All About Dinosaurs!

A PowerPoint slide show about what dinosaurs were like! Click anywhere on the slides to go forward!

Some dinosaurs were big. Brachiosaurus was big.

Some dinosaurs were small. Microceratops was small.

Some dinosaurs ate meat.

Tyrannosaurus rex ate meat.

Allosaurus ate meat.

Coelophysis ate meat.

Velociraptor ate meat.

Spinosaurus ate meat.

Some dinosaurs ate plants.

Apatosaurus ate plants.

Triceratops ate plants.

Ankylosaurus ate plants.

Parasaurolophus ate plants.

Some dinosaurs walked on two legs.

Tyrannosaurus rex walked on two legs.

Ceratosaurus walked on two legs.

Velociraptor walked on two legs.

Some dinosaurs walked on four legs.

Triceratops walked on four legs.

Apatosaurus walked on four legs.

Ankylosaurus walked on four legs.

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