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Two Tickets To Paradise: The Boston Marathon Jihadist Raid

Two Tickets To Paradise: The Boston Marathon Jihadist Raid

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The FBI still claims this was not an act of international terrorism however the US Attorney's Office in Boston disagrees. Evidence confirms it was an international jihadi raid. FBI is told by FSB Tamerlan Tsarnaev is going to the Caucuses for terrorist training. He goes there comes back and commits a terrorist act. What could be simpler? He is part of a terrorist network.

The FBI still claims this was not an act of international terrorism however the US Attorney's Office in Boston disagrees. Evidence confirms it was an international jihadi raid. FBI is told by FSB Tamerlan Tsarnaev is going to the Caucuses for terrorist training. He goes there comes back and commits a terrorist act. What could be simpler? He is part of a terrorist network.

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Apr 20, 2013
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The Boston Jihadist Raid and
Islamic Caucus Emirates’ US Cell
The FBI was informed by FSB
via Lega A!!a"h# $S
Embassy %os"ow !ha! $S residen! Tameran Tsarnaev
was going !o !he &a'"'ses for !erroris! !raining( He
wen! !here) re!'rns) and !hen "ommi!s a so*his!i"a!ed
!erroris! a"!( Wha! "o'd be sim*er+ He re"eived !erroris! !raining from a
!erroris! ne!wor,(
From /e*or! on FBI Abii!y !o figh! !errorism in !he 01
2$3 In November 0410) Tameran in!err'*!ed a sermon dis"'ssing Isami"
and Ameri"an hoidays a! !he Isami" So"ie!y of Bos!on &'!'ra &en!er in
&ambridge) b'! i! does no! a**ear !ha! !his informa!ion was ever re*or!ed
!o !he FBI( In 5an'ary 0416) Tameran again be"ame angry foowing a
sermon a! !he same mos7'e( This informa!ion does no! a**ear !o have
made i!s way !o !he FBI( Whie !he /eview &ommission re"ogni8es !he "ivi
iber!ies sensi!ivi!ies of so'r"e ne!wor,s wi!hin reigio's ins!i!'!ions) a more
e9!ensive H$%INT ne!wor, *os!'red wi!hin !he o"a "omm'ni!y "o'd have
made !he FBI aware of !hese o'!b'rs!s( A of !he "ases reveaed !o !he
/eview &ommission !ha! !he FBI:s roe wi!hin !he $SI& as !he *rimary
"oe"!or of domes!i" h'man in!eigen"e is of "ri!i"a im*or!an"e in !he
1. Russian Fee!a" Se#u!i$% Se!&i#e, '(une in 1))5.
iden!ifi"a!ion of *o!en!ia !hrea!s(
The s*e"ia agen! assigned !o inves!iga!e !he Tsarnaevs did no! "ons'!
any Nor!h &a'"as's or "o'n!er!errorism s'b;e"!<ma!!er e9*er!s !o
'nders!and !he broader "on!e9! and im*i"a!ions of !he informa!ion
*rovided by !he FSB) a!ho'gh !he &ommision no!es !here was am*e
"a'se for s,e*!i"ism( In A*ri 0411) s*e"ia agen!s in!erviewed bo!h
Tameran and his *aren!s(
The s*e"ia agen!s aso s*o,e wi!h Tameran in A*ri(
2$3 A more !horo'gh review of Tameran:s a"!ivi!ies by an in!eigen"e
anays! wi!h !he re7'isi!e s'b;e"! ma!!er e9*er!ise on !errorism and
radi"ai8a!ion) wor,ing in "oabora!ion wi!h !he s*e"ia agen! d'ring !he
in!erview *ro"ess) da!abase sear"hes) and s'bse7'en! eva'a!ion of !he
informa!ion) may have ed !o a differen! in!er*re!a!ion of !he signifi"an"e of
!he FSB ead(
The Ins*e"!or =enera:s re*or! on !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombing no!ed !ha!
!he s*e"ia agen!s did no! as, 7'es!ions !ha! were e9*e"!ed by !heir
"o'n!er!errorism s'*ervisor regarding Tameran:s ifes!ye and !rave *ans(
%oreover) !he s*e"ia agen! did no! "on!a"! !he o"a &ambridge Poi"e
De*ar!men! or "om*e!e a "om*rehensive sear"h of a of baseine
da!abases re7'ired in FBI:s Baseine &oe"!ion Pan(
The De*ar!men! of 5's!i"e:s .ffi"e of !he Ins*e"!or =enera "on"'ded in
!he Bos!on "ase !ha! >addi!iona inves!iga!ive s!e*s wo'd have res'!ed in
a more !horo'gh assessmen!)? a!ho'gh i! was im*ossibe !o ,now if !hese
addi!iona s!e*s or sear"hes wo'd have yieded >addi!iona informa!ion
reevan! !o !he FSB ead(?
2$3 Whie &he"hen !erroris!s have "ond'"!ed m'!i*e a!!a",s over !he
years agains! /'ssian !arge!s) !hey had never !arge!ed !he Wes!) even
af!er !he 044@ de"ara!ion of !he Imira! Aav,a8 2&a'"asian Emira!e3( The
Bos!on %ara!hon inves!iga!ion has shown !ha! !he Tsarnaevs) !ho'gh of
&he"hen des"en!) were more i,ey H-Es( They were ins*ired by !he goba
;ihad) *rimariy !hro'gh !he e"!'res of Anwar a<A'a7i and !he ;ihadis!
*'bi"a!ions of !he onine si!e Tibyan P'bi"a!ions( The Bos!on "ase
demons!ra!es !ha! !he *a!h !o radi"ai8a!ion "an be easiy obs"'red from
aw enfor"emen!( The *roifera!ion of so"ia media *a!forms and !heir
"on!in'ed e9*oi!a!ion by !erroris! gro'*sBand some of !heir media<savvy
eadersB*resen!s even more formidabe "haenges in !ra",ing and
iden!ifying homegrown radi"ai8a!ion( Th's) s'""essf' de!e"!ion is
enhan"ed by !he dire"! invovemen! of e9*erien"ed in!eigen"e anays!s(
Informa!ion rea!ing !o FBI "on!a"!s wi!h Tameran1

.n A*ri 1C) 0411) an FBI agen! in!erviewed An8or Tsarnaev
2wi!h D'beida! Tsarnaev *resen!3( .n A*ri 00) 0411) an FBI
agen! in!erviewed Tameran Tsarnaev 2wi!h An8or Tsarnaev
*resen!3( The governmen! wi *rovide bo!h in!erviews !o !he
defense shor!y( The FBI did no! as, Tameran Tsarnaev !o be a
governmen! informan! in ei!her of !hose in!erviews 2or in any
o!her in!era"!ion of whi"h !he governmen! is aware3( Indeed) we
are no! aware of any o!her FBI in!erviews of Tameran Tsarnaev
a! a(
Wi !he FD<640s be reeased+ Eo' "an be! !he name of !he agen!
"ond'"!ing !hese in!erviews wi be reda"!ed( Too bad( I! wo'd be
in!eres!ing !o find o'! if he had an a9 !o grind agains! /'ssia(
This is from a mo!ion fied in %ay 041C by !he Feds1
>The fa"!s ,nown !o aw enfor"emen! a! !he !ime !hey in!erviewed Tsarnaev
*rovided reason !o beieve !ha! !he Tsarnaevs had a""om*i"es and !ha!
!hey or o!hers migh! have b'i! addi!iona bombs !ha! *osed a "on!in'ing
danger !o *'bi" safe!y1
>The Tsarnaevs had a""ess !o a sma arsena of bombs( They 'sed !wo of
!hem a! !he %ara!hon and severa days a!er 'sed fo'r more in Wa!er!own(
They aso indi"a!ed !o !he man !hey "ar;a",ed !ha! !hey *anned !o !rave !o
New Eor, !o e9*ode addi!iona bombs(
>These fa"!s s'gges!ed !he e9is!en"e of a arger *o! !o wage a m'!i<
*ronged a!!a", on differen! "i!ies) as we as !he *ossibe e9is!en"e of ye!
more 'n'sed bombs and o!her bombers wai!ing !o *i", '* where !he
Tsarnaevs had ef! off(

>.f !he !wo remo!e<"on!ro de!ona!ors 'sed d'ring !he %ara!hon bombings)
ony one was re"overed) s'gges!ing !ha! !he Tsarnaevs 2or someone ese3
had re!ained !he o!her one for *ossibe 'se wi!h addi!iona bombs(

>D'ring !he wee, of A*ri 1F) 0416) *oi"e re"eived m'!i*e re*or!s from
*eo*e in !he Bos!on area of s's*i"io's ob;e"!s !ha! migh! be bombs(
A!ho'gh none of !hose re*or!s *roved a""'ra!e) !hey heigh!ened *oi"e
"on"ern abo'! !he e9is!en"e of addi!iona bombs(

>The %ara!hon bombs were "ons!r'"!ed 'sing im*rovised f'ses made from
&hris!mas igh!s and im*rovised) remo!e<"on!ro de!ona!ors fashioned from
mode "ar *ar!s( These rea!ivey so*his!i"a!ed devi"es wo'd have been
diffi"'! for !he Tsarnaevs !o fabri"a!e s'""essf'y wi!ho'! !raining or
assis!an"e from o!hers(

>The Tsarnaevs aso a**eared !o have "r'shed and em*!ied h'ndreds of
individ'a firewor,s "on!aining ba", *owder in order !o ob!ain e9*osive
f'e for !he bombs( The ba", *owder 'sed in firewor,s is e9!remey fineG i!
was !herefore reasonabe !o e9*e"! !ha! if !he Tsarnaevs had "r'shed !he
firewor,s and b'i! !he bombs a by !hemseves) !ra"es of ba", *owder
wo'd be fo'nd wherever !hey had done !he wor,( Ee! sear"hes of !he
Tsarnaevs: residen"es) !hree vehi"es) and o!her o"a!ions asso"ia!ed wi!h
!hem yieded vir!'ay no !ra"es of ba", *owder) again s!rongy s'gges!ing
!ha! o!hers had b'i!) or a! eas! he*ed !he Tsarnaevs b'id) !he bombs) and
!h's migh! have b'i! more(

>For years af!er Se*!ember 11) 0441) one of A<H:aeda:s "hief goas was !o
"arry o'! ano!her high<*rofie) s*e"!a"'ar a!!a", on !he $ni!ed S!a!es( The
s*e"!a"'ar na!'re and devas!a!ing "arnage of Tsarnaev:s a!!a", << whi"h
!arge!ed a high<*rofie) i"oni" Ameri"an even!) and was foowed by !he
e9e"'!ion of a *oi"e offi"er in &ambridge and !he a!!em*!ed m'rder of
o!her *oi"e offi"ers in Wa!er!own << s'gges!ed !ha! i! migh! have been
*anned) dire"!ed) and even assis!ed by a !erroris! gro'*(

>The no!e Tsarnaev wro!e in *en"i on !he inside of !he boa! where he was
fo'nd hiding 'nders"ored !he *ossibe invovemen! of a !erroris! gro'*(
Tsarnaev wro!e1

I:m ;eao's of my bro!her who haIsJ IreJ"eived !he reward of ;ann'!'
Firda's 2inshaah3 before me( I do no! mo'rn be"a'se his so' is very
m'"h aive( =od has a *an for ea"h *erson( %ine was !o hide in !his boa!
and shed some igh! on o'r a"!ions( I as, Aah !o ma,e me a shahied 2iA3
!o aow me !o re!'rn !o him and be among a !he righ!eo's *eo*e in !he
highes! eves of heaven( He who Aah g'ides no one "an misg'ide( AIah

The $S =overnmen! is ,iing o'r inno"en! "iviians b'! mos! of yo' aready
,now !ha!( As a I$IJ I "an:! s!and !o see s'"h evi go 'n*'nished) we
%'sims are one body) yo' h'r! one yo' h'r! 's a(
We a! eas! !ha!:s how m'hhammad 2*b'h3 wan!ed i! !o be IforJever) !he
'mmah is beginning !o riseLI$IJ has awo,en !he m';ahideen) ,now yo' are
figh!ing men who oo, in!o !he barre of yo'r g'n and see heaven) now how
"an yo' "om*e!e wi!h !ha!( We are *romised vi"!ory and we wi s'rey ge!
i!( Now I don:! i,e ,iing inno"en! *eo*e i! is forbidden in Isam b'! d'e !o
said I$IJ i! is aowed( A "redi! goes I$IJ( S!o* ,iing o'r inno"en! *eo*e
and we wi s!o*(

>This wri!ing) whi"h bears hamar,s of a<H:aeda<ins*ired rhe!ori")
s'gges!ed !ha! Tsarnaev migh! have re"eived ins!r'"!ion from a !erroris!
gro'*( In addi!ion) !he fa"! !ha! Tsarnaev 'sed !he word >we? 2i(e( >We are
*romised vi"!ory and we sha s'rey ge! i!((S!o* ,iing o'r inno"en! *eo*e
and we wi s!o*(3 s'gges!ed !ha! o!hers migh! be *oised !o "ommi! simiar
a!!a",s and !ha! Tsarnaev was 'rging !hem on(

>Before hiding in !he boa!) Tsarnaev smashed bo!h of his "e *hones !o
avoid being o"a!ed !hro'gh !hem( .ne of !hem a**eared !o be a >b'rner?
*hone1 i! "on!ained a SI% "ard *'r"hased !he day before !he %ara!hon and
was 'sed by Tsarnaev on A*ri 1F !o "oordina!e !he a!!a",s wi!h his bro!her(
These basi" eemen!s of a**aren! !erroris! !rade"raf! *rovided addi!iona
gro'nds for beieving !ha! Tsarnaev had re"eived !raining and dire"!ion from
a !erroris! gro'*(
>In shor!) !he fa"!s and "ir"'ms!an"es ,nown !o aw enfor"emen! a! !he
!ime !hey in!erviewed Tsarnaev *rovided am*e reason !o beieve !ha! !he
Tsarnaevs did no! a"! aoneG !ha! o!hers migh! have radi"ai8ed !hem)
dire"!ed !hem) !rained !hem) assis!ed !hem) andLor "on"eaed !hemG and
!ha! !hese o!hers migh! be *anning or *oised !o "arry o'! addi!iona
a!!a",s( Finding o'! if !here were o!her bombs) o!her bombers) or o!hers
*o!!ing simiar and "oordina!ed a!!a",s was a *'bi" safe!y ma!!er of !he
'!mos! 'rgen"y(
.,ay !he Feds are "oming "ean( Before !his mo!ion !he FBI 'noffi"iay
abeed !he Bos!on %ara!hon 5ihadis! raid !he wor, of a >one wof(? How in
!he he", "an !his even! be !he wor, of a >one wof? when !wo bro!hers and
one of !he bro!her:s wives were invoved+ Pho!ogra*hi" eviden"e re*rin!ed
herein indi"a!es Aa!harine /'sse was aware !ha! any *ress're "oo,er !ha!
her h'sband was in *ossession of was no! for "oo,ing as !he famiy aready
had !his a**ian"e( Addi!ionay) one of !he ;ihadis! bro!hers few ano!her
;ihadis! '* from .rando) Forida !o he* him "ommi! an earier m'!i*e
m'rder( Was !his !he %. of a one wof+ The FBI "i!es a", of a manifes!o
wri!!en in /'ssia as *roof !he bro!hers wor,ed aone( The a", of some!hing
means no!hing and is no! eviden"e( The FBI "i!ed !he s'rviving bro!hers
"aim !ha! !hey made !he bombs 'sing ins!r'"!ions from !he on<ine !erroris!
maga8ine Inspire however !he de!ona!ors differed( How did !his ;o", "ran,
o'! severa differen! !y*es of IEDs wi!ho'! !raining+ None of whi"h were
d'ds des*i!e a**aren! a", of !es! firing( %i"hae S'ivan) a former $(S(
a!!orney for %assa"h'se!!s who aso on"e headed !he federa B'rea' of
A"oho) Toba""o) Firearms and E9*osives said inves!iga!ors wi be
oo,ing in!o whe!her !he bro!hers !es!ed bombs before !he a!!a",( S!a!e
!roo*ers and o"a aw enfor"emen! offi"ers s"o'red a wooded area near
Dar!mo'!h) %ass() where D8ho,har Tsarnaev a!!ended "oege(
Inves!iga!ors are oo,ing for *ossibe eviden"e !ha! migh! indi"a!e !he
bro!hers !es!ed e9*osives !here) a""ording !o a aw enfor"emen! offi"ia(
/esiden!s in !he vi"ini!y had re*or!ed hearing o'd noises "oming from !he
woods on %ar"h 64) 0416 however a %assa"h'se!!s s!a!e !roo*er re*or!ed
!ha! agen!s did no! find any!hing(
The FBI !oo, !his a! fa"e va'e having fo'nd Inspire on Aa!harine /'sse:s
"om*'!er( Does !he FBI aso !a,e a! fa"e va'e !his s'rviving !erroris!s:
a!es! "aim !ha! he is inno"en! and was framed+ The FBI bo'gh! !he
bro!her:s s!ory !ha! !he bombings were in re!aia!ion for Afghanis!an and
Ira7 ra!her !han for !he Isamis! Se*ara!is! %ovemen! in !he &a'"'s( B'!
had !he bro!hers have said i! was for Isamis! Se*ara!ism i! wo'd have
dis"redi!ed !ha! %ovemen!) whi"h is aready ,nown for !arge!ing "iviians
i,e /'ssian s"hoo "hidren( The Isamis! Se*ara!is!s ,now i! was done on
!heir behaf and !hey are !he !erroris!:s grea!es! s'**or!ers saying !hey
were framed des*i!e overwheming eviden"e of !heir g'i! in"'ding a
"onfession( FBI aso said i! fo'nd no s's*i"io's "on!a"!s in /'ssia(
Everyone who Tameran "ame in!o "on!a"! wi!h in /'ssia was a member of
!he vi"io's) bood!hirs!y) baby<,iing 'ndergro'nd Isamis! s"'m) The
Isamis! &a'"'s Emira!es 2I&E3( The Taiban is formay ,nown as
The Isami" Emira!e of Afghanis!an( Ee! !he FBI says !he "rew was >sef
Whe!her or no! !he FBI is wiing !o a",nowedge i!) !here is) or ho*ef'y
was) an 'ndergro'nd I&E "e o*era!ing wi!hin !he $ni!ed S!a!es and !he
5ihadis! raid a! !he Bos!on %ara!hon was i!s se"ond a"!ion( .ne of !he "e
members 2Ibragim Todashev3) who *ar!i"i*a!ed in i!s firs! a"!ion 2!he
m'rder of !wo 5ews and a &hris!ian3) !ried !o ,i an FBI S*e"ia Agen! who
was 7'es!ioning him( /a!her !han give '* !he names of any o!her "e
members he "hose dea!h by "o*(
Why did !he FBI overoo, !his "e+ Ameri"a has a
s"hi8o*hreni" *oi"y when i! "omes !o !he &a'"asian
!erroris!s( .n !he one hand !he in!eigen"e "omm'ni!y has been *ress'red
by !he resid'a an!i<Sovie! es!abishmen! s'"h as !he Jamestown
Foundation and Freedom House in!o minimi8ing !he !hrea! eve of
&he"hen and o!her &a'"asian Se*ara!is!s gro'*s( /adio Liber!y and /adio
Free E'ro*e) widey regarded as &IA *ro*aganda o'!e!s "ham*ions !he
"a'se of &a'"asian Se*ara!ism( The NSA has "on!in'o'sy ref'sed !o
refer !o &he"hen and Isami" Emira!e !erroris!s o*era!ing in /'ssia as
>!erroris!s(? NSA anaysis re*or!s of signas in!eigen"e in!er"e*!s of !he
FSB) !he Foreign In!eigen"e Servi"e 2S-/3) and /'ssian mii!ary
"omm'ni"a!ions) in"'ding radio) andine and "e'ar !ee*hone) fa9) !e9!
message) and fa9) have) sin"e 0446) referred !o &he"hen and Nor!h
&a'"as's !erroris!s as >g'errias(? Prior !o !ha! year) T.P SE&/ET
&odeword in!erna NSA dire"!ives s!a!ed !ha! &he"hen !erroris!s were !o be
"aed >rebes(? This eemen! has formed s'**or! gro'*s for !he >freedom
figh!ers? and ho*es !o see !hem drive o'! !he /'ssians and form Isami"
/e*'bi"s in order !o wea,en /'ssia( They don:! "are if !he *eo*e are
for"ed !o ive 'nder Sharia Law or if i! be"omes a s!aging gro'nd for
!errorism( .n !he o!her hand !he $ni!ed S!a!es De*ar!men! of S!a!e has
abeed !hese ins'rgen!s as !erroris!s) *'! !hem on i!s !erroris! organi8a!ion
is! and offered a miion doar reward for !he eader of !he gang(
The FBI "aimed !ha! when i! re"eived informa!ion from !he Sovie!s of
Tameran and his mo!her were *anning ;ihad !he FBI beieved i! was an
a"!ion !ha! was going !o ha**en in &he"hnya or Dages!an( Tha! was one of
!he reasons !ha! !he "ase was *rema!'rey "osed and no!hing was ever
foowed '*( The FBI did no! "are wha! ha**ened in /'ssia be"a'se
In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y "'!'re oo,ed a! !he si!'a!ion as sef<de!ermina!ion
ra!her !han !he im*osi!ion of !o!ai!arianism(
The $S A!!orney:s .ffi"e in Bos!on1
5's! seven mon!hs af!er swearing an oa!h !o defend his
ado*!ed "o'n!ry and s!and by his feow Ameri"ans) Tsarnaev
vioa!ed !ha! oa!h by a!!a",ing Ameri"a and !errori8ing and
m'rdering *eo*e on Ameri"an soi( He did so) by his own
a""o'n!) !o *'nish Ameri"a for !he a"!ions of Ameri"an sodiers
who) in f'fiing !heir own oa!hs !o *ro!e"! and defend !he
&ons!i!'!ion) were waging a war agains! !errorism overseas(
The governmen!:s No!i"e of In!en! !o See, !he Dea!h Pena!y
!h's aeges as a non<s!a!'!ory aggrava!ing fa"!or !ha! Tsarnaev
>be!rayed his aegian"e !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es by ,iing and
maiming *eo*e in !he $ni!ed S!a!es(?
The >be!raya? aega!ion is based soey on Tsarnaev:s
vo'n!ary) ad'! de"ision !o swear an oa!h of aegian"e !o
Ameri"a and his feow "i!i8ens) and !hen !o be!ray !ha! oa!h
seven mon!hs a!er by "ommi!!ing a !erroris! a!!a", agains!
Ameri"a !ha! ,ied and maimed h'ndreds of *eo*e( There is
no meri! wha!soever !o Tsarnaev:s arg'men! !ha! !he >be!raya?
fa"!or en!i!es him !o offer eviden"e !ha! !he governmen!:s
de"ision 10 years ago) in 0440) !o gran! !he Tsarnaev famiy
asy'm was ;'s!ified by An8or Tsarnaev:s !rea!men! in his na!ive
and( The governmen! has no! aeged !ha! !he asy'm de"ision
was 'n;'s!ified) and whe!her i! was or no! is en!irey irreevan! !o
!he 7'es!ion whe!her D8ho,har Tsarnaev:s m'rdero's a"!s
more !han !en years a!er warran! !he dea!h *ena!y( Tsarnaev
never!heess arg'es !ha! if he does no! affirma!ivey *rove !he
asy'm de"ision was ;'s!ified) ;'rors wi engage in >an!i<
immigran! bias and s!ereo!y*ing? and ass'me >!ha! !he
Tsarnaev famiy m's! have M*ayed !he sys!em: !o gain en!ry in!o
!he $ni!ed S!a!es(? 2Def!( %o!( a! 1C) 1F3(
The Bos!on %ara!hon !erroris! even! was !he wor, of reigio's fana!i"s
who wan! !he &a'"'s /e*'bi"s !o brea, away from
/'ssia and be"ome Isami" /e*'bi"s r'ed by Sharia
Law( If yo' are no! a f'ndamen!ais! Isamis!) iving
'nder Sharia aw is i,e iving 'nder !he Na8is in Third
/ei"h =ermany( Isamis!s and Na8is share !he same men!ai!y so i! is no
a""iden! !ha! !he Tsarnaevs ended '* in Ayrgy8s!an in 1NCC) when Sovie!
di"!a!or 5ose*h S!ain de*or!ed !he en!ire &he"hen na!ion !o !he s!e**es of
&en!ra Asia( The reason behind !he de*or!a!ion was !ha! !hese Isami"
mo'n!ain *eo*e were *o!en!ia "oabora!ors wi!h Na8i invaders( In
Ayrgy8s!an) !he &he"hen "omm'ni!y is s!i "on"en!ra!ed in !he fer!ie &h'i
-aey) where !hey arrived d'ring !he Se"ond Word War( Abo'! 04 famiies
remain in To,mo,) in !he "en!er of !he vaey(

Af!er S!ain:s dea!h) !he &he"hens were aowed !o re!'rn !o !he &a'"as's(
Their n'mbers in Ayrgy8s!an have s!eadiy dwinded sin"e !he Sovie!
$nion:s "oa*se in 1NN1( A""ording !o !he 0410 "ens's) &he"hens
n'mbered 1)@C4) down from 0)O@6 in 1NON and !ens of !ho'sands in !he
1NF4s( D8ho,har and Tameran:s *aren!s) An8or and D'beida! Tsarnaev)
moved from Aamy,ia !o Ayrgy8s!an) a former Sovie! re*'bi") where !hree
of !heir "hidren were born( They ef! !here d'ring !he e"onomi" "risis of !he
a!e 1NN4s and s*en! a few brief mon!hs in &he"hnya) !hen fed before !he
f'<s"ae /'ssian mii!ary invasion in 1NNN( An8or wor,ed in !he
*rose"'!orPs offi"e in Bish,e,) b'! was even!'ay fired from !he ;ob in 1NNN
shor!y af!er war bro,e o'! in &he"hnya( An8or s's*e"!ed !ha! he had been
fired be"a'se of dis"rimina!ion agains! &he"hens( I! is more i,ey he was
fired be"a'se his oya!y !o %o!her /'ssia "ame in!o 7'es!ion( An8or
be"ame a me"hani" and moved !he famiy !o %a,ha"h,aa) !he "a*i!a of
Dages!an) before rea"hing !he $ni!ed S!a!es abo'! 14 years ago(
An8or arrived firs!) wi!h his yo'nger son) in !he s*ring of 0440( They "ame
here on a !o'ris! visa whi"h !hey overs!ayed( They ;oined one of An8orPs
bro!hers who was aready iving in !he Bos!on area( This was /'san
Tsarnaev 2Tsarni3 who had been married !o !he da'gh!er of high ran,ing
&IA offi"ia =raham E( F'er who migh! have *'ed some s!rings for his
e9<son<in<aw:s bro!her( An8or Tsarnaev so'gh! *oi!i"a asy'm in !he
$ni!ed S!a!es( Ins!ead of sending !hem ba", !o Dages!an !hey were
gran!ed asy'm as An8or "aimed1
A( The /'ssians were af!er !hem for !heir *oi!i"a a"!ivi!ies on behaf of a
>Free &he"hnya(?
B( The Isamis!s were af!er !hem be"a'se of An8ors ;ob wi!h !he
*rose"'!or:s offi"e in Ayrgy8s!an) whi"h mean! "oabora!ion wi!h !he
An8or "o'd have made ei!her of !hese !aes of aeged *erse"'!ion '*( His
oder son) 1Q) foowed wi!h !he res! of !he famiy in 5'y 0446( An8or !he
Bedsore "aimed he was a s'**or!er of !he "'rren!) *ro</'ssian &he"hnya
Presiden! /am8an Aadyrov( An8or was as,ed1
H1 Do yo' !hin, !ha! wha! is going on here wi!h !he %'sims) *eo*e
disa**ear) !hen !hey are fo'nd ,ied) !ha! yo'r ho'se in &hiri<y'r! Iin
&he"hnyaJ was des!royed) did i! inf'en"e Tameran) was he "on"erned
abo'! i!+
Tsarnaev1 Ees) my ho'se !here is des!royed( He was no! "on"erned) if !he
fa!her was no! "on"erned !hen wha! "an be said abo'! !he "hid( No!hing(
He did no! "are(
Tsarnaeva1 He never !a,ed abo'! i!) and we never !a,ed be"a'se we have
never been going !o ive in !his &he"hnya( In !his *ar!i"'ar *a"e(
H1 Did yo' ive !here wi!h yo'r "hidren+
Tsarnaev1 Ees( We ef! before !he bombing s!ar!ed) before !he war I!he
&he"hen</'ssian "onfi"!J( We saw !ha! !he war was abo'! !o s!ar! and we
To !he 7'es!ion of whe!her his son s*o,e abo'! !he inde*enden"e of
&he"hnya) An8or Tsarnaev i!eray e9*oded1 >Wha! &he"hnya( They never
ived in &he"hnya( They had never had !his in !heir head( There is no
&he"hnya) wha! inde*enden"e+ Es*e"iay sin"e I:m a s'**or!er of
Aadyrov) wha! inde*enden"e yo':re !a,ing abo'!+ R I ived for 14 years in
Ameri"a) re!'rned home !o die) so I was no! dragged o'! here and !hereR
I!:s a s!agingR?
In 0414) Tameran Tsarnaev) An8or:s son) rever!ed ba", !o Isam(
%'hammad said) SNo babe is born b'! '*on Fi!ra 2as a %'sim3( I! is his
*aren!s who ma,e him a 5ew or a &hris!ian or a Poy!heis!(S
This is a very
we e9"e*! for a sigh! faw in !he ogi"( Who made !he *aren!s &hris!ians)
5ews or *oy!heis!s+ Whi"h "ame firs! !he "hi",en or !he egg+ So in any
even! one does no! convert !o Isam one reverts !o Isam( Tameran be"ame
one of many Pop Up Muslim Terrorists) a wa,ing h'man !ime bomb !ha!
"an s'ddeny emerge from !he A<Ameri"an Isami" boy or gir) man or
woman( They say !here are no grea!er 8eao!s !han "onver!s( I say !here
are no more dangero's !erroris!s !han rever!s(
Jihadists are made, not born. En"o'raged by his demon *ossessed
mo!her) Tameran grad'ay be"ame more wiing !o e! his ife be governed
by Shar:ia aw down !o i!s mos! min'!e as*e"!s( Tameran grew a beard(
His mo!her D'beida! re"aed1
He had a beard even when he was !here( He "o'd have i!) he "o'd !a,e i!
off( He "o'd have i! i,e everybody ese( He did no!) i,e) 'nderine !he
beard for some symbo( We) yes) !he beard he showed me where i! is
wri!!en by o'r Pro*he!) *ea"e be on him) !ha! a men need !o have a i!!e
hair on !heir fa"e) ;'s! so !hey wo'd be differen! from women( So yes) of
In!eres!ingy eno'gh !here are no *ho!os of Tameran wi!h a beard( When
he was in!erviewed by !he FBI he had one( This *reven!ed !he FBI agen!s
who in!erviewed him from ID<ing him from !he s'rveian"e sho!s a! !he
Bos!on %ara!hon( Tameran gave '* bo9ing no! be"a'se he was
2. Sahih Muslim, /((0 0**, Nu12e! ,+2,
dis7'aified from figh!ing in !he =oden =oves be"a'se his "i!i8enshi* had
been hed '* as he was s's*e"!ed of !errorism b'! be"a'se i! is *re<
de!ermined by Aah who wi win( He s!o**ed s!'dying m'si" eas! Aah
*o'r ho! ead in his ear( He s!ar!ed a!!ending !he o"a mos7'e five !imes a
day( He !ried !o adhere !o Shar:ia aw( He 'sed his ef! hand !o wi*e his
There are "er!ain s!reams of *oi!i"a !ho'gh! !ha! a""om*any !his ,ind of
men!ai!y) and i,e f'ndamen!ais! Isam !hey are !o!ai!arian in na!'re(
Tameran began o**osing !he wars !o demo"ra!i8e Afghanis!an and Ira7(
He !'rned !o websi!es and i!era!'re "aiming !ha! !he &IA was behind !he
!erroris! a!!a",s of Se*!( 11) 0441) and 5ews "on!roed !he word( Tameran
had been a figh!er) a bo9er) mar!ia ar!s e9*er! and wres!er) so ogi"a for
!his rever! !o wan! !o !a,e !he ne9! s!e* and ma,e ;ihad( Be"a'se of his
e!hni"i!y) d'ring a !ri* !o /'ssia) i! was ony na!'ra for him !o "on!a"!
Imara! Aav,a8) AAA &a'"'s Emira!e AAA Isami" &a'"as's Emira!e or
2I&E3) a gro'* affiia!ed wi!h A<Haeda(
Tameran Tsarnaev wor,ed wi!h) and was !rained in bomb ma,ing) by mid
eve members of I&E( D8ho,har Tameran:s bro!her and feow 5ihadis!
"aimed !heir mo!iva!ion was $S invovemen! in !he wars in Ira7 and
Afghanis!an ra!her !han Isamis! &a'"asian Na!ionaism( Had !hey been
hones! and reveaed !he fa"! !hey were Isamis! Se*ara!is!s i! wo'd have
dis"redi!ed !heir evi %ovemen!( So D8ho,har Tsarnaev wro!e F<<A
A%E/I&A ra!her !han F<<A /$SSIA b'! wro!e !ha! !he bombings were
re!rib'!ion for wha! !he $ni!ed S!a!es did !o !hose who *ra"!i"ed Isam(
A""ording !o !his *sy"ho*a!h !he Bos!on vi"!ims were "oa!era damage)
i,e %'sim "iviians ,ied in $(S( wars( The *robem here is !ha! "oa!era
damage is "iviian dea!h "a'sed a""iden!y when a!!a",ing a hard !arge!(
For e9am*e !erroris!s migh! bomb a *oi"e s!a!ion when a woman *asses
by and is 'nin!en!ionay ,ied( There was no hard !arge! in Bos!on( This
was an a"! of !errorism *'re and sim*e( The !erroris! inse"! wro!e !ha!
when yo' a!!a", one member of !he $mmah) yo' are a!!a",ing a i!s
members( The $mmah "onsis!s of every %'sim in !he word( %any
%'sims ho*e !ha! one day !he $mmah wi en"om*ass !he en!ire word(
.ne of D8ho,har:s favori!e boo,s1 The Lone Wol !nd the "ear# Three
$enturies o $hechen %eiance o &ussian &ule) by %oshe =ammer(
Professor %oshe =ammer) a *rominen! e9*er! on reigio's and *oi!i"a
his!ory of Nor!hern &a'"as's) died in Israe on A*ri 1Q) 0416( D8ho,har:s
so"ia ne!wor,ing ma,es i! "ear he was a &he"hen Isamis! Se*ara!is!(
Among !he 14C a""o'n!s D;ohar foowed is =h'raba
) meaning
SS!rangers)S wi!h !he a""o'n! SATfirda'siA)S whi"h !ransa!es !o S!he
highes! eve of Paradise) Aah wiingS( The a""o'n! has eigh! !wee!s and
nine foowers) in"'ding D;ohar( Among his !wee!s) S=h'rabaS indi"a!ed he
ives in !he Wes!) and advo"a!ed readers !o is!en !o an a'dio series by
now<de"eased !erroris! Eemeni<Ameri"an "eri" Anwar a<Awa,i) saying
!ha! !hey wi Sgain an 'nbeievabe amo'n! of ,nowedge(S.n %ar"h 16)
0416) D;ohar re!wee!ed one of =h'rabaPs messages) SI!Ps o'r res*onsibii!y
my bro!hers U sis!ers !o ease !he hardshi*s of !he o**ressed and give 's
vi"!ory over ,'fr IdisbeiefJ Visam Vd'aS
The ma;or mo!iva!ion of !he !wo evi bro!hers !o *er*e!ra!e !his a"! was !heir
beief !ha! if !hey ,ied infides and disbeievers !hey wo'd re"eive !wo
!i",e!s !o *aradise( I! was a reigio's a"!( They a"!'ay bo'gh! !ha! mass
de'sion abo'! !he @0 -irgins for !he dead ;ihadi or Shaheed( D8ho,har
wro!e !ha! he beieved Tameran was aready !here in %'sim Heaven so he
did no! morn for him) b'! ho*ed !o be ;oining him soon in *aradise( B'! FBI
*. G3u!a2a 4as a Pa"es$inian A!a2 &i""a5e in $3e Dis$!i#$ (' Sa'a. I$ 4as "i2e!a$e u!in5
$3e 1)+. Wa! (n 6a% 2., 1)+. 2% $3e Pa"1a#37s Fi!s$ /a$$a"i(n (' O8e!a$i(n 9i'$a#3. I$ 4as
"(#a$e 22 01 n(!$3eas$ (' Sa'a. In 1)+5 i$ 3a a 8(8u"a$i(n (' 220.
inves!iga!ors said !hey fo'nd Tameran !o be >a fr's!ra!ed yo'ng man who
fe! o'! of *a"e in !he $ni!ed S!a!es(?
Th'sy !he Bos!on 5ihadis!s were mo!iva!ed m'"h more by Isam and by
!he H'r:an) !han by na!ionaism < whi"h !o !hem means !heir desire !o
ensave !he /'ssian s*ea,ing %'sims and for"e !hem !o ive 'nder !he
yo,e of Shar:ia aw( In no way are !hese !erroris!s Freedom Figh!ers( Here
in !he $S) !he /'ssian ha!ing neo<"ons have formed s'**or! "ommi!!ees
for !hese !erroris!s in order !o wea,en !he former Sovie! $nion( This a'!hor
a**a'ds %o!her /'ssia for swa!!ing !hese Isamis! inse"!s i,e fies and
ho*es !ha! someday !he neo<"ons wi ge! wha! is "oming !o !hem(
Tameran:s Eo'T'be a""o'n!) is!ed 'nder !he name Tameran Tsarnaev
and iden!ified as a"!ive sin"e A'g's! 0410) in"'ded !wo videos 'nder !he
s'b<"a!egory >!erroris!s(? I! in"'ded seven videos fied 'nder >Isam)? five
'nder >favori!e videos?( .ne of !he >favori!e? videos is!s >@ s!e*s !o a
s'""essf' *rayer(? Ano!her deno'n"es S'fism) a more mys!i"a bran"h of
Isam( Tameran Tsarnaev ha!ed !he modera!e S'fi %'sims s'**or!ed by
!he /'ssian governmen! and sided s7'arey wi!h !he Saafis! "am*) whi"h
in"'des !he ;ihadis! !erroris! s"'m( A! his mos7'e in &ambridge)
%assa"h'se!!s) Tsarnaev had shown a *referen"e for a s!ri"! Saafis!
in!er*re!a!ion of Isam) ob;e"!ing !o a sermon !ha! a**roved !he "eebra!ion
of Than,sgiving and saying !ha! he wo'd no! "eebra!e !he bir!hday of !he
Pro*he! %'hammad(
No one in !he %os7'e re*or!ed !o !he FBI his having
been !hrown o'! for having "aed %ar!in L'!her Aing an infide( Ano!her
video) wi!h !he !i!e >one of !he signs of Aah)? shows a "hameeon
"hanging "oors a! wi as a man sings Arabi" *rayers in !he ba",gro'nd(
Tameran had be"ome a sodier of Isam and was going !o foow The
Pro*he!s e9am*e by ma,ing 5ihad(
Severa of !he videos 'nder >Isam? are by a man named AbdWhamid A
5'hani) who is is!ed by a Saafis! Web *or!a as a s"hoar( His videos
in"'de Arabi" a'dio and /'ssian !e9! and show *ho!os of =ro8ny) !he
&he"hen "a*i!a( Ano!her video 'nder !he >Isam? heading shows yo'ng
men "arrying assa'! rifes !hro'gh a fores! as a narra!or in!ones) >They
demoni8e as !erroris!s anyone who s'**or!s Isam(? The *age in"'des >a
video of Fei8 %ohammad) a f'ndamen!ais! A's!raian %'sim *rea"her
who rais agains! !he evis of Harry Po!!er(? Widey ,nown as MShei,h Fei8:)
!he *rea"her was born in A's!raia "ir"a 1N@4<1 b'! fed !o Lebanon) !he
homeand of his *aren!s) eigh! years ago af!er be"oming one of !he wordPs
mos! "on!roversia Isami" e"!'rers( He has been inves!iga!ed by
A's!raian *oi"e for in"i!ing vioen"e and !errorism) and was even "a*!'red
on a Bri!ish T- do"'men!ary en"o'raging "hidren !o be"ome mar!yrs for
Isam si9 years ago( Fei8 has been des"ribed by some as A's!raia:s mos!
dangero's shei,h) be"a'se of !he n'mber of "onne"!ions he hods !o
,nown !erroris!s(
+. 3$$8:;;444.n%$i1es.#(1;201*;0+;25;4(!";eu!(8e;2(s$(n<2(12in5<s$i!s<e#3(es<
There was a video >dedi"a!ed !o !he *ro*he"y of !he Ba", Banners of
Ah'rasan) whi"h is embra"ed by Isami" e9!remis!s B *ar!i"'ary A
Haeda(? The bro!hers were aso inf'en"ed by Anwar A<Awa,i b'! no in,s
!o his video were fo'nd as of !his !ime( The FBI was abe !o ge! a a*!o*
beonging !o !he !erroris!s(
Tameran did no! re"eive ins!r'"!ion in !he "ons!r'"!ion of IEDs from !he
gro'* i!sef whi"h is highy *ene!ra!ed) b'! from an e9*erien"ed bomb
ma,er who was a mid<eve "ommander in I&E) or by someone !he mid<
eve "ommander referred !o Tameran( In 5an'ary 0410 Tameran visi!ed
his immedia!e famiy in wha! he beieved !o be !he >Isami" &a'"as's
Emira!e? a sef<*ro"aimed vir!'a s!a!e en!i!y en"om*assing Dages!an)
&he"hnya aong wi!h o!her "o'n!ries wi!h !erroris! gro'*s !ha! wan! !hese
S!a!es !o merge in!o an Isami" /e*'bi" 'nder !he iron r'e of Shar:ia aw(
D'ring !his visi! by Tameran !o wha! in reai!y is %a,ha"h,aa) !he "a*i!o of
/'ssian &a'"as's re*'bi" of Dages!an) o'r so'r"es revea Tameran:s
mo!her *'! him in !o'"h wi!h Imara! Aav,a8 %id Leve &ommander
=ad8him'rad Doga!ov who hid o'! in %a,ha"h,aa and main!ained an
arms and e9*osive aden safeho'se !here( Tameran !od !his feow
Isamis! !ha! he wished !o f'fi !he si9!h *iar of Isam1 5ihad(
was a mid<eve fied "ommander in Dages!an( They have a rea!ivey shor!
shef ife in Dages!anPs diff'se ins'rgen"y( Doga!ov was
re*or!edy !he "ommander of !he Ai8iy'r!
;amaa! or !he regiona ins'rgen! gro'*( He
was a"!'ay one of eigh! "ommanders !o
hod !his *osi!ion be!ween mid<0414 and 0416(
This is simiar in o!her o"a!ions s'"h
as Ahasavy'r! where !here is a high ra!e of
fied "ommander a!!ri!ion( Sin"e 0414) !he emirs of Ai8iy'r! have been1
Shami %agomednabiyev 2,ied 10 Se*!ember 04143
E's'* %agomedov 2,ied 4F De"ember 04143
%agomed Daga!ov 2,ied 41 Febr'ary 04113
Aibe, .marov 2,ied 4Q %ar"h 04103
Temirbe, Temirbe,ov 2a,a Ab' %'a8) ,ied 01 5'y 04103
=ad8him'rad Doga!ov 2ab' Ab' D'd8hana) ,ied 0O De"ember
04103 IHere is a video of !he e9!erior of !he b'iding d'ring !he s*e"ia
o*era!ion whi"h ,ied Doga!ov < reeased by !he Na!iona An!i<Terrorism
Arsen A'ramagomedov 2,ied 1Q Febr'ary 04163
&'rren! < 'n,nown
5. O1a! A2e" Ra31an=s P3D. $3esis, n(4 a #"assi# (' Is"a1is$ "i$e!a$u!e, 4as an
e>e5esis (' $3e ?u=!an in 43i#3 8u$ '(!$3 $3e $3esis $3a$ Ji3a, "i0e Ha@@, Fai$3,
P!a%e!, Fas$ an C3a!i$% is a pillar of the Islamic faith incumbent on every Muslim
capable of it. T3is is $3e 2asis (' $3e Is"a1 (' $3e Jihadi.
Doga!ov was ony *rominen! for abo'! five mon!hs) in
whi"h he made a n'mber of videos) in"reasing his
visibii!y( This was a! !he same !ime Tameran was
!here( Wha! we have here is a "ase of a mid<eve fied
"ommander in Dages!an naming someone as an emir
and a**roving a"!ion abroad(
The o!her I&E members "on!a"!ed by
Tameran were on a m'"h ower eve on !he Haa food "hain !han
Doga!ov( .f "o'rse Tameran was !od by Doga!ov !ha! he wo'd be m'"h
more va'abe !o !he >resis!an"e? in ano!her "a*a"i!y o!her !han as a o"a
mii!ia member and he was sen! on a mission !o a!!a", !he $ni!ed S!a!es <
whi"h he "o'd en!er freey( He was given s*e"iai8ed !raining in !he
"ons!r'"!ion of IEDs wi!h ma!erias readiy avaiabe in !he $ni!ed S!a!es(
He assembed his firs! IED and !es! fired i!( Tha! is why !he FBI has been
'nabe !o o"a!e !he !es!ing gro'nd for !he IEDs in !he vi"ini!y of Bos!on(
The $ni!ed S!a!es had *a"ed !he Isamis! &a'"as's Emira!e on i!s is! of
!erroris! organi8a!ions and !ha! mean! "o<o*era!ion wi!h /'ssian Na!iona
An!i<Terroris! &ommi!!ee in re*ressing !he s!r'gge for an Isami" Emira!e in
!he &a'"'s /egion !ha! wo'd for"e everyone !o ive 'nder Shar:ia 'nder
g'n*oin!( Tha! was why an a!!a", was ordered agains! Ameri"a( The
Bos!on a!!a", was *ayba", for Ameri"a de"aring I&E a !erroris!
organi8a!ion and wor,ing wi!h /'ssian in!eigen"e !o eimina!e i!( .n %ay
0Q) 0411 'nder E9e"'!ive .rder 1600C) !he $S S!a!e De*ar!men! added
!he Isami" &a'"as's Emira!e !o !he is! of S!erroris! "o'n!riesS 'sing !he
,. 3$$8:;;n(!$3#au#asus#au#us.2"(5s8($.#(1;
word Sorgani8a!ionsS be"a'se !he $S and !he I&E have no di*oma!i"
rea!ions and do no! re"ogni8e ea"h o!her( The designa!ion aows !he $S
!o free8e !he "o'n!ryPs asse!s) *reven! i! from 'sing finan"ia ins!i!'!ions)
and *rose"'!e I&E governmen! offi"ias Sfor !erroris! a"!ivi!iesS(

Imara! Aav,a8 'ses bombings) shoo!ings) and a!!em*!ed assassina!ions !o
*rovo,e a revo'!ion and e9*e !he /'ssian governmen! from !he Nor!h
&a'"as's region)S a""ording !o a s!a!emen! reeased by !he $S S!a!e
De*ar!men! anno'n"ing !he designa!ion( SThe designa!ion of &a'"as's
Emira!e is in res*onse !o !he !hrea!s *osed !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es and
/'ssia)S Ambassador Danie Ben;amin) !he De*ar!men! of S!a!ePs
&oordina!or for &o'n!er!errorism) was 7'o!ed as saying in !he *ress
reease( SThe a!!a",s *er*e!ra!ed by &a'"as's Emira!e i's!ra!e !he goba
na!'re of !he !erroris! *robem we fa"e !oday( We s!and in soidari!y wi!h !he
/'ssian *eo*e in o'r "ondemna!ion of !hese de*orabe !erroris! a"!s(S The
$S indi"a!ed !ha! addi!iona a"!ions wo'd be !a,en agains! !he Isami"
&a'"as's Emira!e( SThis designa!ion re*resen!s ;'s! one *hase of !he
$ni!ed S!a!es =overnmen!Ps res*onse !o !he !hrea! *osed by &a'"as's
Emira!e)S !he *ress reease s!a!ed(
The designa!ion of !he &a'"as's Emira!e !a,es *a"e 11 mon!hs af!er !he
"o'n!ryPs eader) Emir Do,,' Aba $sman 2Do,,' $marov3) was added !o
!he $SP is! of Sforeign !erroris!sS( Emir Do,,' admi!!ed !o *anning and
e9e"'!ing n'mero's sabo!age a!!a",s in &a'"as's and in /'ssia sin"e !he
es!abishmen! of !he Isami" &a'"as's Emira!e in November 044@(

Two of !he mos! deady a!!a",s on /'ssian enemy by !he &a'"asian Emir
have o""'rred in %os"ow( Do,,' Aby $sman !oo, "redi! for !he deady
5an( 0C) 0411 %ar!yr a!!a", a! Domodedovo In!erna!iona Air*or! in %os"ow
!ha! ,ied 6F *eo*e and wo'nded s"ores more( The &a'"asian Emir aso
!oo, res*onsibii!y for !he %ar"h 0N) 0414 %ar!yr a!!a", by !wo femae
bombers !ha! ,ied 6N *eo*e in !he %os"ow me!ro(
.n %ay 0Q) 0411 !he $(S( De*ar!men! of S!a!e a'!hori8ed a reward of '*
!o XF miion for informa!ion eading !o !he o"a!ion of Do,' $marov( Do,'
$marov is !he senior eader and o*era!iona "ommander of !he Nor!h
&a'"as's<based &a'"as's Emira!e 2&E3 gro'*) whose s!a!ed goa is !o
es!abish an Isami" emira!e !hro'gh vioen"e in !he Nor!h &a'"as's)
So'!hern /'ssia) and -oga regions of !he /'ssian Federa!ion) wi!h
$marov as i!s Emir(
Tameran was ins!r'"!ed on how !o "ons!r'"! vario's IEDs in"'ding
*ress're "oo,er bombs and grenades and how !o "ond'"! himsef in a fire
figh! e!"( Tameran was a >;o",? and no! a *hysi"s s!'den!( Wi!ho'! !his
!raining he wo'd no! have been abe !o do wha! he did( Tameran:s fa!her)
however) said he s!ayed home d'ring mos! of !his Q mon!h va"a!ion 2some
so'r"es say i! was @ mon!hs3 and se*!G however his *aren!s are bo!h
Isami" &he"hen Se*ara!is!s and if yo' beieve !hem yo' *robaby aso
beieve %ohammad had a !a,ing don,ey(
.'r so'r"es: informa!ion is "o<"orrobora!ed by anaysis of TsarnaevPs
Eo'T'be "hanne whi"h reveaed one dee!ed video 'nder a s'b<heading
-. 3$$8:;;444.s$a$e.5(&;!;8a;8!s;8s;2011;05;1,+*1+.3$1
STerroris!sS !ha! fea!'red an Isamis! whose name de g'erre was Ab'
) Amir Ab' D';ana rabbani,ay AAA =ad8him'rad Doga!ov( This
Isami" !erroris! was !hrea!ening !o bow '* anyone who he*ed !he infides(
The Daiy %ai re*or!ed Tameran and Doga!ov were seen !oge!her in
%a,ha"h,aa( /'ssian se"'ri!y servi"es ,ied Doga!ov in De"ember 0410
d'ring an assa'! on his safeho'se in %a,ha"h,aa( This is an ar!i"e abo'!
Doga!ov:s demise(
%.S&.W) De"ember 0N 2I!ar<Tass3 B Si9 g'nmen from !he Ai8iy'r! gang
were des!royed in !he s*e"ia o*era!ion in Dages!an on Friday( Severa
g'nmen) who "ommi!!ed m'rders) e9!or!ions) robberies and armed a!!a",s
were bo",ed a! a residen!ia ho'se in !he Airovs,y dis!ri"! of %a,ha"h,aa
on Friday evening on !he basis of !he de!e"!ive informa!ion) a s*o,esman
of !he informa!ion "en!re of !he Na!iona An!i<Terrorism &ommi!!ee !od Itar'
Tass on Sa!'rday( Amos! a of !hem were aready "onvi"!ed on genera
"rimina a""'sa!ions and had served ong sen!en"es in *rison( >A""ording
!o avaiabe re*or!s) !he gang was mas!erminding !o "ommi! severa
robberies and m'rders in %a,ha"h,aa soon)? !he s*o,esman said(
The g'nmen were bo",ed a! abo'! 1N144 %os"ow !ime on Friday a! !he
residen!ia ho'se in Aa8be,ov S!ree!( Before !he s*e"ia o*era!ion !he
meas'res were !a,en !o eva"'a!e a dweers from !his residen!ia ho'se(
>However, at the moment o evacuation o the dwellers the bandits, despite
.( A1(n5s$ $3e #(3(!$s (' 6(3a11a A4as a #(18ani(n 2% $3e na1e (' A2u
Du@ana Sa11a0 2in B3a!s3a. He 4as '!(1 $3e Ansa! an a##e8$e Is"a1 ea!"% in
$3e P!(83e$7s 1issi(n. He 4as 0n(4n '(! 3is 8ie$% an s$!en5$3 an 2!a&e!% in
the demand to surrender, opened the intensive automatic ire on the
special orces o the law enorcement a(encies, hurled a hand (renade
and were see)in( to brea) throu(h the cordons. The "ommon aw ife of a
bandi! was !a,en from !he bo",ed fa!( The bandi!s) who remained in !he
fa!) were des!royed in !he s*e"ia o*era!ion)? !he s*o,esman said( D'ring
!he s!orming severa bandi!s managed !o move !o !he neighboring fa!)
brea,ing down !he wa) where a si9<year<od gir was !a,en hos!age( B'!
!han,s !o we<"oordina!ed and *rofessiona a"!ions !he *oi"e
"ommandoes saved !he "hid) and !he remaining "riminas were des!royed(
Three of !hem were iden!ified(
.ne as =ad8him'rad Doga!ov) who a""ording !o !he informa!ion of !he
Na!iona An!i<Terrorism &ommi!!ee) was !he warord) Arsen
A'ramagomedov) who was his a""om*i"e) and !he hos! of !he fa! Shami
A,hmedov( A of !hem served !he sen!en"e before for heino's "rimes(
A'!oma!i" firearms and amm'ni!ion were fo'nd in !he fa!) where !he
bandi!s had en!ren"hed( D'ring !he s*e"ia o*era!ion an 'niden!ified
g'nman has made severa g'nsho!s a! ban, *oin! from his deady *is!o a!
!he *oi"emen) who were on g'ard in !he "ordons( The shoo!er was
des!royed) his invovemen! in !he gang is being "he",ed( Nei!her "iviians
nor !he *oi"emen were in;'red) !he s*o,esman said(
Shoo!ing i! o'! wi!h !he *oi"e+ ATF is !rying !o !ra"e !he handg'n) a Nmm
/'ger !ha! Tameran Tsarnaev 'sed in !he shoo!o'!( An a!!em*! was made
!o erase !he seria n'mber on !he g'n and e9*er!s have been 'nabe !o
res!ore a eigh! digi!s( Throwing hand grenades a! !he *oi"e+ Does !ha!
ring any bes+ Tha! is wha! !he !erroris!s did when he !hey were "ornered
by Wa!er!own Poi"e( Tameran managed !o s!ay 'nder /'ssian radar) as
so many !erroris!s from !ha! region have done in !he *as!) so !here was i!!e
indi"a!ion !ha! he made "on!a"! wi!h =ad8him'rad Doga!ov) b'! !ha! does
no! mean he did no!( Tameran go! away wi!h i! as !erroris!s in %a,ha"h,aa
are n'mero's and everyone "an:! be wa!"hed a !he !ime(
A simiar !y*e of bomb 'sed in !he Bos!on mara!hon a!!a", B a *ress're
"oo,er fied wi!h shra*ne B was re"ommended by A
HaedaPs Inspire maga8ine in a 0414 ar!i"e en!i!ed S%a,e a Bomb in !he
Ai!"hen of Eo'r %om(S I&E !ransa!ed !he iss'e in!o /'ssian( I! was aso
fea!'red in !his Eo' T'be I&E video(
The Wall *treet Journal re*or!ed1
A Federa B'rea' of Inves!iga!ion anaysis of !he bombs 'sed in !he Bos!on
%ara!hon a!!a",s has "on"'ded !ha! ma,ers of !he devi"es had some
)nowled(e be+ond the step'b+'step recipes aready des"ribed by !he
s'rviving s's*e"! in !he a!!a",( D8ho,har Tsarnaev has !od in!erroga!ors
!ha! he and his bro!her 'sed bomb<ma,ing ins!r'"!ions fo'nd in Ins*ire) an
onine a Haeda maga8ine) a""ording !o federa offi"ias(
The FBIPs bomb e9*er!s anay8ed remnan!s of bo!h bombs !ha! e9*oded
on A*ri 1F near !he mara!honPs finish ine) as we as addi!iona e9*osive
devi"es !ha! a'!hori!ies said were re"overed af!er !he en"o'n!er wi!h !he
s's*e"!s eary on A*ri 1N( Their eary "on"'sion is !ha! !he bomb ma,ers
i,ey had addi!iona !raining or e9*er!ise) in *ar! be"a'se !hey devia!ed
from !wo re"i*es in Ins*ire) a""ording !o a re*or! *re*ared by !he Terroris!
E9*osive Devi"e Anay!i"a &en!er and aw<enfor"emen! offi"ias briefed on
!he inves!iga!ion( The anaysis aso de!ermined !ha! !he e9*osives 'sed
were S"onsis!en! wi!h "ommer"ia firewor,s)S said !he re*or!) whi"h was
reviewed by The Wall *treet Journal.
The *ress're<"oo,er bombs 'se differen! !riggers and *ower so'r"es !han
!he Inspire designs( A'!hori!ies dis"overed a s!ash of firewor,s in a 'sed
"o!hing bin in Wa!er!own( Some had been em*!ied of !heir g'n*owder(
.ffi"ias beieve Tameran Tsarnaev *'r"hased !he firewor,s !o he* ma,e
e9*osives( Fo, -ews re*or!ed) >Tameran assembed at least our t+pes o
improvised e,plosive devices in !he home Tameran shared wi!h wife
Aa!herine /'sse( Ty*i"ay) in "ases of
homegrown !error) ony one !y*e of e9*osive is
I! is easy eno'gh !o ma,e a
bomb b'! i! is diffi"'! !o ma,e a de!ona!or( Where did
he !es! fire his bombs+ How many in !o!a did !hey
assembe wi!ho'! bowing !hemseves '*+ Where did !he bas!ing "a* 'sed
!o !rigger !he bomb "ome from+ Eo' need a Federa Li"ense in order !o
*'r"hase !hem( Pho!o eviden"e shows !he bombers 'sed a n'! and bo!
"onfig'ra!ion !o a!!a"h !he bas!ing "a* !o !he id of a *ress're "oo,er
*a",ed wi!h e9*osives( Aso how did he fabri"a!e !he im*rovised grenades
he !ossed a! !he a'!hori!ies+
His fa!her "aims his visi! was inno"'o's and did no! invove !erroris!
No!hing new and no!hing iega( The ,id was wi!h me( For !hree mon!hs) in
any "ase) and !he o!her mon!hs he was wi!h rea!ives( He was si!!ing a!
home reading) wai!ing for his do"'men!s( He visi!ed *eo*e B !here are
many rea!ives( The rea!ives had many 7'es!ions be"a'se he "ame for !he
firs! !ime 14 !en years and he was a "hid when he was here) grew '*(
Wha! 7'es!ions are 's'ay as,ed+ Wha! in!eres!s rea!ives) for e9am*e+
How is ife in !he S!a!es+ S'"h 7'es!ions( Eo' 'nders!and) !he 7'es!ions
abo'! ife) *robems( I mean how *eo*e ive on ano!her "on!inen!( Wha! do
!hey ea!+ How !hey ive+ Eo' ,now wha! I mean(
). 3$$8:;;444.'(>ne4s.#(1;us;201*;05;0*;2(%<2(s$(n<1a!a$3(n<2(12in5<sus8e#$<
An8or Tsarnaev1
Why was he in Dages!an+ For a ong !ime+ His "o'sin "aed him when
!here was a marriage of his "o'sin !hey as,ed B "ome !o !he wedding( He
wan!ed !o "ome !o !he marriage a! !he !ime) b'! i! did no! wor, o'!( The
marriage !oo, *a"e in 5an'ary) and when he wen! af!er i!) when !ime ran
o'!) he wen! !o see !he fian"#e) s*end !ime wi!h !he rea!ives( I !od him1 go)
and a! !he same !ime yo' wi ge! yo'r *ass*or!) a**y for !he *ass*or!
be"a'se his Ayrgy8 *ass*or! was abo'! !o e9*ire( His *ass*or! was abo'!
!o e9*ire in 5'ne or in 5'y and !ha! is why I said) MEo' have !o ge! a
/'ssian *ass*or!(: Be"a'se we ef! Ayrgy8s!an for !he S!a!es !o see,
*oi!i"a asy'm in !he S!a!es and Ayrgy8s!an ref'sed 's "i!i8enshi*( Then
we a**ied !o !he Ayrgy8 Embassy in Washing!on) sen! do"'men!s no! ony
for Tameran b'! for Aina) Bea !o res!ore !he *ass*or!s be"a'se !hey
"o'd no! go anywhere( He had !o re"eive a new *ass*or!( I was here a!
!ha! !ime and wen! !here !oge!her wi!h him( We ga!hered do"'men!s and he
had !o wai!( I!:s no! done ins!an!y) some !ime *asses) '* !o si9 mon!hs)
maybe !hree or fo'r mon!hs( He ef! /'ssia on a Ayrgy8 *ass*or! be"a'se
we "ame from Ayrgy8s!anG we have Ayrgy8 *ass*or!( We were in
Ayrgy8s!an( His Ayrgy8 *ass*or! was abo'! !o e9*ire) and he did no! have
!ime !o ge! a /'ssian *ass*or!( He was !od !ha! he had !o wai! for one
mon!h more) b'! if he wai!ed for !he /'ssian *ass*or! he wo'd no! be abe
!o "ome ba", !o !he S!a!es(
He did no! have Ameri"an "i!i8enshi*( The Ayrgy8 *ass*or! was abo'! !o
e9*ire) and if i! e9*ired !hen !he man finds himsef wi!ho'! "i!i8enshi*)
wi!ho'! any!hing( He wo'd no! be abe !o go anywhere) nei!her in /'ssia
nor anywhere( This is why I said B go) finish !his) finish !ha!( And when he
"ame here he was wi!h me) wor,ed in !he a*ar!men!) bro,e "on"re!e was(
We bo'gh! an od a*ar!men! and did re*airs !here( He was wi!h me( He did
no! go anywhere( He did no! "omm'ni"a!e wi!h anybody( Some!imes we
wen! !o !he mos7'e !oge!her) and !ha!:s i!(
Tameran never *i",ed '* !he /'ssian Pass*or!( Tha! was sim*y a "over
s!ory for his *resen"e in !he Isami" &a'"as's Emira!es(
This is how !he 'ndergro'nd "e:s e9is!en"e firs! *ayed o'!1

A""ording !o informa!ion re"eived by !he Novaya =a8e!a Tameran
Tsarnaev !ried !o ;oin !he &a'"as's 'ndergro'nd(
Em*oyees of !he "en!er !o "omba! e9!remism re*'bi" of Dages!an
Sdeveo*edS informa!ion on !he Bos!on bomber Tameran Tsarnaeva d'ring
his s!ay in !he "o'n!ry in 0410) and even wo'nd '* wi!h his name in !heir
re"ords managemen! sys!em(
A! !he &en!er for &omba!ing E9!remism /e*'bi" of Dages!an 2TSEPE <
!he main offi"e in ea"h re*'bi" in !he Nor!h &a'"as's) whi"h wor,s on !he
Sfores!S3 !od !he Novaya =a8e!a !ha! in !he fied of s'rveian"e o*era!ives
Tameran Tsarnaev yieded a hi! in A*ri 0410( Agen!:s siovi,i
Sma!"hedS i!) aong wi!h one %AH%.$D %ANS$/ NIDAL( 1O<year<od
%ahmo'd Nida) who is haf A'my,
and haf Paes!inian) a! !ha! !ime) was
for abo'! a year) in deveo*men! as a *o!en!ia !erroris!( The agen!s
"onsidered him "onne"!ed !o !he 'ndergro'nd) and one of his !as,s was
!he re"r'i!men! of new members( Therefore) a of !he *eo*e who s*o,e
Nida inevi!aby fe S'nder !he hoodS and were !horo'ghy inves!iga!ed(
The inves!iga!ion fo'nd !ha! a !a yo'ng man of s!rong *hysi7'e named
Tameran T"arnaev) "ame !o Dages!an from !he $(S() where he was a
residen!( S"anning *hone for Tsarnaeva did no! yied any res'!s1 nega!ive
as !o !erroris! websi!es and a visi! !o anyone who was s's*i"io's was no!
e9*osed( B'! from a sear"h of !he ar"hives reveaed !ha! !his was no! !he
firs! !ime Tsarnaev "ame !o !he a!!en!ion of !he TSEPE( In eary 0411)
a""ording !o informa!ion from !he Federa Se"'ri!y Servi"e) i! had aready
soi"i!ed !he Federa B'rea' of Inves!iga!ion for informa!ion abo'! Tameran
Tsarnaeva( Se"'ri!y offi"ias *oin!ed o'! !ha! !he name Tsarnaev s'rfa"ed
d'ring !he de!en!ion in Dages!an of &anadian "i!i8en WILLIA%
PL.TNIA.-) S&onfessions of radi"a Isami")S and as,ed !o send !he da!a)
where he ives and wha! !he Tameran Tsarnaev "onne"!ion was(
10. Si"(&i0 is a Russian 4(! '(! 8("i$i#ians '!(1 $3e se#u!i$% (! 1i"i$a!% se!&i#es,
('$en $3e (F#e!s (' $3e '(!1e! BG/, GRG, FS/, SHR $3e Fee!a" Na!#($i#s C(n$!("
Se!&i#e an 1i"i$a!% (! ($3e! se#u!i$% se!&i#es 43( #a1e in$( 8(4e!.
11. Bu1%0s a!e a Tu!0i# 8e(8"e "i&in5 in $3e Bu1%0 8"a$eau in n(!$3 Da5es$an an
s(u$3 Te!e0, an $3e "ans 2(!e!in5 $3e Cas8ian Sea. T3e% #(18!ise 1+I (' $3e
8(8u"a$i(n (' $3e Russian !e8u2"i# (' Da5es$an.
01<year<od Wiiam Po!ni,ov) a /'ssian who "onver!ed !o Isam in
&anada) was arres!ed in De"ember 0414 in I8berbash as s's*e"!ed of
having in,s wi!h mii!an!s( Firs!) his "ase was Swor,edS by em*oyees of
TSEPE) !hen !he /e*'bi"an FSB( They wor,ed wi!h !he '!mos!
serio'sness) 'sing a Swide arsena of e!ha wea*ons(S D'ring
in!erroga!ions Po!ni,ov said !ha! he "ame !o Dages!an from Toron!o) where
sin"e 044F he has been iving wi!h his *aren!s) and he "ame !o s!'dy
Isam( He aso gave a is! of names of I%'simsJ iving in E'ro*e and
Ameri"a from !he Nor!hern &a'"as's) wi!h whom he "omm'ni"a!ed on !he
In!erne!( Se"'ri!y offi"ias sear"hed !he names on so"ia ne!wor,s) among
!hem a**eared and a Tameran Tsarnaev Sfrom Dages!an(S Wi!h
Tsarnaevym &ar*en!ers I+J he a"!ivey "omm'ni"a!ed in one of !he mos!
*o*'ar Isami" so"ia ne!wor,s < !he Word Asso"ia!ion of %'sim Eo'!h
2WA%E3) where Tameran "ame !o "rea!e a *age on Eo'T'be( FSB offi"ers
earned abo'! Tsarnaeva:s *age and re7'es! !he da!a abo'! him from !heir
"oeag'es abroad( However) /'ssian se"'ri!y for"es re"eived no
res*onse( S'rname Tsarnaeva was embedded in !he ar"hives(
Wiiam Po!ni,ov aso had !o be e! go( The g'y was no! in"'ded !he "rime)
and his fa!her from &anada began !o sear"h for his son( I! !'rned o'! !ha!
Wiiam Po!ni,ov) ef! &anada wi!ho'! informing his *aren!s for /'ssia) and
!wo mon!hs a!er his foo!*rin!s were fo'nd in Dages!an( Paren!s *ani",ed
and as,ed !he In!erior %inis!ry !o he* find !heir son( Before his arres! and
af!er he was reeased by se"'ri!y for"es) he ived abo'! haf ived in !he
viage of $!amysh) Dages!an( Lo"as !od me !ha! !he we<remembered
S*ea"ef') ,ind and very reigio's /'ssian g'yS who ived a ong !ime in !he
viage) did no!hing >o!her !han fas!ing and *rayer( He was no! in!eres!ed in
any!hing ese(S
I! is i,ey !ha! in Dages!an Tsarnaev ,new him *ersonay( Bo!h were
engaged in bo9ing) aways *ar!i"i*a!ed in !he even!( Bo!h began !o !a,e a
,een in!eres! in reigion in 044N) whi"h wha! !hey !a,ed abo'! a""ording !o
Tsarnaeva:s *aren!s and a""ording !o !he fa!her of Po!ni,ov) wi!h whom I
was abe !o "on!a"!(
A""ording !o some re*or!s) in 044N) Tameran "ame !o bo9ing even!s in
&anada) wi!h his a'n!) i!Ps *ossibe !hey saw a! !he even!( Tameran !hen a
few more !imes visi!ing my a'n! in Toron!o) where he ived wi!h his *aren!s
and "ar*en!ry( I+J Informa!ion on how !o mee! Tsarnaev and &ar*en!ers I+J
in Dages!an) we have no!(
SAf!er Tsarnaev go! in!o o'r fied of vision in Dages!an) < "on!in'es !he s!ory
!se*eshni, I+J we !oo, him '* !o !he deveo*men! of a "ard and made
o*era!iona re"ords( By SforeignersS or /'ssian) who re"en!y a""e*!ed
Isam) we have a s*e"ia no!e1 !hey are e9!remey ideoogi"ay and
*sy"hoogi"ay v'nerabe) !hey are easier !o *ers'ade !o any!hing) even !o
s'i"ide bombing(S
I! !'rned o'! !ha! Tsarnaev arrived in %a,ha"h,aa a! !he end of 5an'ary
0410 !o visi! his fa!her and !o ob!ain a /'ssian *ass*or!( He had no re!'rn
!i",e!( D'ring his s!ay in Dages!an Tameran a ived in %a,ha"h,aa) and
ony for a shor! !ime in %ar"h) !raveed !o &he"hnya !o rea!ives in !he
an"es!ra viage of &hiri<E'r! Tsarnaevyh(
%ay 1N) 0410 d'ring a s*e"ia o*era!ion in %a,ha"h,aa Nida %ahmo'd
was ,ied( I !a,ed wi!h a man who was *resen! d'ring !he raid in !he
nego!ia!ions for !he s'rrender1 SA! firs! he agreed !o s'rrender) b'! af!er he
reeased women and "hidren) ref'sed( Nida ,new !ha! !he se"'ri!y for"es
had !oo m'"h informa!ion on him(S Af!er !he raid !he na!iona an!i<!errorism
"ommi!!ee 'nveied *ho!os Nida %ahmo'd in !he fores! wi!h mii!an!s)
formed *ar! of a gro'* of %a,ha"h,aa(
Af!er Nida:s dea!h) a""ording !o "'rren! da!a) TameranPs fa!her moved !o
!he a*ar!men! of rea!ives and 'ness !here was an emergen"y did no!
a**ear in *'bi"( Even his food was s'**ied by his a'n! Pa!ima!(
Two mon!hs a!er) 5'y 1C) 0410 d'ring ano!her s*e"ia o*era!ion near !he
viage of $!amysh Aaya,en!s,y) in !he fores!) ,ied eigh! *eo*e( Among
!hem was Wiiam Po!ni,ov) who a few mon!hs before his dea!h had
*assed in!o !he S'ndergro'ndS < in o!her words) ;oined !he ins'rgen!s in !he
fores!( And from !ha! momen! o*era!ives os! sigh! of Tameran Tsarnaeva(
The *oi"e "ame !o his fa!her) b'! he arg'ed !ha! i!Ps a righ!) my son ;'s!
moved ba", !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es( His fa!her did no! beieve) or even
"onsider) !ha! Tsarnaev wen! in!o !he woods( He was aarmed !ha!
Tameran ef!) and did no! wai! for a /'ssian *ass*or!( He had s'bmi!!ed
do"'men!s a! !he end of 5'ne 0410(
SA! firs! we were oo,ing for him ony in !he "o'n!ry) "he",ing *assenger
is!s for *anes) !rains) and we were on d'!y a! !he b's s!a!ions( Then we
e9*anded !he sear"h area has on !he region(S In !he end i! !'rned o'! !ha!
on 5'y 1Q) !wo days af!er !he dea!h of Wiiam Po!ni,ov) Tameran
Tsarnaev !oo, off from !he air*or! %inera Wa!ers in %os"ow) and is on 5'y
1@ from Shereme!yevo air*or! < in !he $ni!ed S!a!es( 2-erify !his informa!ion
SNewS has faied( B'! I !hin, !ha! in!eigen"e agen"ies !o "he", !he base is
no! diffi"'!(3
I! was af!er !his s!ory !ha! !he FSB sen! a se"ond re7'es! < !o !he &IA <
abo'! Tameran Tsarnaeva re7'es!ing !o !ra", his a"!ivi!ies and "on!a"!s in
!he $ni!ed S!a!es and !o share informa!ion( B'! !he re7'es! wen!
SA**aren!y !he TSEPE em*oyee beieved Tameran Tsarnaev
"ame !o Dages!an in order !o ;oin !he ins'rgen!s( However) i!
did no! ha**en( I!Ps no! easy) firs! yo' need !o ge! "onne"!ed
!o !hem and !hen !here is a *eriod of .uarantine < before
ma,ing a man a figh!er) !he mii!an!s need a few mon!hs "he",
him o'!( Af!er !he des!r'"!ion of Nida and Po!ni,ov) osing contacts he <
Tsarnaev Y be"ame afraid and /umped( The everyday o*era!iona b'siness
of Tameran Tsarnaeva been wi!hdrawn from !he ar"hives TSEPE in !he
/e*'bi"( Irina =ordien,o
10( Tee*hone 2CNF3 Q01<F@<@Q 2CNF3 Q06<1@<QQ Fa9 2CNF3 Q06<QO<OO e<mai1 ageras,inaZnovayaga8e!a(r'
Po!ni,ov 2ef!3 was new a! !he game and i! was 'ni,ey he "o'd have
!a'gh! Tameran !o "ons!r'"! IEDs( I! had !o be someone wi!h e9*erien"e in
!his area) no! a green "onver! from &anada(
Nida %ahmo'd 2far righ!3 is an 'n,nown 7'an!i!y and may have had
e9*er!ise in !his area b'! is mainy ,nown as an I&E re"r'i!er( The Wall
*treet Journal re*or!ed !ha! in %a,ha"h,aa) Tsarnaev me! severa !imes
wi!h %a,hm'd Nida) a member of I&E) an offi"ia "ose !o !he si!'a!ion
said( %r( Nida was on !he r'n from /'ssian *oi"e) b'! Tsarnaev managed
!o mee! wi!h him se"re!y a! a safeho'se in !he Se*ara!orny neighborhood
of %a,ha"h,aa) said an offi"ia who saw !he se"'ri!y<servi"e dossier on
Nida( The dossier re*or!ed !he da!e) address and a*ar!men! n'mber
where !he mee!ing !oo, *a"e) and !ha! an informan! re*or!ed !ha! !he !wo
dis"'ssed ways !ha! %r( Tsarnaev migh! be abe !o he* I&E( The dossier
indi"a!ed !ha! Tsarnaev offered !o a"! as a finan"ia go<be!ween for an
organi8a!ion based in !he $(S() !he offi"ia said( Tameran was going !o
f'nne money from !his $(S( based
organi8a!ion !o !erroris!s( Wha!
organi8a!ion "o'd !his be+ &o'd i!
be above gro'nd The Ameri"an
&ommi!!ee for Pea"e in !he &a'"as's
) a *ro;e"! of Freedom
Ho'se) or a 'ndergro'nd !erroris! "e
in !he $ni!ed S!a!es+
$(S( /e*( Wiiam /( Aea!ing:s s!aff in /'ssia earned Wiiam Po!ni,ov)
whie 'nder in!erroga!ion in Dages!an) named Tameran Tsarnaev as a
feow ;ihadis!( >Tha!:s when !he /'ssian governmen! s!ar!ed oo,ing a!
Tameran and he showed '* on a ;ihadis! websi!e)? Aea!ing 2D<Bo'rne3
said( >Tha!:s when !hey "on!a"!ed !he $(S(? The in!erroga!ion *rom*!ed
/'ssian a'!hori!ies !o as, !he FBI !o inves!iga!e Tsarnaev in 0411(

Nida was born in !he Dages!ani "i!y of B'ina,s, in 1NN0 2Poi!(r') %ay 04)
04103( The /'ssian news*a*er -ova+a 0a1eta firs! bro,e !he s!ory abo'!
Nida:s !ies !o Tamerane) whi"h re*or!ed !ha! !he Dages!ani mii!an! was a
,ey "on!a"! of !he eder Tsarnaev bro!her d'ring his 0410 visi! !o !he
mo'n!aino's /'ssian re*'bi" of Dages!an( Nida is from Dages!an and is
1*. As (' 201*, ACPC7s 4e2si$e i n($ "is$ i$s 1e12e!s3i8 (! 2(a! (' i!e#$(!s. /u$ in i$s
A1e!i#an C(11i$$ee '(! Pea#e in C3e#3n%a '(!1a$i(n, i$s 2(a! (' i!e#$(!s 4as #(<#3ai!e
2% Z2i5nie4 /!EeEins0i, A"e>ane! 6. Hai5, J!., S$e&en J. S("a!E, an $3e "a$e 6a>
Ba18e"1an. T3e #(11i$$ee7s 1(!e $3an 100 "is$e 1e12e!s !eJe#$e a 4ie 8("i$i#a"
s8e#$!u1, in#"uin5 su#3 K5u!es as Ri#3a! Ge!e, 6(!$(n A12!a1(4i$E, an Ge!a"ine
Fe!!a!(. H(4e&e! 1an% 3i53<8!(K"e ne(#(nse!&a$i&es, s(1e ass(#ia$e 4i$3 $3e P!(@e#$ '(!
$3e Ne4 A1e!i#an Cen$u!%, a!e 1e12e!s in#"uin5 Ri#3a! Pe!"e, F!an0 GaLne%, E""i($$
A2!a1s, 6i5e De#$e!, Wi""ia1 B!is$(", 6i#3ae" Leeen, an Ja1es W(("se%, a1(n5 ($3e!s.
haf e!hni" A'my, 2a T'r,i" *eo*e iving in Dages!an3 and haf Paes!inian
2-ova+a 0a1eta) A*ri 0@3(

%ahm'd %ans'r Nida was 1N years od when he was e9!ermina!ed in a
*oi"e o*era!ion in %a,ha"h,aa on %ay 1N) 0410 2Lenta) %ay 1N) 04103(
He *'! '* his as! figh! a! his home) o"a!ed on 1b) E'bieinaya S!ree! in
%a,ha"h,aa) whi"h !he Dages!ani *oi"e s'rro'nded on !he evening of
%ay 1O( A*ar! from Nida) aso *resen! in !he domi"ie were %ans'r:s
mo!her) Darina) %ans'r:s s*o'se) %aryam 2a(,(a( An8hea3 Doga!ova) wi!h
!heir !wo<mon!h<od infan!) aong wi!h !heir g'es!s) Fa!ima N'rmagomedova
and her h'sband) Abd'ra,hman %agomedov( This owife hed his famiy
hos!age( Foowing many ho'rs of nego!ia!ions) !he women and "hidren
were aowed !o eave !he ho'se( Abd'ra,hman %agomedov aso
s'rrendered !o !he a'!hori!ies( However) %ans'r Nida ref'sed !o s'rrender
and fo'gh! !he *oi"e for"es and was s'bse7'en!y ,ied by !he se"'ri!y
servi"es as !hey s!ormed !he b'iding(
A""ording !o Dages!ani *oi"e re*or!s) by De"ember 0411) %ans'r Nida
was a""'sed of being a member of !he Shami,aa 2a(,(a( %a,ha"h,aa3
5amaa!( The *oi"e s's*e"!ed Nida of *ar!i"i*a!ing in severa ,iings)
bomb a!!a",s and assa'!s on governmen! for"es) in"'ding an a!!a", on a
*oi"e "he",*oin! in %a,ha"ha,aa on %ay 6) 0410( In !ha! s*e"ifi" !erroris!
a!!a",) whi"h was "arried o'! by s'i"ide bombers) 16 *eo*e died and over
a h'ndred were in;'red 20a1aeta) %ay 64) 04103( %ans'r Nida denied his
invovemen! in !his a!!a", !o !he *oi"e in !he mids! of !heir siege of his
home) s!a!ing !ha! he had been o'! of !own !ha! day(
Before midnigh! on Friday 5'y 16) 0410 /'ssian !roo*s amb'shed a gro'*
of I&E g'nmen in !he fores!s near $!amysh( The /'ssians had >re"eived
informa!ion abo'! !he *ossibe movemen!s? of ins'rgen!s) a""ording !o a
/'ssian governmen! news reease( D'ring !he ens'ing firefigh!) severa
se"'ri!y *ersonne were wo'nded and one was ,ied( By morning) seven
mii!an!s were dead) in"'ding !wo o"a fa"!ion eaders( Isam %agomedov)
aias Hams!er) headed !he Sergo,aa ;ihadis! gro'* and had been wan!ed
sin"e 0414 for vario's a!!a",s( Aso ,ied was Arsen %agomedov) who
headed a ;ihadis! gro'* in nearby I8berbash and >was invoved in
n'mero's m'rders of aw enfor"emen! offi"ers and a n'mber of IED
e9*osions on !he raiway(? The o!her dead were named as Isa Daga!ov)
Shami A,hmedov) Amin Ibiyev) %agomedsaid %am!ov and Wiiam
Po!ni,ov( The ;ihadis! websi!e Aav,a8 "aed Wiiam a mar!yr( >%ay Aah
reward a !he bro!hers(?
%$SA AHADDHI%$/AT.-) a &he"hen ref'gee and former se*ara!is!
figh!er was an asso"ia!e of Tameran( Ahad;im'radov said he had re*ea!ed
"on!a"! wi!h !he eder Tsarnaev over severa years( Ahad;im'radov said he
had me! Tameran in 044Q a! !he ann'a ga!hering of !he &he"hen So"ie!y
of Bos!on( The FBI sear"hed his famiy:s sma a*ar!men! here s"o'ring his
"om*'!ers) s'b;e"!ing him !o a *oygra*h) and !a,ing a DNA sam*e(
Ahad8him'ra!ov grew '* in =ro8ny) &he"hnya:s "a*i!a) and he married his
wife when he was 04 and she was 1Q( Ahad8him'ra!ov was one of si9
bodyg'ards for A,hmed Da,ayev from 1NNQ !o 1NNN) when Da,ayev was a
eader in !he firs! &he"hen war agains! /'ssia and !hen
de*'!y *rime minis!er of a shor!<ived governmen! in
=ro8ny( Af!er Da,ayev ef! /'ssia he be"ame an e9ied
eader of !he &he"hen inde*enden"e movemen! who now
ives in London( Ahad8him'ra!ov was sho! in fron! of his wife and yo'ng
"hidren by /'ssian se"'ri!y for"es on 5an( 0) 0441 whie !rying !o evade
"a*!'re and os! !he 'se of his egs( The o!her bodyg'ards) he said) have
been ,ied( Famiy members bribed !he *oi"e !o !a,e him from &he"hnya
!o a hos*i!a in neighboring Ing'she!iaG from !here !he famiy wen! !o
A8erbai;an) where !hey ived 'n!i 044C( In 044C) wi!h !he s'**or! of !he
$ni!ed Na!ions ref'gee *rogram) Ahad8him'ra!ov "ame !o %an"hes!er(
A,hmed Da,ayev) is now a *rominen! &he"hen se*ara!is! eader( I&E is no!
a big fan of Da,ayev(
Amir of !he &a'"as's Emira!e Do,,a $marov !od in a s!a!emen! for !he
mass media !ha! !he "ase of !he former F% of &/I A,hmed Da,ayev
handed for inves!iga!ion !o !he %'habara! 2Se"'ri!y Servi"e3 of !he
&a'"as's Emira!e( Da,ayev is a""'sed of dis!rib'!ing of a**eas !o
disobey !he Amir of !he &a'"as's Emira!e) as we as in a!!em*!s !o
dis!em*er and s*i! among !he %';ahideen( In addi!ion) !he Da,ayevPs "ase
wi be reviewed by !he S'*reme Shariah &o'r! of !he &a'"as's Emira!e by
!he fa"!s of his remar,s agains! %'sims) mo",ing a! Isam and Shariah)
and "aing !o A'fr( Le! 's re"a in !his "on!e9! !ha! on November 6) 044@
wi!h a warning !o !he an!i<govermen!a gro'* organi8ed by Da,ayev) made
by !he eadershi* of =enera %ission 2now =enera %ission of &E3( In !his
warning) in *ar!i"'ar) s!a!ed !ha! fa"!'a ma!eria on !he a"!ivi!ies of an!i<
governmen!a gro'*s for s!'dy and ma,e de"ision in a""ordan"e wi!h !he
Sharia! were handed over !o !he S'*reme Shariah &o'r!( The s!a!emen!
aso indi"a!ed !ha! !he "oe"!ion and sys!ema!i8a!ion of !he a"!'a ma!eria
on a n'mber of an!i<governmen!a a"!ivi!ies of former governmen! offi"ias
and *ariamen! &/I is "on!in'ing) !he e9!en! of !heir *ersona "om*i"i!y in
!he an!i<governmen!a gro'* for referra !o !he a**ro*ria!e a'!hori!ies(
Aav,a8 &en!er
Ahad8him'ra!ov >We !a,ed abo'! famiy) no! reigion or *oi!i"s)? he said(
He said he had no in,ing !ha! Tsarnaev had driven severa !imes from his
home in &ambridge) %ass() !o New Ham*shire !o b'y firewor,s for !he
e9*osive *owder 'sed in !he bombs or !o shoo! a! a firearms range in
%an"hes!er( Ahad8him'ra!ov has been !'rned down re*ea!edy for a green
"ard be"a'se of his *revio's asso"ia!ion wi!h !he &he"hen rebes) !ho'gh
his wife is an Ameri"an "i!i8en( Among !he videos ar"hived on
Ahad8him'ra!ov:s /'ssian Eo'T'be *age were a few !ha! !o'"hed on
&a'"as's ins'rgen"y) in"'ding addresses by !wo mii!an! eaders) Do,' A(
$marov and Said B'rya!s,y) and video of a sni*er a!!a", on !he *oi"e by
mii!an!s in Dages!an(
If Ahad8him'ra!ov was aigned wi!h !he A,hmed Da,ayev aegedy more
se"'ar se*ara!is! movemen!) why was Tameran asso"ia!ing wi!h him+
5'dging from !he /'ssian 2ou Tube *age Ahad8him'ra!ov had rever!ed !o
F'ndamen!ais! Isam and beieved !ha! $marov) who ed I&E) was !he ony
fig're who "o'd form a se*ara!e s!a!e in !he r'",'s &a'"'s( Perha*s
Tameran roed him over+
A,hmed Da,ayev was aso an Isamis! na!ionais!) and ied abo'! I&E:s
P'!in is we aware !ha! sooner or a!er he wi have !o answer for !he
geno"ide of !he &he"hen *eo*e( Tha! is why from !he very beginning of
!he regime:s se"ond mii!ary "am*aign i!s *ro*agandis!s made
e9!raordinary effor!s !o "hara"!eri8e i!s "rimina war agains! !he &he"hen
*eo*e as *ar! of !he >war on in!erna!iona !error? and shied i! from
in!erna!iona observa!ion( In fa"!) every high<*rofie a"! of !errorism !ha!
!oo, *a"e in /'ssia a!er *roved !o have been *er*e!ra!ed wi!h !he
"onnivan"e of !he /'ssian in!eigen"e agen"ies( This was !r'e of !he
e9*osions in /'ssian "i!ies in !he fa of 1NNN) i! was !r'e of !he hos!age<
!a,ing a! !he D'brov,a Thea!er in 0440) and i! was !r'e of !he hos!age<
!a,ing in !he s"hoo in Besan in 044C(
There seemed !o have been many body g'ards in !he Ahad8him'ra!ov
famiy( Shay,h Asan Aiyevi"h %as,hadov was ee"!ed &he"hen *residen!
in 1NN@ when !he region en;oyed a brief de<fa"!o inde*enden"e af!er !he
wi!hdrawa of /'ssian for"es foowing !he firs!) 1NNC<NQ war in !he region(
When federa !roo*s roed ba", in 1NNN) %as,hadov *resided over rebesP
mii!ary o*era!ions b'! denied invovemen! in vario's !error a!!a",s and
"aed for *ea"e !a,s( %as,hadov was sho! dead by his ne*hew and
bodyg'ard) -is,han Ahad8him'ra!ov( %as,hadov had earier as,ed !o ,i
him !o avoid !he "a*!'re) She*e said in a s!a!emen!) a""ording !o his
Tsarnaev *rayed a! a mos7'e on Ao!rova S!ree! in %a,ha"h,aa !ha! is
,nown as a ga!hering s*o! for members of
I&E( I!s "ons!r'"!ion was ed by a o"a
reigio's eader named
Nadirsha,h Aha"hiaev) a La, i,e D'beida!
who was ee"!ed !o re*resen! Dages!an in
!he /'ssian federa *ariamen!) !he S!a!e
D'ma) in 1NNQ( Aha"hiaev was !he eader of !he /'ssian $nion of
%'sims) whi"h !he %inis!ry of 5's!i"e in 0440 deemed as an e9!remis!
organi8a!ion) soon af!er Aha"hiaev was "harged wi!h or"hes!ra!ing an
amb'sh on a /'ssian mii!ary "onvoy in Dages!an( Aha"hiaev denied
!hose "harges( B'! !he "ase never made i! !o !ria) be"a'se Aha"hiaev was
,ied in a drive<by shoo!ing o'!side his home in %a,ha"h,aa !he foowing
A'g's!( I! is ,nown as !he Aha"hiaev %os7'e( .ne of !he reg'ars a! !he
mos7'e on Ao!rova S!ree! was %'rad La,hiyanov) one of !he mos! famo's
eaders of I&E in Dages!an( In ."!ober 044F) *oi"e "ornered him in a
%a,ha"h,aa a*ar!men!) and af!er an eigh!<ho'r g'n ba!!e !ha! in"'ded
mor!ar fire from bo!h sides) he was ,ied( By !hen) !he mos7'e had aready
gained infamy as a ha'n! for o"a !erroris!s( In 0440) an e9*osion
ri**ed !hro'gh a %ay Day mii!ary *arade in !he Dages!ani !own of
Aas*iys,) ,iing CC *eo*e) in"'ding 10 "hidren) and wo'nding 166
o!hers( A manh'n! !hen began for a handf' of s's*e"!s) some of whom
!'rned o'! !o be reg'ars a! !he mos7'e on Ao!rova S!ree!(
AB& News re*or!ed >The FBI has no! fo'nd any signs of s's*i"io's
1+. 3$$8:;;4(!".$i1e.#(1;201*;0+;22;$sa!nae&<in<a5es$an;Di>EE2R!3>SJZH
"on!a"!s d'ring TsarnaevPs !ri*s !o visi! his fa!herPs famiy in &he"hnya(?
5D.LS/S has no! fo'nd any "on!a"!s !ha! were no! s's*i"io's(
By s'**or!ing !he &he"hen !erroris!s) !hese neo<"ons) many who are
5ewish) bear res*onsibii!y for !he a"!ions of I&E wi!hin &.N$S(
I! wasnP! 'n!i 0@<year<od IB/A=I% T.DASHE- a &he"hen wi!h !ies !o
Bos!on Tameran Tsarnaev was sho! !o dea!h in .rando on %ay 00) 0416
whie being 7'es!ioned B af!er 'nging a! an FBI agen! wi!h a ,nife in an
.rando "ondo B !ha! i! be"ame "ear I&E had a "e o*era!ing in !he
$ni!ed S!a!es( Todashev had "onfessed !o !a,ing *ar! in a ;ihadis! raid
agains! 5ews and &hris!ians aong wi!h his feow "e member and feow
mi9ed mar!ia ar!is! 2%%A is re"r'i!ing gro'nd for I&E3 Tameran Tsarnaev(
An FBI agen!) !wo %assa"h'se!!s S!a!e Poi"e !roo*ers and o!her aw
enfor"emen! offi"ias were S*rimariyS 7'es!ioning Todashev abo'! a
Se*!ember 11) 0411) !ri*e saying in Wa!ham) %ass( A""ording !o !he FBI
and o"a news a""o'n!s) !he shoo!ing !oo, *a"e in an a*ar!men! b'iding
on Peregrine Aven'e whie Todashev was being 7'es!ioned abo'! !he
bombings and Tameran Tsarnaev( >The agen!) aong wi!h o!her aw
enfor"emen! *ersonne) were in!erviewing an individ'a in "onne"!ion wi!h
!he Bos!on %ara!hon bombing inves!iga!ion when a vioen! "onfron!a!ion
was ini!ia!ed by !he s'b;e"!):: !he FBI said in a s!a!emen! reeased aro'nd
N164 a(m( !oday( >D'ring !he "onfron!a!ion) !he individ'a was ,ied and !he
agen! s's!ained non<ife !hrea!ening in;'ries):: !he FBI said( Ibragim
Todashev had a shor! f'se and was arres!ed for bea!ing '* a fa!her and
son over a *ar,ing s*o!( He was in !o'"h wi!h Tameran via S,y*e(
Poi"e in Bos!on are "onvin"ed Todashev and Tameran Tsarnaev were
invoved in !he 'nsoved m'rders of Tsarnaev:s "ose friend and !wo o!her
men) one of whom was a 5ewish Brandeis $niversi!y grad'a!e and !he
o!her a devo'! 5ew( Tsarnaev was a "ose friend of Brendan %ess) who
was fo'nd m'rdered in an a*ar!men! in Wa!ham) %ass( on Se*!ember 11)
0411) aong wi!h !wo 5ews Eri, Weissman and /a*hae Te,en( The !ri*e
m'rder was originay "onsidered !o be dr'g rea!ed be"a'se !he men:s
bodies were fo'nd "overed wi!h mari;'ana( The "rime was *ar!i"'ary
br'!a and a !hree vi"!ims: !hroa!s were sashed( A "oston 0lobe *rofie of
!he Tsarnaev bro!hers firs! made !he *ossibe "onne"!ion !o !he !ri*e
m'rder( A man named /ay s!a!ed( >Tam wasn:! !here a! !he memoria
servi"e) he wasn:! a! !he f'nera) he wasn:! aro'nd a! a) and he was reay
"ose wi!h Brendan( Tha!:s why i!:s so weird when he said) MI don:! have any
Ameri"an friends(:?
A! !he !ime of !he m'rders) *oi"e said a!!a",s were no! random and !here
were *ossiby !wo s's*e"!s) !he "oston Herald re*or!ed( A""ording !o
*oi"e re*or!s) Weissman was arres!ed in 044O "harge of *ossession of
mari;'ana wi!h in!en! !o dis!rib'!e( A! !he !ime) !wo neighbors of Te,en !od
!he =obe !hey beieved he was a dr'g deaer) as he rarey ef! his Wa!ham
a*ar!men! and had a "ons!an! s!ream of visi!ors(
%ess and his friends) Eri, Weissman) 61) and /a*hae Te,en) 6@) had
ordered dinner from =erry:s I!aian Ai!"hen a! O1FC *(m() b'! when a
deivery woman arrived !wen!y min'!es a!er !here was no answer a! !he
door and no one answered a "a !o Weissman:s "e *hone) from whi"h !he
order was *a"ed(
/o'ghy seven *o'nds of mari;'ana was d'm*ed on !he bodies and
XF)444 in "ash was ef! behind( Neighbors said !hey did no! hear any signs
of !ro'be Y even wi!h o*en windows Y and !here was no for"ed en!ry(
If !his was a norma ri*<off !here *robaby wo'd no! have been a !ri*e
m'rder and !he *o! and money wo'd have been s!oen ra!her !han
d'm*ed on !he vi"!ims( This was done by someone who ha!ed 5ews and
who ha!ed *o! Y An observan! %'sim( Before he be"ame or!hodo9) his e9<
gir friend re*or!ed !ha! he smo,ed *o!( Tameran was in!eres!ed in finding a
"o*y of !he boo, SThe Pro!o"os of !he Eders of Dion)S !he "assi" an!i<
Semi!i" hoa9) firs! *'bished in /'ssia in 1N46) !ha! "aims a 5ewish *o! !o
!a,e over !he word( He ha!ed 5ews(
His mo!her wan!ed him !o ;oin
Hamas and ,i Israei 5ews( His mo!her s'gges!ed he go !o Paes!ine !o
rein !error on !he 5ews( Law enfor"emen! offi"ias !od AB& News !ha! some
"rime s"ene forensi" DNA eviden"e *rovided a ma!"h !o !he !wo Tsarnaev
bro!hers( The offi"ias aso said re"ords of "e *hones 'sed by !he
Tsarnaevs a**ear !o *'! !hem in !he area of !he m'rders on !ha! da!e(
Todashev was in !he $(S( egay( He was a mi9ed mar!ia ar!s figh!er who
,no",ed a s!ranger 'n"ons"io's in a boody figh! over a *ar,ing s*a"e a!
!he Premi'm .'!e! %a earier in %ay 0416 and was arres!ed on
aggrava!ed ba!!ery "harges( And a former !raining *ar!ner of TodashevPs
15. 3$$8:;;2i5s$(!%.a8.(!5;a!$i#"e;2(12<sus8e#$<inJuen#e<1%s$e!i(us<!ai#a"
from Bos!on des"ribed him as San in"rediby gif!ed a!he!eS B wi!h a
!em*er( FBI agen!s 8eroed in on Todashev in !he days foowing !he A*ri 1F
Bos!on bombings( The FBI 7'es!ioned Todashev a! eas! five !imes in
*erson *'s n'mero's !imes by !ee*hone sin"e !he bombings) a""ording
!o in!erviews wi!h !hree of his fo'r former roomma!es in a d'*e9 a! .rando
S'n -iage in .s"eoa &o'n!y( They !od !he 3rlando *entinel !he
in!erviews and s'rveian"e began !wo days af!er !wo &he"hen were
iden!ified as !he s's*e"!ed bombers( I!Ps no! "ear whe!her Todashev ived
in !he .rando "ondo where he was sho! eary Wednesday( He has an
address in Aissimmee) b'! friends !here said TodashevPs girfriend ives in
!he .rando "om*e9 and he s!ayed !here fre7'en!y(
A""ording !o "o'r! do"'men!s in !he ba!!ery "ase from earier !his mon!h)
de*'!ies ,new immedia!ey !ha! Todashev was some ,ind of mi9ed mar!ia
ar!s figh!er and ,new Show dangero's !hese men "an be)S a re*or! said( SI
!od !his s'b;e"! if he !ried !o figh! 's I wo'd shoo! him)S one de*'!y wro!e
in a re*or!(
SIbrahim TodyS was name he 'sed when figh!ing( I!Ps aso !he name is!ed
on his offi"ia %%A re"ord( A""ording !o s!affers a! The 5'nge %%A and
Fi!ness on Eas! &oonia Drive in .rando) Todashev was a member of !he
gym for abo'! !wo mon!hs in 0410 b'! was Sno! memorabe a! a(S
TodashevPs as! do"'men!ed %%A figh! was in 5'y 0410 a! !he /ea
Figh!ing &ham*ionshi*s in Tam*a( He won agains! figh!er Bradford %ay of
S*ring Hi in Hernando &o'n!y( Forida s!a!e re"ords show Todashev was
iss'ed a %i9ed %ar!ia Ar!s i"ense on A'g( 1C( Tha! i"ense) whi"h is
re7'ired !o *ar!i"i*a!e in an %%A even! in Forida) e9*ired De"( 61(
Todashev was aso iss'ed a Federa Iden!ifi"a!ion n'mber for %i9ed %ar!ia
Ar!s on A'g( 1C( Tha! is good !hro'gh A'g( 1@) 041Q) and !ha! federa
i"ense is re7'ired !o *ar!i"i*a!e in %%A ma!"hes) a""ording !o !he
De*ar!men! of B'siness and Professiona /eg'a!ion( His hands and fee!
were regis!ered as e!ha wea*ons(
.range &o'n!y Forida Pro*er!y A**raiser re"ords show /oman
Sha,hmanov 2b( 10L16L1NOC3 who is *resen!y iving in Ho's!on) Te9as) is
!he regis!ered owner of !he "ondo where Todashev was iving Q400
Peregrine Aven'e( Sha,hmanov *'r"hased !he "ondo 5'y 1C) 0414 for
X60)444( /e"ords show !ha! /oman:s "om*e!e name is /oman
=ennadiyevi"h Sha,hmanov( Sha,hmanov is is!ed in !ee*hone Whi!e
Pages("om as iving a! !he Peregrine Aven'e address( Basir A,'baev) is
aso is!ed as iving a! a Peregrine Aven'e address and is is!ed on
Sha,hmanov:s Whi!ePages("om *age( There is no is!ing for a *erson wi!h
!he as! name of Todashev a! !ha! address( A,'baev:s /'ssian so"ia
ne!wor, *age a! -A(&.% indi"a!es a rea!ionshi* be!ween A,'baev and
Bos!on %ara!hon bomber Tameran Tsarnaev( His *age "on!ained a
Eo'T'be video of Tsarnaev( Foowing !he shoo!ing A,'baev *os!ed "on!en!
from !he Free D8ho,har Tsarnaev so"ia ne!wor,ing *age and a in, !o !he
ar!i"e Wh+ )ill $hechens in !merica4 The foowing is one of A,'baev:s
friends *os!s1
Isam does no! !ea"h res*e"! for o!her reigions( B'! does no! *rohibi! !o be
,ind !o *eo*e of o!her reigions( /eigion < is *ers'asion( There are
reigions !ha! !ea"h !ha! =od has a son) !here are !hose who !ea"h !ha! =od
is in heaven wi!h !he anges ive) o!hers !ea"h !ha! !he "ow is a dei!y( Who
res*e"! !hese beiefs) reigion) he is no! a %'simK And if i! was) i! "ame o'!
of IsamK Be"a'se a %'sim < is !he one who beieves and a",nowedges
!he righ! of !he .ne =od) and a",nowedges !ha! sin"e =od is .ne) and
!ha! means !he righ! ,nowedge of him ony one !hing) b'! no! m'"h(

And do good !o !he *erson of ano!her reigion) no! in !he sense of he*ing
!hem *erform !heir reigio's ri!'as) s'"h as !o give !he money !o feed) !o
he* o'! < a !his is aowed in Isam( B'! Isam does no! !ea"h !o be fa,e) a
hy*o"ri!e) so yo' sho'd never say SI res*e"! a reigions(S An hones!
*erson res*e"!s !he !r'!h( I "an ma,e a good and dr'n,) advise him or feed
him) and for !ha! I do no! need !o !e him) SI res*e"! yo'r drin,ing(P 2Aoba
&AI/ "aed for an inves!iga!ion of Todashev:s dea!h(
-ideo1 &AI/ on &NN !o Dis"'ss &a for Probe of FBI Shoo!ing of $narmed
-ideo1 &AI/ Wan!s &ivi /igh!s Probe of Todashev Dea!h 2AP3
&AI/1 %'sim was $narmed When Sho! 2Wash( Pos!3
&AI/1 Isami" =ro'* &as for Probe In!o Fa( Shoo!ing 2Bos!on =obe3
&AI/1 FBI Sho! P$narmed &he"henP They Were H'es!ioning 2AFP3
-ideo1 &AI/ Demands Answers Af!er Fa!a FBI Shoo!ing in Forida 2&BS3
&AI/ Demands Inves!iga!ion of Todashev Shoo!ing 2.rando Wee,y3
&AI/1 Bos!on S's*e"! Friend $narmed When Aied by FBI Agen! 2$PI3
Todashev was firs! des"ribed as having a ,nife) !hen a *i*e) !hen a
brooms!i",) !hen a "eremonia sword( B'! !he rea !hrea! was *osed by his
arms and egs whi"h "o'd have ,ied or "ri**ed !he FBI Agen!( He "hose
death b+ cop ra!her !han sign a "onfession( .ny !his !ime i! was death b+
F"I !(ent.
Ano!her rever! !o Isam) Po* $* %'sima) D'beida! Tsarnaeva) is a member
of !he o'!awed 'ndergro'nd !erroris! gro'* I&E( She rever!ed in Febr'ary
0411 and se*ara!ed from her h'sband) An8or( The !wo divor"ed !ha!
Se*!ember) and An8or re!'rned !o /'ssia) foowed a!er by his e9<wife(
S"o!! Shane) !he -ew 2or) Time5s a*oogis! for Isamism) re*or!ed on
D'beida! Tsarnaeva:s !a**ed *hone "onversa!ions) whi"h "orrobora!e !he
;ihad s"enario < b'! he *ayed down !heir signifi"an"e(
.ne "a was be!ween Tameran Tsarnaev and his mo!herG !he o!her was
be!ween %s( Tsarnaeva and ano!her *erson in /'ssia who is 'nder FBI
inves!iga!ion in an 'nrea!ed ma!!er( The "as men!ioned ;ihad B a "en!ra
"on"e*! in Isam that sometimes can mean hol+ war B b'! no s*e"ifi"
a!!a", *ans) !he offi"ia saidR
Jihad a**ears C1 !imes in !he H':ran and aways means figh!ing for Aah)
Hoy War) and no!hing ese( I! is !he s!r'gge agains!) !he Aafir) !he infide)
no! !he inner s!r'gge !o find *ea"e !hro'gh Isam( Tameran:s mo!her was
en"o'raging him !o ma,e 5ihad even if i! mean! going on a s'i"ide mission(
If her son died in !ha! fashion he wo'd en;oy e!erna biss in %'sim
Heaven( /'ssian in!eigen"e offi"ias have !a,en !he e9!raordinary s!e* of
sharing se"re! !rans"ri*!s of !his *hone "a( D'beida!1
I beieve one h'ndred *er"en! !ha! !hey framed) bo!h of my sons are
inno"en!( %y yo'nges! son) O years od growing '* in Ameri"a( In o'r
ho'se) never !a,ed abo'! !errorism( The edes! son be"ame in!eres!ed in
reigion five years ago) he began !o observe !heir Isami" ri!'as) but he
never said he was (oin( to ta)e the path o /ihad. The FBI ed my oder son
in !he ne9! 6<F years( They ,new wha! he was doing) ,new wha! si!es he
visi!s ((( They foowed his every move) and now !hey "aim !ha! !his is a
!erroris! a!!a",( The FBI afraid of my son) be"a'se he was !he eader) "o'd
ead a o! and !a,ed abo'! Isam( .n"e !hey are offi"iay "aed me and
said !ha! he < "ever) !hey do no! 7'es!ion his in!egri!y( A! !he same !ime)
!hey said !ha! i! re"eives informa!ion on e9!remis! websi!es) and !hey are
very afraid of him( Tha!Ps why I !hin, !hey framed( < D'beyda! Tsarnaevoy
2"om*ied from !he /'ssian media3
However) !he FBI !od awma,ers in a &a*i!o Hi briefing !ha! !he mo!her
,new as eary as 0411 !ha! her son Tameran had been radi"ai8ed( She
sen! !e9! messages !o famiy in /'ssia s'gges!ing he was wiing !o die for
Isam( In a "onversa!ion re"orded by !he FSB) !he /'ssian in!erna se"'ri!y
servi"e in eary 0411 "onversa!ion) Tameran and his mo!her dis"'ssed
;ihad( D'beida! dis"'ssed wi!h her son !he *ossibii!y he "o'd go !o
Paes!ine( Tameran was "oo !o !he Paes!ine idea) be"a'se he didn:!
s*ea, !he ang'age( FSB agen!s re"orded her in 0411 in a se"ond *hone
"onversa!ion) wi!h someone 'nder FBI inves!iga!ion in an 'nrea!ed "ase(
The D'beida! wen! on !o say) >Eo' ,now wha! I !hin,+ I !hin, now !hey wi
!ry !o ma,e my D8ho,har g'i!y be"a'se !hey !oo, away his voi"e) his
abii!y !o !a, !o !he word((( They did no! wan! !he !r'!h !o "ome o'!)P she
said( She added !ha! !he ony reason her sons were !arge!ed was be"a'se
!hey were %'sim) adding !ha! she saw foo!age of Tameran being ,ied
Preay "r'ey(P I ,now one !hing B !ha! i! was no! my "hidren who did i!(
There are many !hings !here !ha! aren:! "ear( There is m'"h !ha! did no!
"orres*ond !o !he informa!ion( Here i!:s one !hing and here is some!hing
differen!( And as for !he ,ids and !heir a"!ions B i! doesn:! "oin"ide a! a(?

Tsarnaev s*en! !ime wi!h a "o'sin of D'beida!) %agomed Aar!ashov)
fo'nder of a gro'* "aed $NI.N .F THE 5$ST) a reigio's organi8a!ion
!ha! *re!ended !o *romo!e "ivi" a"!ion) b'! a"!'ay was a s'**or! gro'* for
I&E( %agomed Aar!ashov is si9 years oder !han Tsarnaev) Aar!ashov is a
former *oi"e offi"er and frees!ye wres!er B and one of !he region:s mos!
*rominen! Isamis!s( Time Ma(a1ine re*or!ed1
In 0411) Aar!ashov fo'nded and be"ame !he eader the Union o the Just,
whose members: "am*aign for Shar:ia and *an<Isami" 'ni!y in Dages!an)
of!en s*ea,ing o'! agains! $(S( *oi"ies a"ross !he %'sim word( The
gro'* *'bi"y reno'n"es vioen"e( B'! some of i!s members have "ose
in,s !o mii!an!sG o!hers have served !ime in *rison for wea*ons *ossession
and abe!!ing !errorism( For Tsarnaev) !hese men formed a "omm'ni!y of
*io's yo'ng %'sims wi!h whom he "o'd dis"'ss his ideas of ;ihad(
Tsarnaev:s mo!her D'beida! "onfirmed !ha! her son is Aar!ashov:s !hird
"o'sin( The !wo me! for !he firs! !ime in Dages!an) she said) and >be"ame
very "ose(? .n %ay F) !hree agen!s from /'ssia:s Federa Se"'ri!y
Servi"e) !he agen"y ,nown as !he FSB) in!erroga!ed Aar!ashov for !he firs!
!ime abo'! !he Bos!on bombings) a""ording !o his awyer) Pa!ima!
Abd'aeva( The FSB agen!s were in!eres!ed in whe!her Aar!ashov and
Tsarnaev had ever dis"'ssed Isami" radi"aism) Abd'aeva says(
Aar!ashov !od !hem !ha! !hey had) b'! "aimed !ha! Tsarnaev was !he one
!rying !o >*' him in !o e9!remism)? says !he awyer) who s*o,e !o
Aar!ashov soon af!er !he in!erroga!ion( 2I! was im*ossibe !o as, Aar!ashov
abo'! !his dire"!yG he has been in ;ai sin"e A*ri 0@ af!er a braw wi!h *oi"e
in nor!hern Dages!an) and *rison offi"ias denied TI%E:s re7'es!s !o visi!
him or have him answer 7'es!ions in wri!ing( His awyer agreed !o *ass a
re*or!er:s 7'es!ions !o him in ;ai(3 In re"o'n!ing her "ien!:s re*ies) !he
awyer said1 >Aar!ashov !ried !o !a, ITsarnaevJ o'! of his in!eres! in
e9!remism(? The members of Aar!ashov:s "ir"e say !hey !ried !o disab'se
Tsarnaev of his sym*a!hies for o"a mii!an!s(
The gro'*:s "ore ideoogy is *ra"!i"ay !he same as !ha! of Hi8b '!<Tahrir)
or H'T) a *an<Isami" *oi!i"a *ar!y !ha! was fo'nded in 5er'saem in 1NF6
and o*era!es freey in many *ar!s of !he word !oday( Bo!h gro'*s 'se !he
same whi!e<and<ba", fags and insignia) whi"h de"ora!e !he homes) offi"es
and Fa"eboo, was of Aar!ashov:s foowers in Ai8yar( Bo!h gro'*s beieve
!ha! Isam is no! ;'s! a reigion and a way of ife b'! aso an idea *oi!i"a
sys!em roo!ed in Isami" aw(
None of !he men TI%E s*o,e !o in Ai8yar admi! !o being members of H'TG
!ha! wo'd be gro'nds for arres! in /'ssia) be"a'se !he %inis!ry of 5's!i"e
banned !he *ar!y as an e9!remis! organi8a!ion in 0446( B'! severa
members of Aar!ashov:s gro'* admi!!ed !ha! !heir *oi!i"s are "osey
aigned wi!h !hose of H'T( >We have many of !he same ideas)? says
%ohammed =ad8hiev) who is !he a"!ing eader of !he gro'* whie
Aar!ashov is in ;ai( >We aso beieve in !he res!ora!ion of !he "ai*ha!es !ha!
r'ed af!er !he dea!h of !he Pro*he!) may *ea"e be '*on him(?
Aar!ashov was de!ained by !he *oi"e af!er !a,ing *ar! in
a wedding *ro"ession !ha! few Isami" fags( A! a "he",*oin!) *oi"e
offi"ers s!o**ed !he *ro"ession and demanded !ha! !he fags be removedG
%r( Aar!ashov *ro!es!ed) and is now fa"ing "harges of resis!ing !he *oi"e(
I&E *ress servi"e re*or!ed1
Ten bea!en *ar!i"i*an!s of !he wedding *ar!y have been bro'gh! !o !he
.-D 2In!erior Division3 of !he "i!y of Ai8yar) %agomed Aar!ashov) a
member of !he N=. S$nion of !he 5's!S) among !hem) said an eyewi!ness
of !he in"iden!( In i!s !'rn) !he o"a %inis!ry of In!erna Affairs 2%IA3 s!a!es
de!en!ion of !he members of !he e9!remis! organi8a!ion SHi8b<'!<TahrirS(
1,. 3$$8:;;4(!".$i1e.#(1;201*;05;0.;e>#"usi&e<#(usin<43(<2e#a1e<#"(se<$(<
Ini!iay) informa!ion abo'! !he in"iden! "ame from %agomed =ad;iev) one of
!he g'es!s !o !he wedding *ar!y( He said !ha! !oday in Ai8yar) aw enfor"ers
s!o**ed a wedding "or!ege wi!h Isami" fagsG and as a res'! of !he
in"iden! do8ens of *ar!i"i*an!s of !he "eremony) in"'ding !he de!ained
bridegroom Tim'r Da,aryaev) were !a,en !o !he .-D(
SThe mo!or"ade was s!o**ed by !he *oi"e a! !he en!ran"eG !hey demanded
!he remove !he Isami" fag s!re!"hed on !he hood of !he "ar( When
%agomed Aar!ashov as,ed !o e9*ain !he reason for s'"h demand) he was
severey bea!en( We began e9*ressing o'r indigna!ionG !hen) *oi"emen
a!!a",ed 'sG some of !hem o*ened fire in!o !he air( In !o!a) 14 *ersons were
bea!en and !a,en !o !he Ai8yar .-D)S one of !he g'es!s %agomed
Asad'aev !od !he S&a'"asian Ano!S "orres*onden!(
The *ress servi"e of !he %IA of Dages!an said !ha! in Ai8yar !he *oi"e
*reven!ed an 'na'!hori8ed even!) whi"h was organi8ed by !he organi8a!ion
SHi8b '!<TahrirS) re"ogni8ed by !he "o'r! as e9!remis!(
Agen!s from /'ssia:s Federa Se"'ri!y Servi"e visi!ed Aar!ashov in a
de!en!ion "en!er !o 7'es!ion him abo'! his rea!ionshi* wi!h Tsarnaev)
fo"'sing on whe!her !he !wo had shared >e9!remis!? beiefs) said
Aar!ashov:s awyer) Pa!ima! Abd'ayeva( Abd'ayeva said !ha! her "ien!
had dis"'ssed reigio's ma!!ers wi!h Tsarnaev) b'! had been a modera!ing
inf'en"e( >%agomed is a *rea"her) he has no!hing !o do wi!h e9!remism)?
she said( As head of !he $nion of !he 5's!) %r( Aar!ashov has ed
. 3$$8:;;444.en5.0a&0aE<uEe".!u;a!$i#"es;2*)01;
demons!ra!ions *ro!es!ing *oi"e "o'n!er!errorism !a"!i"s) and "aing for
!he es!abishmen! of Shariah) in !he region( A! a ray in Febr'ary 0416) he
aigned himsef wi!h an!igovernmen! for"es in Syria) saying) >We do no!
wan! se"'arism) we do no! wan! demo"ra"y) we wan! !he aw of Aah)?
a""ording !o Ne8avisimaya =a8e!a(
H'T is an Isamis! organi8a!ion !ha! s*e"iai8es in ha!e<Ameri"a
*ro*aganda( I! 'ses !he same fag as I&E( I&E) $nion of !he 5's!) H'T are
one in !he same( The I&E news servi"e re*or!ed1
A""ording !o !he informa!ion) on De"ember N) mii!an!s from !he gang of
/'ssian in!erior minis!ry and /'ssian *'**e!s "arried o'! a ;oin!
*'nishmen! o*era!ion in &he"hnyaPs S'n8ha dis!ri"! of !he &a'"as's
Emira!e( D'ring !he o*era!ion) !wo femae residen!s) born 1NQ4 and 1NQF)
were abd'"!ed from !heir ho'ses by /'ssian mii!an!s in !he viage of
Assinovs,aya( The !wo hos!ages are a""'sed of *roviding aid !o heroi"
%';ahideen of !he &a'"as's Emira!e sin"e !he beginning of 0410(
/ea!ives of !he vi"!ims fo'nd !heir oved ones in !he basemen! of a
/'ssian in!erior minis!ry base in S'n8ha( They said !ha! !heir oved ones
were for"ed !o sign so<"aed "onfessions af!er being beas!y bea!en and
!or!'red by "owardy /'ssians( Their fa!e is s!i 'n,nown(
Finay i! sho'd be no!ed !ha! !he /'ssians were firmy "onvin"ed !ha! his
mo!her was invoved wi!h a vioen! Isamis! gro'* and !hey have !o have
good in!eigen"e on !hese /'ssian s*ea,ing *sy"ho*a!hi" %'sims as
"o'n!ess /'ssian ives are a! s!a,e( The FBI ef! o'! !he informa!ion abo'!
his mo!her being an I&E member in !heir firs! *ress reease regarding !heir
in!era"!ion wi!h Tameran(
AHEDA SA/AT.-A is !he s*o,es*erson for An8or
and D'beida!( She is a &he"hnyan !erroris!
sym*a!hi8er who 'ses !he "over of h'man righ!s
a"!ivis!( She is a se"re! member of !he Isamis!
&a'"as's Emira!e( Aheda Sara!ova) is head of !he
Informa!ion<Anay!i"a Agen"y S.b;e"!iveS whi"h is engaged in !ra"ing !he
"o'n!er<ins'rgen"y si!'a!ion in !he &he"hen /e*'bi" and inves!iga!ing !he
"rimes agains! o"a !erroris!s(
Aheda Sara!ova wor,s !o he* famiies
whose rea!ives are "a'gh! '* in se"'ri!y swee*s by /am8an Aadyrov:s
for"es( She s!a!ed) >D'ring !he war) yo' "o'd aways hide from !he bombs(
There was aways somewhere yo' "o'd r'n !o( B'! !oday yo' don:! ,now
who !o !r's!( Eo' s!ar! !o do'b! and be s's*i"io's of even yo'r own
"oeag'es( Tha!:s !he mos! frigh!ening !hing) worse !han d'ring !he war(?
. 3$$8:;;444.en5.0a&0aE<uEe".!u;a!$i#"es;12+,+;
The *'bi"a!ion S -Dages!anS &ommand of !he %';ahideen iss'ed a
s!a!emen! -iaya! Dages!an of !he &a'"as's Emira!e in "onne"!ion wi!h !he
re"en! even!s in Bos!on 2$SA3(The s!a!emen! reads in *ar!1
Af!er !he even!s in Bos!on 2$SA3 in !he *ress re*or!ed !ha! one of !he
bro!hers Tsarnaevyh in 0410 for Q mon!hs in Dages!an( .n !his basis !he
s*e"'a!ive ass'm*!ion !ha! he may have been asso"ia!ed wi!h !he
%';ahedeen of !he &a'"as's Emira!e) in *ar!i"'ar) !he %';ahedeen of
Dages!an( -iaya! Dages!an "ommand in !his regard indi"a!es !ha! !he
&a'"asian %';ahedeen are no! figh!ing wi!h !he $ni!ed S!a!es of
Ameri"a( We are a! war wi!h /'ssia) whi"h is no! ony res*onsibe for !he
o""'*a!ion of !he &a'"as's) b'! aso for !he heino's "rimes agains!
%'sims( Aso) remember !ha! even in res*e"! of an enemy s!a!e /'ssia)
whi"h is figh!ing !he &a'"as's Emira!e Emir vaid order Do,' $marov)
which prohibits stri)es on civilian tar(ets( In !his regard) !he "ommand of
!he %';ahideen -iaya! Dages!an "as *rimariy Ameri"an media !o s!o*
s*e"'a!ing and *romo!e /'ssian *ro*aganda( If !he $(S( governmen! is
reay in!eres!ed in es!abishing !he !r'e organi8ers of e9*osions in Bos!on)
and are not complicit in &ussian pla+, !hen !hey sho'd fo"'s on
invovemen! in !he even!s o""'rring /'ssian s*e"ia servi"es( Signed
$ommand o the Mu/ahideen 6ila+at %a(estan I&
.n Febr'ary 6) 0410) I&E Emir $marov in a video *os!ed onine) ordered
his s'bordina!es !o ha! a!!a",s on !he "iviian *o*'a!ion of /'ssia) whie
eaving mii!ary and se"'ri!y *ersonne as egi!ima!e !arge!s( There is no
indi"a!ion !ha! I&E s!o**ed !arge!ing "iviians) none wha!soever( In A*ri
0416 Sha,hr'din As,habov) a member of I&E who was behind a series of
deady a!!a",s o"a s!ores as! fa and was ,nown as >!he bomber? was
!a,en o'! by se"'ri!y *oi"e(
Here he is in a"!ion( In 5an'ary 0410 I&E
was invoved in an aeged *o! !o assassina!e /'ssian *residen!<ee"!
-adimir P'!in as $,rainian and /'ssian se"'ri!y servi"es "aim as
re*or!ed by /'ssia:s s!a!e<r'n MFirs! &hanne: !eevision(
Las! year) !he
sma /'ssian re*'bi" s'ffered a !error a!!a", amos! every day( Be!ween
5an'ary and November !here were 0Q0 !error "rimes) a""ording !o !he s!a!e
*rose"'!or:s offi"e( And s!a!e a'!hori!ies say !hey ,ied 01N !error s's*e"!s
in "onfron!a!ions( The &a'"as's Emira!e has *edged !o a!!a", !he 041C
Win!er .ym*i" =ames !ha! are d'e !o be hed in !he *o*'ar Ba", Sea
. 3$$8:;;444.n%$i1es.#(1;201*;0+;2);4(!";eu!(8e;!ussian<se#u!i$%<'(!#es<0i""<$4(<
. 3$$8:;;#sis.(!5;K"es;8u2"i#a$i(n;120*12PHa3nPIIPER5*.8'
resor! of So"hi(

D'beida! Tsarnaev1
I saw a very) very in!eres!ing video as! nigh! !ha! !he mara!hon was
some!hing li)e a reall+ bi( pla+. There is) i,e) *ain! ins!ead of bood) i,e i!
is made '* some!hing( If !hey are going !o ,i him( I don:! "are( %y odes!
son is ,ied) so I don:! "are( I don:! "are if my yo'nges! son is going !o be
,ied !oday( I wan! !he word !o hear !his( And) I don:! "are if I am going !o
ge! ,ied !oo( !nd I will sa+ !llahu !)bar7 They are aready !a,ing abo'!
!ha! we are !erroris!s( I am !error B !hey !od !ha! I was doing some
!erroris!) yo' ,now) wha! did !hey !e+ Li,e some ,ind of o*era!ion I was
,ind of *re*aring here or I aready did some!hing( I don:! ,now( Peo*e are
!eing differen! informa!ion I ge!( They aready wan! me) him and a of 's !o
oo, as !erroris!s( So !he news are !eing) i!:s some ,ind) everyone) I don:!
,now) where is i! from+ I!:s from Ameri"a( The news say !ha! I was
*re*aring !errorism( I don:! ,now wha! a !erroris! o*era!ion is(
D'beida! *arro!s !he I&E *ar!y ine( I! was a *ayG i! was a fase fag
o*era!ion( An8or Tsarnaev said in an in!erview !o !he &he"hen Servi"e of
/adio Liber!y !ha! his sons were framed by se"'ri!y servi"es( >This is *'re
. 3$$8:;;4e2#a#3e.5((5"euse!#(n$en$.#(1;sea!#3NMO#a#3e:5PN,)8W?5<
s!aging( Someone did !ha! on *'r*ose( I do no! ,now why !his is
done( I ,now my "hidren( How "an a man who has never
*rayed !o go and bow '* some!hing+ The oder one wen!
!o !he mos7'e( We of!en visi!ed by se"'ri!y servi"es and
as,ed who is !hin,ing abo'! and s!'ff R And !he yo'nger
had never even *rayed(?


This !erroris! !rai!or !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es) !o her reigion and !o h'mani!y
,new wha! her h'sband and his bro!her were doing( Tha! is why she is
smiing) as she beieves she was *ar! of a ;ihadis! even!( The 5D.LS/S
reai8es !ha! i! s!rains "red'i!y !o beieve !ha! she didn:! s's*e"! some!hing
was wrong when she "ame home and fo'nd her h'sband had *'r"hased F
*ress're "oo,ers+ And n'mero's firewor,s+ And de!ona!ors+ And *i*es+
And ba bearings+ And g'n*owder+ And -aseine+ Inspire was on her
"om*'!er( E9*osive resid'e was fo'nd a aro'nd in !he sma a*ar!men! in
!he ba!h!'b) ,i!"hen sin, and ,i!"hen !abe( The 5D. is we aware !ha! one
of !he ingredien!s in g'n*owder is S'f'r) a s'bs!an"e wi!h a dis!in"!ive
sme( She m's! have smeed i!K She wen! wi!h her deranged h'sband !o
New Ham*shire) where he sm'rfed firewor,s( Wha! did she !hin, he was
going !o do wi!h !hemG !he Fo'r!h of 5'y was far in !he f'!'re( The -ew
2or) Times re*or!ed >The bro!hers finished b'iding !he bombs in
Tamerlan5s apartment in $ambrid(e, Mass() fas!er !han !hey had
an!i"i*a!ed) and so de"ided !o a""eera!e !heir a!!a", !o !he Bos!on
%ara!hon on A*ri 1F) 0416 Pa!rio!s: Day in %assa"h'se!!s) a""ording !o
!he a""o'n! !ha! D8ho,har *rovided !o a'!hori!ies(? Fo, -ews
reported >The brothers reportedl+ had planned to set o the e,plosives on
Jul+ 8, 0416 b'! "hanged !heir *ans when !he bombs were finished eary(?
So !hey were going !o s!ash !he IEDs in !ha! sma fa! for mon!hs ho*ing
!ha! !he %'sima wo'd no! s!'mbe a"ross !hem+ Whie !he bombs were
being "ons!r'"!ed !here was a 6<year od "hid *resen! who "o'd have
been ,ied had !he bombs a""iden!ay de!ona!ed(
And !ha! evi woman is s!i on !he s!ree!+ .ffi"ias have e9*ressed some
s,e*!i"ism abo'! D8ho,har Tsarnaev:s a""o'n!) saying !ha! !he "om*e9i!y
of !he bombs ma,es i! 'ni,ey !ha! !he bro!hers "o'd have "om*e!ed
assembing !hem as fas! as he "aimed( B'! remember) he been !a'gh! how
!o assembe IEDs in Dages!an( Aa!herine ived wi!h Tameran and D'beida!
Tsarnaev in &ambridge) %assa"h'se!!s before !he s's*e"!:s *aren!s
re!'rned !o /'ssia(
The Tsarnaev !erroris! famiy ived in a &ambridge a*ar!men! !ha! had been
eased more !han 14 years ago by TsarnaevPs *aren!s( Aa!herine /'sse
wor,ed as a home hea!h<"are aide( Her awyer said she wor,ed O4 ho'rs
a wee,( Le!:s see !he !ime shee!sK Wha! if she go! si", on !he ;ob and
re!'rned home 'ne9*e"!edy+ Aarima Tsarnaev "aed her h'sband af!er
she saw his *i"!'re on T- b'! she did no! aer! a'!hori!ies( She !oo, ref'ge
a! her famiyPs home on A*ri 1N) 0416 ho'rs af!er her h'sband was ,ied(
How did Aa!hy fa for Isami" !ho'gh!+ I! is i,e hy*nosis) !he !ri", is !o find
some s's"e*!ibe !o i!) !hen e9*ose !ha! *erson !o dawa and in maybe one
"ase of o'! of 144 !hey wi rever!( Aarima:s grandfa!her wen! !o Eae and so
did her fa!her) Warren /'sse) 141 Page S!ree! New Bedford) %A 40@C4
2F4O3 NQ1<F6N4 an emergen"y do"!or whose Fa"eboo, *rofie is!s his high
s"hoo ama ma!er as !he ei!e New Ham*shire boarding s"hoo Phii*s
E9e!er A"ademy( Her mo!her) 5'di!h /'sse) was is!ed on her Fa"eboo,
*rofie as wor,ing a! a so"ia servi"es agen"y as a n'rse( Her famiy
reeased a s!a!emen! shor!y af!er she was es"or!ed home by federa
agen!s !ha! day saying !hey Snever reay ,newS Tsarnaev( $ni,ey( The FBI
go! a warran! !o sear"h her *aren!:s home af!er !hey fo'nd femae DNA on
one of !he bomb *ar!s( Her DNA was no! a ma!"h( She is mee!ing wi!h !he
FBI and ho*ef'y wi agree !o be *oygra*hed(
The FBI fo'nd Inspire and o!her Isamis! *ro*aganda on her a*!o* b'! i!
a!!rib'!ed i! !o her h'sband( B'! why+ I! was her "om*'!er) no! his(
D8ho,har "overed for her and said she had no roe as !here was no!hing in
i! for him) as !here is no way !he Feds were going !o !a,e !he dea!h *ena!y
off !he !abe( Aarima Tsarnaev is no easiy inf'en"ed) im*ressionabe)
mi9ed '* !eenager) she is a hard "ore Isamis!( Do"!or /'sse had *'! his
ho'se '* for sae on !he day Tameran was ,ied( He ,new where is son<in<
aw was "oming from) from !he *oi!i"a o*inions he had e9*ressed( He
,new e9a"!y wha! ha**ened( Every !ime !he %'sima eaves her *aren!sP
ho'se) federa agen!s wa!"hing !he residen"e foow her in 'nmar,ed
vehi"es( She re!ained 5osh Dra!e as her a!!orney( %embers of !he
5D.LS/S s!aff ,new him *ersonay and are ga!hering informa!ion on him(
Dra!e U %ysiwie") P(&() 0 Wa S!ree!) 6rd Foor New Eor,) New Eor,
dra!eawZdra!emys("om Tee*hone1 20103 @60<4@4@ Fa91 20103 F@1<6@N0
$ni,e his former aw *ar!ner) =erry Lef"o'r!) 5osh was no! a /ed Dia*er
Baby( His fa!her was abo'! as far from a &omm'nis! as yo' "an ge! as
eviden"ed by his obi!'ary1
D/ATEL<5ose*h( Beoved h'sband of Heidi( Devo!ed fa!her of Lo'ise)
Pa!!i) Biy and 5osh'aG devo!ed bro!her of !he a!e Bea %ishaan( Adored
grandfa!her of Danie) %ar,) &hares) /ober!) Asher) 5'ia) 5ona!han and
Sidney( Died %ar"h 14) 1NNO in 5'*i!er) Forida( He was a awyer and &PA)
and &hairman of !he Board of !he Dra!e =ro'*) In"() a New Eor, S!o",
E9"hange %ember firm !ha! he "o<fo'nded in 1NO4( He wi be missed(
F'nera servi"es a! PPThe /iversidePP) @Q S!ree! and Ams!erdam Ave()
141CFA% Friday(
D/ATEL<5ose*h 25os3( The .ffi"ers) Tr's!ees and member of !he 5ewish
&en!er of !he Ham*!ons dee*y mo'rn !he s'dden *assing of 5os Dra!e) a
mos! dedi"a!ed and devo!ed member of o'r Board of Tr's!ees( We e9!end
o'r "ondoen"es !o his wife Heidi and !o his famiy( /abbi David L( =efand
&an!or Debra S!ein<Davidson Be!!y L( %armon) Presiden!
5osh'a Dra!e defended David Hi",s) 0N) an A's!raian "harged wi!h being
a sodier for !he Taiban( 5osh'a L( Dra!e) was a awyer for Wadih E<Hage)
who was a""'sed of a dire"! roe in !he bombing of !wo Ameri"an
Embassies in Afri"a( A ;'dge ref'sed !o dro* "harges agains! a S!a!en
Isand man a""'sed of *roviding ma!eria s'**or! !o a !erroris! organi8a!ion
by broad"as!ing A %anar) a !eevision ne!wor, !ha! *rose"'!ors said was
s'**or!ed by He8boah( The ;'dge) /i"hard Berman of Federa Dis!ri"!
&o'r!) denied a mo!ion !o dismiss !he "harges agains! !he man) 5aved
I7ba) said his awyer) 5osh'a L( Dra!e( The ;'dge aso denied a mo!ion !o
s'**ress s!a!emen!s by %r( I7ba and eviden"e( Dra!e re*resen!ed a
Broo,yn man) Be!im Aa8i') whom a federa "o'r! ;'ry in 5'ne 0411 fo'nd
g'i!y of "ons*ira"y !o "ommi! m'rder overseas and of s'**or!ing !errorism(
$(S( *rose"'!ors said Aa8i' had !a,en a<Haeda eader .sama Bin
Laden:s words and rebroad"as! !hem as his own and
dissemina!ed messages from Anwar a<Awa,i on his %yS*a"e *age(
Dra!e bragged abo'! his *ar! in !he Hoy Land Fo'nda!ion "ase >A
deado",ed federa ;'ry here did no! "onvi"! any eaders of a %'sim "hari!y
who were "harged wi!h s'**or!ing %idde Eas!ern !erroris!s) and !he ;'dge
!oday de"ared a mis!ria in wha! has been widey viewed as !he
governmen!:s fagshi* !error<finan"ing "ase(? Ano!her of Dra!e:s "ien!s Ab'
Ham8a a<%asri is awai!ing !ria on "harges !ha! he "ons*ired wi!h Sea!!e
men !o se! '* a !erroris! !raining "am* in .regon( He aso is "harged wi!h
he*ing !o abd'"! !wo Ameri"an !o'ris!s and 1C o!her *eo*e in Eemen in
1NNO( 5'dge 5ohn =( Aoe! of Federa Dis!ri"! &o'r! in %anha!!an fo'nd
!ha! !wo of "onvi"!ed !erroris! Lynne S!ewar!Ps awyers) 5osh'a Dra!e and
5i Sheow<Lavine) had engaged in ega PPmis"ond'"!PP by mee!ing wi!h one
of !he ;'rors af!er !he !ria wi!ho'! no!ifying him or !he *rose"'!ors( 5'dge
Aoe! did no! *'nish %s( S!ewar!Ps awyers for wha! he !ermed a "ear
vioa!ion of !he r'es( Dra!e has an agenda and is !he "o<a'!hor of >The
Tor!'re Pa*ers? 2&ambridge $niversi!y Press3) a "om*ia!ion of
memorand'ms and re*or!s "hroni"ing !he road !o Ab' =hraib *rison(
Dra!e has handed !errorism "ases in federa "o'r! and a! ='an![namo
Bay o**osed branding !erroris!s as enemy "omba!an!s1 >Why does one
end '* as a "rimina defendan! and ano!her as an enemy "omba!an!+?
When !he NSA !ried !o *reven! !erroris! a!!a",s in !he $ni!ed S!a!es Dra!e
$n!i !his NSA Program was reveaed) !hose of 's invoved in s'"h "ases
"o'd res! ass'red !ha! o'r effor!s and "omm'ni"a!ions were free from
in!erferen"e 'ness a $ni!ed S!a!es Dis!ri"! &o'r! ;'dge a**roved ee"!roni"
s'rveian"e *'rs'an! !o !he s!andards of !he Foreign In!eigen"e
S'rveian"e A"!( Tha! "omfor! eve no onger e9is!s) and i! has sen! a "hi
!hro'gh !he ega "omm'ni!y and !hose '*on whom i! reies for assis!an"e
and informa!ion( The res'! is a denigra!ion and dimin'!ion of !he righ!s
afforded 'nder !he Fo'r!h) Fif!h) and Si9!h Amendmen!s( I am gra!ef' !ha!
A&L$ and NA&DL are wiing !o be a! !he forefron! of !he effor! !o ha! !he
governmen!Ps 'nawf' "ond'"!) ob!ain remedies for s'"h "ond'"! aready
"ommi!!ed) and hod !hose res*onsibe a""o'n!abe in order !ha! s'"h
"ond'"! no! be re*ea!ed(
A member of !he 5D.LS/S !eam had deaings wi!h Dra!e and ,nows he is
wiing !o go a o'! !o he* his "ien!s( B'! wha! is i! !ha! mo!iva!es him !o
be"ome an In Ho'se &o'nse !o Isamis!s who wan! !o ,i him be"a'se he
is a 5ew+ Dra!e and o!hers ha!e !he $ni!ed S!a!es for defea!ing !he Sovie!
$nion so m'"h !hey are wiing !o die !o see Ameri"a defea!ed( They are
embi!!ered &omm'nis!s wiing !o dea wi!h Isamis!s who are m'"h more
an!i<&omm'nis! !han !he $ni!ed S!a!es(
Isam of!en a!!ra"!s !he "rimina eemen! as i! does in many Ameri"an
*risons( Perha*s !ha! is a res'! of %ohammed being a "rimina( D'beida!
Tsarnaev) CF) s!oe X1)Q44 wor!h of "o!hes from a %assa"h'se!!s Lord U
Tayor s!ore( She was "harged wi!h !wo "o'n!s of mai"io'sLwan!on
damage and defa"emen! !o *ro*er!y af!er aegedy swi*ing !he
mer"handise from !he re!aierPs Na!i",) %assa"h'se!!s o"a!ion in 5'ne
0410( She was d'e in "o'r! on ."!ober 0F for a hearing in !he "ase) b'!
never showed '*( Tameran:s
wife) Aa!hrine /'sse) !hen
1O) was arres!ed in
"onne"!ion wi!h !he !hef! of XQ@
wor!h of mer"handise from a
Warwi",) /(I( .d Navy( The "harge was even!'ay dismissed af!er she
*aid a X044 fine and did her ao!!ed "omm'ni!y servi"e( In 044N) a woman
des"ribed as TsarneavPs girfriend "aed *oi"e in &ambridge) %ass() !o
re*or! she had been hi! in !he fa"e by Tameran) a "ham*ion bo9er(
Tameran was arres!ed on 5'y 0O) 044N and "harged wi!h domes!i" assa'!
and ba!!ery( When "onfron!ed by *oi"e) he "onfessed) SEes) I sa**ed her)S
a""ording !o an arres! re*or! from !he !ime(
I&E S$PP./T AND F/.NT =/.$PS
H1 When !he !errorism is in,ed !o !he Nor!h &a'"as's) wha! do yo'
%r( Tsarnaev1 I!:s s!'*idi!y(
%s( Tsarnaeva1 F'nny(
%r( Tsarnaev1 I!:s "om*e!e misinforma!ion(
The &a'"'s region has a ong his!ory of ;ihad( In 1NNO) severa mo'n!ain
viages in Dages!an) in !he Aadar Done) re;e"!ed /'ssian aw enfor"emen!
and "o'r!s and *ra"!i"ed Shar:ia( They were "r'shed by !he /'ssian
mii!ary in 1NNN) b'! !he movemen! s'rvived( These /'ssian s*ea,ing
%'sims are figh!ing !o re;e"! /'ssian ins!i!'!ions and *ra"!i"es) i,e women
wearing reveaing "o!hes and !he sae of a"oho( Bombings and
assassina!ions are "ommon( A"oho sho*s are bown '*G g'nmen sho! a
s"hoo!ea"her who *rohibi!ed heads"arves in "ass( A bomb b'ried in !he
sand of a bea"h voeyba "o'r! on !he &as*ian Sea sheared off !he eg of
a woman who *ayed in a bi,ini( %a,ha"h,aa has a bea"h for women ony)
in a""ordan"e wi!h Shar:ia( This famiy has !he same mindse! as !he
!erroris!s who bedevi %a,ha"h,aa( Doga!ov ed I&E in Dages!an( The
S'*reme &o'r! of /'ssia o'!awed !he in!erna!iona organi8a!ion Imarat
9av)a1, or the $aucasus :mirate) >on finding i! !o be !erroris! in "hara"!er(
Imarat 9av)a1 was se! '* by a &he"hen mii!an! "hief Do,' $marov in
."!ober 044@ !o "rea!e a Sharia aw<governed s!a!e in !he Nor!h &a'"as's(
B'! !he organi8a!ion a"!'ay amo'n!s !o a se*ara!is! Isami" 'ndergro'nd
movemen!) "overing !he /'ssian re*'bi"s of Dages!an) &he"hnya)
Ing'she!ia) Aabardino<Ba,aria and Aara"hayevo<&her,essia( The Imarat
9av)a1 mii!an!s "aimed res*onsibii!y for a n'mber of m'"h<*'bi"i8ed
"rimes) in"'ding as! s'mmer:s a!!em*! on !he ife of Ing'sh Presiden!
E'n's<Be, Eev,'rov) !he bowing '* of !he Neva E9*ress !rain in
November and !he m'rder of an .r!hodo9 *ries! Danii Sysoyev in %os"ow
aso in November 044N(? If I&E did no! have a hand in !his why
demons!ra!e for !he bro!hers+
A *ro!es! !oo, *a"e in fron! of !he $S Embassy in -ienna) A's!ria) on
Th'rsday af!ernoon 'nder a genera sogan 2see *ho!o3 S/ea Terroris!s Si!
in !he Whi!e Ho'seKKK Ameri"a is a &o'n!ry of LieKKKS An A's!rian s!a!e news
agen"y \]\ re*or!ed on !he s!ory in an ar!i"e SA"!ivis!s demons!ra!e in
-ienna in s'**or! for Tsarnaevs 2A,!ivis!en demons!rieren in Wien fWr

S.n Th'rsday) a! aro'nd C144 *m) a demons!ra!ion was hed in -ienna !o
show soidari!y wi!h !he !wo bro!hers who aegedy bombed !he Bos!on
%ara!hon( S%'sims aways hod !oge!her) no ma!!er wha! ha**ens(((K We
a ,now !ha! !he !wo &he"hens are inno"en!KS sho'!ed !he organi8ers( A
*o*'ar A's!rian *a*er) ^s!erei"h) wri!es1 SAnswering 7'es!ions *osed by
;o'rnais!s) !he *ro!es!ers said1 SThe Ameri"ans wan! !o shif! !heir own
"rime on inno"en! &he"hens( They are doing !ha! be"a'se !hey wage wars
agains! Isam in Ira7) Afghanis!an and Syria( Now) i!Ps !he !'rn of &he"hnya(
The eviden"e has been fasified( The bro!hers have no rea!ion !o !he
bombings( Ameri"a a!!a",ed !hem be"a'se !hey are %'sims(S A simiar
*ro!es! was hed in Hamb'rg) =ermany) aso on Th'rsday( P'bi"a!ion !ime1
0@ A*ri 0416) 1O141 De*ar!men! of %oni!oring Aav,a8 &en!er
Wha! was !he a!erna!ive here+ The /'ssian s*ea,ing Isamis!s "o'dn:!
have a demons!ra!ion s'**or!ing wha! Tameran did so !hey did !he se"ond
bes! !hing Y !hey "aimed he was framed( This !es 5D.LS/S !hey were
.n %ay 1) 0416 !hree "oege s!'den!s have been arres!ed by federa
a'!hori!ies in "onne"!ion wi!h !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings( They he*ed
D8ho,har af!er !he bombing( A of !hem were %'sims( I! is aso in!eres!ing
!o no!e !ha! when !he FBI reeased Tameran and his bro!her:s *ho!os no
one from his "oege "aed !he FBI !o say one of !he men resembed
someone in !heir dorm( The FBI "an !e yo' wha! !hese !wo Isamis!s did
be!!er !han 5D.LS/S "an( &i", HE/E for "om*ain!(
These %'sims are no! e9"e*!ions !o !he r'e( When *'sh "omes !o shove
observan! %'sims: oya!y is !o !he $mmah) !he wordwide %'sim Na!ion
and no! !o !he *eo*e of !he $ni!ed S!a!es( The !hree a""essories !o mass
m'rder af!er !he fa"! did no! do i! sim*y be"a'se !hey were "ose friends of
D8ho,har) !hey did i! for AahK They s's*e"!ed D8ho,har was '* !o some
sor! of !erroris! a"! when he !od !hem he ,new how !o ma,e a bomb and
!hey "ombined wi!h his *oi!i"a o*inions( Two of D8ho,har:s i!!e he*ers
are fa"ing a mere five years for wha! !hey did( There are *eo*e doing more
!ime in Federa *rison for *o!K This was no "oege *ran,( This was aiding
and abe!!ing !errorism( They wi be we"omed as heroes af!er !hey are
de*or!ed !o Aa8a,hs!an( The !hird %'sim) /obe Phii*os) is a $(S( "i!i8en)
ives wi!h his 'nmarried mo!her) who is from E!hio*ia and wor,s wi!h
ref'gees) WHDH<T- re*or!ed( Their &ambridge a*ar!men! is ne9! !o !he
gas s!a!ion where !he Tsarnaev bro!hers "ar;a",ed a vehi"e before ge!!ing
in!o !he shoo!o'! wi!h *oi"e in whi"h 0Q<year<od Tameran Tsarnaev was
,ied( He is fa"ing a mere eigh! years for ying !o !he FBI( The 5D.
beieves !ha! !he S!a!e of %assa"h'se!!s sho'd bring "harges agains! !he
!hree and !ha! !hey ea"h sho'd s*end a minim'm of !wen!y years in a
S!a!e Peni!en!iary(
The Jewish %eense 3r(ani1ation Pans Division re*or!s1
Haran Pro!ass is !he sef<ha!ing 5ewish awyer defending some of !hose
"a'gh! in Bos!on who he*ed !he Bos!on %assa"re Isami" &a'"as's
Emira!e !error a!!a",KKK Tweve wee,s ago he wro!e and organi8ed a
"am*aign !o ge! a new aw *assed !ha! wo'd bo",
Homeand Se"'ri!y from in!er"e*!ing e<mais from !erroris!sKKK
=ive !his sef<ha!ing 5ew he*ing A<Haeda a *ie"e of yo'r
mind and e<mai him( &o*y !his message and send i! !o
every 5ew yo' ,now so !hey wi boy"o!! Haran and "os! him big and brea,
him in haf finan"iayK His e<mai is *ro!assZ"ayro("om Law firm is a! 64F
%adison S'i!e 1641 New Eor, &i!y Tee*hone 010<N00<14O4
As s!a!ed In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y *oi"y regarding &a'"'s Se*ara!ism was
s*i!( This was a grave mis!a,e as I&E are !erroris!s) *'re and sim*e(
Par!iay be"a'se of !his a!!i!'de and be"a'se !he bro!hers were &a'"asian
no! swar!hy) bearded Arabs) !he FBI bo!"hed !he inves!iga!ion(
.n"e !he FBI earned !he iden!i!ies of !he !wo bro!hers !oday) !he FBI
reviewed i!s re"ords and de!ermined !ha! in eary 0411) a foreign
governmen! as,ed !he FBI for informa!ion abo'! Tameran Tsarnaev( The
re7'es! s!a!ed !ha! i! was based on informa!ion !ha! he was a foower of
radi"a Isam and a s!rong beiever) and !ha! he had "hanged dras!i"ay
sin"e 0414 as he *re*ared !o eave !he $ni!ed S!a!es for !rave !o !he
"o'n!ryPs region !o ;oin 'ns*e"ified 'ndergro'nd gro'*s( In res*onse !o !his
0411 re7'es!) !he FBI "he",ed $(S( governmen! da!abases and o!her
informa!ion !o oo, for s'"h !hings as deroga!ory !ee*hone
"omm'ni"a!ions) *ossibe 'se of onine si!es asso"ia!ed wi!h !he *romo!ion
of radi"a a"!ivi!y) asso"ia!ions wi!h o!her *ersons of in!eres!) !rave his!ory
and *ans) and ed'"a!ion his!ory( The FBI aso in!erviewed Tameran
Tsarnaev and famiy members( The FBI did no! find any !errorism a"!ivi!y)
domes!i" or foreign) and !hose res'!s were *rovided !o !he foreign
governmen! in !he s'mmer of 0411( The FBI re7'es!ed b'! did no! re"eive
more s*e"ifi" or addi!iona informa!ion from !he foreign governmen!(
The FBI in!erviewed Tameran af!er re"eiving a !i* from !he /'ssians !ha!
he was a !erroris! heading for a !erroris! !raining "am* in Dages!an or
&he"hnya( This !i* was so im*or!an! and 'rgen! !ha! i! was hand deivered
dire"!y !o !he FBI Lega A!!a"h# a! !he Ameri"an Embassy in %os"ow( This
wasn:! a !ee9) emai) or e!!er in a bo!!e( The firs! /'ssian re7'es! "ame in
%ar"h 0411( The one<*age re7'es! said Tameran Tsarnaev >had "hanged
dras!i"ay sin"e 0414? and was *re*aring !o !rave !o a %'sim *ar! of
/'ssia >!o ;oin 'ns*e"ified 'ndergro'nd gro'*s(? In res*onse)
"o'n!er!errorism agen!s in !he FBI fied Bos!on offi"e began a review !o
de!ermine whe!her he had e9!remis! !enden"ies or !ies !o !erroris! gro'*s(
The review in"'ded e9amining "rimina da!abases and "ond'"!ing
in!erviews wi!h Tsarnaev and his famiy( In !he S*ring of 0411) !he FBI
inves!iga!ed D'beida! Tsarnaeva) aso a! /'ssiaPs re7'es!( The &IA as,ed
for D'beida! Tsarnaev !o be added !o a !erroris! da!abase in !he a'!'mn of
0411) af!er !he /'ssian governmen! "on!a"!ed !he agen"y wi!h "on"erns
!ha! she had be"ome an Isamis!( Wha! is in!eres!ing here is how "o'd !he
FBI in!erview one famiy member who is 'nder s's*i"ion of !errorism abo'!
ano!her famiy member 'nder s's*i"ion of !errorism( Tha! is i,e
in!erviewing Ayman A<Dawahari abo'! .sama Bin Laden and being !od
>.h .sama) he wo'dn:! h'r! a fy(?
D'beida! re"aed !he FBI in!erviews b'! ,ee* in mind she is a iar1 SThey
"ame and as,ed him) wha! are yo' doing) wha! are yo' '* !o+S she
They said Tameran was an inf'en!ia ad) he had !he *ersonai!y of a
eader and !hey as,ed me) PDonP! yo' have any !ho'gh!s !ha! he "o'd
organi8e some ,ind of gro'* of a !erroris! *ers'asion+: They said !heyPd
seen wha! ,ind of videos hePd been oo,ing a!( And !hey !od me !ha! !hey
,ee* yo'ng eaders among %'sims 'nder "on!ro so !here arenP! any
bombings) so !ha! !hey donP! fa 'nder someonePs inf'en"e( When *oi"e
"ome) when yo' reai8e !ha! !here is somebody from !he governmen!
in!eres!ed in yo'r "hidren) yo' as,( .f "o'rse I as,ed Tameran( They were
!here when I as,ed( I as,ed) MDo yo' ,now if !here is some!hing wrong+:
MNo) no) !here is no!hing wrong( We ;'s! wan!ed !o !a, !o share some
o*inions) wha! Tameran is doing) wha! Tameran is reading(: A"!'ay !hey
!od me1 MDon:! yo' !hin, Tameran is being a i!!e bi! e9!reme abo'!
reigion+ Do yo' !hin, he wo'd !hin, abo'! organi8ing some ,ind of
!erroris! a!!a",+ Aggression+ Do yo' see any aggression in Tameran+: So)
no( I did no!( I did no!( I reay did no! see any reason !o worry) and !hen
when I !a,ed !o Tameran1 M%aybe yo' did some!hing) maybe yo' read or
wha!ever(: M%ama) I do read) i,e everybody reads( Wha!) I "an:! read+: And
I !od !hem !oo) I wi read !his) I wi read !ha!( I wi read wha!ever is !here(
Tha!:s why !he informa!ion is !here and !ha!:s why !he head is here(:
We !ho'gh! !ha! !he FBI "ame !o 's) as !hey said) !o save !hem( They said
i! was for !he *ro*hya"!i" *'r*oses1 MWe don:! ony "ome for yo') we "ome
!o a yo'ng *eo*e( We ,now wha! yo' read) whi"h Web si!es yo' visi!) we
,now ea"h s!e* of yo'rs( S'"h is o'r wor,( So !ha! *eo*e wo'd ive
7'ie!y) so !ha! no!hing wo'd e9*ode(: I said) M=rea!( We are gad !ha! o'r
"hidren are oo,ed af!er(: And in fa"! we were gad !o i!(
The agen!s "on"'ded by 5'ne 0411 !ha! !hey "o'd no! find any
"onne"!ions !o e9!remis!s and "osed !he "ase( Those FBI do"'men!s have
!o reeased 'nder F.IA( .!her !han !he /'ssian re*or! !here were no
!ra"es in any indi"es on Tameran( B'! on"e again remember) !erroris!s are
made no! born( Eo' have !o s!ar! somewhere( In A'g's! 0411 !he res'!s of
!he assessmen! were *rovided !o !he /'ssians( A! !he !ime) FBI agen!s
re7'es!ed !ha! !he /'ssian *rovide addi!iona informa!ion on Tsarnaev and
as,ed !o be informed of any f'r!her deveo*men!s( Af!er !he &IA "eared
him of any !ies !o Isamis!s in ."!ober 0411) i! as,ed !he Na!iona
&o'n!er!errorism &en!er !o add his name !o a wa!"h is! as a *re"a'!ion(
./ TIDE) "on!ains abo'! @44)444 names( I! is !he main re*osi!ory from
whi"h o!her governmen! wa!"h is!s are drawn) in"'ding !he FBI:s Terroris!
. O$3e! a5en#ies, in#"uin5 $3e S$a$e De8a!$1en$, $3e H(1e"an Se#u!i$%
De8a!$1en$ an $3e F/I 4e!e a"e!$e.
S"reening Da!abase and !he Trans*or!a!ion Se"'ri!y Adminis!ra!ion:s >no
fy? is!( The informa!ion "onveyed !o !he wa!"h is! in"'ded a !ransi!era!ion
from &yrii" of %r( Tsarnaev:s name < >Tameran Tsarnayev? < !wo da!es of
bir!h 2bo!h in"orre"!) offi"ias said3) and one *ossibe varian! s*eing of his
name( Tsarnaev:s de*ar!'re a**aren!y did no! se! off an aer! on !he TIDE
wa!"h is! be"a'se !he s*eing varian!s of his name and !he bir!h da!es
en!ered in!o !he sys!em B e9a"!y how !he /'ssian governmen! had
*rovided !he da!a mon!hs earier B were dierent enou(h rom the correct
inormation to prevent an alert) a $ni!ed S!a!es offi"ia said( TIDE ony had
!he s*eing and D.B !he /'ssians had( The &IA) who made !he is!ing
re7'es!) had !he name Tameran Tsarnaev) !he name 'nder whi"h he was
in!erviewed by !he FBI ro'!iney shared wi!h &IA( B'! !he &IA never *'! !ha!
varian! on TIDE+ Tha! was !he *rimary way of s*eing his name( How &IA
"o'd have ef! !ha! o'! s!rains "red'i!yG or did !he *eo*e who ma,e !he
en!ries !o !he TIDE "om*'!er eave i! o'!+
The Bos!on FBI F. added Tsarnaev:s name !o a se"ond wa!"h is!) !he
whi"h was se! '* !o send an ee"!roni" message !o "'s!oms offi"ias
whenever Tsarnaev ef! !he "o'n!ry( Shor!y !hereaf!er) !he FBI re*ea!ed i!s
re7'es! !o !he /'ssians for more informa!ion( The /'ssians) however) did
no! res*ond wi!h any!hing new( B'! a mon!h a!er) !he /'ssians sen! !he
&IA !he same re7'es! for informa!ion on Tsarnaev !ha! !hey had sen! !he
FBI( Tha! re7'es! *rom*!ed !he &IA !o review i!s da!abases for informa!ion
on Tsarnaev) b'! !he agen"y "ame !o a simiar "on"'sion as !he FBI
be"a'se !here were no !ra"es on !his %'sim who had ;'s! embar,ed on
!he *a!h of 5ihad( Aro'nd !ha! !ime) !he FBI earned of !he re7'es! !o !he
&IA and for !he se"ond !ime sin"e *roviding i!s findings !o !he /'ssians in
5'ne 0411) i! wen! ba", and as,ed !hem for addi!iona informa!ion on
Tsarnaev( The /'ssians never *rovided any addi!iona informa!ion on
Tsarnaev as !he /'ssians did no! wan! !o revea !heir so'r"es and
!rade"raf!( In re!ros*e"! !he info *rovided by !he /'ssians was s'ffi"ien!(
The /'ssians had dis"overed he was in !o'"h wi!h I&E !erroris!s and
re*or!ed i! !o &IA and !he FBI(
When Tameran Tsarnaev ef! !he "o'n!ry on 5an'ary 10) 0410) for a si9<
mon!h !ri* !o Dages!an and &he"hnya !o ma,e ;ihad his figh! reserva!ion
se! off a TE&S se"'ri!y aer! !o "'s!oms a'!hori!ies) Homeand Se"'ri!y
se"re!ary 5ane! Na*oi!ano !od a Sena!e "ommi!!ee( When %r( Tsarnaev
re!'rned in 5'y) !he !rave aer! >was more !han a year od and had
e9*ired)? be"a'se !he "ase was "osed
Na*oi!ano said(
Se"'ri!y sa! on !he info ins!ead of re*or!ing i! !o !he &IA and FBI( This was
a !ragi" error( The "ase agains! Tameran res!ed on !rave and when !here
was no !rave i! was "osed) however when !rave was re*or!ed !he ogi"a
!hing !o do is reo*en i!( %ore heads have go! !o ro !han d'ring a b'sy day
in chop chop s.uare in od /iyadh(
. Si(23an G(!1an, Pe!&aiE S3a""4ani, R E&an Pe!eE A/(12 Sus8e#$ Was Pu$ (n T4(
Wa$#3 Lis$sC S201*, A8!i"T T3e Wa"" S$!ee$ J(u!na". Re$!ie&e '!(1 T3e Wa"" S$!ee$
J(u!na" 4e2si$e:
. 3$$8:;;444.n%$i1es.#(1;201*;0+;25;us;$a1e!"an<$sa!nae&<2(12<sus8e#$<4as<(n<
Homeand Se"'ri!y Se"re!ary 5ane! Na*oi!ano is resigning !o !a,e a
*osi!ion as Presiden! of !he $niversi!y of &aifornia( Her f' s!a!emen!1
>For more !han fo'r years I have had !he *riviege of serving Presiden!
.bama and his Adminis!ra!ion as !he Se"re!ary of Homeand Se"'ri!y( The
o**or!'ni!y !o wor, wi!h !he dedi"a!ed men and women of !he De*ar!men!
of Homeand Se"'ri!y) who serve on !he fron!ines of o'r na!ion:s effor!s !o
*ro!e"! o'r "omm'ni!ies and famiies from harm) has been !he highigh! of
my *rofessiona "areer( We have wor,ed !oge!her !o minimi8e !hrea!s of a
,inds !o !he Ameri"an *'bi" and *ar!nered wi!h !he *riva!e se"!or !o
im*rove o'r "yberse"'ri!y( Af!er fo'r *'s years of fo"'sing on !hese
"haenges) I wi be nomina!ed as !he ne9! Presiden! of !he $niversi!y of
&aifornia( I !han, Presiden! .bama for !he "han"e !o serve o'r na!ion
d'ring !his im*or!an! "ha*!er in o'r his!ory) and I ,now !he De*ar!men! of
Homeand Se"'ri!y wi "on!in'e !o *erform i!s im*or!an! d'!ies wi!h !he
honor and fo"'s !ha! !he Ameri"an *'bi" e9*e"!s(?
The Aingdom of Sa'di Arabia sen! a wri!!en warning abo'! a""'sed Bos!on
%ara!hon bomber Tameran Tsarnaev !o !he $(S( De*ar!men! of Homeand
Se"'ri!y in 0410) ong before *ress're<"oo,er bas!s ,ied !hree and
in;'red h'ndreds) a""ording !o a senior Sa'di governmen! offi"ia wi!h
dire"! ,nowedge of !he do"'men!( The Sa'di warning) !he offi"ia !od
%ai.nine) was se*ara!e from !he m'!i*e red fags raised by /'ssian
in!eigen"e in 0411) and was based on h'man in!eigen"e deveo*ed
inde*enden!y in Eemen( &i!ing se"'ri!y "on"erns) !he Sa'di governmen!
aso denied an en!ry visa !o !he eder Tsarnaev bro!her in De"ember 0411)
when he ho*ed !o ma,e a *igrimage !o %e""a) !he so'r"e said( TsarnaevPs
*ans !o visi! Sa'di Arabia have no! been *revio'sy dis"osed(
The Sa'disP warning !o !he $(S( governmen! was aso shared wi!h !he
Bri!ish governmen!( PI! was very s*e"ifi": and warned !ha! Psome!hing was
going !o ha**en in a ma;or $(S( "i!y)P !he Sa'di offi"ia said d'ring an
e9!ensive in!erview( I! Pdid name Tameran s*e"ifi"ay)P he added( The
Pgovernmen!<!o<governmen!P e!!er) whi"h he said was sen! !o !he
De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y a! !he highes! eve) did no! name Bos!on
or s'gges! a da!e for his *anned a!!a",(
Ha;; is !he highes! of a %'sim *ra"!i"es) even if ess !han 14_ of a
%'sims "an afford !o *erform i!( In modern !imes abo'! 0 miion %'sims
*erform !he ha;; every year( Sa'di a'!hori!ies have *'! reg'a!ions on how
many "an "ome !o %e""a from ea"h "o'n!ry( .ne has !o a**y) and many
are !'rned down( No o!her news o'!e!s *i",ed i! '*(
>Based on wha! I:ve seen so far) !he FBI *erformed i!s d'!ies)? Presiden!
.bama said( >De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y did wha! i! was s'**osed
!o be doing( B'! !his is hard s!'ff(? The bo!!om ine here is !ha! !he FBI was
warned by !he /'ssian =overnmen! !ha! Tameran was a vioen! Isamis!
who was heading for a !raining "am* in Dages!an( B'! when he ef! !o do
e9a"!y !ha!) !he FBI was no! aer!ed be"a'se of !wo in!eigen"e fai'res(
Tameran was an ama!e'r( A! eas! !wo "on!a"!s he and his mom made !o
I&E were *ene!ra!ed by !he /'ssians( He "o'd have been s!o**ed(
The "o'n!er!errorism *ar! of !he in!eigen"e "omm'ni!y had a! eas! fo'r
"on!a"!s wi!h /'ssian s*y servi"es abo'! Tameran in 0411) b'! never
fo'nd reason !o inves!iga!e him f'r!her( Did i! "he", his reigio's affiia!ionG
see how of!en he a!!ended !he %os7'e( Dr( Shei,h Basyo'ny Nehea) !he
imam of !he Isami" So"ie!y of Bos!on 2ISB3 in &ambridge) whi"h !he
Tsarnaevs a!!ended) si!s on !he board of dire"!ors of !he Bos!on "ha*!er of
!he %'sim Ameri"an So"ie!y) a Hamas fron! gro'*( The ISBPs firs!
*residen! was Abd'rahman Aamo'di) now im*risoned in "onne"!ion wi!h
an assassina!ion *o!( %'sim Bro!herhood "eri" E's'f a<Haradawi was
is!ed among i!s !r's!ees) and m'!i*e "onvi"!ed !erroris!s) in"'ding SLady
a<HaedaS Aafia Siddi7'i) *rayed on !he *remises( Shei,h Ahmed %anso'r)
a reformis! %'sim) re"en!y refe"!ed on a *as! visi!1 STheir wri!ings and
!ea"hings were fana!i"a( R I ef! Egy*! !o es"a*e !he %'sim Bro!herhood)
b'! I had fo'nd i! !here(S The %os7'e members in!erviewed by !he media
"aim Tameran fe! !he *a"e was !oo ibera(
The *o! !hi",ens wi!h !he b's! of /yan Foge and his Pay &IA Agen! !oy ,i!
by !he FSB( /yan FogePs mission was !o ge! informa!ion on I&E and !he
Tsarnaev bro!hers( In a video of FogePs in!erroga!ion) reeased by !he FSB)
!he man Foge so'gh! !o re"r'i! is iden!ified as being Sinvoved in figh!ing
!errorism in !he Nor!hern &a'"as's(S The 9ommersant news*a*er
s'gges!s !ha! !he &IA wan!ed S*ersona "on!a"!s wi!h an!i<!error agen!s)
given !ha! !he e9"hange of informa!ion in !he form of 7'es!ion and answers
be!ween s*e"ia servi"es is no! aways 7'i", and smoo!h(S The FSB r'ns
!he names of vario's Embassy *ersonne !hro'gh vario's da!a bases in
order !o de!ermine Who:s Who in !he &IA( If Foga had been r'n !hro'gh
S*o,eo i! wo'd have reveaed he ived in %"&ean) -irginia) where so
many o!her &IA agen!s reside( He migh! have been 'nder s'rveian"e or
!he agen! he was !rying !o ro over gave him '*( The &IA is aware of
Tameran:s I&E "onne"!ion and !raining and wishes !o ge! s*e"ifi"
informa!ion on who i! was !ha! !rained him and whe!her or no! !hey are s!i
The -ew 2or) Times re*or!ed) >The FBI has "on"'ded !ha! !here was i!!e
i!s agen!s "o'd have done !o *reven! !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings)
a""ording !o aw enfor"emen! offi"ias) re;e"!ing "ri!i"ism !ha! i! "o'd have
be!!er moni!ored one of !he s's*e"!s before !he a!!a",( Tha! "on"'sion is
based on severa in!erna reviews !ha! e9amined how !he b'rea' handed a
re7'es! from a /'ssian in!eigen"e agen"y in 0411 !o inves!iga!e whe!her
one of !he s's*e"!s) Tameran Tsarnaev) had been radi"ai8ed d'ring his
!ime in !he $ni!ed S!a!es( %embers of &ongress have "on!ended !ha! !he
FBI sho'd have done a more e9!ensive inves!iga!ion of %r( Tsarnaev in
res*onse !o !he /'ssian re7'es!( And !hey have said !he b'rea' sho'd
have foowed '* wi!h %r( Tsarnaev af!er he re!'rned from a !ri* !o /'ssia
in 0410(
B'! FBI offi"ias have "on"'ded !ha! !he agen!s who "ond'"!ed !he
inves!iga!ion and '!ima!ey !od !he /'ssians !ha! !here was no eviden"e
!ha! %r( Tsarnaev had be"ome radi"ai8ed were "ons!rained from
"ond'"!ing a more e9!ensive inves!iga!ion be"a'se of federa aws and
5's!i"e De*ar!men! *ro!o"os( Agen!s "anno! 'se s'rveian"e !oos i,e
wire!a**ing for !he !y*e of inves!iga!ion !hey were "ond'"!ing(
There were *en!y of !hings !he FBI "o'd have done !ha! did no! re7'ire a
warran!( I wo'd have *'! a !rash "over on him( I! "o'd have go!!en his
*hone re"ords) wa!"hed him) visi!ed him re*ea!edy) *'! a mai "over on
him) and visi!ed his friends) his andord) ;'s! as !he FBI did !o me when i!
s's*e"!ed me of !errorism d'ring !he -ie!nam War(
The offi"ias have aso de!ermined !ha! had !he agen!s ,nown !ha! %r(
Tsarnaev had !raveed !o /'ssia for mon!hs in 0410) !hey *robaby wo'd
no! have inves!iga!ed him again be"a'se !here was no new eviden"e !ha!
he had be"ome radi"ai8ed(
How "an !his be+ The /'ssians !e !he FBI Tameran is going !o !he
&a'"'s for ;ihad !raining !hen he goes !here and "omes ba", *roving !he
/'ssians informa!ion is a""'ra!e( A""ording !o !he Times !he FBI wo'd
have "osed !he inves!iga!ion ;'s! be"a'se !hey were no! s're if he wen!
va"a!ioning and visi!ing rea!ives in !he &a'"'s or !raining for ;ihad !here(
So even if !he FBI ,new abo'! !he !ri* i! wo'd have wri!!en i! off as a
S*ring Brea,<i,e !ri*(
In !he Bos!on "ase) !he FBI has no *ans !o a**oin! an inves!iga!or !o
e9amine i!s *ro"ed'res( B'! ins*e"!ors genera from fo'r federa agen"ies)
in"'ding !he 5's!i"e De*ar!men!) said !hey wo'd be wor,ing !oge!her on
!heir own inves!iga!ion in!o how !he governmen! handed in!eigen"e before
!he a!!a",( The FBI has been "oo*era!ing wi!h !he ins*e"!ors genera by
giving !hem inves!iga!ive fies and !he o**or!'ni!y !o in!erview agen!s(
I! is 'n"ear whe!her !he FBI was informed by !he De*ar!men! of Homeand
Se"'ri!y in 0410 !ha! %r( Tsarnaev had re!'rned from his !ri* !o /'ssia(
5ane! Na*oi!ano resigned be"a'se of !his s"rew<'*(
Shor!y af!er reai8ing !ha! !here was no forma way of no!ifying agen!s !ha!
someone !hey had inves!iga!ed may have been !raveing o'!side !he $ni!ed
S!a!es) !he FBI and !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y "hanged !heir
*ro"ed'res so !ha! agen!s are given wri!!en no!ifi"a!ion !ha! someone !hey
inves!iga!ed had !raveed abroad(
Whie !hese "hanges are i,ey !o s!reamine informa!ion sharing in !he
f'!'re) one aw enfor"emen! offi"ia said !ha! >i!:s fair !o say !ha! had !hese
ad;'s!men!s been in e9is!en"e before !he a!!a",s) !he o'!"ome wo'd i,ey
no! have been any differen!(?
The -ew 2or) Times and o!her *'bi"a!ions headine abo'! !he above
re*or! bamed !he /'ssians for !his in!eigen"e fai're( This was no! !he
"ase a! a( The bame res!s *rimariy on !he &o'n!er In!eigen"e FBI SA
who handed !he "ase( This FBI agen!) *erha*s a hodover from !he &od
War) de"ided !his was !he /'ssians *robem and he was going !o e! i! side
so !ha! !he /'s,ies wo'd ge! !heir "ome '*ins+ %y "ommen!s are in /ed(
In 0411) !wo years before !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings) Tameran
Tsarnaev and D'beida! Tsarnaeva "ame !o !he a!!en!ion of !he FBI based
on informa!ion re"eived from !he FSB( In %ar"h 0411) !he FBI Lega
A!!a"h# 2LE=AT3 in %os"ow re"eived a memorand'm in /'ssian from !he
FSB regarding Tameran Tsarnaev and D'beida! Tsarnaeva( A""ording !o
!he Engish !ransa!ion 'sed by !he FBI) !he memorand'm aeged !ha! bo!h
were adheren!s of radi"a Isam) and !ha! Tameran Tsarnaev was *re*aring
!o !rave !o /'ssia !o ;oin 'ns*e"ified >bandi! 'ndergro'nd gro'*s? in
Dages!an and &he"hnya and had "onsidered "hanging his as! name !o
>Tsarni(? The /'ssian a'!hori!ies *rovided *ersona informa!ion abo'! bo!h
Tameran Tsarnaev and D'beida! Tsarnaeva) in"'ding !heir !ee*hone
n'mbers and e<mai addresses) and re7'es!ed !ha! !he FBI *rovide !he
FSB wi!h s*e"ifi" informa!ion abo'! !hem) in"'ding *ossibe !rave by
Tsarnaev !o /'ssia( Im*or!an!y) !he memorand'm in"'ded !wo in"orre"!
da!es of bir!h 2."!ober 01) 1NO@ or 1NOO3 for Tameran Tsarnaev) and !he
Engish !ransa!ion 'sed by !he FBI !ransi!era!ed !heir as! names as
Tsarnayev and Tsarnayeva) res*e"!ivey( Af!er reviewing a draf! of !he
re*or!) !he FBI "ommen!ed !ha! !here is no s!andard !ransi!era!ion of
names from &yrii" !o /oman "hara"!ers(
This was de!aied informa!ion !ha! was !o be !a,en serio'sy( So wha! if !he
names were !ransi!era!ed in"orre"!y+ Any sear"h !hey *erformed wo'd
dis*ay varia!ions of !he names( The FBI had !he *hone n'mbers) !he emai
addresses for iden!ifi"a!ion *'r*oses( The *hone n'mbers sho'd have !od
!hem !ha! !he informa!ion "ame from a !ee*hone !a*( Who "ares if !he
bir!hda!es were in"orre"!+ There was *en!y of iden!ifying da!a( FBI was
abe !o iden!ify !he s'b;e"!s in a hear!bea!(
.n %ar"h N) 0411) !he FBI Lega A!!a"h# in %os"ow sen! a e!!er !o !he
FSB a",nowedging re"ei*! of !he informa!ion and re7'es!ing !ha! i! ,ee*
!he FBI informed of any de!ais i! deveo*ed on Tameran Tsarnaev and
D'beida! Tsarnaeva( The FBI Lega A!!a"h# aso sen! !he !ransa!ed
memorand'm !o !he FBI:s &o'n!er!errorism Division 2&TD3 and !he FBI
Bos!on Fied Division wi!h eads !o bo!h "om*onen!s >!o !a,e any
inves!iga!ive s!e*s deemed a**ro*ria!e and *rovide ILE=ATJ %os"ow wi!h
any informa!ion derived) for dissemina!ion !o !he IFSBJ(? A""ording !o
avaiabe informa!ion) !he FBI Lega A!!a"h# did no! "oordina!e wi!h or no!ify
!he &IA in %ar"h 0411 af!er re"eiving !he ead informa!ion "on"erning
In re!ros*e"! !his was a mis!a,e( The &IA !oo, !his !hrea! m'"h more
serio'sy !han !he FBI and when i! was a**rised of !he si!'a!ion en!ered
Tsarnaev in n'mero's da!a bases(
The Bos!on 5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e s'bse7'en!y "ond'"!ed an
assessmen! of Tameran Tsarnaev !o de!ermine whe!her he *osed a !hrea!
!o na!iona se"'ri!y( The FBI S*e"ia Agen! 2&T Agen!3 who handed !he
assessmen! memoriai8ed !he s!e*s he !oo, in !he assessmen! in an
in"iden! re*or! main!ained in !he FBI:s e='ardian sys!em) whi"h is !he
FBI:s !hrea! !ra",ing and managemen! sys!em for "o'n!er!errorism
So !he FBI &T Agen! fe! !here was a !hrea! and downoaded !he re*or! in!o
!he FBI:s !hrea! !ra",ing sys!em( The ='ardian or e='ardian sys!em is firs!
and foremos! in"iden! re*or!ing sys!em !ha! s!andardi8es e9is!ing re*or!ing
!y*es( An in"iden! is an o""'rren"e or re*or!ing of a s's*i"io's a"!ivi!y)
!hrea! or even! rea!ing !o !errorism( So a! firs! !he &T Agen! beieved !ha!
!hrea! did e9is!(
The &T Agen! "ond'"!ed da!abase sear"hes) reviewed referen"es !o
Tsarnaev and his famiy in "osed FBI "o'n!er!errorism "ases) *erformed
>drive<bys? of Tsarnaev:s residen"e) made an on<si!e visi! !o his former
"oege) and in!erviewed Tsarnaev and his *aren!s( Based on informa!ion
from da!abase sear"hes) !he &T Agen! de!ermined !ha! Tameran
Tsarnaev:s as! name was s*eed >Tsarnaev)? and !ha! his "orre"! da!e of
bir!h was ."!ober 01) 1NOQ) informa!ion !ha! differed from !he ead
memorand'm from !he FSB( D'ring !he assessmen!) !he &T Agen! as,ed a
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro offi"er on !he Bos!on 5oin! Terrorism Tas,
For"e !o "rea!e a 2dee!ed3 in TE&S 2!he S5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e TE&S
re"ordS3) whi"h in"'ded !he "orre"! name and da!e of bir!h( TE&S is a
sys!em 'sed !o) among o!her !hings *rovide advan"e no!i"e of in!erna!iona
!rave and ve! in!erna!iona !raveers a! air*or!s and o!her *or!s of en!ry(
TE&S is an informa!ion<sharing *a!form) whi"h aows 'sers !o a""ess
differen! da!abases !ha! may be main!ained on !he *a!form or a""essed
!hro'gh !he *a!form) and !he name of a sys!em of re"ords !ha! in"'de
!em*orary and *ermanen! enfor"emen!) ins*e"!ion) and o*era!iona
re"ords reevan! !o !he an!i<!errorism and aw enfor"emen! mission of
n'mero's o!her federa agen"ies !ha! i! s'**or!s( TE&S no! ony *rovides a
*a!form for in!era"!ion be!ween !hese da!abases and defined TE&S 'sers)
b'! aso serves as a da!a re*osi!ory !o s'**or! aw enfor"emen! >oo,o'!s)?
border s"reening) and re*or!ing(
Wha! good is driving by someone:s residen"e going !o do+ And !hese were
drive bys Y *'ra( He made an >onsi!e visi! !o his former "oege? b'! never
"ond'"!ed in!erviews !here as he did wi!h Tsarnaev and his *aren!s( He
had info from !he /'s,ies !ha! !his man was a !erroris! ye! he "ond'"!ed
!he inves!iga!ion in s'"h a way !ha! wo'd ins're no!hing wo'd "ome '*(
5's! sef<serving in!erviews wi!h !he *eo*e men!ioned by !he FSBK Why
wo'd anyone !hin, !hey wo'd in"rimina!e !hemseves+ The &T Agen!
fig'red &a'"asian Isamis! se*ara!is!s are /'ssia:s *robem) so s"rew
!hem( I ,ee* !his one on !he o'!side so he "an re!'rn !o /'ssia and do his
!hing !here( Who ,nows !he e!hni" ba",gro'nd of !his agen! Y he migh!
have been &he"hen(
The D.5 .I= de!ermined !ha! !he &T Agen! did no! !a,e "er!ain s!e*s
d'ring !he assessmen!) in"'ding "on!a"!ing o"a aw enfor"emen!) visi!ing
!he mos7'e !ha! Tsarnaev a!!ended) and "ond'"!ing in!erviews of
TsarnaevPs wife) a former girfriend he had been arres!ed for assa'!ing in
044N) or friends and asso"ia!es( The &T Agen! !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he
did no! find s'ffi"ien! deroga!ory informa!ion !o ;'s!ify !a,ing !hese
addi!iona s!e*s(
&on!a"!ing o"a aw enfor"emen! migh! have he*ed ma,e Tsarnaev a
s's*e"! in !he ,iing of !he 5ewish *o! deaers on Se*!ember 11( -isi!ing
!he mos7'e is a good idea( See how devo'! a %'sim he is be"a'se 5ihad
reay is a *iar of Isam( H'es!ioning !he wife wo'd have done no good
be"a'se she is a hard "ore %'sima who was in on !he even! from !he
s!ar!( .f "o'rse he did no! find s'ffi"ien! deroga!ory info be"a'se !he s!e*s
he !oo, in his inves!iga!ion were san!ed in !he dire"!ion of *roving
inno"en"e) no! g'i! so he "o'd reease !his a!!a", dog on !he /'ssians(
The D.5 .I= aso de!ermined !ha! !he &T Agen! did no! a!!em*! !o ei"i!
"er!ain informa!ion d'ring in!erviews of Tsarnaev and his *aren!s) in"'ding
informa!ion abo'! TsarnaevPs *ans !o !rave !o /'ssia) "hanges in ifes!ye)
or ,nowedge of and sym*a!hy for mii!an! se*ara!is!s in &he"hnya and
Dages!an( The &T Agen! !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he did no! ,now why he did
no! as, abo'! *ans !o !rave !o /'ssia 2severa ines dee!ed3(
The d'de "o'd no! e9*ain why he deibera!ey omi!!ed !he mos! im*or!an!
*ie"e of info( The ini!ia info "on"erned a !ri* !o a goba !erroris! ho!s*o!(
FBI SA s'rey ,nows be!!er( The dee!ed *ar! has some!hing !o do wi!h !he
agen!s ba",gro'nd wi!h !he FBI( This "o'd be a %'sim agen! for a we
Addi!ionay) !he D.5 .I= de!ermined !ha! !he &T Agen! did no! 'se every
reevan! sear"h !erm ,nown or avaiabe a! !he !ime !o 7'ery !he da!abases
!ha! were sear"hed) nor did he "ond'"! sear"hes of severa ma;or FBI
sys!ems) in"'ding "er!ain !ee*hone da!abases and da!abases !ha! in"'de
informa!ion "oe"!ed 'nder a'!hori!y of !he Foreign In!eigen"e
S'rveian"e A"! 2FISA3( However) sear"hes of FBI da!abases "ond'"!ed a!
!he dire"!ion of !he D.5 .I= d'ring !his review *rod'"ed i!!e informa!ion
beyond !ha! iden!ified by !he &T Agen! d'ring !he assessmen!) wi!h !he
e9"e*!ion of addi!iona !rave<rea!ed da!a for D'beida! Tsarnaeva(
The agen! faied !o *'! !he !ee*hone n'mber s'**ied by !he /'ssians
!hro'gh a !ee*hone da!a base( The FBI "ond'"!ed !hese sear"hes no! !he
.I= however !hey *rod'"ed >i!!e informa!ion? some inormation whi"h we
wi never ,now wha! i! is Y wi!h !he e9"e*!ion of earning !ha! D'beida! was
re!'rning !o !he >Isami" &a'"'s Emira!e? whi"h is signifi"an!(
The FBI) !hro'gh i!s .ffi"e of =enera &o'nse) s!a!ed !ha! i! was no! aware
of any do"'men!s shared wi!h s!a!e and o"a aw enfor"emen! *rior !o !he
bombings b'! !ha! re*resen!a!ives of !hese agen"ies wo'd have had
a""ess !o !he &T Agen!Ps assessmen! in !he ='ardian sys!em d'ring !his
*eriod( D'ring !he !ime *eriod reevan! !o !his review) De*ar!men! of
Homeand Se"'ri!y had de!aied in!eigen"e offi"ers !o ea"h of !he
%assa"h'se!!s f'sion "en!ers in "om*ian"e wi!h !he Homeand Se"'ri!y
A"!) Q $(S(&( ` 10Ch2b32F3( The De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y .I=
de!ermined !ha! !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y in!eigen"e offi"ers
a! !he f'sion "en!ers did no! re"eive any do"'men!s or o!her informa!ion
"on"erning Tameran Tsarnaev *rior !o !he bombings) ei!her from !he FBI or
from De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y *ersonne on !he Bos!on 5oin!
Terrorism Tas, For"e( .!her !han a""ess !o !he FBI:s e<='ardian da!abase)
!he FBI and De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y do no! have a %emorand'm
of $nders!anding or o!her agreemen! !o *rovide f'sion "en!ers wi!h a""ess
!o 5oin! Terroris! Tas, For"e informa!ion(
This was "eary a fai're in "omm'ni"a!ion( The F'sion &en!ers are !o
2O3 serve as a *oin! of "on!a"! !o ens're !he dissemina!ion of informa!ion
wi!hin !he s"o*e of !he informa!ion sharing environmen!) in"'ding
homeand se"'ri!y informa!ion) !errorism informa!ion) and wea*ons of mass
des!r'"!ion informa!ion(?
The &T Agen! nor his s'*ervisor beieved !his informa!ion had !o be shared
wi!h o"a aw enfor"emen! as i! was no! s'bs!an!ia( The s!a!e and o"a
a'!hori!ies wo'd have had !o ma,e !he !erroris! "onne"!ion firs! before !hey
ran his name !hro'gh !he ='ardian sys!em( Wha! were !hey !hin,ing+ Tha!
!he /'ssians had made a mis!a,e+
The FBI "osed !he assessmen! on 5'ne 0C) 0411) having fo'nd no in, or
ne9's be!ween Tameran Tsarnaev and !errorism( The &T Agen!:s
s'*ervisor 2&T S'*ervisor3 !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! by indi"a!ing in !he
e='ardian sys!em !ha! !he assessmen! fo'nd no ne9's !o !errorism he
mean! !ha! !he assessmen! fo'nd no ne9's !o !errorism from !he !ime !he
assessmen! was o*ened !o !he !ime i! was "osed( He said that i ater he
closed the assessment the F"I received inormation rom a orei(n
(overnment su((estin( a positive ne,us, he would have reopened the
The &T S'*ervisor wi a!er !ry !o *a"e !o bame on his s'bordina!e b'! he
"osed !he "ase based on !his fimsy inves!iga!ion( He ;'s! offered a o! of
do'be !a,(
The &T S'*ervisor !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he dis"'ssed !he assessmen!
wi!h !he &T Agen! before !he &T S'*ervisor de"ided !o "ose i! in order !o
de!ermine whe!her any addi!iona s!e*s sho'd be !a,en( He s!a!ed !ha! he
de"ided !o send a e!!er !o !he FSB in an effor! !o ob!ain f'r!her informa!ion
abo'! Tsarnaev( In !he dis*osi!ion no!e in e='ardian) !he &T S'*ervisor
s!a!ed !ha! !he FBI wo'd *re*are a e!!er for !he LE=AT offi"e in %os"ow
!o dissemina!e !o !he FSB( The &T S'*ervisor !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he
*robaby ins!r'"!ed !he &T Agen! !o draf! !he e!!er !o !he FSB !o re7'es!
addi!iona deroga!ory informa!ion abo'! Tsarnaev be"a'se !he informa!ion
in !he origina ead informa!ion >wasn:! eno'gh(?
In re!ros*e"! i! was more !han eno'gh( Did he e9*e"! !he FSB !o do his ;ob
for him) maybe "oe"! his *ension+
A""ordingy) af!er !he "osing of !he assessmen!) !he LE=AT sen! !wo
e!!ers !o !he FSB1 one da!ed A'g's! O) 0411) whi"h s!a!ed !ha! a review of
FBI da!abases reveaed no deroga!ory informa!ion abo'! Tameran
Tsarnaev and erroneo'sy "hara"!eri8ed him as a former *rose"'!or in
Ayrgy8s!anG and one da!ed ."!ober @) 0411) whi"h "orre"!ed !he earier
error and *rovided informa!ion abo'! Tameran Tsarnaev and D'beida!
Tsarnaeva deveo*ed d'ring !he assessmen!( Bo!h e!!ers re7'es!ed !ha!
!he FSB *rovide addi!iona informa!ion in i!s *ossession regarding
Tsarnaev( The D.5 and &IA .I=s de!ermined !ha! !he Assis!an! Lega
A!!a"h# "oordina!ed !he A'g's! O) 0411 e!!er wi!h !he &IA and do"'men!ed
!his "oordina!ion) *'rs'an! !o an %.$ be!ween !he !wo agen"ies( The D.5
and &IA .I=s did no! find simiar do"'men!a!ion !ha! !he LE=AT
"oordina!ed !he ."!ober @) 0411) e!!er wi!h !he &IA( The D.5 .I= fo'nd
no do"'men!a!ion or o!her informa!ion !ha! !he FSB res*onded !o ei!her
e!!er *rior !o !he bombings(
The FSB had given !he FBI a !he informa!ion i! wished !o !ransmi! and
e!!ers s!a!ing !ha! !he FSB was wrong abo'! Tsarnaev be"a'se he was an
a<Ameri"an boy "o'd no! "onvin"e FSB !o "o'gh '* more info and
endanger i!s so'r"es(
The Terroris! S"reening Da!abase 2TSDB3) ,nown as !he !erroris! wa!"his!)
is !he $(S( governmen!:s "en!ra re*osi!ory of re"ords on ,nown or
s's*e"!ed !erroris!s( The Terroris! S"reening Da!abase re"eives re"ords
from a "assified da!abase main!ained by Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er
,nown as !he Terroris! Iden!i!ies Da!amar! Environmen! 2TIDE3) and e9*or!s
informa!ion !o vario's 'n"assified downs!ream da!abases) in"'ding TE&S(
In Se*!ember 0411) !he FSB *rovided !he &IA informa!ion on Tameran
Tsarnaev !ha! !he .I=s de!ermined was s'bs!an!ivey iden!i"a !o !he
informa!ion !he FSB had *rovided !he FBI in %ar"h 0411( .n ."!ober 1N)
0411) !he &IA *rovided informa!ion ob!ained from !he FSB !o !he Na!iona
&o'n!er Terrorism &en!er for wa!"his!ing *'r*oses) and !o !he FBI)
De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y) and !he De*ar!men! of S!a!e for !heir
informa!ion( $*on re"ei*! of !he informa!ion) Na!iona &o'n!er Terrorism
&en!er es!abished a re"ord for Tameran Tsarnaev in Terroris! Iden!i!ies
Da!amar! Environmen! 2TIDE3( A!ho'gh !here was ins'ffi"ien! deroga!ory
informa!ion !o es!abish reasonabe s's*i"ion !ha! Tsarnaev was a ,nown
or s's*e"!ed !erroris!) 2dee!ed3 he was wa!"his!ed(
.n"e !he &IA en!ered !he !ide began !o "hange( The Na!iona
&o'n!er!errorism &en!er manages !he Terroris! Iden!i!ies Da!amar!
Environmen! 2TIDE3) whi"h serves as !he $(S( governmen!:s "en!ra
re*osi!ory of informa!ion on in!erna!iona !erroris! iden!i!ies as es!abished
by !he In!eigen"e /eform and Terrorism Preven!ion A"! of 044C( TIDE
s'**or!s !he $S=:s vario's !erroris! s"reening sys!ems or >wa!"his!s? and
!he $(S( In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y:s overa "o'n!er!errorism mission( The
&IA viewed him as more dangero's !han did !he FBI(

TsarnaevPs wa!"his! re"ord aso was en!ered in!o !he De*ar!men! of S!a!e
&ons'ar Loo,o'! and S'**or! Sys!em 2&LASS3) 'sed !o *erform name
"he",s on *ass*or! and visa a**i"an!s) and from De"ember 0411 'n!i
%ar"h 0416) !he Trans*or!a!ion Se"'ri!y Adminis!ra!ion 2TSA3 E<See"!ee
is!) 'sed for *re<figh! !rave s"reening( $nder !he *ra"!i"es in *a"e d'ring
!ha! !ime) !he E<See"!ee is! in"'ded !hose admi!!ed 'nder !he e9"e*!ion
'sed for Tsarnaev( /e"ords wa!"h is!ed 'nder !he e9"e*!ion 'sed for
Tsarnaev s'bse7'en!y were deemed ineigibe for e9*or! !o TSA and were
Who deemed !hem ineigibe+ Who removed !hem+ I! had !o be !he FBI no!
!he &IA who *'! !hem !here in !he firs! *a"e( I! was !he &T FBI SA who was
de!ermined !o ,ee* !his !erroris! on !he s!ree!(
A! !he same !ime) !he Na!iona &o'n!er Terrorism &en!er referred
TsarnaevPs re"ord !o !he Foreign Terroris! Tra",ing Tas, For"e 2FTTTF3) an
FBI<ed !as, for"e !ha! wor,s !o iden!ify ,nown or s's*e"!ed in!erna!iona
!erroris!s o*era!ing in !he $ni!ed S!a!es( In De"ember 0411) a Foreign
Terroris! Tra",ing Tas, For"e anays! reviewed TsarnaevPs informa!ion)
"ond'"!ed da!abase sear"hes) and de!ermined !ha! !he Bos!on 5oin!
Terroris! Tas, For"e *revio'sy had "ond'"!ed an assessmen! of Tsarnaev
based on !he same informa!ion from !he /'ssian governmen!( The Foreign
Terroris! Tra",ing Tas, For"e anays! aso no!ed !ha! !he FBI LE=AT offi"e
in %os"ow main!ained an o*en "ase fie on Tsarnaev(
We are ef! hanging( Did !he FTTTF "ose !he "ase+ A**aren!y no!G as i!
"he",ed wi!h !he LE=AT in %os"ow(
.n 5an'ary 01) 0410) Tameran Tsarnaev !raveed !o /'ssia on an
in!erna!iona figh! from New Eor, !o %os"ow( &'s!oms and Border
Pro!e"!ion re"eived *assenger da!a for Tsarnaev from !he airine before his
!rave and ve!!ed i! agains! vario's da!abases) in"'ding TE&s( 2DELETED3
This ve!!ing aer!ed a &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro offi"er in Bos!on of
Tsarnaev '*"oming !rave( 2Dee!ed3 &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro re"eives
advan"e airine *assenger da!a *rior !o a figh!Ps de*ar!'re from or !o !he
$ni!ed S!a!es and "he",s !ha! da!a re*ea!edy(
The informa!ion avaiabe !o !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y and
D.5 .I=s does no! "on"'sivey es!abish whe!her !he &'s!oms and
Border Pa!ro .ffi"er no!ified !he FBI &T Agen! abo'! TsarnaevPs im*ending
!rave af!er being aer!ed !o his !rave( Sear"hes of !he &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro .ffi"erPs and &o'n!er Terrorism Agen!Ps e<mai re"ords *rovided !o
!he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y and D.5 .I=s did no! *rod'"e any
eviden"e !ha! s'"h no!ifi"a!ion o""'rred by e<mai "omm'ni"a!ion( F'r!her)
d'ring se*ara!e in!erviews) !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er and !he
&T Agen! ea"h said !ha! he had no s*e"ifi" re"oe"!ion of whe!her !he
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er *assed !he !rave informa!ion !o !he
&o'n!er Terrorism Agen!( However) avaiabe informa!ion indi"a!es !ha! !he
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er mos! i,ey no!ified !he &T Agen! of
TsarnaevPs im*ending !rave(

Whi"h is i!+ Did !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er aer! !he &T Agen!
!ha! Tsarnaev was going !o /'ssia 5$ST AS THE /$SSIANS HAD
P/EDI&TED HE W.$LD( .f "o'rse he did and !he &T Agen! ignored i!( I
de!e"! a *a!!ern of behavior on !he *ar! of !his &T Agen!(
The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er !od !he DHS .I= !ha! his 's'a
*ro"ess when he re"eived a !rave no!ifi"a!ion was !o re!rieve !he TE&S
re"ord and !hen inform !he agen! who re7'es!ed !he 2dee!ed3 e<mai) oray)
or by *assing a Ss!i",y no!e(S A! !he !ime of TsarnaevPs !rave !o /'ssia)
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro and FBI *oi"ies did no! s*e"ify !he means by
whi"h s'"h no!ifi"a!ions sho'd o""'r( &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro has
sin"e "hanged i!s !rave no!ifi"a!ion *oi"y !o re7'ire no!ifi"a!ion !o !he FBI
"ase agen! by emai(
The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er said !ha! he beieves he foowed
his 's'a *ro"ess in !his ins!an"e and !ha! !he &o'n!er Terrorism Agen!
wo'd have !od him !ha! !he ead was "osed and !ha! !here was no in!eres!
in TsarnaevPs !rave( The DHS .I= reviewed !his &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro .ffi"erPs TE&S 'sage on !he days *re"eding TsarnaevPs o'!bo'nd
!rave and "onfirmed !ha! !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er a""essed
TsarnaevPs 5oin! Terroris! Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord on !he same day he was
aer!ed of TsarnaevPs !rave( A!ho'gh !his does no! "on"'sivey es!abish
!ha! !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er aso no!ified !he &T Agen! of
TsarnaevPs o'!bo'nd !rave) !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y .I=
"on"'ded !ha! !his "onfirma!ion demons!ra!es !he &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro .ffi"er !oo, a"!ion "onsis!en! wi!h his 's'a *ro"ess in res*onse !o
!he sys!em aer!( F'r!her) !he &T Agen! s!a!ed !ha! !he &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro .ffi"er reiaby *assed aong !rave informa!ion "on"erning o!her
s'b;e"!s in !he *as!) and he had no reason !o do'b! !he &'s!oms and
Border Pa!ro .ffi"erPs s!a!emen!s !ha! he beieves he *assed !he
no!ifi"a!ion of TsarnaevPs !rave !o !he &o'n!er Terrorism Agen! in 5an'ary(
So wha! is !he answer+ In"om*e!en"e or an agenda !o ,ee* Tamerane
free so he "o'd aid in !he s!r'gge for an Isami" &a'"'s Emira!es(
Tsarnaev was iden!ified as a *o!en!ia s'b;e"! of in!eres! for &'s!oms and
Border Pa!ro a! 5FA In!erna!iona Air*or!( .n !he evening of 5an'ary 01)
0410) when TsarnaevPs figh! was de*ar!ing) he was a ow *riori!y rea!ive !o
!he o!her *assengers of *o!en!ia "on"ern( As a res'!) &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro did no! review his re"ord or "ond'"! an o'!bo'nd ins*e"!ion of him
before he de*ar!ed(
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro had him on !heir wa!"his! b'! e! him si*
!hro'gh !heir hands offering some ame e9"'se i,e !hey were !oo b'sy wi!h
o!her !erroris!s !ha! nigh! Y !he was *robaby a !erroris! "onven!ion going
%A/&H 0410 5.INT TE//./IST TASA F./&E TE&S /E&./D
The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er who "rea!ed !he origina 5oin!
Terroris! Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord "onfig'red !he re"ord !o be visibe !o
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro offi"ers when !hey "ond'"! ini!ia ins*e"!ion of
in!erna!iona !raveers arriving in !he $ni!ed S!a!es) ,nown as *rimary
ins*e"!ion( The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er in"'ded ins!r'"!ions in
!he 5oin! Terroris! Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord !ha! &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro
"ond'"! a more in!ensive ins*e"!ion of Tsarnaev) ,nown as se"ondary
TE&S re"ords are se! !o dis*ay d'ring *rimary ins*e"!ions for a "er!ain
*eriod of !ime( A! !he end of !his *eriod) !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro
offi"er may "hange !he dis*ay s!a!'s of !he 5oin! Terroris! Tas, For"e
TE&S re"ord !o be visibe d'ring *rimary ins*e"!ion for as ong as !he
individ'a "on!in'es !o be of in!eres! and meri!s addi!iona s"r'!iny(
In %ar"h 0410) !he re"ordPs dis*ay s!a!'s "hanged so !ha! i! wo'd no!
dis*ay !o &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro *ersonne d'ring *rimary ins*e"!ion(
Nei!her !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er nor !he &T Agen! re"aed
dis"'ssions abo'! re!aining !he re"ord !o be visibe d'ring *rimary
ins*e"!ion( However) !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er !od DHS .I=
!ha! his s!andard *ra"!i"e is !o review !he reevan! re"ord in TE&S and !o
s*ea, wi!h !he reevan! "ase agen! !o de!ermine whe!her !he re"ordPs
s'b;e"! s!i is of in!eres!( Addi!ionay) DHS .I= reviewed !he &'s!oms and
Border Pa!ro .ffi"erPs TE&S 'sage and "onfirmed !ha! he a""essed !he
5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord !hree days af!er !he dis*ay s!a!'s
"hanged( DHS .I= de!ermined !ha! a!ho'gh !his does no! "on"'sivey
es!abish !ha! !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er no!ified !he &T Agen!
of !he re"ordPs "hange in s!a!'s) i! s'gges!s !ha! !he &'s!oms and Border
Pa!ro .ffi"er !oo, a"!ion "onsis!en! wi!h his 's'a *ro"ess !o de!ermine
whe!her !o "hange !he re"ordPs dis*ay s!a!'s(
Border Pa!ro .ffi"er !od DHS .I= !ha! his s!andard *ra"!i"e is !o review
!he reevan! re"ord in TE&S and !o s*ea, wi!h !he reevan! "ase agen! !o
de!ermine whe!her !he re"ordPs s'b;e"! s!i is of in!eres!( So i! was !he
&TLFBI agen! !ha! had Tsarnaev:s name removed( Are we deaing wi!h a
moe here+
.n 5'y 1@) 0410) Tsarnaev re!'rned !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es on an
in!erna!iona figh! from %os"ow !o New Eor,( &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro
re"eived *assenger da!a for Tsarnaev from !he airine 2dee!ed3(
The De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y and D.5 .I=s were 'nabe !o
de!ermine whe!her !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er aer!ed !he &T
Agen! abo'! TsarnaevPs inbo'nd !rave( The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro
.ffi"er !od !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y .I= !ha! he did no!
remember re"eiving !he aer! or his a"!ions in res*onse !o i!) and !he
&o'n!er Terrorism Agen! !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he had no re"oe"!ion of
any dis"'ssions wi!h !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er abo'! !he
re!'rn no!ifi"a!ion( %oreover) !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y and
D.5 .I=s did no! o"a!e an e<mai "omm'ni"a!ion from !he &'s!oms and
Border Pa!ro .ffi"er !o !he &T Agen!( De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y
.I= reviewed !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"erPs TE&S 'sage) and
"onfirmed !ha! !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er a""essed TsarnaevPs
5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord a few ho'rs af!er TsarnaevPs figh!
anded a! 5FA In!erna!iona Air*or!(
The &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro agen! ran Tsarnaev !ho'gh TE&S and go!
a hi!(
D'e !o differen"es in &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro *ro"ed'res and !he
dis*ay s!a!'s of !he re"ord) Tsarnaev was no! iden!ified as a *o!en!ia
s'b;e"! of in!eres! for &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro a! 5FA In!erna!iona
Air*or!( As a res'!) Tsarnaev was no! dire"!ed !o se"ondary ins*e"!ion( The
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro offi"er who "ond'"!ed !he *rimary ins*e"!ion of
Tsarnaev said he "o'd no! re"a his en"o'n!er wi!h Tsarnaev(
B'! !he &T Agen! had arranged i! so !he reason for him being on !he is!
wo'd no! dis*ay and he wa,ed in!o !he $ni!ed S!a!es) one ha**y !erroris!(
A &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro review of !he offi"er:s a"!ivi!y indi"a!es !ha!
!he offi"er s"anned Tsarnaev:s Aien /egis!ra!ion &ard in!o !he "om*'!er
sys!em 'sed d'ring *rimary ins*e"!ion( The "ard was vaid) and as a res'!)
&'s!oms and Border Pa!ro !oo, Tsarnaev:s *i"!'re) "oe"!ed his
finger*rin!s) "onfirmed his iden!i!y) and admi!!ed him in!o !he $ni!ed S!a!es
based on his LP/ s!a!'s(
Des*i!e !he FSB re*or! !ha! he was headed for /'ssia for !erroris! !raining
no!hing *o**ed '* on him( Was someone mani*'a!ing !he sys!em+
FBI offi"ias disagreed abo'! !he signifi"an"e of Tsarnaev:s !rave !o /'ssia
and whe!her i! sho'd have res'!ed in f'r!her inves!iga!ive a"!ion( The &T
Agen! said !ha! !he !rave wo'd no! have been signifi"an! be"a'se !he
assessmen! was "osed and !he FBI aready had as,ed !he /'ssians for
addi!iona deroga!ory informa!ion( When as,ed whe!her he wo'd have
"onsidered !a,ing f'r!her inves!iga!ive s!e*s had he earned of !he !rave a!
!he !ime) !he &T Agen! said !ha! he wo'd no! have done any!hing
This &T Agen! never heard of reo*ening an inves!iga!ion based on new
informa!ion( Who is !he &T Agen!+ Do his an"es!ors !ra"e ba", !o !he
&a'"'ses or is he a %'sim+

However) o!her FBI offi"ias s!a!ed !ha! !he informa!ion wo'd have been
im*or!an! !o !he FBI( The &T S'*ervisor !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he was
'naware of Tsarnaev:s !rave !o /'ssia 'n!i af!er !he bombings) and !ha! he
wo'd have e9*e"!ed !he &T Agen! !o !e him in 5an'ary 0410 abo'! !he
TE&S hi! indi"a!ing !ha! Tsarnaev was abo'! !o !rave !o /'ssia( The &T
Agen! said he did no! re"a having a *ra"!i"e of no!ifying his s'*ervisor of
!rave no!ifi"a!ions in "osed assessmen!s(
The &T Agen! was de!ermined no! !o reo*en !he assessmen!( Why+ Was
!he afraid of being se"ond g'essed or was !here a more sinis!er mo!ive(
Some!hing s!in,s(
He said !ha! had he ,nown abo'! !he !rave) he *robaby wo'd have
reo*ened !he assessmen!) in!erviewed Tsarnaev '*on his de*ar!'re from
!he $ni!ed S!a!es) informed !he LE=AT of !he !rave so !ha! a de!ermina!ion
"o'd have been made abo'! no!ifying !he /'ssian governmen!) and
wor,ed wi!h !he LE=AT !o re7'es! informa!ion from !he /'ssian
governmen! abo'! Tsarnaev:s a"!ivi!ies in /'ssia( The &T S'*ervisor aso
s!a!ed !ha! >!here is a very good "han"e? !ha! !he FBI wo'd have
in!erviewed Tsarnaev again '*on his re!'rn from /'ssia had i! ,nown abo'!
!he !rave) b'! !ha! !his wo'd have de*ended on wha! was earned from !he
/'ssians and from any se"ondary ins*e"!ion d'ring Tsarnaev:s !rave(
The &T S'*ervisor wo'd have done a whoe oad of !hings had he ,nown
abo'! !he !rave b'! !he &I Agen! ,e*! i! a se"re! from him !o *ro!e"! !he
f'!'re !erroris!(
Simiary) !he Assis!an! S*e"ia Agen! in &harge 2ASA&3 in "harge of !he
Bos!on 5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e d'ring !he *eriod of !he assessmen!
e9*ressed !he beief !o !he D.5 .I= !ha! if someone had >*inged? !he &T
Agen! abo'! Tsarnaev:s !rave) i! wo'd have >"hanged every!hing(? We
no!e) however) !ha! !he ASA& !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! she was no! made
aware 'n!i af!er !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings of !he Tsarnaev ead
informa!ion or !he FBI:s assessmen! of Tameran Tsarnaev( The ASA& said
!ha! an assessmen! generay did no! rea"h her a!!en!ion 'ness i! 7'aified
as a sensi!ive inves!iga!ive ma!!er 'nder !he A= ='ideines( The FBI did
no! designa!e !he Tsarnaev assessmen! as a sensi!ive inves!iga!ive ma!!er(
I! wo'd have &HAN=ED E-E/ETHIN=( There wo'd have been no
Bos!on %ara!hon Bombing had she go!!en !he sigh!es! idea !ha! !he FSB
*redi"!ion "ame !r'e(
She aso e9*ressed !he beief !ha! had !he Bos!on 5oin! Terrorism Tas,
For"e ,nown !ha! Tsarnaev !raveed !o /'ssia) and !ha! he wen! !o an area
,nown !o be a !raining gro'nd for e9!remis!s) i! wo'd have wor,ed wi!h !he
%os"ow LE=AT !o ob!ain addi!iona informa!ion(
So !he moe ,e*! !he !rave from !he 5oin! Terroris! Tas, For"e(
Addi!ionay) she said !ha! she beieves !he FBI wo'd have o*ened a
se"ond assessmen! and in!erviewed Tsarnaev abo'! why he wen! !o
.f "o'rse !he FBI wo'd have i! no! been *ene!ra!ed by a moe or someone
wi!h an an!i</'ssian agenda(
The FBI LE=AT in %os"ow be!ween %ay 0411 and ."!ober 0410 !od !he
D.5 .I= !ha! he was no! aware of TsarnaevPs !rave !o /'ssia a! !he !ime
and did no! beieve !ha! any $(S( agen"y a! !he %os"ow Embassy was
aware of !he !rave( The LE=AT "hara"!eri8ed !he !rave as Sh'geS and said
!ha! had !his informa!ion been bro'gh! !o his a!!en!ion) he wo'd have
re*or!ed !he informa!ion !o FBI &o'n!er!errorism Division and !he Bos!on
Fied Division for !hem !o !a,e any a"!ions !hey deemed a**ro*ria!e( He
said !ha! !he Snorma "o'rse of even!sS based on *as! "ases wo'd have
been for !he FBI !o reo*en !he ='ardian assessmen! and see, addi!iona
informa!ion from !he FSB regarding TsarnaevPs a"!ivi!ies whie in /'ssia(
The Lega A!!a"h# is s's*i"io's of !he &T Agen!( He said !ha! !here was
some!hing abnorma abo'! !he "o'rse of even!s genera!ed by !he &T
Tameran Tsarnaev signed an a**i"a!ion for na!'rai8a!ion on A'g's! 0O)
0410( The $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es Na!iona
Benefi!s &en!er 2NB&3) whi"h "ond'"!s ba",gro'nd "he",s !o de!ermine
whe!her an a**i"an! mee!s !he re7'iremen!s for na!'rai8a!ion) re"eived
!he a**i"a!ion on Se*!ember 0C) 0410( As *ar! of i!s ba",gro'nd "he",s)
Na!iona Benefi!s &en!er sear"hed TE&S and iden!ified !he 5oin! Terrorism
Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord en!ered d'ring !he assessmen!) and aso
re7'es!ed finger*rin! and addi!iona informa!ion from !he FBI( Based on !he
informa!ion !he Na!iona Benefi!s &en!er !ransferred TsarnaevPs a**i"a!ion
for addi!iona review( The DHS .I= aso reviewed !he $ni!ed S!a!es
&i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es ad;'di"a!ions of !he na!ionai8a!ion
a**i"a!ions of !he !hree o!her famiy members who a**ied) An8or
Tsarnaev) D8ho,har Tsamaev) and D'beida! Tsarnaeva( Their fies did no!
"on!ain signifi"an! deroga!ory informa!ion( $S&IS na!'rai8ed !he !hree
famiy members(
.n ."!ober 00) 0410) an Immigra!ion Servi"es .ffi"er 2IS.3 sen! an e mai
!o !he &T Agen! is!ed in !he 5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e TE&S re"ord
e9*aining !ha! Tsarnaev had fied an a**i"a!ion for na!'rai8a!ion and
as,ing whe!her Tsarnaev re*resen!ed a na!iona se"'ri!y "on"ern( The &T
Agen! s'bse7'en!y sear"hed !he FBIPs "ase managemen! da!abase and
re*ied on ."!ober 06) 0410) !o !he Immigra!ion Servi"es .ffi"er) ;There is
no national securit+ concern related to <Tamerlan Tsarnaev= and nothin(
that I )now o that should preclude issuance o whatever is bein( applied
Same agen! in same roe giving a "ar!e ban"he for Tameran even !ho'gh
he ,new !ha! Tameran had !raveed !o /'ssia ;'s! as !he FSB *redi"!ed he
The &T Agen! !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! he did no! re"a whe!her he sear"hed
*'bi" so'r"es before re*ying !o !his e<mai( The FBI has no *ro"ed'res for
*ro"essing s'"h re7'es!s for informa!ion abo'! !he s'b;e"!s of "osed
inves!iga!ions or assessmen!s !ha! are s'bmi!!ed !o !he FBI in "onne"!ion
wi!h na!'rai8a!ion a**i"a!ions(
There was no o*en "ase on Tamerane sin"e !he &T Agen! had hidden his
!rave !o /'ssia and !he inves!iga!ion and assessmen! had been "osed(
The &T Agen! didn:! do s7'a! no! even r'nning his name !hro'gh =ooge(
The Immigra!ion Servi"es .ffi"er aso "on!a"!ed !he $ni!ed S!a!es
&i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es iaison on !he Bos!on 5TTF( The
iaison !od !he DHS .I= !ha! when he re"eived !he Immigra!ion Servi"es
.ffi"er:s e<mai) he "ond'"!ed da!abase sear"hes and me! wi!h !he &T
Agen!( He said !ha! he and !he &T Agen! dis"'ssed !he re"ords from !he
assessmen! of Tsarnaev) includin( the ori(inal inormation provided b+ the
F*". The iaison said !ha! he !od !he &T Agen! !ha! barring any deroga!ory
informa!ion from !his "ase or ano!her so'r"e) Tsarnaev i,ey was eigibe
for "i!i8enshi*) and !ha! he re"aed !ha! !he $T !(ent had no opposition to
Tsarnaev5s naturali1ation.
Barring any deroga!ory informa!ion from !his "ase or ano!her so'r"e? !he
/'ssian !rave was deroga!ory informa!ion(
The &T Agen! !od !he D.5 .I= !ha! i! was a >good be!? he dis"'ssed
Tsarnaev:s na!'rai8a!ion a**i"a!ion wi!h !he iaison b'! did no! have a
s*e"ifi" re"oe"!ion of wha! !hey dis"'ssed(
>I don:! remember(? Be!!er !o say !ha! !han !o ie(
.n ."!ober 0Q) 0410) !he iaison sen! an e<mai !o !he IS. s!a!ing !ha!
!here was no "'rren! or *rior inves!iga!ion for Tsarnaev) and >!here is no
deroga!ory informa!ion rea!ed !o na!iona se"'ri!y !ha! wo'd adversey
affe"! !he s'b;e"!:s eigibii!y for !he immigra!ion benefi! being so'gh! a! !his
He "o'd no! have re"eived !his informa!ion from !he &T Agen! and m's!
have be"ome "onf'sed as !he &T Agen! had "ond'"!ed !he *rior
Tsarnaev:s a**i"a!ion !hen was re!'rned !o !he 7'e'e for norma
*ro"essing( $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es *ersonne
s'bse7'en!y "ond'"!ed da!abase sear"hes for Tameran Tsarnaev on
m'!i*e se*ara!e da!es and fo'nd no deroga!ory re"ords( DHS .I=
de!ermined !ha! $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es
*ersonne did no! 'se a avaiabe aiases when "ond'"!ing !hese
sear"hes) faiing !o 7'ery for !he !erm >Tamer Tsarnayev(? However) !he
DHS .I= "on"'ded !ha! had $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion
Servi"es "he",ed !his aias) i! wo'd no! have *rod'"ed addi!iona
&T Agen! had sani!i8ed !he !erroris! !ra"es(
In a!e November 0410) in res*onse !o a $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and
Immigra!ion Servi"es informa!ion re7'es!) !he FBI "ond'"!ed a da!abase
sear"h and draf!ed a memorand'm s!a!ing !ha! there was no dero(ator+
inormation about Tsarnaev. .n De"ember 6) 0410) !he FBI re!'rned
addi!iona informa!ion res'!s showing Tsarnaev:s arres! for assa'! and
ba!!ery of his former girfriend in 5'y 044N( $S&IS !hen re7'es!ed "o'r!
re"ords !o "onfirm !ha! !he arres! did no! res'! in a "onvi"!ion) whi"h i! did
no! re"eive before !he A*ri 1F) 0416) bombings(
A $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es offi"er in!erviewed
Tsarnaev on 5an'ary 06) 0416) b'! did no! ad;'di"a!e his na!'rai8a!ion
af!er !he in!erview be"a'se !he $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion
Servi"es had no! re"eived !he "o'r! re"ords rea!ing !o his 044N arres!( As a
res'!) Tsarnaev:s na!'rai8a!ion a**i"a!ion remained *ending on A*ri 1F)
0416( The $ni!ed S!a!es &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"es offi"er !od
!he DHS .I= !ha! had !he "o'r! re"ords been *ro"essed before !his da!e)
he wo'd have had no gro'nds !o deny !he a**i"a!ion) and Tsarnaev wo'd
have be"ome a na!'rai8ed "i!i8en(
I! was no! !he re*or! of !errorism !ha! hed ba", his na!'rai8a!ion b'! a
domes!i" vioen"e "ase( The &T Agen! had a""ess !o !his arres! informa!ion
ye! faied !o fa"!or Tamerane:s vioen"e in!o !he e7'a!ion(
The .I= !eams e9amined informa!ion !ha! e9is!ed *rior !o !he bombings b'!
was no! ob!ained or firs! a""essed and reviewed 'n!i af!er !he bombings(
This informa!ion in"'ded "er!ain 2Dee!ed3 !o show !ha! Tsarnaev in!ended
!o *'rs'e ;ihad) s!a!emen!s by Tsarnaev:s former girfriend des"ribing
TsarnaevPs shif! !oward radi"a Isam be!ween 044Q and 044N) des"ri*!ions
from m'!i*e so'r"es of TsarnaevPs a"!ivi!ies whie in /'ssia in 0410) and
TsarnaevPs "oe"!ion and sharing of ;ihadi<!hemed videos and o!her
e9!remis! ma!erias beginning a! eas! a year *rior !o !he bombings(
A of !his was overoo,ed by &T Agen! a( This goes way beyond so**y
!rade"raf!( Some!hing ese is ha**ening here whi"h !he FBI wi never
5an'ary 0411 &omm'ni"a!ions
Af!er !he bombings !he FBI in!erviewed TsarnaevPs former girfriend and his
wife) Aa!herine Tsarnaeva( The former girfriend *rovided informa!ion abo'!
"hanges in TsarnaevPs behavior and a**earan"e be!ween 044Q and 044N)
in"'ding his growing in!eres! in videos abo'! Isam( 2dee!ed3 The D.5
.I= "on"'ded !ha! Tameran Tsarnaev:s former girfriend and wife
were avaiabe !o be in!erviewed d'ring !he 0411 assessmen!) b'! !ha! i!
"an never be ,nown whe!her !hey wo'd have *rovided !he same
informa!ion !o !he FBI abo'! Tsarnaev a! any !ime before Tsarnaev had
been iden!ified as a *er*e!ra!or of !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings whie he
was s!i aive and) in !he "ase of TsarnaevPs wife) whie he was married !o
These were !he s'b;e"!s !ha! sho'd have been in!erviewed firs!) !hen !he
s's*e"!ed !erroris!s sho'd have been in!erviewed b'! &T Agen! was in!en!
on "osing !his inves!iga!ion(
Tsarnaev !raveed !o /'ssia on 5an'ary 01) 0410 and re!'rned !o !he
$ni!ed S!a!es on 5'y 1@) 0410( The D.5 .I= fo'nd !ha! no informa!ion
was avaiabe in !he FBIPs *rimary da!a sys!ems *rior !o !he bombings
abo'! TsarnaevPs a"!ivi!ies in /'ssia) and so'gh! !o de!ermine wha!
addi!iona informa!ion e9is!ed abo'! TsarnaevPs a"!ivi!ies d'ring !his *eriod
and whe!her !his informa!ion was avaiabe !o !he FBI before !he bombings(
Was &T Agen! ho*ing !ha! Tsarnaev wo'd "ommi! !erroris! a"! !here
agains! !he /'ssians+ .r was &T Agen! a moe who was going !o fa"ii!a!e
!he Bos!on %ara!hon bombing or was he someone who was hired !o fi a
ra"ia or reigio's 7'o!a+ .r was he ;'s! downrigh! s!'*id+
The D.5 .I=Ps review of ma!erias *rovided by !he FBI showed !ha! af!er
!he bombings !he FBI ob!ained informa!ion abo'! TsarnaevPs a"!ivi!ies
d'ring !his *eriod *rimariy from !hree so'r"es1 !he FSB) wi!ness
in!erviews ) and anayses of "om*'!er media from TsarnaevPs home
ob!ained !hro'gh a me!hod ony avaiabe in a f' inves!iga!ion( These
ma!erias showed !ha! Tsarnaev s*o,e of ;ihad *rior !o !raveing !o /'ssia)
and !ha! he shared e9!remis! ar!i"es and videos whie he was in /'ssia(
The FBI "overed '* his !erroris! "onne"!ions in /'ssia so as no! !o add
ins'! !o in;'ry(
The .I=s reviewed anayses of reevan! informa!ion earned from e9*oi!ing
!he ee"!roni" media and "omm'ni"a!ions of Tsarnaev and his asso"ia!es
af!er !he bombings( The FBIPs anaysis was based in *ar! on o!her
governmen! agen"y informa!ion showing !ha! Tsarnaev "rea!ed a Eo'T'be
a""o'n! on A'g's! 1@) 0410) and began *os!ing !he firs! of severa ;ihadi<
!hemed videos in a**ro9ima!ey ."!ober 0410( The FBIPs anaysis was
based in *ar! on o*en so'r"e resear"h and anaysis "ond'"!ed by o!her
$(S( governmen! agen"ies shor!y af!er !he bombings showing !ha!
TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be a""o'n! was "rea!ed wi!h !he *rofie name STameran
Tsarnaev(S Af!er reviewing a draf! of !his re*or! ) !he FBI "ommen!ed !ha!
TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be dis*ay name "hanged from Sm'a8seyf'ahS !o
STameran TsarnaevS on or abo'! Febr'ary 10) 0416) and s'gges!ed !ha!
!herefore TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be a""o'n! "o'd no! be o"a!ed 'sing !he
sear"h !erm STameran TsarnaevS before !ha! da!e( In res*onse !o a D.5
.I= re7'es! for informa!ion s'**or!ing !his s!a!emen!) !he FBI *rod'"ed a
heaviy reda"!ed 6<*age e9"er*! from an 'n"assified %ar"h 1N) 041C)
Ee"!roni" &omm'ni"a!ion anay8ing informa!ion !ha! in"'ded informa!ion
abo'! TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be a""o'n!( The 'nreda"!ed *or!ion of !he
Ee"!roni" &omm'ni"a!ion s!a!ed !ha! Eo'T'be e<mai messages sen! !o
TsarnaevPs =ooge e<mai a""o'n! were addressed !o Sm'a8seyf'ahS 2a
!rib'!e !o Emir %'a8) an Isami" se*ara!is! !ha! o*era!ed in /'ssia:s
so'!hern Dages!an re*'bi" 'n!i he was ,ied by /'ssian for"es in 044N( 3
*rior !o Febr'ary 10) 0416) and !o STameran TsarnaevS beginning on
Febr'ary 1C) 0416( The FBI reda"!ed o!her informa!ion in !he Ee"!roni"
&omm'ni"a!ion abo'! TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be and =ooge e<mai a""o'n!s(
The D.5 .I= "on"'ded !ha! be"a'se ano!her governmen! agen"y was
abe !o o"a!e TsarnaevPs Eo'T'be a""o'n! !hro'gh o*en so'r"e resear"h
shor!y af!er !he bombings) !he FBI i,ey wo'd have been abe !o o"a!e
!his informa!ion !hro'gh o*en so'r"e resear"h be!ween Febr'ary 10) 0416
and A*ri 1F) 0416( The D.5 .I= "o'd no! de!ermine whe!her o*en so'r"e
7'eries *rior !o !ha! da!e wo'd have reveaed Tsarnaev !o be !he individ'a
who *os!ed !his ma!eria(
A !he &T Agen! had !o do was do a sim*e =ooge sear"h !o o"a!e !his
An FBI anaysis of ee"!roni" media showed !ha! !he "om*'!ers 'sed by
Tsarnaev "on!ained a s'bs!an!ia amo'n! of ;ihadis! ar!i"es and videos)
in"'ding ma!eria wri!!en by or asso"ia!ed wi!h $(S(<born radi"a Isami"
"eri" Anwar a<A'a7i( .n one s'"h "om*'!er) !he FBI fo'nd a! eas! seven
iss'es of Inspire) an on<ine Engish ang'age maga8ine "rea!ed by a
A'a7i( .ne iss'e of !his maga8ine "on!ained an ar!i"e en!i!ed) S%a,e a
Bomb in !he Ai!"hen of yo'r %om)S whi"h in"'ded ins!r'"!ions for b'iding
!he e9*osive devi"es 'sed in !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings(
Informa!ion earned !hro'gh !he e9*oi!a!ion of !he TsarnaevPs "om*'!ers
was ob!ained !hro'gh a me!hod !ha! may ony be 'sed in !he "o'rse of a
f' inves!iga!ion) whi"h !he FBI did no! o*en 'n!i af!er !he bombings(
The D.5 .I=) in "oordina!ion wi!h !he In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y Ins*e"!or
=enera) reviewed informa!ion !ha! !he NSA *rod'"ed in res*onse !o a
re7'es! from !he In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y Ins*e"!or =enera( In"'ded in !his
*rod'"!ion was informa!ion from 0410 2dee!ed3 The informa!ion
"on"erned 2dee!ed3 This informa!ion was no! a""essed or reviewed 'n!i
af!er !he bombing( 2dee!ed3
Based on a !he informa!ion ga!hered d'ring o'r "oordina!ed review) we
beieve !ha! !he FBI) &IA) DHS) and Na!iona &o'n!er Terrorism &en!er
generay shared informa!ion and foowed *ro"ed'res a**ro*ria!ey( We
iden!ified a few areas where broader informa!ion sharing be!ween agen"ies
may have been re7'ired) s'"h as FBI "oordina!ion wi!h !he &IA af!er
re"eiving !he ead informa!ion in %ar"h 04 or where broader informa!ion
sharing in !he f'!'re sho'd be "onsidered) s'"h as grea!er sharing of
!hrea! informa!ion wi!h s!a!e and o"a *ar!ners( We also identiied a actual
.uestion that could not be conclusivel+ resolved concernin( whether the
notiication o Tsarnaev>s travel to &ussia was shared with the F"I $T
!(ent who conducted the assessment.
Wi!h res*e"! !o !he FBIPs *re<bombing inves!iga!ion) we "on"'ded !ha! !he
FBI made inves!iga!ive ;'dgmen!s based on informa!ion ,nown a! !he !ime
and !ha! were wi!hin !he ega framewor, governing i!s abii!y !o ga!her
in!eigen"e and "ond'"! inves!iga!ions) in !his "ase of $(S( *ersons( We
beieve i! is im*ossibe !o ,now wha! wo'd have ha**ened had differen!
;'dgmen!s been made( With respect to post'assessment activities, we
believe that Tsarnaev>s travel to &ussia in ?@A? was si(niicant in view o
the F*" lead inormation and warranted urther investi(ative action.
Ea"h *ar!i"i*a!ing .I= rea"hed s*e"ifi" "on"'sions regarding a"!ions
!a,en or no! !a,en by i!s "om*onen! agen"ies( We briefy s'mmari8e o'r
mos! signifi"an! "on"'sions beow(

b The A= ='ideines and !he Domes!i" Inves!iga!ions and .*era!ions
='ide give fe9ibii!y !o FBI *ersonne !o "hoose a ower eve of
inves!iga!ion) even when !he fa"!'a *redi"a!ion for a higher eve of
inves!iga!ion is me!) if FBI *ersonne de!ermine !he ma!!er "an be resoved
!hro'gh ess in!r'sive me!hods( =iven !he imi!ed informa!ion avaiabe !o
!he Bos!on 5TTF in %ar"h 04 "on"erning Tameran Tsarnaev) !he D.5 .I=
"on"'ded !ha! !he FBI &T S'*ervisor and &T Agen!Ps de"ision !o o*en !he
inves!iga!ion a! !he assessmen! eve was an a**i"a!ion of !he eas!
in!r'sive me!hod *rin"i*e wi!hin !heir inves!iga!ive dis"re!ion(
Why "hoose !he eas! in!r'sive me!hod in a !errorism "ase+ I! a**ears as if
!he &T Agen! "onvin"ed !he &T S'*ervisor !o do so(
b Be"a'se !he ead from !he FSB in"'ded informa!ion abo'! D'beida!
Tsarnaeva) !he D.5 .I= beieves !ha! !he &T S'*ervisor and &T Agen!
sho'd have given grea!er "onsidera!ion !o o*ening an assessmen! on her(
However) given !ha! !he b', of !he deroga!ory informa!ion in !he ead
arg'aby fo"'sed on Tameran Tsarnaev) !he D.5 .I= "on"'ded !ha! i!
was wi!hin !heir dis"re!ion no! !o o*en an assessmen! on D'beida!
Tsarnaeva and ins!ead !o "ond'"! imi!ed da!abase 7'eries 'sing her name
and o!her reevan! iden!ifiers(
D'beida! Tsarnaeva was in!erviewed b'! no inves!iga!ion was o*ened on
her( I! was wi!hin !he dis"re!ion of !he agen!s !o do !his so !hey reay didn:!
mess '* af!era(
b The D.5 .I= "on"'ded !ha! addi!iona inves!iga!ive s!e*s wo'd
have res'!ed in a more !horo'gh assessmen!) in"'ding "ond'"!ing
addi!iona da!abase sear"hes) as,ing 7'es!ions of Tameran Tsarnaev and
his *aren!s !o ei"i! informa!ion abo'! any *ans Tsarnaev may have had !o
!rave !o /'ssia) and in!erviewing Tsarnaev:s former girfriend and wife(
However) !he D.5 .I= de!ermined !ha! !he addi!iona da!abase sear"hes
wo'd no! have reveaed any informa!ion !ha! was no! aready ,nown !o !he
&T Agen! "ond'"!ing !he assessmen!( In addi!ion) !he D.5 .I= fo'nd !ha!
i! is im*ossibe !o ,now wha! !he former girfriend and wife wo'd have !od
!he FBI in 0411 before !he Bos!on %ara!hon bombings and whie Tameran
Tsarnaev was s!i aive( Therefore) i! "anno! be ,nown whe!her !hese
addi!iona in!erviews wo'd have yieded addi!iona informa!ion reevan! !o
!he FSB ead informa!ion(
They are giving !he &T Agen! !he benefi! of !he do'b!( .f "o'rse i! is
im*ossibe !o go ba", in!o !he *as! in a !ime ma"hine and "ond'"! !his
inves!iga!ion b'! ;'dging from !he "arnage a! !he Bos!on %ara!hon i! was a
!ragi" mis!a,e or !he wor, of someone wi!h an agenda(
b The D.5 and DHS .ffi"e of Ins*e"!or =eneras fo'nd !ha! !here is a
fa"!'a 7'es!ion regarding whe!her !he DHS &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro
.ffi"er on !he Bos!on 5TTF) af!er re"eiving advan"e no!ifi"a!ion of !he
!rave) informed !he FBI &T Agen! who "ond'"!ed !he assessmen! abo'!
Tsarnaev:s figh! !o /'ssia( The .I=s beieve !ha! !he &T Agen! mos! i,ey
did re"eive no!i"e of Tsarnaev:s o'!bo'nd figh! b'! we were 'nabe !o
de!ermine !his fa"! "on"'sivey be"a'se !here was no wri!!en "onfirma!ion
!ha! !he &BP .ffi"er had "onveyed !his informa!ion !o !he &T Agen!( For !he
same reason) !he D.5 and DHS .I=s "o'd no! de!ermine "on"'sivey
whe!her !he &'s!oms and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er informed !he &T Agen! of
Tsarnaev:s re!'rn figh! from /'ssia(
He migh! have missed informing !he &T Agen! on"e b'! !wi"e Y forge! i!(
The &T Agen! b'ried !he informa!ion ei!her !o *reven! !he errors in his
inves!iga!ion from s'rfa"ing or for more sinis!er reasons(
b The D.5 .I= agreed wi!h !he &T S'*ervisor and ASA& !ha!
TsarnaevPs !rave !o /'ssia was signifi"an! and warran!ed f'r!her
inves!iga!ion( Therefore) ass'ming !he &T Agen! was aware of TsarnaevPs
im*ending !rave) we beieve !ha! he sho'd have !a,en !he addi!iona
inves!iga!ive s!e*s !he &T S'*ervisor said he *robaby wo'd have !a,en
had he ,nown abo'! !he !rave( We no!e) however) !ha! i! is im*ossibe !o
,now wha! addi!iona informa!ion may have s'rfa"ed !hro'gh f'r!her
inves!iga!ion) in"'ding informa!ion ob!ained or a""essed d'ring !he "o'rse
of !he FBI Ps f' inves!iga!ions ini!ia!ed af!er !he bombings(
Same !ime ma"hine s!'*idi!y(
&BP -e!!ing of TsamaevPs Trave
b DHS .I= e9amined whe!her &'s!om and Border Pa!ro ve!!ed
TsarnaevPs o'!bo'nd !rave !o /'ssia a""ording !o *oi"ies and *ro"ed'res
and de!ermined !ha! i! did so( DHS .I= de!ermined !ha! !he &'s!om and
Border Pa!roPs sys!em for ve!!ing *assenger informa!ion *erformed as
designed) and iden!ified Tsarnaev as a *o!en!ia s'b;e"! of in!eres!(
Addi!ionay) DHS .I= e9amined &'s!om and Border Pa!roPs de"ision no!
!o "ond'"! an o'!bo'nd ins*e"!ion of Tsarnaev and "on"'ded !ha! &'s!om
and Border Pa!roPs de"ision !o s"r'!ini8e higher *riori!y !raveers ins!ead of
Tsarnaev a""orded wi!h &'s!om and Border Pa!ro *oi"y and *ro"ed'res(
Tsarnaev:s fie had been sani!i8ed by !he &T Agen! so yo' "anno! bame
b The DHS .I= de!ermined !ha! !he &BP .ffi"erPs de"ision !o aow
TsarnaevPs 5TTF TE&S re"ord !o "hange dis*ay s!a!'s and !herefore no!
be visibe !o &'s!om and Border Pa!ro *ersonne d'ring *rimary ins*e"!ion
when he re!'rned !o !he $ni!ed S!a!es) was in a""ordan"e wi!h &'s!om and
Border Pa!ro *oi"y and *ro"ed'res( $nder &'s!om and Border Pa!ro
*oi"y) !he &'s!om and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er may "hange !he dis*ay s!a!'s
of !he TE&S re"ords !o be visibe as ong as !he individ'a "on!in'es !o be
of in!eres! and meri!s addi!iona s"r'!iny( The DHS and D.5 .I=s beieve
!ha! &'s!om and Border Pa!ro and FBI sho'd "arify when and 'nder wha!
"ir"'ms!an"es 5TTF *ersonne may "hange !he dis*ay s!a!'s of a TE&S
re"ord) *ar!i"'ary in "osed "ases(
He aowed !he TE&S re"ord !o "hange s!a!'s Y i! was !he &T Agen! who
"hanged i!(
b DHS .I= de!ermined !ha! &'s!om and Border Pa!ro *ro*ery
admi!!ed Tsarnaev in!o !he $ni!ed S!a!es in 5'y 0410 af!er !a,ing
TsarnaevPs *i"!'re) "oe"!ing his finger*rin!s) and "onfirming his iden!i!y
and LP/ s!a!'s( DHS .I= aso "on"'ded !ha! &BPPs no!ifi"a!ion !o !he
&'s!om and Border Pa!ro .ffi"er of TsarnaevPs inbo'nd !rave was in
"om*ian"e wi!h &'s!om and Border Pa!ro *ro"ed'res(
b &BP has !a,en s!e*s sin"e !he bombing !o im*rove !he ve!!ing
*ro"ess in igh! of essons i! earned(
So i! is &BP !ha! is res*onsibe no! !he &T Agen!(
Informa!ion Sharing and &oordina!ion Be!ween !he FBI and &IA
b The D.5 and &IA .I=s fo'nd !ha! !he FBI LE=AT in %os"ow did no!
"oordina!e wi!h !he &IA in %ar"h 0411) *'rs'an! !o !he %emorand'm of
$nders!anding be!ween !he FBI and !he &IA) af!er re"eiving !he ead
informa!ion from !he FSB "on"erning Tameran Tsarnaev( However) we aso
"on"'ded !ha! !he &IA:s invovemen! in %ar"h 0411 i,ey wo'd no! have
*rovided !he FBI wi!h informa!ion !ha! "o'd have been he*f' !o !he
Bos!on 5TTF:s assessmen! of Tameran Tsarnaev(
FTTTF and N&T&:s handing of informa!ion abo'! Tsarnaev
b The D.5 .I= e9amined !he Foreign Terroris! Tra",ing Tas, For"e:s
handing of !he referra of Tsarnaev:s re"ord from The Na!iona
&o'n!er!errorism &en!er) in"'ding !he Foreign Terroris! Tra",ing Tas,
For"e:s de"ision no! !o *rovide informa!ion abo'! !he fa"! of !he "osed FBI
assessmen! of Tsarnaev !o The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er( The D.5
.I= de!ermined !ha! !he Foreign Terroris! Tra",ing Tas, For"e *ra"!i"e a!
!ha! !ime did no! re7'ire !he *rovision of informa!ion dire"!y !o The Na!iona
&o'n!er!errorism &en!er( Addi!ionay) !he D.5 .I= "on"'ded !ha! had !he
fa"! of !he "osed assessmen! been shared wi!h The Na!iona
&o'n!er!errorism &en!er) !his informa!ion may have ed !o Tsarnaev:s
remova from !he wa!"his!(
b The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er had in i!s *ossession !he &IA:s
nomina!ion of Tsarnaev !o TIDE) !he TIDE re"ord derived from !ha!
nomina!ion) and !rave da!a from DHS regarding Tameran >Taarnaev:s?
o'!bo'nd figh! !o /'ssia in 5an'ary 0410(
b The I& I= de!ermined !ha! Tsarnaev:s nomina!ion !o TIDE was a! a
ower *riori!y !han !hose !ha! are ordinariy enhan"ed( The I& I= e9*e"!s
The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er:s new *ra"!i"e of see,ing !o enhan"e
a $(S( *ersons wa!"his!ed informa!ion in TIDE wi red'"e !he eve of
'nma!"hed re"ords for !hose *ersons in !he f'!'re(
b .n A*ri 6) 0410) The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er re"eived
informa!ion from DHS abo'! Tsarnaev:s 5an'ary 01) 0410) o'!bo'nd !rave(
The da!a did no! "orre"!y iden!ify Tsarnaev as a $(S( *erson( Based on !he
informa!ion re"eived from DHS) The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er
re!ained !he do"'men! in a""ordan"e wi!h *ro"ed'res( Had !he da!a
a""'ra!ey iden!ified Tsarnaev as a awf' *ermanen! residen! 2a $(S(
*erson3) The Na!iona &o'n!er!errorism &en!er wo'd have been re7'ired
!o dee!e his !rave informa!ion wi!hin 1O4 days 'ness i! was de!ermined !o
"ons!i!'!e !errorism informa!ion(
Ad;'di"a!ion of Immigra!ion Benefi!s for Tameran Tsarnaev
b DHS .I= e9amined !he $(S( &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"e:s
ad;'di"a!ion of Tameran Tsarnaev:s 0410 a**i"a!ion for na!'rai8a!ion and
"on"'ded !ha!) wi!h one e9"e*!ion) !he $(S( &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion
Servi"e 2$S&IS3 "ond'"!ed !he na!'rai8a!ion *ro"esses in a""ordan"e
wi!h !he re7'iremen!s of !he INA and !he $S&IS *oi"ies and *ro"ed'res(
The one e9"e*!ion was !ha! !he $(S( &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"e
did no! "he", one aias) >Tamer Tsarnayev(? However) !he DHS .I=
de!ermined !ha! had !he $S&IS "he",ed !his aias) i! wo'd no! have fo'nd
!he TE&S en!ries derived from Tsarnaev:s wa!"his! re"ord(
b DHS .I= fo'nd !ha! !he $(S( &i!i8enshi* and Immigra!ion Servi"e
a"!ed a**ro*ria!ey by "on!a"!ing Bos!on 5TTF members and re"eiving
informa!ion !ha! Tsarnaev did no! *ose a na!iona se"'ri!y "on"ern(
Addi!ionay) !he IS. who in!erviewed Tsarnaev foowed $S&IS *ro"esses
and *oi"ies by deaying ad;'di"a!ion of his na!'rai8a!ion a**i"a!ion 'n!i
!he "o'r! re"ords dismissing "rimina aega!ions were ob!ained(
THE -:W 23&9 TIM:* AND &AI/
The New Eor, Times ran a s!ory bemoaning !he SA% on D8ho,ar and !he
Bos!on Herad re*ied(
The -ew 2or) Times wi !ry !o "onvin"e yo' !ha! Isam was no! !o bame for
wha! Tameran did( Tha! wo'd be Isama*hobiaK B'! beieve me if any of
!he Times re*or!ers or !heir famiies were !he vi"!ims of !errorism !hey
wo'd "hange !heir !'ne fas!er !han Bob Dyan swi!"hed !o fo, ro",( So
*a"e !he bame on Ameri"a( Tha!:s why !he Times bro'gh! in 5'ia
!o wor, on a *ie"e en!i!ed ! "attered
%ream, Then a 6iolent Path. In NEWS ANALESIS !
Homemade *t+le o Terror# Jihadists Push -ew
Tactics S"o!! Shane) !he Time5s bigges! a*oogis! for
radi"a Isam)
wro!e1 >In !he re*or!s on Tameran Tsarnaev) Dr( /onad
S"ho'!en) a Harvard *sy"hia!ris! who s!'dies !errorism) sees wha! migh! be
a "assi" *or!rai! of a man v'nerabe !o e9!remis! re"r'i!men!( He had
faied a! his dream of be"oming an .ym*i" bo9er and dro**ed o'! of
"oege) disa**oin!ing his famiy and himsef( >Peo*e who fai)? Dr(
S"ho'!en said) >some!imes a!"h on!o a "a'se !ha! ma,es !heir anger
egi!ima!e(? So !he do"!rine of f'ndamen!ais! Isam is no! !o bame) ;'s! !he
sys!em( Ano!her *ie"e !i!ed) The Dar, Side) &aref'y %as,ed) a!!em*!ed
!o h'mani8e D8ho,har Tsarnaev(
In ano!her ar!i"e Shane 7'o!ed a 5ean<Fran"ois /a!ee) a &anadian
s"hoar a! =eorge Washing!on $niversi!y who is s!'dying !he ins'rgen"y in
Dages!an) who said mos! mii!an!s in Dages!an >see !he $(S( as an enemy
of Isam(? >B'! i! wo'd no! be !heir main !arge!)? he said( MThey wo'dn:! be
i,ey !o *rovide !raining for an a!!a", on !he $(S(: The &a'"as's Emira!e
P!es$(n 4as a 2i5 su88(!$e! (' #(n&i#$e $e!!(!is$ L%nne S$e4a!$ Sn(4 %in5 ('
#an#e! in 8!is(nT.
. 3$$8:;;444."((n4a$#3.#(1;$a5;s#($$<s3ane;
3$$8:;;an0enne%.ne$;$a5;s#($$<s3ane; 3$$8:;;an0enne%.ne$;$a5;s#($$<s3ane;
3$$8:;;444.e1(#!a#%n(4.(!5;a88ea!an#es;s#($$Ps3ane 3$$8:;;aea#(ns4i'e.#(1;2011;02;0,
has denied any roe in !he mara!hon bombing(? The Isamis! m'rderers of
I&E are "aiming I&E was framed by !he /'ssians in fase fag o*era!ion(
In an ar!i"e da!ed %ay 1) 0416 Shane devo!ed more s*a"e !o !he ies of
Tsarnaev:s *aren!s) D'beida! and An8or !han !o any!hing ese in !he *ie"e(
In his news anaysis Shane wro!e) >The bombing ,ied !hree *eo*e)
"om*ared wi!h 6)444 in !he 0441 a!!a",s(? 04 !o 0F *eo*e in;'red in !he
bombings wi need new imbs and h'ndreds were in;'red( Then Shane
bamed !he FBI for aiena!ing !he ni"e %'sims wi!h s!ing o*era!ions1 >B'!
some %'sim a"!ivis!s say !ha! iden!ifying *o!en!iay vioen! *eo*e re7'ires
"ose) !r's!ing rea!ions be!ween aw enfor"emen! and !he %'sim
"omm'ni!y) whi"h are 'ndermined when informan!s invade !he mos7'e
and draw im*ressionabe yo'ng men in!o !a, of !errorism( Had s'"h !r's!
*revaied in Bos!on) !hey say) *erha*s Tameran Tsarnaev wo'd have
go!!en more a!!en!ion af!er !wo o'!b'rs!s a! a Bos!on mos7'e) where he
deno'n"ed "eri"s: referen"es !o Than,sgiving and !he /ev( Dr( %ar!in
L'!her Aing 5r( as "on!rary !o Isam( The o'!b'rs!) !hey say) migh! have ed
"omm'ni!y eaders !o go !o !he *oi"e(? B'! !hey did no! and !ha! is !he
bo!!om ine( Had !here been a sni!"h in !he %os7'e !his migh! have been
bro'gh! !o !he FBI:s a!!en!ion or !he sni!"h "o'd have a**roa"hed
Tameran wi!h an offer of e9*osives or de!ona!ors( Then Shane
"on!radi"!ed himsef and wro!e) >B'! %i"hae =erman) a former FBI agen!
who is now a! !he A&L$) said !he *robem wi!h fo"'sing on e9!remis! views
was !ha! !he vas! ma;ori!y of *eo*e who e9*ress !hem never !'rn !o
vioen"e( Ins!ead) !he b'rea' sho'd fo"'s on iega a"!s) he said( In !he
0411 /'ssian warning abo'! Tameran Tsarnaev) %r( =erman said) !he ,ey
. 3$$8:;;444.0a&0aE#en$e!.#(1;en5;#(n$en$;201*;05;05;1--5-.s3$1"
*oin! was no! !ha! he had embra"ed radi"a Isam b'! !ha! he *anned !o
!rave !o /'ssia !o ;oin 'ndergro'nd gro'*s B *o!en!iay an iega a"! of
s'**or! for a !erroris! organi8a!ion(?
Shane aso wro!e1 >B'! !he "ase was "osed when no!hing aarming was
fo'nd) and i! was no! reo*ened when some offi"ias earned in 5an'ary
0410 !ha! %r( Tsarnaev *anned !o !rave !o Dages!an) in so'!hern /'ssia)
where he s*en! si9 mon!hs before re!'rning !o Bos!onRHad !he FBI and
&IA ,nown !he de!ais behind !he warning) i! is *ossibe !ha! a f'
inves!iga!ion migh! have been orderedRThe /'ssian warning was viewed
by FBI offi"ias in 0411 mainy as an e9*ression of "on"ern !ha! Tameran
Tsarnaev or his mo!her) bo!h of whom had be"ome far more reigio's)
migh! "arry o'! an a!!a", on /'ssian soi(
Shane) who is de*enden! on !he In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y for ea,s) "overs
'* for !he FBI and bames !heir a", of a"!ion on /'ssia no! reveaing i!s
so'r"es( Why wo'd !he /'ssians be worried abo'! Tameran "ommi!!ing
an a"! of ;ihad in /'ssia when he was in !he $ni!ed S!a!es+ A re"en! New
Eor, Times *ie"e on !he ins'rgen"y in !he &a'"'s "on!ains no men!ion of
Isam of Sharia Law(
&AI/ is a obby for Isamis! !errorism( The organi8a!ion ma,es aian"es
wi!h &omm'nis! Fron! ega organi8a!ions i,e !he Na!iona Lawyers ='id)
even !ho'gh one wan!s a !heo"ra"y and !he o!her =odess &omm'nism( I!
is ano!her Hi!er S!ain *a"!( &AI/:s goa is !o evis"era!e !he an!i<!erroris!
in!eigen"e and aw enfor"emen! "omm'ni!ies 'nder !he g'ise of aeged
infringemen! of "ivi righ!s even !ho'gh any governmen! !ha! &AI/ !y*es
wo'd "on!ro wo'd be en!irey a",ing in &ivi /igh!s( So who is ,idding
who+ The foowing is from some bog's re*or! &AI/ s'bmi!!ed !o &ongress
af!er !he Bos!on 5ihadis! /aid(
-ioen! e9!remism is no! imi!ed !o any one e!hni"i!y) *oi!i"a ideoogy or
reigion( In 5an'ary) !he Wes! Poin! %ii!ary A"ademy:s &omba!ing
Terrorism &en!er re*or!ed !ha! sin"e 0441) vioen! whi!e s'*rema"is!s and
o!her far<righ! gro'*s have m'rdered 64Q Ameri"ans and in;'red ano!her
1)Q1Q( Sin"e !he even!s of Se*!ember 11) individ'as asso"ia!ed wi!h or
ins*ired by a<Haeda or simiar gro'*s have "ommi!!ed 6@ m'rders in !he
$(S() o'! of !he 1O4)444 m'rders "ommi!!ed d'ring !ha! !ime( %oreover)
sin"e 1N@N environmen!a and anima righ!s e9!remis!s have "ommi!!ed
over 0)444 "rimes and "a'sed more !han X114 miion in damage(
.ny 6@ m'rders+ This fig're is from is &hares A'r8man) an Arabis!
so"ioogis! so I do'b! i!s vera"i!y( No men!ion is made of !hose who were
in;'red by s'rvived !erroris! a!!a",s( These !erroris!<s'**or!ing<s"'m never
"i!e !ha! in !he Bos!on a!!a", aong !he es!ima!e of *eo*e who were
in;'red was 0O0( Wha! do anima righ!s gro'*s "rimes have !o do wi!h
m'rder+ How many *eo*e were ,ied by anima righ!s gro'*s+ $ni,e !he
%'sim !erroris!s !he anima righ! movemen! has no in!en!ion of 'sing
"hemi"a) bioogi"a and radioogi"a wea*ons agains! !he Ameri"an *'bi"(
/e*or!s from %'sim "omm'ni!y members in Bos!on indi"a!e !ha! !he
Tsarnaev bro!hers were no! a"!ive members of !he Bos!on %'sim
"omm'ni!y) did no! reg'ary a!!end servi"es *rovided by !he Isami"
So"ie!y of Bos!on 2ISB3) and did no! *'bi"y e9*ress vioen! o*inions( .n
!wo do"'men!ed o""asions Tameran had o*eny disagreed wi!h ISB:s
mains!ream Isami" !heoogy(
So Tameran ;'s! ha**ened !o be in !he %os7'e when Than,sgiving and
%LA Bir!hday were being dis"'ssed(
Tho'gh many have *or!rayed Tameran and D8ho,har Tsarnaev as one
woves) o'!siders !o !he %'sim "omm'ni!y who sef<radi"ai8ed) and
!herefore are harder !o "a!"h !han !erroris!s who are *ar! of a arger
ne!wor,) &AI/ beieves !ha! !he Tsarnaev bro!hers were *ar! of a arger
vir!'a onine s'b"'!'re !ha! in"i!es o!hers !o "arry o'! a<Haeda:s vioen!
e9!remis! ideoogy( &AI/ re"ommends !ha! !he governmen! deveo* a
"om*rehensive a**roa"h !o "o'n!ering vioen! e9!remism 2&-E3 !ha!
*ar!ners wi!h %'sim "omm'ni!ies !o "on!es! vioen! e9!remis! ideoogies
Whie he was in /'ssia) !he FSB *a"ed Tameran 'nder s'rveian"e b'!
seemed !o have os! "on!a"! wi!h him for some !ime and is 'ns're if he
re"eived any !raining by mii!an!s(
No!i"e !ha! &AI/ ref'ses !o *a"e !he bame on in!erna!iona Isamis!
!errorism) ;'s! i,e !he -ew 2or) Times ref'ses !o do(
&AI/ aso re"ommends !ha! !he governmen! no! was!e va'abe aw
enfor"emen! reso'r"es by indis"rimina!ey moni!oring !he Ameri"an %'sim
"omm'ni!y over !he !hrea! of vioen! e9!remism in !he $(S( As a na!ion we
sho'd ony s'**or! "o'n!er!errorism meas'res !ha! *'rs'e and *reven!
"rimina a"!ions) no! reigio's beiefs( .!herwise) as a na!ion we are ef!
ess free and no! any more se"'re(
In o!her words don:! moni!or !he %os7'es be"a'se !errorism is
'n"onne"!ed !o !he degree of reigiosi!y of !he !erroris! or *o!en!ia !erroris!(
Whie !his !es!imony *rimariy addresses "o'n!ering a<Haeda<ins*ired
vioen! e9!remism) &AI/ aso re"ommends !ha! !he governmen! address a
forms of vioen! e9!remism) regardess of ideoogy) *ro*or!ionay !o !he
"rimina !hrea! *osed by individ'a gro'*s( In 0411) !he So'!hern Pover!y
Law &en!er 2SPL&3 re*or!ed !ha! !he De*ar!men! of Homeand Se"'ri!y
ony em*oys one >domes!i" !erroris!? anays! !as,ed wi!h !ra",ing righ!<
and<ef!wing vioen! e9!remis!( Wi!ho'! a s"aed awareness) a**ro*ria!e !o
!he !hrea! *osed by a forms of vioen! e9!remism) o'r na!iona se"'ri!y wi
remain a! ris,(
In o!her words !a,e !he hea! off !he %'sim !erroris! "omm'ni!y be"a'se
!here are more dangero's !hrea!s Y b'! !he Lef!is! and /igh!is! e9!remis!s
never did a NL11 i,e even!) did !hey+
The firs! a**roa"h has been embodied by !he New Eor, Poi"e
De*ar!men!:s 2NEPD3 ban,e! s'rveian"e of Ameri"an %'sims a"ross !he
mid<A!an!i" region( This *rogram is aegedy being "ond'"!ed wi!h !he
assis!an"e of individ'as in,ed !o !he &IA(
The NEPD re*or!s !ha! in !he "o'rse of i!s si9<year s'rveian"e *rogram i!
has >never genera!ed a ead or !riggered a !errorism inves!iga!ion(? The
yeary "os! of !his *rogram is aegedy XQ0 miion doars( &AI/ beieves
!ha! in addi!ion !o "os!ing !a9*ayers h'ndreds of miions of doars) !he
*rogram has damaged !he %'sim "omm'ni!y:s !r's! of !he NEPD and
made i! diffi"'! for !he NEPD !o main!ain o*en ines of "omm'ni"a!ion(
The >never genera!ed a ead? s!a!is!i" is a referen"e !o one s7'ad of !he
NEPD) !he Demogra*hi" $ni! no! !he en!ire 5oin! Terrorism Tas, For"e(
&AI/ s!rongy re"ommends !ha! federa and s!a!e aw enfor"emen!
agen"ies disband or no! ado*! ineffi"ien! and *o!en!iay 'n"ons!i!'!iona
ban,e! s'rveian"e *rograms of e!hni" and reigio's "omm'ni!ies( As an
a!erna!ive) &AI/ re"ommends !ha! federa and s!a!e aw enfor"emen!
agen"ies ado*! &-E *rograms simiar !o !hose managed by !he LAPD and
LA &o'n!y Sheriff:s De*ar!men!(
&AI/ "aims i! wan!s !o rey on %'sim sni!"hing o!her %'sims o'! ra!her
!han s'rveian"e( So !he se"'ri!y of !he non<%'sim *o*'a!ion wo'd
basi"ay be in !he hand of !he %'sims(
&AI/ f'y s'**or!s aw enfor"emen! "o'n!er<!errorism inves!iga!ions !ha!
are based on "redibe informa!ion) "arried o'! !o *reven! "rimina a"!s of
vioen"e and ha! ma!eria s'**or! !o wo'd<be !erroris!s( In addressing !he
iss'e of ma!eria s'**or!) &AI/ no!es !ha! "'rren! federa aw is !oo vag'e
and "an a! !imes infringe '*on "ons!i!'!ionay *ro!e"!ed a"!s of free s*ee"h
as we as h'mani!arian aid *ro;e"!s dire"!ed !owards needy "iviians in
areas "on!roed by designa!ed !erroris! gro'*s( &AI/ beieves !ha!
res*onsibe enfor"emen! of "o'n!er!errorism *rograms is wha! !r'y ,ee*s
Ameri"ans safe( Sin"e Se*!ember 11) !he FBI has made *reven!ing !he
ne9! a"! of !errorism i!s !o* *riori!y( .'! of i!s XO(0 biion yeary b'dge!) X6(6
biion is s*en! on "o'n!er!errorism o*era!ions( D'ring !he as! de"ade) !he
FBI has b'i! a ne!wor, of 1F)444 regis!ered informan!s) many of whom are
*aid !o infi!ra!e Ameri"an %'sim "omm'ni!ies( .f !he F4O federa !errorism
*rose"'!ions d'ring !his *eriod) neary haf have invoved !he 'se of an
informan!) wi!h s!ing o*era!ions res'!ing in !he *rose"'!ion of 1FO
defendan!s) o'! of whi"h CN defendan!s were ensnared by an informan!
!ha! ed !he *o!(
&AI/ a",nowedges !he va'e of FBI s!ing o*era!ions in *rose"'!ing
individ'as who wo'd a!!em*! !o do o'r "o'n!y harm( However) in re"en!
years a n'mber of !ro'bing de!ais have emerged abo'! some informan!
ed *o!s( A""ording !o Mother Jones maga8ine) a b'! !hree of !he as!
de"ade:s high *rofie !error *o!s were informan!<driven FBI s!ings !ha!
!arge!ed s's*e"!s whi"h had no a"!'a !ies !o overseas !erroris! gro'*s i,e
a<Haeda( &AI/ re"ommends !ha! !he FBI and o!her aw enfor"emen!
agen"ies reassess !heir 'se of s!ings !o radi"ai8e and enabe disaffe"!ed
%'sim "omm'ni!y members( &AI/ beieves !ha! s!ings sho'd be e9e"'!ed
!o *reven! "rime) no! "rea!e "riminas( &AI/ aso beieves !ha! !his me!hod
of aw enfor"emen! is having a serio's "hiing effe"! on !he %'sim
"omm'ni!y:s abii!y !o !r's! and form rea!ionshi*s wi!h aw enfor"emen!(
Time and again) Ameri"an %'sims have *roven !hemseves !o be vigian!
and reiabe wi!h "omm'ni!y *oi"ing and re*or!ing "rimes( Never!heess)
eabora!e governmen! s!ings !ha! have radi"ai8ed or enabed individ'as
wi!hin !he %'sim "omm'ni!y !o a!!em*! horribe a"!s of vioen"e have
eroded a grea! dea of "omm'ni!y !r's!(
&AI/ is no! !oo fond of s!ing o*era!ions( In !he f' !e9! of !heir re*or! !hey
go over s*e"ifi" ins!an"es where !hey "aim !he FBI swee! !a,ed
2ensnared3 a harmess %'sim in!o be"oming a !erroris! !hen s'**ied him
wi!h fa,e bombs) g'ns) grenades e!"( B'! in !hese "ases !he 'nder"over
*'!s !he word o'! he "an ge! "on!raband and !he wo'd<be !erroris!
a**roa"hes him( The s!a!is!i"s !hey *resen! show !ha! !he s!ing o*era!ions
are s'""essf' and s!o**ed a o! of wo'd be !erroris!s in !heir !ra",s so
&AI/ wan!s !o *'! an end !o !hem( &AI/ is a !rai!oro's gro'* in o'r mids!
wor,ing day and nigh! !o "a'se a "a!as!ro*he in Ameri"a !ha! wo'd ma,e
NL11 oo, i,e greasy ,ids s!'ff(
Ash'rmamad %iraiev) a friend and roomma!e of Todashev and his ive<in
girfriend) Ta!iana =r'8deva) were arres!ed by Fa( *oi"e on Se*!( 04) on
"harges of >!hrea!ening a wi!ness in a 1C<mon!h<od ba!!ery "ase agains!
Todashev)? re*or!ed Bos!on("om( A""ording !o 5'issa /i88o) assis!an! for
!he genera "o'n"i a! !he .s"eoa &o'n!y "er,:s offi"e) !he >ba!!ery "ase?
is re*or!edy rea!ed !o an in"iden! in a! !he Ai Baba Hoo,ah &afe and
Lo'nge in Aissimmee) Fa( %iraiev is being hed in !he .s"eoa &o'n!y 5ai
in Aissimmee) Fa( He was being "harged wi!h >!am*ering wi!h a wi!ness or
eviden"e)? whi"h 'nder Fa( S!a!e aw is a se"ond degree feony(
Ash'rmamad %iraiev was 7'es!ioned abo'! his rea!ionshi* !o members of
!he Isami" &a'"'s Emira!e "e !ha! o*era!ed in !he $ni!ed S!a!es *rior !o
!he Bos!on ;ihadis! and se*ara!is! a!!a",( These in"'ded !he Tsarnaev
bro!hers and Todashev) who "hoose dea!h by FBI agen! af!er he im*i"a!ed
himsef in !he dea!hs of !hree men ,ied on Se*!ember
11) 0416) !wo of whom were 5ews( .ne of !hem was
Tameran:s >"ose friend(? &AI/ "aims %iraiev:s
righ!s were vioa!ed as &AI/ awfare a!!orneys were no! aowed
!o see him immedia!ey and d'ring !ha! *eriod he was
7'es!ioned by !he FBI( &AI/ wan!ed !o ge! !o
him and ma,e s're he does no! im*i"a!e o!her
Isamis!s who were invoved in !he *o!( &AI/ is no! worried abo'!
"ons!i!'!iona righ!s( $se yo'r brains( They are %'sim Bro!herhood *eo*e
who wan! !o for"e Sharia aw on everyone by 'sing !he ee"!ora sys!em(
They wan! a na!ion where !he H'r:an has re*a"ed !he &ons!i!'!ion) af!er
a !he &ons!i!'!ion was wri!!en by men) !he H'r:an by Aah and his as!
%essenger on ear!h %ohammad( &AI/ wan!s !o "rea!e an environmen!
"ond'"ive !o !errorism( They are haa m'88ies who wan! !o hams!ring !he
FBI( They are a obby for !errorism o*era!ing o'! of Washing!on D(&( and
many o!her "i!ies( They hire s!in,ing 5ewish a!!orneys who wi do any!hing
for money( %iraiev bai is se! !o XF4)444) however) even if he were !o be
baied o'!) he is 'nder an immigra!ion hod( Whi"h means '*on his reease
he wo'd be !'rned over !o immigra!ion) and *ossiby de*or!ed(
This is !heir *ress reease1
&AI/<FL Says FBI Denied Todashev Friend !he /igh! !o an A!!orney
%'sim "ivi righ!s gro'* "as on D.5 !o *robe denia of "ons!i!'!iona
2TA%PA) FL) NL0FL04163 < The Forida "ha*!er of !he &o'n"i on Ameri"an<
Isami" /ea!ions 2&AI/<FL3 !oday "aed on !he $(S( De*ar!men! of 5's!i"e
2D.53 !o inves!iga!e a *a!!ern of Segregio'sS "ivi righ!s vioa!ions and
ab'se by !he FBI !arge!ing asso"ia!es of Ibragim Todashev) who was sho!
and ,ied by an FBI agen! af!er ho'rs of in!erroga!ion in !he &he"hen
immigran!Ps home(
-ideo1 &AI/<FL &aims FBI Harassing Friends of %'sim Sho! by Agen"y
&AI/<FL re*or!s !ha! !he aeged vioa!ions of "ons!i!'!iona righ!s in"'ded
!he denia of !he Fif!h Amendmen! righ! !o an a!!orney(
A""ording !o &AI/<FL) a n'mber of friends and asso"ia!es of Todashev
have "ome forward !o "om*ain of frivoo's inves!iga!ions) in!imida!ion and
'nawf' !hrea!s by !he FBI(
%os! re"en!y) Ash'r %iraiev) who assis!ed TodashevPs fa!her) Abd' Ba,i
Todashev) and drove !he senior Todashev !o a his mee!ings d'ring his s!ay
in .rando) was arres!ed by !he FBI on Se*!ember 1O( When informed of
!he arres!) $!I&'FL attorne+s immediatel+ contacted the U.*. attorne+>s
oice and the F"I and as)ed to spea) to Miraliev and re.uested that he not
be .uestioned without his attorne+ present.
Des*i!e being his ega "o'nse) &AI/<FL a!!orneys were no! abe !o mee!
wi!h %iraiev 'n!i yes!erday( A! !ha! *oin!) &AI/<Forida earned
!ha! %iraiev was 7'es!ioned for more !han si9 ho'rs af!er his arres!) no!
abo'! any aeged "rimina a"!ivi!y he *ar!i"i*a!ed in) b'! abo'! every!hing
he ,new "on"erning Ibragim Todashev(
Sin"e his arres!) and !hro'gho'! !he in!erroga!ion) %iraiev re*or!edy !od
!he agen!s !ha! he wan!ed !o s*ea, wi!h his a!!orneys and !ha! he wan!ed
his a!!orneys *resen!( The FBI agen!s aegedy res*onded1 STha! is no!
The Fif!h Amendmen! !o !he $(S( &ons!i!'!ion manda!es !ha! aw
enfor"emen! a'!hori!ies m's! "ease any 7'es!ioning of individ'as in
"'s!ody on"e !hey as, for an a!!orney and !ha! !hey m's! be aowed !o
"on!a"! an a!!orney( &AI/<FL says FBI re*or!edy ignored %iraievPs
re*ea!ed re7'es!s for an a!!orney and "on!in'ed !o 7'es!ion him in vioa!ion
of !he aw(
&AI/<Forida &ivi /igh!s Dire"!or Thania Dia8 &evenger) Es7() made !he
foowing s!a!emen!1
SThis egregio's "ond'"! by !he FBI shows !ha! some agen!s have i!!e
regard for !he f'ndamen!a righ!s *ro!e"!ed by !he &ons!i!'!ion and are
engaging in gross vioa!ions of !he Bi of /igh!s( I! is sim*y 'na""e*!abe
for !he FBI !o "on!in'e !o 7'es!ion o'r "ien! and deny his re7'es!s !o
s*ea, wi!h his ega "o'nse( I! fi!s !he *a!!ern of ab'se and !ro'bing
behavior by FBI agen!s beginning in !he days *rior !o !he ,iing of !he
'narmed Ibragim Todashev( .ne "an ony wonder if %r( Todashev was
denied his righ!s !o ega "o'n"i d'ring !he 7'es!ioning !ha! '!ima!ey
res'!ed in his dea!h(S
Whie "ond'"!ing i!s own inde*enden! inves!iga!ion) &AI/<FL has re"eived
severa "orrobora!ing re*or!s from asso"ia!es of Todashev !ha! FBI agen!s
have !hrea!ened !o wrongf'y arres! !hem 'ness !hey be"ame informan!s
and s*ied on o"a mos7'es) %'sim res!a'ran!s and hoo,ah o'nges(
SThe D.5 m's! rein in !he a!ro"io's ab'se of e!hi"s and !he r'e of aw by
over8eao's agen!s who have a**aren!y disregarded !he *ro!e"!ions
enshrined in o'r &ons!i!'!ion) whi"h are essen!ia !o main!aining iber!y and
;'s!i"e in o'r ega sys!em( We aso 'rge "omm'ni!y members never !o be
in!imida!ed by ab'sive aw enfor"emen! !a"!i"s and !o main!ain !heir righ! !o
remain sien! and !heir righ! !o an a!!orney when a**roa"hed by FBI
agen!s)S said &AI/<Forida E9e"'!ive Dire"!or in Tam*a Hassan Shiby)
-isi! &AI/<FLPs *age) Todashev vs FBI) for !he very a!es! on !his
deveo*ing iss'e(
&AI/ is Ameri"aPs arges! %'sim "ivi aiber!ies and advo"a"y organi8a!ion(
I!s mission is !o enhan"e !he 'nders!anding of Isam) en"o'rage diaog'e)
*ro!e"! "ivi iber!ies) em*ower Ameri"an %'sims) and b'id "oai!ions !ha!
*romo!e ;'s!i"e and m'!'a 'nders!anding(
&.NTA&T1 &AI/<Tam*a E9e"'!ive Dire"!or Hassan Shiby) Es7( O16<FC1<
C601) hshibyZ"air("om
&AI/ says in!erroga!ion of asso"ia!e of Todashev wi!ho'! awyer warran!s
inves!iga!ion is!en
4NL0FL16 Se[n Ainane
W%NF Drive<Time News Wednesday c Lis!en !o !his en!ire show1
W%NF in!erviewed Hassan Shiby) an a!!orney and e9e"'!ive dire"!or of
&AI/<Forida in Tam*a(
SIbrahim Todashev was sho! and ,ied in his home by
an FBI agen! af!er over C or F ho'rs of in!erroga!ion in
his ho'se( He was sho! over @ !imes whie he was
'narmed wi!h !he fina b'e! '!ima!ey being in !he
!o* of his head( Severa e9*er!s reviewed !he
*ho!ogra*hs of his body wi!h a of !he b'e! wo'nds
and said i! oo,s i,e he was ,ied or sho! whie he was on !he gro'nd and
f'r!hermore his body aid dead righ! a! !he "orridor of his e9i! so i! seems
i,e he was !rying !o eave !he in!erroga!ion( Now) in igh! of wha! wePve
dis"overed wi!hin !he *as! wee, !his raises even more serio's 7'es!ions
be"a'se now wePre earning !ha! !he FBI is a"!'ay going on !o harass and
in!imida!e and grossy vioa!e !he "ivi righ!s of !hose individ'as aro'nd
Ibrahim) !hose individ'as who have s*o,en o'! sin"e IbrahimPs ,iing( The
arres! of IbrahimPs friend) %r( Ash'rmamad 2%iraiev3 reay) reay) raised a
o! of 7'es!ions) in fa"! a o! of "on"erns be"a'se based on !he arres! i!
a**ears !ha! !he FBI ;'s! egregio'sy vioa!ing !he "ivi righ!s and ;'s!
"om*e!ey disregarding !he Bi of /igh!s) !he Fif!h Amendmen!) !he Si9!h
Amendmen! and !ha!Ps reay "on"erning( $nfor!'na!ey i! a**ears !ha!
!heyPve go!!en o'! of "on!ro wi!h "om*e!e disregard !o !he "ons!i!'!iona
iber!ies that ma)e !merica such a wonderul nation( %r( Ass'r was
arres!ed as! wee, on !he 1O!h of Se*!ember( When he was arres!ed we
immediatel+ reached out to the U* !ttorne+>s oice and the F"I, >we need
to spea) to our client, we want to )now where our client is> and >we are
ormall+ re.uestin( on behal o our client that +ou not spea) to him without
our presence there as his council, as his attorne+s(P For days we "o'd no!
even o"a!e o'r "ien!( For days !he FBI wo'dnP! even "onfirm !ha! !hey had
him or where he was( 5's! yes!erday) on !he 0C!h) severa days a!er we
were finay abe !o mee! wi!h o'r "ien!) %r( Ass'r) wha! we earned was
very sho",ing( A**aren!y !hey in!erroga!ed him for over Q ho'rs and
!hro'gho'! !ha! *eriod he was as,ing for his a!!orneys( PI wan! my a!!orneys
here) I donP! wan! !o s*ea, !o yo' wi!ho'! my a!!orneysP and !hey ;'s!
"om*e!ey ignored him) !hey said P!ha!Ps no! ha**eningP and for 's !ha!Ps
'na""e*!abe) !ha!Ps $n<Ameri"an) fran,y !ha!Ps iega( A""ording !o !he $S
&ons!i!'!ion) a""ording !o !he Bi of /igh!s yo' "anno! 7'es!ion or
in!erroga!e an individ'a on"e hePs made a re7'es! for his a!!orney 'n!i
yo'Pve "on!a"!ed !ha! *ersonPs a!!orney( The fa"! !ha! 13 !hey did no! ge! in
!o'"h wi!h 's) !hey did no! e! him s*ea, !o his a!!orneys and 03 !hey
"on!in'ed !o 7'es!ion him even af!er he re7'es!ed his a!!orneys is ;'s!
ba!an! vioa!ions of his "ivi righ!s( I! ma,es 's wonder if !hey were ba!an!y
vioa!ing Ass'rPs "ivi righ!s d'ring his 7'es!ioning wha! ,ind of vioa!ions
o""'rred agains! Ibrahim before he was ,ied+S The F"I used that as an
opportunit+ to (et as much dirt about Ibrahim Todashev as the+ can, the
man whom the+ )illed. I! a**ears !ha! !hey are a"!ing very fran!i"ay !rying
!o "over !heir !ra",s and !rying !o *ain! a bad *i"!'re of Ibrahim and
!herefore arres!ing one of his "ose friends( /emember Ass'r was !he
individ'a who !oo, IbrahimPs fa!her) Abd'ba,i aro'nd !own on"e Abd'ba,i
"ame in) he !oo, him !o a of !he mee!ings a! !he s!a!e a!!orneyPs offi"e) !he
*rose"'!orPs offi"e) he !oo, him !o mee!ings) so he was very he*f' !o !he
Todashev famiy af!er Ibrahim was ,ied so i! a**ears !ha! i! was !wo<fod)
13 re!aia!ory and 03 i! a**ears !ha! !hey were !rying !o ge! dir! on Ibrahim
and I !hin, !ha!Ps a sign of des*era!ion be"a'se for 's i! doesnP! ma!!er) was
Ibrahim a good g'y or a bad g'y i! doesnP! ma!!er( A !ha! ma!!ers is why
was he sho! and ,ied and how "o'd !hese !hings have been *reven!ed(
So !he fa"! !ha! !hey 7'es!ioned him for over Q ho'rs on Ibrahim Todashev)
no! on any aeged "rime and !hen ignored his re*ea!ed re7'es!s for an
a!!orney raises a o! of "on"erns for 's( .ne !hing I wan! !o add !ha!Ps very
dis!'rbing is oo,) !his is no! !he firs! !ime !he FBI has been "a'gh!
in!imida!ing *eo*e asso"ia!ed wi!h Ibrahim Todashev( This has been
ha**ening sin"e !he day he was ,ied( We have very !ro'bing eviden"e of
how !hey "onfron!ed famiy members of Ibrahim) saying PWe wan! !o be !he
firs! !o e! yo' ,now we ,ied Ibrahim and yo'Pre going !o s*end !he res! of
yo'r ife in ;ai 'ness yo' !e 's every!hing yo' ,now abo'! him(P -ery
egregio's "ond'"! and no! ony !ha!) !herePs IbrahimPs mo!her<in<aw) !he
FBI o*ened an inves!iga!ion agains! her on"e she a**eared a! !he firs!
*ress "onferen"e !o s*ea, o'! agains! !he ,iing of her son( Ta!iana) his
former girfriend) was aso fa"ed !hrea!s by !he FBI and) in fa"!) we have an
FBI agen! named agen! Hanson who severa *eo*e have "ome !o 's and
said Poo,) agen! Hanson "ame !o 's in .rando) !his is an FBI agen!) and
"aims !o have been an FBI immigra!ion agen!P and !herePs no s'"h !hing as
an FBI immigra!ion agen!( The agen"y i!sef wi "onfirm !ha!( And he goes
!o !hese individ'as and he says Poo,) yo' have !wo o*!ions) righ!+ Eo' "an
s*y for 's) yo' "an !e 's every!hing yo' ,now abo'! Ibrahim) and yo' "an
s*y on yo'r o"a mos7'es) s*y on !he o"a ho'se worshi*) s*y on o"a
%'sim res!a'ran!s) and if yo' donP! s*y on !hem for 's) wePre going !o
!hrow yo' a in ;ai(P We beieve !ha! !his is maybe wha! ha**ened !o Ass'r)
!ha! !hey made !hese ,inds of !hrea!s agains! him and when he didnP! give
in !o !hese ,inds of iega and 'ne!hi"a !hrea!s !hey f'fied !heir *romise(
I!Ps very "on"erning( Loo,) !his sho'd "on"ern a of 's) no! ;'s! !he
&he"hen "omm'ni!y) no! ;'s! !he %'sim "omm'ni!y) b'! a Ameri"ans(
When !he FBI is going aro'nd ba!an!y vioa!ing !he "ivi righ!s of awf'
residen!s in !his "o'n!ry we reay need !o be on g'ard and hod !hem
The hidden agenda here is !o s!o* im*i"a!ing more Isamis!s in !he mass
D'beida! Tsarnaevsa) Tameran:s mo!her) was *i",ed '* on an FSB *hone
!a* on an 'nrea!ed ma!!er( This "a'sed FSB !o !a* D'beida!:s *hone and
overhear a "onversa!ion be!ween her and her son regarding his "oming !o
Dages!an !o !rain !o ma,e ;ihad( The FBI iaison a! !he $S Embassy in
%os"ow was given informa!ion on bo!h Tameran and his demon<
*ossessed mo!her( The Bos!on FBI F. o*ened an inves!iga!ion on him(
This "onsis!ed of r'nning his name !hro'gh vario's indi"es( The FBI fo'nd
he did have a "om*ain! of domes!i" vioen"e odged agains! him whi"h
sho'd have !od !he agen!s he was vioen!( Then of a !hings !he Agen!s
in!erviewed his mo!her who had been named by !he FSB as a s's*e"!ed
!erroris!( .f "o'rse she wo'd say he was a daring boy) she was his
mo!her and !erroris! asso"ia!e( When Tameran was in!erviewed he gave
!he agen!s sef<serving answers( The FBI was afraid !o in!erview anyone a!
!he %os7'e Tameran a!!ended for fear of being a""'sed of being an!i<
%'sim( The dread !ha! gro'*s i,e &AI/ 2&o'n"i on Ameri"anYIsami"
/ea!ions3 had ins!ied in !he FBI had wor,ed( &AI/ is beieve i! or no! a
obby and awfare o'!fi! !ha! !ries !o "rea!e an environmen! "ond'"ive !o
!errorism( Everyone has a obby in !he $ni!ed S!a!es) even !erroris!s( This
is a sam*e of !heir se"'ri!y s!ri**ing handiwor,1
25an 0C) 04103 < SFPD:s wor, wi!h FBI 'ni! may ge! more s"r'!iny
2Se* 4O) 04113 < 5os!ing "on!in'es on SFPD *ar!i"i*a!ion in 5TTF
2Se* 4O) 04113 < Se*!ember 11 Then and Now
2A*r 4Q) 04113 < SFPD offi"ers wor,ing wi!h FBI given more eeway !o
ga!her in!eigen"e
2%ar 41) 04113 < &aif( %'sim !o S'e FBI for Se"re! =PS S'rveian"e
25an 4F) 04113 < De!ained Ameri"an Says He Was Bea!en in A'wai!
2De" 4N) 04143 < $(S( a!!orney genera !o s*ea, !o Bay Area %'sims amid
dis!r's! over s'rveian"e
2De" 4@) 04143 < Time for FBI !o s!o* s*ying on Ameri"an %'sims
2."! 10) 04143 < Free S*ee"h /adio News
2."! 11) 04143 < FBI Tra",ing of San!a &ara %'sim S!'den! M.'!rageo's:
2."! 4N) 04143 < San!a &ara residen! says FBI *an!ed !ra",ing devi"e on
his "ar
Had i! visi!ed !he %os7'e !he FBI wo'd have 'n"overed deroga!ory
informa!ion abo'! Tameran and !he inves!iga!ion migh! have "on!in'ed or
!he informa!ion migh! have been wri!!en off and !he "ase "osed(
/e* Lo'is =ohmer! 2/e*( Y Te9as3 >The FBI never "anvassed Bos!on
mos7'es 'n!i fo'r days af!er !he A*ri 1F a!!a",s( If !he /'ssians !e yo'
!ha! someone has been radi"ai8ed and yo' go "he", and see !he mos7'e
!ha! !hey wen! !o) !hen yo' ge! !he ar!i"es of in"or*ora!ion as I have for !he
gro'* !ha! "rea!ed !he Bos!on mos7'e where !hese Tsarnaevs a!!ended
and yo' find o'! !he name Aamo'di(?
Abd'rahman Aamo'di) who was "onvi"!ed and is "'rren!y in ;ai for
s'**or!ing !errorism) "o<fo'nded !he mos7'e !ha! !he !wo Bos!on bombing
s's*e"!s a!!ended in Bos!on) =ohmer! e"!'red( >And yo' didn:! even
bo!her !o go "he", abo'! !he mos7'e+? he added( >Then when yo' have
!he *i"!'res) why did no one go !o !he mos7'e and say) Mwho are !hese
g'ys+:? The mos7'e:s fo'nders were in !he %'sim Bro!herhood and
Aamo'di *ed g'i!y in 044C for "ond'"!ing iega !ransa"!ions wi!h !he
Libyan governmen! and his *ar!ia roe in a "ons*ira"y !o assassina!e Sa'di
&rown Prin"e Abd'ah(
The FBI is !a,ing hea! for shoo!ing a "e member who was armed wi!h a
"eremonia sword( The Bos!on raid has aso !'rned in!o a big fa* for !he
&IA wi!h e9*'sions and o'!ings of &IA agen!s and s!a!ion "hiefs( A and a
!his is a big mess(
Se*!ember 0441( Ahmed a =hamidi) a Sa'di ;ihadi who fo'gh! in
&he"hnya af!er s!'dying engineering in %e""a) is one of !he hi;a",ers of
$ni!ed Airines figh! 1@F whi"h hi! !he so'!h WT& !ower( Ano!her NL11
hi;a",er on !he figh! !ha! "rashed in!o !he Pen!agon 2Nawa7 a Ham8i3 aso
fo'gh! in &he"hnya( Ahmed a Ha8nawi) a hi;a",er on $ni!ed Airines figh!
N6 whi"h "rashed in Pennsyvania on Se*!ember 11 is re*or!ed !o have ef!
his home in !he a Baha region of Sa'di Arabia in 0444 !eing friends he
was going !o !rain in an A Haeda "am* in Afghanis!an for ;ihad in
Big s"rew '* on !he *ar! of !he FBI) !he B'rea' sho'd have no! wri!!en off
/'ssian in!e nor sho'd !hey have wri!!en off Fren"h In!e regarding
Da"arias %o'ssao'i) who was !a,ing figh! essons in !he $(S( in
*re*ara!ion for !he ;ihadi Se*!ember 11
raids( Af!er Da"arias %o'ssao'i:s
de!ainmen!) and af!er Fren"h in!eigen"e so'r"es "onfirmed %o'ssao'i:s
"onne"!ion !o A<H via &he"hnya) Washing!on FBI awyers re*ea!edy
de"ined re7'es!s from %innea*ois agen!s !o see, a s*e"ia warran! 'nder
!he FISA a'!hori8ing a sear"h of %o'ssao'i:s a*!o* "om*'!er) !ha! was
a!er fo'nd !o "on!ain a e!!er from Ea8id S'faa!) and !he name of A<H
*aymas!er /am8i bin a<Shibh( The 0Q<*age Ee"!roni" &omm'ni"a!ion
from !he %innea*ois Division had informa!ion !ha! an FBI agen! wor,ing
!oday wo'd have "on"'ded was s'ffi"ien! !o ob!ain a FISA warran!( The
a**i"a!ion sho'd have gone forward !o !he 5's!i"e De*ar!men! and !he
FISA "o'r!( The reason i! did no! was !ha! !he offi"e was no! given any
eviden"e !ha! %o'ssao'i was a"!ing on behaf of a foreign *ower) a
re7'iremen! of !he aw) as !he FBI had i!!e fai!h in i!s Fren"h "o'n!er*ar!(
FBI agen! &oeen /owey "om*ained !o &ongress( She "harged !ha! her
s'*ervisory agen!) %i"hae %a!bie) a &IA agen! on !em*orary assignmen!
wi!h !he FBI) and his boss) David Fras"a) !ried !o ma,e !he a**i"a!ion no!
viabe) by *aying down informa!ion ob!ained from Fren"h in!eigen"e
so'r"es abo'! %o'ssao'i:s in,s !o foreign !erroris! organi8a!ions(
bro!her) %asood) was !he sni!"h for Fren"h In!eigen"e(
Fren"h In!eigen"e re*or!ed in on Da"arias %o'ssao'i) &he"hnya d'ring
A*ri 0444( Learning of !he dea!h of %asood A<Benin) Abd<Samad
%o'ssao'i s*on!aneo'sy a""'sed his bro!her Da"arias %o'ssao'i 2D.B
%ay 64) 1NQO a! Sain! 5ean De L'8 Y !he FBI had !he same informa!ion3 of
being res*onsibe for !he dea!h of !heir "ommon friend( %asood A<Benin
was a**aren!y a friend !o bo!h bro!hers( Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i affirmed
!ha! i! was we ,nown !ha! i! was his bro!her Da"arias who in!rod'"ed
%asood A<Benin !o !he do"!rine of /adi"a F'ndamen!aism whie !hey
wor,ed !oge!her on a BTS I!(n( !e"hni"a degreeJ 2!e"hni"a "ommer"ia3 a!
Per*ignan) Fran"e 2De*ar!men! QQ3( %asood A<Benin re;oined %o'ssao'i
in =rea! Bri!ain where he ob!ained his di*oma( Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i
des"ribed %asood A<Benin as an individ'a wi!h s'*erior in!eigen"e and
he briian!y ob!ained his %as!ers degree a! !he $niversi!y of &ambridge( I!
was in London !ha! %o'ssao'i was !a,en in hand and ini!ia!ed by !he
f'ndamen!ais!s of MBa",s!ree!: and MFinnsb'ry Par,: I!(n( *robaby refers !o
radi"a mos7'es a! !hese o"a!ions) i(e( Ba,er S!ree! and Finsb'ry Par,J(
A""ording !o Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i !his is !he same gro'* !ha! aso
re"r'i!ed and "onver!ed %asood A<Benin !o !he e9!remis! do"!rine) when
. P3i"i8 S3en(n, AF/I Denia" O' Sea!#3 Wa!!an$C New York Times June -, 2002 < a"s( AC!u#ia" Te!!(!
Da$a Di E>is$C The New York Times News Service.
he arrived in =rea! Bri!ain( He no!ed he had no! seen %asood A<Benin
sin"e 1NNF) when %o'ssao'i re!'rned !o Fran"e !o visi! his famiy and
friends( I! was d'ring !he "o'rse of !his visi! !ha! %o'ssao'i reveaed !ha!
he had be"ome "om*e!ey enigh!ened on reigio's ma!!ers( In s*i!e of !he
for"e of !he "er!ain "onvi"!ion "hara"!eri8ed by Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i
himsef s"hooed by !he Mhaba"hi:
Imam Ahaed E Dah8) his in!ee"!'a
g'ide) a his a!!em*!s !o orien! %asood A<Benin !owards an Isam of
!oeran"e and modera!ion whi"h Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i himsef foows)
were done in vain( %o'ssao'i) whoy "onvin"ed of 5ihad) main!ained his
radi"a "onvi"!ions( A""ording !o his bro!her %o'ssao'i had been arres!ed
by %oro""an *oi"e '*on his arriva in %oro""o in 1NN@( Tha! same year
%o'ssao'i wen! !o Norborne) Fran"e 2De*ar!men! 113( His arden! and
emo!iona *rea"hing in favor of 5ihad agi!a!ed a arge n'mber of his
"hidhood friends who he had no! seen sin"e his de*ar!'re !o =rea! Bri!ain(
Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i informed of !he !ri* by 2dee!ed3 !o !he region of
Norborne himsef 2dee!ed3 being si!'a!ed in %oro""o) had advised o"a
%'sim "omm'ni!y re*resen!a!ives of !he mora danger !ha! %o'ssao'i
"o'd re*resen! for a n'mber of yo'ng %'sims oosing !heir reigio's
bearings and so"ia *a"emen!( In !his regard %o'ssao'i was driven from
a!<ris, 'rban areas by his "o<reigionis!s for *ro*aga!ing his message of
in!oeran"e and ha!red( Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i) who hasn:! had any dire"!
news from %o'ssao'i sin"e 1NN@) ,nows ony !ha! he has !raveed !o
A'wai!) T'r,ey and Afghanis!an( Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i des"ribed
%o'ssao'i as in individ'a who is e9!remey "yni"a) "om*e!ey devo!ed !o
. De&ia$i(nis$ se#$ (' Is"a1 '(une 2% $3e E$3i(8ian A2(u""a3 A" Ha2a#3i an #(ne1ne 2%
S3ei03 I2n /in /aE.
!he Wahabis! "a'se and "on"erned wi!h *rogressing
!ha! "a'se( He de*i"!ed him as a "od s!'bborn man)
"a*abe of n'r!'ring a *an over severa mon!hs) or even
years) and of "ommi!!ing himsef !o !his !as, in a eemen!s
of his ife( Im*a"abe) %o'ssao'i is a s!ra!egis! !ha! Abd<Samad
%o'ssao'i 7'aified as potentiall+ bein( ver+ dan(erous and agains! who
sho'd be s'rveied by Fren"h a'!hori!ies sho'd he de"ide !o re!'rn !o
Fran"e( &om*e!ey '*se! and 'nabe !o find any e9"'ses for his bro!her
Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i em*hasi8ed he wo'd ma,e s're !o no!ify 's
2dee!ed3 of any indi"a!ion !ha! %o'ssao'i wo'd re!'rn !o Fran"e) s!a!ing
!ha! where ever %o'ssao'i) he wi !ry hard !o *'! his "om*e!en"ies and
in!eigen"e !o !he servi"e of s'bversion( A""ording !o Abd<Samad
%o'ssao'i) Da"arias and %asood A<Benin were inse*arabe) one was !he
head and !he o!her was !he armed hand of !he same mons!er( The Fren"h
advised !hey wo'd re7'ire !ha! %o'ssao'i be a""om*anied by a aw
enfor"emen! en!i!y of !he $ni!ed S!a!es 2FBI *referred b'! no! re7'ired3
d'ring !rans*or! !o Fran"e( F'r!hermore !hey wi re7'es! !ha! %o'ssao'i:s
"om*'!er) mobie !ee*hone and any o!her *er!inen! eviden"e s'i!abe for
e9amina!ion no! be re!'rned !o %o'ssao'i d'ring !his !ri*( They wo'd
re7'es! !ha! s'"h ma!erias be !rans*or!ed by !he es"or!ing aw
enfor"emen! offi"ia and handed over !o Fren"h a'!hori!ies '*on arriva in
Fran"e !o be!!er fa"ii!a!e !heir e9*oi!a!ion of !he eviden"e(?
FBI SA Sami! s'mmari8ed !his re*or!)
. GSA & 6(ussa(ui E>. 5)/
Informa!ion *rovided by Idee!ed of Fren"h In!eigen"eJ indi"a!ed !ha!
heLshe is aware of %o'ssao'i !hro'gh his asso"ia!ion wi!h a %asood A<
Benin in 1N@1 a! Bassas Ida India Y a isand *ossession ofJ Fran"e
2De*ar!men! 663( %asood A<Benin:s mo!her was Fren"h and his fa!her is
from !he "o'n!ry of Benin( %asood A<Benin died on A*ri 10) 0444 in
&he"hnya figh!ing wi!h !he %';ahideen( Whie in &he"hnya %asood A<
Benin was a "om*'!er e9*er! wor,ing for Emir Ibn A<Aha!!ab) a,a A
Soo'eiem Samer) a Sa'di ,nown as !he Ba", Arabian and a %';ahideen
eader in &he"hnya( Af!er %asood A<Benin:s dea!h) Abd<Samad
%o'ssao'i was !od by 2dee!ed3 !ha! %o'ssao'i re"r'i!ed %asood A<Benin
!o go !o &he"hnya( Abd<Samad %o'ssao'i advised !ha! %asood A<Benin
s!a!ed !ha! %o'ssao'i was M!he dangero's one(: 2Dee!ed3 was "on!a"!ed
regarding !hese individ'as and indi"a!ed !ha! Ibn A<Aha!!ab is we ,nown
!o be !he eader of !he &he"hen %';ahideen %ovemen!( In addi!ion he is
,nown !o be an asso"ia!e of $sama bin Ladin from *as! who shared
invovemen! in "omba!( 2Dee!ed3 was aso aware !ha! a %asood A<Benin
was in fa"! a figh!er for A<Aha!!ab who *erished in &he"hnya in A*ri 0444
as re*or!ed by 2dee!ed3(

Wha! was missing from !his re*or! was !his mos! im*or!an! and easiy
as"er!ainabe fa"!1 %asood A<Benin was a "orres*onden! for a88am("om)
!he In!erne! websi!e of A<Haeda r'n by !11am Publishers) !he in ho'se
*ress of A<Haeda( !11am Publications >was se! '* !o *ro*aga!e !he "a
. F/I LH6 Au5us$ 2+, 2001 6innea8("is, 6innes($a
for 5ihad) among !he %'sims who are si!!ing down) ignoran! of !his vi!a
d'!yRTh's !he *'r*ose of !11am Publications is !o PIn"i!e !he beieversP
and aso se"ondy !o raise some money for !he bro!hers( .bvio'sy !he bes!
way of he*ing 5ihad and !he %';ahideen is by a"!'ay going !o !he ands of
5ihad and *hysi"ay figh!ing(? www(a88am("om si!e *'bished $sama bin
Laden:s 1NNQ >De"ara!ion of War Agains! !he Ameri"ans .""'*ying !he
Land of !he Two Hoy Pa"es(? !11am was !he media *ro*aganda o'!fi! for
%';ahideen Fied &ommander Ibn Aha!!ab) %o'ssao'i:s roe mode(
!11am Publications *rod'"ed !he defini!ive Aha!!ab video in 0444 and i!
was avaiabe on !he !11am websi!es in 0441 and !he %a,!abah A Ansaar
Boo,sho* in Birmingham) Engand( A! !he end of !he video) Aha!!ab s!a!ed1
The Bro!hers in Bri!ain) %ay Aah /eward !hem) have *'! m'"h effor!s !o
*'bi"i8e !he 5ihad( There is an organi8a!ion by !he name of !11am
Publications) whi"h is r'n by Bro!hers who are ,nown !o 's and main!ain
reg'ar "on!a"! wi!h 's( So anyone who wishes !o s'**or! 's or re7'ires
any f'r!her informa!ion abo'! !he si!'a!ion here) !hey sho'd "on!a"! !his
organi8a!ion( So !he bro!hers a! !11am Publications) may Aah *reserve
!hem) are "oo*era!ing wi!h 's in media effor!s( They have made
"ommendabe effor!s !o *'bi"i8e !he 5ihad) so if yo' ma,e "on!a"! wi!h
!hem and s'**or! !hem) Ishaah) i! wi be very benefi"ia(? An emai
message was aso re"eived by !11am Publications from &he"hen
%';ahideen &ommander Shami Basayev !hro'gh !he emai address
"he"hen;ihadZho!mai("om whi"h s!a!ed1 >Did yo' forge! &ahar D'dayev)
. S(&ie$ Gene!a" C3e#3en Ca3a! Dua%e& 2e5an K53$in5 in 1))0 '(! C3e#3ens ine8enen#e. Dua%e&
4as 0i""e in 1))5.
Saman /ad'yev)
Ham8a HaidovRWe wan! !heir *rofies in yo'r si!e(
Wha! ha**ened !o Maonewofs(: 01s! A*ri is D'dayev:s dea!h !ime( Pease
wri!e his *rofiesR&he"hens of T'r,ey(? .n %ay @) 0441) !he res*onse
from Ho7a8(ne! was >Send 's !heir *rofies) in Engish) and we: in"'de
!hem on o'r si!e(
$(S( offi"ias beieve A88am("om en"ry*!ed messages in !he images on
!heir Web si!e) and E'ro*ean offi"ias beieve a ,nown a<Haeda o*era!ive)
Said Baha;i) a member of !he Hamb'rg "e beieved !o have been
ins!r'men!a in *anning !he Se*!ember 11
/aids) had a""essed !he si!e(
In A'g's! 044C Babar Ahmad) !he owner of A88am("om was arres!ed in
London and "harged wi!h aiding !erroris!s( This is wha! !he Ameri"an
=overnmen! a""'sed him of in i!s /e7'es! for E9!radi!ion( Babar Ahmad
was in *ossession of a do"'men! whi"h "on"erned a'!hen!i" ba!!e gro'*
*ans of a $(S( nava ba!!e<gro'* o*era!ing in !he S!rai!s of Horm'8 in
. Sa"1an 4as a C3e#3en $e!!(!is$ n($e #3ieJ% '(! a s8e#$a#u"a! (8e!a$i(n in 1)), $3a$ 8!(8e""e 3i1
(n $( $e"e&isi(n s#!een an $3e '!(n$ 8a5es (' ne4s8a8e!s a#!(ss $3e 4(!" 43en 3e "e a 2an (' *00
(' 3is AL(ne W("'C 5ue!!i""a K53$e!s in $3e seiEu!e (' a 3(s8i$a" in BiE"%a! in Da5es$an, $a0in5 1(!e $3an
1,000 3(s$a5es. T3e ai1 4as $( '(!#e $3e Russians $( sue '(! 8ea#e in $3ei! 4a! a5ains$ C3e#3en
se8a!a$is$s. In 6a!#3 2000 3e 4as a!!es$e a$ 3is 3(1e in N(&(5!(Enens0% 2% $3e Russians an 8u$ (n
$!ia" (n 1. iLe!en$ #3a!5es in#"uin5 1u!e! an $e!!(!is1. He 4as '(un 5ui"$% an 4as sen$en#e $(
"i'e i18!is(n1en$. T3e Russians 0i""e 3i1 in
. 3$$8:;;444.us(@.5(&;usa(;#$;D(#u1en$s;AH6ADI20e>$!ai$i(nI20aFa&i$.8'
A*ri) 0441( The do"'men! was sei8ed from Ahmad in De"ember 0446) by
Bri!ish a'!hori!ies( The do"'men! s*e"ifi"ay des"ribes !he ba!!e<gro'*Ps
v'nerabii!y !o a !erroris! a!!a",) and *rovides s*e"ifi" e9am*es on how
!he shi*s migh! be a!!a",edRThis fie dis"'sses a $(S( Navy ba!!e gro'*)
ea"h of i!s member shi*s 2in"'ding !he $(S(S( Benfod3) !he s*e"ifi"a!ions
and assignmen!s of ea"h shi*) !he ba!!e gro'*:s *anned movemen!s) and
a drawing of !he gro'*:s forma!ion when i! was !o *ass !hro'gh !he S!rai!s
of Horm'8( The do"'men! s*e"ifi"ay no!es !ha! !he ba!!e gro'* was
!as,ed wi!h enfor"ing san"!ions agains! Ira7 and "ond'"!ing o*era!ions
agains! Afghanis!an and A Haida( Navy offi"ias have "onfirmed !he ba!!e
gro'* "om*osi!ionG !he da!es and o"a!ion of !he movemen!s of !his ba!!e
gro'* in !he do"'men!s are a""'ra!e and were "assified a! !he !ime !his
do"'men! a**ears !o have been wri!!en( The do"'men! s!a!es !ha! !he
ba!!e gro'* was s"hed'ed !o *ass !hro'gh !he S!rai!s on A*ri 0N) 0441) a!
nigh!) 'nder a "omm'ni"a!ions ba",o'!) and e9*i"i!y des"ribes !he
gro'*:s v'nerabii!y !o a !erroris! a!!a",1 Wea,ness1 >They have no!hing !o
s!o* a sma "raf! wi!h /P= e!") e9"e*! !heir SeasP s!inger missie(? Severa
of !he e<mai e9"hanges be!ween a!e 0444 !hro'gh 0441 are wi!h an
individ'a who des"ribed himsef as an enis!ee in !he $ni!ed S!a!es Navy
on a"!ive d'!y in !he midde eas!G !he e<mai header informa!ion indi"a!es
!ha! !he individ'a was "omm'ni"a!ing from !he $(S(S( Benfod a! !he !ime)
one of !he shi*s is!ed in !he diagram des"ribed above fo'nd on a fo**y
dis, in Babar Ahmad:s room( .ne of !he e<mais) sen! in 5'y 0441)
des"ribes !he rea"!ion of offi"ers and o!her enis!ees !o a briefing given on
!he shi*( The e<mai indi"a!es !ha! !he briefing was *rovided !o he* Nava
*ersonne *ro!e"! agains! !erroris! a!!a",s simiar !o !he %ar"h 0441 a!!a",
on !he $(S(S( &oe( -oi"ing enmi!y !owards !he SAmeri"an enemiesS and
s!rong s'**or! for !he S%';ahideen Feesabiiah)S I/ihadi figh!ing in !he way
of AahJ !he e<mai *raises !hose who a!!a",ed !he $(S(S( &oe and S!he
men who have bro'gh! honor !his wee, !o !he Ummah in !he ands of 5ihad
Afghanis!an) Bosnia) &he"hnya) e!"(S
The res*onse sen! from !he !11am Publications e<mai a""o'n! *raised !he
enis!ee:s "ommen!s and en"o'raged !he enis!ee !o SAee* '* wi!h !he
Da:wah and !he *sy"hoogi"a warefare Isi"J(S The !11am Publications
re*y e<mai was sen! on 5'y 1N) 0441(
A sear"h of !he bedroom a! C0a Fo'n!ain /oad in London in De"ember
0446) 'n"overed a**ro9ima!ey 0F !o 64 *ages of "orres*onden"e
be!ween Babar Ahmad and vario's e9*or! "om*anies from mid<1NN@
!hro'gh eary 1NNO) in whi"h Ahmad so'gh! !o *'r"hase '* !o F)444 !ons of
s'f'r L *hos*ha!e based fer!ii8ers and arge amo'n!s of severa "hemi"as)
on behaf of a !hird *ar!y( A *'r"hase order from one of !he "om*anies !ha!
Babar Ahmad "on!a"!ed refe"!s a shi*men! of >mis"eaneo's i!ems? on or
abo'! 5'ne 10) 1NN@) !o a *'r*or!ed "om*any in Pa,is!an( A 5'y 1) 1NN@)
e!!er !o Babar Ahmad from !ha! "om*any en"osed a ban, "he", for !he
e9a"! same amo'n! of !he *'r"hase( Agen!s "on!in'e !o inves!iga!e !he
signifi"an"e of !his as we as !his "om*'!er fie)
RH'i!e a n'mber of years ago) I wor,ed in T'r,ey wi!h a feowRwho
"aimed !o be a he of an 'rban !ra**erRIHeJ "aimed he wai!ed !wo
wee,s one !ime for a neighborhood dei owner !o wa, down a se! of s!airs
from an over*ass on!o an eeva!ed s'bway *a!form in &hi"ago( A! ;'s! !he
righ! momen!) IheJ !hrew severa *a",ages ( ( ( on!o !he s'bway s!airs( The
dei owner !hen si**ed and fe down !he as! few s!e*s and fe over on!o
!he !rain !ra",s) where he was "r'shed by an on"oming !rain(?
Wha! was absen! from !he informa!ion on %o'ssao'i s'**ied by Fren"h
In!eigen"e was !he s!ory of !he Fren"h %agis!ra!e:s !ri* !o London !o
7'es!ion %o'ssao'i( When %o'ssao'i was 7'es!ioned on A'g's! 1@) 0441
he indi"a!ed !ha! he had no "rimina re"ord in Fran"e and !ha! his >fie is
"ear(? %o'ssao'i s!a!ed !ha! he has never been in ;ai in Fran"e or
7'es!ioned by any se"'ri!y or *oi"e a'!hori!ies( He s!a!ed !ha! he is aware
his fa!her has been in !ro'be wi!h !he aw) and indi"a!ed !ha! his fa!her is a
b'ider who 'nder"'! *ro;e"!s and b'i! b'idings >no! !o s!andard(? A!ho'gh
he gave !he name of his bro!her) Abdsamed %o'ssao'i 2*hone!i"3 who is
an engineering *rofessor in %on!*eier) Fran"e) he wo'd no! e9*ain why
!hey are es!ranged s!a!ing !ha! i! is a *ersona ma!!er( A&S indi"es were
nega!ive for Abdsamed %o'ssao'i(?
In in,ing Arnao'! and !he Benevoen"e In!erna!iona Fo'nda!ion !o $sama
bin Laden and A<Haeda) FBI Agen! /ober! Wa,er wro!e)
In or abo'! eary 0444) a websi!e 2www(aoaa8(ne!3 Ia88am(ne!J dedi"a!ed !o
!he "a'se of &he"hen m';ahideen iden!ified !he eaders of !he mii!ary figh!
in &he"hnya as in"'ding Ibn a Aha!!ab and in"'ded *i"!'res of
m';ahideen !raining as we as ,ied m';ahideen( &W<1 has iden!ified Ibn a
Aha!!ab as a we<,nown m';ahideen eader wi!h in,s !o $sama bin Laden(
Simiary) &S has des"ribed Ibn a Aha!!ab as ano!her eader of !he
m';ahideen who ;oined !he 5ihad in &he"hnya in 1NNC) af!er *ar!i"i*a!ing in
!he Afghani 5ihad( A""ording !o &S) on"e in &he"hnya) Ibn a Aha!!ab sen!
word !ha! he did no! need any more figh!ers b'! ins!ead needed finan"ia
s'**or!( The websi!e so'gh! do"!ors !o !rave !o &he"hnya !o in, '* wi!h
Ibn a Aha!!ab and *rovide medi"a servi"es a! !he fron!( The websi!e
indi"a!ed !ha! !hose wishing !o dona!e money for !he &he"hnyan
m';ahideen sho'd save !heir money and no! dona!e i! 'n!i a !r's!wor!hy
aid organi8a!ion was iden!ified in !he websi!e whi"h was !o !a,e *a"e on or
before Febr'ary 0444RThe same websi!e 'rged !hose wishing !o go
&he"hnya !o figh! !o ge! !raining in Afghanis!an and no!ed1 Anyone
in!eres!ed in going !o figh! 2if !hey are !rained3 or in going !o !rain sho'd
"on!a"! members of !heir own "omm'ni!ies and "o'n!ries who are ,nown !o
have been for 5ihad) Eo' wi ,now !hese *eo*e and !hey wi ,now yo'( In
!hese "ases) yo' sho'd) ony s*ea, in "onfiden"e !o !hose whom yo' !r's!)
ra!her !han s*ea,ing !o everyone( Ho7a8 web<si!es Iwebsi!e wi!h simiar
s!ories and ayo'! !o A88am !ha! %asood A<Benin wor,ed forJ
!r's! and
re"ommend !he *eo*e !o give !heir dona!ions !o( The websi!e 'rged
do"!ors and medi"a s'**ies !o Sma,e !heir way !o &he"hnya !hro'gh !he
aid organi8a!ions and ;oin !he figh!ing 'ni!s of Ibn a Aha!!ab(S The websi!e
"ondemned Ameri"a for i!s aeged se"re! finan"ia s'**or! for !he /'ssians
figh!ing in &he"hnya and esewhere on !he si!e indi"a!ed !ha! Son !he o!her
. 3$$8:;;444.#!(14e""<in$".#(1;se#u!i$%;nu;!u.3$1"U 3$$8:;;444.is"a1i#.848.2"ue%(ne!.#(.u0;/i(5!a83ies;2i(P1.3$1
hand) as for !hose figh!ing !he %'sims and !hose who s'**or! !his figh!
wi!h money) words or a"!ions) !he %'sims "onsider !hem a as enemies
and in !he same gro'*( The websi!e aso indi"a!ed !ha! !he news re*or!s on
i!s si!e were re"eived from "orres*onden!s !raveing wi!h !he figh!ing 'ni!s
of Ibn a Aha!!ab and !ha! !he re*or!s were "he",ed by SFied &ommander
Aha!!ab? before being *os!ed on !he si!e( The websi!e aso indi"a!ed !ha!
arge news organi8a!ions desiring !o in!erview Aha!!ab 2or a &he"hen
mii!ary eader wi!h whom he wor,ed3 "o'd e<mai 7'es!ions !o !he si!e
Sand we "an !ry wi!ho'! *romising !o have !hose 7'es!ions answered by
In November 1NNF) Fied &ommander Shami
Basayev) eader of a gro'* of Isamis! rebes from
&he"hnya) *an!ed a "on!ainer of "esi'm<16@ in
%os"ow:s I8maiovs,y Par, !o demons!ra!e /'ssia:s
Poi"e fo'nd a via of "esi'm b'ried near a foo!*a!h af!er
Basayev dire"!ed a /'ssian T- "rew !o !he si!e( In eary A'g's! 1NNN)
Basayev) !oge!her wi!h feow fied "ommander Ibn A<Aha!!ab) a'n"hed !he
i<fa!ed in"'rsions in!o neighboring Dages!an !ha! im*eed !he /'ssian
eadershi* !o embar, on war( Shami Basayev *ayed a ,ey roe in !he
!error !hro'gho'! !his se"ond war) des*i!e in"'rring serio's in;'ries in
. Case 1:02<#!<00+1+ D(#u1en$ 1 Fi"e 0+;2);2002 Pa5e 2- (' *, Gni$e S$a$es Dis$!i#$ C(u!$ N(!$3e!n Dis$!i#$ ('
I""i(n(is Eas$e!n Di&isi(n 1:02CR+1+ J/G
. O6RI Dai"% Di5es$, N(&e12e! 2-, 1))5.
Febr'ary 0444 d'ring !he re!rea! from =ro8ny !ha! ne"essi!a!ed !he
am*'!a!ion of one eg( .n ."!ober 1F) 0440 /'ssian border g'ards
de!ained &he"hnyan Iyasdave! %'r8aiyev "arrying a "on!ainer a!!a"hed
!o his "hes! and ne",( The /'ssian news agen"y Itar'Tass des"ribed !he
"on!ainer as ead and weighing abo'! 0(0 *o'nds( The sm'gged
s'bs!an"e was an aoy of *'!oni'm and osmi'm) a me!ai" eemen! more
of!en asso"ia!ed wi!h ind's!ria "a!ays!s) *erfe"! f'e for an /DD(
he was ,ied in 5'y 044Q by a missie !ha! homed in on his *hone Y !he
me!hod 'sed !o ,i &he"hen se*ara!is! Presiden! D8ho,har D'dayev in
1NNQ < Basayev served as "oordina!or and "ommander of !he vario's
gro'*s of !erroris!s a"ross !he Nor!h &a'"as's) and "aimed res*onsibii!y
for a s!ring of a"!s) in"'ding a "ar<bomb a!!a", on !he &he"hen
governmen! b'iding in =ro8ny in De"ember 0446) !he ,iing of *ro<
%os"ow &he"hen adminis!ra!ion head A,hmad<had;i Aadyrov in %ay 044C)
and !he Besan %ovie Thea!re hos!age "risis in Se*!ember 044C) in whi"h
more !han 604 *eo*e were ,ied(
This no!e is !o advise yo' of re"en! !hrea! re*or!ing deemed signifi"an! and
'rgen! !o !he In!eigen"e &omm'ni!y( 2dee!ed3 The $(S( =overnmen! has
( >&he"hen &a'gh! Wi!h /adioa"!ive Pa",age Sm'gger &arrying %a!eria Tha! &o'd be $sed for PDir!y Bomb(:? $PI %os"ow)
."!ober1F) 0440( h!!*1LLwww(s!eve7'aye("omLNews(aer!LNB&L40141@(&he"hen("a'gh!(radi(h!m
re"eived informa!ion indi"a!ing !ha! serio's o*era!iona *anning has been
'nderway sin"e a!e 0444) wi!h an in!ended "'mina!ion in a!e S*ring 0441(
S'nni e9!remis!s are 'nder!a,ing !hese *ans wi!h in,s !o Ibn a<Aha!!ab)
an e9!remis! eader in &he"hnya) and !o $sama bin Laden( There are
severa *anning "hannes) some wi!h "onne"!ions !o Afghanis!an) a wi!hin
a arge shared m';ahideen re"r'i!men! ne!wor,( I! is no! ,nown whe!her
!here are severa differen! *arae *ans or whe!her a a"!ivi!y "en!ers on
one ma;or o*era!ion) sin"e a !he *ayers are heaviy in!er!wined( The
s*ar,) whi"h a**ears !o have igni!ed in!eres! in *'rs'ing a !erroris!
o*era!ion) was !he renewa of !he Paes!inian in!ifada in Se*!ember 0444(
In ."!ober 0444 Ibn a<Aha!!ab iss'ed his s!ronges! s!a!emen! !o da!e in
favor of !he Paes!inian 5ihad( He !hen devised a *an !o !rain m';ahideen(
In a!e 0444) a $sama bin Laden ie'!enan! and m';ahideen fa"ii!a!or had
aso !'rned his a!!en!ion !o !he Paes!inian "a'se and he was in "harge of
*re*ara!ions for o*era!iona a"!ivi!y( He so'gh! finan"iers for !he o*era!ion)
whi"h was "ose !o "om*e!ion( Addi!ionay) ano!her m';ahideen fa"ii!a!or
wi!h !ies !o !he $sama bin Laden ie'!enan! was s!e**ing '* his a"!ivi!y in
%ar"h and aso was *'rs'ing f'nds !o e9*edi!e ma!!ers be"a'se
some!hing was going !o ha**en( 2*aragra*h dee!ed3 %'!i*e so'r"es aso
s'gges! !ha! $sama bin LadenPs organi8a!ion is *anning a !erroris! a!!a",
agains! $S in!eres!s 2dee!ed3( The re*or!ing invoves movemen! of
!erroris!s from 2dee!ed3 foowing !raining !here) and !he sm'gging of
e9*osives and arms in!o 2dee!ed3 for !he 'se agains! !he $S and L or
Wes!ern !arge!s(? The In!erna!iona Terrorism .*era!ions Se"!ion
res*onded) >The $sama bin Laden $ni! is *re*aring an Ee"!roni"
&omm'ni"a!ion for a FBI fied offi"es and Lega!s) advising of !he
heigh!ened !hrea! environmen!( Fied .ffi"es wi be re7'es!ed !o '!ii8e a
reso'r"es) in"'ding ee"!roni" da!abases and h'man so'r"es) for !he
s'**emen!a informa!ion !o be re*or!ed !o FBIHH( Those offi"es wi!h
$sama bin Laden FISAs wi be as,ed !o "ond'"! a review o recent
technical cuts in igh! of !hrea! informa!ion( In addi!ion 2dee!ed3 is being
*rovided de!aied informa!ion on 2dee!ed3 "'rren! o*era!iona a"!ivi!ies) !o
assis! *ossibe inves!iga!ion 2dee!ed3 Y Dae Wa!son(

Wa!son was dangero's !o a<Haeda b'! was ignored( His fa!her was a
Word War II Navy ve!eran( Dae Wa!son a!!ended Forida S!a!e !hen ;oined
!he mii!ary( He ;oined !he FBI in 1N@O and seven years a!er he was
assigned a fied s'*ervisory des, a! !he Washing!on fied offi"e( From !here
he be"ame head of !he "o'n!er<!errorism bran"h of !he Na!iona Se"'ri!y
Division( In 1NN1 he be"ame "hief of !he Iran $ni!) &o'n!er!errorism
Se"!ion of !he In!erna!iona Terrorism Se"!ion( Af!er a s!in! as !he FBIPs firs!
re*resen!a!ive !o !he &IAPs &o'n!er<Terrorism &en!er) he be"ame &hief of
!he In!erna!iona Terrorism .*era!ions Se"!ion(
Wa!son !oo, !he bame for
o'r Firs! Word Trade &en!er Even! and in 1NNF he was demo!ed !o se"ond
in "harge of !he Aansas &i!y fied division( In 1NNF) as se"ond in "harge of
!he Aansas &i!y fied division) he *ayed a ,ey roe in !he inves!iga!ion in!o
!he .,ahoma &i!y bombing( In 1NNN he be"ame firs! Assis!an! Dire"!or for
!he &o'n!er<!errorism Division wi!h res*onsibii!y for overa dire"!ion and
managemen! of !he in!erna!iona and domes!i" !errorism *rograms
. GSA & 6(ussa(ui E>. -)2
(h!!*1LLwww(fs'(ed'Ldfs!imeLFS<TimesLvo'meOLa'g40webL@a'g40(h!m h!!*1LLwww(nd(ed'Ldnd;e**Lsym*osiaLwa!son(do"
in"'ding !he Na!iona Infras!r'"!'re Pro!e"!ion &en!er( In %ar"h 0441
Wa!son said he >fe off IhisJ "hair? when he earned !ha! Ash"rof! had faied
!o is! "omba!ing !errorism as one of de*ar!men!:s *riori!ies in a
de*ar!men!<wide memo( Wa!son was !o!ay demorai8ed when on
Se*!ember 14) 0441 $SA= Ash"rof!Ps offi"e re;e"!ed a *ro*osed XFO<
miion in"rease !o *ay for !he FBIPs "o'n!er!errorism *rograms(
B'! dr'g
'se had !o wi*ed<o'! in Ameri"a des*i!e !he fa"! !he >"ra", e*idemi"? had
In a de*osi!ion !a,en on De"( O) 044C) former FBI Agen! Bassem Eo'ssef:s
awyer S!e*hen Aohn as,ed Wa!son1 >Do yo' ,now who .sama bin
LadenPs s*iri!'a eader was+S He answered) >&anP! re"a(? And do yo'
,now !he differen"es in !he reigion be!ween Shii!e and S'nni %'sims+ He
res*onded) >No! !e"hni"ay) no(? A<Aha!!ab was ,ied on %ar"h 04) 0440)
when a Dages!ani messenger hired by !he /'ssian Federa Se"'ri!y
B'rea' gave Aha!!ab a *oisoned e!!er 2!he assassin was a!er !ra",ed
down and sho! dead in A8erbai;an3( He has been s'""eeded in his roe as
finan"ier<media!or by Amir Ab' a<Waid) who was ,ied in 044C(
Dr( D wro!e abo'! !he Isami" &a'"as's Emira!e in !"3UT TH:
IMP3&T!-$: 3F $H:$H-2!#
( h!!*1LLwww<!e"h(mi!(ed'L-10CLPDFLN1N(*df
I the $hechens and other $aucasian mu/ahedeen reach the shores o the
oil'rich $aspian *ea, the onl+ thin( that will separate them rom
!(hanistan will be the neutral state o Tur)menistan. This will orm a
mu/ahid Islamic belt to the south o &ussia that will be connected in the
east to Pa)istan, which is brimmin( with mu/ahideen movements in
9ashmir. The belt will be lin)ed to the south with Iran and Tur)e+ that are
s+mpathetic to the Muslims o $entral !sia. This wi brea, !he "ordon !ha!
is s!r'", aro'nd !he %'sim &a'"as's and aow i! !o "omm'ni"a!e wi!h !he
Isami" word in genera( F'r!hermore !he ibera!ion of !he %'sim
&a'"as's wi ead !o !he fragmen!a!ion of !he /'ssian Federa!ion and wi
he* es"aa!e !he 5ihad movemen!s !ha! aready e9is! in !he re*'bi"s of
$8be,is!an and Ta;i,is!an) whose governmen!s ge! /'ssian ba",ing
agains! !hose ;ihadis! movemen!s( The fragmen!a!ion of !he /'ssian
Federa!ion on !he ro", of !he f'ndamen!ais! movemen! and a! !he hands of
!he %'sims of !he &a'"as's and &en!ra Asia wi !o**e a basi" ay of !he
$ni!ed S!a!es in i!s ba!!e agains! !he Isami" ;ihadis! reawa,ening( For !his
reason !he $ni!ed S!a!es "hose !o begin by "r'shing !he &he"hens by
*roviding Wes!ern finan"ing for !he /'ssian Army so !ha! when !his br'!a
"am*aign agains! !he &he"hen m';ahideen is "om*e!ed) !he "am*aign
"an move so'!hwards !o Afghanis!an ei!her by !he a"!ion of former Sovie!
re*'bi"s !ha! are $S agen!s or wi!h !he *ar!i"i*a!ion of $S !roo*s 'nder
!he g'ise of "omba!ing !errorism) dr'g !raffi",ing) and !he "aims abo'!
ibera!ing !ha! regionPs women(

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