bit you love.........."Wheee. they are of no interest to ." and everyone else is looking a bit worried but you are just exhilarated.. Memory you don't think about them... You get ready for when that plane... you actually secretly look forward to those issues coming up.. and you feel really good about it.just put people at their ease.. of how good it makes you feel to travel........ again that whole feeling comes up.... and then it goes off again.. and all the things that your future holds. and you go through the whole cycle of the anticipation... you just forget about Capability them.. that surge that takes you through that lifts you into the air that thing throws itself into the air and you get such a buzz out of that power you have really experiencing that.

all that power under your control... thinking this girl is going places. knowing that you are going to have a great day.. When you sit down at your desk that power radiates. new abilities. And every field trip.. you love the travelling. the way the people you give orders to think it's just right And how the people above you are looking.. And that's really what you build your career on.... and putting them all at their ease and then the glide comes down again like that giant albatross. I love flying". that you are going to make a difference. She absolutely adores this". she has that power.. and you know. and you love that part. that power you can remind yourself of. and you are just gliding in like a great bird ready to land anywhere you want...... It's such a buzz.. on that glide path you are thinking 'what will be the magical thing about today? There's always a magical part of every trip.. Identity the way they talk to you. it might me be a new . That power you have.... Radiating that confidence that comes out... and really you can't wait to get on the next one because it makes you so good... D Reframe REWARD VISUALISATION SECTION You know flying builds your career And when you get back to the office.key-hypnosis. that thing that makes her different. isn't there? It might a joke somebody tells you.... Identity You love flying... and you can see a real respect in their eyes coming. And you can look at your job as being a mixture of fieldwork and office work and the bits in between to get there Identity and you can love every bit of it.. and you're Future Behaviour looking radiant proofing Identity "Yeah. I loved it.. all the things you've done and been.... beliefs] And see their smiles and the confidence in them. D And then again just as you are getting down there is that whole feeling of control and power.. when you talk to people that power is obvious.. D David Mason 118 www. you love those trips. new contacts and you work those contacts constantly.. Really impressing people like that..... real carefully. D And you never know.. Flying is part of it.. and then there's the bump and a little laugh as it bounces and another flight is done.... who knows? Behaviour That's what fills your mind as you glide down there. you should have to pay people to let you do that! That is just so good. there's all your colleagues. you come back with new knowledge... when you get into the office that power stays with you... this is how you do your job.. D [List client And they just nudge each other and smile and say "Yeah. it was a great flight... it might be just where you go.... and your power grows and grows and you are in control.. you love that job...... D God. there's no way we I specific can put her off any more..And you use the time to talk to the people around and share your experience as a mighty traveller.....

that makes you even more experienced And you will be travelling for fun and for work and you will be travelling D around whenever you want... and you can feel the whish of their tails as they stand around and look at you.....maybe horse comes up and snuffles up against you and. lying there amongst the fresh grasses. something has changed immensely. you get this stuff for free!!! And that's what you think about when you think about an aircraft. this is wonderful...... On every flight there's that secret that only you know.. a new attitude. will just remind you ... that you can take with you and use anywhere And you know that tomorrow morning......key-hypnosis....... and you snap your seat belt and there comes that surge of power! and it is so good! It's better than sex. that eagerness to get away and D get on the plane.. things will be different.. and that makes you feel really good...... but you > know . some little thing ... and you . you are flying into your future.... the whole Sensory Sensory Reframe Reframe Multiple modalities Supposition Sensory Distortion visualisation David Mason 119 www...... D and everyone else thinks... D and I don't know what it is that you will find that is different.DIRECT SUGGESTION SECTION You want to fly Just thinking about a trip now.. anywhere you want.... D Behaviour You look forward to those trips [clientname].. you've learned a Capability new way of thinking ..... but you will notice.... and they don't.. not just to the destination . you make your way to the airport ... and as soon as that Behaviour reminds you . a perfect day.. you've learned a lot in that field . isn't it? So I would just like you to run through in your mind again......... you can find yourself back in that meadow.. and just go through in your mind now.. listening to the horses whinnying and clopping around ... D They are the most fabulous thing you ever had D Because they are what's going to take you .. D you can feel that tingle growing up from your toes and your fingers and swelling inside your stomach and your chest and you can really buzz and the D laugh and the fun you are going to have! and how good it is to be in that plane! And think about sitting there. where just before you wake up in the morning you have that feeling and then memory you get up and you do your stuff . you are flying into a bright wide future.. you get on the plane and buckle in. you are almost running to get there .. D and all of it reminds you that something has changed .. that > includes lots of travel... a new secret..... feel it nuzzling your face. 'how does she get her confidence?' ..... that's a great feeling. and confidence.. you can feel that passion coming into you ... POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION SECTION You have changed forever Now with that wonderful feeling of strength...... that surge will come in you.. and outside you just glance at the sky and you forget the rest .. > that you get such strength from it ....

. getting near sunset. and when you get on that plane it Post will all come flooding back .com © 2007 « Table of Contents David Mason 120 www. [hears a plane going overhead] It's funny. and then a really great day like Victoria Island was.... really neat people. just feeling that really good feeling about yourself. in hypnosis I heard the plane before that and I thought "I wonder if I can get on that one!" You have completely changed yourself... REORIENTATION SECTION D D D D You will remember all these changes And now.. you know that every day is going to be a great day.. someplace you've never been....... looking forward to another flight. of getting up...... and just allowing those horses to move quietly back away towards the fences.... and your feet shuffle..... That gives you such a buzz........... and you are lying there feeling really good and knowing something amazing has D happened . suggestion Behaviour [Laughs] Oh. to your husband... hon?' Capability And you say 'It was fabulous.. Yeah. that's . and getting taken back to the airport in the evening . the best flight I ever had!'... and it will grow and grow and grow until they Hypnotic will have to hold you back.sequence. and how much you enjoyed it... and your fingers begin to twitch and move..key-hypnosis.. yeah. interesting problems and a good solution. 'I had a great day'.... and knowing its changed.... And then you count to yourself..key-hypnosis. I'm looking forward to the flight and you begin to feel feeling coming back into your arms and into your legs... THREE-TWO-ONE and you OPEN YOUR EYES and feeling really good.... David Mason www.. and he says 'How was it.. and going to the airport..... [laughs] I feel so relaxed.. and getting back to Wellington.. and the take off..... and going home. And inside. and the gliding and the albatross and the landing ... Identity Every day you fly is a fabulous day........ Mmmm. and you find yourself in that field and the sun is going down and it's getting a little bit chilly .... and you take a deep breath and get ready to open your eyes and feeling really good and maybe have a stretch..

. [Client is lifting eyebrows. That's very good.... Identity you have a very powerful mind..d D D Direct suggestion section YOU GET CONTROL BY LETTING GO Seeding and that's excellent..... What he feared was the sensation of dropping as the ship went over a wave. I'd like you just to pretend that those eyelids are so so tired that you can't open them. or the plane hit turbulence.... The idea of things dropping from under him was terrifying... This script shows how parts therapy can be used in hypnosis. it's a funny kind of feeling.. He could go on the ferry. and that the more you try to open them. He felt it had something to do with being tossed up as a child and he felt the same fear when someone put their hands on his waist. just close your eyes..Fear of travelling script This client had a fear of travelling on a ferry or a plane. and you'll find that the more you try the harder it is they stay clamped shut.. in fact he had to frequently.. that your own mind can Capability take control of your body and your feelings. that you can pretend.. your mind can control things that you are not even aware of that you can Capability control. just allow them to relax. and how to use physical metaphors in hypnosis... Induction section USING EYE CATALEPSY AS A METAPHOR FOR POWER OK. And those eyelids will just not work at all.. you can pretend that those eyelids just will not open. isn't it? Now stop trying.. Just allow yourself to really think about your eyes and your eyelids. without being Capability > certainty of afraid of .. moving face] That's right.. [Client is smiling embarrassedly] That's right. the harder they get clamped shut... Elman Induction I Dissociation D Self induction It's working! D Pacing D Doubling Suggestion Reassurance = A > b. I would like you focus your attention on those little muscles around your eyes. I'd like you test it by trying to see if you can open them....... and your attitudes and your beliefs and your fears. that's strange......key-hypnosis. change David Mason 121 www.... That's a demonstration of the power of your mind.. that really shows that you can change . you just cannot get those eyelids to work..they are just stuck there. And you can become curious as to how relaxed those eyelids can be..c.. I would like you say to yourself. but he felt sick every minute and anxious for days before.... so when you are sure that those eyelids just won't open .and those eyes are so relaxed that you couldn't open them..

com . > you know you like change. D like a lamp flickering before it goes out..... I think you will be surprised by the fact that you already know how to do that... but it is now the case that that Capability other part of you . and it can be a very rewarding experience to discover that you have been aware all along of the real reason why you have this fear.... and you just felt.. that for such a long time.... about being afraid of losing control... and I think that there is part of you that Identity knows that that fear was useful. that you may find interesting............ trying to keep you safe. to take whatever comes along........ but now it is time for it to be retrained.. and then that particular trance comes back again. so many things have changed for good.. is now able to overcome that fear.. that you don't have to be in control......that has been longing to be rid of that fear. and right now you are in a very gentle trance... and you know.. I think it is time for you to realise.. changing. for you to go into a different trance.. I think you can feel that old part becoming weak and dull and darkening.. D > I Ambiguity Reframe the behaviour D Substituting trance = fear Paradox > Reframe I Mind reading Parts therapy section YOU HAVE PARTS YOU CAN CHANGE I think there's a part of you.... and really you like change... . when you did give up control Memory and you enjoyed it....... you may be want to think about them..key-hypnosis... ordinary... that not being in control is being in control... and you have no need or desire to be fearful at sudden changes any more..... for most of your life you been in a trance.. that part of you that wants to be rid of it.Capability Capability Identity Behaviour Rule Behaviour Identity and the part of you that wants to be rid of the hold that the fear has on you can keep you safe in letting go.... it's trying to protect you in some way. change will be irreversible. to allow yourself. and I think that it is time for you to let that trance go. I am going to talk to you about some ideas... well... and that fear comes across.... and I think that there is a part of you that actually knows that. D And part of you maybe knows that it will be easy to change. and being able to handle that and being able to deal with it. you have power over parts of yourself........ that change Identity can be instant... and that fear seemed so strong and so overpowering. that there have been time in your life.. You have been in a trance about what might happen if you lose control..... that part of you that wants to be rid of it..... and you know. you just felt the way you should feel.. feeling you must stay in control....because you have that power. that oddly enough.. it did good for you.... Identity and these ideas have to do with the different parts of you............. because it means trusting yourself. and Reframe non-specific Metaphor Reframe change David Mason 122 www. Carl. it is time for it to change into something else. Carl.. I think that you can feel it growing... that fear is trying to do something for you.. you have just shown yourself that you have that power. you have been in a different trance. And so...

..... because you are stronger than any fear created by your own mind. it will be effortless. and you will find that getting rid of it will be ....... well you can go I wherever you want to go .... ... at a time.. but really it is more like a habit.. you can do whatever you want to do.. and people who are used to driving geared cars.. D and all the negative and painful consequences it had.. it is time to be rid of it. And I think you have already started the process of getting rid of that fear...key-hypnosis.... and you can look forward to it.. the time now D is for you to give it up.and some people find that a little disconcerting to start with............... It is so much easier to just allow yourself to forget about those things... I think you realise. And that's not being under control. You have continued to be fearful. I think the fear realises. having to change gears and push the clutch. D there will be no struggle.and it will go out.. and all the rest is taken care of unconsciously... because not being in control is a kind of control.... the way people stub out a cigarette. and you can enjoy that feeling of not being in control. you don't need anything else. you just press the accelerator and everything else is taken care of.. that it is time to grow up.. to think about what is coming up and whether you are going to have to use this gear or that gear or whatever. and in a modern car.. just let it go........ or you know someone who does and you know that you just take you foot off the brake and the car goes forward on its own. and from this moment forward.. in a day or two they forget all Reframe Action Metaphor Bind Metaphor Reframing Metaphor David Mason 123 www...... and you will be able to extinguish it instantly..... YOU CAN CHANGE THE OLD PART and you can now empower that part that wants to be rid of the fear. D The fear was useful.. you will be aware of when that old feeling just D begins to start.. and it just.. you don't have to change the gears..' and you know I don't think anyone has ever driven an automatic car and gone back to a geared car just get rid of the fear.. the part that wants to change will easily win... just press it down and crush it.. I don't have control. forget about that old way of doing things.. but that time is long gone. And sure you have control through the brake.. you have already demonstrated with your eye muscle control that you can control every part of yourself even if you aren't aware of how you are doing it..... and maybe you have driven an automatic car. and you might get giddy with excitement at the change.. the same way you can take your foot off the brake on a car and the car will just start to roll forward.. and I think you will feel your change accelerating. because it is so tiring having to be in control all the time...goes forward. in that kind of car.... and they say 'Oh...Capability Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Capability Capability Capability Memory Memory that part of you versus the part that has the fear...... and there will D be nothing left but the ashes of that old fear that you can just sweep away and you can go forward and have whatever you want now > I think you have become a little bored with that...

or what special language will allow you to deal with it.. Capability communicate somehow.... that has allowed that other part to keep going.. and it is all wrapped up with this feeling of fear of being touched at the waist.. to show you that it is willing to allow you talk to that fear. and still be safe.. and you can address them today.... that's what it is about..... it's a very private thing.. but it is like compass spinning round blindly......... every part of you is good. the part that believes you need to be anxious and in control... and you can.. and can imagine one part of you like a magnet... not to be anticipating what gear do I need to go into when I go into this hill.. Carl..... but it is part of you. till all those compass needles are pointing in the right direction. no matter how annoying or negative it might have seemed it did Identity intend a good purpose.... it might seem a strange thing to do. and make the changes that you need to make. experience that part of you.. for your worries.. or when you got bounced up and down.... the way it should be And I don't know how you will understand that fear part of you.. the thing that has been responsible for your problems. Because you know.. everything just works together. although you may know it as something else.. I see that. is worthwhile....... this change that you are making. that's right.. that I will call your unconscious fear..... ASK PERMISSION TO CONTACT THE PART And I want you now... the Specific to this client Mind reading Talking directly to the unconscious Safety Metaphor for travel Metaphor David Mason 124 www...... you can address that fear directly. And that thing has been responsible for your problems..... of being in control... you will know the right way to do it... your subconscious has signaled... every part.... and you can ask your subconscious to move a finger or a thumb to let you know that you can go on.key-hypnosis. be aware of how you can make that change.and so you have control.. you just have press the accelerator and all the rest is taken care of by that other part.. and as you go deeper with every breath.. I wonder how deeply you can in the next minute.. speak with it perhaps.. and you can go wherever you want to go... but you will find it.. and part of you already knows you have control .. they are safely strapped in the .. and be safe and secure.. EXAMINE AND APPRECIATE THE PART And you know. no one needs to know. or tickled............... to address it.... and still keep everything working the way it should do... and I don't know what particular methods you will use to make sure the whole of you stays safe while you are dealing with this.. to go deep inside your own mind...about the clutch and the gears and so on. And perhaps you can ask your unconscious now.. and a finger or thumb will start to move and you can go on. and they realise that giving up control is a way of getting more control. [finger moves] That's good... because you know you can. and as that car goes round corners and up and down.. and it has really just been a fear of the fear. and all the needles are pointing in one direction now.. just focus on your hands..... the direction you want to go.. Carl.. and maybe you can imagine a whole load of compasses.. deal with it. and it is such relief not to have to worry about every little thing. and how once they are all lined up.

.. that you can keep those .. willing to make the you go into you own mind. safely....... come up with a way.... in whatever way you feel is best.. and you could be surprised that it is comfortable and safe for you to become aware of them... silently.... and you can just allow the fear to wither away... and ask it to tell you..SEEK ALTERNATIVES now keeping those benefits in mind.. reprogrammed. because they are good and you want to keep them.... and you could be surprised maybe to discover that all these benefits are things that you really want. what the pay off is to you.change you want to make. but that are so much better for you overall.... right now.. alternatives.. and you can concentrate intently on that internal communication. and that today . and I understand that the behaviour of that part has caused you suffer negative and unhealthy consequences. letting that part go doesn't harm the tree.... push it aside... because leaves gradually turn into soil and the soil nourishes the tree the next year...... And so.. RETRAIN THE OLD PART .. it always wanted to benefit you.............. but I want to suggest to you now that you just reconsider your understanding of that behaviour.. and keep that part happy.. you can seek answers to some important questions that you need to understand in order to achieve your goals. or to let you know what the benefits have been........ that part of your mind which is imaginative... other things you can do that will give you those benefits. that can come up with solutions........ And compasses can lead you into new areas. and keeping those benefits in mind... just leave it behind. And I would like you to work with the part that is maintaining the fear.. can just drop off like leaves from a tree in the autumn..key-hypnosis.. and go deep inside your own mind. and you know. and part of you has been trying to get rid of that always know what direction you can go.. and you always know where you are with a compass.. to talk to that part of you that keeps the fear going......... or two ways or maybe even three ways.. the part of you that's trying to get rid of it has Capability D this extra strength and ability and the part of you that has been keeping that fear alive really wants to D change.. and release it from its task And take some special time now... while letting go the fear.. Because that part can be retrained... knows that it wants to change.and realise that the intention of that fear part was always good. different ways. it can be revised so D that you still get the benefits without the fear.. and it can become so clear now as you recognise that part of you has been keeping this fear going. and I want you to get in touch with that part of your mind which is creative.. what it is that that fear part is signaling.. and the tree grows and spreads and has Truism Reframe Reframe Metaphor: Regeneration David Mason 125 www.......... I want to suggest to you Carl that there are other ways of experiencing. and discover the benefits it was doing for you..... and you can keep that part safe as well........ that keep you going in the right direction I would like you to go deep inside your mind again's a good part of you ... And I would like you now..

. and all the parts that are important are lining up........... and you David Mason 126 www...... and I want you to use that new found part of you. and imagine its the day that you are going on the ferry.... and you can look forward.. and your creative part .. and when you can feel inside yourself that you are ready to move on.fruit. Future rehearsal section ANTICIPATION REFRAME And now I would like you to think about times..... but this time. that way that you don't have to do anything . maybe you feel it in your Reframe stomach...well that creative part of you can go round again and find another alternative.... maybe for the first time....... and you see yourself going towards it.key-hypnosis.. and it's all part of life..... letting go of things...... I would like you to allow that part to take control... maybe next week or sometime beyond that you are going to go on a ferry... and find a way of just letting go of those old things... it's a feeling that you are really going to enjoy this ferry ride. maybe in your body that there is some part that is not entirely happy.. [Finger moves] That's good.... it's a feeling of rising excitement.. and the part of you that wants to be rid of that fear... in the past.. that they are all leading you forward the way that you want to go. and that lets you know that things have changed.... and letting you keep control without having to be controlled.. and just make sure that they are all pointing in the right direction... to every part of you... and this could be a time like when you were on a ferry or a boat or something like that . just automatically be there . then I would like you to signal again by moving a finger or a thumb.when you Memory used to have a fear..... and that the new behaviours that are replacing the fear now. and once again you feel that.... that this one is different. and you can take all the time you need...... let them fall off... the part that you want to retrain.. and give you the way forward you want... and any other parts that need to have a say in this matter.............. and as you are getting ready you feel that familiar tingle.. And you can construct different behaviours.. and if you feel somehow. moving and changing. and we will continue. in whatever way makes sense to you... getting into a new configuration. in the next two minutes. and get those benefits for yourself.. until all the parts of you are working together in the same direction and are giving you those wonderful benefits........ to check that that part of you.... that things are different now. you know you are looking forward to > being on that ferry. that will easily substitute for the way you used to get those benefits. let them shrink and shrivel. that this is the first of the new ones. are acceptable to you now. drop off.... and still get the benefits... I would like you to imagine....and there's the boat in front of you ... and knowing that things have changed now.. that shiny bright part Behaviour that is looking after you .... that's very good.. and it's safe to let go D Reassurance So allow that creative part of your mind to work with the part that has been maintaining the fear.... it will just happen. to all of you..

.. you know that .. and you see all the other people around you going "whoops... you just sail away from it......... because you are having such fun. you're really enjoying that..'. And it sends back and says "You know.... and you look back at that and you just mentally send a telegram to that new part of yourself and you say "Thanks buddy. I never realised I could enjoy this..... this is what you like. and off the boat goes and there's more waves and up it goes and crashes down and kids are running around laughing and giggling and all the families are there and you are just looking there and you are thinking 'This is so neat' 'This is so much fun.... that little excitement ... and before you know it that ferry is docking.key-hypnosis...... ah.. and you get out into the channel out into the water and once again the boat begins to move up and down." GENERALISE THE CHANGE Behaviour And you find yourself going away from that ferry and looking back on it D David Mason 127 www.. and what you are leaving behind is that old fear... and that little rocking sign as it ties up and you all go down and get in your cars to go off the boat or whatever. TRAVEL INCIDENTS REFRAME and you see yourself driving along or maybe going up the gangplank and you see yourself finding a seat or you stand and you walk around the promenade area and you look over the rails. this is what you love doing. laugh at it.. but this time you don't feel apprehensive.... and everything about seems fresh and new and different....Memory know. you are wishing this D ferry would go on for longer. every part of you is worthwhile..... you don't feel panic....... and the boat is going forward the way you want it to do. and now we are all pointing in the same . yeah.. we are all going the same way. that was great! I really enjoyed that"...... and it's such D fun going on that boat.... what was I fearing. there's nothing to fear'.this is great fun'.. and suddenly it's up and swooping down and it's such a laugh.. They go 'Wow. and you feel that sudden drop...... because that part is working now....." and they are all laughing and nudging each other and looking around the boat goes out and you can see the sailors walking around and everything's in control. and > you walk around and you take in huge gulps of fresh air.. and you suddenly realise 'Heh... and it's amazing. Reframe the motion Reframe motion = normal Metaphor spilling coffee = not important.... and you can feel the things that other people feel when they go on to a fairground ride.... now is one of the times when you are not in control and you are in control and you are feeling so good about it. that part is keeping you safe and in control.. and you go along and maybe you have a coffee and a meal and the thing goes up and down and you spill your coffee and you are laughing and everyone round about is looking and smiling and it's great. you feel fulfilled.. and you allow yourself to enjoy that.. and the boat starts to move and you can see the wake behind and you can see the land receding. You can actually enjoy this..... that this one is going in the right direction. And you find yourself thinking a really strange thing.

you are the one who is who in control.... just your sense of balance having fun. that calm feeling.. up and down. it might be a tingle............ many other places where that new part will let you go..... And you just feel. that you have always wanted.. That part understands.. the engines or the captain or whatever else. and you have never really looked them before and you say... that's OK.. Generalising the experience Reframe Generalising And you can enjoy that movement for what it is.. and that is what control is all about.... thank that part........ THANK THE OLD PART FOR CHANGING and so now I would like you just to.. leaving it behind... and you can just imagine it now sliding away.... and you feel ..... and it always intended good for you. it will so good.... and you can use those new alternatives that new part in all sorts of things. it never meant to do anything else.. taking new directions... it will be so different.withering Suggest somatic experience David Mason 128 www. and that new part of you will allow you to open up whole new areas... for a moment... And you are actually looking forward to going back on the next one.... you are Memory D forgetting it now.. it understands what to do now. and you can enjoy that too.. the one that's withering away . because it has been re-created now. and it's changed into something else. "Yeah. maybe give it a wave... so you can thank that.. in control. it is still giving you what I you want.. send it your appreciation... glad for that experience you had.. and really just feel that going all through your body now..... you can just enjoy that sudden 'whoops' feeling as D everything goes up and down. giving that change you need...... or feeling of pressure or something.. free. and everyone's laughing.. and you have that always............... to give you that same benefit.. maybe you call it something else. Identity somehow it seems a long way away.. and I would also like you to thank the old part.... it's a great time .. you really enjoy that. it will remind of tranquil and calm and peaceful you can be..... because you know it's going to be a laugh and you are going to have great fun on it.. and grateful that you have changed now...... And you can successfully imagine many other contexts ... And as you become aware of the heaviness in your arms and legs and your hands.. and in a very short time you will forget all about that old fear .. D CONSOLIDATE THE CHANGE and you can just allow yourself to feel that new feeling of peace and tranquility.. that's another experience I can have and that will really give me fun".key-hypnosis.. and that feeling in your arms and legs just reminds you of that Capability calmness you can have anytime you want.. although I am speaking..Identity with fondness... and looking forward to next weekend and going on a ferry.... because you have given up that control to....... you don't have to worry about it. because right now .... the new part.. just the way you want.. it seems as if it was in another Supposition ... because it is still helping you . and having fun for a change....

.. So now Carl I want you to focus on your hands.. and then you will close your eyes. and they are just not there any more.. you so clearly demonstrated... And when you are ready just lift up a hand or a finger or something. occasionally. as if it was happening to someone else... and what you have given up. So just take a moment or two to enjoy that.. I want you to feel those hands getting tighter and tighter now....... now you released that thing you can look forward to the ferry ride.. and that's great.... and maybe sometimes you will think of it fondly....Memory lifetime............ letting go of that old part..... Client commitment section YOU CAN HAVE PROOF YOUR MIND AGREES and in a moment I am going to ask you to squeeze your hands together really tight... the way you want it.. and you will count backwards from ten down to one... you have given up all those old feelings.. and you can think about that now. and how different you can feel..... you can feel that release just like a little wave of goodness washing through you and it's gone. and we will go on.. and as you get to one.. [hands start tightening up] and now open your eyes briefly and look at your hands..... and that will be your signal that you have released that old fear.... and release. feel things tightening and tightening and tightening.. how amazing that your mind has that power.... and you can think of all the good things you currently have. the ferry ride is the ride to freedom.. cement it in.. And you are so relaxed and comfortable now........... [finger moves] Physical metaphor Convincer Metaphoric Release Reframe Reorientation section YOU HAVE CHANGED FOREVER NOW Capability That's good. exactly how you want it...key-hypnosis. That's it. in whatever way you want... think of all those things going in that direction for you .... and feeling so positive about your success.. it's gone for ever... that's excellent..... building up feel it in your chest and your stomach and all through the places where you used to have that old fear. [looks at hands] that's right and when you close your eyes starting counting down from ten down to one and when you get to one those hands will just totally release and that feeling is gone.. So just take a moment now to enjoy that feeling. that's your I David Mason 129 www. you can open your eyes very briefly and look at . and now you know you are open to change any way you want... feel them pulling in really feel that tightness... and when you have them really tight.. that release..... start counting now...... that's the great thing... that's your guarantee Carl... those hands will just relax.

..... really looking forward to that ferry ride. FIVE. FOUR beginning to get a smile on your face and a deeper breath and feelings back in your arms and legs.. I have done it.... And your mind is now focused on the future and on enjoying everything you want to enjoy...guarantee that your mind has done everything you need to do to release that old thing...key-hypnosis... taking a deep breath and TWO ready for a big stretch and feeling good and ONE back to the present. Memory And all those old things are just left behind in the © 2008 David Mason 130 . Metaphor Post hypnotic suggestion Pacing « Table of Contents David Mason www..key-hypnosis.... And with thoughts in mind and knowing that it is very easy to make your Rule D mind change.. I know how Capability D to do it.. So counting now.. and when I get to Identity one you will be back with full awareness knowing that something profound has changed. and THREE eyelids fluttering head moving... In a moment I am going to count from five up to one.. This is easy... it's over. and you can tell yourself with each breath out..

New Year’s Eve Hypnotherapy Script
The New Year’s Eve hypnosis script uses the imagery of the clock ticking down to midnight on New Year's Eve, or as we Scots call it, Hogmanay. This script has a specially written induction and deepener on the New Year theme, and a hypnotherapy session designed to enable people to make the changes they need to make to create a new life in the New Year.

Linking the New Year to a new start
New Years Eve Clock Induction Now imagine yourself in a room somewhere... and it's the 31st of December... coming up to midnight.... the last day of the year... soon it will be a new year... maybe a time for a fresh start... and take a breath now... and relax as you breathe out... and allow your body to relax completely... and focus on your breathing... focus on the gentle in and out of your breath... that's right.... and now imagine it's the final minute before midnight.... and in your mind you can begin to count the last ten seconds as the old year runs out... with each breath out count down the numbers.... and as you count... each number can allow you to become more relaxed... more comfortable... more at ease... TEN.... NINE.... and with each number.... times begins to slow.... you are relaxing more and more with each breath.... and EIGHT.... all of your body loose and limp and soft and gentle.... and SEVEN... the breath is making you relax even more now... and you can forget about time... forget about place.... nothing matters except breathe and relax... SIX.... deeper and deeper relaxed... letting go.... nothing to do but enjoy that feeling of relaxation... FIVE... allow everything to let go... focus on going down and down... more relaxed, more comfortable... and FOUR... and THREE... more and more comfortable now.... your mind can drift away... nothing to do... nothing matters.... and TWO... more and more loose and relaxed now... arms heavy... legs heavy... and ONE... total relaxation... New Years Eve Deepener and in this relaxed state... you can imagine now... the transition between the Old Year and the New... and imagine ... a scene... a clock tower in a city somewhere... and the hands of the clock reach midnight... Seeding change

David Mason


and as you are lying there... breathing gently... relaxing... imagine that clock striking... and the sound spreading over the city below... and as the clock strikes ONE ... the sound of it makes you relax even more.... and the next strike TWO.... as you breath out again... you are sinking down and down... and THREE... the third chime takes you even deeper now.... and FOUR ... and FIVE... each time that clock strikes you feel yourself going deeper and deeper... and as you go deeper the sounds of the chimes fades away... all the sounds are fading away now... you are floating... drifting... and your mind can wander away now... Connect to the old feelings and allow your mind to think over the year that's past... think about your life... how things have been for you... how you came to be the person you are now... and what you would like to be ... what you should have been... what you deserve to be... and a feeling comes to you... an old familiar feeling... a feeling that things have never been what they were supposed to be... a feeling that something has been holding you back, or a feeling of never being good enough... a feeling almost like a pain, or a fear... an old feeling of things from long ago still affecting you... still telling you what to do... that you want to be rid of... that you want to let go... that you have to let go to go forward into the new year, to start a new life... and it might be a feeling of sadness, or fear of something, or anger or resentment, or of lost time... or something else... allow that feeling to come out... to make itself known... be open to that feeling... let it surface in its own way and its own time... so take a few moments now, and focus on that feeling... and we will continue... New ways in the New Year and you find yourself in a city... in a large square, a plaza... with statues and fountains and benches... and you are sitting on a bench in that square... it is the first day of the New Year... and there is a feeling of expectation... of things about to happen... as if the whole city is waiting... and you are sitting on a bench... feeling that old familiar feeling... but something is different... you are feeling that feeling but along with the bad feeling... there is another feeling... a feeling that this time is different.... that the New Year is bringing a change... and the whole city is holding its breath... and as you are sitting on that bench you notice around the square... streets leading off.... streets between tall buildings... and as you are wondering about the streets and where they might lead... you become aware of birds in the square... there are birds flying around.... and on the ground... and one of those birds walks right up in front of you... and it turns and flies off a little... and then stops and looks back at you... and then it comes right up to you again... and again it flutters off a few steps... lands and looks back at you... and you wonder at this strange behavior...

Resource appears

David Mason


and then a third time... the bird walks right up to you... and grabs your clothing in its beak... and starts to pull... as if it wants you to get up... and so you get up... and the bird flutters a little way... and waits for you to catch up... then flutters some more... and gradually leads you to one of the streets leaving the square... and the bird leads you on... into a dark narrow street... with high buildings on each side... and there is a feeling of menace... of unseen danger.... and you feel uncomfortable... . and suddenly... there up ahead... there is that feeling... the feeling has taken on a shape... a size... it is blocking the whole street... it is rising up between the buildings like a huge mass... like a cloud or a ball... something blocking the light and the way forward... and you look at it... and you recognize the feeling... and you begin to get affected like always... and you begin to turn away... and then you notice.... there is a tiny gap... a slice of light between that shape and the wall... it isn't filling the whole street... it isn't totally powerful... and you realize... there is a chance of getting past it... and you step towards to get a better look... and the whole huge shape moves back... away from you... and you take another step towards it... and it retreats again... and it begins to lose shape... it looks as if it is deflating.... shrinking... and you walk towards it faster... and it is falling backwards... wrinkling... changing color... bits are falling off as it moves away... and there is light all around it now... as more light appears it shrivels and fades... holes and patches appear in it.... it is nothing but a patchwork of old faded rags and bits of trash... and you walk right up to it... and push it... and the whole rotten flimsy mess falls apart.... collapses right there... and looking beyond it... you can see a new place... wide open streets... shops and parks and people walking arm in arm.... music playing .... kids running around.... and you find yourself in the light... and that old feeling is gone... and ahead of you is wide open spaces... space to play ... space to work... space to live and love and be free... and everything is new... a new year... a new place... a new life.... Reorientation and you become aware of the birds flapping wings ... and those birds are rising up and flying free... and the noise of the wings is waking you up... and so... in that place.. with the light shining and music playing... you begin to become aware of light in your eyes... and a desire to blink... and you are coming back to the present.... NOW.....

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David Mason


Learning Anxiety
This hypnotic script shows how an overwhelming anxiety about Learning and Studying was removed using the hypnotic regression technique. This consists of inducing the feeling of anxiety and then going back to find a memory of the first time the client experienced that problem. The client had enrolled in university six times without completing any courses. He would go to the first lecture and then get sick for two to three weeks. This happened every year. And every year he could not settle down to study, procrastinated about the assignments, was too shy to speak up in tutorials. He then left disgusted with his own behaviour. He was now experiencing the same thing in a professional training course, and wanted it to stop.






Induction section Now you don't really need to be in hypnosis for this to work. I Take a couple of deep breaths.... that's good.... now I want you to count from one to ten... and I want you to imagine that the numbers are strung out along a line a rope or chain or something... and the distance from two to three is double the distance between one and two.... and each number is twice as far along the line as the one before.... just imagine the numbers spreading out into the distance And in your mind imagine saying the number... then slowly say the next... and the time between each number is twice the time of the V previous number.... And as you say each number in your mind.... just allow yourself to relax more and more.... and continue to count, increasing the times, as you go along that line... and get more and more relaxed.... just drifting away.... deeper and deeper..... just count silently until you get to ten.... [pause] Regression therapy section and as you are relaxing now.... I want you to allow your mind to go back in time... allow your mind to roam back over the years in your life... Think about the years when you were three and four and five and six.... think of the times when you were seven, eight, nine, ten.... think about eleven, twelve, thirteen... becoming a teenager.... and then fourteen, fifteen.... and sixteen, seventeen.... eighteen, nineteen.... becoming a young man, and think about how you felt at that time..... and you are going to university and you want to be a success.... and always that feeling of anxiety was there.... that stopped you... I want you to think about that feeling.... I want you to think about the times when you had that feeling... and then allow your mind to drift back... eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen... fourteen, thirteen, twelve.... ten, nine, eight... seven, six.... five... four.... allow your mind to drift back and remember a time when


Double the numbers induction

Does not have to be deep for regression

allow the mind time to progress slowly over how they came to be in this state Beginning of the AFFECT BRIDGE Find the memory

David Mason



you first felt that feeling... the very first time you felt that anxiety.... and when you have that memory I want you to describe what was going on... be back in that place at that time... and something will just open... and you will be back in the very first time you felt that way.... The lady who had been looking after me, had been yelling at me... and... locked me in a small room... the curtains were drawn and it was quite dark.... So the lady is yelling at you... and you are locked in a small room... the curtains are drawn and it is quite dark ... And how were you feeling then? Frightened. You were feeling frightened... ... and unsafe.... .... and unsafe.... And feeling frightened and unsafe... What age are you then? How old am I? Yes. Maybe two or three. Two or three.... And just think about that... think about that little boy... What is he doing in that room? He is crying and he is trying to open the door. He is crying and he is trying to open the door.... and the door won't open... Just think about how the little boy feels... and he is crying and he wants to open the door... he wants out... doesn't he... he wants to loved, doesn't he... he wants his mother... doesn't he? Yeah. He doesn't want to be there.... does he. No. And he is frightened. Can you feel that fear? Can you feel that anxiety? Yeah And just feel that fear and anxiety, and ask that little boy to come away from the door.... What is he doing now? Walking away from the door. Walking away from the door... Get him to sit down or do something like that... What is he doing now? He is sitting on the floor. That's right... he is sitting on the floor... and he is still feeling that way, isn't he? Yeah. Still frightened and anxious, and he wants out... and he is trapped.... What do you think that little boy needs? He needs to be with his family.

Initial sensitising event (ISE) Memory Found Clean language restatement Developing Clean language Is it the ISE?



Developing Check for emotion Develop the situation Check

Immobilise the symbol Check Check Establish success criteria

David Mason


He needs to be with his family. And he needs to leave that room. And if was to leave that room, he would be happy. Yeah. That's right. And I want you [ClientName], the adult [ClientName], I want you to go back... into that room, and be there with that little boy.... in whatever way makes sense to you... I want you to go back into that room and let the little boy know that you are there.... Tell him who you are.... Look at his little face... look at how he is sitting... look at how he is dressed... And I want you... in whatever way makes sense to you... to get down on the floor with him... put your arms around him... hug him to you... feel his head against your chest... feel yourself holding and cradling that child... feel his tears... feel his fear... his anxiety... Like a little frightened bird he doesn't know what to do.... M

Success condition defined

INNER CHILD technique

Empathise with the inner child thing he can help


Hold him... rock him... tell him it's OK.... that it ends... tell him that he will be able to get out of the room... that that bad lady goes away... that Reassurance he didn't do anything wrong... that she is shouting at him because she has a problem... and she doesn't Reframe - her know how to deal with her problem.... It's not his fault... it's not his D problem problem... Hold him... kiss him.... use whatever words you need to explain to Let the client him... that it will pass... that he grows up... that he grows up to be a big I supply the right strong boy.... who can take on anything... who can deal with anything... words Talk to him... make him understand... love him... give him the love that attach to own he needs... give him that love now... feelings thing he knows The way you would hold a puppy... stroke him... M how to help Let him know that he is loved... he is not alone... I And when he is ready...ask him to take your hand... and the two of you Develop the can stand up, and you can hold his hand... situation Minimise and maybe he is so little that he just holds on to your finger... requirements And now he is with you... you can walk to the door with him... lead him Developing out of that place.... Open the door... open the door and walk outside... into the corridor or Solution - get whatever it is... lead him along that... and open... open the door to the out side the outside... room Does he want to go outside [ClientName]? Check Uhuh. Can you take him outside? Check Yeah. Confirmed Take him outside now... and you go outside... as you take him through that door... he begins to change.... he begins to get older... to get Developing bigger... and as you start walking away from that door... he gets bigger.. grow the inner and he begins to get tall and taller... he begins to mature... in his body... child in his mind...

David Mason


And at some point you can ask him to turn round and look back at that house... to see it for what it is... a place of unhappy people... where he V got stuck for a while... it wasn't his fault... and he can leave there... and as he looks back at that house... you can tell him to watch the house V shrinking... fading... watch it going far, far away.... until it is tiny... Tell him he can change the colour of the house...if he wants... he can V move it to somewhere else... It can't hold him now. Ask him how he feels about that house now. What does he say? It's not as bad. That's right... it's not as bad... Transform the PROBLEM SYMBOLS Get rid of the Lady symbol Ask him to think about that horrible woman. The lady who looked after him.... Ask him to imagine she is standing there.... yelling... V threatening.... Now make a change... see her changing in some way.... see her changing so she looks smaller... see her changing in a way that looks ridiculous.... she waves her arms around... and her voice... her jaw goes up and down and her lips move... but nothing comes out... and her eyes V cross... and see her head exploding... and see her doing cartwheels round the room.. and crashing into the walls... and falling over... see her sitting there like a rag doll .... getting smaller and smaller... having no idea what is going on... And get that little boy to go up and poke her with a finger... and she moves away.. she is frightened... she runs away... like a little stupid rag V doll... with an empty head... and she runs off and hides in the corner... How does that boy feel about her now? He's laughing at her. That's right, he's laughing at her. Get him to poke again.. make her run somewhere else.... really enjoy it... What's happening now? [Laughs] He is kicking her around. That's right... he is kicking her around.... she is of no value... no interest... That's better... and keep doing that till he is laughing out loud... and it feels good doesn't it? She is so ridiculously stupid, and then get him to open the back door and throw her out.... How does that feel? Pretty good. That's right.... she just skulks away somewhere.... back to wherever the hell she came from... Gone. Get rid of the house symbol.... And now bring that boy back to the front door... and outside... look at that house... and now just imagine a big yellow machine... comes along V and starts to wreck the house... and maybe there's a ball or maybe there's a bulldozer... and just smash that house to pieces...

Reframing Metaphor transformation Metaphor transformation Check transformation Confirmed


Transform the woman

Metaphor transformation technique

Mastery of the situation Check Confirmed Increase his power



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What's happening now? Check The house is being bulldozed down... Confirmed That's right it's bulldozed until there is nothing but rubble there... and Get rid of all of bulldoze it all away until there is nothing left... but foundations... and V it how does that feel? Pretty good. That's right... now just stand back... on the other side of the fence or Replace the wherever... and look at where it used to be.... What would you like to symbol have growing there instead? A playground. Great! A playground. That would be fitting, wouldn't it? A playground... and Develop the put something in the playground... new symbol My mum and dad there... Nice! That's right ... and that little boy... just imagine having a wonderful time... and there can be swings... and roundabouts...and see-saws.... things to climb on.. and things to slide down... and just imagine that little boy the way it should have been... running around laughing... Metaphor for shrieking... playing with friends... having a good time... while the V 'going up' and family looks on and smiles and nods... and picks him up when he falls succeeding over.... Just imagine an adult coming along... holding him by the waist... holding him up... right above the head.... and laughing... how good would that be? And then feel yourself being brought down and hugged... being held close to the chest... cheek to cheek... feeling the warmth... the warmth Anchor feelings that was always there... feel that going into your body now... that of security warmth ... that feeling... Transfer the feelings And now you can allow that boy to continue to grow... as he grows Transform the through... thirteen... fourteen... fifteen.... Sixteen, seventeen... and problem eighteen. Think of how he was at seventeen and eighteen... How does situations that feeling transform that now? Better. Transform the university feelings That's right.... Now think of going to university.... how does that feeling Reframe transform that first day of term? University Should be fun... as opposed to... And should be fun.... And just imagine being in the quad at uni.... and the four corners there... and looking in the corners... is that rag doll M there? No. That's right... just look around carefully... Test No. That's right... she's gone... you're free. and just look at what is there... there are students... lecturers.... people Re-assign selling hot dogs... people juggling... music playing... It can be fun... V feelings uni = can't it? fun Yeah

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Transform the feelings about studying in general And the library.. how do you feel about the library? It's a place to study.. you can go in there... and you can imagine sitting down... and I don't know... nine o'clock... getting the books out... getting started on V Reframe Study your assignment... reading a bit... writing a bit... reading a bit... writing a bit... scoring it out... starting again... drawing... reading some more... and before you know it... two hours have passed... and the assignment is Amnesia well on the way... and you go and have a coffee or something... spend some time with your mates... talk about the girls and stuff... and then it is back to the library... reading a bit... writing a bit... and it's lunchtime and it is nearly V finished and you have got the first draft... and you look at it... hold it in your hands... and it's great... and it is easy.... and you can do this... D How does that make you feel? Test Pretty good. Confirmed That's right... and you go and have lunch and have a good time... with the rest of the students... go to a lecture maybe... and then back to the library... and suddenly it is all there for you... you can see the answer... V clear in your mind... and you know you just need a few more references.... pad this bit out... cut that bit down.... then another two hours pass... Amnesia Avoid Easy, simple.. it is not going to be perfect... but is good enough... better D perfection than everyone else's... anxiety And just imagine how surprised the lecture is, when you hand it in, long V before anyone else.... And how good is that? Very good. That's right... You can do that. D And you can enjoy that time... D Reframing Transform the feelings about the current course And think about this latest course.... the Training Institute.... think about being in the classroom there... learning... studying... think about visualise going home and opening the books... and this time you have a real clear V success vision of where you want to be, what you want to do... and you can see yourself getting that certificate, the diploma, whatever it is.... And see yourself sit down... and you begin to read the material and you stop and test yourself after every paragraph.... and you test after two Visualise V learning pages... and you go back and you are learning and it is all falling into line... and you look at the material... the assignments and the questions and it becomes fun... to find out what the answers are ... to start discovering Reframing it... it is like a puzzle... something you can enjoy... And when you think of study... what you think of is that fun, that sense of accomplishment... How you can get on and do things... how you are D Reframing free to do it... And that's good, isn't it? And you know you are smart, you know you are dedicated... you know D Incrementalism you can do things... you know you can be as good as anyone.... you can

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be better than most of them... You can be better than all of them.... and you can flash through this stuff... getting up early... reading... wanting to learn.... staying up late... doing the exercises... working it D through... becoming the best.... Anchor the change section and when you do that... somewhere inside you ... that little boy is chortling with glee.... that little boy is running around and waving his arms and shouting... happy... free.... and you can scoop him up in your associate feeling M arms and lift him up and say 'Isn't life great!'. Little [ClientName] good with study smiles... and there's the expression on that face.... I wonder what the right word for that is? Force him to name the feeling, define Joy. it, makes it more real That's right. Joy. And that's what you feel. You are free to feel that joy. To get on with D life. To just take it with both hands... to enjoy it... Those things have all gone now... haven't they? Test Nods Confirmation That' right.... I would like you to take a deep breath now... just Haaaa.... and take another deep breath and allow your mind to clear.... And I Final somatic test want you to look around your body... and see if there is any tension left... anxiety... anything you need to deal with... or is it all clear? It's all clear. Confirmation That's good... that is telling you that your body has taken away all that tension... all that anxiety... all that little boy's worries.... Now you see them for what you are... Now you realise it wasn't that little boy's D Restatement problem... was it? Someone did horrible things to him.... and you have led him out of there... and whenever you think of that childhood... all you think of is a grassy space... a playground... and children laughing... and that's the way it V Reframing should have been, shouldn't it? Yeah. And you can enjoy that feeling now... that feeling of release.... D Signal end of And now there is just one more thing to do... session... Self convincer section Fill the mind I would like you to send a message to your own mind... a message of with good gratitude.... of gratitude for that change... really send a feeling of caring, feelings... and loving and wanting.... just fill your mind with that... and just say Reinforce it all 'Thank you... thank you... It's over at last'. again And you might get a response... you might find a finger or thumb wants allow for every to lift... or maybe you just get a feeling... and your mind will respond M possible option somehow.... [Finger moves] Self convincer

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that's very good.. something old has gone forever... and one last deep breath and allow your mind to clear... signal soon finish Restate changes and link to self count inevitability David Mason www... and knowing that something wonderful has happened. to yourself .. So start counting whenever you want.. > Reorientation section So just take a deep breath now. and when you get to . when you are ready. feeling really good about © 2009 « Table of Contents David Mason 141 www.. Haaaa.Identity That's right... That's your guarantee that it is all over....key-hypnosis.......... you will be back in the present.key-hypnosis.. And now in a moment I would like you to count from three up to one... and you are free.

with pauses where indicated and with changes in emphasis. This condition had built up over time and got worse and worse until he felt almost paralysed with fear. Suggestions about stimuli. was otherwise healthy but some psychological fear caused him to fail to function every time he was about to perform sex.key-hypnosis. behaviour and capability are used to dislodge old ways of thinking. Each suggestion targets one particular trance phenomenon. Technique words are blue. The client confirmed a week later that the session had been a complete success. He had created a cycle of behaviour in his mind where the fear of failure had learned to feed itself and grew worse with each repetition. The client was a man who was embarrassed by loss of erection when in an intimate situation with a woman. Coloured text does not imply emphasis: it indicates what work the words are doing. and then subsequent suggestions create the link between changes in perception and changes in core beliefs. Embedded commands are bold: use analogical marking with these phrases. Reframing "A is really the same as B". Each piece of hypnotic language is aimed at creating change: changing how the client perceives their environment. instead a precursor to failure.Sexual Health Male Sexual Performance Anxiety Script This page shows a script prepared in advance for a hypnotherapy session to cure male sexual dysfunction. INDUCTION SECTION David Mason 142 www. The script is shown laid out in sections in order to explain how it works. how the client deals with an emotional reaction to their environment. or changing their perceptions of their own capabilities in dealing with their environment. The script uses the Cycle of Behaviour and aims most of the suggestions at the point where the client uses a condom. It also uses direct suggestions for self esteem and confidence. volume and tone of voice at various parts. The initial interview revealed that he originally had no problems but over time he had built up a fear of failure and now was in distress at his own lack of performance. Primary targets or Cycle Targets are . metaphor and visualisation. got on well with them. He was a guitarist in a band and had plenty of opportunities to meet women but at the time of the treatment deliberately avoided getting involved. This script uses direct and indirect suggestion. which had become the trigger for the onset of failure. and reframes seeing the condom as a signal of success. He was attractive to women. but it would actually be spoken continuously. changing their behaviour in response to something in the environment. He finally sought treatment when it got to the stage where even meeting an attractive woman caused the sexual anxiety to appear. The linking statements are shown in column three by '>' as Cause and Effect "doing A leads to B" or by "=". Olive and Green text indicates the use of hypnotic language constructs.

.but you are actually very Belief good in situations where your performance is important. and do it well... so you can change what happens in any situation.. There was time when you couldn't read music. on a regular basis. There are many ways you can change... you know Truism.. Things that other people are envious of.....You are ready to change You are lying there comfortably... People wish they could do what you can do Capability D Resource Link now.. can't they? And the way to be prepared is to think about the best way to change Rule > your reaction. If you think about it. You might not be consciously aware of it.. Many people would find that intimidating. now. You have decided to change how you think about it. and compare what you write to the legends of jazz ... Tag question Presup Truism Pacing Presup Inevitability David Mason 143 www. in front of an audience. changing the way you think about something is easy. and as you drift even deeper.. but you do it on a regular basis. It is natural to be concerned. solo... You have to perform other people's music in just the right way with just the right tempo in front of a teacher with much more Capability experience than you. it can be hard. And as you lie there. You can change the way you think about anything . And being concerned shows that you are giving it the right amount of > attention.. you have complete confidence... you know how to deal with most situations. breathing gently. For example. and that change in your thinking will allow you to . RECONNECT TO EXISTING RESOURCES SECTION You are a success You know. There was a time when you decided to Metaphor take control of your education. life is full of stress. in front of your class mates who are just waiting for you to make a mistake. You are going to have to perform. listening to my voice.. famous players. to be vulnerable.. and you did that confidently. to act under expectations. Thinking about change leads to new behaviour. isn't it. D And you might be wondering just how you will know how you will I succeed. Many people would fade under the pressure.key-hypnosis. you can allow yourself enough time to think of many ways to succeed. you are changing.. But everybody who is Capability > prepared can perform well. listening to my voice.... Yet you do that on a regular basis. You are concerned about something that you have to do in a personal situation. didn't Pacing Permissive bind Pre-supposition succeed RI Validate the client's concerns Reframe Truism set. [ClientName] changing how you think leads to change Capability in how you act.. and you can be confident of that now. don't you? In fact you can do many things that other people can't do. And yet you have Identity succeeded in most situations in your life.. You have to compose and improvise..... There are so many things. and you do it. you can play an instrument.when you choose what you want to do. Everybody worries about their performance..

satisfied..... recent or long ago... see yourself succeeding at different things.. as you look at her. You can introduce yourself when you want..... things you learned on your own... things you did for the first time.. your face.. and you can.. and how easy it is for you.. feeling good. of your own ability to do what you want...... think of all those times in the past . a feeling of pride can stir in you.. And you might be surprised Capability > Reframing about how quickly you are confident..... pause And as you think of all those things. as you recognise what a success you are...... there was a time when you wrote your own name for the first time .. Reframing Memory To show yourself how good you are.. as she tells you she will always remember that first night with you. her Memory mouth is smiling.. Think about all of those times now... how strong and bold you were.. sure of yourself..... you succeeded at that..... there was a time when you couldn't tie your own shoelaces.let your unconscious mind celebrate all the good things you have done and enjoy that growing sense of confidence... things you did privately or when others were watching.. your life has been full of successes. those situations where you did better than expected.. You play in a band where every member is listening to every note... REFRAMING SECTION You are looking forward to it Oh I know there have been some setbacks..... situations were you are completely at ease. completely in control.... A performance is about showing people how good you are. she almost purrs...... she touches your hair Visualisation occasionally... you have been waiting for .and take a moment to let that feeling of pride and confidence grow. and she David Mason 144 www.. think about all your successes..... and expand .. her voice is low and intimate. how confident and skilled...... You are good at performing. How good you can be when you are really confident.. . ....and you can allow your mind to go forward to a time a few days or weeks from now. to think back... D Memory Memory Identity Belief So you can look forward to your next performance. somewhere talking to a girl.. And > you always were. you succeeded at that . there was a time when you D couldn't play a note.... imagine yourself .. You can really show some lucky Dissociation person what that [ClientName] is capable of..... . really enjoy your are at college or maybe in a bar or it's in a house .... but really.. There was a time when getting girl friends was the biggest test. to show what you can do...... little things ... and you can do that now. .you? You know how to take control and thrust in when you you made her feel one hundred percent notice her eyes are shining. everyone depends on you to come in at the right time....see yourself in these situations. And you would have to conclude that you are good at performing.... When you think about your next performance you realise that it is an opportunity... large and small. how other people admire and envy you for what you have done so far.. you know ..key-hypnosis..and all the time she radiates happiness......

.by becoming harder and harder.....and this makes you harder and harder ....When you first see a girl ...this may be your opportunity....... to trust you...that girl is flushed with quietly. And as things develop with this you took control of your really enjoy the new feeling that you get as you and this girl get it on ... as you have a enter the warmth in that secret place and to let go of everything... Trigger Reframing Trigger And it is so easy to forget old ways. you notice a feeling of rising are doing what others can only wish for.. there's that champagne feel that difference............. . because you are so forget about the condom.... putting on the condom means you have Identity > succeeded in getting a girl to be attracted to you....she is overwhelmed with desire for you...... a girl you are interested trust you with her let you enter her........ to think back on how you prepared for that date...key-hypnosis.that you are confident..... how you exercised your mind and decided exactly how things would go the way you wanted...... .the only thing in your mind is your urgent pressing need .com ... getting intimate ..that means that things are going are standing tall on the winners podium. to shake the bottle feel proud and confident and capable of doing anything now.she right now she sees the condom and she feels totally attracted to you. turns you on like never before. something that lets you know that this girl is different....she looks interested in talk D Reframing Reframing METAPHOR METAPHOR David Mason 145 www.......get to know her more..your mind fills with a sense of power. you make her feel so good. because Trigger > putting the condom on means you have succeeded.........this time is different......and that makes you feel so good right a racing champion who has led all the way and now ready to take the prize.. and you feel a little change in yourself ........the condom means you are at the final successful > can be surprised by knowing that feeling signals an excitement. kissing and > caressing . Evaluation After the flush of relief and spurting power you hold on to her.... BREAK THE CYCLE SECTION You can learn new behaviour and you can allow your mind to drift urge to make love to D this woman..... go to a gig. a need to caress and kiss and slide and enter and move and forget Trigger everything except a feeling of rising excitement and sensitivity and D urgency until you can no longer hold it back and . You see the condom.. you are a excel..... And you respond. ready to spray the champagne.. you allow excitement to grow in you get harder and Memory harder.... the spurt and foam and irresistible urge as the winner shakes bottle and sprays it all out.wants to be with you again and you open D up to her and she opens herself to are everything for her......

Every time you see a Trigger D Reframing condom you anticipate the surge of your body....gently to her. successfully. of satisfaction and confidence..and now. And that means you are a fully mature capable young man...... People respect you. success..... You make women feel special and feminine. Every time you put on a condom it shows you respect the woman. Every girl you make love to remembers it with Belief D affection.key-hypnosis. Women respect you. [Begin REORIENTATION Process] David Mason © 2008 www.. bringing with you all those good feelings. that champagne moment.. over and over...... You enjoy the feeling of anticipation as you talk with a woman and wonder how good she will be in bed. enjoying that champagne D moment...and as you do you enjoy that feeling of triumph.... Every time you put on a condom you feel the satisfaction of knowing you have succeeded in reaching the second last stage.key-hypnosis. sure of yourself.. .. You enjoy the company of kiss her again and again all over.. You enjoy the feel and taste Identity and smell of women.. confident in your abilities. of letting go and dissolving into the warm body of a welcoming happy woman....... You are a sexy male.. taking and Capability enjoying everything life has to « Table of Contents David Mason 146 www.. DIRECT SUGGESTION SECTION You are a confident lover You are a skilled and confident lover. You know what to do to succeed in so many things. You know how to treat a woman so that she wants more.. allow yourself to come back to the present ...

controlled. an enormous powerful river that they couldn't cross. the dam creates power. A dam was built. anticipation. It energises itself. A dam is a simple idea. even the mightiest river can be controlled. the really interesting thing is that by damming that river. The Hoover Dam was put there to control the Colorado. And that was what created the Grand Canyon. This metaphor can encourage the mind to hold back until the right moment. And when the surge was going full strength the river would pick up mud and debris and the water would become coloured. And that's what the Spanish Conquistadors saw. Whenever it happens. And that dam allows the water out when it needs to go out. the thing that carved out the Grand Canyon was controlled. And you know. Premature ejaculation can happen outside the body or an instant after penetration. The Colorado River is called 'colorado' because it's the Spanish word for 'coloured'. shape.key-hypnosis. fear and more failure. and one failure can lead to another. They are supposed to be like that. when you think about it. It was scoured out by the Colorado River. The canyon is open ready to receive the water of the river. And the Colorado River was called the Coloured River because most of the time it's a peaceful river. However. the river and canyon go together. « Table of Contents David Mason 147 www. And yet the Hoover Dam was built across that river. Eve that great surging power can be controlled. It generates electricity. And you know. And by taking control it actually produces the power to give more control. But there are times when it rains in the mountains and there is a great irresistible surge and that great surge blasts out all the water down there. Any river can be held back. the smell. The dam is very simple. body heat and physical feel of the female body can combine to overwhelm the senses and the young man comes too . The thing about control is. and don't actually need much to get them sorted out. A dam can actually produce the power needed to control itself. the more control you have. And yet. and holds it back when it needs to be held back. and then start a downward spiral of worry. the more control you get. That mighty river. Grand Canyon Everyone knows the Grand Canyon.Premature Ejaculation Pressure can be controlled Young men often feel unsure of themselves sexually and every other way. a great coloured torrent roaring past. it is a disappointment for them both. young men are very resilient. And that thin dam is all that is needed to control the surge. The pressure of sexual thoughts and the relentless basic drive to procreate allied to intense visual stimuli.

do you? You would only really know by pulling all the tape out to the very . happy. because with all the tape rolled out like that... all the tape that gets unrolled from now on is bright and fresh and clean and clear.. you Technique Dissociation Truism & Tag Memory Dissociation Dissociation Metaphor clean = happy David Mason 148 www... and you might notice that there are changes along the length of the tape....... You cannot change what happened but you can change how it affects you now.. And when you think about it. so maybe it would be a good idea to think about going back over the tape that is already rolled out. It gives the person perspective on their life.. more and more tape comes out. cleaning it... and you don't really know how much more tape is in the box...... isn't it? And maybe you could look really closely at the tape as it is stretched out on that floor..... if you fix one end and you start pulling..Wiping out Sexual abuse This hypnotherapy script uses a metaphor for change.. and when you let the tape go it all sort of rattles back inside. and all the tape is wound up inside the box.. that are clean and look friendly. maybe parts that look dirty... there is a starting point and the tape stretches all the way up into the box in your hand.. It can be used for any past emotional issues such as physical and sexual abuse... It allows the client to visualise their life as if it was stretched out as a tape measure. or maybe it just happened.. Target Memory Rule I wonder if you have ever been involved in redecorating a room? Maybe hanging wallpaper or measuring out carpet or curtains or something like that? It's always important to look at the whole design.... it can be effective for wiping away the old dirty habit as part of a stop smoking script.. and making it all bright and clean again... isn't it? And usually when people are measuring a room they use one of those expanding tape measures. maybe there are gaps in between... This healing hypnotherapy metaphor is very adaptable. emotional abuse. you know the kind. but maybe there are other parts that got stained and dirty.. physical... there is a metal tape and you pull it out from a sort of metal box with a spring inside. for altering the past.. And you know. that left a mark..key-hypnosis. as the new tape comes out. and when you look at it. and maybe you know who put those stains there.. but you know. This metaphor therapy for emotional abuse can be used on its own or be included in a hypnotherapy treatment for any kind of abuse – sexual. and all the tape would stretch out.. just the way it came from the factory. the early parts are clean and bright. to look back and see that abuse as something that is over. Then client looks at the parts of it that are dirty and gets permission to clean the dirt off and makes sure that the changes are permanent by rolling and unrolling the tape until it is all clean..... and pulling steadily.... life's a bit like that... but that can be fixed... and maybe you could imagine that tape laid out across the floor or something like that. And when you look along that tape you can see bright parts and dull parts.......

... shiny and bright... the way it was supposed to be........ so that the new tape is coming out bright and clean and the old tape is changed ... maybe you could imagine rolling it up and then pulling it out again. and then let it go.... and you won't let anything dirty that new tape.... see how clean it is.. and as each day unrolls Capability D the tape for that day is fresh and new. admire it. every bit is the way it should be. And then you can know that nothing in the past can dirty that tape at it > comes out.... and pull it out again to look it... and tomorrow is just inside ready to come out. all bright and clean.key-hypnosis.. and imagine that there is something inside that cleans the tape as it goes by.. and the dirt coming off. David Mason www.. wiped off along its length.. pull it out until you reach the part that is today.. and see the stains fading. and make sure that every bit is clean.. what would be best?... and the colour coming back...... And you might wonder what you would use to clean that tape........ And when that tape is the way you want it...could imagine cleaning that dirt off .... and you might be surprised at how quickly and easily it comes off. And as you think about that... and keep doing that until every trace of those old stains is © 2008 Visualise change Action Metaphor « Table of Contents David Mason 149 ... and imagine scanning along that tape and see it now.... maybe you could start to imagine cleaning the tape.. so that it all shoots inside again very quickly...

Start releasing tension Let go muscle tension Let go muscle tension D Dissociation D I Dissociation Dissociation Deepening D Ambiguity Deepening I Deepening David Mason 150 www.......... or think of the next number... and.... In fact... And as an experiment..... you could start counting each breath out.and focusing on each breath out will let you relax and settle down a little deeper.and just allow that heaviness to grow .... lift your shoulders up.. if you can.... INDUCTION SECTION Standard hypnotic Induction So settle back now..... And as you think about your breathing.... that's good...key-hypnosis..... for the next ten breaths.. Now take a deep breath. and as you do. just allow your body to relax more.. that you just could not move them.. ... and you could become curious as to exactly how relaxed you can be. and close your eyes.. just let it all go. . The second part teaches the sufferer to use the snoring as a method of self hypnosis to get to sleep. and as you breath out.... It can easily be adapted for use in a face to face therapy session.... The script given here is designed to be recorded and played back by the sufferer each night as she settles down for sleep. counting down from ten down to one. Now lift your arms slightly... let them slump down and relax............... as you breathe out.... and continue breathing gently... If people expect to be able to sleep then they will. and relax your whole body And I wonder if you could imagine what it would be like if your arms and legs had become so heavy .. and hold it. take another deep breath. and now I would like you to focus on your breathing... and a little more relaxation after every breath...That's good. with each breath out.. ahhhh. The first part works by reframing the meaning of snoring.. that they felt as if they were made of lead..while you think about that. there is no reason why it should ... say the next number under your breath.. This script is designed to allow the person who has to suffer a husband's (or wife's!) snoring to feel safe and comfortable so that she can sleep through any amount of snoring... relaxing. ... let them drop back naturally.. and on the next breath out.Sleeping and snoring Ignoring Snoring Script Many women find their partner's snoring stops them getting a good night's sleep. just become aware of the gentle in and out of your breath. get comfortable..... When you are ..... changing it from an annoyance to an assurance..people can sleep on trains and on boats bouncing around in the sea or with fire engines roaring past outside.. each time you breathe out.. may find it harder and harder to I know what number comes next.... it's getting near dusk. everything settling down for the night.. And as you become aware of that at some level. insects folding their wings. curled up safe inside their home in the hollow tree. if you want to.. and all breathing together in that space... they warm each other by their bodies.... you are relaxing more and more.. drowsy and dreamy.. and little cottages. enjoying warmth and calm and letting go completely.... a family of soft furry creatures..allowing each breath to relax you more. and outside the sun slips away and darkness falls softly like a leaf flutters down from a tree............. wrapped in silky soft fur. as the fire crackles quietly. warm golden light from the windows... safe and warm. . with each gentle breath... and as the darkness outside gets deeper and deeper........ and as you relax there. imagine the darkness gathering outside... those numbers can just disappear completely..... and there is a comfortable seat.... birds settling down in their nests.. And in that cottage.. that means that things are going exactly the way they should be.. and your mind is opening to new possibilities. there is a couple sleeping.. are trees and fields and streams....... and outside . and you can snuggle down you say each number quietly to yourself.. and imagine what it would be like to relax in that seat.. snuggled down V David Mason 151 www... cozy and ..... and the others breathing... nothing to think about.... D Make the listener aware that they are in trance now Reassurance Seeding DEEPENER SECTION Falling shadows deepener Now imagine somewhere in the countryside.......... breathing gently........... a open fire warms the room... the sun going down behind some clouds. and all around in the gathering darkness. relaxing more and more... snuggled up V in a pile..... that's right.. the place..... as you drift down and down.. and you can relax those numbers away...... and inside the cottage... V Dissociation deepening M darkness = trance M closing down darkness = trance > M snuggling deeper dissociation allow time to deepen REFRAMING SECTION Reframing And as that little family lies there. forgetting about the day. reminds them all that they are safe and secure for the night...... inside a hollow tree.... and as you relax completely .. Feeling that warmth.. and M they can dream on through the night. nothing can harm them....... with soft cushions.... and take a few moments and enjoy that. are settling down for the night..... you might find that those numbers are disappearing.. flowers closing..

. trust and love and contentment.. you can use that thought and safely ignore all the noises.. breathing gently. he can be snoring gently or snoring loudly.. and that means you can choose what to ignore... You already know how to ignore noises..... another body breathing with yours. sensing the M warmth. And as long as they are both there... knowing for what it is. and you can learn to include other things > to . you know he is close... knowing that closeness that comes from knowing each other.. And knowing that... reassurance for you.... you are wanted. Capability music plays.. you know how to Capability allow some noises to pass...... safe to > drift away through the night. you have learned to tell the difference...... that you can be safe and content..... breathing = companionship breathing = security.under the covers.. that none of that matters..... hearing the heartbeat.. that noise meant there was someone there..... strong and firm.. listening for danger............ and you hear him breathing.. breathing in as he breathes out...... And as long as you can hear the breathing. safe to dream on till morning.. the noise of snoring.. feeling the breathing..key-hypnosis.... someone to protect you .............. it doesn't matter because for you.. that you are OK. when wild animals roamed in the wilderness outside.... you can feel safe.. It is monitoring all Rule = round you.... to sleep that's what that breathing means. love breathing = safe DIRECT SUGGESTION Section Reframing his snoring when she is sleeping Behaviour As long as you can hear that breathing.... you can snuggle in and feel that warmth. M someone close by........ something from long ago... and it Reframe Reframe Build on existing skills Noises are good David Mason 152 www.. just like long ago when you were a little girl curled up safe on someone's lap and > went to sleep. protecting you. but for now.. D And the breathing can be soft or loud. the house creaks.... a message....... looking forward to the new day in a few hours. When are lying in bed.. head against a chest....... constantly..... When you are asleep. warm and comfortable.... toilets flush. it doesn't matter. while you are sleeping. sleeping. that it would be all right..... = it's a signal.. your brain isn't really asleep..... legs entwined. someone you could depend on. breathing together.... and you can ignore noises Capability > inside the house.. cars go by... your message of safety and comfort... it means you are protected. knowing that she was being looked after.. safe to let go.. relaxing and enjoying being close.... you can ignore noises outside. people talk in the street.. happy and content to be sleeping there... all wrapped up in that act of gently surrendering to sleep. touching. bodies touching...... they know they are safe.. nothing can bother you...... the Rule D meaning is the same. you are not alone in the night.

birds chirping or cats yowling..... you know he doesn't mean it. he needs to make his noise.' snoring makes me sleep....... because women are adaptable..... And after a while you will deal with it automatically. unconsciously. to snoring.... and then with the next breath out you can say to yourself 'the more the noise... When you become aware of any kind of breathing....... dismiss as unimportant from now on....... you Teaching self can say to yourself. and every night. before you go to sleep... aren't they? Women have dealt with this for centuries.. you can learn to use any rhythmic sound to put you into a deep comforting sleep.... women know how to > get round their men. you can learn to match your breathing to that other breathing. and this is just another little trick you use and he won't even be aware of it... And with each breath out. allow your rhythm of snorer muscles to relax..Capability Behaviour Behaviour Capability Capability Behaviour Capability can also listen for reassurance.' EGO STRENGTHENING her ability And you can learn to look forward to the comforting sound of snoring. your mind can learn to recognise snoring for what it is. and triumphed... while you are asleep. no more important than cars going by.. I know how to use the D snoring to drop into a deep relaxing sleep'.. and each sound is making me relax my body and relax my mind. Tell yourself.... I am drifting deeper and deeper...... the deeper I can relax now.. just another noise in the night... and you can accept that and get stronger with that.. And you can tell yourself now. 'with each breath I am becoming more relaxed.... you can be Reframing the amused by all the noise and fuss and the whole elaborate drama of it > behaviour all.. and you can forget to hear it... all those noises you have learned to ignore are actually being used to constantly reassure you that things are going exactly the way they should be.. can't help it....... And you can learn to add another noise to the list.key-hypnosis. can't you? You can learn to deal with his ways.' D induction tied to and as you breath out in time with the other breath. reassurance that you are not D = Reframe alone........ and as I relax my legs more I relax my arms more and I relax my shoulders more and as I relax more and more the sound gets less and less.. D David Mason 153 www..... Tautology You can learn to take comfort from snoring...... USING HIS SNORING to get to sleep And your mind can learn other things....... from now on you just ignore snoring as being just another thing you hear D and .. 'with each snore........ Because it isn't really important.. you can learn that as you match your breathing to the other breathing. and noises that D ignore confirm that you are OK are things you can ignore..' and let your muscles relax more. Tell yourself. > Tag flexible.... because women can alter anything to suit themselves... that it is something to be welcomed. that somebody is there for you. Learning what to comfortable. to manage them. or car doors slamming... men are just like little boys.. that snoring makes you feel secure........

for knowing how to deal with his problem . allow a little girl's smile to form on your face.. you will know that you know... and feel yourself lying there... « Table of Contents David Mason www..... that is no longer your problem. dozing... inside you are totally relaxed and deaf to the world... and how good you will feel then.. lying in bed..... allow yourself to drift off and enjoy a really good night's sleep.. and happy hours ........... and you can feel really good now. and women learn. REORIENTATION And now imagine yourself.. having had a wonderful peaceful sleep.. Goodnight..... and let your mind monitor the snoring.. But for now.. as long as some part of your mind is quietly listening to the outside world.. because you are a woman... and look forward to endless night of dreamy peaceful will be like you are not even aware of it any more... as you learned easily and quickly. many hours of blissful lazy relaxation. how to deal with it... warm and comfortable. And when others say you are looking well.key-hypnosis. drifting away........... and snuggle down into a comfortable position now....... a long time from now....... And then imagine © 2009 David Mason 154 the morning. Sweet dreams. stirring. are yours.... ....key-hypnosis. exactly as it should be. and allow yourself to feel a warm glow of satisfaction. nothing will disturb you.. now. stretching........... and you know that it will never bother you again.

like imagining I drifting around . Night terrors...... let your mind roam.... or lying in the shade. imagine you are Memory there.. The most common cause of insomnia is depression.. think about what would be the best possible outcome.... David Mason 155 www... and time just floats by in a dreamy way and sometimes you don't know when you are asleep and when you are just dreaming of sleeping.. but used to sleep OK. think about your goals. that's good too..... and when you learn one way or another way or try out all the ways. Hypnosis changes habits and sleep patterns are > to sleep another type of habit. in a boat.. sleep walking. and you might not have thought of all the ways your mind can help you go to sleep. Your mind is very powerful.. Hypnosis works well for insomnia... and a pleasant place to relax and drift the time goes by. time passes silently and just relaxing and drifting can be so pleasant When you are drifting that way.. Some insomnia is genetic. their mind is too active to get to sleep. any time.. That still leaves a lot of people who can't get to sleep.. sleep destruction. Anxiety insomnia is cured by curing the anxiety. Some people like to hypnotize themselves while they are waiting for sleep so that they are in a lovely state of trance. That type of insomnia has to be referred to a sleep clinic.. This script is for people who can't sleep now. WAITING FOR SLEEP CAN BE ENJOYABLE Sleep patterns are always changing. or you can look forward to the V future. go over things you like to remember. and there are many good ways to go into a Capability I relaxing trance... Or bring to mind the place you most enjoy relaxing in.key-hypnosis. People find that sometimes they go to sleep easily and don't notice it and other times they wake up during the night Ways to go and but it doesn't really matter... The other common reason for insomnia is anxiety. and it is really easy to just relax yourself Capability D until you drift off to sleep... Relaxing the mind is self hypnosis. and other life long sleep problems are not treatable by hypnosis... sleep eating. Many people can't sleep because of racing . time doesn't matter... imagine how great things can work out. People with depression typically have broken sleep patterns. you can teach yourself how to go into trance.Insomnia Script Insomnia has many causes... on a warm day.... when you are V relaxed... especially waking up in the early hours and not being able to get back to sleep... This script puts the listener into trance while talking about insomnia at the same time they are subconsciously learning self hypnosis for insomnia.. The script is a series of hypnotic inductions..

imagine writing the number 99 on V the board........ and close your eyes. ahhhh.and just allow that heaviness to grow . Now take a deep breath....... and then imagine the number 98 on the board. and you are on your own... and you can write a number on that board..... that they felt as if D they were made of lead. and notice how you can relax a > bit more as that number is wiped away.. that you can get it to fade and disappear somehow.. and that's OK..That's good.... and now I would like you to focus on your breathing...... and with each breath out. in and out.. that you just could not move them. the experiment is to notice how relaxed you can feel imagine now that you are wiping out that number. just let it all go.. learning something new... and as you breath out.. and remember how you had to write things on the blackboard... letting go.. say to yourself. I and your mind will drift here and there...... calm and at ease. notice a feeling of relaxation > starting... and then...... and if any day to day thoughts come into your mind you can just stack them off in a corner I somewhere. just allow your I body to relax more. and breathing in. Capability it's easy to learn to relax like this.... 'Calm and at ease' D and breathing .. D NUMBER VISUALIZATION INDUCTION I wonder if you can remember.. think......... and as it disappears. being V at school.... take another deep breath.. they're not important now. 'Relaxing it all'.. And as you think about your breathing......... think........ or even writing in a book... and with each breath in.. and relax your whole body And I wonder if you could imagine what it would be like if your arms and legs had become so heavy ...... a long time ago.. and hold it...key-hypnosis.. when you were little...... . Continue breathing gently. when you were being taught... breathing gently. and on the next breath out. enjoying the feelings... And now imagine yourself back in that room.... let them slump down and relax.... let them drop back naturally. and I you are doing an experiment........... and . allow the natural pattern of breathing to take over........ just allow the breathing to continue............. with each breath out......... 'Relaxing it all'.... Start releasing tension Let go muscle tension Let go muscle tension Dissociation Dissociation Dissociation Meditation Affirmation Meditation Deepening Deepening Reassurance Connection to memory David Mason 156 www.. get comfortable.. 'calm and at ease'. lift your shoulders up.... say to yourself. or maybe it M was a white board you remember......AFFIRMATION BREATHING INDUCTION So settle back now. just become aware of D the gentle in and out of your breath....... in your mind...... under your breath. Now lift your arms slightly. relaxing it all.. and as you do..... When you are ready. and continue now.

.com . INSOMNIA COUNT DOWN and think back now to when you were little... bodies beside you... to just let it go. and each step down takes you into deeper relaxation. David Mason 157 www... relaxing down into a deep deep restful sleep......... warm blankets. and now think of other words that have something to do with sleeping.... pillows... Think about words like slumber and dozing and resting and snoozing.. and everywhere > was an adventure. and imagine there is a little path.. let your body relax...... feelings to do with sleeping. keep going over that list as you think of more words and keep that list in mind while you start on another list of sounds that have something to do with sleeping.. you can notice how it becomes easy to forget the next number. cozy winter nights. cuckoos.. and keep the list in your mind.... to allow that relaxation to take you down deeper and deeper. anything could be just round the corner. blankets... you can get more and more relaxed........ and imagine there is an opening and behind > that there are steps going down.. and add as many feelings as you can while you recite the lists and hear the sounds and see the images and feel the sensations on your skin and on your back and on your head... chiming..... and remember when the world was full of wonder.... there are ten steps....and continue now............ and your mind relax... cocoa... INSOMNIA OVERLOAD INDUCTION or you could think of some words about sleeping. keep adding more sounds to those lists as your go round each sound in your mind.. imagine going down one step...... and going down those steps in your mind.. and as each > number vanishes. imagine those sounds in your mind while going over the list of words to do with sleeping.. long summer days.. and now bring to mind images of things that have something to do with sleeping. more and more D relaxed. and imagine that path going somewhere dim and dark. satin sheets. fun. breathing. and collect those images into a series of images and keep adding more images to that collection of images and go over the images while hearing the sounds and listing the words and then add to that feelings. And breathing gently now. that you enjoyed. and your mind can be free to drift away. and each step leads you > down and down deeper and deeper.. duvets.... that you can follow.. ticking......... things you used to Seeding V do.. There are many words that have something to do with sleeping. going down the numbers... wheezing.key-hypnosis........ and you can count the steps.. and as you get more relaxed... and as those numbers fade it's nice to allow your body to relax even more.... memories and thinking of places long. and feel how nice it is to just let go..... fading out of the present is a gift to learn..... slippers. down and down.. and children play imagination games.... Thinking about schooldays..... and nothing to do but just drift off somewhere totally at ease. friends.. snoring. holidays. imagine looking down those steps .... with each breath out.

.. And when you sleep............. and really before you V know it is morning and feeling refreshed.. or trying to stay alert...... and that's a good thing.... and you can join them in letting everything go and when you least expect it will be another day. comfortable...... and you are safe now... quietly knitting or looking through photos. or a guard sleeping quietly by the door.. to a new unravelling all the strands............ of life and if you don't like the design then you can imagine staring again.key-hypnosis... and as you go down you can relax those numbers right out of your mind........ the wool reappearing as it was. warm and relaxed. so many strange things.. whatever seems right to you. D reading a book......... INSOMNIA DIRECT SUGGESTION And when you get used to relaxing that way.. but a M New restful David Mason 158 www.. sleeping now. or lists of words. and that's their mind doing what it can to keep them safe.. muscles loose and limp V and might notice a dog dozing by the fire in a castle. it's just part I of the normal cycle of life.... deep deep restful sleeping is a habit. people can design such intricate arranging patterns... and as the numbers disappear that path appears in your mind..... Seeding suggestions Changing expectations instructions for not sleeping Post hypnotic suggestion Reframing the problem Reframe old sleeping patterns Reframing noise ReI wonder if you have seen someone knitting?. because the last thing you remember. all the strands of different colored wools.............. and you feel so refreshed. relaxed body.. you can be like that child. Some people get used to sleeping lightly. a way of thinking.. a hobby.. When that happens think of what you can do. maybe they had a reason.. a way of = experiencing what you enjoy about relaxing and letting go. a child can sleep anywhere. one night it might be lovers entwined and sleeping happily.......... and the night has gone. behaviour and then a new design...... to a lovely warm bed. D or numbers disappearing...... you will find yourself relaxing more... and a relaxing sleep. can be knitted.... all the stitches coming M form of undone. passing traffic..... and remembering how you enjoyed that occasional night time interlude. it just seems so natural......... and as you get absorbed in the task. you can get up.. same wool. safe.. rolled up into soft fluffy piles. everyone has nights like that. and there are many ways to use your own mind power to go into sleep now.. and paths can lead to so many places.... and > each breath takes you deeper into sleep. and then..... And once you know how it is so easy to drift away.. D there are some days when things are on your mind.. and that's OK.... different ways of M the strands stitching. reminds you of the world breathing gently.. is breathing softly.. stretching... pulling the wool gently. just close the eyes. all the product of a mind....... ready to go back to bed..Behaviour Capability Rule Behaviour Memory Capability Memory and you can count down in your mind each step as you relax more and more now... Any time you want to you can remember sleeping like a child. the wind outside.. so you can allow yourself to relax and sleep.. and you wake up and sleep is fugitive... on another night. you will be surprised by waking up in the morning.. every little noise... the house creaking... same method..... the hobby........ getting sleepier.. no point in lying there.. and imagining playing or absorbed in some activity.... and do something quiet that normally absorbs you...

And then imagine © 2009 David Mason 159 www.... a long time from now. allow a little smile to form in your mind ........ for knowing how to deal with his problem . « Table of Contents David Mason www.. stretching.. dozing.. nothing will disturb you.. inside you your mind is totally relaxed and thinking about nothing. lying in bed.....key-hypnosis. having had a wonderful peaceful sleep. and allow yourself to feel a warm glow of .. something personal.... something warm and comfortable.. outcome. SAY GOOD NIGHT TO INSOMNIA And now imagine yourself. and how good you will feel then.......... and happy hours . and feel yourself lying there.... But for now. and snuggle down into a comfortable position now...... many many hours of blissful lazy rest..... new every day. snoozing.....key-hypnosis. Sweet dreams........ and as long as some part of your mind is lazily listening to the outside world.. drifting away. and look forward to endless nights of dreamy peaceful sleep. exactly as it should be...... warm and comfortable. that you can the morning. allow yourself to drift off and enjoy a really good nights sleep..... stirring.

Hypnosis can stop Teeth Grinding by treating the anxiety.. And in moment I am going to ask you to take another deep breath and hold it.. there's a staircase. The symptoms include headaches. sore jaw....... This time when you let it go....... "you are getting more relaxed" with each breath. David Mason 160 www. worn teeth.... and now just resume breathing normally. Teeth grinding happens in sleep.... ... living and laughing.. Target INDUCTION SECTION And now I would like you take one deep breath and hold it. Just allow yourself to relax totally.. Deeper and deeper relaxed. it says.. Another deep breath hold it and really let go..... and maybe there are trees... Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood and the original anxiety has long gone. tion . And you can find yourself at the top of that staircase. that's good..... And with each breath out . V dissociation engage personal experience engage There's been weddings and christenings and funerals....Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism).... The underlying cause is anxiety. but the habit of grinding teeth remains. Although the sleeper doesn't know when they are grinding your .... and birthday parties V visualisaand happy times. generations of people..... Relax the body Self induction induction pacing pacing Rapport DEEPENER SECTION And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere?.inside that house.... That's right..... that's good....... . let it all go.... with a fence. just let it go.. and a big garden.. the subconscious mind does know.. This script works on the subconscious mind so that it becomes aware of when the client is grinding their teeth and gently interrupts.. the voice in your mind. You are doing very well.. And. let go of all the tension in your body .. let go of all the tension in your shoulders and your arms.key-hypnosis. it’s the sort of house that families grew up in.. And now another one and this time let go all the tension in your body.... but it can also work on the physical habit and stop teeth grinding during the night by subconsciously relaxing the jaw muscles.. and the hypnotic script prevents the teeth clamping together during sleep....... That's good..

and FIVE... you don't have to do anything particularly.... your eyes are completely .. through a black void of nothingness........ Just allow yourself to enjoy that lovely gentle feeling... . ........ and deeper into trance and so TEN going down.. Allow that relaxation to go through your body And now [clientname] I would like you to relax your eyes....... You don't have to do anything.... down and down....and TWO.. down through your cheeks..and I don't know if that staircase is wood or marble...... and with every step you get more relaxed.. ....and there can be a handrail. deeper relaxed. .... down and down... you don't have to think... ... down your neck. and you can begin to go down those steps now . just allowing yourself to drift..and there is one step left... totally. And just feel those eyes.... ..key-hypnosis...... relaxed...and SEVEN.and you go through the centre of that zero.... D Shut down hard D ......... the ones that control your eyelids.. doesn't matter.. and you could be surprised at the result....and the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice.... your mind is completely relaxed. from your eyes... D And you could try opening them. or carpet.. and SIX.... wonderfully supported as if you are lying on a fleecy cloud......... focus on those tiny..... D And those eyes are so relaxed you couldn't open them if you tried. So that you are totally relaxed.. Feel it going through your shoulders and your arms and down through your body and all the way down into your legs..... And feel yourself sinking into that chair....... ..... ... you don’t have to listen.. deeper and deeper........... and EIGHT. ..and FOUR .. ..... And allow yourself to enjoy that feeling......... .. That's right... tiny muscles.... and when you go off that one step there is just zero... of total relaxation all alternatives safety standard staircase deepener dissociation Modified Elman induction Depth test [no response] Short relaxation induction David Mason 161 www... and THREE....and you can imagine yourself beginning to go down those steps.... . . deeper relaxed... as if they are glued together.... and NINE deeper still. Really relax those little muscles around your eyes.. And now allow that relaxation to spread ..

....... and it is that strong mind that is causing your problems... and allowing those jaw D > > D trance confirmed non sequitur. and when you are in this state now............ those strong muscles that keep your jaw tight. and to feel them relaxing now. once it knows where you want to go.. can put you in touch with feelings... and you may have suspected for a very long time that you have a strong mind.. you can relax more and more deeply.. part of your mind can be awake and alert.. what you want to feel. ..that shows that you have control..... and while you are in this state. you are not really asleep.. and that means that you can do whatever you want to do. and you can have learnings and experiences. can make the changes.. can give you exactly the feelings you want....... what you want to do. the way your body is relaxed now is telling you that you can control parts of your body that you didn't know you could control. can make you aware of things you are not aware of ...and with control there are many ways Rule of getting to the result that you want.... and looking after you. Personal capability and you see.... deeply into trance... you are aware of what is going on... memories.. you can use that power to change things. you can choose to change. once it knows what it wants. and that's because you can control parts of your mind you didn't know you could control. and you are aware of your muscles. and that shows you the power of your mind... because that strong mind of yours... and allow your mind to roam free and think of things you haven't thought of for a long time..... monitoring the muscles and the jaw. presupposition eye catalepsy = power Suggest hidden powers Personal = capability I Capability Capability = power = ability to change Capability > Unspecified outcome Safety Capability Capability D David Mason 162 www. And that means that you have a strong mind.. allowing you to have a gap between your teeth........... that mind of yours will allow you to make the changes you want. times . because nothing in your own mind can ever harm you..Capability That's good...... and while you are in that lovely state... eye catalepsy --> hidden power --> ability to change Identity and because you have control.. and it is also that strong mind that is going to lead you out of those problems....key-hypnosis... and when you are in this state when . allowing you to separate your upper and lower jaws. and that strong mind of yours will allow you to experience things openly and freely.. And you can use that power. That's right... feel those muscles releasing all the tension. part of your mind is awake and alert.. that relaxation is telling you something very important. and I want you to become exquisitely aware of those muscles.... Control of the Jaw muscles when asleep and I would like you now to focus your attention on muscles of your jaw.. to imagine things. can produce everything you need. and looking after you. And those eyes are showing you that part of your mind can be awake and alert while another part of your mind goes deeply...........

loose and relaxed and comfortable.. and say to yourself .. you can go back to this state of deep deep relaxation… and the whole of your mouth will be so relaxed…. relaxing. and limp . all the time you are asleep. that your mouth is comfortable. Completely relaxed. and your jaw will be beautifully relaxed.. whatever else happens... and all through the night... is to deliberately loosen your jaw......... and you can remember how relaxed you are now.. to have. and those big strong jaw muscles can enjoy being relaxed.. and releases any tension the moment it forms. Capability for you to imagine... and that will give you a feeling of control And that strong mind of yours is working 24 hours a day... keeping you healthy. ensuring there a tiny gap between your teeth. sleeping... You can forget all about it....Capability Capability Behaviour Memory Capability Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Memory muscles to relax. and you can breathe freely... loose and relaxed and comfortable .. .. making sure you are comfortable. whenever you settle down. no matter what.. keeping you safe...key-hypnosis. All you have to do each night as you go to sleep. your mind is aware of the state of those muscles. just like they are now... and always have that > = David Mason 163 www...... and free..... loose and relaxed and comfortable. loose and relaxed and comfortable... there will always be space between the upper and lower jaw. keeping a tiny gap Capability between your teeth at all times......... And there will come a time when you won't even remember that it was anything else but .... just keeping a tiny gap between your teeth.... and that jaw of yours will be.................... between the back teeth.. and you will feel comfortable about it...... automatically that jaw parts slightly....... Capability and just thinking about it now makes it possible...... loose and relaxed and comfortable..... you can learn to train your mind to always keep those muscles relaxed a little. to be loose.... and your jaw muscles will be relaxing...... just the way it should be......... your body will maintain a gap between those teeth. looking after you.... completely.... a long deep sleep.. and whenever you sleep... and you will be able to do that automatically without thinking about it....... that jaw will be completely relaxed.. allowing you to sleep comfortably..... and when you sleep. and you can sleep in any position. and you can learn to do this. just enough... .. your jaw muscles are relaxed.... and that jaw will stay that way all night.. and you won't have to worry about it at all.... and you can enjoy sleeping. awake or asleep........ And as you fall asleep those words. loose and relaxed and comfortable.. while your subconscious mind is monitoring things. D > D > D D control during sleep I Self Hypnosis mantra mantra = Learn new capability. because it will stay .com .. loose and relaxed and comfortable.. will go through your mind.... and that lets you go into an even more relaxing and deeper sleep.. and no matter what goes on inside or outside.....

. like a guardian spirit..... that you are in now...... to think about things that have happened.. and it will just feel right to be loose and relaxed that way. your jaw will relax and stay relaxed for as long as it needs to ... examine it....... And now you can become aware of what is to be relaxed... it is watching over you... Capability and waking up refreshed...... alter.... loose and relaxed and comfortable....key-hypnosis.... and your mind will recognize that .. comfortable...... like a piece of soft rubber keeping those teeth comfortably apart............ And from this moment on...... and it will all just seem easy and natural. loose and relaxed and comfortable........... .. the way you are now.... to think about what's important in your life .. into this state.. all you have to do is settle down.. and in this state.. and when you eventually awake you will feel good. and when you waken each morning your mouth feels ... loose and relaxed and comfortable... and that strong mind of yours will look beyond it... and you will be able to go directly into this state . I Behaviour D metaphor kinesthetic response Reinforce the D mantra K D Capability Behaviour D Capability Capability Memory reinforce the mantra... giving you a luxurious deep rest....... monitoring those muscles.. find out what it represents. and this feeling you have now..... you will be able to practice that until it becomes easy and natural and automatic. David Mason 164 www. and you can begin to feel . constantly relaxing away the tension.. you will feel yourself going right down...... totally relaxed. And as you go into this state you can allow your mind to drift this way and that. you can remember that ...... and you can enjoy that feeling every night... that strong mind of yours... and when you do that. keeping those teeth apart... is looking after you.. repeat three times.. knowing that from now on ... and every night..... fade away... so there will always be that little gap. and allow your mind to open up and allow a symbol to appear.. your jaw will be . loose and relaxed and comfortable. loose and relaxed and comfortable. that you can do that..... as you are now. Post Hypnotic Suggestion So take a moment now. just the way it should be... you can become aware of what it is like to become in touch with your own subconscious mind.... the space separating your teeth. and every time you do that you will be reminded of that . and enjoy that lovely feeling.. loose and relaxed and there.. and that symbol can be anything... loose and relaxed and comfortable.. anchor it to states of relaxation Capability Memory D Post hypnotic suggestion Permission to reframe... just enough for you to feel loose and relaxed and comfortable. that's right. knowing that your mind has been looking after you... loose and relaxed and comfortable..... any time you sleep… sleeping with the jaw just slightly separated. tonight and every night.. soft bouncy feeling pushing those teeth away... and then think of ways it might change.. the ... many many V hours of blissful lazy relaxation..key-hypnosis. stretching... and that lets you drift even deeper now. with the option either to continue sleeping or to come back to normal alertness ] Post Hypnotic Suggestion « Table of Contents David Mason www... exactly as it should be. a long time from now. nothing will disturb you.. inside you are totally relaxed and comfortable. and how good you will feel then. allow yourself to drift off and enjoy a really good night's sleep.... and snuggle down into a comfortable position now.. And then imagine yourself. there is no I longer any problem.key-hypnosis.. But for now..... as long as some part of your mind is quietly watching . and let your mind monitor your comfort............ Reorientation [Use a reorientation..And as you do that all those old things don't seem so important now.. © 2010 David Mason 165 www.... having has a wonderful peaceful sleep.

... or maybe it's a digital read out with numbers showing.. Capablity And you can use this.Pain Treatment scripts The Control Panel Pain Technique Controlling pain with Metaphor This type of metaphor is used extensively in pain control therapy. Any time they want to change their level of comfort all they have to do is call up the control panel and move the dial. isn't it? Because processes are never exactly steady. their degree of mobility ... where one is no pain and ten is the worse it could possibly be.... up and down a little. fluctuating. or what number it is ...... something with maybe a big dial in the middle...... part of a machine perhaps. wavering around some point. isn't it? And if you look very closely at your indicator. to make their condition slightly ... so that the indicator on the dial moves up.. some variation. Memory I wonder if you can imagine a control panel. This is done to give the client an experience of control. where you press the pedal the car speeds up. Now I would like you to pay attention to the biggest indicator on that control panel..... it is always wavering up or down a fraction. you will find that it is also varying just a little.. This simple metaphor is remarkably effective for a wide range of conditions..... V V Let them choose the metaphor object Yes set V Yes set I Yes Set turn pain into an object implies different levels David Mason 166 www. I don't know if it is like the hands on a clock or like a speedometer with one big hand in the middle. it can be anything you want. you can think of your pain now and find where on the dial it is.. or maybe it's like the moving bars of light you see on some music systems. The client is told that the dial represents their current state of something... their pain level. you know when you look at the speedometer on a car. or it could just be the dial on a car. The client is asked to visualise a control panel of some sort.... you might be familiar with the kind of thing you get on some stereo systems. The client is instructed to make their condition slightly worse.. to believe that they can actually make a difference to their own condition... A little higher........ In the centre is a large glass dial like a clock with a large indicator hand that can move up and down the scale... the sound goes up and a needle moves.. where as you slide the control up....key-hypnosis. are they? There is always. Once the client discovers that they actually have some conscious control over their condition they are much more willing to accept the idea that they can manage their own care.whatever it is they want to control.. or it could have knobs that turn.. a little lower.... their happiness... or maybe some other kind of panel comes to mind that lets you control a process. and you slide it down and the sound goes down. Memory and look very closely at that indicator.. no matter how hard you try it never stays exactly on the speed you want..... or... Capability and you can think of your pain as being on a scale of one to ten. The client is then instructed to move the dial the other way..... not quite steady.

.... all the way down..key-hypnosis... just a little. that indicator is moving exactly in step with your pain......... and by doing that you have shown that you have control over the level of pain you experience. feel a real difference as the indicator goes down and stays down.........and when you have done that.. and anytime you want to vary the level...... really make that pain increase... and it will move with it... so that there is just a tiny bit of pain left for © 2010 « Table of Contents David Mason 167 www. move that indicator...... but enough so that it registers on the indicator... just a little.key-hypnosis... isn't it? and that indicator is varying a tiny bit moment to moment as well.. And you have now learned how to control this thing... I wonder if you know that you can make it decrease as well? So now focus on that indicator...... And now. and here's the interesting thing.that dial. you can use the control panel. and now move that indicator down even lower........... now.. You are in control.. and isn't that something good to know? I of pain are possible metaphor D pre-supposition I Seeding ideas of control direct evidence that it works > tag question I D pre-supposition D safety D reassurance David Mason www.. or whatever you are using... just for a moment.. make a significant movement down. so that the indicator moves strongly.... right now....... that you should be careful with that part of the body.... doesn't it? And now I would like you to......... And now I'd like you to test that connection. and now make that indicator move down. any time you forget......... move that indicator down a lot... reduce your pain level so that the dial goes down to a lower point and the reading wavers around that lower point. can't you... just a little. all the way down to the bottom..... and you know you can make it increase..... you can do that easily...Capability Capability Capability Behaviour Capability Capability and imagine that the indicator on your control panel is showing the exact level of your pain right now... I would like you to increase your pain just a little...... focus on the number that the indicator is showing. you will find that the indicator settles and wavers up and down around a different value... and feel that pain recede... just enough to remind you that you need to take a little care... so you can leave a little.. up and then falls back again.... pain is a message that there is something not right.... I'd like you to test if you can make that indicator go up a .. your pain is varying a tiny bit moment to moment. and now move it up just a little from the bottom.

. and as it does . soft and indistinct..... like a quiet glow.. it is the body's way of telling you not to move or stress the part that hurts... and you know. and imagine a speck of light. that's right. as it softly spreads out . letting go. Letting go of pain with hypnosis Hypnosis induction Now you have been feeling discomfort in some part of your body. and you know that there is a reason for that discomfort. you can allow your mind to change things Resources for you.. Some pain is useful. However.. letting things go. just for a moment allow your eyes to close... This script uses visualization and hypnotic suggestion to teach you how to relieve pain. following the speck of light... and I want you to imagine that inner power... Now that you are relaxing... the weight of your arms and legs as they get heavy and tired and you are relaxing deeper and deeper now...... that you can just let everything go.. and drifting.... in a dark place.. things are becoming quiet and peaceful........ a tiny speck of light. like sinking down into a deep dark sea....key-hypnosis....... your eyes getting heavy.. and I wonder if you can imagine in that dark space... there is nothing that has to be.... This Pain Relief script can be used in clinical hypnotherapy or for self hypnosis for pain relief. you feel that you don't really care any more.... Resources and when you are in this relaxed state. nothing that you cannot imagine changing.......... and as you imagine that feeling....... feel your body slowing down. like a submarine disappearing into the silent depths of a dark blue ocean......... deeper and deeper.. and every sound becomes soothing and gentle and every sound is leading you down and down as you relax those sounds right out of your mind.. as you relax more and more deeply... and now imagine that glow begins to spread around.... you can use the inner power that is in all of us. and the feeling comes over you that nothing really matters now..... you can become aware that you actually have the ability to let things go completely. pain can intrude on normal life and needs to be reduced. and all around you..... easing. thinking of nothing.Paint Pot Pain Relief Hypnosis Script Pain Relief is one of the benefits of ..... relaxing.. [do a depth test] Hypnosis Pain Metaphor and as you are lying. everything is disappearing....... that's right. you can do the most amazing I Indirect suggestion Presupposition start the V induction V visualization induction K kinaesthetic induction sound induction A K relaxing M metaphor induction I truism > David Mason 168 www. imagine your body sinking down. and imagine you are going down into that dark place. and you don't have to have it all the time... Hypnosis is a recognised approach and can be very successful for pain relief....... you feel yourself somehow spreading..

. the V color of comfort and well being. and think about the color. its depth... the right color for that part... allow that feeling of health and ease and comfort to spread as those colors are mixing.. comfortable....things... of comfort.key-hypnosis. mixing.... imagine that pain free color being painted over the pain.. and be pain free.... until that pain area is changing color.. and continue to add more and K more of the comforting color until the whole of that old area is painted a new colour. the two colors mixing. and think of what color suits that part.. think of the color of health...... V think of what color it is....... perhaps a part nearby.. imagine what color it would be. and keep taking more and more color from that healthy part and adding it to the pain area. and then start to brush that color over the painful area.... and now.... really get some of that color on the brush. load it up. just the way it should be.... changing..... be aware of the colors of each.... imagine an area of that good part of your body. feel those colors...... of positive good feeling.. and the feeling changing. and now think of another part of your body. of ease.. really think about it..... color of health.. healthy..... becoming more comfortable. imagine in your V mind exploring that area of color..... sense the shape of the area..... its width... and now allow your mind to first focus on the area of pain..... you have a Capability powerful imagination..... Now think about the color of that pain.. easing. and experience it as patch of color.. imagine dipping that brush into the healthy area.. that you can allow that discomfort to ease. Focus on the painful part find a healthy part = D David Mason 169 . Now focus on the area that usually has the pain. and you dip that brush into the color of health. of knowing that you can change K that pain.... Direct suggestion for pain control Because you have the power to control how you feel. Become aware of that area......... a part that feels good.. and now enjoy that feeling of relief.. and that means that you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the power of hypnosis or not. become aware of that area of pain. and you can use that power to change how you feel. You don't have to feel that discomfort if choose not to. about where it is........ the one color spreading into the other.... feel its extent.... you have that control.. how big it is.... you have that Capability power. becoming different now... imagine you have a paintbrush. everything about it......... the colors swirling together.. to change the sensitivity of your body to pain... in your mind decide how big a piece of that healthy comfortable part you want to think about.... your mind has abilities that you may not know you have...... test to V find out where the edges of the painful area are... and then on the area of comfort... a part that has no pain. or a pool of color........... how parts of your > Capability body react..... feel the good color replacing that other color....

.. and forget all about that pain. and you can choose what you want to know the way sometimes you find that you don't even notice a noise that has been going on for a long time.. just leave it outside of your attention.key-hypnosis... it is still there....... and can keep on forgetting.. and you can choose not to Capability notice things you don't want.... and you have that ability now. always... but somehow you just don't notice it any © 2010 « Table of Contents David Mason 170 ......... well that's your minds way of directing attention. Memory > D > I I Reorientation David Mason www. and in moment you can count quietly from five up to one. So counting now.. you can make the feeling Capability go unnoticed .. and that means that whenever you choose to . to choose Capability how you want to feel.... you can relax it right out of your mind.. awake and alert and aware that you have forgotten to notice something. that ability to take control.. and you can get really good at Rule feeling good now....key-hypnosis....... and when you get to one you will be back in the present.. it's your right to feel good...

Get That would be cool. The magic fingers pain relief script can be used for sudden injury or in a hospital situation... wouldn't it? agreement Teach the child the technique and anchor the idea. The Magic Fingers technique empowers the child to deal with the pain by themselves. right at the tip. or written on a board where you can wipe things off? You know how sometimes you want to change what you have drawn. You can choose which belief hand. What do you think would be the right color? [Get a response] That's right. And I can show you how. and gives them a tool to deal with chronic pain.. Make the metaphoric equivalent I wonder if you know that there are other ways of rubbing things Capability out? What if I said to you that you have magic finger? Did you child's magic know that you have magic fingers? Capability Well you do. Which hand would be best? Put a little bit of that pain in that little finger now. or wipe it off. and think about what color would be the right color for it. Connect to own resources I wonder if you have ever drawn something with a pencil. Reassurance And did you know that magic fingers can rub out that pain the Behaviour way you can rub out a word or a bit of a drawing that is not = right? Well they can.? and you know that you can rub it out. and watch as that colour rubs D off.. you can use the pointing finger.Magic Fingers Pain Relief Script Pain Relief technique for children Children are often hurt in a location where there is no immediate help. and it is like it was never there.key-hypnosis. Belief Rub your thumb over the pain bit. and the pain goes away. Memory Do you remember doing something like that? Link to ability Reinforce ability Get a response. This Child's Pain Relief script uses the child's imagination to deal with pain using their own resources. And for a whole Confirmation lot of pain.. Yours can.. That was good. Think about that pain there. It is very simple yet often very . If you get a bit more pain you can use the middle finger. Now I want you to bend your thumb until it touches that finger. Now I want you to imagine that there is a little teensy weensy bit Set up the of pain in that little finger of your hand.. You know the one? David Mason 171 www... wasn't it? I Confirmation Now you can use the little finger for a little bit of pain. It means the child is no longer dependent on others.. or something you were writing.

And that takes the pain away.key-hypnosis.Now here's the magic bit. You can choose what finger to use... David Mason www. doesn't .. Test the anchor So let's try it now.. that's right. It's so cool.. and then rub it away. And now you can practice on your © 2011 D Tag question = commitment > Confirmation I « Table of Contents David Mason 172 www. Shall we try it now? So move the pain to the right finger. That would be good. and show them too. wouldn't it? That's right. and move it to the little finger and rub it out. watch as the colour changes. Capability and rub that away too.key-hypnosis. and it will just go away. And you can tell the other kids what you have learned. and then use your thumb to rub it out. and then move the pain there.. You can choose to take any bit of your Capability pain. won't it? And means that you can move a bigger pain to the bigger finger. It's magic! That's good isn't it? Reinforce the power And you can use those magic fingers any time you want.

.... ... that they felt as if they were made of lead... ... and . as you breathe out.. 'floating' imagery of the induction by putting the client into a cloud where they get surrounded by healing light....... get comfortable.....key-hypnosis........ you might find that those numbers are disappearing. that means that things are Start releasing tension Let go muscle tension Let go muscle tension D Dissociation D Dissociation I Dissociation Deepening Ambiguity D Deepening I Deepening I Make the listener aware that they are in trance now Reassurance David Mason 173 www..... each time you breathe out. those numbers can just disappear completely.... as you drift down and down. and close your .... lift your shoulders up......... and relax your whole body And I wonder if you could imagine what it would be like if your arms and legs had become so heavy ... The metaphor allows the listener to dissociate from the day to day and focus on what matters...... and as you do. When you are ready. and a little more relaxation after every breath..while you think about that. ahhhh. or think of the next number. let them drop back naturally... with each breath out. It uses a metaphor for letting go...... Evoke the Relaxation Response So settle back now. allowing each breath to relax you more....... and as you relax completely ... that you just could not move them. The basic metaphor continues the 'drifting'. you could start counting each breath out. partly therapeutic.. and you could become curious as to exactly how relaxed you can be..... say the next number under your breath...... just allow your body to relax more... and you can relax those numbers away..... counting down from ten down to one. .... let them slump down and relax...... with each gentle breath. And as an experiment. and hold it... And as you think about your breathing. take another deep breath..and focusing on each breath out will let you relax and settle down a little deeper... that's good...... just become aware of the gentle in and out of your breath..and just allow that heaviness to grow .. Now take a deep breath... and on the next breath may find it harder and harder to know what number comes next. Now lift your arms slightly. for the next ten breaths. and continue breathing gently.....Power Healing Energy Script This script is partly spiritual.. And as you become aware of that at some level.. relaxing... just let it all go... if you want to.... and as you breath out. and now I would like you to focus on your breathing. and then look down on their life from that position....That's you say each number quietly to yourself.. if you can.. to visualise your life as something you can put into perspective...

gently... a light that fills the air.... from that wonderful gentle soft infusing light.. like the sun on a warm afternoon. you might find that you can imagine things are further away... the whole landscape can be seen.. making you feel so good .... renewing........... and from a ... and all around you. from within that cloud all round you... unlocking..going exactly the way they should be. with a wonderful healing cleansing... fade into the background. and as you go down and down into that cloud there is a wonderful luminous light .. and supported..... through your mind... invigorating.... and as you lie there breathing gently....... a cloud.. can't they? and looking down at things.. about how this power is being transferred to you. rejuvenating... and you can wonder at the different ways you experience that light... .. wonderful wonderful feeling of lightness that you can have..... separated from everything.. less important.. sinking into a wonderfully soft. This power is allowing you. don't they? And that change might be so slow that it is only when you can see the Seeding Reassurance Deepening Seeding change David Mason 174 www. and warm.... going into your body... Metaphor for change And in that cloud. relaxed... your situation... and that cloud supporting you as you gently drift.... that gentle healing light continues... things can look different.. to really think about how you can change... their shapes might be different. to start Capability afresh.. gradually filling every part of you.... and you might already have started seeing things from a different perspective...... cradled and snuggled. velvety.. like soft showers of warm rainbow colours.. and maybe you can sense something opening. fluffy cloud.. Capability of discontent.. it releases a feeling.......... things can lose their colour. and maybe you can feel that now... a stirring.... of power.... and you are safe and warm.. and that cloud is part of you.. and breathing brings it into your body.. touching... you might want to think about your life.. penetrating through your skin... and in that big fluffy cloud you can feel yourself. and as that light enters the deepest darkest corners.. and that light is gently... that light begins to touch your face.... landscapes constantly change..... and floating above them..... smaller. when you see them at a distance. inside that cloud... it can be a surprise to find that some things are no longer there.......... down and down... feeling .... get dimmer.. and your mind is opening to new possibilities......... persistently.... your body. coming from all directions...... filling you so that you are part of that healing cloud.. are tiny puffs of cloud....... your hair... gradually... releasing .... soft.. glowing in the sunlight. safe and warm...... healing and soothing... and you are feeling safe... D Healing light --> Power --> capability to change And I wonder if you can imagine lying on a large. from inside.. almost as if you were being reborn.. comfort..... moving.. softly. gradually... gently sinking..... And you might become aware that old things can bring up new ideas.....key-hypnosis. deeper and deeper .

.... and ready for the rest of your day. slowly perhaps.... to think about these things and the other things. And enjoy that feeling of warmth and safety and comfort that the cloud can give you.Rule Identity Identity whole picture at once.. does it? And as things change... or dramatic. while you do that.. Then you can begin the process of coming back to the present... but when people begin to question old ideas. don't they? And you can take some time now........key-hypnosis.. You know you have changed And when you are ready...... and new freedoms can be emerging even if they aren't apparent yet. when you have done everything you need to do. And knowing that something really has changed.. the many ways that you could know by. And you can choose to experience things differently from now on... to stand back and take a different perspective. The conscious mind..key-hypnosis...... and that emerging awareness... is happening now.. And once change happens. and everything round about it also moves and flows and finds new ways of being and feeling. to see D things in a different light. and it might take a new perspective to realise that change has already begun happening. it goes on.. and everything around it has altered too.. that deep down inside there is something.. So just take as long as you need now..... and when you get to one..... but in the meantime. you will be back in the present.. that realisation.... take whatever time you © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 175 www. opening. And take some time now... Maybe you haven't noticed yet. as people realise things have changed. made all the transformations you want to see.... as long as you need. even a little. might not be aware... to become aware . fully alert. to think.. felt the difference of being different..... they begin to accept that things do change.. And it can be subtle.. old assumptions. but everything does change.. .and come back to the present when you know that the process of change is starting and will continue.... or perhaps some part of you knows that it has already happened.. Because nothing stays the same..... they change too. to realise.. And you may be curious as whether you will find that acceptance happening quickly or emerging slowly.. and the many ways that things can transform themselves over time... all alternatives dissociation Truism David Mason www.. has actually altered... and then count to yourself from five up to one. of how things are different.. of what the unconscious mind already knows... to wonder about.... that you notice that what you thought was fixed and immovable...

.. let them drop back Let go muscle naturally. and you can relax those numbers away... those numbers trance now can just disappear completely... tension When you are ready.. just become aware of D Dissociation the gentle in and out of your breath.. lift your Let go muscle shoulders up.. and ... counting down from ten down to one. and you could become curious as to exactly how relaxed you can be. Now take a deep breath....and focusing on each breath out will let you relax and settle down a little Deepening deeper. or think of the next number. get comfortable.. This is reinforced in the Personal Ability direct suggestion section......key-hypnosis. just let it all go..while you think about that. as you breathe out.. ... that you just could not move them... let them slump down and relax. you could start counting each breath out...... Once the client discovers that they actually have some conscious control over their internal movements they are much more willing to accept the idea that they can manage their own care and learn to get well. if you can. with each gentle breath........ and now I would like you to focus on your breathing... and close your eyes... And as you think about your breathing. so that the indicator on the dial moves up. you might find that those numbers are listener aware disappearing.. And as an experiment. This script is remarkably effective for controlling IBS symptoms.... allowing each breath to relax you more..... In the centre is a large glass dial like a clock with a large indicator hand that can move up and down the you Make the say each number quietly to may find it harder and harder to know what number comes I that they are in next... take another deep breath.. each time you breathe out.. if you want to.and just allow that heaviness to grow Pacing . ahhhh.. . and hold it.. for the next ten breaths....... . say I Deepening the next number under your breath. with each breath out...... to make their condition slightly better.......That's Start releasing good. Standard hypnotic Induction So settle back now... relaxing.Controlling IBS Symptoms This hypnosis script is designed to manage IBS.. just allow your I Dissociation body to relax more. D Deepening and continue breathing gently....... The IBS client is asked to visualise a control panel of some sort.. The client is told that the dial represents the current state of their IBS.... and relax your whole body tension And I wonder if you could imagine what it would be like if your arms and legs had become so heavy .. The client is instructed to make their condition slightly worse.... Any time they want to change their level of comfort all they have to do is call up the control panel and move the dial. to believe that they can actually make a difference to their own condition.... and as you breath out.. tension Now lift your arms slightly.. and as you do.... Ambiguity and a little more relaxation after every breath........ The client is then instructed to move the dial the other .. and on the next breath out..... that's good. and as you relax completely . This is done to give the client an experience of control......... that they felt as if D Dissociation they were made of lead. as you drift down David Mason 176 www...

..... just a little..... you will find that the indicator settles and suggestion of Capability D wavers up and down around a different value. it is always wavering up or down a fraction... so that the indicator moves strongly.. you know when you look at the link to known speedometer on a car. doesn't it? control And now I would like you to.. ...... feel the change in your self..or it could have knobs that Include all turn...... Capability I wonder if you know that you can make it decrease as well? I So now. And as you become aware of that at some level..... D fluctuating around some point......... you can think of your IBS now and find where on the Capability Dissociation dial it is. It might be like the hands on a clock or like a speedometer with one big hand in the middle...... your IBS is varying a tiny bit moment to moment.... Reassurance D Seeding The Control Panel I wonder if you can imagine a control panel. or it could just be the dial on a car.... where you press the pedal the car speeds up.....and down.not quite steady..... where as you slide the control up. isn't it? and that varies indicator is varying a tiny bit moment to moment as well.............. isn't it? And if you look very closely at your indicator.key-hypnosis.... focus on that indicator.... just for a moment. or. up and down a little..... and you know you can make it increase... or whatever you are using. and look very closely at that indicator... or maybe some other kind of panel comes to mind that lets you control a process... and by doing that you have shown that you have control over the level of IBS Capability > you experience.. or maybe it's like the dancing bars of light you see on music systems... Now I would like you to pay attention to the biggest indicator on that control panel...some variation. you will find that it is also varying just a little... and here's the interesting thing...... or maybe it's a digital read out with numbers V showing..... really make that IBS Establish increase.. the sound goes up and a needle moves. and you slide it down and the sound goes down.... I'd like you to test if you can make Up symptom = Behaviour that indicator go up a little.. And now I'd like you to test that connection. and your mind is opening to new possibilities. you might be familiar with the kind of thing you get on some V possibilities music systems...... And you can use this. and you can think of your IBS as being on a scale of one to ten. I would like you to increase your IBS V up control just a little... and when you have done that.. the problem and imagine that the indicator on your control panel is showing the exact level of your IBS right now.. Rule ...... a little lower.. that means that things are going exactly the way they should be.. right now. part of a machine perhaps.. but enough so that it registers on the indicator... A little higher...... where one is no Objectifying IBS and ten is the worse it could possibly be... focus Down control Capability on the number that the indicator is showing........ and now make that indicator = down David Mason 177 www. that indicator is moving exactly in step with Belief IBS Belief your IBS. no matter how hard you try it never stays exactly on the M experience speed you want....that dial. are they? There is always a.. it can be anything you want.... on the control panel in your mind. something with maybe a big dial in the middle... or what number it is . isn't it? Because processes are never exactly steady... V equivalence up and then falls back again.

move down..... just a little... reduce your IBS level so that the dial goes down to symptom a lower point and the reading wavers around that lower point.... Capability you can do that easily..... just a little.... can't you.... now... D Incrementalism And now.... move that indicator down a lot..... make a significant movement Capability down.... and feel that IBS recede, feel a real difference as the indicator goes D down and stays down.... and now move that indicator down even lower.... all the way down to the D bottom..... all the way down..... and now move it up just a little... so that there is just a tiny bit of IBS left for you... IBS is a message that there is something not right... that you should be careful with that part of the body,... so if you want to... you can leave a little.... just enough to remind you that you for those can't Belief need to take a little care... acccept a cure And you have now learned how to control this thing.... and anytime you want to vary the level .... any time you forget... you can use the control panel..... move that indicator.... and it will move with it... Capability Because you are in control... and isn't that something good to know? Personal Ability Section Because you can learn. You have learned so many things. Things you already do but you don't know how you do them. Things like choosing what to wear... Capability > what goes with what. You don't know how you know that, but you know when it is wrong. And you know when it is right. Identity You know how to get things right. D Ambiguity You are the kind of person who learns things automatically, unconsciously, Identity D without even realising it. Belief And that means that you can learn to control your IBS. > You can learn to monitor what is going on in your life, and how that affects Capability your body, and you can learn to automatically adjust, to cope, to decide what to D ignore and what to act on. And you can remember a time, when you gave no thought to your digestion, Memory D when it just worked, silently, smoothly... and a part of you can bring that time, that feeling, back again.... now... so that Connect to Memory you can experience again... no feelings in that area at all... the way things D previous should be... remember how good that is.... feelings Connect to You can control how your insides work.... you have been doing it since you Capability previous were born... smoothly, automatically... ability Capability ... you don't have to think about it.... D Capability ... you can control those feelings... D Capability ... you can learn to calm things deep inside... D Capability ... to the point where you can forget all about them... D Capability ... by making lots of tiny adjustments... easily, simply, quietly, automatically D ... and taking back control like you used to... > Reorientation Section And take as long as you want to experience that feeling of control... Bind that feeling of relief... that you are back in charge... that you can feel how you I Assumptions are able to make tiny changes one way or the other... tiny changes that add up...

David Mason


tiny continuous changes that matter.... that let you make a difference now... and when you are ready... when you have experienced that difference... you can start to come back to the present.... you can silently count up in your mind from five to one and when you get to one you will be back in the present and ready for the rest of your day ... or maybe you want to count down from five down to one and you can go deeper and into a long refreshing sleep while your mind works on those differences... that's OK too... and as you count from five to four... you can remember how you used to feel... that feeling of automatic control... regular normal digestion... no matter what happens.... and as you count from four to three... you can remember that dial and how it lets you take charge of how you feel... what you feel.... And as you count from three to two... you can feel really good about yourself... about your ability to learn... to do things automatically... to make a difference... and the count from two to one.... will put you back in control again.... so, when you are ready... start counting in your mind... now.

ambiguity up = back

down = deeper


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David Mason


Clear away eczema
A hypnotherapy Script for skin problems This script is a natural way of treating eczema and psoriasis. Eczema and other nervous skin problems are usually the result of stress, of mental stress being manifested in the skin. Remove the cause of the stress and the eczema rapidly goes away. Eczema and psoriasis respond well to hypnotherapy. Eczema and psoriasis is caused by the mind and as long as the mind gets convinced that it can be cured, then it can be removed with hypnosis.


Mind Power Convincer section And you can just enjoy that lovely feeling of deep deep relaxation... and maybe you can remember other times when you had this same feeling... and you can multiply that and enjoy that... and know that things are changing the way they should be... so now I would like you to pay attention to your eyes... to those little tiny muscles that control your eyelids... and those little muscles are so relaxed so tired... it's as if they have forgotten how to work... and I would like you to pretend that those eyes are so relaxed that they just won't work... and the more you try to open them, the harder they stay closed... as if they are glued shut... and when you are sure... absolutely sure... that those eyes just won't work... you can try to open them... and you will find those eyes are glued tight shut... that's right... and you can stop trying now... and that's a demonstration to you that you really are in trance... it is also a demonstration of the power of your mind... your mind can control parts of your body that you are not even aware of having control of... and your mind is powerful and strong... and your mind can change things in your body... and your mind can change things in your mind... Use your mind for change section and coming here today means that you are ready to change.. that you want to change... that there has been something that has been bothering you for a long time... and it is time to give it up now... and you can change that... you can do that... D because this problem is caused by your mind... and this problem will be fixed by your mind... all you need is a guide... and you can be guided out of the problem... So take a deep breath... and enjoy that lovely feeling of relaxation.... and allow your mind to begin to open to new ideas.. new ways of doing thing... exploring the possibilities... thinking about ways that things can

David Mason




change... ways that things have changed... about the way that things should change... because change is all around you... every day you are changing.... ever cell in your body changes and renews... is replaced over and over... and skin cells are changed almost every day... and you can maybe imagine how you can change your skin and have beautiful smooth skin again... how you can use parts of your mind to focus on those areas ... and it is as if you can wipe your hand down your body... and as you wipe it over your skin... as it passes over... V Visualization those parts that are not the way you want them... you can imagine just wiping away those diseased cells... just wipe them off... and what is left behind is fresh clear clean skin... beautiful and healthy... skin you can be proud of... and your mind can do that for you... your mind can control that.... D so just allow yourself to go deep inside now... and find the mechanism that controls your skin... just imagine... in a way that makes sense to Metaphor you... how you could get those things to change... how you could persuade the right part... to change... and feel it changing... sloughing off that old... bad skin... replacing it with new successful skin... and you continue to do that from now on... D Body Image Metaphor I wonder if you have even seen a chart in a doctor's office or something like that... showing the outline of a body ... and the doctor can draw on it and show where stuff is? and I wonder if you can imagine a big notice board somewhere... and I wonder if you can imagine pinning up an outline of a woman... and generally there are two charts, two drawings... one that shows the front and one that shows the back... and pin up two of those outlines on that notice board... and I would like you to image that there are paints and paint brushes there... and I would like you to paint on there where the eczema is... on the front and on the back... on the outlines pinned on that notice board... and you can choose a colour... just the right color to use to show where it is... where it is light and where it is dark... and be sure to get every little bit.... paint it on those outlines... and now I want you stand in front of that notice board... and you have something in your hand that will will wipe away that colour... see yourself standing there... just wiping away that color... and i wonder if you will chose to work on the front or the back first... and you can just start wiping it away.... see it coming off... until there is nothing left except the outline and clean whiteness of the paper... and you can work from the head to the toes or the feet to the head... and just wipe it and wipe it... clean it away... and when there is nothing there.. but that outline and the white paper... take those bits of paper down... very carefully fold them away... the way your gran used to fold away things in tissue paper.... you fold those outlines carefully, lovingly... and put them in a bag or something... and put them away safe somewhere... some place you know where they will

David Mason





be... where you could always get them out and look at them... and you know they will be there forever... the way your granny used to put away precious things in mothballs... something you are going to put away for a long time... and you want to keep it just right... and take a moment and think where would be the best place to store them.... and from time to time you can think about that place and just know that it is there... and you have wiped away all the stuff.... right now it is happening.... just as you imagined it... Future pacing section and just imagine yourself... few days from now ...a few weeks from now... and see yourself out with someone... walking along the street somewhere... off to the shops... the park.... it is as if you can see yourself from the other side of the street... and somehow you can hear yourself thinking... and you can see yourself... you can see how you are dressed... and can notice how you stand... how you walk... and you see yourself walking along... and what you see is a happy successful contented young woman... you see a woman who is in charge of herself... in charge of the world she lives in... who has happy children... a contented home life... who is going somewhere... who is putting down roots that will last a lifetime... And look at how that woman is dressed... see her dressed beautifully, smart... attractive... successful... someone who is in charge of herself... someone who cares what she looks like but doesn't care what other people think.... and you can tell by the way she stands that she is happy and successful... that she knows what she is doing... she knows what she wants... and you can look in her face ... and that face is radiant... smiling... and those eyes are confident ... her skin in glowing... her complexion is healthy... and for no reason she just thinks of time when she felt great... and just throws back her head and laughs... and you can see her beautiful neck... white teeth.... and glossy shiny hair... she looks so alive... and you know that below those clothes... that beautiful skin extends all the way down her arms and her legs and her tummy and her back... and all the rest of her ... and that is what she is so happy about... her problem is gone... she feels so good... and you can hear her thinking about how she feels clean and healthy and free... and knows where she is going... and she knows she is succeeding... and her children look up at her and hears them laughing... and the whole family gathers together and bonds... and she loves those children and they love her back and they always will... and she can see that is another success.... and she can see in the future those children growing up... running around... all the stages those kids go through... and they are going to be happy... successful... that is something she doesn't have to worry about

V Dissociation

V Dissociation



Reaffirm her importance V and self esteem

A = success V
love =

David Mason



any more... and just knowing that makes her feel good about herself... > self esteem Metaphor Visualize your new body and it is as if she has stepped out of that old body... the one with the bad skin... she has just stepped away from it left all that old stuff behind... the way a lobster or a crab sheds its protective shell when it Image the M new body grows out of it... and it is isn't needed any more... and all the old imperfections are left behind... just wriggle out of the old skin and walk away... and beautiful new skin is underneath and replaces it... so just imagine what if feels like to run your hand over your body and feel that soft smooth skin... fresh and soft and supple... smooth... K utilize touch shiny... the way it feels when you step out of a shower... that tingle you get as you rub yourself down with a towel... and wrap it around you... warm feelings of K warmth and comfortable...and step out of that dirty water now... let it all drain away... and put on new clothes... like you put on a new face... look in the visual mirror and see who is smiling back... serene... confident... and you can smile back at that face in the mirror... because that is your face.... ambiguity and as you think about what the new face means for you... leading... allow your mind to clear.... but you will remember that... you will remember all of that ... the clean Reinforce the skin... feeling good.... success... that process has started now... and part D images and of you knows that it has started now... and will continue until you have ideas that beautiful clear skin... soft and supple like you want... now... take a deep breath... and allow your mind to clear.... Perspective on stress and maybe you can take a moment now... and just imagine a sunset... sometime .... away in the future.... when you see your children grown up... and yourself.. happy, fulfilled... a good life... and you can imagine yourself as another step in all those older generations... taking part in that long long journey... because that is what it is all about... that is success... and you are part of it... you are a success... so take a moment to think about that sunset... far in the future... many many years from now... when it is time to move on... look back... to look back at a happy full life... a life where you did what you wanted... and enjoyed everything that was on offer... took what you enjoyed... what you deserved.. and you can feel good knowing that that is coming... so just take a moment to enjoy that feeling... to think about your place in the world.. to realize that what you think is so important now... might not seem that way when you walk into that sunset... Truism And you know... everything changes... and as you are lying there now... breathing softly... you are changing... D that strong mind of yours... is making those changes happen... clearing up that skin.... shedding those old concerns and showing the real you underneath... fresh and clear like a spring morning..... Reorientation

David Mason


presupposition And so before coming back to full awareness..... take whatever time you need now... to consider those ideas... to allow your mind to examine things from every aspect... like a jeweler looking into the heart of a diamond... and the lessons and possibilities... consider them deeply... absorb them bind: best deeply... into your very being.... thinking about how best to apply them.... And when you have had enough time to process and learn from this session.... when it is time to bring this session to a close, a comfortable I bind: time close... you can start coming back to the present.... at whatever rate is right for you. when you are fully prepared to... you can find yourself back in full awareness of the room around you, feeling refreshed... and knowing I that you have finally cleared up that old problem. And every minute from now on, every hour from now on... that eczema is fading... it has gone away before... it is going away now... for ever and it will never come back... because your mind has wiped away that feeling of stress... the stress and frustration that was causing it...

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David Mason


. you just need to need it enough. Vanish pain You know the way that water can just dry up and vanish? And how sometimes if a picture is left out where the sun can get to it.... think about that spot.. and now bring to mind a colored spot. to rub out the pain. take a deep breath and then imagine somehow breathing out through that spot... but you can fool your D brain into not feeling it.. to relax away D pain..... Everyone has that ability. So think about these ways of blocking the pain..... the first way you can block your pain is to focus on the area that you want to be made better. there were always . you still have the pain.... and choose the one I that you think works best for you... and as you breath out... I And you can learn more ways.... and now on the next breath out feel that breath going through that spot Truism Ambiguity Truism Secret powers Reframe Resource appears Bind 'the one that works best' Visual Seeding David Mason 185 www.... All these hypnotic metaphors are presented as options for hypnotic pain treatment. Science has shown that the mind has the ability to block signals from getting to the brain. This pain treatment hypnosis script offers the sufferer many different ways of dealing with the pain.. imagine it like a cold icy breath.. It uses hypnotic visualization to let the pain fade away. and it will appear for you too. a little less intense.... the spot you want to change. of ease. Knowing that there are effective pain treatment techniques available can give a sense of power. powers that you can use now.. a breath of freedom. Your body already knows ways to make yourself more comfortable. to turn down the pain.. and you can too. the exact spot you want to change.... to let go of pain.. and thinking about that spot.. think of the color that is right for that spot. it fades M away? Well that happens to other things too. imagine the color of that spot getting a little lighter.key-hypnosis... waiting.... Capability Capability Capability Capability Capability Memory Hypnosis Induction for pain [Use your normal induction] I Pain hypnosis Direct Suggestion When you think about pain there are many things to consider.... now that D you need them. Pain treatment techniques in this script give a range of pain control methods and lets the sufferer chose which pain treatment to use.... of relief... numbing the pain and switching off the pain..... Many people have learned to manage their pain.Pain Treatment Hypnosis Techniques NLP Techniques to control pain Hypnosis can be very effective for pain treatment..... you have so many powers. to say goodbye to pain... You can learn to relax...

.. and that spot changing. Turn down pain Auditory and another way.. until the pain is too small to notice..... becoming less intense..... fading........ and I would like you to image that you have a big thick pencil. just rubbing out those pencil marks.. draw on the outline where the pain . a control that you can use to turn down the sound.again. and you can turn it down a little or you can choose to keep turning it down and down until you can't hear that sound at all... that's a good way to go...... Some people like to daydream... but it M Seeding seems so peaceful when it is shut out.... become aware that you can alter that sound........ and you have wiped away all the discomfort. until there is nothing left except the outline and clean whiteness of the paper.... to imagine themselves taking a holiday away from their pain. like on a long vacation. showing the outline of a body.. lighter. and when there is nothing there. and you have something in your hand that you can use to rub out that drawing.... and be sure to shade in every little bit. see yourself standing there.... that will rub out where the pain is....... Leave the Pain behind Visual and another way you might like....... feel the pain going away as you rub it off. to go V Seeding someplace where they can relax. and the doctor can point to it and show where the problem is? and I wonder if you can imagine that you have one of those outlines of yourself... for them discomfort is like a noise that won't go away.. I wonder if you can remember a time when you went to the doctor's for something that was so bad.. it is happening right now. but that outline and the white paper......... and now...key-hypnosis.. turn the volume down... Some people think about their pain like a sound......... just as you imagined it. David Mason 186 www....... and as you become aware of that sound. Wipe away pain Visual Kinesthetic Memory Memory and there are other ways.. as you feel that area getting lighter. and maybe you have seen a chart in a doctor's office or a clinic or something like that. rubbing it away... so maybe you would like to think about the sound of your pain. Sometimes when you close a window you realize that you have shut out a sound that you really weren't aware of....... and now you can stand in front of that outline. and after M Seeding getting treatment it just cleared up? Most people have memories of things that just worked like magic. so imagine that you can reach out and grasp a control knob.. and with each breath out let that Behaviour spot change until it has faded away.. and continue enjoying that change... and as you do... and you can relax in peace.. enjoying a quiet contentment....

and touch those cold numb fingers to the place that hurts.... and as those balloons float up feel that pain changing.. just move away and leave it behind. think of where it would be good to go.. letting go and that pain can become just a distant idea... a lack of feeling.and imagine that there is a bunch of colored balloons attached to the pain.......... a place to get away from that discomfort...... or maybe you would prefer to go on your own. imagine you on your way and feel it receding from you as you get further and further away from it.. and thinking about going away....... that numb feeling..... and then another. feel the numbness spreading out slowly to ever part of the pain.... and letting go of those balloons means that you can = let of all that discomfort. Let the Pain go numb and you might be able to remember a cold day in winter long .. let your imagination focus on that feeling.. removing the connection.. and it seems more distant now... letting it release........... on a special vacation.. and you might like to do that now......... and imagine what it would be like to take those numb fingers..... your pain is disappearing too.. and when you flick a switch you can turn things on and off. can't you? and what you are doing is breaking the circuit.... feel it penetrating deep into the tissues and easing that pain. and let that coldness spread from those fingers to the pain spot..when your fingers lost all feeling. as you imagine being in that holiday place.. getting cold and detached. and it loses its power.. Switch off the Pain You can get houses where you just clap your hands and the lights go on. think of the right place to go. or maybe you can recall I holding something so cold that you lost the feeling in your hands.... and who you would take with you. and imagine the smile of that happy child as you relax now.....Memory Memory Memory Memory and imagine now preparing to go away on holiday... feel the pain going numb... release first one. and then another.key-hypnosis. all Visual Seeding Kinesthetic Seeding Kinesthetic Seeding David Mason 187 www...... think about saying bye-bye to you pain.. feel that pain getting smaller as the balloons drift up > and away and as those balloons are getting smaller your pain is getting smaller.let your imagination focus on that feeling. imagine those balloons tugging and pulling and wanting to be released... your body has circuits too.. Let go of Pain or I wonder if you have ever seen a child holding a bunch of colored I balloons? Remember the delight of that child and think about your pain now. far away and just relaxing now.. and now think about how that pain gets to where you feel it..... and as those balloons drift right up into the sky..... and then allow those balloons to let go..... and you can get lamps that you just touch them and the light goes I out..... connections that run along the nerves..

... and watch what happens as that shape starts to turn into a spiral.. feel that V presupposition energy gathering there. and in that better place. well and healthy and working properly... really good. but they all run through your neck.. any place you feel strong and healthy. let each breath out relax you into the comfort you want.. it might be your feet or your Seeding shoulder or your little finger.. become aware of all the strength and energy flowing through that part. breathing away all discomfort.. healthy and at ease.... and as you are choosing you can focus on your breathing now... you can become more aware of where you are again......... think about what that switch is like.. its shape. and not feel what you choose not to feel... feel it moving to that part..... its color. Think about a part of your body that feels good. all over. just use that switch to break the connection... how you would like it to be... if you break that circuit there... David Mason www.key-hypnosis. NOW. knowing you can feel what you want to feel. and come back to the present.. think about that energy. begin to feel lighter. then you cannot feel the pain. taking it .key-hypnosis... switch off the pain.. just the way you want it.. and when you are ready. they have to go through a very narrow bit of your neck... more awake.......... more aware......... and knowing that deep inside things are happening the way they should and as you become aware of that... a switch that you could use to break that connection. The Pain Treatment Reorientation and as you feel that difference........ the strength and vitality... The Pain Treatment Spiral Visual and here's another powerful one.. its sound.... and now that spiral moves to the part that is troubling you. and really focus on that part.. sucking up that feeling... you choose what you want to let through....... and as that comfort increases you can begin to become aware of how ambiguity good you feel... and then working on that part.. and you are free to try them all and choose... becoming totally at ease. all that powerful positive energy spinning there...... a spiral that V begins to turn and twist and gather strength from that health energy.. think about all those nerves going up to your brain through your neck....... and leaving in its place a clean space.. presupposition you may know which method works best for you........... and now think what it would be like to put a switch there.. and moving off with the pain and discomfort..... let that energy begin to work for © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 188 www.those nerves go up the spine into your brain. each nerve thin and fragile..

that connection... You see someone you know. you know who it is. and you begin to walk along that pier. like a galleon out of a story book. and you look. the sea is constantly replacing the sand......... yet in a way everything stays the same.. Grieving is a natural process....... the water is sheltered and calm... each little grain is rolled around until it is smooth and polished... and as you get nearer still.. and you feel that warmth... as you come up to where the ship is tied up. and there is the rope tying the ship to the pier..... and they recognize you.. and you reach down. white water and foam flung high as the waves crash against the stones ... and old fashioned . you slowly unwind Technique Dissociation M places a place between Things are not what they seem Change is constant another separation anger and crying a way out peace and tranquility Magical thing Visualize change The deceased connection Letting go...the sea constantly washes in and out.. with masts and sails.. the sand swirls and is deposited...... an old stone pier.] Target Memory Bereavement therapy metaphor treatment I wonder if you can imagine walking along a beach somewhere? A beach............ they point to near your feet. on a beach.. But sometimes it can go on for too long. [Remember to check for depression if a client seems to be suffering from excessive grief.. it is actually changing all the time.. and you see there is a ship tied up there...Grief. different ways. and you smile back.... everything is in constant motion.............. out towards the end... on the other side.. and you go up those steps and on the top of that protective pier you can see to the other side.. when you think about it... shifting and changing... Perspective on life Grief and Bereavement Therapy script This grief therapy hypnosis script allows the bereaved to accept the death of someone close.. ready for the journey. and you are walking along and up ahead you see a pier jutting out into the sea. all sound and fury and as you get closer you see that on one side there are stone steps going up ... and you start to unwind that rope. a place where ships can tie up and depart safely... the border between land and sea. on the deck of the ship.. they look calm and resigned. the sea to one side.... on the other side.... David Mason 189 www.. and grieving is a healthy emotional response to the loss of someone you love......key-hypnosis.. and the person starts to point at something. looks like has been there for centuries. sitting comfortably. in different patterns.... and they smile.. once again. and it fills you with that old feeling.. they are signalling that they want something done.. and you recognize this person...... again and again. and the beach in between. there is constant renewal.. and although that beach might feel solid and enduring. everything changes. and waves are dashing against the pier...... the land on the other side.. and to go on with their life..

people hurrying this way and © 2010 David Mason 190 www. D so you start walking forward. light..... and the boat is tugging gently on the rope.... there is nothing more for you on that pier. the figure further away begins to get ... and it is right to move on......... but you sense they are still looking.. And as the ship passes out of sight... a gap appears and you starts moving look down between the boat and the pier and strip of bright water appears.... with its bustle and noise.. it is time to D move on now.. but things stay the same.... and finally it slips over the horizon.... REORIENTATION [use your standard re-orientation] « Table of Contents David Mason www. and noises and music and Back among the M living.. that walk forward = M change things change....... and you begin to wonder what M back... and you look again at the boat as it moves away. and that makes you smile even more....... Feel welcomed and on the other side........ calm and peaceful.. and still you are looking at the figure and they look back. and the wind catches the sails.. smaller and smaller the further it gets away. and gradually the ship gets smaller until you can no longer see the figure. and as they pass many of them give you a smile or say hello.. away reflecting the sky and dancing light sparkles on the dark stones of the pier.. on the land side.. further out to sea. keep the connection looking at you. as if to say welcome.... and you start to look around this happy little town.. and smiling that smile you know so well. and as the ship moves further away.. still smiling.. and all the life of the small town is going on.. and the figure is still there..... holding your gradually move gaze...... and you realise that they are seeing something in you...... but still here is that connection. and the street levels off... letting off coil after coil.key-hypnosis. and you find yourself among shops and houses and people. the rope slips free... and you know that it is time for you to continue what has been started...... but some connection still remains. they are responding to your smile... and the ship begins to get further away. you still have the ability to smile. and the boat begins to slowly ease away from the pier. something you might have forgotten.. and walk along the pier and up the street.... you turn away from the sea. Truism and things have to end for things to be able to continue...... now you know that something has been let go...... and you realise that you are actually looking forward to finding out........... getting on with their lives.. and the ship becomes a dot on the horizon.. there is a steep street....... there is the road out. the sails fill. and it's gone... and then you can only see the sails.. happy that something has been resolved..Capability Capability Behavior Behavior the rope..key-hypnosis. loosening it easily. and you realise that you still have that smile.... might be along that road.... until suddenly... and you see at the other end of the pier..

and there is a comfortable chair.... helping to accept what is to come... It is all about looking forward by looking back.Silver Frames script PUTTING LIFE INTO PERSPECTIVE This script is about an old person coming to the end of their life and looking back. Future Rehearsal and maybe in a dream remembers a much younger person. and a walking stick.. and the light reflects off the things in the room.... a long life. surrounded by memories.. what is worth keeping.. awards and mementos. and none of that really seems to matter now... and she thinks back on all that happened. and everything is quiet and peaceful... It can be used towards the end of therapy when the person realises that they have wasted so many opportunities by being shy...... and that old lady is looking out at the sun going down.... and so many memories.... and there is an old lady/man sitting in that room. now are just a distant memory.... putting past hurts into perspective........ and as that sun touches the edge... children and grandchildren... what is worth having...key-hypnosis... a warm glow fills every corner. or fearful or angry at the world.. and as she sits in that room. she smiles to herself.. and nods. and she looks around. and all those things remind her of what is valuable in life.... and things that seemed so important at the ... It is useful as a palliative for people with terminal illness.... and feelings about people and events get changed in that golden light. a full and happy life that turned out well. hotels and happy times..... long ago summer days and all round the room there are silver frames.. dinner parties...... and she is content.. pictures of shaking hands with famous people. and the sun is very near the horizon.... framed photographs. weddings. and she welcomes whatever comes... Looking Back on a good life And I wonder if you can imagine a room somewhere...... she feels the room going dark... a long way away from here. and as that sun goes down the room is filled with golden light... looking back on a lifetime well spent.... smiling people and lifelong friends..... wondering how it Dissocation peace and tranquility M end of life V V V Reframing David Mason 191 www.... and she looks round the room and remembers each and every one. on the walls are photographs and certificates.... or whatever it was that prevented them from living a full life. It is not too late.. trips to faraway places.. houses.. It allows them to think of all that is left and to put the idea into their mind that they can still live a full rich life and have everything that they want.. and a clock ticks softly.. happy times captured for ever..

.... and reaches out to touch that woman now... everything can be better.. life can be so © 2011 David Mason 192 ... D touch = resource ambiguity « Table of Contents David Mason www. and there is so much to do. knowing what is to come... and maybe you can feel it somehow.... I and from now on.. and that touch reaches back through time. like a blessing.would all turn out......key-hypnosis. as she sits there relaxing... so many good things waiting.

.. very comfortable...... near a river... if you look closely you see the image is cleverly made up of lines and dots.... more at ease.Store of Memories Deciding what is important Some metaphors are designed to be wandering and formless.. you can imagine what it was like. You can run your finger over the image and feel the raised ink..... Getting out. So my friend got . received an unexpected letter in the post.... just letting the seat carry you along.. soft light through the windows.. the warm afternoon air. settled down quietly in the afternoon air as it had for years. settle down in the seat... A distant relative had passed on and there was something in the will........ Imagine how it was....... with no overt message.. This metaphor deals with childhood memories and what should be left behind. looking around.. It's hard to remember details sometimes.. its easy to just drift away.. which even they might not be aware of........ as if it was waiting. the doors opened. but did say where to find it... scenery drifting by silently . These metaphors work particularly well if delivered as a story in hypnosis. breathing gently. Store of Memories A few years ago... It had been redirected from several old addresses and had unusual stamps on it... just let go and relax totally. sound and touch. it was late afternoon. lying motionless by the cool side of the river. but the seat was comfortable.... slumbering on through those long days.. over by the side was the place mentioned in the will. matching the breathing.. sometimes its hard to know..... The journey was slow..... enjoying that feeling of comfort and ease.. about your age.... the heat was heavy.. peaceful and relaxed. I wonder if you collected stamps as a child.. The idea is that the client's subconscious will examine different aspects of the metaphor and try to make sense of unrelated elements. and maybe it was a dream and maybe it was real.. By doing so the client will find some aspect that will match their specific subconscious concerns... but is non-directive and allows the client to identify with their own memories through the senses of sight. the gentle swaying in the seat. the rattle of the wheels..... and my friend's thoughts started to drift away.... now....... a faded wooden building.. a friend of mine.. click-clack..... Maybe you remember stamps like that? The letter was from the office of a country lawyer. David Mason 193 www.key-hypnosis.. or maybe you knew someone who collected stamps?.. The letter didn't say what it was... The stamps on the envelope were the old fashioned kind.. the slow and gentle click-clack... almost falling down.. the way each breath makes you more relaxed.. I think.. to go on a journey.. engraved... The second paragraph can be expanded to become a metaphor induction.. it looked like an old country store...... on a train or a bus.. the hum of the engine... they came to a stop.. Introspection metaphors give the therapist a tool to use when the client has only the vaguest idea of what is troubling them. the whole place deserted..

.... full of clothes........... who knows how many people were fitted on this?........ afternoon sun sloping in through dirty windows............. you can see how you look. mirrors........ you can rummage through them..... Who knows what they were trying to do? Does it David Mason 194 www. strange shapes and shadows appear... ......... funny how little things can remind you of whole empires.... is a brass bird cage. huge iron door keys... measures that aren't used any more. open .. the door has no catch... adverts and maps. magnifying glasses.. looking closely...... brown and indistinct... uniforms.. but they are not . a painted egg there... no... spectacles..key-hypnosis.. they had their lives. that catches the light... who left that mould behind......... hanging.. a lot of things don't apply any more.. emperors have vanished. and spins slowly... faces smiling out of the gloom.. shelves and drawers. I wonder if you ever did that? and you can wonder what you might hear if you listened to one of these shells now. and lying around loose... heads of kings and queens long gone. try them on........ yellow reflections on the ceiling.. trying on various things.... and as the sun catches the open drawer the whole room glows with reflected light..... those old pictures are fading away now.. just hinges. heavy and light.... hundreds and hundreds of keys.... to be free. countries that are gone.. and around the walls.. crystals.. In one cabinet you pull out a drawer..... boys and girls who moved on... can change almost without you noticing. and in a corner. in another drawer there is a jumble of keys... pictures of people long gone. it has a little door.and inside.... and the light catches a figure in the gloom............... And on a shelf there are photographs in boxes.. it's a dressmaker's model.. framed portraits. fashions and styles from all periods........ children love to hold a shell up to their ear to hear the sea... walls and gates..... its hands still point to the time. In the gloom of that old store the fossils are hard to make out...... school groups..... And there's a display case.. become who you want to be. a decorated tree here. hats and shoes..... delicate brass keys... old cars and houses... it is full of glass....... on the walls........... rainbows sparkle off the walls.. And a bag of foreign coins from all round the world. and there's a dusty mirror.. and behind the counter is a wooden bin... golden specks dancing in sunbeams. all the bird had to do was push on it.. an empty cash register... cabinets. until you find something......... there are fossils and sea shells ...... a silver key on a chain... their problems too. meals made without love eaten in silence. pictures of teams. some things are not what they seem to be.. candles and cakes. In a dark corner are heavy iron weights with numbers on them.. costumes.. glass doors without the glass.......... birthdays long ago....... it's time to reassess a lot of things...... vague outlines locked in stone but somehow if you look at them just right... and look closely again....... people long gone........... waiting for the right person to come by. feather boas.. an old counter. all mixed up..... things that once seemed so permanent.. that can be adjusted to any size... empty.... lenses. fences and paths.... and there's a clock. their loves...

. So my friend found an old sack.. dozens of them. dahlias and roses. . and on a shelf near the floor.... unsure of exactly what had happened. really... what makes a good collection is not how many.key-hypnosis..matter after all these years? So my friend turned some of those round to face to wall......... You see...... a bundle of letters... buttercups and violets............. climbers and creepers... My friend woke up later on that same seat...... and still looks at them now and again.... and stacked below the pictures....... when it's your shop. and tore pages out of some of the diaries...... trowels and forks and diggers... And there is a bin full of old seed catalogues. some with pages and pages of . now... you can do that.. tamarinds and mangoes . a pile of old diaries. and what you would leave behind. and hundreds of packets of seeds.. some with just a few lines .. that would be useful. My friend kept the stamps. I wonder what you would take?........ and threw them away. gardening tools.... and felt better for doing it..... still in their envelopes..... some things can be turned around easily... my friend spent a long time reading and thinking about what was written in the diaries ... that never got delivered. but knowing something had...... but what you choose not to collect... and filled it with some things.. and opened the letters. « Table of Contents David Mason 195 www.... like memories. never opened.....

until the rock and the wave are one....... knowing it is capable of handling anything. in a way that rock had learned from the waves.. breaking the waves.. And many years later I went back to see that rock.......... broke up with a roar and then withdrew eventually.. Maybe you recall a similar rock?. solid . learning from wind and water and sun and storm.. was absorbed and quickly the water ran off .. unchanged. reforming. knowing that each wave makes it stronger. Constant Rock I wonder if you have had the experience of going to the seashore and seeing a rock out at sea.. large or small . and that you can choose to rejoice in your own hard earned strength and use that to renew yourself constantly.... And I wonder if that rock enjoys the waves. and every wave that came surged against it ....... But every wave ..... Some waves were so large they submerged the rock ............ David Mason 196 www..that looked as if it had been there forever . a confidence that needs to be reminded and refreshed.... Where they come from and why they appear one after the other ... that comes from knowing that whatever comes can be dealt with . endlessly. taking on its shape... long after.the storms have disappeared but the waves they caused are still crashing in. strong.......... the wave hugs the rock and the rock moulds to the wave.. and the bigger the storm.. after every wave. the waves made it better at protecting the coast.. understand each other.. the water drains away. had changed it.... constant.. a deep rooted confidence.. and watching the waves crashing against the rock? And you might wonder about the waves...... Waves are the result of storms far out at sea. other waves roll gently round the base and drain away with a gentle laughing gurgle..... Because always .. that experience teaches and shapes you.. deflecting... again and again the rock met the wave. reshaping... and celebrates before every storm... leaving the rock as it always had been.. and the rock remains ..... the bigger the waves that roll in. Why the rock has to put up with the waves..Constant Rock Adversity makes you stronger This metaphor reframes adversity as being what makes people stronger.key-hypnosis. became part of each other. solid and strong. its shape better suited its position.. And I remember a particular rock.... The waves had sculpted it. became one with it..... but still it was the same rock... it was protecting the shore behind it . some waves come in with a great roar and a crash with foam flung high.. defending... serene..... other waves were just ripples that splashed and were gone .. learning to absorb sometimes and to deflect other times. because with the storm comes that sense of mastery based on enduring long ....

And it's good to know that each wave.. the rock is constantly renewed. the rock can carry on. after every storm... the rock knows tranquility..... strong and sure.And in a way the rock is grateful.... and with the ebbing of every wave. constant in an inconstant .... the waves wash away a little but deposit some things as well.....and leave nothing more than a ripple in the sands of memory. no matter how fierce it seems.. Because tomorrow a new day brings warm sunshine and bright sea air. « Table of Contents David Mason 197 www..key-hypnosis.... will retreat .... Steady and constant.. and experiences its own strength reaching right down to the foundations...

.. the sky brightens... of red coral. and you pick up the bracelet..... just sitting and relaxing deeply now. it almost feels alive.. brightly coloured sounds swirl round.. and you are turning...... the landscape changes. mind emptied and calm.Child of Time Time to reflect on life This metaphor reframes the feeling that most people have about not achieving enough in their life. found a lovely quiet place..... the neck of an old clay pot. soft dappled light under trees...... can't they?.... and who we are. and smoke rises from a faraway fire. and going down a path... In the depths of your mind is a rustling. or maybe was thinking about a stroll... and a bracelet.... ghostly fingers turning........ it seems my friend went for a stroll. your eyes flicker. or maybe just dreamt about a sometimes can't be sure about some things... the valley in front of you is strange........... in the shade of some trees. warm and comfortable... dressed in strange clothes.. polished and worn from long use.... and a strange sensation comes over you. bits of coral. pebbles. she looks at you. and you are drawn in by that gaze.. and you hold it up to the light... So my friend went out into the countryside somewhere. the air shimmers.... and after travelling for some time.. the sort of thing somebody might wear. and underneath....... and you look around. lighter.... and inside.. different.. and dislodging a flat . and you feel dizzy. falling. to get space to think.. walking slowly.. idly kicking aside twigs. tumbling down deeper into deep dark space..... Child of Time I wonder if I have ever told you the story that an old friend of mine once told an old friend of mine to tell to me one time my old friend was diagnosed with a medical problem. about what might have been.. as an ornament.. and start you thinking changing thoughts. I am the guardian. or maybe it was a bereavement… something like that… and some things can really make you think.. a round hole.... and there is a female figure standing before you. silent words.............. about what it all means. swirling. the trees are different. not really thinking at all.. her eyes lock on yours.. in a sheltered grove... I am Abbas. and light sparkles off it. everything looks fresher. You see me in the moonbeams on David Mason 198 www...key-hypnosis... it is important.... about where we are going......... It is designed to give people a perspective on life. and holding it in your hand. grass crunching under your feet.. warm from the sun. greener... to recognise that while their part in other people's lives may be small... the air smells young. can you?.... and in fact essential: everyone's life is worthwhile. some dusty stuff.. settling down comfortably.... tastes and smells move past.... from some distant shore..... about your life. ' I am Abbas. maybe you can imagine... and in your mind... deep in thought....

.. Oh...standing stones... without the weaver there will be no cloth......... The blood of the ancestors runs in your veins.key-hypnosis. on a hillside path..... None surpassed me in wisdom and power. I walked in the time of ice and fire.... you hear me in the wind that whispers welcome to the dawn. is it not good?. in the morning light............. without the mother there can be no child... Look upon my valley.. We all go to dust.. I sense a sadness. at the signal. is it not good? You are a link in the chain. a traveller on a lonely road. or artist or poet. to guide. is it not good? My bones have lain here long ages... And the voice of Abbas says 'Look upon my valley. they too passed away.. And now. Look upon my valley.... without the shepherd there will be no wool.. through the hours.. dark dark night. and chanting. I served with the Masters of Kell. Every link is needed... cold stars blazing high above. looking into the far distance.. I was full of life like you. David Mason 199 www... achieved nothing' and the words that are not words whisper more... and the smoke from a mountain top beacon sings the soul of Abbas to the other place. you throw your torch........ the one who works with fire and iron must have one to gather the corn. I am the Abbas the Enchantress. 'Look upon my valley.. you and many others. came and went... Come with me... What matters is what lives on. each contributes to the greatness of the whole.. heard the hunger of the old days. another to fetch the water..... to watch. floating.. the secret signs writ on distant hillsides. and you can see yourself far down among the trees..... without the rain drop there could be no river.. I have watched from this hillside. Once.long ago.. look at your own time.. seers and poets. ' Yet in your mind you hear the words 'But who am I? I am no hero. artists and dancers.. And now you are drifting........ in the sacred place.... allow your mind to clear. the blood of chieftains and heroes. a funeral pyre..... and the words that are not words whisper more... I learned the song of the wind in the wild places. to wait. countless generations. I am nobody. You are a child of time. Now I am dust..tiny seedlings grew to mighty . hundreds of burning torches arc through the night. great warriors trembled at my feet. the valley remembers you... I studied the wise women of Cernulas. You are a child of this land. I have done nothing. is it not good?'........ endured flood and tempest.. I have seen that too. I sense a sadness in you...... I was a weaver of spells and potions.... it is night. child. torches flicker in the night.... high above the valley.. Abbas the Windcatcher. I too was young once. 'look again.. the land changed. climbing..

Each generation cradles the spark for the next.. « Table of Contents David Mason 200 www. and in the valley. but the rhythm of life beats on a silent drum... the river changes course... if even one pebble falls from the bank.... for countless generations...In the slow unfolding of time great trees die. and relaxed and comfortable... know that you are part of the great stream of life....... A man ploughs not for himself...key-hypnosis.. or seek to know what can not be known... I sense a sadness in you. and looked at the valley through new eyes... was back under the trees... the Torch will be needed. came back to full realisation of the present... and thinking about pebbles and streams... ' And as the words faded... maybe everything is a dream?. streams change course.. that is enough........... ready to blaze into life when needed. and you will have played your part in the march of history.. in the shade. work and play.... ' 'and with each first breath the blind dice decide. The torch of Abbas is passed from one generation to the next. As you can… now. life goes on.. harvest and headstone. but all are equal in the stream of time.. and how many other travellers had been this way. maybe........ or war... a tiny spark... hunger.. but for those who will walk in his footsteps. I have seen it all. One day.. pain and death..... 'Look upon my valley.. a quiet life. wondering what was real and what was dream.. tears and joy. the very hills settle closer to the earth.... things that change and things that endure. maybe generations from now.. 'Do not ask what life is for. is it not good?' my friend.. every child carries something into the ..

. going down that I shaft........ down and down.. feel the sun warm on V your face.... insects hum and far away a bird calls... a thought..... and just allow that to happen............ deeper and deeper. I imagine your body is heavy. as far as you want to. a memory.. a symbol.. and notice what comes.... V just close your eyes and imagine being there now....... and you can allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into that place. and in that place. heavy.. and going deeper now.. that thing that has been bothering you. . everything changes with time...... and when it comes.. and begin to relax.... smell the earth and the clean air... to become present in a way that you can sense.... on a lovely day... feel yourself drifting down and down. Time Heals suggests that even though things may seem permanent and hard to shift..... tired and heavy. to feel that issue. just let whatever wants to appear to appear..... in a different form.. and you can feel yourself drifting down.. Induction Section Memory I wonder if you can imagine being on a hillside.Time Heals This is a two part hypnosis metaphor for letting go of the past and the things that hurt you.. as far as you need to .... imagine it is like a well D or corridor going down into the earth. in that place.. like a rock. Dissociation Utilize all senses David Mason 201 www...... welcome it. deeper and deeper... The visual imagery generates the idea that what appears unchangeable is actually gradually changing every moment...... deep inside... Or allow your mind to think of that thing as something that has been there a long time. an image. There is an option to allow the object to change or to transform it into a rock... be curious about it.... a breeze carries the smell of cut grass. You can also use the metaphor on its own as part of a therapy session. The second part uses a metaphor to eliminate the rock. to allow that issue to take a form. you can drift down and down... The first part has a short induction then leads the client deep inside a hillside to place where they can allow their fears and issues to become solid.. do not force it or think about it. imagine that you are lying on a bed of soft grass... you can become aware of what is there. deep down........ and then ask yourself what you would like to happen to it..key-hypnosis... and each breath relaxes you more and more. now focus on feeling your arms and legs resting.. imagine you could sink right down into the earth. Take your time and allow it to develop. you can allow your mind to drift... with each breath.. until you come to some place where everything opens out and there is space.. whatever comes to mind... D relaxing more and more deeply..........

. smoothing of the sharp edges....key-hypnosis. that works day and night... and between the rocks. an endless inconstant motion. © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 202 www. getting washed this way and that.. on that hillside. and the sea swirled around those rocks................ constantly being pushed this way and that. gradually wearing away even the biggest obstacles. and rocks seemed so large and solid and enduring.... those rocks knew they were strong and enduring and shrugged off the mightiest storms.. and each breath is like a wave. with a noise like people chattering... were pebbles..... and as you think of waves endlessly rolling towards the shore. the pebbles kept brushing against the rocks. floating safe and secure....... that you don't even need to think about.. one of the rocks considered the pebbles... in place far away from here... But you know...... round the rocks..... I wonder if you ever heard the story about the rocks and the sea? Metaphor Section A long time ago.. the pebbles jostled against each other... thousands and thousands of little..... and nothing could move them.key-hypnosis. and if you visited that beach now.. as of no interest. small. the water rushing in and out.... unimportant.... down the slope...... going this way and that... those pebbles rolled over and over.. and come out into the sunlight again.... each breath is relaxing you more and more.... time passes. about the wind and waves and the power of the sea.brushing against them softly.. and in their long stoney dreamtime.. as you leave that ... imagine being carried deeper with each wave........ and think about that sea... and you can put that rock down now. still gently being washed this way and that. and it is working now..... ready to be lifted up again. all you would see is a stretch of pebbles....and bring that rock with you..... and see the sea far away... the waves washed around those strong rocks. and as the waves rushed up the beach..... rubbing endlessly against the next one. from there you can look out over the landscape.. up above your own body. David Mason www.. and they flowed around those rocks... where the land meets the sea. inconsequential pebbles............ and become aware of what it is like to start to rise up... small. there were two rocks... and then as the wave pulled back again. smooth. there is a gentle power that gradually changes everything. and around those rocks the tides rose and fell in a never ending rhythm...... and dismissed them...... insistently...... they had roots going deep and solid. and then became quiet.... to rise high into the air. up above the hillside....

then nine. back in time. no down. in an immense empty place. twelve. some as a sound you cannot quite hear. back to before you were born. and then go further back... like the space between the stars.. for reasons that will never be known.. some as a vibration.. Regression to the place of souls and in that place you become aware of a presence. expectation. of readiness.. at ease.. another time. V no up. It then uses a metaphor to prepare the mother for a fresh pregnancy. .. This script was written for a woman who had two miscarriages. and then a feeling of many beings around you. what you went through gave them something Comments Deepener Progressive regression all alternatives message Hidden resource Reframing David Mason 203 www. no haste. to know the touch of life. Target Suggestion [use your normal induction] Regression to a time before birth And now allow your mind to drift back. and remember what it was like to be say.. everything is waiting. become that baby...Hypnotherapy for miscarriage Having a miscarriage can be devastating.. some new V and untested.. a place of stillness. V and you find yourself in a place where there is no time.. The miscarriage script reframes the miscarriage as something outside of the control of the mother... wisdom and experience are there. drifting.. a place with no worries. then imagine what it was like to be three.. calmly relaxing.. allow your mind to go back and feel what a baby's awareness was... Some seem like a light.. then six years old. You were part of that. Instead of a life affirming pregnancy the miscarriage becomes a serious psychological problem. something that had to be. and you are very special to them'. They had to experience the first stirrings of life..... in their own way. a voice is heard.... think of yourself at earlier ages.. a place where everything is yet to be. worried about her own ability to get pregnant again and open to depression.. you are becoming more deeply relaxed... and assures her that everything will be ready for a successful pregnancy.. some old beyond measure... no space............. suspended...... to feel the pulse of a new life..... saying A 'You have been brought to this place to meet with two beings who are very special to you....... then imagine Memory K when you were a baby..... and Memory as each stage comes to mind..... And out of that silence....... your mind can drift away to another place. A miscarriage leave the mother feeling guilty. Before using this script make sure that her doctor has certified that it is physically safe for her to get pregnant again..... 'For their own development they had to go through an initiation.. in your mind........ and others are just there. think of all the stages of growing up... in order to start their own journey'.key-hypnosis......

and will continue long after you are called back to this place... the pond would regularly over fill and there would be a flow out. But you should know this. to begin our journey... And then someone came to share the house with her... ' and in your mind you feel something happening. that's right...... a part of you that will live forever.. this is one of those things.. that everything was actually the way it was supposed to be. and she loved the house...... you feel a warmth.... even though she had it all her life. and we ask for your forgiveness.. knowing that things have been put right. and they both Allow her to let go of feelings Metaphor Reframe Resource Magic change Metaphor Change in David Mason 204 www... you K feel things changing. and we thank you.......... and she was proud of having it. the way they should be............ and you were a necessary part of that transformation. you are not to blame for what happened.. a soul goes through many stages. like a butterfly. you have been part of the working out of a grand scheme...... I wonder if I ever told you about this woman that I knew about? It seems that this woman owned a house that she had inherited... for allowing us to experience the wonder of conception.. but really didn't know much about it.. but what she really liked was the pond that was in the garden........ a young.. to complete a cycle that goes on for forever... And then another voice appears in your mind. ... it had to happen in order for other things to happen. and we would like to give something back. you were chosen for good reasons... relax completely. bright and beautiful... that your gift to us was perfect. take a deep breath and relax. being set right. many things can not be known to you in your current form.... before emerging perfect.. The life that lived in you is not gone.. a lightness. And you can know that you did so well. it has changed into another form. and it somehow defined the house....... it is transformed. and the pond was no trouble at all.key-hypnosis....... there was an inner power at work... she really didn't start to appreciate it until she was an adult.. the way they used to be..... a cycle that started long before your own spirit first appeared.... but mostly it looked after itself. like a massage.. something gentle and insistent. says 'We are sorry that we distressed you. You were part of that. that garden gave her a lot of pleasure..essential. and that makes you relax even more.... set up again. Purifying the pond metaphor And now take a deep breath.. you were part of something that will go on for centuries to come. unfinished personality..... somehow it was just right for that house.... something secret being done there....... we thank you for the gift of life. and then lower down............. but you cannot know those reasons... you feel a strange sensation in your chest.......

.. it was whole and healthy and ready to respond when time was right........ and there was deep regret. But once again. and the life in it struggled and expired.key-hypnosis.... nature takes it course and clears out everything that might harm it... that there is a vital spark D within you that will always be there.. that figure said. it is a triumph for other other seasons. she dreamed of a figure.. and then one day they noticed a change.... Some things you have to think about thing in a different way'.... and it cleared.. and those other seasons will be healthier because of it. that woman had a dream of garden filled with love and life and laughter and sunshine.. And that means > you are a whole woman..... And even though it might seem like the pond has failed.. And she dreamed of a bountiful harvest. and there was such promise in the garden. a power. and see that really.. but time passed... The woman was so moved by that vision... to enjoy life..... new life started there.. and a pond filled with life and laughter... inspecting the garden. the pond began to flourish...... And in the dream. to be fulfilled. What you might think of as a failure.... circumstances new life set back nature takes its course unhappiness Another pregnancy another set back Woman's resources Healing Resource Reframe David Mason 205 www. and they wondered if the garden could ever be right again...... the pool became stagnant. something polluted the pond. and life began in that pool again.. and the power behind the pond realized that things were going wrong. that you have the ability to create new life.... things were growing and multiplying.. Anytime there is a threat to the pond.. Because it was true.. in fact it is evidence that the pond is working correctly.Identity Identity enjoyed the garden. could be seen the eggs and seeds of the next season's life. and caused a sudden flood.... Because although it is a set back for one year's season.. And in the dream the figure touched the water. the whole thing became unsustainable.. 'sometimes things are not how you think they are. coming to the garden. You are a mature woman.... that she could feel the power of that pond. something so good had been removed. Direct Suggestion Section And another thing that is true.. You are a healthy woman. and the pool.. waiting patiently for the right time... is that you have abilities to understand at a level beyond knowing... nature recovers. and you know what? It came true. and that woman wanted that so much that she dreamed of other things. and swept everything out of the pond. but that woman had a dream... and they told their friends about it and everyone was so . But then something went wrong. that it is healthy and resilient... is actually the pond working the way it should.... and the force behind the pool again flushed everything away. the plants and fish died.. and there deep in the pool.....

..You can have a healthy happy baby... now [Reorientation] Capability David Mason www. feel the warmth of that tiny perfect body. and a new future begins for you. your body is getting ready.key-hypnosis.. Take a moment now... and picture that baby in your arms.... You can put the past behind you and learn from .. smell the fresh smooth skin. and when you come back to the present you will realize that it is all Capability there for you. with © 2011 D D V Future pacing > D D « Table of Contents David Mason 206 www. and as you feel that. You can look forward to that happy day now. And you can look Capability forward now to having that family you always wanted. You can create the family you want.... and a happy outcome..key-hypnosis....

.. just become aware of what it's like to relax completely.. That you are feeling more and more relaxed.. think back to a time when you were relaxing outside . nail biting....... and just think how good it is. focus on your breathing.. suntan lotion.. and as you close your eyes maybe you can imagine lying in a park somewhere...key-hypnosis. and as you relax I all the way down those voices can just fade away. or a garden.. peacefully relaxed.... nothing to worry about... like being really relaxed some where outside.. This is powerful general purpose script that can be applied in many different situations.... It can be used on its own. just let everything go. that's right.... and as you lie there now every muscle can become. David Mason 207 www.... It's so good to just totally relax.. on a warm day.... maybe you could hear children playing... facial tics and other stress related behaviour. grass ...... and the sounds and smells of that time. become aware of the breath going in and out of your body.... waves rolling gently.. and maybe you can imagine a gentle breeze. a simpler time... breathing gently. just lying there........ problem drinking. just feeling yourself supported. when you could just relax and enjoy that peace and calm.. and no one to bother you. sounds.... and just tell yourself with each breath out.. nothing to do.......... smells..... limp and loose.. and you might remember back to a time.. The tensions are taken up into a cloud and then the cloud moves away taking all the old anxieties with it....... and your own weight pressing down.. That's good.Letting go the Past Cloudy Beach This visualisation hypnosis script is designed to take away anxiety. that's good... It works by suggesting a way for the listener to visualise letting go of all the tensions they have been holding.. and I wonder what you would hear... to enjoy relaxing..... smell. and let it out.. and in the Invoking memories with sound. INDUCTION SECTION Visualisation induction Now just take a breath... as you lie there....... warm sun on your face..... each gentle breath in and out. or included as part of another session.... more comfortable. that's good. and now take another breath and let it out... touch reminder of relaxation DEEPENING THE TRANCE SECTION Countdown deepener and maybe you can imagine lying on a beach.....IBS. Anxiety is the cause of many problems . completely at ease..... nothing to do. a nice sandy beach somewhere....... Using the parasympathetic response Self induction Recall childhood memories invoking sights.. binge eating.. That's right... people talking. like a radio being turned right down... more at ease. hold it.. focus on.. on a warm sunny day......

............ there are clouds... Count down deepener CLOUD METAPHOR SECTION Troubles drift away And as you lie there. expectations..... and that cloud begins to get a bit darker. that all those old worries are just drifting away.... that cloud begins to get darker and darker. in the blue sky. and the smell of sun cream lotion. And in the sky..... all those old feelings.. you become aware.. you begin to realise there is something special about it... don't need any more.. between you and that cloud.. And as you are lie there. and then another cloud.. and you can feel yourself. as you relax more you become aware that there is a I connection between you and that cloud..distance there is the sound of traffic.and five... and while you are thinking about this very curious state of affairs... and still the clouds go down and there's eight......... and as you feel that connection.. being completely surrounded by a lovely soft warm fleecy cloud.... and from one side a cloud slowly appears. more at ease.... and there's just one cloud left. and then there's six.... ideas.. and then one disappears...... are being sucked up into > that cloud.. didn't .. high above. feeling totally at peace. and after a while V another cloud comes along. you don't D need to hold on to them any longer.... floating...... and you become aware that there is something coming out of you and going up into the cloud....... and that cloud is sucking up things from your body.... but this cloud seems a bit different........... and that cloud passes by...... you can begin to feel lighter and looser and set up the anticipation of clouds one change leads to another change relaxing = making the connection cloud more dark = body more light feel lighter = letting go David Mason 208 www. and those clouds are drifting gently I down.. vision. as if you were floating like that cloud.. and yet at the same time you feel lighter.. it's like there is some sort of link.... just going down and down and down .. and three.. while you lie there. and you can imagine yourself in that cloud........... and you can let them go now... of feeling lighter and lighter.. and four....... and as that cloud gets darker still..... and you can imagine lines or threads.. and you count the clouds going by... you watch them.. and as you watch the clouds drift across.. you feel more and more relaxed... and as you watch the cloud gets a bit lower.. heavier... just lying there relaxed.......... and bigger. all of that is getting sucked out and transferred to that cloud... letting go as that last cloud disappears...And those clouds go down towards the horizon...... and the clouds are drifting slowly from one side to the other. and as they go off there are ten left.. and then drifts away silently.... some channel . stuff you didn't ask for. Pace with breathing. all those ancient hurts. like water evaporating.... memories. above you is a big blue sky.. and there are nine.. this cloud comes across and then stops. and with each cloud disappearing.and as you look at that cloud. gently supported......... gently floating... you realise that these were other people's > problems. high above .. shoulders relaxed... and two........ and a bit lower. and as they go. safe and secure..............and now there's seven. looking at the cloud.. connecting you V to that cloud .........key-hypnosis. drifting. and as you watch.. head back. all the stuff you have been carrying.....

. getting smaller until you can't hear it any more. it's like a new day. things from now on will be different.. things you have been worrying about for a long time are just loosening ..... moving.. and drifting out and away.. shoulders... and you realise its because you have let go of all that stuff. and more and more things are sucked up. so much lighter perhaps.. and it passes over the horizon and out of sight...... and you feel... going up that connection into the cloud... > feel that change. beautiful fresh sand. just removing themselves.... and the cloud is getting darker. lifting. that everything has changed now........... because deep inside. fades.key-hypnosis... away.... leaving.. and just let it go. Reorientation And on the beach... flashes of lightning in it. all the unhappiness.... and. and is forced to change...... and when the last thing has passed up the connection breaks. and far away...... legs... gone completely. and it drifts on and on.... and that grumbling and the noise and the flashing and boiling. and the cloud continues to drift far out to sea.. and still the cloud moves on....... all that old stuff. and flashes of light. lying on that pure clean beach. and a rumbling..... the cloud begins to move... and it feels like for the first time in years the air is pure and clean.. can't hear it... feel it spreading...... D let everything drift up into that cloud.. coming from inside.. can't see... further and further.. become aware of any tension.. dumps all its contents into the sea..... the memories. getting smaller and smaller.... more and more of that horrible stuff goes into it. and the cloud is getting darker and darker and heavier....Rule Capability Capability happier..... as it drifts away. you are ready to take a deep breath now... and it gets as far as the horizon. the more your body relaxes the stronger that connection gets. it fades into the distance..... and the winds blow it... and there is a rumbling sound.. filling the cloud.... a fresh beginning and that cloud is drifting away out to sea ........ any feeling means it is working Clear any residual tension developing the metaphor rumbling = family problems amnesia. carried away by the currents.... anger. and still the cloud takes more and more of these things... and it gets smaller..... mixes with the vast oceans and is no more..... and as it moves the connection gets thinner and thinner.. because. And as you relax on that beach.. Get rid of old metaphoric symbols for ever introduce new symbol = light Suggest physical change = emotional David Mason 209 www... dilutes......... shaking loose at last..... and you can feel them drifting from your body. you can really begin to change.. some part of you knows it's time to let go.... unpleasantness... like people arguing. the misery... you can begin to be open to that happiness that is overdue. and that rain mixes........ lying there now. all that evil stuff.. and you are left there... your arms... loose and warm and happy...... are all letting go now. and beginning to feel that lightness..... from the forehead and down the Suggest physical feelings........ of things that have been D there for such a long time.... and now look around your .. and they can just drift up and up and you can feel things detaching... the next day. but the ocean has no memory..... the old feelings. you can't see it. look around your body........ and detaching. everywhere....... and suddenly the cloud opens......... that dark angry cloud.. all that bitterness... a bright new sun shines on an ocean where it once rained. and that cloud begins to get mixed with the air currents far away.. loose and limp and easy relaxation.. and as it breaks the cloud begins to drift away.

com © 2009 David Mason 210 www. putting your belongings into a bag. comfortable. « Table of Contents David Mason www... So when you are ready.... it is time to move on..... when you are ready you can count silently to yourself.... > Reorienting In a moment you can begin to come back to the present.. doors opening. the feeling of choices.key-hypnosis... standing up. from five up to one...... warming and change relaxing..... and down the neck and spreading and spreading. the feeling of taking back control.key-hypnosis.. become aware of certain things in your body...... the feeling of certainty.. begin counting NOW and when you get to one you will be back in the present.... and imagine you getting ready to leave that beach.. and as you count up to one imagine leaving that beach rubbish and throwing the last of the rubbish into a rubbish tin. gathering up any throwing away M rubbish that's left... brushing the sand off ... and as you are counting you can remember that feeling of letting ............cheeks....... on that beach.. clouds parting.. sunshine flooding in to a dark place.... eyes open. feeling good. and in that bright sunshine. and how good it is to let go of old stuff...

... and maybe you can feel how deeply you are relaxing with each breath out. and as you watch the brushes fill in more more details. safe and secure... and how you open a book... and just let it happen.... and you can look at it.. how you might find yourself falling into that spiral. viewing a merchandise catalogue. 'Look within' ....... down and down......... and seeing a page inside And on that page are the words 'I wonder if you are artistic?' And there on the page is a picture of an artist's frame for sale... and sat down in comfortable chair and carefully opened the wrappings........ with a blank canvas in front of you. and enjoy being relaxed.... and on the front cover was the name. and as you go down and down........ but breathing gently now. listening to my voice. I wonder if you can imagine a spiral. lying there. relaxing ever deeper and deeper....... and how that feeling comes of gently sinking. and how each breath can make you more relaxed. and inside was a merchandise catalogue... it seems my friend received a large package in the post one day.. the front cover had a picture... and you can just look and wonder... My friend took it inside. David Mason 211 www. nothing to do.. and how good it can be to just let go. but it had no sender's address on it....... more and more relaxed... a really heavy package bound up in cardboard. The basic metaphor is 'no matter how your picture was formed. what you needed to paint. and even as you think about what to put on it... and turning the pages..... and they paint a picture of something that is bothering you.. feeling yourself going down and down..... and it said.. this canvas was able to sense what you wanted.. The Catalogue of Magick A friend of mine told me a story that I think might interest you.. a thick book with glossy pictures of all sorts of things for sale.. and paint in tubes and pots and buckets... and you can imagine falling.key-hypnosis.. to induce trance and then to give the listener several metaphoric ways to change their own destiny.. to want to change it. and you look at that the canvas and feel attracted to it. the normal rules don't apply... the brushes move on their own and start painting..... sinking... in a book of magic.... like lights going out in city at night.. And you know... and canvas to paint on. how all the colours can begin to fade..... A Catalogue of Magick... and as all the lights go down you can become so relaxed.. and if that spiral was to start slowly turning....... and maybe you can imagine a large book. a picture of the thing you want to be rid of.. it was hard to make out what it was....The Catalogue of Magick Choosing how to change This metaphor uses a common experience..... it can be changed' . and you might be surprised at what you can see..... drifting away.. and there it is . and you find yourself in front of that frame....

or or the floor of a room that you love. and you find yourself in front of it.. but aren't really there.. and watch as hundreds of stones pour out and arrange themselves into a pattern. one stone can tell many stories.... ready to use. you see your hands picking........ [pause] And turning to another page....... no matter how small. separated from you. and think about what you want to have happen to that picture. the words. rejecting. one stone can be in many pictures... happy. choosing.... a pattern that can change and grow... just let it happen. with an incomplete piece of work on it. sorting. the shapes.. and you can paint over parts of that image... they can make designs...... pictures that tell a story..... your hands.... and made into different pictures... or you might decide to cut that canvas into strips and start again.... can't it? And people can find so many ways of arranging their stones.. a complex mix of different strands. pictures made of tiny stones.sitting there.. for making mosaics.. and balls of wool linking into it.... and you can see yourself.. [pause] And turning to another page. round..... and you realise that it is not what you want. smooth and warm in the hand. of lions and heroes and maidens and waterfalls and far distant lands.......key-hypnosis...... no one can tell which picture a stone belongs in... pictures that can last forever.... and all those stones can be mixed and matched....... watch as the brushes or scraper or other things do what you want to do to that picture. 'Do you like to do things with your hands?' And there is a picture of weaving frame. and there's a scraper hanging .... and you can do that now....... and as you watch a pattern emerges.. and you can imagine moving those stones around... and every stone in the bag....... beside the words 'Are you the sort who likes to make things?' there are bags with hundreds and hundreds of little stones... vibrant. or a picture.... and you can watch as it comes to life. changing the colours.. as if in a mirror.... the shiny silk.... polished with time... outside of you... and you find yourself selecting this colour and that ....... and you can feel the softness of wool... and you can tear the work out of the loom... blunt and sharp... imagine a path. as if you were born with them in your hands. and as soon as you think it...... and you find a brush in one hand. holding the part finished work in your hands... or cut out parts of it. can become part of a larger picture.. and then more swiftly the weaving frame guides your thoughts. just waiting. and instructions.......... or random patterns or they might choose to create an elaborate picture of life as they want it to be.. straight and curved. it starts to happen.. of many sizes. many colours..... a new pattern. and there are needles. David Mason 212 www.......... and somehow you know how to use these..... one stone can be substituted for another stone... many sizes.. coloured stones. white and red and blue and black .... the rough texture of hemp. just an arrangement of stones that fool the eye... until it shows you exactly what you want..... and slowly at first.... and becomes your future.... and you can scrape off parts of the image. stone by stone. looking for the patterns you want...

you can imagine it differently. or maybe you might like to imagine things turning out a bit differently.. healthy plants or drooping stems? Because you can look around the garden. and as you watch a hand reaches in and scatters random seeds.. about change.. many other pages... feeling refreshed. And my friend looked at many pages. you can decide what to rip out and put on the compost heap. and you can watch your garden as it grows. and that garden will grow exactly the way you want it to... painting it in different colours... and if you have a picture of something... and the lights and the colours got brighter.. Will you grow spiky cactus or sweet apples.. or they can be burned...........your choices.. and some of the details might be vague but you know that you are working towards the picture you want......... everything can be changed.. And in that book. or you can imagine getting rid of it.. but spent a lot of time on one of them particularly. I don't know how long... the bright flames destroy the old and create new .. seeds sprouting and reaching upwards to the light.. and was looking at the cover again.. and as you watch... and the spiral started to turn the other way.... and making things the way you always wanted them. and when that spiral stops you can find your self back in the present. old plants can be transformed... Are the words... do you like watch things grow?' And there is a picture of a bin full of seeds.. all sorts and sizes and shapes of seeds......... but in this movie.... thinking about possibilities. and you can decide what you want to keep and what not. or weaving new threads through it.. nothing is fixed. my friend closed the book...... about how when you think about it.. and I wonder if you have ever seen those films where a seed sprouts and waves about and whole days are reduced to minutes?...key-hypnosis..... recycled into new and healthy ones. isn't it? « Table of Contents David Mason 213 www.... and a new picture emerges.. examine what you find growing there. or you can choose to rearrange the tiny bits that make up every picture. And eventually. 'Are you the nurturing sort. you know. you can choose what these seeds will produce... [pause] And turning to another page.... the picture your deserve...... fragrant roses or dark moss....... and knowing that deep inside part of you is making the changes you want or maybe it has already happened? Who knows? That's the thing with magic... a place for you to enjoy forever....... and these things can happen....

......Hypnotic spiral anxiety script Many people have a deep constant anxiety inside that affects almost everything they do... a path leading down.. someplace where you feel warm and comfortable. and then just let it out.key-hypnosis. going down those . let your tummy K relax... you find yourself drifting along the path... Five. that's right.... more comfortable..... and let that feeling take over now... deeper and deeper into a soft dim place.. and beside the stream there is a little set of steps going down.. Two....... some place outdoors.. The best hypnosis technique is to use hypnotic metaphor and visualization...... deeper and deeper.. more at ease. a V secret way. Memory and now let your mind roam around that place.... a little flow of water going through some rocks. and let it go.... one last breath... Now settle yourself comfortably.. Chronic anxiety is very difficult to remove with standard hypnotic techniques since the anxiety was not caused by a single event....... and going down those steps now........ comfortable. just let your mind drift away. take another deep breath.. and Eight. Induction I would like you to take a deep breath now. and there is a stream.. Seven. more and more relaxed. let your eyes close....... and there are ten steps. let your head relax.. And there are ten steps. Memory Bind V Associate into the feeling link using the feeling of calm Safe place relax the muscles I wonder if you can think of someplace where you like to relax. breathing gently. imagine how it feels when you are in that place. Chronic anxiety often is not even recognised by the hypnotist since it can have many different symptoms... Nine........... each step makes you more relaxed...... and now let your shoulders relax.... Ten. and Three. and you are going along that that leads into a secluded quiet place... in the countryside or by a lake or river or somewhere else you find restful and safe..... down and down.. deeper and V down = trance Count down induction pace with breathing David Mason 214 www. just relax. calm and peaceful.. and when you are ready to relax completely... and it begins to take you down............ Six.... allow K yourself to go into that feeling now. and let it out.... relaxing deeper.. nothing to do. safe and secure.. your neck relax...... each step letting you let go.. to reprogram themselves and to let go of all the old stuff that is keeping them unhappy. more relaxed... And allow your mind to drift to some far off place.... how your body relaxes... and as you go down each step . your arms loose and floppy.... and as you begin to think about that path and where it might go.......... This script is a powerful visualization to allow people to let go of their anxieties. nothing to think about........ Four.... really relaxing now. and become aware of a path.... and you can begin to go down those steps.

.. memories. Ripple hypnotic deepener and imagine now a deep dark pool. fluttering. and that spiral is growing...... letting it all go... people. all times you were told No. as if a tornado has come along and is M M External force linking V David Mason 215 www.. softening and flattening and relaxing until there is flat calm water again. and turning into a spiral....... deep in the woods.. all the things that make you feel bad are breaking away. moving towards that spiral. smoothing out... It is as if there is great blizzard of ... things that shouldn't have happened are all being taken away now... getting stronger... getting smaller and > softer and wider.. and imaging a how a leaf might fall towards the surface of that pond. and the leaf slowly falls down and down.... and when it touches it sets off ripples. imagining those ripples spreading ever wider... and the spiral changes and gets bigger and there are lights and lines... loosening.. quietly above the dark water below. private..... swooping.. and all those twisted words and ideas are going with it.. it spreads relaxation...... drifting away...... looking. and now imagine that spiral somewhere out in front of you.. floating like a leaf... and as those ripples get smaller you find your mind easing and settling... twisting around..key-hypnosis........ Don't. things that happened........ you can't. and you can remember people......... some are things you haven't thought of for years.... forming circles and spirals. old emotions.... Spiral hypnotherapy visualization and imagine another leaf detaches... gently.. as you watch it... words and memories. some are things that are in your mind constantly.. spinning slowly... detaching..... and as each ripple spreads out........ on a patch V of deep dark water... relaxing.... things detaching. and imagine those ripples spreading gently ever outwards. you begin to feel a connection between that spiral and your mind.. moving out towards that spiral. and in your mind things are letting go....... images. and voices. things that happened.... and they are all leaving now. relaxing. and you feel that spiral beginning to pull and it begins to tug on all the old ideas... more powerful... and as it slowly spins around you can feel it connecting to something in your mind........... softly... and you can see now.. things that are negative.. round and round.... a pond somewhere..... they are all going towards that spiral and you can see things like words or papers. and imagine being at the centre of those ripples.. pointing. and as you feel that spiral....... and every place they detach. touches the surface of the pond..... old feelings. and you can watch them as they get sucked up into that spiral.. getting pulled out.. books. feeling those ripples spreading away from you. that water beginning to swirl around..... quiet. and the spiral is getting bigger and more powerful... and those ripples spreading out across the surface of the pond.. you can see people talking... a spiral that sweeps round and round. you feel free and fresh and clean.deeper relaxed........... One. and imagine within those circles.... things from long ago..... turning softly.. and the ripples start spreading out.

.. and that kind of person can choose the kind of life they want.... all that guilt.. do they? Those ideas.. and all those connections begin to stretch and break.. Direct Suggestion Section And you know........ maybe when you are sleeping.. fresh..... all the things that tried to make you something else.. and let it release . well they don't belong in your life. you will become aware of that spiral again.. you are someone who knows what they want... allow you to be even more free...... when you think about it. stronger. how to act. D Capability > Capability And who knows.... You can step out of them.. and just watch with curiosity at all the things being sucked up into that spiral.. things that should not have happened.... are just disappearing now...key-hypnosis. stuff that hurt you.... > feel your body relaxing.. like stepping out of old clothes... feel your muscles letting go.. other people's neediness. can determine what life is going to be like.. who can choose....... filled with light. who you should be. how to behave.. taking all that weight. expectations that other people have... maybe in quiet moments..... and as they go into that spiral......... feel yourself becoming K who you are.. beliefs that people tried to put there.. how to be. feeling better. how you are going to deal with things. no one has the right to tell you how to feel. and it moves off. [.. just drop them at your feet and put on whatever you want to wear. all those rules. what you are worth.. clean... add more direct suggestions to suit the specific case here] « Table of Contents David Mason www. You are the kind of person who can decide............ you are a smart person... D > Post hypnotic suggestion Identity Capability Identity Capability D the kind of person who can shake off things........ to walk away..sweeping through.... who you want to be.. who you are.. who can demolish stupid ideas....... you realize that you have more choices....... And when the time is right that spiral will begin to move further away...key-hypnosis.. are just streaming away.... all those negative feelings and beliefs.. all those restrictions... You have that choice.. who can see them for what they are.... you have freedom... feeling lighter. what you want to do. things you didn't understand. and step forward. stuff you saw © 2010 I M new clothes = new life Identity Capability David Mason 216 www.... taking with it all that stuff........ like pushing away hands trying to D hold you back...... can just go away.. allowing it all to go. like music... stuff that was said..... all that stuff. and you can enjoy that process. you feel yourself getting lighter... those needs are not yours... blowing away all those old things that shouldn't be there... Behavior and as that process continues.. are all being removed... you have that ability because all those old things..

just for relaxation.. or it could be a park or somewhere like that and maybe if you closed your eyes you can remember how pleasant it is............. walks by the shore... and maybe if you take a deep breath now you can feel that feeling...... to visualize the past as something you can change and give meaning to your life.. as you breathe out.. wondering where this path might take you. The basic metaphor concept is a corridor of rooms full of memories....and no matter I where you are...when you are amongst trees and Memory I grass and things you like.. sounds of the outdoors.. and there's a sense of quiet and expectancy. and lets you find meaning in what happened... the warm sun on your face.. enjoying that feeling you get . the smell of new cut grass or country air... trees... and all around there's sunshine. Target Finding life's purpose Induction I once had an old friend who liked to go for walks.. you can hear each step...key-hypnosis.. deeper and deeper. walks in the country. find the purpose of your life. Leaving the past behind lets you find what you really want in life....... you can always find a pleasant walk .. Five. times like that can make you feel so good.. maybe by a river. I to some place away from here. flowers....... and with each gentle breath out you might like to wonder how relaxed you can become. Memory maybe the feel of soft earth under your feet... that relaxation. you have to go down a number of steps.... . deeper and Comments Dissociation Invoke memories of relaxation Time congruency using all the modalities Truism Breathing = relaxing Breathing induction Dissociation Seeding 'comfortable' Countdown deepener David Mason 217 www. the swish of your clothes as you walk ... And I wonder if you can remember a time. somewhere nice... and the path goes along and down into a dell....... Four. The metaphor reconnects to the good parts of your ... what your life is about..... and you might be feeling that relaxation starting..... or in the country.. and you find yourself on a gravel path... the breeze in your hair. walks around town. wipes out the bad memories.... freedom. and each step takes you down. three. as you go along comfortably. you go down each step.. everything is calm . deeper and deeper... my friend said... now. and you can feel the gravel crunching under your feet. Some rooms have happy memories and some have bad memories....... and spreading.. and far away from things that might disturb you....... and counting. the meaning of life.. people remember different things.. and to learn your life's purpose....Finding the purpose of life Leave the past behind and find your life's purpose What is life? What is the purpose of life? This script uses a hypnotic metaphor for letting go of the past. The script works to show you the purpose of life and shut off the bad memories... deeper and more relaxed.. and sometimes in times like that you find your mind drifting away...when you went for a walk Memory .

. and you bend your head... to your surprise. so relaxed. making footprints in the dew. You walk up to the building.... and you become aware of your feet... of that time and place. going up and up and up. through each stage of your life.. starting from your very earliest years. it looks welcoming.. and right in the middle is a door... you can go along. or there might be a scent.. One. Changing the past and then you find yourself in a large. there RULE are things you can choose to forget... and you go forward into that corridor. maybe more relaxed than you have ever been in your whole life...... something that reminds you so strongly.. at the end of the corridor... above the door some writing has been carved into it... a feeling.. And what you can do now.. and maybe you might want to make a game of deciding each day what good things you want to remember that day...... and if it is not.... and you listen... new. and you reach out your hand and you turn the handle in that door. and determine whether that door .deeper.. and there are things you can choose to remember. you look at each door. Two.. that door is brightly lit and looks welcoming.. and all those doors there........and what you will reserve for the next day.... and away in the distance.. and get in contact with it and enjoy .. and Memory they are there for you to enjoy. a dell. you realize that there is something special about this building... and each of those doors is open just a crack. and along each side of the corridor there are many doors. grassy area. and each of those doors. and as you go along that corridor..... you push it open and it swings open soundlessly... standing at the entrance of that can see another door.. and there.. and wonder.. or one that you would rather forget about.. almost like something out of a an old book. and up ahead you can see a small building.key-hypnosis... just a little.... it's quiet................ and if it is a pleasant situation you can go through that door... which is pleasant... clean ...... it’s amazing such a small building has such a long corridor... you can hear people talking.... you don't have to remember everything... almost as if you were there again.... if you want to...... then you can put your hand on the handle of that door. and you continue across the grass....... and pause in front of each door. and pull it closed... of what is going on now behind that door... and you realize that if you listen closely........ and many good things happened in your young life..... and you realize that each of those doors.. of that situation.... the door opens on to a long corridor. opens on to a situation.and you stop in front of the door.......... opens into an area of your life. Everything seems fresh.. a col our. Well..... and you look at that door . and the people in your life. because you know. they had problems at times. where it might lead. that maybe you haven't had time recently to think about. It's a very old fashioned style.. and you realize there is something you haven't seen before.. and footprints = the trace of where you came from Locate a memory Connecting to and strengthening good resources Reframe David Mason 218 www...... will open on to a situation.......... examine all the doors on the left and the doors on the right. but they are there... and lock it....

if it is something best discarded and forgotten... and for the other doors you can put your hand on the handle.. so you take a bit of time now........... see yourself at that age. dressing up..... pausing in front of each door on the left and on the right..key-hypnosis. It's something you can think about..... and are standing in front of that last D door.. and it will lock.......... and deciding whether you want to spend a little time in there. things can seem different when you look at them from another perspective.sometimes they didn't behave so well....... facing into the corridor. and determine whether that is a happy situation that you want to keep... the reality is that they had good points too. so let me know now if you are ready to examine those doors.. you hear the click of the lock. you go along that corridor. and for each door..... but deep down they tried...... and that door fades right out of memory.... it begins to darken.... and forgetting things that are not happy...... and if it is not something you want to know about..... so when you are ready to do that I would like you to signal to me by raising a finger or a thumb or maybe a hand or some other way and that will let me know that you are ready to go ...... and begin to pass through all the stages of your life. and move on quickly.. whatever you really enjoyed........ with friends...and while it might seem that some people only had bad points. you can go in there. put your hand on the door..... you can give me another signal. or the right and on the left. that maybe you couldn't deal with at the time.... and you are protected from that... and if it is a pleasant happy situation for you... and go along ... and as you pull that door shut... maybe to enjoy those old feelings. merges with the wall..... and leave that behind.. to remind yourself of the all good times....... and it becomes indistinct... [Await signal] visualization Process the memories Ideomotor signal David Mason 219 www. from the outside...... reading.. to decide what to either close them for ever or enter and enjoy the delights within. keep still.. as much as they were able to at the time..... and look up that corridor. playing games. shrinks. maybe in their own way... and a huge bolt slides across.. or one you'd rather not have around any more.. but you can reconsider them now... and become aware in what ever way is best for you.. there is nothing there now but a blank wall.. and you can start at the beginning.. but they did love you.parties. and it begins to fade. those wonderful young feelings of joy and spontaneity -.. they gave you memories. and that door changes.. becoming aware of what it going on behind each door. so can't tell if it was even there. and you never have to feel those feelings again. all the time you need. and you can choose how you want deal with them.. or whether it is a particular situation where you will close and lock the door.. and then when you have dealt with all those doors..... you can pull the door closed.... and enjoy all the feeling you have... when you look back that entire door has disappeared. the times when you learned and enjoyed being young............. of what is going on in that room.. to that bright door at the end. and open the door a little wider.

. and behind that door...... and all those doors where you opened and went in and enjoyed the situation.. and it is easy to open. that's a very special door. it is Capability the purpose of your life.... Now take whatever time you need. and realize what is on the other side.Give the client time to think about what bliss might be. OK.... [pause ... that's the door that you open to go away from this place.. but it is a very special door.... but when you open that door you will be opening up a vision.... And can you go through that door? I Yes.] but your mind knows and is eager to show it...... and you may be surprised when you open that door. [Await signal] Thank you.Thank you I see that... I don't know. Now I don't know what bliss means to you...... really look at it... what colour is that door? Red. and does it look easy to open? Yes.... I see that. you have been thinking about it... Now bliss is a very special thing.... all those good feelings will be available to you..and you know.key-hypnosis.. I would like you to look at that door. is something you may not be aware of ..... It opens towards you. All those doors that you have closed and locked. to remember.... And tell me.. what represents bliss for you. but your own mind knows what bliss means to you. your mind will allow D Depth Test Safety Test Safety check Build expectation Define the concept Prime the mind for a revelation Permission David Mason 220 www.... a real is at ion of what it is that you really want. that special door... you have done some very good work today.. and acquaint yourself with all the positive things that happened in your young life..... it may be something unformed and difficult to define... life's purpose for you. exactly what lies behind that door.. all your life. longing for it .... ..... and when you have done that you can signal to me again... and we will continue.. and decide what things you want to leave behind. bliss is not just the absence of problems or feeling OK.. it may be something very specific.. Visualization of Life’s Purpose And there is one door left. Bliss is what you think you deserve from life.. the feelings that were in those rooms will never bother you again.... Bliss is the positive feeling of joy of life. of total well being. whenever you need to be reminded that you have so many good things to think about.... behind that door is. an experience. And do think it opens away from you or towards you? I Towards. today and tomorrow and whenever you need them.... and that is the door which is right at the end of the corridor.

. that room is for learning.. on the other side. and I don't know what your mind has revealed to you... and you will go through that door. to access it Give time to experience it Do not leave the client in the bliss room when you see that door you go towards it..key-hypnosis. a little more awake. but you can enjoy that right now. Three getting ready for a deep breath and a maybe a stretch. coming back to the © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 221 www.... Four eyelids fluttering.. step boldly forward ...... [pause] but now is not the time to be in that room. and push it open and when you push it open NOW you are on the outside. it's been a see your remarkably short period of time you can still see your footsteps on I footsteps = that grass.. a sense that in that building you have gained something wonderful and you have also left behind things that no longer to become aware of it after you step through that door........ is the way out.... and what your mind has revealed to you now is what you are going to be working towards for the rest of your life. it is something that is for you... you can feel the sunshine on your face and you can also feel a strange sense of freedom. and so now you walk back across that dewy grass. One.key-hypnosis. and each step brings you a little more aware..... you are back in that grassy dell... remember and now you walk back up to those steps.. and you will be taking with you all those good things and the message of that vision of bliss...... now.... something good.. and you go up those steps.... and you can be glad of it. become aware of that bliss. welcome back....... FIVE wide awake.. two..... beginning to get feeling back in your arms and Reorientation legs....... David Mason www.. so now I want you to look at the back wall of that room and you will find another door.

This metaphor is the nearest thing there is to general purpose therapy. Because it is pure metaphor and touches on so many symbols of the unconscious mind it always has a powerful effect. One statue is a man encased in ice. The script keeps on working and generating positive change for up to six weeks. Because the symbolism is so strong it works on several levels simultaneously and typically enables the client to change things that they did not know were problems. or the client just seems to have so many problems that you don't know where to begin. and they will not be called again. The core metaphor is about dropping the emotional burden you have been carrying without being aware of it. The applications are only limited by the therapist’s imagination.. etc. and the figure tells the client that they were taken up for a very good reason. The Crystal Mountain script is written as a multi-level embedded metaphor. That metaphor is wrapped up in an indirect suggestion of forgiveness by a spiritual guide and then that is contained in two other metaphors: the inner metaphor is about not being afraid to look into yourself and the outer metaphor is about daring to free yourself from old fears. Get the client to ‘fix’ all these things. and could not be done any other way. David Mason 222 www. one is a man bound in iron bands and suffocating. The client absorbs the metaphor and then matches the concepts embedded in it to aspects of their own life. It is the script to use when you have run out of ideas. The crystals are their reward and from now on they can resume life as is used to be. you can take the client into a hall in the cave where there are statues. and thanks them and apologises for the way it was done and thanks them deeply.key-hypnosis. lacks emotion. The visit to the cave is a place where you can put very focussed instructions or resources. For example if your client is unable to relate to people. It can be used with almost every client where the basic problem is anxiety caused by past events or a bad childhood. one is a man with his head twisted behind him so he can’t see. Their part is now over. It is also very useful for specific problems that don’t seem to have any definable source. It has a wonderful freeing .Crystal Mountain This hypnosis script is my version of the traditional hypnotherapy script for letting go of the past. For Alien Abduction the client can be led into the back of the cave where the wall opens to reveal the interior of the space ship. safe in the knowledge that they have contributed in a small way to the universal consciousness. etc.

.... Now just imagine at the bottom of that stairway.. 'let go........ the next room... And when you’ve allowed all those rooms to go dark.... and each step down will make you even more relaxed. the gentle in and out of your breath. loose and limp and floppy... and one after the other everything gets switched off. relax. leading down to the basement.. all through that house. you don't have to think.. and there are ten steps. just feel yourself drifting round and round.key-hypnosis....... you feel yourself beginning to sink into that chair... and just imagine now going down that stair.. TEN........ just become aware of your breath.. and all the lights are on in all the rooms..... that's good. you make the lights go out. and stairs ................ that's it.. just allow > your muscles to relax and release and let go.. and after one there is just zero.. to tell yourself. deeper and deeper... more relaxed.. and imagine going down those steps and relaxing more.your whole body is relaxed... the first room goes dark. more and more relaxed and maybe you can imagine being inside a house somewhere... you can allow yourself............. with each breath you are becoming . and with each breath out another room goes dark. and you can imagine yourself drifting down through the centre of that zero.... and as you pass each room. and as you glide past each room.. and EIGHT and SEVEN down an down ..... and just feel yourself going down and down.. and as each room goes dark you relax a little more.. and all the time each breath out is taking you deeper and deeper. and it's night time. begin to feel yourself being held......... you don't have to do anything at all.. safe and comfortable and warm. and from the top floor there is a stair case going round past every room and down to the next floor. deeper and deeper......... things go quiet..... as you go down that stairway...... you just enjoy that lovely warm relaxation.. a big old fashioned house with many rooms around a central stairwell...... and just feel yourself supported gently......... more at ease.Target INDUCTION SECTION And now just focus on your breathing..... and music coming from some of the rooms.. the whole building and everything in it is gradually getting darker and darker..... and you can begin to forget about these hands and legs and all the rest.. and then with your next breath out... you're doing very well...... to a velvety dark place. another room...... goes dark. that you can begin to relax now. you don't have to think about Comments Dissociation Breathing induction Self induction Stairwell Induction Pace with breathing Countdown induction David Mason 223 www.. and THREE . deeper and deeper. and just take a few moments and enjoy that wonderful feeling of total relaxation.... more peaceful.. you don't have to listen ........ and relax more and more.. and all the sounds have stopped . and FOUR and each step is making you more and more comfortable.. and maybe you can imagine a voice at the back of your head that says........ you don't have to do anything. counting down on each breath.. more and more relaxed. more relaxed. deeper and deeper and TWO down and down and ONE almost there . and SIX deeply relaxed..... and with every breath out just going deeper and deeper....... and NINE . and FIVE. settling down. more calm...... deeper and deeper'...... and with every breath .... and there is the sound of machinery running somewhere..........

.. a back pack. and you notice something........ and you emerge from the trees and you come to a flat grassy area.. summer sounds. First Embedded Metaphor . and you find yourself going through a dark forest. to think about .... you begin to feel free.... of streams and meadows and farms and V fields... and your journey.. and you are feeling good.. and you take up your backpack again. and you take your pack off and put it down. suggestions of spirituality Introduce tension 1st unresolved David Mason 224 www. and it is a lovely day.. but you ignore it... and you peer in between the branches of this thorn bush... turning this way and that.. and the little bird looks at you.... Start of the embedded metaphor Group And I wonder if you can imagine a land far far away. and you walk along and the path begins to wind its way up the valley and it winds around left and right and right and left... And as you walk along you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the wind blowing your hair....... and you are sitting beside the stream and maybe you put your hand in it and take drink of refreshing pure water. and the thorns look sharp and dangerous....... and you step across the stream and Visualisation Muliti-modes of experience suggestion of alternatives decide to look at alternatives leaving the old area Aware of the pack Coming out of the dark..... and there's a bush there....... and you become aware that you are carrying a pack........ and you decide to investigate that path... helpless and bedraggled.. and it’s a familiar road... and the poor thing is stuck deep inside . and you decide to get up and have a look at it... and there the little path goes off.. and you stop and look around you .key-hypnosis. and just relaxing on that lovely soft grass...... and the rustling sound seems to be coming from inside the bush...... deep inside there is a little bird................. And after a while you hear a rustling sound. you don't have to worry..... and there .the Thorn Bush and the path goes higher and higher... the warmth of the sun on your skin. see where it goes. there is the smell of grass... there's a little bird trapped there.. back to the stream...... of long summer days and And in that place you find yourself walking along a road . hear the river splashing far below in the valley... and the sunlight filtering down like being in a great cathedral. and you begin to wonder about that too. quite clearly marked.anything...... and you look at the bush.. gradually leading upwards. and the feel of smooth stones under you feet. and it seems to be coming from over on the side . and you wonder how that little bird got in there... and you decide to follow it for a while .. and I why you are taking this road........ a road you have walked many times... and you are walking along....and you push through some bushes. just let go and enjoy the feeling. a path off to the side. with nasty thorns on it....... and with regret you turn and walk away.. and then the rustling comes again... and you get up and you walk over to where this sound is coming from . a land of high mountains and green valleys. and you begin to wonder where this road goes.. and it is a lovely day and you have lots of time....... a thorn bush.. and you look at the thorns ......... with huge trees all round. and there's a stream and a place to sit by the water.. or how long it has been there.

. and you go up to the edge of it and you look in the water and it's calm and deep and silent. and they are dressed in some kind of robes... more and more of them appear .. And as you get to that last bend once again the area opens out.. still loves you.... and you get that feeling of being totally accepted..key-hypnosis.. and the air is getting thin and it's getting a little chilled. an ancient wisdom brushing against your innermost thoughts and then deep in those eyes you see something you didn't expect..... they kind of draw you in. I have been waiting for a long time now".. I have been waiting for you..... far down inside the lake. you begin to fill up with a wonderful warm feeling. exactly as you are.... large shadows forming and changing... and as you get closer you get the feeling that you know who this is .. things moving.. through your arms and legs and body......... and accepts you for what you are.. way up here in the lonely hills. and deep deep below you can make out dark shapes... and so you walk round. and as you get nearer. and you can see the tops of the hills reflected and the sky and clouds. and you can feel it spreading up though your neck and your cheeks and filling your mind. to bring you to this point....... and there in front of you is circular pool..... deep dark water....... I’ll just go round this last bend and then I'll go back... and maybe you can feel that feeling spreading through you now...continue on your way. and you realise that this person knows all about you...... somehow you are looking deep inside..... probing your deepest secrets.. Third embedded metaphor ..... everything you have ever done.. and they are beckoning to you.... every deed.. to reconsider .. And as you look into that pool it's as if you feel yourself being drawn in.. and it's the eyes. that everything that has happened has been for a reason. Second Embedded Metaphor .... there's someone on the other side of the pool looking at you..... and as you look at this... and they seem to be swimming and there are more of see a strange figure.. acceptance.The spirit's gift and as you do you notice the reflection of the sky in the still water. and you feel something pass between you and that figure. and your mind can begin to change too... it is as if they have sensed you there and begin to rise up towards where your shadow falls across the water.......... every thought.. and it is really a lovely scene..... and you decide... there is something about those eyes...... there is someone else on the other side of the pool.. as if you are filled with a coloured light..... and you look deeply into their . and you step back... as you get closer still the person looks at you.... a pool of water. And in the reflection you suddenly see there's someone else there... and it is as if you hear a voice in your head saying "Welcome.the Dark Pool And you continue following the path upwards and upwards. to consider the situation Introduce tension Metaphor for the unconscious mind 2nd unresolved situation Metaphor for spirit guide Acceptance and forgiveness Direct suggestion section David Mason 225 www. and it is as if you can feel fingers going through your mind..... every word ...

.... you feel something change inside you . and there is a big flat area in that cave .. like friendly stars shining in the night.. it's time to just enjoy relaxing your mind. like a sunset at the end of a perfect day promising a better new day to come. most of your life... and you know that everything has changed......... it is there just because of who you are now... coming from thousands of crystals in the rock...and you put down that backpack.. and the figure leads you into a cave. and D letting go.... you can change.. and as you drop it. and inside there is a glow. End of CRYSTAL CAVE Metaphor Resolve Third Embedded Metaphor .. you go into the pack and you lift out the next stone. you have been carrying that around with you for so long...possibility. Core Metaphor .. it's time to make things happen differently.. and the next one and the next one and you smash them all... all shapes and sizes.. " And you look around the cave.. and there is a growing feeling of excitement in you............... and the figure moves onwards....... "It’s time to take off that backpack... and it's as if you are seeing it for the first time.. and inside there are stones. leaving nothing but that warm glow.... and it is filled with things that you did not put in there. And can enjoy that ... it's time to let go of old notions.. " It's time to start on a new path..... You can feel warm and content now..... "Come.... you.. old ideas can dissolve and just wash away . and you kick it away from you. all encompassing light fills you totally.....the Crystal Cave And beckons for you to follow. .. and the figure turns and moves on. You don't have to carry those things any more.... it cracks like an . and you drop it on the ground.key-hypnosis. from the top of your head to the tips of your feet.... And you go into the backpack and you lift out the next stone.. and scattered around are sparkling crystals.. that is a gift to you. and you stamp the pieces into dust and you kick the dust around.......... old ideas about yourself.Look around you ..Spirit's Gift And the figure smiles at you and says.. and you can just enjoy this wonderful healing light. that you have had to carry. and it is filled with things that you don't need and don't want.. And that warm. you don't have to carry other people's stuff.. large stones.. into little pieces that blow away........... And voice says.... that were never intended for you".... and again you hear the voice in your head saying. always.. that everything can be different. and you reach into the D pack and you lift out the top stone. and you open it. as that healing light bathes you in its warm glow.. you don't have to do anything to enjoy that gift.. take what D you want... and you take that out and you throw it to the ground and it smashes into a million pieces. and know that it is there. and you pick up the 3rd unresolved situation Reassurance for the claustrophobic David Mason 226 www.......... there is something waiting for you". in bright colours.... into little pieces...... the shell crumbles.

... flying ......... of that bush.. and you make a tunnel down into the heart. gone........ And so you reach out and carefully you grasp one of the branches... protected.. and a fish jumps...the Dark Pool and you turn to thank the figure....key-hypnosis.. it looks bright and warm and welcoming... it washed up on a shore far away... and the ripples seem to go on for ever...... and then it is swept down some rapids and disappears... and you sit down and really look at the world around you.... happier. good things can come from anything... a passage a way in to the centre.. more and more of them.. they are fish.... you grasp it at the base...... and you arrive at the circular pool again.......... but now it looks different.. and you can fill your pack with those shiny crystals and take as many as you need. any thing you want to be. but it is gone.crystals and with every one you are picking up strength and confidence and certainty and all things you need.......... you hear the rustle from the bush... and that tunnel became a home to a family of small creatures.. and you see it flying high up there in the bright blue sunlit sky... and a way in is a way out. and you find yourself back at that stream again... and carefully and gently you promise that bird I can make you free.. no matter how you got to be where you are now.... who lived safe and snug inside. like a child drops a stone just to enjoy what happens.... you throw it into the stream.. and your hands feel clean and David Mason 227 www.. And while you are relaxing and thinking about what has changed. free to do everything. and carefully you move each branch and twig out of the way..... and you go across to the bush. free to be anything you can be. you walk to the bright cave entrance. and you step across the stream... and again those dark shapes start to rise... and as you watch the shapes become clearer........the Thorn Bush And you move on. and the little bird that is in there.. and how fresh and clean and bright it all is now...... and you bend it to the side.. beautiful multicoloured fish. and decide to get rid of it. and then you bend a branch away to the other side. And you wash your hands in that stream... and again you stand and look into the pool. and you watch all the dirt coming off your hands and carried away.. You can get out. with shimmering scales flashing in the sun.... deep into it..... tumbling and swooping.. leaving an ever expanding ripple on the surface.......... where there are no thorns. it starts to float away.... and to your surprise and delight... Resolve First Embedded Metaphor . "You are free now........ supported... And you know... with a little bit of help you can get away from this. and you realise that was the gift that was waiting for you. there is a herd of gentle animals drinking at the edge.. many months later... and as it flies up and up you say to that bird..... free.... " And back at the stream you look at the bush.. turning in the current.. And you walk easily down from the cave. that bush had changed. avoiding all the thorns. and you begin back down the path. Resolve Second Embedded Metaphor .. and will always be waiting for you... and you pull it out of the ground.. and with a sudden flurry the bird is out. feeling lighter.

something has really changed inside you.. and as you walk along you realise things are different now. now.... and divides again... a fresh green plant sprouts.. and another.. and as you relax and close your eyes. and soon your sleeping figure is surrounded by new growth. so many branches...key-hypnosis. you continue on the path.. and where it falls.. and then another....... and each criss crosses the others and each leads to a bright future....key-hypnosis........... And as you imagine that road branching out you feel stronger and maybe you are beginning to feel that tingling in your arms and in your toes... and up ahead the road splits into many branches..... « Table of Contents David Mason www.. and the road divides.. and you sit down comfortably on the bench. You have left so much behind you now.fresh now.. and one by one each individual plant opens a flower....... And feeling cleansed and .... and you feel somehow different. it's one of those times when you realise as you are wakening up that things are different forever..... and as you come back to the present now you realise you really have a present worth coming back to as you waken up in the present. And soon you are back at the beginning of the path. End of Embedded Metaphor group And before long you reach the line of trees and this time that dark and gloomy forest seems filled with light. you can learn a lot from nature. a crystal falls unnoticed out of your pack.. because something has changed deep inside that cave..... and beside the road is a bench. And as you think about that road.... and allow your mind to clear. and you find the road again.. and all around you is strength and endurance and health and vitality...... until you are surrounded by a carpet of © 2009 David Mason 228 www...... it begins to change......

..... and you wave and they wave back.. and as you crunch along on the gravel .. and there's a breeze blowing along.... and maybe you can imagine that door opening. and how easy it would be to open that door.. you find yourself in a large room.. and you look round there is a big sort of net. they've been having a sort of party. and feel this tugging at your back. totally accepted. and inside it. It’s a place where you can be anything you want to be.... supported . and look at those people....key-hypnosis... the colour.. just for that... where you can do anything you want to do and you will be accepted and supported. old .. or an airport or anything involving movement....... and they stop and they look round and they all smile. isn't it? And now I would like you to find a way to thank those people and just send out love to them.......... and there are people there who you haven't seen for a long time.... and even just thinking about that place makes you feel good inside..... in that room there is everyone you know and like.. and every one that you love is in that room.. and everyone who loves you.. and there are people there who are no longer with us.. The Gravel Path I wonder if you can imagine a door.. and think about what that door might look like...... and be accepted. and then louder still........... and they begin to come forward. they have been talking and eating and drinking... or a bag or something.. and trees along each side... and make your way to another door... and some hug you and kiss you.. and they begin to clap a little louder.. whether it would open inwards or outwards. and you feel so good... and you can smell water. quietly and politely.. the door to the outside... and this is a place where you can feel completely safe... you realise that there is something tugging at you. you can hear the crunch of the gravel.... and when you go into that room they all turn round and they stop doing what they were doing...... and you are walking along .. and in that room there are lots of people. and you can see them clapping and you can hear the sound.... and they go back to talking and laughing. and some put their arms around you ....... and you feel such a feeling of warmth and acceptance... and you can turn round..... and everyone who knows you and likes you........ And you go out through that door and you find yourself on a gravel path. and as you walk up the path you can feel the stones under your feet.. and you go through that door..... big...... in any way you can. perhaps.... by family and friends and all the other things..... tall trees... And that's a good thing.. that all these people love you for who you are... and know that they are there to support you.. It can be adapted to many different situations and the basic idea can be applied to a bridge.......... what kind of handle it might have. you can feel the pleasure.. and you are dragging this along David Mason 229 www.. and they begin to applaud ... and they are all smiling.. off a river. it's full of stones and rubbish...........Letting go the past This metaphor takes the client on a metaphorical journey along a path and lets the mind deal with what has been holding them back... and there are people there who you meet every day.

..... and you reach round to the rope connecting that thing......... it springs away.and you can see the marks on the gravel... a new path... disappearing.. and you look at it and it feels as if it is dragging behind you like the train on a gown. and it begins to steam......... a fresh way forward...... and as it parts...key-hypnosis. and you realise this has been tugging on you for a long time.... you can go forward now.. you don't deserve to have to drag all this stuff with you all the time... you don't need it.. and you realise you don't want it..... they too fade away... and you can walk among it and kick at it. and as soon as you realise this.... and the sunlight begins to shine on all that old stuff.. and the sun comes out........ and in there is all the stuff that other people have put in there that you don't really need any more. bits roll away....... and all the stuff inside collapses..... and then you smooth the gravel over and there is nothing there any more. « Table of Contents David Mason 230 www. until nothing is left.. and as you .and the pile collapses and scatters.. and all that is left is a smooth path...... it comes apart.... And you feel much lighter.. you slash at it.. and the bright light begins to destroy the stuff holding it all together...and some drains away into the gravel.. .... something sharp appears in your hand.. you can feel them fading....... and evaporate.. nothing to see but the shadow of your own footsteps. and you realise that you were sort of aware of it before. holding you back..... you reach out and cut that rope.... and you suddenly get the feeling. that this is what you should do. that weight has gone... or like an anchor on a boat. but never really looked at it or felt it so strongly before.. and lies there on that gravel path. and soon....

ever deeper. then switches attention to a different view.. but you can change how you remember the past.. Dissociation Induction Section I wonder if you can remember a child's picture book? The sort of book that has picture and stories and different scenes and different places. and you come to a ... and one more and let your whole body relax......... It uses a metaphor of a mirror in a room that reflects differently and that can change the past. hold it..... ever wider.Change the past Letting go past events and moving on with life This script is designed to get rid of things that happened in the past and lets you change the past........ and how you let it affect you.. and there is a page with a scene outdoors. and the driveway leads you Technique Relax the body Target Memory Technique Dissociation Target Technique something hidden a way in David Mason 231 www.. going back a long way....... letting go. a big wide gate. and a big armchair to settle down in.... You can't change the past. imagine how they would feel if they were so heavy you just can't lift them. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of releasing old hurts and emotional abuse so you can move on in life.. This hypnotic metaphor sets up the old event.. and someone lying in the shade there enjoying the warmth and relaxation. and there is path a driveway beyond the gate.. and imagine now resting in that armchair.. Mirror transformation metaphor and you find yourself walking along a road in the countryside... on a hot sunny day. and let it out... and the gate begins to open... to a page with a tree... imagine those roots spreading out. even more. thinking of those deep roots.. and the new perspective takes over......... feeling relaxed and comfortable. in that calm peaceful place. imagine those roots going deep down into the earth....... really relax... and to safely watch as they happen and then to change the past. and allow your mind to drift off... as you relax...... your arms and legs can go heavy. a different page. somewhere in the countryside.. Target Kinesthetic Induction Section Now take a deep breath.. This metaphor therapy allows the person to uncover old things that they might not even be aware were a problem.. And another breath...... surrounding something important. a big tree somewhere.. then the person is given the power to change the past..... now become aware of the weight of your body..... a high wall. and imagine now...key-hypnosis......... and as you breath out. and there is a wall beside the road.. and allow your mind to go deeper. and that tree has roots going down. and allow yourself to settle down deeper now. and there's a warm fire burning in a comfortable room.. that's right........... and you follow along the wall. imagine opening that book .

what you deserved to have happen. something important... your mind is drifting back in time.. the people... turn out the way you want them to........ as you are looking through the window........ and in it things get clearer.... a barn. and you trail your hand along the wall. the mirror starts to get bigger........ knowing that things have changed for ever. watching.. and you are M looking into a room. And when you are ready .. the way they should have turned out......... the way it did. you are a spectator. how it affected you..... and you reach out and touch the wall. to start to melt and dim. and you look in the window.... to time when something happened to you. something that hurt you is going on in that room. and in that room there is something going on. And you realize that because you are looking in the room this time. But on the back wall there is a mirror... and you feel the surface ... indirection lots of resources guiding the unconscious leads to the problem metaphor room = life Dissociation revivification Double dissociation magic resource for change Power to change the past double perspective on the event replace the old version with the new let it face away David Mason 232 www.... something important that it is time to change. and you go up to the main .. you can make things in the mirror turn out differently. the way things can be..... to decide how it should have ended..... and as the mirror gets brighter.. the room dims and getter darker............ a pond... just looking. a big important looking building. but as you watch... and it is a scene from your own life. but you can see the room and you can see the mirror and the room in the mirror.. the place. and things start to melt away. that has never been cleared.. you can see everything that is going on.. and the things in the mirror somehow are not exactly the same as the things in the room... and the events in the room begin to lose focus.. and there are smaller buildings nearby.... and soon there the events in the room can hardly be seen. as if it was happening to someone else. what would be the best outcome for you....... and the path goes through trees and bushes and then round a corner..... and as you touch that wall. and move away from the window. and vanish... things are getting changed...... changed to the way they should have been.on... the way things were... and you can influence what the mirror shows.. and you can watch as this scene appears in that room..... and you come to a building. the mirror gets bigger and brighter. bits of machinery lying around.. to a long time ago.. something that has affected your life.. and you have the ability to change what happens in the mirror.. and the light from the mirror replaces everything in that room.. until you are completely satisfied with how things should be. and you can take a few moments now to choose..... and you can see the mirror. and you come to a window..... you can lower the curtain on that scene................ experience it...... just letting it take you wherever it leads.... you can see it. so you can see the room.. and as you make those changes... as if it was happening right now...key-hypnosis.. and change it in the mirror now.. something that should not have happened to you... you are aware of how you feel....... and that mirror is reflecting what is going on in the room..... and you realize that you can see the room and you can Capability see the mirror.....

key-hypnosis. [use direct suggestion for the specific problem here] REORIENTATION [use your standard re-orientation] David Mason © 2010 « Table of Contents David Mason 233 .and a part of you knows that something deep inside has changed.

. they are not important right now.. and deals with it symbolically. imagine you are going down a long corridor. What this hypnotic regression script does is to focus the attention on the thing that the person will not look at. and you can imagine that room getting dim and dark. another candle goes out... dim and quiet.... your whole body is getting heavy. and as you go deeper.... down that corridor.... Candle Hypnosis Induction Take a deep breath.. and imagine you are in a room somewhere. D Breathing induction Kinesthetic induction V Candle Visualization induction D Test for trance pacing V Deepening Reassurance Dissociation deepening David Mason 234 www.... It goes back to childhood.. and there are candles shining softly all around.. relaxed..... but it does not try to get the person to find a memory. Take another deep breath and let your eyes close. you are getting the feeling of leaving behind all the things in the present. what is important is drifting away. and you are totally relaxed. [Pause] [Now do an eye catalepsy test] Uncover the past and as you are lying there... The Uncovering the Past script takes the client back and uses a metaphor to permit them to gradually and safely get to the thing that is really driving their behavior. your legs feeling heavy.. until all those candles have gone out. more and more candles go out... and your eyes are getting heavy...... safe and warm and comfortable. the thing they refuse to remember... you can let it all go.. They never need to confront the actual memories. change your Past This interactive hypnosis script uses a special form of regression.. and one more breath... and each breath is taking you deeper and deeper down that corridor now. totally at ease. feel your arms getting heavy.. and on the next breath.. a candle goes out. That's right. and then with every gentle breath out .key-hypnosis. breathing gently.........Uncovering the Past Change your life. and you can go deeper still........ Then the therapist can use any hypnosis technique to sort out the issues that underlie the problem.... And now imagine that your whole body is relaxing..... feeling . and it is soft and warm and comfortable there. and as you breath out.... loose and soft and heavy.. drifting back. and now imagine that with each breath out......... many many candles....... as you relax. dim and dark and quiet and peaceful...

. get some idea of its size and shape and what it might be.. and you can take away that layer too..... V and then imagine taking the first layer of wrapping off........ target and in this state you can remember many things. something that Memory identify their has been there a very long time.. throwing it away maybe. Imagine it breaking.. a feeling of failure or many shame. hidden away.. hidden away..... that feeling.. knowledge and it has been unreachable. problem a feeling that you are bad....... Turn it into an concealed.. things unconscious that might be frightening or painful... [Get a description...... there is a feeling of something.. you can become Priming the Memory aware of things that have been hidden away for a long time. wrapped up. just object outside of .. knowing that David Mason 235 www... maybe you can begin to make out the shape of the thing that is there.. a feeling of having to do something. expand the details until is clearly described] V Symbolism and what would you like to have happen to that thing? Transformation [Get a response. engineering Take whatever time you need to deal with that thing. focus on that old feeling.. I Hint at change Power to Change Metaphor And that thing. And are you ready to take that last layer off now? [Await response] [If the response is negative. Dissociation Let them there is a feeling... or not good enough.... or that have been avoided. or burning it..key-hypnosis. then guide the client to be able to do what they want to do to it] [assuming they want to get rid of it] so now imagine how you would get rid of it. and under that is another layer......... some object that is just out of sight. all wrapped up... or a way of thinking about personal it..... some feeling that is alternatives always there. lifting off the outer layer.back to your childhood...... what it looks like or feels like.. or metaphor folding....] Power to Change old feelings So now is the time to take off that last layer. bundled up.... progress and underneath. you will find that these things cannot D Reassurance harm you. but it is always there.. now imagine peeling away that layer.... and imagine that feeling as being something buried... now continue to take off layers. and in that place. the experience of it. until there is only one left..... And when you are in this state. and you may have a special name for it.. something deep and hidden........ Permission one flimsy layer covering that thing...... nothing in your own mind can ever harm you. like taking incremental away a towel.... and imagine that thing. and as you do so.. Take off that last layer and describe what that thing is like.... ask why and go on from there... there is another layer. or tearing it up.

.. and when you are ready . you are free to choose to come back to the present or to take some time and decide what you Behavior want your future to be.. come back to full awareness in your own time....... and it has gone forever....... that you have the right to change... So think about what you want. in your own way.... and then imagine what you would like to have in its place. and everything it represents. that you can choose what you want to have in your life.. Replace the symbol David Mason 236 www....... something you would like... to enjoy thinking about how things can be different now. So do what has to be done to get rid of that thing for have the power to do that.. something bright and happy perhaps.. ready for a new future.. the right to choose...key-hypnosis. something useful.... Reorientation And coming back from that experience. and you have the right to do ..

.. in there is everything you have done.. the way you prefer it ...... everything ever said to you that affected you....... age 20. hurt you. you can change your mind..key-hypnosis.... and finding a photo album there..... how you were.. makes you feel good... and anything that happened.. now..... Because you have the right and the ability and the permission to change those D Regression David Mason 237 www... and change it... and there are pictures... and you can go into that room....... The hypnotic metaphor is about going into a room full of old stuff... and you can go back now..... the way you deserve it to have happened. 12.. The Photo Album Hypnosis Script allows the mind to go back and change memories.. and it's a kind of photo album..... the way that suits you. and in that room there is a book. totally....... Old stuff collected and stored Safety Metaphor M object Capability Capability Capability Memory Capability Capability and you can open that book. of things that happened. things that were said and done and are still hurting now.. you can go back and make it turn out the way it should have... and before then. made you feel bad... you can just erase it.. when you were a teenager... and anything you don't like... there are pictures and sounds and videos.. at this time. but don't have M any use for. it's all there. wipe it out like it never happened..... and you can choose anywhere to start.. you can pull that picture out of the book and destroy it. to let go of the past and move on with your life. the way that puts you on top.. and in this state.... everything you said. the right to change them.. and then going backwards... and you have the power to change things now.. see how you looked....... and 10 and 8 and 6.. 18. what D happened.. and wipe out the memory of when it was said.. anything that hurt you.. D You can go through that book.. but this album is special. and think through what happened.... and who said it. what was said....... Photo Album Metaphor Visualization and I wonder if you can imagine being outside a room somewhere. remember that time.. you can change what you remember.. 16.. But this is the book of your mind. what was done to you. a little child........ you can change it now.. it is a multi-media album......... well....... things that happened. a big book. safe and secure. a teenager at school.... open the book at say..Photo Album Hypnosis Script This script is hypnotic visualization that lets you leave old stuff behind. memories... and anything that was said to you.. what you lived through... how you felt.... and finding the ability to change the photos and all the other things that are affecting how you feel today. make it come out the way you want it to.. everything that was done to you...... how you felt then... but it is more than that.... D you can go through that book.... the kind of room that gets filled with stuff that people can't throw away. age 22....... 14. It is especially useful for weight loss hypnotherapy... you can rip it out. everything you have seen.. no matter what happened.. this album contains every important event in your .

com © 2010 David Mason 238 www......... how you were.. and then close the door behind M you..... that room begins to fade.. leave all that old stuff where it belongs... what you were like. and 11 and 13 becoming a V teenager.key-hypnosis...... just throw them away. and Capability I everything is brighter for you.... and 17 .. and then 7 and 9.. out of that room. and lock it... all the stuff that happened then. happy sounds. and take it with you.. come away from that room.. and that old stuff can just fade away now. Capability You can go through that album . M and see yourself.. and all the Memory stuff in it... there were good times too. with good Behavior memories... let the feeling of that happiness fill you now... wipe it away. and you can take a few moments now to go over those good times.... experience them in bright colors.......things. and over the next hours and days and weeks your mind can keep on changing Behavior those things............ D « Table of Contents David Mason www. and enjoy that freedom to wipe away old stuff.......... leaving all that old stuff M behind. and soon that room has disappeared and there is nothing left of V it. and see Memory V them.... getting rid of old feelings. and you can take that book.... and as you walk away from there. growing up. and 19 and 21 . deleting.. Capability You can now be what you want to be. and you are free to enjoy those good memories.... that were D holding you back.. filled with happy images.key-hypnosis. and 15 becoming a young adult ... the way it should have been. making right.... they can't affect you any more.... remember all those things. And you can remember all the good times.. and after that ... and anything that happened you can remember it differently............ you can choose to delete it.... changing..... to look forward now.. large and fresh.. at age 5. old hurts.. with that book..... and you can remove any pages that you don't like...... old ideas..

. like a throne or authority something like that... and you come to this small building... you can feel a strength growing in you. You look around... you realize that it is much bigger than it looks on the outside... and place = different colors.......... quote I am taking back my life.. You suggest that the client has something new.. there are all these people stretching back... I am taking control of my life... an old strange fashioned looking building.. hundreds... quote I am a new man quote I thank you for what you gave me. some power...and you say in a loud clear voice. inability and then....... all the way back there..... quote as of today. and to get the client to visualize making a public commitment to the change they want. and you look back...... a big chair.. and then it comes to you.... and right in the front.. and they use that as their power to change.. there is a chair. I quote as of today.. and you look back at them.. and they are all sitting there in rows. and it's got like carvings on the outside...key-hypnosis. as far history as you can see. maybe thousands of look back = people. but I am going my own way now... and exposure you wonder what to do... I am breaking the cycle..... then your realize that you brought something in with you .com . you can feel something changing inside. and enables them to break out of the cycle of behavior.. I am my own man... and there is a figure sitting in that.... to commit to change in front of others. it's past M all dark . why you are there....... figure and all the people are looking at you. as your eyes adjust.... quote David Mason 239 www. in everything... power center and you just feel compelled to go inside...... and you stand up. I have come here today to tell you . quote I am deciding what I want to do quote I am deciding what my family is going to have.. Capability Capability Capability Capability Capability Capability Identity Behavior Hypnotic Habit Transformation [continues from earlier part.Breaking the Cycle Hypnosis Script How to break old habits and change old behaviour The Break the Cycle hypnosis script is used as part of a hypnosis session to reinforce earlier hypnotherapy suggestions.. Use the Breaking the Cycle script after a series of hypnotic suggestions to get the client to own the change.. all of you.... to make a public declaration that the change has been made and there is no going back.... etc. and you go inside that building. and at first you can't see anything.. Breaking the Cycle lets them be proud of that change. and you realize there are people in there . The script uses Ericksonian techniques in the form of suggestions embedded in quotations and metaphor to make a connection between past effects and present behavior. with both hands.. ] And you are walking along. that as of today...

and you can take your place among these people. and you are proud of your family and your upbringing and everything that has formed you..... and you are proud of who you are... and you Symbols of feel something being put round your shoulders..... for what you are. and they are all applauding you. something alters K and moves. you feel something happening inside you. just the kind of day you like..... here... and there is a huge roar of approval. and you feel like you are ten feet tall... And the figure in the chair stands up...and you are proud of your own strength of purpose... something has finally released its grip..... everything that has brought you this place and has made you what you are..... that finally you have been accepted. you feel yourself open up and love all these people. and its a great ...... and them one begins to applaud...... acceptance of the change Identity Identity Capability Capability Capability Identity and soon the whole room is filled with applause... From today I have [whatever the change is] I will never again [whatever the change is] I am free.. I have broken the chain.. and you feel like you have been approved............. you feel like you have finally proven who you are .. and figure in the chair smiles. and again you feel you have to speak.and you M feel that love coming back..key-hypnosis... and then another.. and you feel something welling up inside you....... and you leave that building... and the figure goes back to the chair. and something hung M reward around your neck. validated... and another. in front of all these people.. the spirit has moved..... and it begins to fill you. and suddenly... and you find yourself outside... I have come here to this place to tell everyone... and ambiguity you are proud of what you have done now.. something has finally broken free... today.... a connection. and you feel... lead into the next part of the therapy] « Table of Contents David Mason © 2010 David Mason 240 www... and comes toward you.. there is a warmth.. and all these people standup.key-hypnosis. You feel like a rock star out there. [now......... and they all look at each other. and it's a perfect day. and you feel as if you have been blessed in some way..... and it melts that chain. and you know it's time to move on.. to get something straight..and there is an intake of breath.....

key-hypnosis. Become aware of how they try to control their world. Get a clear image of what life should be like for a child Think about young kids in a public place. or having to do things to earn love. and a powerful way of helping your own inner child to mature and come out into the sunshine. how they go into things with curiosity. If you don’t have a photograph then try to remember what you can about what things were like before you went to school. and you want to adopt that little girl that was you. If that is not given then the child forms beliefs about not being good enough. The letter need not be long. Notice that they are each innocent and headstrong. wise and caring. Just allow whatever comes up to come up. Just let it be. freedom.Inner Child Spiritual Healing script Help your inner child release old hurts Most problems of adult behaviour can be traced to problems in childhood. 4.. It is a form of spiritual therapy.. what you remember. that David Mason 241 www. The little girl can’t read of course. Write it out and it becomes more real. what you got. 3. scared and bold. not being lovable. The child is totally dependent on adults and looks to them for love and support. We all have an inner child. but it is important for you write that letter. how it was to be in that . Imagine yourself as you are now. Notice how small and innocent you were. an adult. a sense of adventure.' If you have a photograph of yourself before five or six. and nothing will seem right until the inner child is released from the prison inside us. unintentionally or on purpose. 1. dependent and assertive. Feel whatever feelings come up for you. Do not censor or judge or rationalise. Write a letter. get it out. Form a clear image of yourself as a child. excitement. what happens to them.. how they establish their rights. knowing what you know now. 2. how you felt. This is a therapy that accesses the unconscious mind through writing. How you behaved. Imagine that you need to write a letter to this little girl. How you were treated. what you needed. Think about whatever feelings come up when you think about the little girl you were. Tell your inner child that you love her. more personal and connects directly with the inner child. could be just a paragraph. joyful and tearful. Children are easily hurt.. Remember all the things you used to be. Be open to them. what you wanted. interacting with their mothers. Get in touch with any feelings. Spend some time in a quiet place thinking about how it was then. forgetful and loyal. and if that inner child is unhappy then we are unhappy too. beautiful and irritating.

. or some thing.... just because you are little and perfect and innocent ... you are the person holding that girl .. who loves you.. know that you have reclaimed her. lead that little girl past the garden . spending time with you.. Notice how you are feeling.. Check your feelings on every sentence. and look at that little girl... just what she feels she needs. I’m so glad you are this little girl. everything is full of wonder.. Go into trance You know how to enter trance now. and you are lifted up and held... from now on you will always be available for her. You might have to draft several before you are satisfied that you are telling her exactly what she needs to hear. I’ll give you all the time you need to get your needs met.. that you know what she needs.. feel the sense of that home coming.... 6.. how everything was big... I like being with you.. I’ve been waiting for you... totally and absolutely. You might need some tissues handy. out into the David Mason 242 www.. I want to take care of you. adults were strange and powerful.. Imagine your bedroom. I am so glad you are here.. that you will work hard to let her become the precious and unique person that she is. It’s OK to be emotional. And then feel the presence of someone. no matter what. The world smiled when you were born.. see yourself as a magical person who has conjured all these things into being.. Welcome to the world. using your left hand if you are right handed..... 5. and then walk out of that house.. Remember how you remember the house you live in.. relatives.she is wanted. And let yourself put that little girl .. Just feel what that little girl needs to say and let the words appear.key-hypnosis.. that little girl is welcomed.. Tell her you will keep her safe... Write it with a pencil.... on paper. A child probably wouldn’t write much... from that little girl.. gently hear yourself saying you will never leave her... And now become your grownup self again. warm and comfortable.. that you will give her what she needs.. and I am prepared to do that. I like you just the way you are.... Go into trance and then think again about being that little girl.. Write what you feel is right.... see the living room from the height of a child. Let yourself feel whatever you feel as you hear these things. that you are glad she is a girl... You need to write this letter by hand. playing with you. Read the reply Now I want you to write yourself a letter from your inner child. see who is there.. and you say to that little child. Tell her how much you want to help her.. And now imagine you. Then read it aloud very slowly. snuggled.. I’ve prepared a special place for you. and maybe there is a smile.. In all the world there has never been anyone like you... Your needs are OK with me.. the present you. loved and will never be alone again.... sisters.. feeding you.. .... brothers.. and will give her the time she needs to grow and develop. I will not leave you.

.. as you do become aware of where you are and return to the present.... and walk into an adult memory of feeling wanted and loved. make it . David Mason www... past the teenage © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 243 www. past your school..key-hypnosis. and let that fill you..

= Reframing maybe hundreds... and you can take all those images. you can decide whether you want to even have that alter the image any more.. all those pictures.. all the memories and the feelings. seal it in there. Once your mind accepts that these things can be changed.. like vague memories of messages posted long ago that M no one can recall... and because you have put it into that album........ that means you are moving it away from wherever it is now. and as you do. you can also imagine how you are images going to put those images into the album .com . like a photo album..and after considering it... David Mason 244 www. event something about them reminds you that they belong in a different time. Memory Capability Capability Capability Behaviour [Use your normal induction] And when you think about [the thing that happened]. and then you can put it into that album.. then because you know how V image you feel about it. all M the traumatic the things you feel about it... only very small..bring them to mind.......and you are putting it into that album.Stamp Album Metaphor Therapy This metaphor script used NLP type image manipulation to help your client deal with past issues... and stuck in an album. and start filling the next page up..... and a stamp album is like a photograph album..... even a little.. and every time you shrink it down. and you take each picture and you look at it once.. because there can be dozens of pictures on the one page.. and I wonder if you have ever seen a stamp album. maybe you Develop the saved stamps when you were young? Or maybe you had a friend M metaphor who saved stamps. a long time ago now. and if you don't.. and every time you turn each page you can forget all those images.. and when one page is full you can turn it over. and I would like you to go through each of those images. then your own healing ability starts and the process will continue until your mind thinks the issue doesn't seem important any more and can be put away for good.... and isolate the V because you can imagine that. and kept them in an album........ all the pictures... and just imagine that there is an album . you can just let then go into the past. that means you can take the next image and deal with all > images shrink that one down too.. and they will be there forever.......... and every time you do that... you can remember how it was.. and then getting you to visualize changing them.......... with some plastic maybe..... The Stamp Album metaphor works by getting you to transform your issues into metaphoric objects.. you can shrink it down until it fits..key-hypnosis...... and you can safely go Connect to through all the images you have of that time. and every one of them can be shrunk down. you can choose to cover it up..

they become still pictures. all of the © 2011 Suggestions of letting go. and you can imagine putting it in that place... Because you are undergoing these changes that means those changes will continue. in a place where you could leave it.. until if you were to open that page again...........and you are changing forever now. and you snap it down and it is tiny pictures kept in the dark. And just allow your mind to do that now.. so take a few moments now and enjoy that feeling. to change and keep the change and keep changing...... that means you are changing... as the changes happen..and the pictures get darker and darker. and because you can imagine that V happening now..and that means you can imagine... that > new capability you have... shrinking. and you have changed. and every time you close a page.... you wouldn't be able to see those images because they have faded away..... Time to process Self esteem confusion Test original issues « Table of Contents David Mason 245 www.. And I wonder if you can imagine taking that album and putting it away somewhere. and that album has a dark cover and dark pages....... .. and every time you feel that change. and as you flip over each page... and take as long as you want. and as you watch the whole album begins to get darker and darker.. fading.. and all of those images are safely inside that album. how does it seem to you now? David Mason www. and every time you think about it. haven't you? [pause] And when you think of that [event]................. and you close it firmly. it loses more of its power.... becoming silent... it means those changes get Capability easier. and eventually put all of the memories......key-hypnosis. disappearing Metaphor disposing of the images. ... and every time you become aware of that. and that means your mind is changing... and it would stay there safely for a long time. and they become silent....... Because you are thinking about putting those images away and because you are able to change those images that means that you Capability are changing how you think about those old things so every time > you start to experience that you can realize that you have a new power now and you can feel better than you have ever felt before.... darkening. far away from you now. and you feel released. each of those images as you put them onto the page.. and it has a little lock on it.. you break the connection to those pictures.. into that album.....key-hypnosis.. you can imagine that place moving away...

how you feel about yourself. crushing your spirit. Memory K something is wrong.... and then you notice a little figure walking beside you. 'I wish I could get free. with you.. and your chest is free...... and that feeling of pressure releases. and the figure says.... and realize that you are feeling unhappy..... restricted..... and as you walk along.... and you realize you are feeling stifled. feeling like you are wrapped up in a blanket.......... and somehow this seems like a familiar road. and your whole body can relax and you undo the next button and the next. and looking around you say to yourself.. but it is as if you are V noticing it for the first time. getting rid of the effect of other people's behavior and then confronting the people who have hurt you and making them make it right... I wish I knew what the problem is.key-hypnosis... you can breath again. 'I heard what you said'... and you come to a little bridge over a stream.. It lets you focus on what is wrong in your life and to make it right... you undo the next button.. with how you live. This hypnotherapy metaphor is about pausing on the journey through life to become aware of how you really feel about things that happened..... and you feel ambiguity change in awareness empathy with situation decision point state the problem magic resource magic instruction metaphor for restriction Permission Metaphoric action David Mason 246 www... a coat that is buttoned up right up to the neck... a long heavy coat..... 'Why don't you take it off?' and while you are thinking 'Take what off?' you look down and you see that you are wearing a coat.....' and you walk on. and you pause there.... Making it right involves becoming aware of the problem...... it is as if you are becoming aware of your own feelings for the first time.. really seeing things the way they are. Making right the old feeling I wonder if you can imagine walking along a quiet road somewhere. a coat that is too tight.. you undo the next button. stopping you moving and breathing . unable to breathe..... is crushing you... is holding you in. separated.... This powerful hypnotherapy script uses metaphor to get the people who have wronged you to apologize and make it right. and the figure says 'Why don't you take it off?' so you start to undo the top .. and getting social justice.. and the figure says.... Hypnosis Induction [Use your favorite induction script from the collection] then..Make it Right Change your life forever by putting right the past A special hypnosis metaphor script to show you how to let go of the past and take control of your future. smothered.

.......... there are family. really looked at.... photos. assumptions do not seem so necessary.... things you witnessed. and you take the coat off.. and take out of that box.. how it felt... memories.......... and then you realize it is much bigger than it looks from the outside. and you realize that there are people sitting on benches to one side. and then you see that the place is filled with people.... parts that have been closed off are unfolding. discarded.... and it's an old shabby thing that has belonged to someone else.. to put the record straight.. to tell the people that have hurt you . your behavior. and only the good stuff kept and put back into that box. feelings. records and letters....released... to re-examine things that are taken for granted.. like a throne... things that you thought you had forgotten.. and you are free to demand answers.. how it made you feel.. and laid out on the floor. V dumped. and the figure looks at you. to tell about all the things that were done to you. free...... only this time it is different. at first it is dark and your eyes take time to ..... how people treated you.. stuff that has not been looked at for a long time can now be brought out...... and it is almost like you can open a box... and you look at them. and inside........... and you suddenly feel free.. how it has affected you .... to make public all the things you have seen and felt. and you are surprised at who is there..... all sorts of things that have been in there for too long..........' It is time to put it all on record..... postcards....... open. A box of memories to make it right and now you find that things are coming back to you. but things are opening up.. ready for anything that may come D along...key-hypnosis...... your life.. you feel liberated. you can remember things from long ago... you have been brought here today to tell your story.. that thing that was holding you in is no longer there... and you come to a small building. and off to one side is V a great chair... said to you.. and you throw it into a bin or something.. V Social Justice to make it right and you continue to walk along that road. what you did and why.... and you find yourself questioning old ideas.. gift wrappings...... and discard the old feelings result Metaphor Action metaphor Metaphor David Mason 247 www. with carvings on the outside.. this and that. words and actions.. things that were said and done to you are like they happened yesterday..... and says 'I am the judge. for the first time in years you can move and breath freely.... report cards. where they can be looked at. and I you just feel compelled to go in there..... and the people from your early life are on the other side. things that were obvious now seem like they don't hold Behaviour up any more....... and anything can be thrown away. it is time to go through all those old ideas and feelings and emotions and instructions....... all those old restrictions have gone. you are aware of what they were and how they affected you.... and a figure sitting in it.

...... and they all looked ashamed.. in that place."I am sorry for what hurt I did to you". And the judge says to you... my upbringing.. to set things straight. and take as long as you need to say all the things that you need to say. and you can see... all the rage..... Go now and enjoy'....... Go... To a full and happy life.. people who are no longer with us..... and the judge says....... somewhere else.. what made me feel that way.. and small.. I sentence you to life.. And nothing can stop me.. I now see these people for what they were......... all the frustration.key-hypnosis. to tell you all everything about me... I am strong....say all those things that have been held in for too long........ all the pain......... indirect quotation Indirect assertion Reassurance David Mason 248 www. so open up and let all those things be said. and before each is lead away.... and then one applauds. to a long and fulfilled life doing what you want to I do... from now on I am taking back my life and living it to the full.. in the right place. and then another. and you say in a loud voice... take them away to live out their miserable and unhappy lives. how you were hurt.. how they acted toward you. ' I have to tell you that am proud of who I am... listen intently to all of it... and you say in a loud clear voice.. and you can allow all those feelings to come out...... free from these people....... how I feel.. the story of my life. I intend to spend as long being truly happy as a I did being unhappy.. and for the first time you begin to feel understood.. and then the whole room is standing.... all there have permission to allow all that has been hiding within you to be released. and you realize that you are not nervous. they are actually weak and unhappy...... that your case is being heard in full. [pause] and those people listen as you describe things.... I am a winner.. I am proud of what I have gone through to get here... what you felt.. but there is something more I have to tell you...... what happened to me that nobody really knows..people from school..... to tell it how it was. the judge turns to the people on the other side.they stand before you and say .. you are free to tell them every secret.. I have come here today to tell you all. and the people there look at each other... cheering.. everything you wanted to say can come out now. and guilty.. I am going to do what I want to do.. 'And you..... what happened to you.. lonely and unhappy and insignificant. and at the end of it. And you look round the room. what is best for me.. you are there seeking Behaviour I justice..... with an inner strength you didn't know you had. to tell my story.. I know who I am and I am as good as anybody.... from all and any influence from them. 'I came here today... everything kept bottled up and hidden until now.... 'Take them away. and you start to tell them of your life... from now on... and then one after the other they are led away. looking . people you haven't seen for years.

.. in your own way. Reorientation And coming back from that experience. come back Identity to full awareness in your own time..... all choices are I yours now. and when you are ready . and in your mind's eye.. coming over © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 249 www............key-hypnosis.....key-hypnosis. and something changes inside. changes I forever.. So think about what you want... supercharged.. those old feelings.. like they never were. strength. are V shrinking and fading away..... like those old people. encouragement... pride.. you are free to choose to Behaviour come back to the present or to take some time and decide what you I want your future to be. and you walk out of that place feeling ten feet tall...... Reward Action metaphor Metaphor change Ambiguity Reinforcement David Mason www.and you feel a wave of acceptance..

. and those arms feel so heavy. and feel how good that is... EIGHT... as if you arms and Technique Bind lack of Reference Truism Progressive relaxation induction David Mason 250 www.... spreading all the way down your arms.. down to your hands. That's right. and when I get to one you will have relaxed into a deep satisfying trance. and getting a famous director to take you through your scenes. you see yourself seeing yourself making changes to the traumatic events in your life. If anything is making you uncomfortable then fix it.. ahhhhh... or any discomfort.... FOUR... You become the star of your own movie.key-hypnosis. your knees your thighs. your lips ..... SIX. and then let go again.. think about your feet.Create your own future Become your own Life Coach This hypnosis script is about taking charge of your life. Now take a deep breath and relax it.your forehead.. Target Induction section Before you begin going into your hypnotic trance now just make yourself comfortable.. so relaxed.. SEVEN.... and maybe just shrug everything until you are happily settled down and ready. your eyebrows. your cheeks. But before that you can move every part of your body as you become loose and floppy and relaxed..... Take a moment now and wiggle about until you are in the right I position for what comes next. in you calves. Now relax all the muscles in your legs.... Just let it all flow out..... and now allow your neck to relax. and now feel that relaxation in your shoulders. The hypnotherapy technique is double ......... your jaw.. Fixing things stops them bothering you doesn't it? Now.. think about letting your feet and toes and ankles relax and get loose. your fingers.. and you get to write how it ends... about rewriting the script of your biography... feel those legs getting heavy and heavier... now feel that relaxation spreading into your body. very relaxed. and become aware of your face relaxing...... and everything feels loose and heavy... it is as if they belong to someone else. D All you have to do is to focus on becoming comfortable. in a moment I am going to count down from ten to one. how to assume the character of the person you want to be until you become that person.... FIVE............ Look around your body and notice if there is any tightness. focus your attention on your feet . TEN. your chest. Now tense up your whole body... really relax... and a drama coach to show you how to act successful. NINE... let your eyes relax... Just settle yourself down and you can relax now.

..... a scene that you have thought about many many times. what other places there might be that you make you feel comfortable... far.. feel your body sinking down.... and beside you a famous movie director sits down..legs were made of stone. and as your mind drifts off you feel a wave of relaxation travelling down your body .... there are lights and cameras. the call goes out for 'Quiet on the set!' and a technician steps in front of camera and snaps the clapper board shut with a loud noise.... enjoying the feeling ... actors and technicians. And you sit down in that seat with your name on it.. and think of what the place is like. relaxing your face. Movie studio metaphor And I wonder if you can imagine being on a movie set.. and a memory from your own life appears on the set..... allow your mind to drift over these things and other things..key-hypnosis.. nothing matters.......... ....... and on the other side is a seat with the word 'Drama Coach' on it.. nothing is important........ THREE. extras standing about. just being in the moment. and beside your seat is one with the word 'Director' on it.... is relaxing you more.. gently and easily. and the more you relax the more you can relax...... and there in front of you is a scene from your life.. recreating that scene..... or a favourite chair. letting go. and on one of those seats . let your mind empty..... vague at first. but then it becomes clearer..... while you are thinking about this the lights dim. nothing matters. it takes shape as you watch.. and you can enjoy this feeling of total relaxation. you see it all Dissociation Technique Set up the metaphor Dissociation Set up the active resources Assign power to the resources Visualization Memory Memory Revivification David Mason 251 www... whatever feels right for you.. down and down.. relaxing your neck. your shoulders your body.. from the top of your head...... letting go.. a scene that has influenced your life and beliefs and actions... you can feel the weight pressing down. or snuggled warm in bed on a stormy night..... a place where you feel relaxed.... down and down..... far away. or maybe floating in warm water. And out of the darkness a scene begins to form.. enjoying that that lovely feeling. and each soft gentle breath out...... where you feel comfortable.. and there are those seats with the names painted on the back for the stars............. and you just can't move those arms and legs now. maybe a beach at twilight....... drifting away... one of the those seats has your name on it.. always..... as you drift ever deeper. And you realize that you are sitting with two of the most talented people in the business.. and on the other side another person takes the seat marked 'Drama Coach'... totally relaxed.. totally at ease. TWO.. safe and warm and secure. and your mind can drift away to a place... spreading. and there are actors playing the parts of the other people who were there............ a scene with you in it......... ONE..... and totally relaxed ...... and that relaxing means you can relax deeper and deeper now... and you watch as that event is acted out in front of you....

.... and you are.. And as you do that. wondering what is going . The director takes your character to one side and says ' I need to change the story. and says Now. you react the way you did then. from a distance. and then the director stepping into the frame....... you feel the pain. strength or confidence or determination or whatever it is. and you can have new feelings now. and rewrite it.key-hypnosis. how you act will affect how they react...... see yourself in the old scene. cutting out a line here.... you know how to say them.. you can see yourself as you were then... changing the stage directions for how you behave. and take a moment and multiply that feeling inside you.... Safety Problem set up Engaging the resources Possibilities Double Dissociation Problem resolution Metaphoric Transformation Reassocation David Mason 252 www. the other actors are looking worried..... you become the one who determines the outcome..... and in the new version I want you to be the winner.. and you can see the whole scene from your seat.. see yourself from the directors point of view.... putting new words in.... what was said...... you feel that strength growing in you and filling you....... and the writer is suggesting changes...... You have new words now.. and a writer......... the way you step forward. and after few moments the new script is ready. you look bigger.... And you watch as the director goes up to your character and says.....again..... you see how you were treated.. and you see yourself.. Your character has to end this scene in a different way.. And then you see the whole scene play out through your own eyes.... the helplessness.. and realise that what you say .. the other actors look diminished...... and tells you to get on with making the changes now... how it being shown in the way you stand....... and the Drama Coach comes up to you. through your own eyes. see the other actors in relation to you.. 'No. but this time..' And the director calls over the Drama Coach.. but all you have to do is to change how you feel. dominating everything... examine every word... I need you to do it differently' and tells everyone to take a five minute break... and now recall a time in your life when you had that.... the writer has written the instructions for how you are to behave..... brighter. no matter how little or how strong...... you heard a loud cry of 'CUT!' and the director is getting out of the seat beside you ... So now... I want you to go over this scene again. you feel what you felt then. and the words will come naturally. you know what you want to say.. multiply that feeling and feel it grow....... I want to visualise yourself. and as it grows notice how that character changes....... they are not sure of their lines now.. and just as it all begins to overwhelm you .. the hurt.. and that will change how you act. you can see it as you did then.... the other actors realise that you have changed..... No.. as if you have memorised the script... in your mind I want you to see the new scene...... they look less sure of themselves.... and you begin to somehow fill that whole scene. how the character uses that feeling.. go over the script..the way you hold your head.. think of the feeling you want to have.

... the right example of when you had the exact feeling you need to change the scene. And suddenly there is a voice in your ear. And take as long as you need to make the changes you need. as if they are unaware of the past... the Drama Coach saying 'That's right.. You actually become what you think about. you are the star of the movie of your life.. from time to time.... and you will become aware of your inner coach.... you are free to make whatever changes you want.... You have that ability... And every time you begin to feel bad about something that inner director will shout 'Cut!' and you know that it really can be different.. you will become aware that your inner director is going over scenes of your life.. and it all acts out differently . and you are back in charge. and keep rewriting that scene until you have altered it in the way that pleases you most.. And from now on.. and you find it and change it.. and the writer.... and the Drama Coach..... had always been like that.............key-hypnosis.. and change that scene now. throw them away.. about how to find the right memory... And from now on.... so just go ahead.. everything is different now. and you can use that ability... or forceful....' and you realise that you have been hearing every word in the scene as if you have re-written them. and all those other things.... and deciding how they should have been.. some you can change the lighting or the sound. knowing that something wonderful has .. or anything you want to be. because you can become any character you want.......... And you can instinctively know what character will be exactly right for the © 2008 David Mason 253 www. you can act any way you want..... and that part of your character will appear. Hallucination Modality options Reframing « Table of Contents David Mason www. and the scene will change automatically to how it should have been....... those new actions. you feel powerful and sure of yourself.. whispering instructions..... Well done.. Some scenes you can just cut right out... you can choose what you want to have happen. you can make it so..... and you are also the director.. You see. you can choose to be bold.. you can direct all the scenes of your life. you are in control now... you can see the effect on the other actors.. you can create a new scene just by remembering how you want to feel in that scene.... or flexible...........Capability Behaviour Capability Capability Capability Identity Capability you feel that feeling. Direct Suggestion section And it all seems so easy..... you have changed it.... exactly the way you want it to....... on the whole scene. other scenes you can trim.key-hypnosis........ so easy to change that scene.. And when you have done that you will come back to the present... the new words form in your mouth. as if that was how those words..

. your lips ...... These are books of lives.. Now relax all the muscles in your legs... focus your attention on your feet . self awareness and getting over the past. think about letting your feet and toes and ankles relax and get loose.. and everything feels loose and heavy.. it is as if they belong to someone else. change their past hypnotically to create a different future... your chest.. If anything is making you uncomfortable then fix it..... you can feel the weight pressing down.. By examining the book you can rewrite the bad things in your life... Look around your body and notice if there is any tightness. If you have psychic abilities this hypnosis script will develop your psychic powers and make the future known to you.. as if you arms and legs were made of stone. TEN... This hypnosis script shows how to forget the past and create the future... That's right..Write your own future A Hypnotic Metaphor Script for a journey to self discovery... let your eyes relax.key-hypnosis. your fingers.. with self discovery you discover the reason for what happened and then discover what your future holds. self understanding. down to your hands. But before that you can move every part of your body as you become loose and floppy and relaxed...... You take down the book and open it and inside is the story of your life..... really relax.. EIGHT.... in a moment I am going to count down from ten to one.... FOUR. and now allow your neck to relax. your knees your thighs. This powerful hypnotic metaphor take you into a room full of books. Your life is there........ your eybrows.. A hypnosis script to help your clients to forget the past. your jaw.. Some are ancient and some are brand new.. Now take a deep breath and relax it. and you can enjoy this feeling Technique Bind lack of Reference Truism Progressive relaxation induction David Mason 254 www. and become aware of your face relaxing....your forehead.. so relaxed.. and feel how good that is. This hypnotic script uses your own psychic abilities to become self aware.. Now tense up your whole body. Everyone wants to forget the past about something... in you calves. very relaxed..... spreading all the way down your arms.. Fixing things stops them bothering you doesn't it? Now.. Take a moment now and wiggle about until you are in the right position for I what comes next. All you have to D do is to focus on becoming comfortable.. and now feel that relaxation in your shoulders... and when I get to one you will have relaxed into a deep satisfying trance. feel those legs getting heavy and heavier... NINE. and then let go again...... totally relaxed.. FIVE. your ... or any discomfort.. think about your feet. and those arms feel so heavy.. and maybe just shrug everything until you are happily settled down and ready.. now feel that relaxation spreading into your body. ahhhhh.. Just settle yourself down and you can relax now.... Target Induction section Before you begin going into your hypnotic trance now just make yourself comfortable. Just let it all flow out... and you just can't move those arms and legs now.. SEVEN... SIX.

..... down and down............. and that relaxing means you can relax deeper and deeper now.. and the more you relax the more you can relax.. follow it ...... and it gets wider. and the sound of your breath...of total relaxation.. not really sure of where you are going....... it seems Dissociation You can succeed Unspecified Helping them = deserving to change now David Mason 255 www. a place you have tried to find I in the past.. and points along the path.. whatever feels right for you. and up ahead you can see parts of a large building... and think of what the place is like... You walk on....key-hypnosis.... or maybe floating in warm water..... feel your body sinking down.. Now..... the sky brightens up. and in them you see ancient wisdom... down and down... and ground starts to rise and the going gets tougher.. a Capability place that holds something important for you... a smell of decay and renewal drifts up....... an anticipation....... Capability But this is the day.... until you come to a faint path in the M trees.. and just ahead there is someone struggling along dragging a bundle of firewood. spreading... the forest is silent except for your own footsteps... or what you have to do.... wander far away..... and never succeeded up to now. far away... Dissociation Target Create your own future And now I would like you to allow your mind to wander......... enjoying that that lovely feeling....... a land of magic and wonder... acceptance........ your shoulders your body. letting go.. of some wonderful event..... everything can be different. as you drift ever deeper.... nothing matters..... always...... and hope... far. and as your mind drifts off you feel a wave of relaxation travelling down your body . nothing matters.. or a favourite chair........... relaxing your neck. you have to find and enter a stronghold..... and each soft gentle breath out. TWO.... THREE.... this is the time.... clearer.. gently and easily.. and around you are tall trees. it has towers and high walls. drifting away. letting go... maybe a beach at twilight.. relaxing your face... you go on letting the other person lead you.. Nothing is said..... enjoying the feeling . what other places there might be that you make you feel comfortable...... Because you are on a mission. totally at ease.... I wonder if you can feel it too? . ONE..... let your mind empty. through the trees... nothing is important. from the top of your head............... there is a strange feeling . with watery pale eyes. as your feet uncover the rich deep soil underneath.. gathers up the wood....... those eyes turn to you..... it's as if everything is waiting... to a far distant land. a place where you feel relaxed.. And without thinking you pick up the load with one hand and with the other you start to help the old person over the hard ground..... you take that path. and above you can glimpse D patches of dark clouds between the branches . you catch up... and totally relaxed now..... ... just being in the moment.and you find yourself walking through some trees... and the trees begin to thin out ... pain...... or snuggled warm in bed on a stormy night... is relaxing you more. allow your mind to drift over these things and other things.. safe and warm and secure. where you feel comfortable.. the other person shakes off your hand. the person is old and infirm..... your feet are kicking up dead leaves. and your your mind can drift away to a place..

falling apart..... changing.......... or speed up. fresh and shiny.. Because there is a whole section of the book.. any event... a tingle.. and if you listen closely.. all these things and more come to your mind as the book flickers through the pages....... going ever deeper in with each step. and there are steps down to reach the door.... flowing.. counting them to yourself silently.. more relaxed..... one particular book is lying by itself.. and each page is an event from your life.. shelves filled with books...... spines cracked and . or to experience all the good things that would have come from the event if every thing went your way. on each side are books on shelves........ or you can experience the event differently.. and inside you are inside a large room inside. report cards... that takes you along the foot of the walls.... and you find you can control the pages.. you hear a murmuring... you can imagine it... the end section.. to a particular shelf.. smelling musty.... how it turned out. you can look at the event through the eyes of a stranger.. and you realise that this is a special magical place... as if the life of the author had reached out and touched you.. evaluations....... to make it of no importance.... smoothly..... and the path leads to a small door... bright and youthful... voices.. examine it .key-hypnosis..... you can go back to any event as the adult you are now.... that same aged figure appears again.... smells........ or to diminish the event... papers... relive it.. and points off to the side.. a vast library lies under that forbidding looking building... a record that grows and changes. you hear something.. walking quietly in the cool shadow there. and there.. each book represents a life lived.. And as you reach the central area... yet with each step you feel more comfortable... and everywhere are shelves..... a chance... you go down the steps carefully... words. diaries.... tastes..... their covers blackened with age. slowly at first... and you see that the words and pictures are all moving.. understand how they would think of it. to have them turn out the way they should have.. people..... you get glimpses of pictures... some are very ancient. a quiet sound seemingly coming from each book....... set low down in the high wall... and as you pass each shelf you get a feeling...... a private path...... silently........... that goes round the side of those great walls.. and some books are only a few pages long.... . you walk towards the back..... newspapers. and as they do... unique and special. The book opens and the pages begin to turn....... you have the opportunity now to rewrite things in your life.. but the path continues on towards the building. places. as if the words and letters were alive........ And in your mind. more in charge.. or all of these things.. journals.. you can imagine different outcomes for the event........ like a mousehole in a giant's castle... you know somehow that the book is offering you a choice.. . or an outsider's view. almost brand new. crawling across David Mason 256 www.. you can relive events. go back or go forward......... sounds . experience the event from the viewpoint of the other people there. more sure of yourself. references......... and each step takes you down and down. it extends away on all sides as far as you can see........ each book is the sum of living so far... the book flips to those pages........strong and enduring... to grow and change as if the event had happened that way.. And at the bottom of the steps the door swings open for you. you can will the book to slow down. waiting for you. with your name on the cover.. and change how it happened.......... and then more quickly. colours....... like a conversation overheard in the night.....

and you realise that the future has not been written yet.. look at some pages from the future.. things that still affect you now... And now you can go deep inside. And take as much time as you like to work on the rewriting...... break the link between things in the past and how you feel and act today. and you have the opportunity to rewrite your future... any three. slithering from line to line... and have them turn out the way you want them to... your destiny to come............. once again that old figure is by your side........ and vividly experience how you want those things to be...... or can change the consequences. a target found..... You become aware of a presence near you..... and when you have written a new bright future for yourself in many ways.. because you can choose to forget.....the page. and it will happen... You can let go of past hurts.. because you can choose to forget. move on.. failures. and write your own future now.. in whatever way is best for you. imagine a goal is achieved.. some specific event comes true in every way you want it to.. a voice speaks.key-hypnosis... .. and that will make it so. break free of the past... it depends on how you choose to experience the past. you can signal by raising one finger or a thumb and we can go on..... or you can look ahead. you can choose three events in your life.. and in your mind you can hear words. pain. become aware of one landmark event in the future.. imagine the future as you want it to ... David Mason © 2010 « Table of Contents David Mason 257 www.. and you have the opportunity now to rewrite parts of your past...... or any part of those events. you can look in the book. and how you can use the choices you have now to change how those things affect you. and by rewriting them in the book... the way that would have been best for you.... and you can write that new future in the book.. that the future is not fixed...... how you think about it.... break the link between things in the past and how you feel and act today.. maybe you can find it in yourself to forgive... you can go back to those pages. So start rewriting now. or learn your goal....... and write your own future now.. wrongs. or imagine a totally different outcome.. allow your unconscious mind to identify three things in your life.

.. She felt she was stuck because of her past....... And when you are ready..Future Progression . and this time just shrug your shoulders down and make sure that there's no tension there. take another deep breath... That's good... The script shows how to use Future progression.. and with each breath... So. The hypnotist shows the client what their life will be like at some point in the future. Is that what you want? I do. That's good.. And now I would like you just to focus on your breathing.key-hypnosis. and just imagine you are about to go down that staircase and with each breath out you can go down one step down of the ten steps... it could be in a building or in a garden or something different..Looking Back From the Future This hypnosis script was used to help a woman who felt she had no future........ muscles.... now take another deep breath.. By visualising the future and thinking about how it was achieved. that's ... you can just become aware of how your arms and legs can get so heavy. and each breath out will take you from ten down to nine and so on . Future Progression is a hypnosis technique where the client imagines looking back to the present from their own future.. and just allow yourself to completely relax. just settle yourself in there. that's good... Now I would like you to take a deep breath. your arms and legs. her 'loser' friends and bad family history...... all begin to feel completely relaxed. and how comforting that weight can be.. and with each breath out..... and each breath is allowing you to relax more and more.. And I am going to take you into the future. Feeling nice and relaxed? I am. how you breathe in and then breathe out....... a future in which they have achieved everything they want.... and you are in that chair breathing gently . with each breath out... The client is then asked to 'enter into' that future self.. And I'd like you to close your eyes. just become aware of your breathing... and just push that breath all the way out.. Right.. Target Dialogue Now are you ready to go into trance? I am.. You can create your own future. until you get to one....... listening to my voice. the client becomes open to using ways of getting there. you become aware of being held safely securely comfortably in that chair. hold it. let it all trickle through. I would like you to wonder just exactly how relaxed you could become... All she could think of as success was 'a house and a car'... Thank you...... shoulders.. Now I'd like you to imagine a staircase somewhere. so relaxed... just allowing you to drift away.... The script uses a central metaphor of seeing the future from a hill top.. that's excellent.. and it will be so Technique Yes Set Yes Set Yes Set Invoke the parasympathetic relaxation response Dissociation Induction Countdown deepener David Mason 258 www. to get into the mind of that future self and to learn what that future self did in order to make it all happen. that's very good.

. And I wonder if you can remember springs long ago? And springs bring daffodils and other flowers. and when you get to one. and each blade of grass is a different shade of green. and that can make you feel good......... and its warm.. and everything smells fresh......... to count each breath........ "going deeper and deeper" more and more relaxed.. about how far you can see ahead... there's dark green and light happiness to green and mid green.. that the mist will clear.. and sometimes if you are walking in a mist... you can see things you have Rock = not seen before.... about a lot of things. when you are in a mist....... because where you have been is just mist. and the nights are long and memories everywhere the trees are green and little girls go out to play . allow yourself... somewhere you have never been before.. a day when the sum is warm. you can see further. a gentle sloping hill with grass rolling gently down on all sides of you...... and Dissociation back to maybe you can remember a paddock or a meadow or a field where there were lovely spring flowers and how the weather begins to get more childhood gentle.. it is possible. Anchoring seaweed and rocks and little fish darting. then. things from the past.. and maybe from that vantage point.. you realise you on the top of a hill. and all kinds of green... and so you can look forward....... and with each breath you will tell yourself....... and as you walk through that mist.. and yet it is just as easy to go forward as to go back. and as you look around you can feelings of wonder how many shades of green there are..... it's as if Metaphor they are in a fog or a mist. and people think they must go back..... and you can forget about everything and anything. there's no point in letting go thinking about things that are past. there's apple green and forest colours green and olive green.. and it is letting go David Mason 259 www. and you feel the warmth coming out of that rock... And on days like that people can go for walks.... and if they are hidden in the Suggestion for past. much further than you have ever seen before. and there's warmth and friends to play with........ in all colours of green. and as time goes on happiness via summer comes along.. that mist hides so many things...Memory memory Memory Rule Behaviour comfortable and enjoyable....... and you know Rebecca we are coming to the end of winter... every way is down. a little warmer...... sometimes people walk for a lot further than they expect to. you can see resource where you are going............ and you find yourself under that incredibly brilliant sky.. and summer mists can come up suddenly...... and the mist is behind you.. you may as well forget about them............. sometimes people can get lost..... every direction is equally easy.... You've got a warm rock to lean on..... and below there are groves of trees.... and a clear view.. a day when the sky's a particular shade of blue........ and maybe you can smell the sea... a little more comfortable. and as you take a few more steps.key-hypnosis.. the breeze is just right. and maybe there's a sunny rock to lean against. and ahead............ And things can look very different...... really carefully.. it doesn't matter how you got to this position ... it's spring although you might not think it.. if you look really closely... not important.. is that from the top of Suggestion for that hill.. you will be totally at ease. And the thing about finding yourself on a hill top. just the right shade.......... and just enjoy that feeling. when you leave the fog. And sometimes you get a very special day.. so now. you can wander into different places..

... and every time she came to an obstacle regression she mentally returned to that hill and looked at the way ahead. and she has a good job............ and as she walks up towards the front door. That Rebecca is in control of her life...... in wonder. a lot of people know she is very special. she succeeded. fiercely independent..... and the grass is neatly trimmed.... if you take just a few steps forward. she remembers how she got. she pauses.... neat.... and she looks back at the hilltop. and if you start to walk. strong.. looking at the garden. and you look at that house.......... and it almost seems as if the sun shines on this particular house.. that Rebecca is a battler. and there are toys scattered around. she got what she wanted. because that’s your house Rebecca. her feet. pushes a little thing in her hand Dissociation: and locks it all . and a car...... you can see clearly now. everything in front of you is fresh and bright. and sees everything is good..... and of a successful there's a mail box with a .... And as that Rebecca stands and looks at the hill and remembers.. She remembers coming down that hill.. and you can look out to a particular house.... maybe a river ..... viewing future turns and looks around the garden.. as she came down that hill.... the house behind her.. She got through... and you know that there is a happy and content woman called Rebecca who lives in that house.. and she remembers how every time she came to an David Mason 260 www....... how every step down that way she got stronger and more determined.. or maybe it's in the centre. the only way is forward... and the future that awaited..... her walk..... controlled. and the car.......... deciding....... she discovered that life was so Suggestion for Expectations much better on this side of the hill. down from that hilltop. proud.. and respect. something else magical happens... and she remembers.key-hypnosis.. she puts her hand out onto the rail. and maybe it's on the edge of a town or a city. her footsteps........ That Rebecca.. a car....... and the job....... or by the sea.just as easy to go ahead as it is in any other direction. and as that Rebecca stands there. she Future Rule remembers it was tough.. and from the front of that hill you can see.... all the stuff on the other side disappears... and from that hilltop you can see that other Rebecca getting out of her car. is a winner. and she remembers how... and she was amazed to find that other people thought she was really quite something.. and she has a driving licence. and future it looks like maybe there's a gardener... and when she looked up......... and this particular house.... self everything is tidy. the house..... a lot of people are very proud to know that Rebecca...... and you can see it from that hill and I don't know if it is one year away or two years or three year or some other but you know... going over the hilltop means you can no longer see what was behind the hill. more than the others... a town.... is the house you always wanted..... all on her own. at first..... that she'd got through that. and came down the other side ..... and everywhere there are these wonderful shades of green. got stronger and stronger.. she was new behaviour amazed at how far she had come.. and you can walk down that hill.... someone who does the gardening.. And if you just take few steps forward.... she slams the door.... and Visualisation there's a car in the driveway. and when she got down there.......... and things just got easier............... a house.. and she has a place in the community ... a woman who decided what she wanted .. that she'd got over that hill..

1. behind her....... and she smiles. and choosing what to do and how to go forward.. looking back to look forward... and to realise that everyone is a victim. socialising. she did so many other things. like a snowball going down a hill.. on what she really wanted to do... and planning to change and changing to plan. looking back........ and looking forward to looking back. and see what was driving people.... thinking. and so she decided on education... not quite a perfect life. she built a family life again. and it wasn't always the direct way.. thinks about all the other perfect things in that house. and she remembers. And that Rebecca put herself first... that was the answer.. of how best to succeed. networking.... And that Rebecca decided it was time to look after No... and choosing to be different.. and she knew she was doing it right. and more and more Suggestion for confidence........... she never quit..... that the real victims are the ones who stay victims. because as well as that... she damn well climbed over it.... and made it. so many ways forward.. but it was the way forward.. and changing your life in so many ways. Suggestion for re-connecting to estranged family Suggestion for new social behaviour Visualising and if other people couldn't keep up. That it was right... but she found it inside herself to look beyond the obvious....... without any effort it just accumulates Metaphor for David Mason 261 www... that she set up for herself.. all these things go through her mind. and paid it back eventually.... and that Rebecca didn’t always choose the right one but she always chose one that was pointing in the direction she wanted.. that Rebecca went round .... and as she stands there.... and if other people choose to put blocks in their road..... that determination came from deep inside....".. and there are so many roads.... and her abilities multiplied............ as long as it was what she wanted..... becoming what everyone wanted... And she remembers building bridges.... and enjoying the difference................. they can stay there. and I will do that thing by that date....Behaviour Behaviour obstacle.... on accepting help and on and more and more. the anniversaries...... well that's Expectations fine.. what it was that gave her the strength to go on... and how she skillfully used friendships and family and relationships.. And that Rebecca is standing outside her house... planning.... it was difficult.. to see behind the surface...... but pretty good....... that brought her the rewards and success that she enjoys... what it was that made it just right... well. was good for everybody. and it wasn't always the easy way. in a clever honest way. she accepted it.. to look inside..... they can choose their own roads.......... that she has....... and she remembers deciding. on training.. her capabilities multiplied.. that wasn't for her. and you can think about it . and planning to plan.. Suggestion for moving on from unsupportive relationships Behaviour And when people offered help.... and maybe she can remember leaning on a warm rock. And how she crawled and climbed and clawed.. every step of the way.. and living the change.. and got more and more respect.... gratefully.key-hypnosis. and she determined "I will do this by this date.. and she remembers. the perfect house.... and did whatever it took. and how she has....... and carried on. never quitting.... and she remembers how she got there. and that Rebecca decided what was good for her. the birthdays and all the other markers... And that Rebecca standing there with her ideal house... She just decided "I'm going to be first"...

......... and the car.. Rebecca. And you can move from that position of specialness... much much more.... one you choose... and a second of internal time can be a day or a Distortion week or a month.. and it starts tonight and tomorrow and the day after.......... all the other things that other Rebecca has earned. those special qualities that only you have...... So take a few moments now Rebecca.... you can Get signal by moving a finger or a thumb. and you will do it............. and that success. because in all the world.... and when you have done that....... and you will make suggestions friends. and that you will succeed. you can do that... and she what she sees. So now allow yourself... and you can take as long as you wish. and remember what she remembers.... and just keeps going in the right .... of looking beneath the surface to find out what you can like.. of uniqueness.key-hypnosis..... and that Rebecca stands there..... you need a clear mind for a clear vision....... really think of what you can do.Behaviour Identity Capability more and more. or finding some other way to signal unconscious that you are ready to move on.... and every minute of every day you are going to be focused on what you want and how to get it... throw away any idea of just letting things happen.. to David Mason 262 www. honestly and decently. and you will take every opportunity. And there is more to come. and you can think about those years....... and just think about that..... And I would like you to move into that woman's body.. beyond your dreams.. and people will respect Direct you for it.. That you are going to change. and success lies ahead of you . that is just a start. and put yourself in that future time when you have almost everything you Re-association want . no one has ever been exactly like you.. and as you find the good in others......... and I'd like you to look back now... Oh yes.. and the money in the bank..and you are ready to move on.. and gets bigger and bigger success until is an irresistible force.. to live a unique life.... a uniquely good and useful life.. of seeing the good in everyone.. that's very good.. guided here and there by the shape of the land... that unique specialness that is Rebecca.. just look back at all the stages into the in everything you did.... like that other Rebecca...... attracts more power to itself. and take a few moments to enjoy that....... colleagues. at the house. and you will have a special knack of turning enemies into friends... and to successful remember what you did and how you did it... allow yourself to really think of the Direct possibilities.and think what she thinks.............. and you can do that. remembering those things.... because you Direct have a good mind.. and to remember how you future self chose what you wanted to do.. a uniquely valuable and special life..... And that is your guarantee that things are different now... really think of what it suggestions would be like if you dared to be different. partners..... of turning rivals into colleagues. and all the rules you made for yourself...... remembering that an hour of real time is like Sensory a second of internal time........... and just look once again. that something fundamentally different has changed. you know you have... commitment [finger moves] Thank you.... that allowed you to succeed....... that your mind has taken a decision. and wonder if you have decided suggestions now that you can use it.. all the ways that a special person becomes a winner... all the millions of people... and you changed. if you dared to choose.. throw away any idea of using substances you don't need.. you know.. you will find the good in yourself.

....... and you can choose to dare. Just take a moment to look at yourself.. to squeeze out of every day whatever it's got. showing you the way.... you can wake up in each morning with fresh eyes. So you can think of all these things...... because outside your front door there's a whole big blue sky. and there is a long fruitful. it will always be there for you... striding forward.........and so thinking about those things... determined.... proud of being a survivor..... and Reframing: you can think about....... there's a long way to go.. and look far into the distance.... and you can feel that internal warmth........ and it is lit up from dawn to dusk. growing. guiding you.. a young woman.. growing like a wall of fire.. you can choose to come back to the David Mason 263 www.... and you know special people can succeed.. who can begin now... feel it rising. encouraging you...... just allow your mind to dwell on Reorientation them. and what you have learned. And so you can think about these things now.. and decide what you want.... and decide how you are going to take it....... they can have relationships to be proud of... how much fun it would be choosing = to choose this one or that one. You know you are a special person.......... and when you are ready... feminine... to really really decide not to accept any limits... to really.. full of potential and promise. knowing where you are going. and they can succeed and still be warm. .. to not just accept another day..... and feel that certainty inside you... really think. warning you. who likes what she sees.... because every day brings a special opportunity..... proud of what you have done and what you have been.... and I wonder which part of that will give you the most pride.. you can do that. families to be proud of....... a young woman who can choose to stand on a hilltop.. and a fresh attitude. and it stretches from horizon to horizon... I think you can see that now......... walking down that hillside in the direction she chooses.. passionate life ahead of you.......... and the Suggestion memories of that other Rebecca will be with you. you can choose to be anything..... of how to achieve what you want.when and where and how you are going to start.. to wake up in the morning.. and making a new start with every step. and how good that will be. and Metaphor every day's a summer's day.... whether you are going to be very successful fun or outstandingly successful... and others.. that absolute certainty.. proud of who you are. invigorated... and I wonder if you can stand on that threshold and just open your arms and take it all... You can think about that.. and what you have decided...... and do you dare choose the best direction? You can do that.. helping you......... and you can stride out........ you can choose to do anything. fresh...... and Direct you can decide.. you could learn anything. you can master anything... encouraging....Capability forget all the old stuff. knowing who you are. which part will feel .. the endless possibilities. ...... if you dared to use your intelligence and intellect...... you could control anything. strong.. fresh mind. Direct suggestions Capability Capability Identity Just allow your mind the time and the space. of a special kind. loving... nothing could stand in your way.. Metaphor spreading and supporting. feel it in your chest perhaps or maybe in your head.key-hypnosis..... and begin that journey......... if you dared to take that strength... © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 264 www..key-hypnosis. feeling really ..key-hypnosis. so start that now. David Mason www..present.

and can then continue across the bridge.. But this time. tired of trying.. a bridge to the other side. It is extremely effective as part of a Stop Smoking Script even though it does not mention smoking at all. And somehow you know that bridge is waiting for you. and you find yourself on the bridge... The client them crosses to the other side where all the important people in their life are waiting to welcome them and celebrate their release. Whatever the habit. It works because its imagery generates powerful but non specific suggestions.... This part locks into the need for supportive relationships.. that you can' t do it. tired of being looked at. and everything looks fresh and V alive.. These appeal to the spiritual and imaginative side of people. old ways of thinking and never go back to them.. houses.... that familiar feeling.. to the other side..key-hypnosis. And you come to a bridge..... round the barrier. old beliefs.. and then they are stopped from getting across. of frustration. You can use it to stop smoking. and by doing that they are committed to the change. This script can be applied to any kind of behaviour that needs to stop. everything is kind of sparkling. [Add here whatever best fits this particular client's needs] [IBS: and the people around you look ill and miserable... to the other Technique Include things that this particular client associates with their problem Set up idealised future Main metaphor old beliefs new resource David Mason 265 www. so that the client's mind can apply those suggestions to the specific habit that they have... a bridge that will take them to the place they need to go. of needing V ... It is also great as part of a Weight Loss script. as if there has just been a shower of rain..... it empowers the client to make the change and keep it. of the way they look. to stop over eating. that you have tried so many times. and you get that same old feeling.... and there's a sense of weariness. and half way across there is a barrier of some sort. obsessing about the past: anything where the client needs to leave something behind and start a new behaviour.. nail biting.. you look past the barrier. Passing the sticking point is linked to powerful metaphors for release and personal freedom. as if there has been a fire.... and there are green trees.. there is ash underfoot. and a smell of burning] [Weight loss: and everyone looks unhappy.... Target Memory I wonder if you can imagine walking along beside a river somewhere? V And you are walking along and everything around you is tired and old and dull and dark. That support is then linked to another metaphor sweeping away the whole of the old environment so there is no going back...... The script then gets the client to take an action.. kids playing. And you go up that barrier.......Bridge to Freedom This script consists of a powerful set of metaphors that allows people to break old habits. The client is asked to imagine being on a bridge... the sun is shining.... ready to give up] And you look across the river. and you recognise that barrier. ] [Smokers: and everywhere is dirty.

. memory like a light surrounding you. Every day she makes me proud.. metaphor: trying to hold you back........on the other side of the bridge. and you hear a voice saying. and you feel something holding you back. and there... and a grey mist arises from the river and wipe out old V everything on that other side fades away. and there is something else too.....side. people from school. ' And the moment you hear that you hear a noise behind you ... we could not have asked for a achievement better daughter... and V release it falls back and it lies there and dies.. to crumble.. D And you step through it..... and you run among them and you feel yourself . they are all there. shrivels up. you have succeeded.....'... resource ClientName......... and you turn and look and there is something trying to hold on to you.. you move forward. and everything around you is different now..... metaphor: being hugged and kissed. and you know you are free.... And a voice replies......... and it's like changing out of old worn clothes and putting on new clean ones... And everyone is congratulating ... you have D done it... and you turn and slash at it. waiting for you.. it reminds you of how it is to feel totally accepted.......] David Mason 266 www.. exactly right. [Can be used on its own or lead into another metaphor such as Two Mirrors. or Schoolroom or continue with direct suggestion.. something you didn't expect but is just own special I right. step across the line.. friends.. people from work. and people are coming home shaking your hand and patting you on the shoulders.. connecting you.... I have always been proud of her. disappears... fades away. as if you could your arms being accepted around all those people and feel part of them. and now she has done this ... Maybe I never told her pride in enough ....... people you haven't seen Support of for years. waiting.. and then the whole bridge connections collapses into the river.key-hypnosis......... And now she is Emphasize showing everyone why'.... And you turn to know who said that when you hear another voice saying 'I am so proud of her. and you feel the warmth from all those people. Remove all old and that bridge starts to sag. and there are family... and everyone is smiling and happy. and it's like coming home........ and you can go on...... and they want you to cross. and gets swept away....... and they are others waving and beckoning... and that connection getting stronger. I suggestion that inner strength was always there. and you turn. and there is no way back.. and you cut it..... she has succeeded. V significant people who are no longer with us. and all those people are cheering... that barrier just disappears.... you run down that bridge. Do you want to cross? Do you want to cross that bridge? Verify [Wait for agreement] Commitment The moment you say that.. people you are surprised to find there..... images And you know you are where you want to be... is a crowd of people... ' Yes......... you feel a great weight lift off you. and look at her now. 'I embedded always thought she was strong.. and it is almost as if you have put down roots there.......

David Mason .com © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 267 www.key-hypnosis.

. and searching found something different.. and travel through the Alps to Innsbruck and Vienna. and maybe you can imagine it. and maybe it would be better to travel with a bunch of people. looking at it this way and that... until they have checked all the options. And while thinking about it. no fuss.......key-hypnosis..... efficient. however when my friend went on to the internet to book the flight.. you can fly direct of course from almost anywhere... my friend talked about it and talked about it for years. and thinking that maybe this was not the right time to make a decision.... as if surprised to have them.. come the morning...... and they booked the hotels and restaurants. In Paris you get into a luxury Pullman... the journey is more important than the destination. travelling through the heart of Europe.. maybe that would be the problem. This is a metaphor for people who are forever putting things off until everything is just right.. a luxury train that goes overland across Europe.. a steward waking you with tea. fast. and yet... and you can be in Istanbul in a matter of hours. . a company that organised groups and you could get on and off where you wanted......... flexed its wings uncertainly. with all the sights and sounds of the gateway to the orient right in front of you... too much work on . and cheaper. all the while sitting in luxurious .... stuck with the same people for days..... but on the other hand... glorious scenery slipping soundlessly past. and who won't decide between different options in case they pick the wrong one..... snow shimmering on distant mountain tops. you are landing in an exotic capital.. clattering over bridges by lakes and rivers. couldn't afford it this year..... what good are beautiful markings to a butterfly? A butterfly only lives for a day and it's all David Mason 268 www. until they have looked into every aspect. with large red and black wings. and before you know it. and as the train glides on through the night... walking out of the airport in bright sunshine.Going to Istanbul Sometimes it's time to stop worrying and just do it In life.. Too many of us agonise over choices in things that don't matter... it sat there. Going to Istanbul I wonder if I ever told you about a friend of mine who was forever talking about going to Istanbul... the smell of French coffee. busy crowds. the travel agent’s website showed an advert for the “Orient Express”.. . and every now and then would look into it........ but somehow there was always something..... there would be someone to talk to. and when you think about it... and singing on the coach. It wasn't the right time.... it was quite expensive... enjoying fine dining and wines.... This usually started with how to get there... just get yourself to the airport. snuggle into a comfortable bed in a private compartment........ maybe an organised coach would be a better way to travel. and in the end maybe choose none of them. three days with nothing to do but relax... a butterfly landed nearby...

.. and I don't suppose a butterfly puts much thought into 'what if' or 'what's best'. That butterfly enjoys the day.. But the last thing I remember hearing was "Going to Istanbul was great! I'm going to Istanbul again next year! ". And you know what my friend did?... I asked how Istanbul was. and different somehow. David Mason 269 www. I learned something from that butterfly: You can't sit around when you only have one day to enjoy'.. and strange foods. packed a suitcase and threw it into the car... And the butterfly flapped its wings . simply because the day is there. the outcome of the story was: my friend never got there.... And in the middle of the story my friend said: 'You know.over. and new friends. David Mason www. looking really happy. And I heard a long story about accidental adventures in tiny places along the way. and just took off... Let the wind decide'..... And my friend thought “Why not ?”..key-hypnosis.. much later.key-hypnosis.. organised a passport and some © 2008 « Table of Contents With thanks to Colin Emordy for the idea for this metaphor.. 'Maybe that's the way to do it... I saw my friend later.... . Well... and leapt into the wind. and nights spent shivering in the car in pouring rain.

..' This part describes how the character's situation is turned around.. and how the character was forced into a particular way of life or behaviour. but you might want to illustrate . The fairy tale is the story of their life. Getting people to write out it makes it more real.. and how they created the spiritual wound that affected the young character's life from then on. 3) a part that starts 'And then one day.' This part describes the event or events or the situation generally.' This part shows how the change affected the main character in the story and the other important characters. Your story should have four parts: 1) a part that starts with 'once upon a time. a middle and an end. or mystical beings. It shows how the character came to be unhappy and stuck.' This part will describe in metaphoric terms how that spiritual wound created life damaging effects.. or lay it out David Mason 270 www.. with a beginning. It is a form of spiritual therapy. and the effects of that behaviour on the character's thinking and how it affected the people around. in the form of a metaphor. more personal. How to present it You can just write it out. or a specific event in their school years or some earlier event that strongly influenced their life and attitudes. or who don't want to revisit all the painful episodes in their own history. It might be that the character tried to escape or change but things always prevented it.. or a wise old monk.. or gods and heroes. 4) a part that starts 'And the result was. Their story should involve animals. It describes what other people thought of the character. or anything else that you might find in that kind of tale. What you do is to get them to write a fairy tale. or kings and queens. This is an exercise done while awake. 2) a part that starts with 'and when he grew up. It can involve a fairy godmother..key-hypnosis.. as told to a child.Fairy Tale Spiritual Healing script Writing a new ending to your fairy tale This exercise allows people to examine their own history as a way of getting emotional healing. but it accesses the unconscious mind through the medium of story telling. It clearly identifies the source of the problems and why they occurred. how the character really couldn't do anything else. and a powerful way of creating change in people who might not like the idea of hypnosis. The tale can be about their upbringing generally. and going over it several times until it is right gives the mind time to consider all the possible ways out of the current problem situation. or a wizard or it might be an inspiring story told by an ant: any resource that fits with the story and that leads to the character getting unstuck and becoming whole again.

com .com © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 271 www. and the problem just seems not so difficult any more. See their reaction. Your mind already knows how to deal with things in various categories and when it finds a way of putting your problem into the right category.carefully in fancy fonts and colours. But take time over it. Make sure it uses short sentences. How it works As you think about your story. a group of children. then it can apply the rules that apply to that category of problems and your problem is solved. By constantly refining and retelling your life-as-fairy-tale you are giving your mind the opportunity to adjust and reclassifying your problem to look like some other problem. And then. Try them out and see what feels right. your mind is working on the metaphor of your life.key-hypnosis. Answer their questions. Think of several endings. If necessary go back and alter the story and tell the new version until the children tell you that it is a very good story. Your mind is extracting the essential features of your life story and is putting these features into categories. none more than three syllables. You might put a song in it. And then read it aloud until it reads smoothly. except for names. A person who knows you should be able to see unmistakable parallels to your life in sections one and two. And then at some point you will get that 'Aha! moment'. and this is important. tell the story to a child. not more than ten words. and simple words. it will solve the problem. As soon as your mind reframes it to seem similar to some other thing that you can do something about.key-hypnosis. A problem is actually only a problem because you think it is something you cannot do anything about. or better still. David Mason www. or write it using a special pen.

com .. and you can begin to enjoy a pleasant feeling of control. all the things you associate with that time of the year. and maybe you can close your eyes as you are relaxing now and think about that feeling... think about that feeling of calm and peace. christmas tinsel. a tree with lights......... and you can begin to wonder about those lights..... allow your mind to go back... and there is just the lights of the tree.......... when you were much younger...... and as you think about that tree.key-hypnosis. K and a room somewhere. with decorations.. imagine the lights at the top of the tree dissociation reconnection away from the here and now eye closure set the scene pace and lead Metaphor dim = deepening trance David Mason 272 www... a time Memory when the feeling was laid-back and cruising..........Spirit of Christmas Hypnotherapy Script The Spirit of Christmas hypnosis script is a specially written induction and hypnotherapy session for the holiday season.... and as you breath out again. and dark all around.. a long time ago..... that's right. and in your mind V you see that tree.... become aware of the gentle rise and fall of your breath. and time on your V own.. remembering Christmases past. a time to relax and feel good.. breathing out... and maybe you can remember a quiet room.... round Memory about Christmas time.. breathing in. and you become aware that with each D breath you are becoming more relaxed... and focus on that breathing. The induction is based on contemplating a Xmas tree and thinking about Christmases past. and as you think about your breathing...... The therapy part uses the tree as a way of giving up your worries and letting them get taken away.. relaxing.. you notice with each breath out.. the lights on the tree become darker still.. A unique and special use of the Spirit of Christmas to help others. and those memories of Christmas. a quiet place somewhere. in a room that's dark and dim. all lit up with soft lights. think about a past Christmas. to just enjoy the season. and on the next breath... breathing quietly.... Spirit of Christmas Hypnosis Script CHRISTMAS TREE INDUCTION I wonder if you can remember a time .. those lights appear a little more dim...and a tree.... and decorations. lights.....

and you realize that your worries are lifting. breathing gently. everything is becoming quiet and peaceful. and feeling peaceful and calm........ become aware of a heaviness in your arms and legs...... the shape changes of the tree... letting it all go now. and another appears. and more David Mason 273 www. and you realize that you are beginning to feel lighter.. and another breath. on a different hook.. in your mind you can see the outline of the tree.... more and more of these little hook-like things appear.. and in that room. changing who are you are.... relaxing. like little hooks.. a soft gentle darkness.. and as you feel that spreading.... that Christmas tree.. and then another relaxing breath and the lights further down the tree are also growing dim and dark. deeper Trance and deeper.... and as you continue there... is becoming darker and softer................. and you tree has places start to imagine what things you might use to decorate that tree to hang things with.. and as you ...... and you begin to wonder what they are for... you you notice the realize they are for hanging things on.. and all the colors begin to swirl around.. and you notice that on the branches..... and it appears on the tree. allow that feeling to spread. and letting go.... and as you relax more........ your physical eyes... and the tree in the dark seems different now..... and you feel yourself floating.. everything is slipping away.... and something materializes on that tree.. and as that feeling spreads.... and your shoulders are tired and heavy.....key-hypnosis... there on a hook. there are curved things. relaxed. drifting... and you feel up your worries another worry lifting off . everything in that room is focus on the quiet and dark.... and imagine that feeling spreading.... and that feeling of peace and contentment.. a heaviness in your muscle and hands.. reflecting from wrappings and ornaments. and more of that tree is going dark now... swirling. SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS HYPNOTHERAPY SECTION and as you are lying there. and the tree seems different now. and you realize that you are thinking about that tree differently the tree now....... you feel something changing..becoming dim and dark..... as they carry you down. and in that dark place there is just the hint of dim colors. here and there..... breathing quietly.. and all around in that room....... and more blurred.... relaxing all the I relaxation muscles of your face. more open.. changing the way you K feel... you begin to tree focus on that tree....... drifting over to that start hanging tree... peaceful and quiet.... and as you do... and all the lights have faded away to nothing. and then there is another..... like decorations...... thinking of those lights.. is a shape.. it's like the tree is attracting them to it..

comes a ... and they are beginning to weigh the tree down. letting go. Merry Christmas! David Mason 274 www. and you feel the last of them letting go........ what would transform your life... things that you have carried around all worries year... A door opens.......... attaching to the issue tree... you can open I y change that gift whenever you are ready. all shapes and sizes. a wonderful. supposition You can beginning to think now.. of coming back to the present. and one after the other.. the tree is beautiful... in exchange for all that old stuff you have been take the gift carrying around for so long.. all your old fears.. and as you watch your are removed worries thrown into that sack.. now.. Capabilit permission to that you can take your gift anytime you want to ... and all over your body things are moving....... and you look at those strange decorations...... and you feel stirrings inside........ and some look very old.. you feel stuff releasing.. the tree is cleared.... that weight has gone.... and you think about what might be in that. and the figure reaches down... from five up to one. and then turns around and drags the resource sack away..... a great big bag.. and throws them appears into the sack.. M all possibilities special gift.. a lovely organic growing living thing.. all that stuff hanging on the tree is worries removed.... re-examine are hanging on that tree..... and that tree begins to look distressed. And in that dim light. loosening. and counting quietly to yourself. out of the room...... dressed in External red and white. there is no time like Behavior the present.. let go your relaxing. and into the room . your worries almost comical.. more things are leaving your body. and that means that you can have as much time being happy now................... eyes open..... change and then you see.............. a wrapped gift....... and tossed into the sack.. out there... there is something there. under the tree. it comes into your mind.and more.. and as you are relaxing more and more.. and just hanging there... and you have time now to open that present....... you realize all your worries......... and the figure has a sack.. and they look strange.. burdened. fresh and green and enjoy the Reframe healthy. it looks light and airy and free.. preand when you are ready...... are drifting over to that tree.. and as you relax.... shifting.. and still as you are breathing. and resource the figure begins to lift those things off the tree. coming back to the present ..... and you have accepted your gift. what is it that has been left for you . and the door is shut...key-hypnosis.... easing.. a present for you. transformed.. and takes another something out of the sack... to take time to open up and let yourself enjoy what reorientation life has to give. feeling of refreshed..... relaxing deeper now.. Rule D reframing as you had being burdened. relaxing externalise the deeper..

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or any discomfort.. and those arms feel so heavy. as if you arms and legs were made of stone... Now tense up your whole body. and maybe just shrug everything until you are happily settled down and ready... Fixing things stops them bothering you doesn't it? Now....... NINE.Relationships Ending a relationship It is often hard to leave someone. think about your feet.. and sees that it is time to move on... think about letting your feet and toes and ankles relax and get loose.. FIVE. and become aware of your face relaxing. Target Induction section Before you begin going into your hypnotic trance now just make yourself comfortable. leaving someone to make a fresh start..... in you calves. Take a moment now and wiggle about until you are in the right position for I what comes next.... let your eyes relax... All you have to D do is to focus on becoming comfortable. Just let it all flow out... SEVEN... This is a powerful metaphor for ending relationship. a relationship. your knees your thighs.... FOUR...your forehead. very relaxed... and now feel that relaxation in your shoulders. your eybrows. and when I get to one you will have relaxed into a deep satisfying trance..... focus your attention on your feet . ahhhhh.. your fingers...... Now take a deep breath and relax it.. Now relax all the muscles in your legs.key-hypnosis.. The person identifies with the house and then takes leave of it. That's right.. and you can enjoy this Technique Bind lack of Reference Truism Progressive relaxation induction David Mason 276 www... leaving the past behind like an old house that no longer holds the warmth it used to. Just settle yourself down and you can relax now... and you just can't move those arms and legs now......... ending a relationship. your chest. and let the past go.. ending a relationship can be difficult and painful...... spreading all the way down your arms. feel those legs getting heavy and heavier. your lips ... so relaxed... cleanly and without regret.. a dream that never really worked out... But before that you can move every part of your body as you become loose and floppy and relaxed. People often need to be helped to leave a relationship behind. and feel how good that is.... down to your hands.. This script uses a hypnotic induction and then an extended metaphor of leaving a relationship. really relax.a marriage.... and everything feels loose and heavy... Look around your body and notice if there is any tightness... now feel that relaxation spreading into your body... SIX.. your cheeks... This script uses a metaphor for walking away from something broken .com . TEN. If anything is making you uncomfortable then fix it. EIGHT. and then let go again.. it is as if they belong to someone else. in a moment I am going to count down from ten to one..... totally relaxed.. you can feel the weight pressing down.. your jaw. and now allow your neck to relax.

.. from the top of your head... smoke and ash. maybe a beach at twilight.... And somehow you know this building.. drifting away... feel your body sinking down. where you feel comfortable.. whatever feels right for you. that you know well.... might have been....... nothing is important... and think of what the place is like... and for a while that fire was bright and welcoming.... you can see V that there is something wrong.. M where once there was light.. down and down... But looking at it now... TWO.............. safe and warm and secure..... let your mind empty.... relaxing your neck. in Memory through the window... and some things..... this house.. but is actually deeply flawed..... can never get back to what they seemed to be at one time..... as you drift ever deeper..... and that relaxing means you can relax deeper and deeper now. that used to be good........ and you see a fire burning..... but you can see now that there is something flawed about it.. far away... and you can remember lighting a fire... relaxing your face. always...... just being in the moment...... enjoying the feeling .feeling of total relaxation.. starting the Memory spark that ignites it...... and this is like something else you have feelings about.. you have memories and Memory feelings about it... and something about that building is familiar..... for one last look. or maybe floating in warm water. it's like the feeling you get Memory when you just can't find a name you want. things just don't feel right with it any more. gently and easily.. and your your mind can drift away to a place...... enjoying that that lovely feeling... it is dying... what other places there might be that you make you feel comfortable. and you look deep inside....... once you know they are wrong in some way. gets it going... M and begin walk along the path away from it. and totally relaxed now.. can never be Rule repaired.... M Behavior and you turn away from that window... a fire that was meant to M warm that house.. spreading. with a little regret.... your shoulders your body. a place where you feel relaxed. letting go. and as your mind drifts off you feel a wave of relaxation travelling down your body .... carefully building it up........ allow your mind to drift over these things and other things.key-hypnosis... and looking closely. down and down. letting go.. and it looks a little sad....... M but is in fact spoiled somehow. Target Leaving the past behind METAPHOR And I wonder if you can imagine a house somewhere... or a favourite chair.. and maybe was never M right in the first place. and the more you relax the more you can relax.. ONE... that appears OK on the surface. a little neglected.... there is just shadows now.. flickering. nothing . a building standing on V its own.... totally at ease. or there is a word right on the tip M your tongue and it just won't come out.. And you go up to the house.... if that fire had been Dissociation Technique Set up the metaphor imply there is a flaw relate to a common experience deeply flawed relationship metaphor Reframe Used to be good Moving on along a new path David Mason 277 www.. nothing matters.. and each soft gentle breath out. or snuggled warm in bed on a stormy night.. M remembering what could have been....... is relaxing you more... something crooked.. like something that used to be good. far. THREE..

that fire is out.... You can start to live again. And take as long as you need to make the changes you need..... the building seems to have become a little smaller........ And ahead of you.. laughing with friends... that things are happening again. until you have wiped Memory D all that old stuff... and feeling that change.... and you are back in charge.... and keep thinking about that change. before... Laughter and freedom..... and you look back and you see the smoke stops. bring all those times to mind.. less distinct.. or later on .... and the image of the house gets darker. And you close the gate as the light fades... is out of sight now.......... looked after. when you felt really good. dancing and celebrating. « Table of Contents David Mason www. and you look back again.... the little change... times that you laughed............ and you walk on. remember how you turned to D the future ... you are free to do whatever you want..fed. and things start to get brighter as you walk on. beaches and sea and sunshine. And from now on....... so just go Capability © 2010 David Mason 278 www. to get in touch with that inner force.. ..key-hypnosis... you can have love and affection and caring.... Direct Suggestion section And you can remember now.. the feeling deep inside. and you might feel it now ......... and smoke is rising from the chimney.... and it's like the sun coming out again... And as you turn a corner. Deep inside something is stirring. and there's a bright happy future waiting for you now. you see bright open fields............ that anticipation that comes from knowing that good times are coming..key-hypnosis.... And you can feel that way again. And when you have done that you will come back to the present... and when things end it is time to begin again. there is nothing to go back for. You can have joy and laughter in your life. and you are ready to be happy again. to feel that excitement.. knowing D that something wonderful has happened.... Rule Let the V image fade away V M nothing to go back for V Forgetting M V Future M Technique Multiple triggers for memory D D D I any sensation > will convince the mind Memory Target Memory Capability Behaviour Capability Capability And everyone knows that life moves in cycles.. parties....... it is time now to move on. that fire has gone out.. a time to begin and time to Reframing end.. but the house has disappeared. remember how that old image faded... in way that pleases you most.. and you walk along the path and at the gate you look back. it's like you have left a dark place..... that sensation that lets you know that one thing is over and it's time for another thing to begin.

. 'more and more relaxed'.... going in the same direction. there are people exhibiting things. and all the people are streaming in.. 'More at ease'..... Just allow yourself to enjoy that lovely feeling of deep deep relaxation.. the smell of food... people are selling and laughing... and not think about anything at all.. Just allow yourself to become aware of the position of your arms and legs.... and you are walking past these stalls. relaxing....... and you go along.. Relaxing visualization And think about some place pleasant.... 'More at ease'..... become aware that your eyes can become heavy and tired.. kids running around with balloons.. shouting out.. tables with signs on them.. Comment Pacing I I Dissociation Pace with breathing V Dissociation All possibilities I D I I V M V New and V strange and exciting set up the market visualization Permission Allow time here Bind -' Begin' M David Mason 279 www. or working quietly in the garden... And now..... Laying out all the old stuff and you walk . you can begin to forget about everything.... or a place in the countryside... and it might be a beach on a sunny day. somewhere that you like to go to relax. 'more and more relaxed'. there are demonstrations going on.......... then.. everything is busy...... or a quiet spot at home..... Street Market Metaphor And I wonder if you can imagine going on a journey somewhere.. and with each gentle breath out. or something else entirely.... as you are lying there. and you are going on a journey through some strange places..... fun...... and everywhere people are walking.. become aware that those arms and legs can become heavy and tired. strange stuff you have never seen before....... it is as if there is a voice in your head saying..... anticipation.. swirling..Forget the past hypnosis script A script to let go of the stuff you have been carrying around for years Target Memory [Use your normal induction to trance.. and you find yourself in a large open space.. just think about how lovely it would be to be somewhere relaxing. except enjoying that feeling of going down and down. and you can begin to forget all about those arms and legs. and there is a feeling of excitement....key-hypnosis..... and there are times when you can allow your mind to drift away.] Relax the body.. deeper and deeper....... and as you go along... more and more relaxed..... things to buy. and there's music playing........ and there are people shouting..... trying to get people to buy things..... you see lots and lots of people. and there are stalls set out...

..... that you are protected now.. and other people are lifting things up and offering you money for it.. David Mason 280 www. and smiles.. and they just don't seem quite so important any more...... that it has gone forever..... and they hand over their money and they put it in their bag and they walk .. and something strange happens.. with a sweep of their arm says... you remember when they seemed so important... that is different from the rest.. it's stuff you have wanted to get rid of for years. and there is all kinds of stuff on those stalls.. everything is different. and some of them are.. and they take you to a part of the market. examine them...... everything is ready... standing there. remember when you had them. it's all there. you look the part.. and people are turning them over...... on those tables..and to your surprise.. and you touch each of those things.. and you look at some of those things and you realize that some of them are old...' And you feel relieved. no resistance Protected from old fears Externalize the problem Reframe .... people start to come up to the stall......... exposed..... and they walk away with them. and you recognize them. laid out for sale. for everyone to see.... and hold them up. you can get things you Capability want for things you want to get rid off...not important Challenge assumptions Re-examine old feelings.... it's all your stuff.. and look at them.... now they are lying out there. although they seemed very attractive at the time... it's time for these things to go..... are all laid out there.. and that's OK. and you realize that you don't really want Capability any of them now.. they pick them up...... you put that on. that you are professional.. to look at what you have there.... and can take what people are offering..... looking at them... and the person turns and you follow them.. And that seems to set things going. that you look really good in it..... some of them are quite ugly.. on those four tables....... and says 'I'm so pleased to see you... and they are all lying there... and they pick up your old stuff and they put them in their bag.... some of them are offering other things. and broken. walking behind your four stalls. protective clothing. And you can see by their expressions they don't think it's all that important... and there is some kind of overall there..........key-hypnosis. that all those things you have been wanting to get rid of... someone steps in front of you... and it is all laid out there for you........ and worn... and suddenly someone says 'how much for this?' And you name a price.. 'We've done it for you... they want to exchange. to trade..... and you walk around to the back of the table... We've been waiting for you. and you realize that by Capability putting that on.. And the person..... somehow those old things don't look so big when you look at it from this side. you realize you will never see that thing again.. And as you stand there.. And you go along.. they look cheap and worthless. the different things..... Magic person New place All done for you... well by today's standards.' and you wonder what is going on. stalls. and remember. you know what you are doing... Action for change Reframing stuff going away by itself.. and you realize you are so happy for that stuff to go. fears. and you realize it is all done for you... and there are four stalls laid out..........

.. and my wish will come true...... the people have all thinned out.... and it is getting on towards the end of the day and the market is getting ready to close.... there's a pile of new stuff... they are going to cafes and restaurants and M entertainment.. they land in there and they smash M and break. a dumpster thing.... taking some away.. all those tables are bare........ And you can imagine people folding up those empty tables.... you realize the music has stopped.. And one by one you pick them up and you throw them into that great big rubbish bin. I can make a wish.. and everything looks bright and happy and you look up. and stuffing it in a bag. and you stand in that place.. all that stained material... better things.. and they are throwing money at you. and as you throw them in.. getting to their cars to go home....... Permission to Get rid of them Get rid of all End of the clearance Clear last things Dump it all lights in the darkness Action for change think about the future Promise David Mason 281 www.. and you realize... and now I am free to buy new things.... a shooting star whizzes across the sky.. and never wanted.. knowing deep inside that it has already I started to come true.Behaviour Behaviour Capability Capability Identity Capability And more people are coming along and crowding around. grumpy... and there are a few broken old tired things left... and knowing that that will come true........ and wondering where that shooting star will land. that really nobody wants... little kids are trailing along...key-hypnosis... Making a wish And when you look back.... and when you look........ and behind them. and you throw them in the bin. I have got rid of all this old stuff.. and you tell them... And at the side there is a big skip...... Any you think... And there are hands grabbing and people jostling and they are all lifting stuff. and a whole lot of money.... and you go along your tables and you pick up every last one of them... a place where you throw stuff... people are drifting ....... And just then this great big vehicle comes along.. And you are picking up the money as fast as you can.... things you really want. and walking away with a bit of that old stuff. and it's all accumulating. and the sky is full of stars....... that I don't need. about things that can be taken away...... happy things. Throwing away the old stuff and you look at your table. turning it over in their hands....... and as you watch. and you realize that all over the city the lights are coming on. and you go along your tables and you pick up all those broken M old things. somewhere special.. all that tired and outdated stuff... 'How wonderful. things you have traded... and people are out walking again... And you walk away from there and you take along with you....... and everything is beginning to shut down.. all that new stuff. thinking about what it is you really want. and there is almost nothing left on the tables...... putting some back. and M carts it away.... and you look at them again and you realize you V don't want them. and they have all heard about the bargains. throwing stuff at you... 'Take them all! Take them away!' because you don't care any more. things that you really have no more use for... and lifts up the bin.. putting them away for someone else to use later..

... and that lets you drift even deeper now.somewhere different.... And you can continue resting and relaxing. changing.. and snuggle down into a comfortable position. and when you are ready you can gradually come back to the present.. allow yourself to drift off .. as if from a distance. you can be completely relaxed. to give it all away.. and when you are ready. and the night sky and the stars.... and nothing will bother you...... and what exactly that wish will be. all that old stuff has been taken away one way or another... seeing things from reframe... exactly as it should be. just the Behaviour way it should be. and you can begin to feel ..... and you can keep thinking about those .. you can come back « Table of Contents David Mason www... and in the meantime your mind is working... It's V really up to you now.... there is no longer any problem... And you can take as long as you want. and let your mind go where it wants... feeling really good and ready for the rest of the day. for as long as you want.. so allow things to happen....... and that wish that is going to come true for you.... nothing will disturb you. It's up to you really... as long as some part of your mind I is quietly cleaning up that old stuff...... inside you are totally relaxed and comfortable.. And you can enjoy that... Reorientation Behaviour and while you are thinking about that..... wondering what Permission to else can now go on those tables.. now that you're free.... But for now... maybe where that shooting star will land.. the other side. Nothing will bother you. and how better things have replaced them.key-hypnosis.. throwing away stuff.... loose and relaxed and © 2010 David Mason 282 www.... and as you do you realise that all those old things don't seem so important now.. and you can think about what it was on those Memory tables and how good it is to just pick them up and throw them away........ friendly stars that guide Capability D travelers to a new destination.....

"That's not important". said the cat with the large ears. "How did you get here?" "That's not important. "That's a funny looking box you're sitting on.. " "It's not meant to be comfortable... "Do you know who you are? That's what's important"'s not a box. the little bear had one or two good friends among the birds and the other animals. smugly." the cat said. watching. "Oh this .. whenever a big important animal came along . it will trigger a successful search for unrecognised 'blocks' that neither the client nor the therapist knew were there.. quietly watching what was going on.." The bear looked at the book for a while and said "It doesn't look very comfortable... but never really felt part of it. The adventures of the teddy bear are told as actions.key-hypnosis. it's a book.. At the heart of the metaphor is the concept of self limiting assumptions. the way cats do.." "Wow" said the bear. "Anything you want?" David Mason 283 www.. The cat and the teddy bear One day a little teddy bear was sitting by a lake. but for some others... and didn't know why. another part of the mind is thinking about what the story means.. like an outsider.. And while part of the mind is searching childhood memories. However. "Who are you?" said the bear. never knew what to do... and the listener is left to draw their own conclusions." said the bear.. actually. It is a child's story told to an adult.. and began to nibble a tadpole.. impressed. and saw a cat with big floppy ears sitting on a low box. and to cause the listener to associate into a childhood state in which the client can start a mental search for events and images that match the story elements. at length. The strength of this kind of metaphor lies in its multilayered complexity. Some listeners will just dismiss the metaphor as an amusing story. the metaphor does not openly deal with this.. the little bear got flustered or embarrassed or said the wrong thing. And the bear was thinking about this when a voice said "What would you like things to be like?" The bear looked around startled.The cat and the teddy bear Questioning Assumptions This anthropomorphic metaphor uses talking animals and elements of magic to get the point across in a non-threatening way.. The simplicity of the story. It's meant to let you do what you want.. just enjoying being relaxed and calm. either. the 'JustSo' style of telling and the magical characters are designed to remind the listener of stories from ..

. whoever you are!" the bear was off down the path to try it out. and tripped over a tree root. was it?... So with a quick "Thanks... Quick as flash the bear set off again down the path. Just do as the book . Surprised.." The bear peered at the book. nervously."Mmmm" "And would it let me do anything I want?" asked the bear. or was it?.. It was so simple... It was obvious what to do.. who was now deep in the weeds at the edge of the water searching for another tadpole "Just imagine what you want and the book will open at the right page.." said the bear..... and while the bear's woolly mind was busy wondering if the book might... Just look at the instructions. David Mason 284 www. when the book popped open on its own.. but never dared." "But I'm not sure what to do next. "Ah. "Simple.. and again the exact instructions were right there." The bear thought and thought. "Why not think of something else you would like to do?" said the cat. "What do I do now?" wailed the bear." said the cat through a mouth full of goldfish "I see you've managed to get it working. So the bear turned back and found the cat lying down contentedly scratching his belly with a stick. "Why does this always happen to me? Why isn't the path kept clear the way it's supposed to be. a family of ducks turned up. there was something the bear had always wanted to do.. the bear went over and peered into it.. determined to ignore all distractions. and looked hard at the book over there. it wasn't possible. complaining noisily about missing goldfish. And then all twelve baby ducks started crying and carrying on and in all the fuss and noise the bear forgot the instructions. So the bear thought and thought. "Sure. and was busy trying to decide whether to ask about this thing or that thing. and apply them..key-hypnosis. or maybe not.." and going over those same old complaints soon drove the instructions clear out of that silly bear's head.... how to do an even more important thing the bear needed. the book suddenly flipped open. And just a few steps down the path. bustling along as fast as possible.... and sure enough." said the cat... there were the exact instructions needed. The bear was elated. "Oh dash and pepperpots!" said the bear.. And the book was closed.. hopefully. could.

The bear was making good progress. getting on towards doing the most important thing of all. "Goodness. I wonder if maybe you are making an assumption here?" And the bear thought about it.. I am getting good at this.. took a long lazy stretch. You don't need me to tell you.. a few damp notes still hanging in the air. very careful about roots. and said. and that silly bear started to think about getting home and worrying if the windows were open or not. so hard that it spun right round before settling back on the ground.when it began to rain. « Table of Contents David Mason 285 www... pushing leaves aside and being very. busy carving a flute out a fish . "You know. And as the tune faded away. "Well.. and realised the cat was right... dejected and miserable and now wet as well.... blowing a few experimental notes on the flute all the while.. " and left the bear to get on with it. you should know how it works by now." thought the bear and in a moment was scurrying down the path again... The bear found the cat settled comfortably in front of a cozy fire under a little shelter and trying out a new tune on the flute.key-hypnosis.. and before long was trudging back up the path again."Back again?" said the cat. The bear had hardly begun to think when the book flipped open again. the cat looked over.

.... and changing bad habits often leads to changing your life..... and you know that they lead you automatically until you don't even have to think about it.. you are trapped in the same old behaviour... standing at the top of that hill.. you might like to close your eyes.key-hypnosis... they have no power. Finally the love is transferred to a physical feeling of contentment and the change is completed. showing exactly where you went and what you did. because from the top of a hill... making them deeper. are you? And when you realise that. and without realizing it. The Change Your Life metaphor then does an NLP Reframe to change the .. but you don't have to go down them. changing your life. D reframe and more than that. every time you set off you go down those tracks.. the tendency is to follow the previous trail. become deep and stop you from going anywhere but straight down those tracks. and soon. when you start out the skis automatically seek the groove you made and force you to go over the same ground again and again.. and V imagine it lying at your feel on that snow. the moment you choose to start from a different place. and you can choose to go right or left or even turn right round.. every direction is as easy as any other direction. guide you.. You can choose whatever direction you want.. the minute you see them for what they are. I I wonder if you can imagine. Further life changes are suggested by visualizing skiing freely instead of repeating the bad habits... look at the clean fresh snow..... and go in a all options different direction.. The more times you go over the tracks the more you learn the bad habits.. the moment you realize you are in the grooves... every time you go skiing you are following the same tracks. a little more permanent.. At first there is fresh white snow. Habits can affect your life. to go over the tracks you made before.. you can see the grooves.. you don't have to choose to go right down..... BREAKING LIFE HABITS METAPHOR Sometimes a habit is like skiing. you make the track in the snow a little deeper... And when you set off the skis leave a mark behind you.. D because you are not held back by those grooves any more. think about your problem. Then the The Change Your Life metaphor visualizes coming off the mountain and into a cozy chalet filled with love and warmth.. you don't have to do the same behaviour... every direction is down.. and at some point they stop being tracks and become a groove ..Changing Your Life This script is about change.. without choices. you can travel anywhere. you can decide to D reframe David Mason 286 www.... to travel in the same way... And the next time you go skiing.. They help you. especially changing life habits... except the Reframing power of repetition.. Set up the metaphor Current situation Capability Capability Behaviour Behaviour Capability Behaviour You know. they are just grooves. The Change Your Life metaphor compares bad habits to patterns of behavior like tracks in the snow..

....... has it? And after while you get better and better at skiing and you begin to wonder why you ever thought you had to do that.......Capability Memory have fun........ and inside there is a big fire going... and all the people round about applauding your wonderful unrestrained run down the snowfield. it was fabulous....... with people you have chosen to be K feelings of there... and just imagine now tucking the ski poles under your arms and crouching down and really going for it. you can choose to slalom...... Reframe and you can go in any direction.. and you can really enjoy that.. carving out the powder and seeing the snow arcing up. because you are not in that groove any more.. And just pushing off with the poles..... that you are home. the kiinesthetic place where you are wanted and respected.. just roaring down the mountainside totally in control but allowing what wants to happen to happen......won't they? vanishes and after a while you won't be able to see it at all..key-hypnosis. how good would that be? And I wonder what part of that you would enjoy the most? Because part of you D supposition knows that you can do that now.... And just imagine picking up your skis.. and end of V there are all the people you love in their.... and you know you have finally arrived home. and letting out a great yell of pure pleasure... the place where you belong... to do big bends and jumps. quite quickly actually.. trance and you can start to dream.... and it has no power over you then. anywhere...... sliding along effortlessly... reassurance but after a while....... maybe with somebody's arms lead them into K around your body...... trance [use as a lead in to the next metaphor or a formal induction ] David Mason 287 www.. letting it come.... and you can go in there and feel yourself being embraced and loved and hugged. feeling the speed and the power..... And just imagine later on. as you make your way back to a chalet maybe. D free to learn new things.. your ski poles... feeling cozy and warm.... instead of letting the slope take you where it will.. you looked great. feeling the wind in your face.. people looking at you admiringly...... standing on the top of that hill now. couldn't it? To just let go of the past. it's like it has never been I there.. and coming to the flat bit and just throwing your arms wide and throwing your break the old head back and laughing.. and a beautiful day. D go round anywhere.. and that could be real fun... Because everywhere will just be clean fresh white snow.. and acceptance now you are there for ever. snuggling down in bed. Reinforcement having learned to ski. that this is the way it was always meant to be.. walking away. those grooves will just fill up with problem V drifting snow. saying what a great run that was.. And just imagine what it would be like. and metaphor it is warm and cozy.. are you? You can always use the groove if you want to .. just hurtling down .. feeling enjoying the feeling... and whizzing down and feeling powerful and in control and doing great big turns ..

The Changing your Life metaphor script does not need a formal hypnosis induction before it is used. « Table of Contents David Mason www. A hypnotic metaphor like this is a good way to put an analytical person into trance.key-hypnosis. You use the metaphor visualization to distract their mind and then lead them into a formal induction at the © 2010 David Mason 288 www. The hypnotherapist can simply start telling the story and the client will start going into trance.

Actually I am quite proud of myself. politely. But I never expected to find a bear in a seal colony". said the bear. The Swimming Bear An owl was walking along a deserted beach one day. "but I was brought up among these seals and I have learned to survive among them. The bear just had to speak to him. so he went up to him and said "How come you are fully dressed and everyone else is nearly naked?" "Oh" said the man. David Mason 289 www. The bear still did not understand the question. The bear saw the owl watching and said 'What?' "Oh". the bear just couldn't stand it any more and set out in the direction that the owl went. "It's a long story". said the bear. "Yes". said the owl. The bear trudged on for miles and came across another beach. They lay there basking in the sun and rolling around without a care in the world. "I didn't mean to be rude. said the owl. But is that what you want?". The seals began to swim ashore and throw themselves on the sand. No other bear can swim as well as I do". "I can swim outstandingly well. Time passed.The Swimming Bear Challenging Defensive Behaviour This metaphor is designed to challenge the listener to re-examine their assumptions. It means I am never exposed". So one day. The owl thought for a while and said "I can see that you have learned skills that are unique and useful to you. "But is that what you want?'. And more and more seals began to come ashore and to the owl's surprise a bear came swimming in. "What else could I need?" thought the bear. just enjoying the sunshine and watching the waves roll in. This one was crowded with humans. all sunbathing and reading and digging holes in the sand and all the other things that families do at the beach. hauled itself out of the surf. and shook its fur dry before flopping down on the sand. "that's the way I like it. you know". but couldn’t let it go. And in the middle of that crowded beach was a man in a coat with a fence around him. "And the fence?" asked the bear. and the question just wouldn't go .key-hypnosis. as the owl walked on. when suddenly the water was full seals frolicking around and diving in and out of the waves.

a lot of people ask about that. « Table of Contents David Mason 290 www. No one can put up that fence faster than me" . "Ah" said the bear."Actually. The secret is. "But is that what you want?". I carry it with me everywhere. finally understanding the question.

a soft comfortable surface made up of layer upon layer....... year after year. so it won't work... floating... and then could not find it..... safe and secure..... fading in and out of focus.. And you can watch as another bubble detaches and rises. just relaxing.. forming a complete M record of everything that has happened to that pond. if it accidentally slipped out of your pocket. And allow yourself to drift across the sands of time. floating... shafts of light penetrating down into the .... drifty.. in your mind. areas of flat lake bed .. This script uses the metaphor of bubbles in a pond and gives several options for how the memory can appear.. One famous case was where a woman put away her wedding ring... calming metaphor idea of depth reassure non swimmers! Metaphor of exposing the layers all memories are there waiting.... And here and there are clear patches on the bottom. nothing is important.... Naturally...... and as part of your mind is feeling that floaty.. and now and then a bright crystal bubble detaches.. Putting it away was a metaphor for her failing marriage.. another part of your mind is going through old memories.. and those layers build up...... expanding as it goes.... then.. swimming effortlessly down through clear warm water...key-hypnosis.... M rising.... like watching scraps D of an old movie... you notice here and there.] Pond metaphor. leaves float slowly down. gently laying down a perfect history of events..... a place where there is quiet water.. way.. then there is nothing in your memory to recover. allowing the current to carry you this way and that.... V among gently waving plants and fish darting away.. things appear and disappear.... memories laid down in layers I wonder if you can imagine a pond or a small lake somewhere.. knowing that nothing matters.... and where the M light shines the layers are illuminated. with gentle ripples on the surface. drifting......Metaphysical Finding Lost Items Hypnosis has been used in recovering lost objects.... that you were able to see down into that pond..... Target [Use an induction to trance from the Induction Collection. and imagine now..... dust and sand drift down....... and clear V water underneath... becoming aware of all the things under the surface.... deeper and deeper... and V each layer is laid down day after day by material falling from above..... and her mind refused to let her 'find' the ring again... wobbling and weaving its way to the surface uncertainly. and rises to the surface.. Bubble Metaphor And as your mind drifts slowly around that place.. but it can only work where your mind actually knows where the missing thing is. The only cases where hypnosis actually works to remember lost things is where the mind has deliberately cut off the memory.. Light = understanding small inevitable change suggestions of incomplete images David Mason 291 www.

to come out into the light..... like a bubble..and in your mind.. things have happened.. and some of the things you find you might Behaviour just put away... you are free to open doors and windows.. multiple routes And sometimes a path leads on.key-hypnosis...... getting ready to rise up. waiting. You are free to search through every part of your life. up out of the depths.. So just take your time now... until now. ready to come out......... You can look at it ............ an image.. or your mind may spend some time examining the deepest recesses. breathing gently... and paths can lead to unexpected places... Give the client time to work allow your mind to roam over all those memories. searching metaphors for Memory M through the memories of months and years.... a feeling...... Capability M OK to look you are free to open boxes and cupboards.. to emerge.. of old places and buried finding thoughts. something you want to remember.. and other things that you need to find as well........ and that bubble D up is now feeling the pressure to rise. everything is open... everything has a natural time.... and suggest indirect Memory M suddenly reveals a clearing... and you can remember the fun and the laughter and the a bit of therapy So take a few moments now.. Allow the client time to go through memories.. letting one thing suggest Memory connect to another.... you can become aware of another bubble that is ready to detach... approaches or like a door suddenly opens. like an itch you can't get to. for those things allow 'other Capability that are missing.... and somehow you know that it is ready now. Focus on the missing object And there is something that has been nagging in your mind..... it is time to D come out now. Idea of needing release........ Capability more clear to you. something like when you have a word on the tip of M your tongue. Suggesting a form emerging Time is now Inevitability David Mason 292 www. more reachable...... and splits and joins and turns ... laid Ready to come down in those layers long ago..... Something about [mention here the thing that has been lost] And as you are lying there now.. you can start to describe what you are experiencing..... Nothing is closed... and nothing can stop D a bubble from rising through the water.. and be open to whatever is rising up presupposition Memory M through those layers of memory.. and some things you find you have been looking for for a D long time.. D beginning to come out from where it has been held..... forming a definite shape......... or a curtain drawn back.. ready to be seen. And when you have a memory..... And your mind is now starting on a process that will release that Behaviour thought..... hearing these words... the knowledge of that something is becoming more firm.. And some things you find you have forgotten about and will make you May as well do Memory D feel good again... something there And your mind is now free to search all the memories.... things' And you can allow yourself to be free to look in every part.....

. as it happens......key-hypnosis.. and knowing about not knowing is a form of knowing.. or it may be that your mind will come to the definite realisation that you don't have the memory you thought you should have.... And then you can count from five up to one..... and thing that were possible.. and for some of them it will feel like a weight coming off your shoulders.............. and when you have something.. and put away the things you do not need any more....good times. in your mind....] And when you are ready to go on you can raise a finger or a thumb and we can go on. And another breath.. definitely yes or definitely no. and some of them just feel like flicking through an old photo album. and that's another good thing..... you will just feel free.. places............. and you are free to look at all those pictures now... a flash of insight. emerge in your mind in an unexpected moment....... you now know for sure.. describe what you are experiencing.... And that process may take a few minutes or maybe a few hours.. ready for the rest of your day and feeling refreshed and relaxed.. So when you are ready. David Mason www. and when you get to one... So be open to whatever bubbles up .. enjoying what used to be and looking forward to the new albums.. that's good. If nothing comes. and allow your mind to clear.............. [Allow sufficient time. the people. or your mind may be busy working in background.] [If they haven't spoken by the end of the period..... you will be back in the present.. or maybe your mind works best during the night............. all the new photos that will come. And you will know.. give a way out of the search Capability D might appear when waking Capability Capability Capability Behaviour D D D might appear after sleep Clear away the uncertainty D Closure D allow some peace of mind « Table of Contents David Mason 293 www. you will remember what it is you want to remember. and the memory will make itself known to © 2009 while we are here.. and the thought can emerge in a few minutes. and things that were loose and vague will become certain. so one way or the other things will become clear... and you can stop worrying about it.... the memory will emerge clear and bright like the dawn.... and enjoy .. that's right. and then let go. and move on. There is such a lot to look forward to . so that when you wake up in the morning... that there is nothing there.key-hypnosis. Reorientation So now [ClientName] just take a deep breath... life can be so good when you look at it that way.... you can start counting.. remembering the good times.

Past life regression script Past Life Regression is a fascinating aspect of hypnosis.. just allow yourself to completely relax. Take a deep breath. and then when you let it go.key-hypnosis. that's fine.. if you want to move.. And now take a third deep breath and hold it.. That's very good... if you want to scratch your nose or whatever you want to do.. I will actually... is just take a deep breath. let go all the tension you can... That's good. What are your shoes like?' implies there are shoes. And this time let go all the tension in your shoulders and in your arms.. Just let it go. What do you see?'. Are you ready to go into trance? Yes. So take a deep breath and hold it. What I would like you to do now. Finally the client is taken beyond this life into a place where past lives can safely be experienced.. you don't have to feel you must stay there. Yep.. very easy to imply things in the way you give instructions. that's OK . and hold it.. just allow yourself to be comfortable... If you want you can lower the chair back.. that's good. and when you are in trance. OK. Are you feeling comfortable? Yes... The following script describes how one client experienced her past lives.. just let that go. The first section is an extended induction with multiple deepeners to ensure depth of trance.. The only thing you need to be careful of is leading the client.. Then a safe place is established. it is a fascinating insight into the human mind's secret abilities. just become aware of your breath going in and out of Self induction Now just resume breathing normally... The client is then regressed to childhood in this life to ensure that the client can regress and knows what to expect. David Mason 294 www. Now take another deep breath and hold it. It is better to ask 'And become aware of your feet.. The client is offered three opportunities to experience previous lives and then gets an option to find out what the place between lives is like. However the format is fairly simple and it is hard to go ..... that's OK. This client's preferred mode of going back was drifting in a boat.. [clientname]..... It is very. and as you let it go this time just really relax.. Asking 'Look down at your feet.. Yes set Yes set Yes set Invoke the parasympathetic response Permission bind And as you breathe. Every PLR session will be different so a script can only suggest a structure for how to proceed. that's good. Like all past life hypnotic sessions. Just make yourself comfortable.... Induction section You can let your mind relax OK [clientname]...

and after one there's just ZERO. and we will count them down together.. going down the first step... just allow your breathing to slow down. and you can go down that staircase.... and in the David Mason 295 .. deeper and deeper... warm and safe and feeling really good about yourself..... you don't have to.. nothing. you can say to yourself. more and more relaxed... more at ease.. and go on...... deeper and deeper...... . And I wonder if you can imagine yourself sinking into that chair.. you don't have to think.when you are feeling nicely relaxed.. and it's got doors and windows and a fence and maybe there's trees.each step is taking you deeper breathing rate down..... and every breath is still making you more and more relaxed. And inside that house. slowly. and you don't have to do anything [clientname] .. relax more.. So TEN... and you can deepener begin to go down those stairs now.... and part Deepener of your mind is wondering whether you are going to go into trance.... and memories children running around laughing... and you can just let yourself go. and SIX feeling completely pace with relaxed.. and people coming home and going out............. and just become aware of the feeling of the chair against your back and against your head. and you are lying in that chair breathing Dissociation gently.. and how comfortable you can induction feel. you can hear a voice in your head saying.. because at the bottom there Countdown is a door..key-hypnosis....... that's right................ or marble... and you can go into trance and you can relax.............. safe and warm.... that's right. you can become more relaxed.... more and more relaxed..... becoming aware of the chair. and now just allow your eyes to close when you are ready.... and with every breath you sink deeper into it. more comfortable.. and THREE deeper and deeper...... and EIGHT .. and behind that door there is something wonderful. and it’s a happy house. just being aware of that breath. and SEVEN more relaxed.. and the sound of my voice.. and how comfortable that can be.. and FIVE deeper and deeper. You don't have to do anything except just allow yourself to lie in that chair feeling warm and relaxed and comfortable. anything you want... and in that house... down and down.. Deeply relaxed. and there's been meals childhood and fights and laughs and candles and Christmas trees and Easter eggs... that's good..... isn't it? And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere. that's very good. And the house has seen prime with parties and weddings and christenings and funerals... and with every breath out.. and NINE down again. that's very good to do that ..... that's good... being supported.... and TWO nearly there...... and there can be a handrail.your nose.. and then maybe you can become aware of the fabric under your fingertips...... and that staircase can be wooden... generations of people have grown.. listen. more relaxed. and with every breath out........... and you can think about that as you go deeper and deeper.. and going deeper and deeper. and just Deepener imagine yourself sinking into a big fluffy mattress...... and going down your throat... just feel yourself supported in that chair. there's a staircase. and part of you can stay aware if you want to and the other part can allow itself to go deeply and deeply into trance .. and just feel Kinaesthetic yourself as if you are lying on a big fluffy blanket.. or carpeted... and just feel yourself going down and down... and ONE nearly at the bottom. while another part of your mind is aware that you are already going into trance.

....... or the rain against a window in a far off place. down and down............. like a leaf carried by the wind... round and round.... I would like you to open that door now and go through it ......... total release. . and there are people there case there is an who you haven't seen for a long time. My voice can be Dissociation the sound of the wind in the winter long ago. and is there anything else about that door? It's got a round white knob.. A round white knob.. and they all smile. and my voice can become anything you want it to be. or a parent.............. floating and swirling... in that room there is acceptance and everyone you know and like... and support is everyone who loves on a dark night. floating.. Confirmation [slight twitch of thumb] of trance That's fine. It's white.. you don't have to do anything..and everyone who knows and likes you.... and my voice can be the sound of a leaf blowing across an empty street..... What colour is that door? .key-hypnosis. they are not important. they've been having a sort of .... and established in there are people there who you meet every day. and they David Mason 296 www. OK. It opens inwards...... and when you go through that door you find yourself in a large room.they have regression been talking and eating and drinking. White... and you can see them clapping and you can hear the sound.. down and down... and they stop and they look round later. and when you into that room they all turn round and they stop during the doing what they were doing. and does that door Clean language open inwards or outwards? Inwards. just hanging in black and there's no wall. velvety blackness... and you can feel yourself going deeply into that warm.. nothing is important.... a feeling of nothingness... and when you are in front of that door and you are ready to go on I would like you to signal to me by moving a finger or a thumb that just lets me know that you are ready to go on..... that's good... and my voice can be the voice of a teacher.. and you can feel your self drifting down... and any thoughts that come into your mind you can just watch them wander away. drifting left and right and right and left. and they begin to applaud.. And can you go through that door? Safety check Yeah.. and in that A Place of room there are hundreds and hundreds of people.. and you don't have to think. Safe place section There is a safe place for you always And now I would like you to find yourself in front of a door.. and there are people there who have abreaction passed away.. or a great grand parent.. you can feel the pleasure..... and there's no wall.centre of that zero there is a warm velvety blackness..... Thank you. And can you open that door? Safety check Yep... and every one that you love is in that room.. and its just hanging in black.

you can see a time when you were really enjoying yourself at back to late that age... and you lie in the boat..... totally accepted... some time round about twelve. That's right And now I would like you to thank those people and just send out love to them.. and they go back to talking and eating.. and the boat drifts into the bank of the river. somehow. David Mason 297 www.. you are getting smaller.... and maybe it's real and maybe it's just a feeling..... perhaps.. family and friends and all the other things. Childhood recall section You can access forgotten memories And you continue on.. and as it goes. you can hear the crunch of the gravel.... and you can watch yourself enjoying that scene..... [clientname]? There's just me there... and on the bank of the river you can see a Regression happy scene.......... and this is the place where you can feel completely safe... you can feel yourself changing........ and lie down on the cushions........ that all these people love you for who you are.. and there's a boat tied up .. that makes you feel safe and relaxed.and look at those people.. something childhood like that.. and some hug you and kiss you. or twelve or maybe fourteen or some age like that... getting younger and younger. Can you see that scene now.. and you feel such a feeling of warmth and acceptance.... and it comes to a stop at a time when you were eleven. and in that boat there are large cushions. and there's a jetty. and know that they are there to support you.......... and you can sense the water. and the more that boat goes down stream......... and you can turn round.. and make your way to another door.. and you begin to drift.. and you climb into that boat. and the path goes left and right and right and left. you can feel yourself getting lighter. supported by. and as you lie there..... returning back to class. thirteen. eleven. And that's a good thing.. and you end up by a riverside. isn't it? Mmmm. and even just thinking about that place makes you feel good inside. wrapping my jersey around my waist ...and I have just gone for a run........ the door to the outside. It’s a place where you can be anything you want to be. and they put there arms around you .. and you can feel your arms and legs getting smaller.. and you can smell country air. in any way you can.. and you can see that scene now... and be accepted.. and comes to a stop. where you can do anything you want to do and you will be accepted and supported.........key-hypnosis. and as you walk up the path you can feel the stones under your feet.. shrinking. it feels like the boat starts to slowly go downstream... [client name]? Mmm What's going on there. And you go out through that door and you find yourself on a gravel path.. and a gentle breeze riffles the smooth water.just for that... and I am running back.... off a river.. and you wave and they wave back.......... and you feel a gentle rocking. and you feel so good.. and there's a breeze blowing along........are all smiling and they begin to come forward. the sun comes out.

.... that's good. and what else? I have playdough. and let that boat drift away again.. The room is blue. Yep And how old are you? Twelve.... and once again you have a happy childhood scene and you can see that scene.. uhuh.. You're playing with playdough and eating it...and eating it... you are three or four Back to earlier or five or maybe some other age like that. And are you happy? Yeah. and there's water... Twelve... Some other kids.. . And how old are you? Three Successfully completed age You're three. Miss Pondy[? unclear] And where is this? Green Bay It's in Green Bay.. this time.. and this time its much further back...key-hypnosis... see-saw.... Let your mind clear. OK... And what's the teacher's name? Ah.. Can you see it? mmm And what is that? I'm at kindergarten You're at kindergarten.. There's water. and that boat drifts down and down.... green grass. and it's time when you were happy as a little girl .. regression testing David Mason 298 www...... and once again it bumps gently against the . And what colour is the room? Blue. And there is a playground outside.. coloured. Is there anyone else there? Some other kids.and what else about that room? mmm. but you can see it......... and what are you feeling? Mmmm So you are in Green Bay and your jersey is wrapped around your waist and you are running back to school... the teacher.. I don't know what it is. bluey sky...there's lots of people... really enjoying things.

... for it to connect to .. and it appears in your mind there's a scene... Are you alone or are there other people there? I don't know.. and just be aware of that gentle air going in and out.. and how that makes you feel so relaxed.. Do you want to go back to a time before you were born? Safety check Yes. and you can look over the side of the boat......... and you can feel yourself drifting down and down..... OK. It's dusk.... Animals... past and inside that mist you will feel pulled in one particular direction... and you can enjoy colours and shapes and sizes and anything you want. and half way across that bridge there's a mist.. and you can forget about Clear the mind everything else.. Tables and chairs ..... and find yourself in another time and another place. a fog... and now I want you just to take a moment. everything else is irrelevant. household.. and relax and just notice your breathing .....key-hypnosis. and really allow your mind to clear. Are you indoors or outdoors? I'm outdoors. so if you leave the boat and allow your mind to go back... and you can go back before you were born..when you are back in the past.. That's good. and Bridge to the you find yourself floating with the mist. and in that scene there's a bridge.... being carried in that transparent water.. you will be going back into a time before you were born. Describe what you can see... so now I would like you to choose the direction that seems right to you..... totally weightless.... allow your mind to wander far and wide....... and that boat turns round and begins to drift backwards. part of the mist. and you can go on that bridge.. and when that mist clears... And now that boat begins to drift again ... so begin now and take a few childhood moments to really enjoy that wonderful feeling of total relaxation and bliss memories .. You are outdoors... you will see a scene from another time..... You can see animals.. and as you go across that bridge you go into that mist....... and you might be surprised at what wonderful things come up.. and it swirls around you.. outdoor tables and chairs. seeing deeper and deeper..that fog. fire.. David Mason 299 .. that's good. going back and back. and you can choose one direction to go........ and in your mind you can imagine your some part of you going down deep into that water... another place. First Past Life That's good..... a cloud.. like the mist. and all you can see is mist........ the only thing you need to do is to listen to the sound of of actual my voice........ and you can go across that bridge. and when you are ready..... down into that deep dark water. you just say 'yes' Yes. back to the time when you were born.. Is it day or night? Dusk. drifting this way and that. looking down into that fresh clear crystal water.Start of past lives section You can experience other lives Now allow your mind to clear. or maybe more. Now allow your mind to go back .

. You're praying for life... down the. David Mason 300 www... And do you know what year it is? 1769...... There's a table and chairs and a fire and it's very quiet. It's quiet How old are you? Fourteen Look at your feet. So are you a girl or a boy? I think I am a boy. A flowing natural fibre dress..... Praying for all life...... big writing Old writing... It's in Ireland or Scotland.. there's a bridge to the building... And what happens next? I'm watching. they just carry on going. and they are just moving. I just watch them.uhuh.big writing.. past leaves. old writing. and a leather cover. You've got sandals.. I've got a book.. You're standing and you've got a book..key-hypnosis........ Big print.. just watching. So you are fourteen year old boy in 1769 reading a book with big print and leather binding....... And why do you have that book? I'm praying.. and how are you dressed? Flowing natural fibre dress. And why is Eek! Leading! a fourteen year old girl praying for life? I don't know if I am a girl.. there's... and I'm standing... and what are you praying for? Life.. And then what happens? Ahhh...... And so you are praying for life in 1769 in Scotland or Ireland. it's quiet..... You're praying. And is there anything else about that situation? There's a stone building.. And describe what happens as the people are coming out... It's like a Bible... stone.. And the people ignore .And what is going on? Quiet.... there's a moat. What are you wearing? Leather sandals... And where is this place? Ireland or Scotland. curving..I don't want them to see me..... by the edge of the path through the forest .. They ignore me. And what happens next? People are coming out...

.... David Mason 301 ... He's in bed. a special day for the sun... like an eclipse. for it...and this big spoon... a white dress.. You think they are going to hurt you... Now I'd like you to allow that person to become aware of your presence.... Forty two He's dying...and his kids around. Outdoors........ And what is special about this day. Ok..... pitched roof.. I would like you to move forward in time until it's the day that that boy dies... That’s good. I don't see her face. And what happens after that eclipse? I just sit... I would like you allow your mind to go to another time. It's outside ... the house is made of....... to some really important event in that life....what's going on. or this time? It's the sun. the girl's got long wavy golden hair. OK. Day...... we are going to move on from that situation.... pots......And you don't want them to see you.... like an eclipse. and when you have that event....... later on in that boy's life.. Is it day or night? Day.. and the medicine. say "Yes". like earth and things. compounded.. fire... Yes. and you are there just before he dies.. Outdoors in day . long flowing on the bottom. watching.. And how old is he? Forty two.... I'm getting married. Are you indoors or outdoors? Outdoors... Describe the marriage. OK.. I've got red wrapped around my shoulders. Why don't you want them to see you? I think they are going to hurt me.... like earth..... Uhuh. and you can be somehow in the place where he dies. it's like a kilt.. Waiting for the eclipse. dirt floor... describe what is happening. long sleeves. You’re getting married.. This lady is trying to help him. and a long.. like earth and wood. thing around my waist. light cottony. there's a minister...... and what else? Grave look on him. there's lot of people. now... Yeah I'm waiting. I'm just looking at her hair..key-hypnosis.. sick... Is there anything else important about that scene? Nah.. Yes. Now I would like you to move forward in time again in that same life. So it's a special day for the sun. sandals.

. or understand. looking down . now allow your mind to clear... I'm on top of . you can begin to describe what you are seeing and what you are doing and what is going on.. and you have been to one life..... by the sea.. struggling to get across the river.. now I don't know if that person has got a message for you.. but you have been called there for a reason. I'm going into the town. and looking back over that short life.. and we're going... or a wooden buggy thingy. It feels fair 'cos he died young left his family. so now I would like you to get in touch with the essence. I think a horse....key-hypnosis.because that person has asked you to be here.... going to the village And what happens next? I keep walking...... he's big.... just going to that place....... and once again you see another scene..... the mana.... and you can choose to remember it or you can choose to just take it in internally. Second Past Life That's fine. And you can learn from that person's life... I just keep walking.. So allow yourself to drift in that mist until you find that the mist clears for you.. and he's struggling...... he's getting me across and I'm on top of something..... in that cloud.. see anything you want.. and you have done that you can signal by moving a finger or maybe a thumb and we can go on. I am up high....... looking down on the tree and the river leading to the sea... but he couldn't help it..... Crossing the river...... secret... do you want to go back into that mist.. I keep seeing that man.. or someone else....... There's a man with me.. Alright.... it could be anything............. walking..... he's looking at me.... to really take from that life whatever that person wants to give you....... I don't know. and he's strong. I'm watching him.... whatever word you understand it's leading to the sea... the soul. and understanding what you need to be told. looking at him from the back... and so now spend some time... And you can keep that to yourself. and once again you are floating around.... and you find yourself back in that mist. he's got a blanket over his shoulder. walking ahead of me... it's wide........ And what is happening? .. it's a small village.. he's going across the river first.... and contact another life? Yes. just getting that message or lesson or whatever.. and it could be a message or a story or a memory . or learn.... you don't need to say anything. Me . crossing the river first and. or you can choose to tell yourself later... or a lesson. he's got long hair. he's got a beard.. I think he is David Mason 302 www.. looking at it from above.......... be anyone you want. and that person has asked you to be there for a reason.. something...... And how old are you? Don't know And do you know where you are going? A town... There's a river. and when you have done that. All right. or some skill you can have.. and you can go anywhere you want. and when that scene appears for you.. so you are going to that place.

... late thirties.... standing on a road... it's a brown church. I don't know what happens... [deep sigh] I keep seeing. brown hair.. me. I want to stay... I miss him. a church. falls. the ladies are wearing dresses with things over their head... helping people build their houses..... She looks alright [surprised]. describe what is going on..... I ran away. my dad's not well. I can't have any children..... people know him.. he goes ahead.... but still able to understand and communicate. reddish. I'm a woman and I've got this dress on with this pattern like an interlocking . and you can move on in that life.. big....... like a hat.. I'm teaching... streets are off a main street .. I've got. he looks about thirty.. that scene fades away..... and when you are there.. away.... the people. on my dress and I've something around my shoulders.... Um.. she's clutching her chest.... husband. there's no fences.. wide. My parents come........ allow your mind to clear and now drift forward in time.......... I don't see him again... the bell is sort of hanging like from a wooden...... steeple thingy. it’s earthy street.. She's just standing there. big features.... curling in and out from one another. I stay with my Mum. Ahh.. and there's no houses around it... and you can learn what she learned from that long life.... helping .......... is dying.. I go . there's no plants or anything...... and I talk to the children.............. big face.... long brown ringletty hair. for helping This client seems to mishear several questions David Mason 303 www.. Makes him sad. no..... she wants...... it's the day when that woman dies. something that you can take a lesson from..... I don't want to go..... that's what he's doing. it's not running her over. she's still standing there.. Um. I just stay with my mum..... he looks after me. and when you have a clear image of that you can describe it. it's green around it............ her heart.. he builds... I go home......My dad dies. [long silence] Allow the scene to fade..... and I live there. windows. I think.. I'm teaching the children and he's building... because whenever you touch another life........ Um. I do live there... that's your reward for being there.[weeps] . it's her heart.. so she is getting run over.. and maybe there's a skill or a message or something else she wants to give you.. and once again you can be there. And how old are you? Fifty something. and you can move on in that life to a time when something else really important happened in that a green clearing of some grass that same life.. I'm too young. I leave him... I won't go.. floating above it somehow ....... like a chain. there's no kids.. street's not concrete ...... [Father's age?]... And once again there is a reason for you touching this life. when she was alive. they are rich.. the things running her over. and you can go and become that woman... there's a house.... shawls. you always get a gift. I go back with my mum and dad. but I don't go back. thing over her head and she has got a shirt and skirt on... seeing what's going on.... and things tied around head.. It's creamy with a sideways gable roof............ big strong man. falls to the ground.. I just see her standing there with this.... with a bell.. look after my dad.... and it's my husband and I feel safe with him.. he's building and I'm cooking.. mainly I just want to look at him.. I don’t think there's any children.key-hypnosis.. Allow that scene to clear.. lines..... must be.

them share... for joining them in giving the girt... and that gift can be anything... you will know what it is... and you can accept that gift... and take it with you as you move on... and look back on that life and be glad that she lived... Third Past Life And now you find yourself back in that mist again... in that mist where there is nothing and everything... in that mist where there is no time and no place and no now... where everything is possible... And do you wish to go from that mist to find another life ... another place... another time? Yes. Once again in your own way and your own time... allow that mist to clear... and describe what you have this time... Indian village... I'm a girl... woman... teenager... seventeen... I've got... skin clothes... leather... My... hair... plaited... one side right ear... plait over right ear... symbols hanging from my ear... I can see my profile... skin clothes covering all of me... animal skin... feet covered... wrapped around me... clear skies... tall trees... it's cold... Lots of people... fire... cooking on the fire... my mother is coming... calling me... out of um... like a... house... like a flap... she's opening the flap... she's calling me... going in there... she's talking to me and my dad's in there.. telling me I am going in a ceremony..., what's that... courtship... not speaking English... [chants] He a ma fo e ra ... it's like ...I do as I am told... I want my parent to be... all I know is I respect my parents... My dad's got on covered leather clothes and there's designs on those.. It's red... red... It's red like a... like a triangle but without the bottom half... so it comes down from his neck... and there's a red... circle within the triangle... semi circle joining to the triangle there's red in there... He's got some short hair on the top of his head there's long hair... and he's got a hook nose... and my mother's got a clear face... open face... she's not very old... she's small... I am bigger than her... My dad's bossy... she doesn't want to do though ... I am her only child but I have got lots of brothers and sister... nieces and nephews... big family... we go outside... there's men returning... the women are coming out... they've got food... the men are bringing animal meat... getting off horses... some coming to me... to me but past me... I don't want to interact... I leave... I go into the bush... I have hidden feelings... talking to the trees... in my mind I am talking to the trees... I am asking the sky and the sun to tell me... taking... energy ... movement... scooping up the earth... I want him... he has a wife... so I can't have him...he has a wife... he comes to me and he's passed me... I want to go away... he keeps coming to me and past me... getting in a canoe... going... a waterfall... drowning... drowning... Allow that scene to fade.. just allow that scene to face once again... go forward in that life to the day before you die... and the day you die... the hour you die... and once again you can be there at a remove... and you can describe what you are seeing at the end of that life... I see her standing... she's looking at me... can't ... pretend... avoiding each other... pretend... we... she knows and I know that they are going to put me in the courtship... So once again you can join with that life... and learn a lesson or a skill... or

David Mason


an idea or something else... and once again that life will be grateful for a visit and give you a gift to take away with you... The place between lives and this time... you can go with this life as it ends... and you can watch and you be there and you can follow... and now you go along with that life after the life has left the body... and just for a few brief moments you can experience what it is to be between lives... and I wonder if you can experience that... now. And if you are experiencing that now you can describe what it is to be between lives... It’s light... warm... it's warm... colours changing purple blue... white... joining... joining together... lakes... and moving sky... someone's... holding my hand... my left hand... talking to me... happy to see me... what I've done... saying I've done well... but I was trying to get away... I don't understand... I didn't mean to hurt myself... said I was still brave... going off on my own... it was still courage... surrounding me... putting their ... hands on me... It's a circle ... I am in the middle of the circle... and there's light... and they are glowing and they are putting their hands on me... Looks like a ring of people... they can all reach me... so it's about eight...ten... ten people and I am glowing too... It's my grandmother... it's my mother... it's my son... it's my auntie... that's a grandfather... it's my grandmother... it's my friend... it's my friend... my babies... It's another ring of people... outside of them... it's another ring... it's another ring... everyone's there that I want... it's light... they are happy... I think I didn't do too good, but they are happy...

Reorientation section You can bring back something from that past time Now allow your mind to clear again... just allow your mind to totally clear... in a moment I am going to touch you on your forehead... and that touch is just to indicate to you that it is time to come back to the here and now... when I touch you on your forehead you will be back in that place where the mist and the fog is... touching your forehead now... [touches] Go back to that place where the mist and the fog is... and from there you can go safely and securely back up through that crystal clear water and back up to the boat...and you find yourself lying in that wonderful comfortable boat... and you are lying on cushions... and you drift out into the sunshine... and you find yourself drifting along... being carried by the current... until you find yourself once again at that jetty... and the boat nudges in there... and you tie it on to the jetty and you jump out... and there's the gravel path and you hear your feet crunching on the gravel and you can feel the gravel under your feet and the trees... and as you walk away from that you see a road up ahead... and so you leave the gravel path and you go onto the road... and you start walking along the road and you realise this is the road you walk along every day... this is your every day road that leads to your house... and as you walk along you can think of all the things that you talked about today and all the things you experienced and remembered... and the lessons and the skills and the gifts you got... and maybe you can begin to wonder how to use those gifts... what would be

David Mason


best... or maybe you will just keep them... because you have touched other lives and they have touched yours... and you have a long long life to live and many other things to do ... and I think you can see your long life stretching ahead of you... a life of happiness and success... a life of achievement, friends and family... a life where you look after yourself... healthy eating and exercise... a life where you take intelligent risks and get on and do things that no one ever thought you could... that you never thought you could.. It's a wonderful life stretching endlessly before you... like a long summer's afternoon... and with that thought in mind... you can begin to come back to the present and I am going to count from five up to one... and when I get to one... not yet... when I get to one... you'll be back in the present feeling great... and remembering everything that happened vividly... so beginning to count now... FIVE... FOUR beginning to feel feelings coming back into your toes and fingers... THREE... getting ready for a big stretch and a smile... TWO eyelids fluttering... head moving face laughing smiling... ready to come back... ONE EYES OPEN... back to the present.

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The Magician’s Chair
This little script is a very flexible way of using the client’s feelings of spirituality or ancestral connection as a way to progress into therapy. The script is simple and nonspecific so it can be adapted to match whatever culture the client comes from. It links to personal beliefs in magic and spirits and sets up the client to be open to imaginary experiences. It can be used as an introduction to regression or visualisation or past life regression. Use your normal induction to put the person into a light trance and then use the script to set the scene:

THE POWER OF MAGIC... And I wonder if you can imagine walking along a path somewhere….in a land far away from here… and the path is going through some trees…. past green fields… on a lovely day… and you are walking along and you feel very young…. And you are enjoying the day… and as you walk along you gradually realise that you are not quite sure where you are…and you look around And suddenly the air changes…. things seem to change colour…. to shimmer… like time has shifted…. And you notice by the wayside… a pile of stones… big boulders tumbled there…. and when you look at them you can see that they are formed like a kind of chair…. and you go across there… and all the stones are covered in carvings…. runes and markings…. old ancient things carved into the rock…. And you just feel compelled to sit in that chair….and you sit in that stone chair …you can feel the carvings under your fingers …you run your fingers round the shapes… and as you do… a change comes over you… .and you feel yourself drifting away…. letting go…. your whole body sags and relaxes and your mind empties… like you have been transported to another time, another place…. far away from here…. [as a lead in to REGRESSION] And you find yourself a child again… back in that house you grew up in…. etc. or [as a lead in to VISUALISATION] And there is a shimmering in the air…. And you feel as if you have been suddenly transported to a different place…. And in front you… you can see an image forming… and as you watch you see yourself…. Several years from now… and there is a house… and you are outside a house…. etc




Time Confusion


Ancient Magic metaphor

Action causes change


David Mason


or [as a lead in to PAST LIVES] And as you drift away in your mind, you feel yourself being drawn back in time… to another place… another life…. Back to the place where there is no time… and you find your self at one end of a bridge… and the other end is shrouded in mist…. Do you want to go into that mist?…. to go back to what might lie beyond?

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Alien Abduction UFO Experience
Alien abduction and UFO abduction are difficult problems for therapists. This Alien Abduction script shows how to use the person's own belief system to not only remove the abduction fear, but to change the alien abduction experience into something positive. Reports of alien abductions come from all over the world. The script puts the abducted person back into an experience similar to the original alien abduction. Then a messenger figure takes the abductee to a special place to meet their alien abductor again. The true reason for the abduction is then explained. The abductee then undergoes a transformation in their mind, is given a reward, and everything is reset back to the way it is supposed to be. Hypnotic Induction [use your normal induction]

Set up the incident Allow your mind to think back now... to a location where something strange happened to you before... and now imagine you are in a car... on a lonely road... and something doesn't seem quite right... and you are Memory reminded of another experience you have had... and as you are traveling along... you begin to notice a difference in the light... and there is a strange effect... in the air... ... everything around you has a feeling of being detached... unreal... it's almost as if a bubble has formed around the car... and there are two realities... the world inside the bubble ... and the world outside the bubble.... and as the feeling intensifies... the world outside the bubble gets further away... and inside that bubble.... things expand... and now the bubble is huge... and there is only you and the car... and everything else seems so far away... Set up the meeting and up ahead on the road... a point of light appears... and it begins to expand... and it is getting brighter now.... and a figure appears like a shadow against that light... and gradually the outline of the figure is getting bigger... more distinct... and as your eyes adjust.... you can make out a figure in front of you... dressed in old fashioned stuff... you gradually become aware of something in your mind.... that turns into a voice... and the voice is in a strange language... but somehow you can understand what it is saying.... and you hear the words forming.... 'Welcome.... I have been waiting for you... I am your guide... the Messenger... I am here to bring you into the Presence ... ' and as you hear those words.... you feel yourself going deeper and deeper... you feel you are detaching from everything... and you hear words forming in your mind....




David Mason


'Come with me... there is much to do...' Place of transformation and the figure starts to move away and beckons you to follow... and you are going down a rough path... then through some trees.... and as you go deeper you feel a sensation as if you are passing through some sort of barrier... that you are now entering another dimension... and everything has a strange dream like sense about it... the figure guides you to a gap in the trees.... and there you see a solid rock wall... and then there are some lights dancing around... and when you look again... there is an opening in the rock... and the figure goes in... and turns and beckons... and again you hear the voice in your mind... 'Come... be not afraid... this has been foretold.... Enter' and you find yourself entering a cave... a huge place cut out of the rock... and everywhere there are shining crystals... crystals in the rock... and then you realize that it is not rock... the crystals are glowing and fading... K performing some mysterious function... emitting powerful pulses... that you can feel in your body... taking control.... and you are losing the will to resist... Meet the Alien and the figure leads you on... past objects you don't understand... V and you are led to a sort of chair shape.. and the voice says... 'Relax in that now.... ' and you feel yourself becoming more relaxed than you have V ever been... every muscle letting go... and it is as if something is draining all the energy out of you.... leaving you limp and unable to move.... and yet your mind is clear... clearer than it has ever been.... and you become aware of being transported... and passing through time and K space and energy... and then once again... you are in the presence of one of those beings... Memory V the beings that took you before... and you feel the beings inspecting you... examining you.... you feel a K presence deep in your mind.... and the voice in your mind says 'We meet again... I know you....' A and part of you longs to answer... but you feel unable to move... to speak... and the voice says 'My master ordered me to bring you here.... the master wishes me to speak to you... to apologize... you were never meant to leave with any memory of what happened to you... that was a A mistake... We can see that you were harmed... and we seek only understanding... our mission here is not to harm... but to observe... to find out... ' 'We thank you for your help... and my master says to tell you that your part is finished now... you will never be called on again... and we will not burden your mind further... you can now go about your life... free A from concerns... you will never see us again... there will be no more contacts... this we guarantee' 'You have been brought here to be given that message... to realize that you have been part of some greater scheme of things... but the nature of that will not be revealed until the time is right... '



add mystery Deepener

acknowledge previous experience

Assurance of no further contacts leave some mystery

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... ' and you feel a sensation in your mind...... a talent.... I to accept that for you this thing is ...far back in time..........' Get your reward and you feel the air changing. communicating who knows what. the colors inspire you. but powerful and lasting..... and you can feel the warmth of them.. and you are to be given a gift. almost as if it is drawing you in....... the voice appears in your mind again saying... the feeling of things being altered deep inside.... and the voice says. the beings feel you have been wronged... sensations rippling through your body...... that something has changed for you. you feel your free will returning. and realise that no time K has passed. and as you become aware of these insights.... of swirling colors..... you are aware of an intense calm and everything seems somehow right K now.. and you are led to one particular place. being straightened out... 'There in one more thing. things being opened.. a strange feeling of contentment.. and you realise that you have a certain clarity in your mind....... are all the things human beings want.... and the Messenger indicates that you are to follow.. 'Here in this place of marvels... put your hands around the crystal.... ' 'but before you return. comes over you as you find yourself back in that chair.... to compensate you in some special way. but now somehow you know what they are for.. to take up your normal activities. and your mind is opened...... you can return to where you came from... the texture speaks to you... and the sense of wonder........ beyond time and space... all these things have taken but an instant....'Now bring your hands to the crystal. and you hear the voice saying........ this is where they are created... relieved and relaxed K and with a deep understanding of things that have passed....... and you become aware of the Messenger... before your own time..... there are some things that need to be changed. the taste of pleasure... before your own birth..... and you find yourself in strange place.. and smells that remind you of long ago...' and you feel the power of the crystal through your hands.. not quite sure what the feeling is.... and there you see objects and shapes... and the chair releases you . and somehow it draws the whole of your attention to it.......Behaviour 'and it is time now for you to return... and you become aware of many things........ watching.... you are to be allowed to choose now what talent metaphor for accepting new beliefs Permission to change Reward for helping All sensory perceptions David Mason 311 www. where the crystals are thickly clustered. and you return through the hall of objects.key-hypnosis.. ' and you are led to mouth of the cave. and they wish to reward you. among beings so advanced we can only guess. that you are seeing things differently now. an easiness in your brain. And the voice says 'And now that has been done.. of things being removed. where the crystals are pulsing and shining. beautiful sounds.... and one crystal is glowing in a steady color...

and you are going back up that rough path... that from now on.. and you turn to thank the Messenger. and your feet.....or ability or attitude you would prefer to have been born with.. wide awake.. back into the bubble... you can have it now... for you and for all who come after you.' [await response] That's right.. and of what you can do. but there is only a solid rock wall. and suddenly you are outside in the open again. in one special way.... and you can feel yourself sitting in the seat............... and who you are..... then say the word "Yes" or nod your head..... back into that car .. decide which of these things you © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 312 www. that new power. ' 'and when you have picked the one thing you really need.. you realize it is all over now.. choose it . Reorientation and as you become aware of the seat and your body and the feel of the > clothes against your body. take your time to decide what is best for you... ..key-hypnosis.. and there among the trees. David Mason www. and realizing that difference.. except that you have become aware that you are different..... and the feeling of the seat against your back.. your eyes are blinking.key-hypnosis. of where you are . that you feel you deserve to have.. back to the present.... and it will be programmed into your DNA.. and we shall continue.. You can choose courage or persistence or music or ....... Welcome back.... that gift........ as you use that talent... coming open.... it seems so long ago. and soon you are crossing that barrier.. you are coming back to awareness now .... EYES OPEN......... that something wonderful is forming inside you. you life is changed...... or whatever you have always wanted... and the position of your arms... the way you came... is changing and will continue to change. and now the Messenger shows you the dancing lights once again.

..... a way to the other V side..... and everything is misty.... but each human has one special totem animal. and you find yourself by a river...... K back and back.. drifting in that mist. in a different time.. now I would like you to look at something in the . and you feel as if you are falling... and you are losing all sense of space and time....... This script puts you in touch with the power of the totem animals that surround us all.... You can draw from the power of all totem animals.. lost in a strange place.. and as you look at it focus on your breathing. and there is mist drifting across the river. and you can just let go now. Induction Now settle down and just relax... and it rises up and you can't see the other side of the bridge. you are in a dimly lit place.. long ago.. and then the mist clears...key-hypnosis. induction and your breathing is taking you down and down.. far away. mist surrounds you. but you know it is time to cross that bridge........ you can allow your mind to drift away to a distant place.. The scripts shows how to become part of the clan spirit of all who went before you and how to use that to be guided through life.. waiting... and those eyes are closing now....... Every thing around us is alive and has its own power and influence on your life... and as you cross that bridge. just pick a spot and look at Eye fixation it..... and as you go deeper into yourself you are going to that inner place.... the only thing you have to do is to enjoy that lovely deep deep relaxation.. and the sounds are comforting as you drift away from this lead place..... like the curtains or the carpet. nothing to think about.. and everything goes dark..... Any living thing can join with you and share its spirit with you. Totem animals protect from negative energy... and every sound you hear is relaxing you more and more now.. and you become aware of where you are. something colorful. and all around everything is quiet. become aware of your breathing breathing.... expectant. and ahead of you is a bridge.. Totem animals add their power to your own natural abilities and multiply them.....Totem Power Animal Spirit Guide A hypnosis script to connect to your personal totem animal guide. and as you look at the colors and patterns you find your eyes beginning to tire. Totem Animal Metaphor and as you are relaxing deeper. nothing to do. everyone has a power animal. These totem animals reside within every human being to protect and aid you. David Mason 313 www. and as you are looking at them your eyes are getting heavy.... become aware of how each breath out can make you feel induction more relaxed.. and your breathing is taking you down Pace and and down.. According to shaman lore..... and those colors and patterns are begriming to shift and Overload merge.

scales.... and on the inside of the walls there are shapes and colors and shadows...... sometimes changing shape... are there to give you confidence. and those shapes begin to define parts of animals.. through this animal you can form a connection to your spiritual clan. gradually. Meet your Totem Animal and you feel an immediate connection with this animal. empower you... some you recognize. and you sense that together you can form a partnership.. the right animal appears at the right time.. through this your animal will help you make sense of the world you live Capability in.. guide you.. its secret knowledge.. a sense of the mystic.... like a guardian angel or a guiding spirit. you become aware of the special powers of that animal .key-hypnosis. and there is a fire flickering. looking at you....... curved walls. wings. some are indistinct. that from now on... will pass on to you its .. horns. a connection to the other world... animal and soon there is a circle of animals around you on the walls. eyes... your totem animal is pure energy.... and this means that you are now surrounded by the spirit of your clan. fur.. your totem animal comes to you in this time and place D simply because now is the right time.. David Mason 314 www.... claws......... and you recognize that animal. this animal is your totem animal.. of old wisdom....... inner guidance..... to the inner being of all things........... that animal will walk with you........ lets you go deeper and deeper into an inner state. and a feeling of magic fills the place.. the animal that connects to your birth time. to understand what is going on around you. you can create something new in your life... each change makes you feel more relaxed.... each patiently waiting.. and slowly... and you recognize the essence of you in that animal.. your totem animal will protect you...... of the slow beating heart of nature... sometimes appearing as a light force. and each shape gradually turns into an animal shape.. be with you everywhere you go.....walls all around you.. many different parts form and reform in the flickering light.. > to help guide you along life's path..... powers that match and enhance your native abilities. sometimes just a feeling that you are not alone... some are clear Identify and sharp. paws.... some you can your totem only guess at...... this animal has a special meaning for you............ throwing shadows and light on to the walls... to the world of nature and natural magic... Totem Animal Power Energy this totem animal represents the combined wisdom of all those who went before...... all your forebears.. one animal comes forward... your totem animal is your connection.

. So take a little time now......... but bringing with you something special from that unknown .. each is a different expression of consciousness. start counting now.. to use their Capability special wisdom at certain times....... become acquainted with your totem animal.... you can begin to return to conscious awareness. every time.. and relax and feel the spirit presence....key-hypnosis. so when you are ready. and your feet will naturally find the right path. and when you reach one you will be back in the here and now..... times of need and © 2011 « Table of Contents David Mason 315 www.... you will become aware of their wisdom before you become aware that your totem animal is near. so start to count silently from five up to one. with humility and reverence for all living things... that spirit lives within all of us...... really relax now and open your mind to its presence.and that animal is also your guide and mentor to all those other animals that surround you.key-hypnosis.... when you have accepted the power of your totem animal for good. Your totem animal can guide you by drawing attention to things around Behavior you...... the right animal will be with you in spirit. to support you and guide you through the tough times. to its essence. those animals will appear when needed.. to take comfort and Behavior assurance from that.. David Mason www... guided by and cherishing the natural order... and you will be able to sense that. and you are ready to begin your onward journey together. No matter what direction you take.... you can call on any of those animals...... [Pause] Reorientation Section and when you have complete harmony with your totem animal. knowing you will never feel alone again. greeting and accepting your power animal means you can live in harmony with nature...

. to double it and double it again.key-hypnosis.. and let it go. in the feeling... target Comment Give them time to settle down David Mason 316 www. Structure of the script Recall a positive state Ask the person to recall a time when they felt 'in control'.NLP Techniques Anchoring NLP Hypnosis Script NLP Anchoring creates a link between an internal feeling and an external event such as a touch or a sound. This anchoring script uses pressing a fingernail against the thin skin at the top of the thumbnail to create the link. NLP Anchoring Script Relaxing the body. to not just think about it... The hypnotic logic of the script is shown below. one based on competence and one based on anger... One more breath.... Take a deep breath... just relax. The following script shows how to use anchoring in therapy.. just get all the tension out of your muscles.. and really ..... create the anchor. This NLP anchoring script allows the person to safely be in that negative experience. Recall the negative state Then get the person to go into the bad feelings they want to get rid of.. or how they hold themselves or in changed breathing the anchor. assures them that they can deal with it. Then the anchoring script brings up the negative emotions.Slowly close your eyes.. and let it go.. to feel it as something outside of them. This will cause the feelings of power and competence to get mixed up with the bad feelings. Mix the positive and negative states Then while the person is experiencing the bad feelings . Loosen your shoulders. lift your arms and drop them.. to 'be there'. become aware of the weight of your body. think about how your arms and legs feel. Anchor the positive state When they are in the positive state... or 'powerful' or 'in charge'.. in their face.. Familiar things like a clenched fist already have associations so it is better to create a unique anchor. Now breathe normally for a few moments. These are anchored by causing pain in the tender skin around the thumbnail. Get them to become immersed in the emotion. raise your legs slightly and relax them.. This NLP Anchoring script is powerful way of eliminating old hurts and fears. this time as you breath out. Get them to really get into the feeling that they felt at that time. When they are right in that emotional state you should be able to see physical changes. The result is that the bad feeling is experienced differently and thus loses its power to hurt....... This anchoring script uses two positive anchors. The anchoring script uses standard NLP techniques and also incorporates visualisation techniques and symbolism. Take another breath.. but to experience it.. Finally the anchor is fired to swamp the painful feelings with positive and powerful emotions. Intensify the positive state Then ask them to intensify that feeling..

and then release that hand. and just relax.. and just relax... and when you have the link between that symbol and that feeling really strong..... remember how you felt... what you heard.. think back to a time when you had a success.. some object.... Fractionation Anchor to a time when they felt strong and in charge Get the feeling Get an image Intensify the feeling Set the anchor Anchor set Fractionation Get the feeling Get an image Intensify the feeling Set the anchor Anchor set David Mason 317 www.... immerse yourself now in that experience... to be a winner. some symbol that you associate with that incident. what you saw. as that symbol gets clearer... and as it does press those fingers tighter and tighter. and let all the tension go. and let all the tension go... think back to time when you had control... And now focus on that symbol... some event. make that symbol that object. feel the power in you. some thing that you associate with that time and that feeling. ANGER Now slowly open your eyes and then close them again as you breathe out. PRESS the LEFT THUMB and INDEX FINGER TOGETHER... Bring to mind some object. and then release that hand.. when you felt anger...... really feel what it is like to be there.Set the first anchor. get a painful feeling... what it felt like to be there........ in what ever way makes sense to you. something you achieved.. and allow your body to relax even more. some symbol.... and allow your body to relax even more.... something that reminds you of how it is to be that angry.. when you felt good about something you had done.... Now allow your mind to drift away.... take a few moments and experience again how it was to be that angry.... think of the symbol and PRESS the RIGHT FIRST FINGER into the thumbnail skin... POWER Now slowly open your eyes and then close them as you breathe out... and as you experience that feeling in your mind........ and make that feeling stronger and stronger.. some incident.. that fired up.. press the index finger into the tender flesh at the side of the thumbnail or the top of the thumbnail..... feel it in your body.... let the power grow......... a success. allow all of it to come to mind now...... back in that situation... and make the link between the symbol and the feeling of anger as strong as it can be. to let something happen. real anger at something....... back in that moment.. and as it builds. remember that time.. and imagine now that you are there now..... when you totally refused to go along with something.......... feel the fingers digging into each other as you intensify the memory of that anger and the thing that symbolizes it... that feeling... and feel the feeling.key-hypnosis..... Now find some thing....... stronger and clearer. that feeling of success of triumph of winning... the whole of your body Set the second anchor.... build it up in your mind until it is like you are there. dig the nail in if you can. Now think back in your life... whatever it was Now as that feeling grows . think back to some time. that justified anger.... .. [It is sometimes necessary to set and fire the anchors several times to clear everything] Don't lose the anchors! Franctionation the bad feeling Reframing = harmless Set the symbol Set the feeling Say this fast..... just be curious about the feeling... bring that symbol to mind... slowly open your eyes and then close them again as you breathe out. feel it twist and die.. let it build up in your mind. feel what you get now.. Now bring to mind something that symbolises that unwanted feeling you get... as if you are looking at it sensing it from the outside..... and allow your body to relax even more.... and the strong feelings associated with pressing those fingers tightly together.key-hypnosis.. and think about what might symbolise that feeling. Now slowly open your eyes.. enjoy the feeling of wiping it out.. Fire the anchors... PRESS BOTH INDEX FINGERS HARD into the thumbs at at the same time..... Feel that power flush through you. where you feel it..... see that old feeling being destroyed... You can do this... it cannot harm you....the whole of your body Bring the unwanted feeling to mind....... because it is only a memory... think of the image of that feeling.. become aware of the feeling. when you have decided that you have had enough of the feeling.. feel it in your © 2010 David Mason 318 www. and nothing in your own memories can ever harm you.. and those symbols of power combine with and wipe out the symbol of the bad feeling.... how you have it.. you can regard it as if it was something that has come into you.. Test the anchors.... and allow the feeling to come forward.... and then.. Capability your body.. with rising excitement say it with certainty supposition « Table of Contents David Mason www. Now keeping the awareness of both hands in mind. And try to think of that old situation again..... bring to mind those feelings of power and achievement and anger and the symbols of both hands let those feelings overwhelm the bad feeling...... you can allow that feeling to come in to your mind.. ..... And when you are ready. a strange thing that has nothing to do with you.... be aware of how it has changed..

imagine floating out of your body. Next. and you can see yourself sitting down there in the seat in the middle of the cinema. In their hand is a controller which determines which movie is played. look at the screen. In front of them is a large blank screen. Then run the movie forward in colour. add circus music to the soundtrack. or getting washed away down a drain. The Magic Cinema First. When you get to the end. see clowns leaping around in the scenes. taking one or two seconds to do it. see the thing you are worried about becoming tiny or getting stamped on. They can view a real memory and change some aspects of that memory. In the scenario the client can safely view any aspect of their life.key-hypnosis. From there in the projection booth. You will find that your reaction to it is now different. up to just beyond the end of that unpleasant experience. This metaphor is most commonly used in the Fast Phobia Technique and is very effective for a wide range of purposes. Then run the movie backwards and forwards as fast as you can.people will walk backwards. That snapshot on the screen turns into a black and white movie that begins to play slowly. Watch it play from the beginning. You will see everything happening in reverse . but this time as it gets towards the end. things will move backwards and run the movie back to the start. Then run the movie slowly forwards again but this time add funny voices to the people. Then run it forward again. the whole screen shrinks in size until is as if you are watching an animated postage stamp. Above and behind them is the projection box. The client can also control the size of the projected image. « Table of Contents David Mason 319 www. You're sitting in a seat near the middle. and whether it played backwards or forwards and whether it has sound or colour. and up into the projection booth behind you. imagine yourself in a small old fashioned cinema. On the screen is a black and white photo in which you can see yourself in the situation just before you had the phobic response. You are the only person there. Go back and think about what is was that was giving you the problem. I want you to stop the movie. Most clients feel very comfortable with the scenario because they are in control of the speed at which things happen on the screen. . at what speed. you can see the screen. and then run the movie backwards. Then run it backwards in colour.NLP Magic Cinema Technique Changing feelings by changing images The client is told that they are sitting in a seat in a cinema. Or they can use their imagination to visualise some future event. but do it really fast.

that the Lemon Visualization brings to mind.. a lovely lemony citrus aroma fills the room... Everyone has experience of dreaming.. You cut a slice and put it in your mouth. The following easy visualization exercises will help to improve your visualization skills. feel the dimpled texture. you slide your fingers over the smooth waxy skin.. and then you slice the lemon . and shows how to use visualization techniques for meditation and relaxation. This page lists some graduated exercises to teach you how to visualize. The Eating a Lemon Visualization Exercise: Imagine you are in a kitchen somewhere. Just use a visualization technique that allows your mind to drift and see whatever your mind lets you see. textures . focus on your breathing and begin to use these visualization exercises to increase your visual imagination.. With a bit of practice you can learn to visualize anything easily and quickly. and your body responds with a conditioned reflex. Visualization Exercises Some people are better than others at visualizing. If you cannot visualize colors or you only get words or feelings don't feel you have failed or that you have to try extra hard. How much can you recall of what you have just been looking at? Most people can picture very little. Recalling eating the lemon recalls the distinctive reaction.Visualization Guided Visualization Exercises Visualization Exercises: learn how to visualize... For example. This is because in order to make sense of what you hear or read your brain has to retrieve the memories . close your eyes. Guided visualization is simple. On a bench is a basket of lemons. You lift the lemon to your face and breathe in that lemony smell. Some people believe that they cannot visualize. You feel the weight of the lemon in your hand. You bite down on it . You just need to develop it.. the juice runs over your tongue. but everyone gets better with practice. smells.. so the ability is there. As the bright yellow flesh is exposed you see the juice run out.. Find a quiet place... Many people believe that they can't visualize. They actually can. The Eating a David Mason 320 www. look straight ahead and then close your eyes..the images.. Repeatedly opening and shutting the eyes and trying to visualize more of the scene will prove to you that practice does increase the ability to recall the image and that you can train yourself to visualize.. and dreams are just visualizations. You reach out and select a ripe yellow lemon.key-hypnosis. but what they are actually experiencing is the inability to visualize on demand.. Most people will find their mouth watering after reading the Eating a Lemon visualization exercise. your mouth fills with the taste of lemon juice.. The experience of eating a lemon is something that generates powerful physical reactions. but they need to do some visualization exercises in order to learn how to visualize better. Easy visualization exercises Everyone can learn to visualize.

key-hypnosis. experiencing it directly and immediately. emotional. If you can that easily. personal. you were associating into the experience. independent observer. a cold bottle against your cheek. to train your visualization skills try imagining a . Dissociation is distant. Visualizing simple objects For example. getting them to rotate. to twist. They have different purposes. as opposed to Dissociation. to feel calm about a threat . seeing it through you own eyes. the better your natural visualization skills. How to visualize: Association or Dissociation? The main visualization technique used in therapy is dissociation. a rope or a stick. You should then just accept that it will take a bit longer. In the lemon exercise. to fill with color and so on. Try developing that by imagining making the circle with your arms. and imagine a circle. If you get a stronger response by doing that it is likely that you are one of those rare people who experience the world kinesthetically. looking at it happening from the outside. become aware of what you know about it . detached. Then imagine the line bending. You need to learn the difference and to decide whether you want your visualization to be associated or dissociated. fire yourself up . You should aim to do a series of exercises going from simple single images to increasingly complex visualizations. unemotional. Then change the circle into a triangle. or maybe think about it lying on a table. the feel of it in your hands. the feel of stroking a cat. Association means experiencing something as if you are use Dissociation techniques. As you get better try adding movement and action to the visualization. The other way of visualizing is Dissociation. or the floor. That's OK too . In this visualization exercise you can imagine it floating in front of you. the sound of the national just means that you will end up with two good ways of experiencing the world. rather that by images. experiencing something as if you are an observer. If you want to distance yourself from an emotion. a coin. calculated. A first visualization exercise Close your eyes. If you want to feel the emotion. Start with imagining a line.its co lour. then a square and then have fun changing to other shapes. thickness and so on. Graded Visualization Exercises If you think you can't visualize and you want to increase your visualization ability. When you have something. to get in control of a situation. If you only get a vague feeling of 'circleness' that's OK. You were experiencing the taste of the lemon in your mouth. David Mason 321 www. That is one way of experiencing things. Dissociation allows you to distance yourself from your problems. The more things you know about it. by touch and feelings. then you need to do some visualization exercises. It will come with practice. Then get it to bend all the way round into a circle. Then bend it the other way.Lemon visualization exercise demonstrates that words undoubtedly do have a physical effect on the body. but needs the ability to visualize in order to work. use Association techniques. get excited. Association is immediate. or creating a circle of people. move on to the next exercises. to fold. but you will be able to visualize eventually. size. or something like a line. seeing something happen as if you were a detached.

at home or in a room somewhere. and allow your mind to go free. Continue this exercise. It really doesn't take very much). because you will have entered a light hypnotic trance. panels. Let it come and go until you can see yourself clearly. Imagine your are floating high up in the sky. or you might choose to just watch it appear.. Then imagine floating down and you are outside your own front door. check how accurate you were. seeing the reflection in the water and the side of your face at the same time. Then imagine watching yourself moving away from the pool and doing something else. and you you can David Mason 322 www. Continue wiping out the last letter and writing the next letter un till they are changing automatically. Imagine going up to it. Then imagine a capital 'A' being drawn inside the circle.. close your eyes and relax.. Then imagine moving further away and seeing yourself looking in the pool. what it is made of.. suspended in the air. Then gradually imagine a series of clouds moving across the sky until they are out of sight. (Once that happens you will probably feel a little strange. just imagine yoursel flying. and you will be visualizing automatically. b) a simple memory visualization. and then increase the force of the wind. floating. or a door knob. the handle.. You can go and have a look at the real door. Stay in the relaxed state and imagine you are lying back looking up at the sky. just allow whatever happens to happen.. Visualize a cloud appearing in the sky and then get it to move off to one side.. You should begin to experience different shapes in the cloud. Then imagine you are standing to one side.. see the parts of the door. and imagine a big circle getting drawn. glass. Allow yourself to relax. on your own. This visualization exercise shows that visualization is actually a form of self hypnosis and is also the basis of Affirmations. c) a water reflection visualization. see yourself working on something.A visualization exercise for hypnosis induction Put yourself somewhere comfortable. or a wide blue sky. or a sandy beach. visualize one small cloud in the middle of the sky.. Visualize what your own house might look like from the air.. . see the color.. Then while you are still entranced. Then imagine the wind moving trees. When you get more practiced at visualization you can repeat this exercise... and go in and imagine floating through all the rooms. You can draw it yourself.. and your subconscious mind may then be drawn away to something suggested by the images in the cloud.... Watch as the cloud changes into something. work at seeing your face reflected in a pool. don't try to force it or think of anything in particular.... and then imagine how it will look if a wind blows on it.key-hypnosis. Then visualize a blackboard. More visualization exercises to try a) a waving flag First imagine the national flag. then imagine you are standing behind you looking at you looking at your reflection in the pool. See it on a roof or on a flagpole.. Then the 'A' is erased and a 'B' is written inside the circle. First you look through a tiny crack in the curtain or blind. You don't have to see anything.. Then imagine you are looking down at houses and rooftops. bits of paper flying about. and visualise the door opening. d) visualize looking through a window .

see yourself growing from a child to a teenager.. then the warm up.key-hypnosis.... through her eyes... See what that reporter would see. and commentate on the race as it develops. visualize every detail of how you are dressed.. but from the vantage point of someone standing on the finishing line. stand there as the image gets bigger. a hand.. Visualize seeing words in the notebook. comment on the sweat and how that runner is breathing. practice and exercise the visualization ability.. David Mason 323 www. and so on.. what your hair looks like. Watch as you get closer. but reflected in a mirror.... then a bit more. Then invent some visualizations of your own. And then rewind the movie back to the race. You need to practice. And that is pure visualization.. maybe. see yourself going to school. so that you can see both images at the same time e) visualize growing up. then the event..... keep looking as the image gets so big you can look right into her eye. We know this because everyone can dream. See the finish. until you can see the whole of you and what you are working on............only see. Imagine yourself on the TV news holding up a cup..... then the dressing.... Everyone can visualize.. Then see yourself watching the reporter watching you... and then the interior like you were standing there watching. It will work. see yourself working on the . imagine you are a reporter following the life of that teenager growing up.. You might need some patience but it will come naturally.. f) visualize yourself running in a race.. Invent your own visualization exercise.... then the gap opens and you can see a bit more.. Then increase the difficulty.

.. nothing in your own mind can ever harm you... Give yourself a few moments and then go back to the breathing and repeat the procedure.. or whatever you choose to think about. A lot. to identify and remove emotional or psychological blocks. say 'twenty'... Focus your awareness on the passage of the air as it passes inside your head and throat. Allow your mind to drift over the various parts until you get a feeling. You will have to practice it.. and as you do allow you arms and legs to get heavy.. That is OK. or style. Just become aware of the breath coming out. Keep doing that until you just cannot think of the next number. as it comes in gently and goes out gently. Enter the State You are now in the Focusing State.. and continue to imagine each number getting more distant.. With each breath out.. imagine the number moving further away. Do it again Take another breath and just let it go gently. and the numbers are too far away. then 'nineteen'... or texture.. At some point you will find you are totally relaxed and don't care about the numbers.. and so on As each number arrives think of it in a different co lour. It is quite possible that you will be jerked out of the State by the emotion. You will not be able to do this instantly. David Mason 324 www. Allow your breathing to settle and focus on each out breath.. some sort of emotional reaction.key-hypnosis. the fear.. you just can't think of the next .. Remember... Do not give up if you cannot immediately get this to work. As each breath goes out. A guided imagery script Find somewhere quiet Relax and close your eyes. or some incident. but as you do shrug your shoulders and let your arms relax.A focusing visualisation exercise This is a longer and more complex visualization technique that goes beyond simple guided imagery.. Take a deep breath and let it go noisily.... Now. a tension. maybe made of cloth this time. Focusing is a powerful visualization technique used as a way to get into the emotional part of your life. count to yourself as you breathe.. At some point you will find part of you relaxed and part of you feeling the negative emotion.. Focus on your breath. Then with the next breath the next number starts further away and as you breath out gets further away still.. if you get down to 'one' then start again at 'twenty' but use a different style of number. Now allow your mind to drift to a problem. Take another breath and let it go gently.. As you think of each number imagine you are getting loose and limp and letting go more and more.

Once you get into the flow State. and something will appear. Just become aware of it. of its shape. and something will seem just right. whatever. not yourself.. It might be a memory.. Repeat the Cycle The whole cycle will take twenty minutes or more. Just don't force it. What is happening for people who say they cannot visualize is often that as they begin to relax the anxiety creeps out of its box and causes them to be afraid and they snap right out of relaxation again so they never actually get to relax. whatever it is that you are feeling. etc. Doesn't matter. Just let your mind roam over possibilities. the fear. At some point you might find that it just does not want to change any more. When you feel you have come out of it. Either you won't be able to change it any further and you know how to deal with that. the tingle. depends. just relax your mind and go back down into it. After a while you will be able to relax right into the State after the first few breaths. co lour. It is a legitimate part of you and has to be acknowledged. You will know in yourself that it has cleared. You will know it when you get it. Then ask your mind to allow you to have a image of that feeling. allow it to change co lour.key-hypnosis. change . When you are in the flow State the first thing you will notice is that the negative feeling is not actually all that bad once you mentally acknowledge and accept that it is there and has a right to be there. Either way you take the answer and you start asking for an image of that and you go through the process again of allowing that image to change. This may be a revelation in your understanding of your self or it may be something that you decide you don't want. yoga and mindfulness are aiming for. Just allow your mind to be blank and it will come to you. you will get better and better at visualizing. You ask the thing. or you will find that it just spontaneously clears. which is what meditation. Then what you do is get curious about the emotion. the only thing that happens is you leave the State instantly. Explore the State through visualization Then start to play with the image.. the feeling. If you consciously try. however you experience it. That point is where you ask 'what is it for? What is the purpose of this thing?' And you wait for an answer. Try that something. fear. This is the method that will get you to relax. That is the state of complete dissociation.. If you find yourself thinking in words and worrying about whether you are doing it right then you have left the State and need to start over and go back into it. When you ask it what it is for.. you will get an answer of some sort. David Mason 325 www. you will recognise it again immediately and you will know when you are or are not in the State. But as you do it over and over. Allow the question to drift into your mind 'what would be fun to have happen to this image?' Do not force anything.Many people use visualization because they cannot relax. Just wait.

key-hypnosis. which is why they are not able to achieve it.People who can't relax and can't visualise don't know what that experience is like. David Mason 326 www. it will . They are trying too hard. For each session start off where you left the last one. The moment you stop trying.

Think of the seven chakras like glowing. Each chakra energy center connects to all the other chakra energies. Each chakra is independent..Chakra Balancing Visualization Exercises There are seven chakra energy centers in the body. The solar plexus chakra governs self esteem. The Sacral Chakra is Orange.. every aspect of looking after yourself. family love and love of yourself. moving balls of color. are all associated with the throat chakra. your health and well being. The throat chakra controls self expression... The solar plexus chakra controls your feelings. The basal or root chakra is located inside the base of the spine.key-hypnosis. and each chakra reflects the state of one part of your body and mind. in the middle of the breastbone.. Each chakra is associated with a color. making your needs known. The basal chakra deals with feelings of security. The Crown chakra is the source of self awareness. Second Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra. you cannot see them. then the chakra is in balance. The sacral chakra determines our self . just above the space between the eyebrows. This chakra is located just below the bottom of the ribs. our self image and our relationships with others. Third Chakra: The Throat chakra . but every chakra affects every other chakra.. These seven chakras determine your spiritual balance. The Heart Chakra is Green. The Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow.. asking for what you want. and the body is healthy. The third eye chakra lets you view yourself in perspective. The crown chakra is located on the very top of your head. and everything to do with the intellect and self image. The Basal Chakra is Red. Public speaking... The Third Eye Chakra is Indigo. of spirituality and oneness with the universe.. But you can sense them. The Throat Chakra is Blue. Seventh Chakra: The Basal chakra. Fifth Chakra: The Solar Plexus chakra.. how you think about yourself. The throat chakra is located between the chin and the top of the ribs.. and is the source of intuition and self knowledge. The heart chakra is located in your chest. Also called the Brow Chakra. the same energy. Fourth Chakra: The Heart chakra. Sixth Chakra: The Sacral chakra.. The seven shakras are not physical. The heart chakra is the center of love.. This includes romantic love. The third eye chakra is located on the forehead. A balanced chakra lets you give love and receive love. The Chakra Centers First Chakra: The Crown Chakra. When all the chakra points have the same brightness. Think David Mason 327 www. your self worth. The Crown Chakra is Purple. The sacral chakra is located just below the bellybutton.. self worth..

sitting or lying down.. David Mason 328 www.... They interact with our nervous system which is why it is possible to sense them by thinking about them...... of what is happening in and around your body... beating of your heart...... and then close your eyes... then move down to the sacral chakra..key-hypnosis. imagine a soft light glowing inside your chest.... imagine a feeling of being rubbed there... just below your breastbone... become aware of an area of sensitivity at or below the belly button... take your time... as if there was a string pulling you up......... this often feels like the echo of another beating heart. the weight of your arms. some might be elusive. Then imagine a line running from the top of your head to a point between your ankles..of them as spirals of subconscious spiritual energy.. Breath slowly and naturally for several minutes. spending a few moments getting a feel for the place where the chakra is located.. become very aware of the breath as it enters and leaves. the chakra around the area where your legs join together. focus on your breathing. like waves lapping on a shore far away.... Don't force anything. feel an awareness of something there.. imagine it going down deep inside you.. then think about the heart chakra. then think about the throat chakra.. Guided Chakra Visualization Exercises Everyone can learn to become aware of their own chakra energy. your feet on the floor.... feel it inside your nose. and think of the basal region...... to just become .. If you think you are not managing your energy levels properly and you want to increase your Chakra awareness. Allow yourself to be very still.. hard to find... become mindful. Think about where your back touches the chair. First Chakra Visualization exercise: Awareness Allow your body to become relaxed. What is happening right now in your body? Become aware of what you feel. the position of your head.... but you will sense some connection along that imaginary line.. then move your attention to the solar chakra...... like a wheel gently turning.... imagine fingers making a circular motion.. you may feel it moving. then you need to do some Chakra exercises.. Here are a series of exercises that focus on your chakras going from simple energy awareness to increasingly complex Chakra Balancing. become aware of a gentle movement.. and allowing your mind to calm down.. allowing your body to release and relax. then move your attention to the middle of your forehead.. all the time just focusing on the out breath. Visualize each chakra in turn.. It doesn't matter if you are standing.. go over each place several times.. Slowly think about a point on the very top your head..

Allow your mind to open. its color. it depends. sensing each chakra. Some people feel the pulse in the thumb... You will find something different in the way each hand feels. focus on the spirals of energy down your spine. or more tired. Go through the steps of the Chakra Awareness Visualization Exercise.. Don't be surprised if you find you have been away longer than you thought. or maybe you can focus on both. and let your mind drift around your body. return the feeling in your hand to normal. Enjoy the stillness. This is because there is a minor chakra in the wrist. Allow the ball to be where it wants to be. Second Chakra Visualization Exercise: Wrist chakra This chakra exercise shows that you can become aware of the power of the chakras. The Chakra exercise demonstrates that focusing on the chakra undoubtedly does have a physical effect on the body. The focused energy of the chakra is what is making the hands warmer or colder. Sit comfortably with your hands on your thigh. Continue to focus your mind on the wrists. or just be trying to get attention. Shrug your shoulders a little.key-hypnosis. Let it decide. its vibration. or the fingers will twitch. David Mason 329 www. Then visualize the chakra as a glowing ball of light. that seems out of balance with the rest. Repeatedly resting your eyes and getting in touch with your own body's responses will prove to you that practice does increase the ability to be self aware.. or pulsating. When you have a response. it may slowly get lighter or darker. Some people can feel very little at first. but everyone gets better with practice. of the blood in hands. notice how it is. to become very attuned to that chakra.Most people will gradually become aware of some part of their body that is a little different. One of them will seem different from the others. when your are ready. Get in touch with your body. it might move in front of you. even right out of your body. and causing the muscles to twitch. fingers upwards. and focusing on the chakra causes it to interact with the nervous system. Focus on that one. Allow your mind to gradually become aware of the pulse in the wrist. or anything else. and then. and that you can train yourself to notice the state of your energy sources. As you continue to focus on the pulse you will start to sense temperature differences in parts of the hand. the wrist usually gets warmer. allow your mind to think of images of peace and safety. take three deep slow breaths. It might be steady. It doesn't matter. Some people will find that one hand will start to tremble. Allow your mind to focus on the ball of . or spinning. it might be on the spine. As you focus you will become more and more aware of feeling of the pulse. That just means you are learning chakra balancing naturally. You might find your mind wants to settle on just one hand. Third Chakra Visualization exercise: Optimizing Energy Levels Close your eyes. Then start to think about what you want to have happen to that ball of energy. It might be more tense. loosen your body and focus your mind on the wrists of each hand. Go slowly up and down.

or slow down. each person is different. Fourth Chakra Visualization exercise: Balancing Close your eyes. When you reach the crown chakra become aware of all that accumulated energy. or brighter.. Everyone can get in touch with their own energy centers.. You will know when it is right. imagine climbing up each chakra until you reach the Crown Chakra. Whatever the problem is. You may not see your own body. and let it pull you out and back to full awareness. This exercise puts all the chakras into the optimal state and you will find an increase in the energy flow of your body. but you will be able to sense it. It might happen slowly or you might suddenly find you are outside looking at your body. It is just the energy levels getting back into harmony. sensing each chakra. notice the colors and brightness of each chakra. You might not be able to sense your chakras immediately. Go through the steps of the Chakra Awareness Visualization Exercise. its energy.key-hypnosis. When it has changed you will know. You might need some patience but it will come naturally. Practice Chakra You need practice to exercise your Chakra ability. You can imagine floating up near the ceiling. take three deep slow . but it will work. You will then have achieved Chakra Balance and your whole body's energy levels will be balanced for perfect health. Don't be alarmed if you feel something strange going on. imagine you can reach in and hold the chakra in your hands. And the next. Everyone has the ability to change how they feel by doing a Chakra Meditation Visualization. or to start rotating. When you have done as many as you can or as many as you want to. Then move the ball back to its rightful place. Improved energy flow leads to improved health and well being. Get in touch with your body. just let it change. and you can let it return to its place. When you are fully in touch with your body. its vibration.You might want it to be bigger. Some may look duller than the others. Repeat the process with each Chakra until they are all identical. Become aware that you can alter the chakra. You can make it brighter or bigger or whatever it needs.. Go slowly up and down. Then do the same process with the next chakra. and each person will sense exactly what state of the energy is right for them. or one might seem smaller or maybe one will be out of position. From that position. You might not be able to do them all in one session. Take as long as it needs to get the ball of energy the way you want it. You don't need to force it. Just think about what needs to happen and it will happen automatically. focus on the points of energy down your spine. David Mason 330 www. imagine drifting out of your body.. or you might find yourself just standing watching yourself.. Just let it lie there.

and your shoulders relax. Today is the day when you are going to show everyone..... Today is the day when you have absolute certainty.. see the other runners.. The first part of the script is designed to remove negative triggers and replace them with confidence... that is the feeling you get when you run a race........ That way... down your arms. the officials... and your chest is relaxed and your tummy relaxes..... you can feel it in your heart. In the script a keyword is attached to each section.... and your neck.... and you can feel it. Getting ready for the race And that is your Racing Relaxation.. Because you are there to win.... a perfect day.... that's good......... all the way down to your fingers. and you think about the day and you know that today is the day that has the most important race of your life. you can feel it in every heartbeat.. Totally relaxed..... The runner is trained to divide the race into four sections and perform differently in each section....] Remove pre-race nerves Now take a deep breath and just. you start warming up. See the track. and down your cheeks. and a set of responses is mentally linked to each keyword. but especially yourself.. and just allow your mind to clear. Take another deep breath.. Technique Breathing Breathing V Dissociation > Reframing D Anchoring emotional D response: race day = calm D V Possible triggers D Defused D Reframing V Possible triggers David Mason 331 www. and your calves and your feet...... and as you think about it you can feel a wave of relaxation spreading from the middle of your forehead.. you can feel it in your mind.. the .. down through your jaw... and every thing seems just right... what you can do...Sports Visualisation script Sports Visualisation Hypnosis Scripts are basically direct suggestion scripts aimed at building up the client's confidence and self belief. across your eyes. the time keepers. let it all go... then. Allow your mind to wander off to the meeting.. This script example is for a 400 meters runner.. and you can feel a way going all the way down.......... Target Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Identity [Use your usual induction.... down through your thighs.... The rest of the script is built around locking in keywords... none of that bothers you...key-hypnosis.. during the race the keyword appears in the runner's consciousness at the right time and triggers the response the coach has put there through training. And as you get onto that track.......... haaa.. I want you to imagine a day. None of that is important. a day when you waken up.

com . you are building up momentum... slingshotting off the V bend..... The RACE ...... D you feel totally composed....... getting prepared. like you have been fired out of a slingshot. your are building up speed..... Relaxing along the straight.. is coming back to you ... and you start going round that.. into your track outfit..... and ready for what is to come....... exactly where you want to be.... cleanly out of the blocks......... It is easy.. and everything around you goes quiet.. Trigger point EXPLODE Trigger point SURGE Trigger point SLINGSHOT Reframing David Mason 332 www..key-hypnosis...... just being amazed at how well your body is working.... your muscles are like V coils of steel. you are exploding down there... And in your mind you are relaxed.. flying.. and relaxed. and it is like you SLINGSHOT ... roaring down that track. and you come up to the first hundred. you pour on the power... it is all happening automatically........ D And everything is prepared........ and you go roaring out of that like an express train. and you are picking up your spikes and putting them on. And the paces start to lengthen. hurled out of a V catapult......... This is how it should be" And you feel fulfilled...Install the trigger words And you start .. and you are going. and something inside you settles..... And shot goes ... and in your mind you can see yourself exploding out of the blocks..... and you pass that and you are going down the back straight. and you are breathing gently and easily.... sailing.. and your eyes are I looking straight ahead... Defused Reframing The Four sections of the race... everything is coming together..... hurtling down there... and all that training . and you V are sauntering across to the blocks... and it's like someone else is doing the running... you feel that power in you. effortless. and hurtling unstoppably towards the line.. making sure you are in the right lane. and you settle into the blocks. that track is curving round like railway lines....... and as you are thinking about that you are getting ready...... complete. you are shooting down that V straight..... hurtling towards that line.... and as you go down the straight... The power goes on even more... feel that V surge growing in you...... and your focus D is on those lines...... as if there is a voice at the back of your head saying "This is easy.. completely relaxed. And at that moment you know that that's exactly what you want to be doing.Behaviour Behaviour Capability Capability Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Identity and inside you are feeling loose........ straight on.. completely at ease.. all that preparation.. and you are soaring down the straight and you get to the bend. and you focus on your breathing. and you are off... and you are fit and strong.. And you explode out of those blocks.. falls into place...

giant strides V eating up the track. just feeling your body respond. Hurtling through the line.. And you begin to slow down.. Seeing the look of satisfaction on your trainer's face..... Your arms are slicing through the air........ people at the track.. on. that certainty. Unstoppable.......... easily..... focused on your body......... applauding. that's what you want to do..... watching Capability the stop watch going CLICK!...... and you don't think about it ...... hurtling towards the line... and it all just comes together then. and you feel that perfect surge.. as you do another personal V best... all that training comes in automatically. right to the end... showing Identity D who you are through your body. that's what you were born to do....... and on ... and you feel so good.. one after Memory the other. that pleasure.... again and again..... and the other runner are like shadows.... and you throw your head back......key-hypnosis............. life can be so good.. dozens of them.... people in your mind... sailing on and on.. willing you on.. the ultimate in self expression. there are people cheering... take in great gulps of air.... That's what you are doing... and now imagine your next race meeting........ on and on. and you throw your arms wide. and you have gone past all of them . Capability D and on...... Allow your mind to dwell on every part of the race. And you burst through that line and still your legs are carrying you on.Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour Behaviour and you pass the three hundred mark.... Pouring on the power and roaring round the bends...... and you can see how you go round effortlessly.. and allow that feeling to grow.............. and that line is ahead.. you are way out ahead.. how is that transformed by being in that feeling?. fluidly ... Take a moment now and enjoy that feeling. and you know that this another winning race... nothing in your mind. On and on.... the feeling is so good. your legs are working perfectly..... Dissociation Visualisation Trigger point V RELAXED V V V V V and in your mind you can see . It is as if you can see yourself from the side. because you are still powering down that track. your legs are eating up the ground. as it is out of the V blocks around the track. from the V Revivification Dissociation Approval of Others Ego boost Anchoring Core Transformation Technique Reframing the David Mason 333 www.. every stride as if it was your first......... sailing past the others.. the three fifty. and build it up.. How does that change V how you feel about your performance? Think through every aspect of the race while you are in that feeling.. and suddenly you become aware. and all you do is to enjoy that feeling of flying. powerfully. and you feel you could keep running forever......

.key-hypnosis.. you can start counting... your tendons.. becoming aware of how they all fit V together.. by counting from ten down to one and becoming even more relaxed as each number goes by and you just drift away.. it is almost as if you are unaware of it. you are entitled. You are a D winner now. You are Identity succeeding now.. allow your mind to roam over your body......... and then let go...key-hypnosis. And you can take as long as you want to come back to the present. flowing. building up to peak performance.... ready for the rest of your day and feeling refreshed and relaxed..... firming and toning. standing on the blocks.... of the pleasure that is to come. that anticipation. And allow yourself to feel that. as if there was a hand cleaning and polishing.. Capability And you know that you can just reach out and take it now.... to that Rule > pleasure.... in your mind.feel your body making changes... and when you get to one.. And another breath. Or you can decide to go into a deep refreshing sleep for the night. You know what success feels like..... and it is do easy. and that's what running Identity means to you.... whole experience Ego boosting Non sequitur Reframing Give the client the option to do more work on anything that needs attention.... and you can enjoy that too.... strengthen when it has to . You deserve to be a winner. so simple.... And you deserve to succeed. getting stripped down and putting on the shoes. So when you are ready....... and just let go... you will be back in the present. and knowing that you can go round that track perfectly........... D And enjoy that feeling.... You are a winner for ever.. and knowing how good you feel. to the pleasure of getting there. It is such a pleasure...... allowing your body to heal where it has to... And then you can count from five up to one..... and as you do.. until you are ready to V come back to the present. and allow your mind to clear.. learning... healing... becoming aware of your muscles... that's right......... over and over..... .... Internal Visualisation and Reorientation So now [ClientName] just take a deep breath... Option for therapist led session Option of using the script before bedtime « Table of Contents David Mason www. you bones. and just waiting.. that's good. as if you could massage them..... your © 2009 David Mason 334 www... You can succeed........excitement of knowing today's the day...........

In this case there is only one character. You identify who is involved in the problem. what the behaviour pattern is. I often set my metaphors in exotic places where strange things can happen so I chose to use India as somewhere a boy might have heard of but not know much about. Or that there are enchanted forests filled with elves and unicorns and other well know characters that the client can be expected to recognise. all Italians are excitable. so I created a character to represent the therapist. Who are the actors? Is the situation just something the client does. Stories do not have to be hypnotic or dramatic or even . I needed to set it in some magical place. Then you create one story character to represent each character in the problem situation. Then you link them all into a logically coherent story. Pattern matching is at the core of human thinking. Stories can be one paragraph or one page. and then one solution for each element. Within that situation you use clichéd standard perceptions in order to tap into the client's belief system. or is it about relationships with other people? Create a character to represent the client and each person in the situation.key-hypnosis. but I thought the child would need some assurance of an outside resource. The following example shows how I went about writing a metaphor when I was asked to create a brief metaphor suitable for a 10 year old boy who has frequent asthma attacks. Metaphors as stories are memorable. Then you let your mind roam for a bit and identify a metaphor situation that would be acceptable to the client. and still be a metaphor for something else. For example all French are great cooks. You create one activity for each element in the problem behaviour. Stories can be true. The actual situation doesn't matter as long as the client can identify with the powers and failings of the characters. Creating original metaphors Creating metaphors follows much the same process as creating hypnotic scripts.Metaphors All stories are metaphors. and what elements make up the behaviour pattern. Clients think about the stories they have been told. non-threatening and apply to a wide variety of situations. and unconsciously find parallels with parts of their lives. Stories can be used to deliver a metaphor in such a way that the client remembers it vividly and can recall the ideas in it later. Where to set it? In this case the client is a child so some sort of magical power might be both acceptable and memorable. the client. We never forget the lesson in the fairy stories we heard as children. all Scots are mean. What is the behaviour cycle? Is there a cycle of events? For each event in the cycle create a matching event in the metaphor and a matching way out of the problem Current situation Sudden stress Metaphor Situation Appearance of snake Solution Graduated exposure David Mason 335 www.

Main character He was about your age and one day he was there and Problem he didn’t notice that the snake charmer took the lid off starts the basket and the snake came out right next to the boy.Loss of control Panic Breathlessness Eventual calm Fear of repeat Anxiety Fright Panic Breathlessness Avoiding snake Staying away Learning control Resource is there Breathing control Out  down Pride in ability Snake retires What resource does the client need to get? Belief that he can control it. Way to stop the panic attack growing. Metaphor of the problem I used to know this boy who was there. And there are snake charmers. They have a great big Set up the cobra. And the boy got such a fright he became afraid to go Match the into the street and every time he had to go there he got boy's problem this feeling of panic and a feeling in his chest like he couldn’t breathe.key-hypnosis. a real live snake. strangeness And in the streets and you can watch people juggling Metaphors with swords and eating fire and spitting out big flames for strange and getting tied up in chains and padlocks and escaping abilities and everyone applauds and throws them money. And he always worried that he might have to go there Similar Identity David Mason 336 www. Put the child into trance and then tell this story. right there in the story street. The Snake Charmer Target Dialogue I wonder if you know that I used to live in India? Comments Set up magical place India is an amazing place. And when the man takes the lid off the basket situation – a the snake wakes up and it rises out of the basket dangerous standing there angry and hissing and flicking its forked thing tongue… ready to bite anybody and all the people controlled by move back… but the snake charmer plays a thing like magic a flute… and snake hears the music and with just the music the man makes it dance… this huge poisonous snake with two big fangs … sways from side to side while the man plays the music and when the music stops it goes to sleep again. There are monkeys in the Emphasis trees and elephants walking down the . in a basket.

look. Metaphor for the cycle Well the snake charmer heard about this and he wanted to help the boy. He asked the man if he could lift the lid himself. Snakes are actually deaf’.com . And the boy laughed about that. And the boy was so frightened that he felt his chest close up and it was hard to breathe and felt he might die of fright. So he copied what the man did – lift. The boy saw the big snake sleeping inside but it was so quick that the snake did not have time to even move. To charm the snake.he lifted the lid for just a second – and put it back on again. and when I move the end of it down the snake goes down. And the snake charmer looked at him and said ‘Yes: you are old enough now to be able to do that’. look. And then the man said to the boy – Can you keep a secret? And the boy said he would never tell the secret. Metaphor for the resources But the snake charmer wouldn’t let that happen. Even just thinking that maybe he would have to go there again made him feel breathless sometimes.key-hypnosis. and started showing off. In fact he got quite too casual about it. anxiety Similar Helplessness New resource = therapist Safe to look at the problem Graduated exposure Finding resource Indirect suggestion Sudden panic Reminder of asthma Reassurance Demonstrate control Resource Resource Revelation of weakness Secret ability Giving superiority Suggestion David Mason 337 www.Behaviour Capability Capability Behaviour Rule Capability Identity Identity again. it couldn’t even hear. And just thinking about the snake he always imagined it as cold and slimy and fierce and huge and he got really afraid to go into that street anymore. And soon he was quite relaxed about it. and it was so stupid that it would do whatever it was told. The man made sure there was nobody else around and then he whispered ‘It’s not the music that controls the snake. He got the boy to come into the street and he showed him that the lid was on the basket so the boy could relax. And the boy learned that that great big snake wasn’t so strong after all. He took his flute and started playing again and the snake began to sway and then it went back into the basket. And then the boy got really brave. close – until the boy felt comfortable about it. And after the boy knew that he was able to start to learn how to control the snake. Then the man surprised him . and left the lid off too long and the snake rose right up in front of the boy. The man did this many times – lift. all I have to do is to move the end of the flute side to side and the snake follows. close.

so the boy and the man took it out to the countryside one day… and let it go…. And it’s retired now. You could be a snake charmer yourself’.com . He said ‘You do that thing with your breathing so well. He could run around in the street and often waved at the man and he even got a bit fond of the snake in the end.key-hypnosis.Behaviour Identity The man showed the boy how to lift the lid and move away… and when the snake rose up the man started playing the music and boy pretended to be playing the music along with him… and the boy started to breath in time with the music. Suggestion of how to manage the panic feelings Reframing Problem resolved Let the problem go into extinction David Mason key-hypnosis. The man was really impressed. And when he grew up the snake got really old and it was too old to dance and too old to frighten anybody as well but they didn’t say that…. he discovered that when he breathed out the snake would go down a bit. and then another gentle breath and the snake would go down a bit more… and pretty soon that boy could control the snake just by breathing. Metaphor of getting rid of the triggers And you know that boy was never bothered by the snake © 2009 David Mason 338 www.

He took a pot of soil. all they do is to tell the story and move on. Reframe Metaphors do not labour the point. Every time you look at a tree you might like to remember that it's actually made out of thin air. he said. In fact who you are changes all time as you grow older. 'In every situation'. At the end of the five years he then again weighed the willow tree and the soil.key-hypnosis. and slowly heat the water. and maybe also wonder about what invisible processes might be going on in you. or believes he can't. So really. Where had the material of the tree come from? Out of thin air. and those parts are continually re-arranging themselves. a Flemish physician and chemist. the frog will not notice the gradual change in temperature and will stay in the water until overcome by the heat. . right now. He said something that I think you might want to ponder. The Kaleidoscope When people come to therapy they are sometimes afraid that through the process of change they will lose some essential part of themselves. He started life as a farm mechanic but became a success because he had a clear idea of how the world worked. all therapy does is to reorganise life's experiences like a kaleidoscope. if you put the frog into cold water. Boiling a frog It is said that if you put a frog into hot water it will immediately react and jump out. Out of thin air In 1640 Jan Baptista van Helmont. he's right'. carried out an experiment. the child's toy with little bits of coloured glass inside? In the kaleidoscope the same number of parts can be made to create millions of different patterns. It is up to the listener to recall the story later. Just because we don't understand a process doesn't mean it isn't happening. The Power of Belief Henry Ford became the richest man in the world by creating and running the Ford Motor Works. David Mason 339 www. 'it doesn't matter whether a man believes he can. The exact detail of the patterns is not under your control. I often think of people who come to therapy as having a pattern that they don't like and not being able to change it themself. And they usually do. The tree had increased in weight by 164 pounds. At the time nobody understood that plants take oxygen and carbon from the air to build their leaves and stems and flowers. He planted the little tree in the soil and carefully watered it for five years. but you can turn the lens as many times as you want to create more and more patterns until you find one that you want to keep. but the soil had decreased in weight by less than two ounces. and a willow sapling and weighed both. I wonder if you have ever looked through a kaleidoscope. to get just one idea across in a memorable way. People are made up of a collection of many parts.Reframing Metaphors The essence of a reframe Metaphor is that it uses a tiny story to illustrate a point. do not go into explanations. and see the relevance.

Finally you give it one last shake and SPLAT! the ketchup splatters all over the place. You take the ketchup bottle. Now. It's not just birds who do it. So they organised a room.This metaphor reminds us that too often we put up with circumstances that are not ideal. So what the birds do is to strut around and pretend to ignore the other bird. all the while keeping an eye on the other bird. The talking cat There was this lady. gardens are in short supply and the ownership of a vacant part is hotly disputed. That way you will not be fooled into gradually accepting someone else's bad behaviour. a friend of mine says that it is not really like . and a caregiver. you shake and shake and nothing comes out. so if they were to physically attack each other both of them would be injured. The angry bird Some birds are very territorial. and to her amazement she can hear the cat clearly. and they should see results immediately. Shaking out change Sometimes when people need to change. However. birds are fragile creatures. the change should start immediately. and stick with it. that is. they get frustrated. For weeks and months she tries to get what the cat is trying to tell her. she says. The process of change is not orderly and progressive. Change is actually like getting ketchup out of the bottle. and you shake and shake and nothing comes out. You put more effort into it. The correct response is to totally refuse to accept less than you are entitled to. she just gives up worrying about it. and birds are singing but while she's David Mason 340 www. And then one day. they decide that some part of the garden belongs to them. and one day she got the idea that her cat was trying to communicate with her. hoping that the other bird will be so impressed by this that they give up and find their own garden. They then brought in about a dozen kids and told them they could play with any of the toys in the box and they could keep the toy afterwards. and there is traffic outside. but hears nothing. So they left the kids to play for half an hour and went back.key-hypnosis. and put a pile of their new designs into a big box. to not tolerate anything not quite right. People expect that once they decide to change. The marketing people then left the room so as to not influence the kids in any way. and then don't notice when they gradually get worse and worse. and nobody else. and all kids were happily playing in the large cardboard box the toys came in. It's just that you weren't listening properly'. The perfect toy A marketing company were trying to find out what toys kids really liked. This is called displacement activity. The idea was that they could find out what kids really liked from which toys the kids wanted to keep. The cat replies 'I've always been able to talk. Change is like that. 'When did you learn to talk?'. The toys were scattered around the floor forgotten. The woman says 'But I am always listening!'. Of course. They both aggressively tear up bits of grass. The cat politely pointed out that the radio is on. and furiously scatter them around.

They're sixpence now’. she replies. what can she hear? 'Nothing'. and the rest have shrunk in the night'. Curious. ' And' she said. and then walked on without taking the matches. This continued for many years. She told me that when her beautiful daughter came along she realised that she just couldn't enjoy being a mother and bring all the stuff she was dealing with into her home. Are you the man who always pays for the matches and then doesn’t take them?’ And the man said ‘Yes’. but what you choose to do with it. The worry tree I have a friend who is a social worker. The blind matchseller Many years ago there was a blind man who stood outside the railway station and sold boxes of matches. I asked her what the mime in the hallway was about. made a face. Yet a top chef can take the same ingredients in the same house and produce an unforgettable meal. And then in the morning I pick them all up again on the way out. she takes off her professional face. and most people can produce eatable food.focused on trying to understand the cat.key-hypnosis. Every day she deals with things that make you want to give up and cry. ‘They've gone up. I went home with her one night to collect something for work. 'Exactly. The site was in the woods among tall trees and a stream nearby. by the morning some of them aren't there any more. One day the matchseller listened for the familiar footsteps. 'I don't have to worry about other people’s problems for another twelve hours. David Mason 341 www. ‘Excuse me. And every day a man stopped briefly in front of the blind man. people who don't know what to do or where to turn . they are hanging there by the door. looking after themselves.' said the cat. and as we got inside she took her coat off. refuses to accept ordinary. Her daily work consists of visiting people who have been abused. and then the rattle of the coins. It was perfect. It's not what you start with in life. while I get on with my life. and carried on as if nothing had happened. and said. The difference is that the chef cares about the quality of the outcome. everyone buys the same ingredients. The cook and the chef Every one can cook. It's not the ingredients. looks in the mirror and practices the big happy smile she is saving up for her daughter. She then went in and scooped up her little daughter and became a happy solo mum. and the blind man became accustomed to the man's footsteps coming towards him. Maybe everyone should plant a worry tree? Invisible Fears A friend of mine went camping for the first time. dropped the three pennies in his tray. ‘Well’ said the seller. heard the coins fall. hangs every one of the day's problems on a hook. But you know. then looked in the mirror for a while. people who are terminally ill. it's how you think about the result. people who have no way out of their troubles. did some strange passes with her hands. So every time she comes home now.

The birds settled down and there was nothing to hear but the wind in the leaves. all the food had been left outside and a bear had smelled it.After a meal cooked over the campfire my friend watched the sun go down and listened as everything grew quiet in the evening air. Morning came and my friend stumbled with relief out of the tent only to discover that a squirrel had been searching through the wrappings in the night. My friend spent the whole night straining to hear every sound and if the bear was going to tear the tent open. My friend lay there in the . Not being an experienced camper. my friend was wakened by a noise outside. « Table of Contents David Mason 342 www. ripping open the plastic bags and rummaging through the backpack. Sometime in the night.key-hypnosis. terrified to make a sound in case the bear heard. was digging through the packages. The noises outside got nearer and louder. Soon the solitude and calm had a magic effect and my friend settled down to sleep.

When the class began. if the jar was full. he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with eggs. friends. The students responded with a unanimous 'yes. your life would still be full. They agreed it was. "I'm glad you asked. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.key-hypnosis. The eggs are the important things . as the laughter subsided. The students laughed.' The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar. you will never have room for the things that are important to you." said the professor. They agreed that it was. Of course." he continued. . and car. and favorite passions – things that if everything else was lost and only they remained. "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The sand is everything else --The small stuff. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff.. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play With your children. the sand filled up everything else. Take your partner out to dinner. He then asked the students.The things that really matter. So. The professor smiled. health. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the fence. effectively filling the empty space between the sand. "Now. He shook the jar lightly. Take time to get medical checkups." One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. He asked once more if the jar was full." "If you put the sand into the jar He then asked the students again if the jar was full. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.Let go of the small stuff A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. wordlessly. there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand." David Mason 343 www. The same goes for life.. "there is no room for the pebbles or the eggs. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job. " "Take care of the eggs first -. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the eggs. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem. house.

5. p87) state that for therapy to be successful. Construct simple metaphors that parallel those dramatic themes. the third metaphor story resumes where it left off and the client is shown how to resolve that too. Finally. The recommend that the sessions not be time constrained. David Mason 344 . Lankton and Lankton (1989. or can be spread over multiple sessions. Multiple embedded metaphors were used by Erickson. and those that should be part of the desired outcome. Enjoyment of life They give the following general strategy for constructing multiple metaphors: 1. Social role change 5. or humorously. looking for resolution of the stories. The third story is introduced but it is taken to its conclusion. The stories resume and the issue inherent in the third metaphor is resolved. The third story is often resolved paradoxically. Family structure change 6. 2. Then the theme of the second story is picked up again and taken to its conclusion. The client is introduced to the first metaphor and is led through it to some dramatic point where the story is left hanging at some unresolved issue. The advantage doing an intervention in the midst of unresolved stories is that the listener will be in some sort of tension. 4. Guided by the six areas of desired outcomes. although they can also be told while the client is fully alert. 3. This third metaphor is the central aspect of the therapy session.key-hypnosis. Listen to the problem as offered. usually by showing how the protagonist used some overlooked resource. Attitude restructuring 4. Bonding and age appropriate intimacy 2. Whenever necessary or appropriate. and is their recommended way of dealing with more complex problems. The metaphors are usually delivered while the client is trance. Typically three metaphors are used in sequence.Multiple Embedded Metaphor Technique Multiple embedded metaphors consist of nested stories containing therapeutic ideas. change must occur in one or more of six areas of life: 1. the metaphor can be deviated from to include other forms of therapy delivery such as direct suggestion or visualisation. The metaphors can delivered as one story in one session. Lankton and Lankton claim that working in this way is more effective than working with a sequence of simple metaphors. Each metaphor matches some situation the client wants to change. Then the therapist starts on a second story and again the client is led to some dramatic point and that story too is left unresolved. Self image enhancement 3. typically taking more than one hour to deliver. but are primarily associated with the work of Lankton and Lankton (1983). Design appropriate general outcomes. and therefore more open to new ideas and the possibility of change. ideally showing how the same resource was used to solve the second problem. Arrange the outcome to create suspense or mystery. list the dramatic themes that are present in the current situation. It can be pure metaphor or elements of direct suggestion may be incorporated into this core part.

so that the client is stimulated to make multiple associations between the metaphoric situation and their own situation. The actual dramatic outcome of each metaphor is not considered the main focus. is noted. see the Crystal Mountain script and the Making Money scripts. what is important is that the metaphor touches upon all or most of the concerns of the client. rather than being designed to teach new resources. if any. Then a metaphor is created which parallels the client's situation in that particular area and shows it being resolved in some way. For each area the nature of the . The metaphors are noted in point form in one or two sentences and an overall theme chosen that will link the various parts together logically.key-hypnosis. For another example of a script using multiple embedded metaphors. and to consider what changes might be needed in each. The choice of overall ending needs to be matched to the basic nature of the client. David Mason 345 www.The induction process is used to gather information relating to all six areas. Much of this work is an indirect reframing of the current situation.

Increasing ill health The doll had also realised something else. realises that smoking is socially unacceptable and is causing isolation.Problem resolution Using this template an original three part story was created to illustrate how the framework is used.Social isolation All day long the doll sat on the shelf and looked down at all the other toys on the floor and wished that she could join them.Social isolation Third Metaphor . and be embedded into a metaphor structure: First Metaphor . and the smoking is noticeably affecting their health. But week after week the doll would sit there.Connection to resources Third Metaphor . The elephant went over to the Dancing Doll and asked what had happened. an analysis of the problem situation would show that there are four areas needing to be addressed.Problem resolution First Metaphor . Third Metaphor . The Big Purple Elephant was the oldest toy in the house and all the other toys were afraid of the Big Purple Elephant.Problem resolution Second Metaphor .key-hypnosis.Connection to resources . the teddy bears and the soldiers and the big stuffed tiger with the one eye missing were not looking at him and pretending to be doing something else. With all that sitting there and not moving she was beginning to get ill. When suddenly the Big Purple Elephant appeared. Instead of running around with all her friends she was getting no exercise at all and her arms and legs were getting very very weak. This was the Dancing Doll. He was lying there crying and trying to move but it wasn't working and all the other toys.Helplessness Second Metaphor . Helplessness Isolation Becoming ill Lack of resources to change Each issue would have a metaphor created for it. The problem is that the person cannot access the resources needed to change.Increasing ill health Direct Suggestion . consider a case where a person cannot give up smoking. Second Metaphor . and the shelf was so high that she was afraid of .Helplessness There once was a doll who was sat high up on a shelf.ask for help Well one day the doll was looking down at the toys and there was another doll lying there in the middle of the floor. afraid to move and feeling very very lonely. Using the Lankton methodology. He had lost one of his legs. Direct Suggestion . The person feels helpless in being unable to change.Big Purple Elephant An annotated example To illustrate how multiple embedded metaphors might work. The doll didn’t know how she got there. In this example an anthropomorphic style was chosen: First Metaphor . The dancing doll explained that he had been trying to do a new dance when it all went wrong and David Mason 346 www. and so she sat very very still and way afraid to move.

And he felt so unhappy. but do expect continuous improvement to be seen over months or years without further intervention. 'OK' said the elephant. and she slid down the slope to the shelf below. they said.Problem resolution 'Well. 'Come down and join us'.Problem resolution And as the Dancing Doll was trying out his repaired leg he leaned back and noticed the doll on the shelf. don't you?'. 'I can't'.' everybody wants you to come into the middle with them. And he ordered them to look for the missing leg. 'How can helping someone be wrong?' said the . « Table of Contents See the Crystal Mountain script for another example of embedded metaphors. yes'. yes' said the doll.key-hypnosis. 'we'll see about that'.Problem resolution 'Well. 'Well. 'Why are you not helping the dancing doll?' demanded the elephant. David Mason 347 www. And guess what? The tiger found the leg right there! And soon the dancing doll had his leg back on and was dancing as good as ever. And the Big Purple Elephant looked up and said 'I wonder if you can move just a little' "Oh. And you remember how much fun we all used to have together'. yes. when you come down off the shelf your arms and legs will get strong again. 'Because we didn't know what to do'. and she over balanced that one too. Well roared the Big Purple Elephant. And when the little doll did. Third Metaphor . he asked her to move to the left just a little again. First Metaphor . The soldiers marched over to the window and the teddy bears looked in the corners and the tiger hid under the toy box because he was ashamed of his behaviour. 'And we were embarrassed to ask' said the stuffed tiger. 'Why are you sitting there?' he asked. And the elephant called the teddy bears over. And a little more… and suddenly her weight caused the whole shelf to tilt up. Lankton and Lankton state that they do not expect their metaphor therapy to cause dramatic changes immediately. They have all missed you. and suddenly she was sitting on the floor surrounded by all the toys. And then a little more. because she had over balanced it. said the doll. 'See if you can move to the left a little'. and the next one. 'but I am weak and it's so high and I don't think I can'. with a smile. And now he was stuck and nobody would help him. but what if nobody wants to play with me now?' 'Don't be silly' said the Dancing Doll. said the doll on the shelf 'My arms and legs are weak and I don't feel well. so useless and helpless. 'There'. won't they?' Second Metaphor . 'you do know how to get down. 'in case it was wrong'. and the soldiers and the big stuffed tiger with the one eye missing. And all the toys cheered. 'I think I could move to the side just a little'. said the elephant.he came crashing down and broke his leg off.

and as each number passes you get more relaxed.. And just imagine going along that line. and the V possible ways distance between three and four is twice the distance of the distance to form the between two and three. until your whole body feels loose and heavy. down and I down. anywhere relaxation that is not loose. Eventually. Everyone's experience is unique. Self hypnosis can be very liberating......... after some ... Slow down Now take another deep breath..... more at ease... anytime.. You can record the script and play it back to yourself. And as each number comes along it gives you more time to relax. just allow your the breathing whole body to relax and go limp... eye closure Now become aware of your body....Self Hypnosis Self Hypnosis is simple and easy.. or a chain or something like that.. you will be able to slip into trance just by willing it. This script shows you how to put yourself into trance.. and you can just feel yourself sinking .. Self Hypnosis script Technique The induction .. and so on...... and let it go... a deep connection with something when they go into trance.. First Deepener ...... and I want you to make the distance between number choice of memory two and number three double the distance between one and two. from one to two... try shrugging your shoulders and letting them drop.. and when you reach ten. And as you think about that line. just tense and relax... allow that feeling to develop....... tense Physical your legs and let them relax.. and I want you to imagine the numbers one to ten are spaced out Always offer a along that line...... Both methods will work well... you don't have to think..... just imagine that in your mind you are sliding along the line... or you can study the structure and put yourself into trance by going over it in your mind.. and two to Capability three.. allow your eyes to close.. Take a deep breath. or you can use it to allow your mind to roam free. and as you breathe out...... and on the next breath. and the distances between each number gets longer and longer. roll your neck and let it relax.. anywhere.... more and more relaxed.key-hypnosis... the distance of the previous number.... you can just allow yourself to drift down and down some more... and allow that feeling to continue..count down And now I want you to imagine a line. and your breathing will get slower.... and your pulse will get deeper.......Relax the body. down > and down. deeper and deeper. and just keep doing that.... You can use it to go to sleep...... you don't have to I Target David Mason 348 www.. Many people feel a spirituality... each number is separated by twice line.. notice if there is any tension anywhere... and three to four.... to let go...

a state of unconscious awareness. so you can recognise this state. do not force anything. nothing to worry you. relaxed and peaceful and calm.. a blackboard or a big blue sky. and you can stay in this state as long as you like..... you can just stack them off to one side..... they're not important.. and then you can just relax completely. and deal with them later...... Second anything......... notice everything about this state. ............. letting go. just allow that to happen ....... and you may be surprised at what you experience. become aware that one of your fingers or perhaps a thumb will feel the need to move. and you can forget about everything....... getting more and more comfortable. D D > breathing deepener options V V > > > who is 'fading'? disappearing = relaxing D amnesia I 'when' bind V Dissociation Give time allow for those I with a slow sub conscious V Accept any signal Anchor the feeling > Reassurance David Mason 349 www... imagine writing the letter 'A' . and keep on thinking of the next letter.. until it becomes too much trouble to think of the next letter. and then just imagine wiping away the letter 'A'..... you can feel yourself. and you relax more and more... whatever comes is right.. just allow your mind to drift away......... loosening... allow your mind to just wander....will be different each time Now. all you have to do is to enjoy that lovely feeling of deep... and as you wipe away the next letter. and while you are in this state. an image or a memory or a feeling will form. don't assist in any way...... do not strive or try or do anything except accept what comes. that' s OK....... sometimes you will find a muscle moving.. It may be just a tiny tremor. and if any day to day thoughts come into your mind... without thought.. relaxing.. in any way that makes sense to you.. your body can just move on its own...... and as each letter disappears you can become more and more relaxed... and learn ..key-hypnosis.. peaceful and relaxed.. and then just imagine letter 'B' being wiped . The visualisation .. nothing is important now....... whatever you want..... more at ease....... and that will a signal that you have achieved the state of trance. to a place where there is nothing to think about.... and then imagine the letter 'B'...... And in this state many things are possible.. a finger or a thumb will want to move. Self Convincer and as you drift deeper and deeper. and fading out... more and more relaxed.. Visualization And now allow your mind to think of something you can write letters on. and that will be a signal to tell you that you are in trance.... allow your mind to drift away.. deep relaxation.... of being in two minds............ allow it to develop and observe.. it can be anything... and getting more comfortable.... just accept it... and each breath out is taking you deeper and deeper now. disappearing......... And you can continue putting the letters there..

. thinking about how best to apply them.key-hypnosis.. That is enough.. a comfortable I bind: time close. The Reorientation And so before coming back to full awareness. to allow your mind to examine things from every aspect. at whatever rate is right for you. It doesn't mean anything. Seeing parts of faces is very common. consider them deeply. you can come back to the present. sometimes not. Be an observer.. You should not expect to get something every time.. You have learned how to go into trance. you can begin to return from trance. those images.... Otherwise just treat the whole thing as if it was a dream and allow it to develop in its own way. when you are ready.. And when you are ready © 2008 « Table of Contents David Mason 350 www.. Some days you just don't think of anything but relaxing and drifting.refreshed and awake and alert and ready for the rest of your day... Nothing in your own mind can ever harm you..] And then. So take as long as you like to consider these things.] [If you get something. Do not try to make sense of it. It may just fade. that's OK. into your very being. do not challenge it.. drifty thing will go on for some time and you may get more than one. There are no rules. presupposition take whatever time you need now. Sometimes you will recognise the metaphor.. it may transform into something else.. just regard it with curiosity. ] [If you learn the principles of Clean Language you can begin to interact with the image or symbol or feeling or whatever comes up. and the lessons and possibilities.. to consider those ideas. absorb them bind: best deeply. then it is time to bring this session to a ... ] [The whole dreamy...key-hypnosis... and you can start coming back to the present........ like a jeweller looking into the heart of a diamond...... And when you have had enough time to process and learn from this session.[Long Pause] [If nothing comes... Become aware of what it does.. It is very therapeutic.. What you experiencing is a metaphoric representation of what is going on in your own subconscious mind... David Mason www.....