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Gaurav Modgil Global Business Services

QuaIifications PGDBA in T
TM Bangalore, ndia, 2006
BCA Hons. in T
Panjab Univ. Chandigarh, ndia, 2002
ProfessionaI experience
ProfiIe Gaurav is a SAP Netweaver Portal Consultant with around 8+ Years of Experience (7
years in Netweaver Portal). He began his career as a Java developer and after
completing his PGDBA (T) entered the field of SAP.
Gaurav has Developed an in-depth understanding of Portal Administration including
Knowledge Management (KM), ESS/MSS mplementation through a mix of self study
and hands on experience gained from Multiple mplementation/Upgrade/Roll-out
Projects that he was a part of during these 7 years as a Netweaver Portal Practitioner.
He is a team player with strong leadership skills and has ability to analyze requirements
and provide precise solutions on time.
Key SkiIIs Firm understanding of Netweaver Portal and its integration with ESS/MSS, SAP ECC6.0
& R/3, CRM , BW / B, ERM and SRM.
Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
Tools : SAP NetWeaver CE, Developer Studio, WebDynpro Java, Visual Composer
Career History 04/2009 - To date IBM India Pvt. Ltd, India
Senior ConsuItant SAP Netweaver PortaI
Senior Consultant Netweaver Portal, ESS/MSS
08/2007 - 04/2009 Capgemini ConsuIting India Pvt. Ltd., India
Consultant Netweaver Portal
03/2006 - 08/2007 Videocon Industries Ltd., India
Senior Executive
Team Lead EP: ncharge of SAP Portal for Videocon and Group
05/2002 - 12/2003, Chandigarh, India
In-charge Training and DeveIopment
n-charge Training and Development
Team Lead for Software development.
Assignment History 02/2013 - To date
2 months
Cable and Wireless, UK
PortaI Branding Assignment
Project Description: The Assignment was a Quick Re-branding
Exercise for Cable and Wireless. Responsibilities include
understanding the clients branding requirements through one to
one discussions with Client SPOC and Deliver the Finished
product as per timeline.
Contribution: SAP Portal Consultant
08/2012 - 01/2013 Johnson and Johnson
Date: 3/7/2013
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Resource Manager: Chhaya Chandrasekhar1
6 months Project Domus
Project Description: SAP mplementation/Upgrade project for
JnJ which included replacing third party content with Standard
SAP Content including SAP ESS/MSS and Knowledge
Management(KM) and migration existing solutions to the new
Environment Landscape.
Also included an in depth Study of the Existing portal landscape
to formulate the strategy for upgrading the existing NW7.0
Platform to NW7.3 Platform. The recommended solution was
appreciated by both BM team as well as Client management.
Contribution: Onsite Portal Consultant
06/2011 - 07/2012
14 months
Micron Technologies
Project Description: This is an on site Assignment to mplement
Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service
Functionality Service for 4 Countries(taly, Singapore, Malaysia,
China). The Whole project is to be divided into two waves. Key
Responsibilities included Writing the ESS/MSS PDD in
discussion with the Business representatives from Micron. The
Assignment includes Extensive Client facing role, from
Requirement Gathering to PDD Sign off and realization/Testing
thereafter and Coordination with Offshore Delivery team to get
the Work delivered as per project Timelines.
Contribution: Key Contributions nclude:
1. Completed Process Definition Document for ESS/MSS
Services for Singapore and taly.
2. Assigned the additional responsibility for ESS/MSS PDD for
Malaysia and China.
3. Took up additional responsibility as Unit Test Case Manager
for BM.
04/2011 - 06/2011
3 months
Micron Technologies
Project Description: Key Responsibilities included
understanding the Clients Landscape/Architecture from the
Portal Perspective and take responsibility of Portal Deliverable.
Key Challenges included understanding the complex customer
landscape, which included a high mix of SAP and Non SAP
Platforms, and Deliver the ESS MSS Functionality on such a
short notice.
Contribution: Key Contributions were as follows:
1. Delivered all requirements in Time ans as per the clients
2. Studied the complex client Landscape to understand its
impact on the project Deliverable.
3. Came up with Solutions/Designs to meet all Client
requirements in time.
4. Was able to build an excellent rapport with the Portal SPOC
from the Client side.
10/2010 - 04/2011
7 months
Nokia Siemens Networks
Project Description: NSN TM Project is the mplementation of
Time Management functionality of Employee and Manager Self
Service for Nokia Siemens Networks.
Contribution: Responsible for the overall portal deliverable for
NSN TM Project.
Responsibilities nclude:
1. Client nteraction for Requirement Gathering and ssue
2. Total Portal configuration for UWL, JCo creation, SSO, TM
Date: 3/7/2013
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Resource Manager: Chhaya Chandrasekhar1
Role Config.
3. Coordinate with other team members (Functional/Technical)
04/2010 - 06/2010
3 months
SAIL SRM ImpIementation
Project Description: mplementing SRM with SAP Netweaver
Contribution: Key Contributions:
1. Set up of UWL / SSO for SAL nternal customers and
2. Role Design in Sync with Client Requirements.
3. Provided Content Management.
4. Took up Logon Page Customizations as per client
5. Delivered all assigned deliverable as per client Timelines.
12/2009 - 04/2010
5 months
Nokia Siemens Networks
EPS Intranet PortaI
Project Description: Pilot implementation of SAP ERM.
Contribution: Portal Scope included installation and
configuration of Business Package for ERM and Configuration
for the same to facilitate SSO Access to the Backend ERM
Key Contributions included
1. Configuration of JCO's for setting up SSO to back-end ERM
2. Portal content Customization in close sync with SAP Team
as per implementation requirements.
3. Contributed in the Resolution of Cross domain SSO for NSN
08/2009 - 11/2009
4 months
Project Description: Spansion Was Earlier Working on
Workplace and wanted to upgrade its setup to Netweaver
Portal 7.0. The Server Environment included integration with
old R/3 Systems as well as new SRM/B Systems spread
across multiple Domains. Project Scope included mplementing
SRM and ntegration of portal with other backend systems in
Contribution: Key Challenges included:
mplementing SRM.
mplementing portal Best Practices.
Role Design keeping change management as the key factor.
Multiple Domain SSO Config to backend servers.
UWL Configuration
06/2009 - 07/2009
2 months
ntrex ndia
Intrex India
Project Description: ntrex mplemented Netweaver Portal 7.0
with Knowledge Management and integration to ECC 6.0 with
ESS Business package.
Contribution: Responsible for mplementing SAP NW EP at
ntrex ndia.
Key Challenges:
Understanding Organizational needs in collaboration with ntrex
Management and Core Team.
Configuring SSO between Portal and ECC6.0
Date: 3/7/2013
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Resource Manager: Chhaya Chandrasekhar1
Configuring ESS Business Package for End users.
Configuring Knowledge Management Functions Like News,
Quickpolls, Discussions etc.
05/2009 - 07/2009
3 months
Essel Propack
EsseI Propack
Project Description: SAP ERP mplimentation. (ECC6.0,
B7.0,NW EP7.0)
With over 2700 people representing 20 different nationalities,
Essel Propack functions through 25 state of the art facilities in
thirteen countries
Essel mplemented Netweaver Portal 7.0 with Knowledge
Management and integration to ECC6.0, and B7.0
Contribution: Responsible for mplementing SAP NW EP at
Essel Propack.
Key Challenges:
Understanding Organizational needs in collaboration with Essel
Senior Management and Core Team.
Configuring SSO between Portal and ECC6.0 , B7.0
Configuring FPN between Portal and B for Remote Application
Prior Experience 08/2008 - 11/2008
4 months
Adani Energy
Adani Energy
Project Description: Key Assignments:
Portal Fine-tuning.
Role redesign.
New content development.
Dashboard Design in Visual Composer
Contribution: Pain point Analysis
Role Redesign
Conversion of existing custom applications to light JSP Dynpage
ntrodusing Best Practices.
01/2008 - 04/2008
4 months
Energy Distribution
Hydro One
Project Description: SAP CRM mplimentation
Contribution: Responsibilities:
Providing proof of concept systems.
Configuring KM & Collaboration.
nstallation and Configuration of CRM Business Packages for
Key Challenges:
Analyzing the Existing legacy system and doing gap analysis
between the exisating and the proposed system.
Configuring Portal Repositories in BW for report publication to
Portal KM.
Significant Contributions:
Requirement Analysis during Blueprint Phase and Blueprint
Providing proof of concept system for nitial Blueprint Phase.
01/2007 - 04/2007
4 months
EIectroIux ImpIimentation
Project Description: Electrolux & Hyundai electronics Ltd are
subsidiary companies of Videocon ndustries Ltd. Electrolux a
major giant in Manufacturing & Marketing of White Goods &
Hyundai Electronics a major giant in Manufacturing & Marketing
of Color Television & Air Conditioners in ndia.
Date: 3/7/2013
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Resource Manager: Chhaya Chandrasekhar1
After ts Takeover by Videocon Electrolux mplemented SAP
replasing its Existing system running on JD Edwards and
Contribution: Responsibilities:
Portal Display Configuration(Desktop, Themes, Portal Layout)
Knowledge Management, Content Administration.
Role Design in Coordination with Electrolux Functional Team.
Key Challenges:
Role Design in Coordination with Electrolux Functional Team
01/2007 - 01/2007
1 month
Videocon ndustries
PortaI Upgrade
Project Description: Upgrade the SAP Netweaver Portal
Contribution: Key Challenges:
1. Successfully Upgraded Netweaver Portal mplementation
Running on Windows 2000(Quality) and HP-UX (Production)
Server Platforms.
07/2006 - 12/2006
6 months
Videocon ndustries
SAP RoIIouts for A/C Division and India 1, India A RoIIouts
Project Description: As per Strategic decision Videocon
operations were divided into ndia A, and ndia 1 with Separate
Management Teams and thus different Org. Structure.
Air Conditioner Division for Videocon rolled out its SAP
mplementation during the same time.
Contribution: Responsibilities:
End User Training
Content Administration
User Administration
04/2006 - 06/2006
3 months
Videocon ndustries
Project Description: Videocon Uses a custom Java Application to
Track Qualitative/Quantitative Sales Force Effort. This
Application Connects to R/3, BW, and SQL Server Systems in
the backend to fetch sales officer related records.
Contribution: Responsibilities:
Java Development for n-house Application DSR/DQR
Creating Java Views in Netweaver Developer Studio for
Application using DynPage Technology.
Facilitated E-Mail Notification Service by using Java Mail AP.
Fetching Data from the BW and DBMS (MS SQL Server) using
Using the User Management Engine in SAP EP thru Java.
Making Changes to Portal Logon Page using NWDS.
Significant Contributions:
Noticeable performance improvements by making change in the
applications architecture without any changes to the front-end.
Date: 3/7/2013
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Resource Manager: Chhaya Chandrasekhar1