1. Why are you running? -.

I cherish everything this city has given me and I want to ensure that Denton is steered down the most productive path without sacrificing its identity. Public servitude is a noble calling and I would be honored to represent the residents of south Denton as their next council person. 2. Describe your professional experience and how it qualifies you for office. -Having worked in the Real Estate/Mortgage industry, seeing the big picture and cultivating relationship is mandatory for success. Connectabilty is a strength I have developed and I feel with the current disconnect between city government and the overall citizenry I want to try and mend that gap. 3. What capital project is most needed for Denton and how would you pay for it? -I know a convention center/hotel is not what this town needs. I would rather invest money into our parks and roads, a more worthy investment. Capital projects need to be voted on by the citizens not by issuing certificate of obligations which has been more common with this council than from councils in the past. 4. In what areas do you see waste in your government and what would you do about it? http://www.dentonrc.com/local-news/local-newsheadlines/20130323-hotel-developer-floats-more-ideas.ece -The convention center would be a huge waste of government/city resources

5. What do you think is the most pressing issue for the city right now and why?
- Managing growth and juggling your needs and wants while maintaining the cities identity and past without compromising commerce.

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