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Classroom Management Plan Example

Classroom Management Plan Example

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Published by Sanders McCown
Classroom Management Plan Example
Classroom Management Plan Example

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Published by: Sanders McCown on Apr 21, 2013
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Course: Business Essentials

Teacher: Mr. McCown

"We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction." -Malcolm Gladwell For the most up to date information go to course website: www.sandersmccown.abcschool.com

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide students with a strong knowledge base in basic business essentials. Topics to be highlighted are: principles of management, business communication, job acquisition, risk management, budgeting, ethics, and business law. The Business Essentials standards are learned through projects and guided learning activities. Completion of this course will prepare students with basic business skills for the global marketplace.

How to be a successful student in my class!

-Have excellent attendance. -Maintain a positive attitude. -Use enthusiasm when completing work/projects. -Use respect when working with team members and instructor(s). -Be open to working with and listening to your classmates.

Attendance and Tardy Policy

-It is important to be in class each day. -Each student should go to the smart board and move their attendance icon into the “Present” fish bowl. Students are responsible for doing this else they will be marked absent. -After an absence, it is each student’s responsibility to determine missed assignments and to complete those assignments by the agreed upon due date. -No make-up work will be provided for students who cut class. -Each student who enters class late must have a tardy slip.


-Students may not leave the classroom for any reason without their agenda and student ID. -On-line music MAY NOT be accessed. -COMPUTER GAMES of any type, whether on the computer or Internet, are not permitted in the lab. - Daily work will not be accepted late. Projects turned in late will receive a 74% as the highest grade possible. A project will not be graded if it is turned in 3 days after the deadline.

Discipline Policy

Three strike program -First strike, student is warned. -Second strike, student seat is moved. -Third strike, student is spoken to individually outside and the administration may get involved when necessary.

Classroom Rules

Academic language always Communicate effectively with your teacher Attend class daily Don’t deface or hurt equipment…Instead take care of it! Energy is OK, disrupting is not Make sure you enter with a positive and respectful attitude Involve yourself in class discussions Come prepared to learn and contribute

Grading Policy

A students grade is determined by the following: -Learning assignments: One assignment a week will be graded and students will be provided guidelines or s rubric for the assignment to be graded. -Vocabulary: A weekly vocabulary quizlet will be given to students. -Participation: Some assignments will be grade for completion only. -Major Project: There will be one or two major projects that students will need to work together on as a team to complete, grading will be based on a rubric given. -All assignments will need to be saved on the students’ school drive not a thumb drive.

Please have your parent(s)/guardian read this. Parent and student should sign in the appropriate place and then return this slip to Mr. McCown no later than _________________. __________________________________ Student Signature __________________________________ Print student’s name _____________________________________ Parent Signature and Date _____________________________________ Best contact phone number

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