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MA English Dissertation

As part of the completion of the programme, the students will write a dissertation in
the fourth semester of the course.

The students will give a written proposal to the co-ordinator in the tenth week of the
third semester. The proposal may be in the following format:
Tentative title
Reasons for the choice of the research area
Limitations, if any
A brief bibliography

The coordinator in consultation with the HOD will assign guides to the students
before the end of the third semester.

The student may also indicate the names of supervisors they prefer. However, the
coordinator in consultation with the HOD will allot the students to members of the
faculty in consultation with them. If the proposal demands and the coordinator feels
the need for a supervisor outside the department, coordinator may assign guides from
other departments in consultation with them.

The coordinator will try to align the student dissertation areas to the research interest
of the faculty members. Christ PU teachers may also be considered, in case found
competent and willing.

The thesis, which is in not less than 120 pages and in the prescribed format should be
submitted to the coordinator in the prescribed format in the penultimate week of the
fourth semester.

The evaluation and viva should be completed within a month from the last working
day of the semester.

The thesis will be evaluated by external member and by the guide out of 100 each and
the average of both the evaluations should be awarded out of 100. If there is a
difference of more than 20 marks, a third evaluation should be conducted by both the
evaluators together.

The viva should be conducted out of 50 each and average of the two should be taken.
Only the supervisor and the external evaluator shall evaluate the thesis.

The external member should have valid research experience, namely, MPhil or PhD
or equivalent qualification, or should have undertaken research project from reputed
organisations in social sciences or humanities, or should have research publications
preferably in refereed journals.